Friday, December 23, 2011

Bobbing for Road Apples on Constitution Ave

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Lindsey Graham is one of the bad guys in the upper house, so is John McCain and many others. There are more bad guys than good guys in both houses. That's how it is in times of darkness. What is not cream rises to the top, or you might call it bobbing for road apples. Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed, I don't doubt that. Most of the men and women in high positions are being blackmailed, or they are full on into it all for their own profit.

Sandusky was not a poor man. He had/has money, so it would be easy for him to have some kind of pied a terre, some kind of place to indulge his appetites but he chose a public venue, where people can and do come and go. This can imply several possibilities. He is crazy and wanted to get caught but he's presently denying his guilt or... he had good reason to believe nothing would ever happen to him. Let's look at that one. Joe Paterno was told about Sandusky's roaming penis. The athletic director heard about it and you can imagine that out of all those boys someone must have said something more than once to someone. Then there is the curious case of the gone missing DA and the even more curious internet searches the DA was making about frying hard drives and the application of water damage and where the laptop was found.

This is a mysterious world. Some things aren't a mystery though, like blaming yesterday's Damascus bombing on the 'no seeum' Al Qaeda, instead of ZATO and British forces (most likely), with some resident CIA black baggers BYOB (bring your own bomb). This is a mysterious world and the more I think about it the more I intuit a Satanic connection to Sandusky. It just has that vibe and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some amount of congress and all upper echelon types are having regular get togethers for some Goat head soup and kiddie pate. I know this goes on, has gone on, is going on and there are some powerful characters in the shadows, who pull the strings to the tune of certain ancient rituals and processes geared to encourage compliance.

When I was researching information as a preface to writing my first novel, I went deeply into the history of famous killers over recent centuries and I should say that this isn't something you want to do if you don't have to because you might want to have the inside of your head detailed afterwards, down at the head shop, where they do it like a car shop.

Consider The Catholic Church and the ubiquitous appearance of child molestation all over. You can't help but come to the conclusion that it is endemic in the system. Why only young boys? You don't usually hear about young girls. There's a mystery there and you can figure it out if you think about it and track it back to things already under discussion.

People seem to thing that the bad guys are globally organized. This isn't the case. They are like crime mobs who do certain business with each other; nothing personal and who have their assigned turf and they go to war with each other on a regular basis. Right now there are all kinds of struggles going on between the bad guys. Part of this has been instigated by Mr. Apocalypse who is lifting skirts with his stick and something worse than Madeline Albright is hidden under all of them. The bad guys think it is the competition doing this but that's not the case; at least not some percentage of the time.

People think these goons are highly organized and collectively directed toward a common goal. That's not so, except to say that they are all up to evil in their own way and that it serves their different purposes to cooperate here and there but they very much have their eyes on each other because they can't be trusted because... because they are bad guys.

I can't know what's coming up with Iran and how that is going to shake out for the rest of us; this relentless push by the psychopaths to dominate the oil producing nations and also to kill off anyone that Israel doesn't like. Some days it seems like they're going to get theirs and some days you can't see much on any account. There are so many concerted pincher movements going on that it looks like a crustacean jamboree with a conga line.

The people in the military, the rank and file, are waking up and that is going to come around to the police forces eventually. Something ugly from subterranean depths has gotten loose there and made the men in blue bad news if you are over 80 or under 8 and, well, basically all points between. It's tazer madness and rough baton ballet. It's pepper spray just for the Hell of it. You don't have to be doing anything. Groups of police just routinely go nuts now so it must be in the manual somewhere. It happens to soldiers on the battlefield too but, for some reason, they are catching on; quicker than the police at any rate.

It really seems to me that there is something we are missing; more than one thing in all likelihood. It seems like something is coming up that is going to shake the foundations of the world and I don't know that that will be warfare. There's also something going on behind the scenes with all the people whoring and pimping for theft, murder and mayhem. It could be that the blackmail, arm-twisting and threats are massively pervasive. The efforts of those who have honed this to a fine art, start out with little corruptions. Why, you hardly notice at first and the next thing you know, you're in bed with a live boy or a dead girl and you even get a copy of the DVD. Well, we know this goes on. It's been standard trade-craft among spies for a long time, in their seeking to 'turn' each other.

I know it could be that the moneychangers and bankers got such control over the political system that only rogues and scoundrels get elected. That's a possibility. A lot of people who go into The House are one and done, if they don't make the necessary commitments. The people who have made those deals seem pretty secure in their egregious behavior. Consider Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein out on the coast. They got fraud up to their false eyelashes. They're dipped in illegal shit like a Dairy Queen cone and they're proud of it too. Okay, most of law enforcement has been corrupted and can't move against the crime lords at the top. They're only allowed to bang on the people at the bottom. The FBI turns out to be one of the top terrorist organizations going. The courts are impressive in their disregard for the fair rule of law. They were appointed for that reason. How could any sane and dedicated public official (yeah, try to find one) accept the Supreme Court conferring person-hood on corporations?

Somehow, there has to be more to all of this that I'm not seeing but the truth could be that corruption is so total and widespread now that that is just the way it is. I think about this a lot. I look at a guy like Eric Holder, who can't bring himself to go after a single person on Wall Street but who can sell automatic weapons to the cartels. Here and there you hear about DA's low on the radar who are making moves against the criminals but given the scope of the thing it looks like trying to bail out one of the Great Lakes with a teacup.

The corporations have really gone insane with the laws they initiate for their own profit, so that you can't grow your own food anymore, you can't store seeds. . You can't stockpile food and a host of crazy assed nonsense such as what certain Mormons ran into the other day. None of this is happening in Europe and there is no sense of police presence like you got in the US. The financial house of cards is trembling but generally, for the moment, you are surrounded by disciplined and intelligent people.

I'm wondering about setting off to near the hornets nest. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't be going but too many plans are laid and too many people are going to too much trouble for me to bail. I got some news about trends, transits and projections in the last days so, I have to wonder. Apparently it's all in my hands and if I keep myself together, things will stay together; pretty much how it is anywhere I guess... “but I just don't know”

I'll be on the radio today for a couple of hours with noted astrologer Robert Phoenix. That will be at 10:00AM Pacific Time. Hmmm, now it says 7:00PM. Ah, that's my time in about 50 minutes As usual the host is saying too many nice things about me at the site so just go ahead and ignore that if you can (grin).

Here's the radio show with Robert Phoenix from last night, now edited to remove all the moments of difficulty.

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onething said...

You say that people have been calling you Les. It might have started with me. It just seemed natural, and I couldn't tell from your comment if you didn't like it.

I'm sure you're familiar with the book Ponerology, or at least its ideas, about how psychopaths take over organizations, and I guess there is some sort of critical mass. That seems to be the case.

It's funny how the thing moves around, now this country, now that. I've thought that the US and the USSR were experiments in two different ways of implementing control. Over there, it was sudden and forceful and unmistakable. People knew there was no freedom of speech and that the media was controlled. Nonetheless a fair number of people bought into the propaganda anyway.

Here it has come with great and slow stealth, lulling us into acceptance and passivity like the proverbial lobster in a pot of warm water.

I'd like a hint on the Catholic Church thing. From what I've read, it was a pederastic organization from the beginning. They were censured in early Church councils, before the Pope began his pretendance to have been the big kahuna from the beginning, which is not so - they were censured for not allowing the priesthood to marry, but they did not back down.

One reason you don't get it so much with girls is that you would get into too much trouble that way. Girls get in trouble and it messes up everything for whole families. But I'm sure that's not what you meant.

My personal take is there are avenues through which disembodied evil can make strongholds in this world, and these avenues change slowly over time. The Catholic Church naturally took over from some kind of evil which existed in the Roman Empire.

I think it's true that almost anyone elected is at least infirm. You want to get elected, you gotta raise a certain amount of money, and it's a lot. To get that lot, you need to give them something that they paid for. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

lightandlongshadows said...

I also wonder how this all operates, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I don't think it's all that mysterious though when you're observing people who long ago created the program and all the would be kings who "got with the program" to make it to the top of the heap. When shared interests are concerned it's like watching a flock of birds in action, these folks all know which direction it is to "more". Throw in all manner of secretive type working groups along with the threat of exposure for anyone who may grow a conscience and presto, the world of make believe for the masses is afoot - winner take all. One need not look to the most powerful to see this dynamic at work, people are corrupt all over. Living in a small community can be an eye opener, everyone knows eachother and they still screw eachother over to "get ahead". Should we mention family dynamics? Probably not, although the dynamics around the aged and dying are very revealing as the vutures begin to swirl. Extrapolate these behaviours to the highest levels where they become high art, honed and refined to match the stakes....well it's no surprise really.
I believe the surprise is going to be how swift, organized, numerous and effective the opposition/resistance is going to be. I'm thinking about the military, police and other civil servant types in particular, those among them that are conscience and becoming more so all the time. I really think the would be tyrants are in for the surprise as the shared interest of the masses is now being openly challenged - we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Only in America 2011 would it require five flak-vested cops and a huge, evil-looking German Shepherd to roust a half-crazy homeless old black guy from the mens's room of the Amtrak train station in the large Northeast Corridor city where I work. As I gingerly moved past this mini SWAT-team convention toward the exit I overheard one of them say to the hapless guy "....we are arresting you for disorderly conduct...". I think he was singing Chistmas carols or something, off key and off meds.

Boys in blue. On the job.


Anonymous said...

You must read The Franklin Cover-up if you haven't already. You can purchase it on Amazon. It makes everything very, very clear. The people running our government in view and out of view are mostly sick, perverted treasonous criminals. They use, abuse and KILL children. Then when some of the children who do survive are brave enough to tell the truth about these soul suckers, these bastards have enough power that they put the victims in jail!!!!!

These subhumans have no right to be telling anyone how to live. And since Lindsey Graham was one of the more vocal proponents of the new bill that will allow US citizens to be indefinitely detained for any reason deemed adequate by a bunch of sociopath human predators, it seems fitting that karma will out that bastard for exactly who and what he is.

I love the great unveiling of scum of the earth.


Anonymous said...

Top Five Penn State Jokes:

What do Penn State's coaches and caviar have in common?

They both come on little white crackers.
Here's an interesting anagram - Tiny Tan Loins (Nittany Lions)
Jerry Sandusky is being sentenced by a judge. The judge says, "How does 8-9 years sound?"

Sandusky replies, "Sexy!"
McDonald's new sandwich - The Sandusky - Aged sausage between fresh buns.
Why did Penn State let Coach Sandusky go?

He got a little behind in his work.

A.Mouser said...

Excellent post Visible.

You are an oasis.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

The 3 Biggest Lies!

‘The Holocaust’™®: cui bono?
9/11: huh?
The Next Big One: World War III

That may be TPTBs plan, but it sure ain't The End nil desperandum, folks! Just make your peace with The Lord (whatever that might personally mean to you in your heart of hearts) and be at peace!

Pax y'all

pax verbum

PS MERRY XMAS to One and All!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Great post today, Visible.

I'm thinking the recent wave of bombings in Baghdad could be CIA/Mossad work, to show that the Iraqis still need NATO intervention.

I agree that there are various Mafias in competition, but the US/NATO/Zio Empire is a phenomenal Juggernaut, a Borg that eats other Mafias and assimilates them. The US/NATO/Zio Empire has brainwashed most of its citizens into believing that, no matter what evil they do, they are the good guys.

My depressing thought is that, due to the avarice of some and the ignorance or apathy of many, it has always been and will always be this way. When I have that depressing thought, I remind myself that resistance is not futile -- even if it is only for the purpose of demonstration.

Allison said...

Political Ponerology is an interesting read. One problem with the ever innocent and naive masses is the problem of projection. We all unwittingly project whats inside us onto others. It is usually the bad stuff that we project onto others, or at least that is what causes us interpersonal strife. One element of projection is that the masses, most of whom are good decent people, could never be brought to believe that those in power could be so unabashedly evil, because they themselves (the populcae at large) are unable to conceive of anyone being so evil and are thereby unable to project such evil onto others. Only those on the path and/or those who have done their own shadow work can see the reptilian impulses in others. This general naivete is what allows cabals of satan worshipping miscreants to operate. Folks simply cant believe it. Like you have said Les, we have seen all this before so we recognize it. But most are like lambs to slaughter. The key is the percentage of folks who wake up. Many are awakening. It only takes a small percentage to trigger the 100th monkey phenomenon. I have no doubt that many alternative news sites/conspiracy sites like info wars, etc are psyops designed to scare the shit out of the newly awakened by making the powers that were seem more redoubtable than they are; thereby inducing fear and non action. Again to quote you, this thing is going to be collectively individual. We will see no throngs chanting Marxist slogans during the upcoming revolutions. The collective individualness of it all will make the coming changes asymmetrical and unpredictable. Know thyself.
Pete (on wifey's account)

Anonymous said...

Les will be more Visible,
if he stays home,
the grass is not greener,
and things are not,
what they appear,
safety first as smokey the bear,
always said.

bholanath said...

Could you give me the contact info for that Head Detailing shop?

I don't know what the astrologers will tell you, but I'll check your transits later today (in a general way - I only know your birthday), see if anything other than the general trends stand out.

Want you to relax and enjoy your upcoming trip, though I know it's bringing up a ton of emotion and probably trepidation. We're all bringing our best and highest awareness, intent, and consciousness to bear on this auspicious circle-up, and sending a massive net of light and protection to surround you all the way.
Much gratitude to you for embarking on this journey. The Devic and all realms got yer back and are joyously celebrating the 'all under control', divinely ordained gathering of the tribe(s).
We all are probably feeling the same mix of anticipation and wonderment that you are, and we are already deeply connected in moving organically toward the mystery to be revealed.

Alpha Silex said...

Why do they target young boys and not girls? They can't get the boys pregnant, maybe? Remember we were saying that there was probably more to this, in regards to Joe Pa's complicity? I was saying this to a couple people on my bus ride to see Chris Cornell last month. Their immediate rejection to this notice, was hilarious. I simply said, give it some time, mark my words.

Funny Penn State jokes! Vis is the Oasis, the blogspot is the Wonderwall. Vis, I missed your radio show this morning and looking forward to its posting. I sent you some football stuff, in case it didn't make it to your inbox. No big deal, if you don't have time to look at it. Have a great day everyone.

wv: consl.
The Shamans need some Bounty to wipe off their consl.

Anonymous said...

"But is it really a choice between the negative doomsday “truth”, and blissful ignorance? Or is there a third choice? A hidden door over there behind the curtain? Another option we’re not being given?
How about the choice which involves “neither”, the one where we decide which future we’d like to have, and begin making it happen, based on our thoughts and intents, starting right now, at this very moment?" ...lyra

amarynth said...

Enjoying the radio show Visible!

DaveR said...

Nice interview Les.

gurnygob said...

Les the radio show with Robert Phoenix was just brilliant. I feel so honoured that God led me to you. I have never heard any so-called preacher speak of God or inspire me towards him in the way that you do.

May Christ bless you with every good thing now and in the future.
Happy Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Always much appreciation to Les Visible!

stories of Barry's drugged-out gay-sex days are coincidentally re-surfacing at the same time the global-crime tribe wants the remaining uncontrolled Islamic nations toppled - for purpose of establishment of New and greater Khazaria

who owns and controls almost all global media, governments, money systems; who are the masters of corruption, blackmail, deception, having others do their dirty deeds

ussa = largest khazarian-controlled nation on earth with most chosenites and chosenite wannabes a.k.a. useful, disposable idiots

Anonymous said...

grandmothers lotions
gardens and vines
harmony beams
loving and kind
wild flower trinkets
motions and scent
intensified sources
divine inner strength
a river of living
charge through the sky
rising up unity
where the birds fly
in wonders and wishes
of ever be well
on wild flower trinkets
green meadow bells


Visible said...

Oh. I am so glad some of you heard the show. Robert is just a fantastic interviewer.

My times, Bholanath are Jersey City New Jersey, August 22, 1946 at 6:57 PM.

Robert asked me if his reading that he gave me filled me with tense thoughts and I said "Yes, if I had known this I probably wouldn't have gone but I don't understand it because my inner voices aren't telling me that at all". So, he said let's check your astrocartography for the town you will be in and the reading was just what my inner voices were saying. It is going to be peaceful and restful and tranquil among good people and the only thing I have to look out for is that I might eat too much and gain some weight. Yeah, I could see where that would be a big problem for me (grin)

Visible said...

Materialism at its finest.

Anonymous said...

les, don't worry-be happy. Everything is going to be A Ok ... have fun on your trip-you deserve it and everyone will be fine in your absence and fine in your presence as well.

Remember to write out your abundance check for that New Moon on Christmas eve.

love you,

the gardener

gurnygob said...

Why do they target young boys and not girls?

Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they are all or mostly gay, otherwise they would never have been picked for high office in the first place. It also explains the gay agenda that is promoted above everything else. Of course, there is a much deeper darker and sinister side to it all as well which I feel has something to do with diabolical disorientation of the soul. Don’t ask me what that means, it just sounds right.


DaveR said...

Materialism at its finest:

"In Dayton, Ohio, fights broke out among shoppers outside a store, and some people sold their spots in line."

Brilliant! I didn't know you could do that. It never occurred to me. Somebody made some easy $ and probably left the poor suckers there when things got weird. I'm going to do that with the next iPhone released.

Alpha Silex said...


Are you an astrologer or do you just use the various sites out there? I've looked at many interpretations on my own and have some good resources, but I'd be interested in hearing about your skills.....No wonder you've been called schizo, Vis. Leo/Virgo cusp? LOL I've had some very significant female Leos in my life and the girl I was briefly married to was a Virgo. A Leo I dated about ten years ago had a local artist create a mirror that my Mom recently found in her garage and it's now hanging in my condo. It's a one of a kind, depicting a very Egyptian Pharaoh looking water bearer, holding a lion in his hands. The relationship didn't quite work out, but I have to say it's one of the coolest and definitely most unique gifts I've ever received. It's hard to describe, but the depiction is actually laid into the mirror with materials I'm uncertain of. I could send you a picture if it that reflected a very cool looking image of myself. I've considered using it for a possible album cover at some point. Listening to the radio show now, hope I can get through it before my Mom and friend arrive.

Anonymous said...

"italian mafia" ?

"...The Deep Pockets Behind Newt Gingrich, by E. Clifton"

" ... Sheldon Adelson is based in Las Vegas but has business and political interests in Macau, China and Israel. In Israel, Adelson’s importance stems from his close friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ..."

Visible said...

That radio show is one of the funniest things I've been involved in in a long time. At one point I curse, pretty badly because I dropped a heavy transformer on my hand trying to make room for my mike while several things are going on and meanwhile I was on hold for many minutes. It's funny! Anyway, I couldn't imagine anyone hanging on thru all that music. Meanwhile he had me on line the whole time without my knowing it and I managed not to say any number of things.

Anonymous said...

faster Apocalypse, faster

"...Fred Zeidman (a mormon?), ... major player in the American Jewish community backing (i.e. guiding) Mitt Romney ..."

happy the-Sun-has-Arisen-from-the-dead day!

Sol Invictus

bholanath said...

Alpha Silex -

I don't use that label, nor am I in the biz. My lady-friend is pro, and I've had many friends (and housemates) who are pro also. I started the study of western style about '75 and even hung with Dane Rudhyar, but have continued researching and observing all these years from many angles and various personal perspectives. I consider it a very accurate and useful language on some levels, and also know the future is open to infinite possibilities, along with, of course, "I don't know".....

Lee said...

Here's my contribution to the jokes.

Where did you go to school, Penn State?
No, state pen.

The judge to Jerry Sandusky.

Do you have anything to say before
I sentence you?

Sandusky: Yes, your Honor.
Can I do weekends?

Anonymous said...

Stickman Sez:

Very most obviously i'm not fractionally as grounded in astrology as some here, but i do have something to share. Back in '78 i bought a small paperback titled "Sun Signs Moon Signs" by Jefferson Andersen. Nothing in the book about planets, transits, houses, et al, but just the correlative of the two majors.

Checking on August 22, 1946 Andersen's chart lists Vis as a Leo-Cancer. Here's the opening paragraph:
"Self-acceptance is your greatest gift. Unlike most Leos you do not feel the compulsion to prove your greatness to the world. You are confident and self-assured, and others think highly of you because you think highly of yourself. All this is enhanced by your acute sensitivity and compassion for others. Creative, highly emotional, open-minded, and above all, imaginative, with the proper motivation you could achieve anything-- if you had any ambition. That, unfortunately, is the one thing you lack."
My observation of this assessment is that Andersen hits on well over half of his projections here. I also checked out his observations on Virgo-Cancers. Uh-uh. Description for this pairing is "The Wallflower", while the Leo-Cancer is "The Stout-Hearted Man".

neal said...

Mutiny on the Bounty, that's all funny hats, and young boys, and what happens outside of the Great Mother.

They say these ships are self contained, but that is what leads to certain responses.

That's playing with bloodlines, and destinies, and that is allowed, to be expected, but Mother is really in charge, once that game winds down.

That only looks like a machine while one is learning to bend the rules. Life, and families, and quests are made of such things.

That something else going on is War in Heaven, for those who need to renew their invitation, before the wind takes that elsewhere.

Please don't, that game is so rigged, you should just take over, or walk away, please don't just lie there and take it.

The sea knows Her own, and is running out of patience for this, not enough show their true face when one way or the other must have their way, these rules can change, you know. Don't be afraid, that is just being born, and resting,or is that trying to keep the head up, and letting the hidden take the hindmost? That is what She wants. just agreement, and mutiny. She is my mother, what else is required?

Anonymous said...

Actually Vis, priests did molest girls/women and they did get pregnant. Some were forced to have abortions, and many were send out of the country to islands where they spent their entire pregnancies. There were some who were sent to maternity homes run by mean ass nuns. In these two cases they were forced to give their babies away and they were put up for adoption. This was standard procedure for the millions of girls that got pregnant in the 50's and 60's to but not by priests. Books and movies have been made about this subject and the abuse the adoption agencies, nuns and social workers inflicted on these mothers who had their newborns ripped away from them that they wanted to keep. This is one reason why the damn Catholic church refuses to open their adoption records. They never want it known that some of these priests are fathers. They also don't want it known to some of these mothers that they lied at times and told them their babies died when they didn't. The Catholic church has lied to adoptees to, telling the wrong date and year they were born. Not just to babies born of priests, but to many, mamy of the babies adopted out through Catholic charities. Seems like the Catholic church just likes to fuck op familys. The Knights of Columbus and Catholic priests have little temper tantrums every time bills are entered into Congress to try to open adoption records in the remaining states that keep them closed. The Mormons also demand the adoption records stay closed and push the lie like the Catholics do that birthmothers wanted privacy from their children. (Alma and other registries are proof that birthmother privacy is a lie). But what the hell else is new..because part of the reason they stay closed to is because the Catholic and Mormom churches have made billions of dollars on adoption off of adoptive parents. (Some who wanted the records closed to, which is unfair to adoptees). Closed adoption records causes serious problems to most adoptees and is very painful. Not to mention Orwellian. Everyone has a right to know who they are related to, no matter who it embarrasses. No one ever had a right to sacrifice a child's mental well being or make them a martyr either because of someone else's wrong doing. Interestingly, it was Georgia Tann, the pedophile lesbian in the 30's who first started the closed adoption record system. I think that says it all. Just my two cents.

Visible said...

I am aware that there are abuses regarding females but they are dwarfed by the other percentages. That was my point speaking to the main issue that it overwhelmingly favors that factor.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

Italy limits cash payments
to 1000 euros. wont be long before its mark of the beastie boys time.

wv: conse . they think they are esconsed but will have no escape, they will be consed.

Anonymous said...

decriminalizing pedophilia


Richie (Dana) said...

I am currently half through your radio show and you did good Les.

I hear your voice shaking slightly as you deal with this new thing. I was not around today because I had the day off from work and am trying to make the right moves to see you in Mexico. (Must get a passport). When it comes to being a world traveler, I am a 12 year old kid. I have never been further East than Colorado in these United States.

I see you as vulnerable, but with a possible access to something more powerful than anyone here can imagine. I have a gift for you that consists of words by the greatest Avatar of all.

And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. Then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying:
"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,
For they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
For they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
For they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
"Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

I know that there are some who come here and despise the quoting of scripture and are irritated that you would post this awful stuff that they must wade through, or skip over.
Forget about religion, to hell with all the preachers......Read the fucking words.
I know that you are just a human being and have your faults, just as I do. All I am trying to say, is that you are living proof of those who are blessed and I envy that state so much that it has changed my life.
For that Sir, I thank you.


Anonymous said...

"Hanukkah is a celebration of a military victory and massacre against the Greek Syrians whose only crime was to be tolerant to the Jews of Jerusalem and accept them freely. Jewish leaders could not accept this because Greek tolerance and friendship posed a danger of assimilation so they massacred them!"

Not much has changed for the synagogue of Satan (zionist false-jews) since.

Now it's global a la Rothschild NWO.

Anonymous said...

@Vis-yes, I know, there have been many molestations of boys by priests and I guess that abuse was more rampant, although due to all the hush hush about adoption records we may never really know how many women were raped or seduced by bi or heterosexual priests. Which is exactly what the church wants.

bholanath said...

You've probably heard it all already, but anyway...

You're getting to the end of a long neptune & chiron doing sun, and you've (body)surfed it so well, and even generously shared the journey with your readers, there's really nothing more to be said about it.

What is continuing is pluto opposing moon - next 12 months -transformation of personal life (needs, emotions, support, habits), deepening of ways you serve and surrender to the Goddess and her realms (including the Devic)...totally out-of-your control stuff, but "all under control".

Some important major transits coming 4-5 months out, lasting a year or more, but you have plenty of guidance, allies, and karmic capital, no worries.

In next coming couple weeks, you and me both have the short mars-square-our-uranus/node, and some would say "be careful", "don't play fast and loose"(which is good advice), but it also indicates good breaks from routine, great energy for supporting 'moving' stuff on all levels, bustin' through to new territory (on all levels), tapping into the wave of creative flow and radical spontaneity. Bonus for us is the node element: this time can be in perfect alignment with our original mission orders given on our posting to this planet in this roundie, that is, if we can keep mentally chill and not 'hurry' in our enthusiasm to 'get things done/taken care of'. That damned impeccability in our energetic focus required again (sorry), but it's only for the very beginning part of the trip.

Be easy on yourself, and know you'll soon be able to enjoy a letting down of any residual pressure, in a nourishing, nurturing environment.


Anonymous said...

A great radio program Les Visible (once past the initial tech problems, but well worth the wait)!

More gifts from Mr. Apocalypse!

SOPA (stop online piracy act) now being pimped with aid of 100's$$$ to the most useful idiots of ussa -i.e. congress things; this "law" has potential to turn over most of internet control, initially inside ussa and then globally, to the same few usual suspects; to be accompanied by arrests, imprisonments (already in progress), and likely worse, over internet activities, i.e. free speech and truth (which is the real reason the criminal cabal is pulling out all stops to take over the internet).

Who's behind the "SOPA" push? Follow the money (actually, they've left even better evidence in the wake of their latest crime scheme in form of 10s of thousands of incriminating pages of documentation to be presented to the useful idiots, i.e. congressthings).

At the other end of the money trail - we find the very same people who are enabling the most massive piracy via internet - CBS/CNET (the biggest criminal nest) and others.

How: by creating software and distributing it -free- around the globe along with free assistance on how and what to "pirate"

see much more about it at these links

"How CBS/CNET Interactive* ignited and fueled the "Phenomenon of Internet Piracy"

*CBS/CNET Interactive, VIACON, MTV, etc. owned by one Sumner Murray Rothstein (a w.a.s.p.?), a.k.a. Sumner Redstone

Apocalypse upon them all

for being jobless, with few material possessions (can't even afford the phallic tree and symbolic vagina reef) and time remaining, this is turning out to be one of the best holidays i've ever had

Anonymous said...

"67,200 Child Pornography Titles that were in the possession of Viacom’s board members hands, but they did nothing about stopping its distribution:

"Re: Individuals at Microsoft/Cnet are building a Network to control the Internet as an IPTV distribution system at the expense of Industry and worse… Children’s innocence.

"This document will point to key individuals in major corporations who have colluded to not just hide the existence of these films but actually encourage the growth of the Network that hosts them.

"This includes images and videos of infants and small children being raped and molested. They know what has happened and they continue to encourage the Network’s use and its distribution as much as possible.

"Key individuals who fund and manage Microsoft/CBS/Cnet activities also created an organization called MediaDefender.
... Incredibly, the officers of MediaDefender actually engaged in trafficking pornography to the Users themselves whilst knowing that the primary Users of
this software were children. ..."

Richie (Dana) said...

My God Les,
the last 3 min of that show is a condensation of every blog you ever wrote.
These things are appreciated.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

You are all missing the control source…. Tough to get a mind around, I know…. Look off planet and even off dimension… it’s the only way to balance the books….these fools in our face are only their tools. Check out the nurse.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Les, the radio show came up perfectly with no music delay. It was a great interview. I loved hearing about how you journeyed to where you are now, all the while walking and talking with God. Your qualified optimism is just the message we all need to hear as we approach 2012. I know God and the angels will be with you as you travel and so will the love of your readers. It will be a magical meet-up in Mexico.

A.Mouser said...

The greatest avatar of all said:

"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,
For they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
For they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
For they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

AMEN Richard.


Anonymous said...

@Anon:how can you say the Holocaust was a lie? I don't understand that. How can people lie about it or say someone made it up when those death camps are still there? Because they are and any one can go see them. WWWII vets and their families know those camps existed and they know prisoners were let out of them as they killed Nazi's. I don't understand people who say the Holocaust was a hoax. I don't understand why people say it was a hoax. And that it didn't happen. How the hell does that help anything? It isn't fair to all the people that died including men in our troops. Ditto for Brits who died due to maniacal Nazi bombings. In fact, it is beyond disrespectful. All I'm going to say. Except, stop lying idiot.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

On the Road to Shambala through the Portal of 2012.

Alpha Silex said...


It's interesting how you said "label". I was thinking about the same thing, but for lack of a better word...Damn, since '75? I "accidentally" stumbled upon it in '94 and have been delving into it since. Pretty uncanny stuff, lots more to discover too. I'd be interested in getting a professional interpretation. Isn't Rudhyar the one who mentored Mark Lerner (Yahoo)? Lerner was the guest on Coast to Coast, my past birthday. I actually got through and spoke with him. TPTW were clearly attempting to hinder my getting through, but to no avail. It was a spontaneous thing and I wasn't really sure what I was going to say, but his reaction and subsequent response was telling. He knew exactly what I was talking about and I didn't need to say much. I laughed out loud when they quickly moved on to the next call, just as I was about to expand on what he said. There was a "double whammy" coronal mass ejaculation from the sun, the same time we were talking and the Dome of the Rock Temple Mount in Jerusalem had a widely talked about visitor that day too. I think there was something going down in Egypt too, I DON'T know.....Twas a very interesting show that night. I can send you links if you didn't get to hear it and you're interested....Vis, I already told you what I thought about yesterday's broadcast. Amazing. I checked out your store on Amazon too. Your CD from outer space? LMFAO. I hate the whole LOL, TTYL shit, but I really was. You are RIDICULOUS. As I was reading the description of "The Dark Splendor", "The Hitchhiker" from "An American Prayer" came to mind. I lose it at 1:32, every single time.

Good luck getting a passport, Richie. I think it takes quite a while, even expedited.

12/24 EQ day? At this point and what I'm feeling, sounds highly possible.

wv: marsingi
I'll take my marsingi shaken, not stirred.

Visible said...

Of course, if you are American, or probably even in America you don't need a passport to get in.

amarynth said...

Americans do need passports to travel across the border into Mexico. A passport is an interesting document.

Visible said...

You're lucky I checked the name this time. Lines like, a passport is an interesting document are just the kind of lines advertisers use to get on my sites. Sometimes I'm moving in a hurry and, wait minute I thought you said you only need one to get out of Mexico?

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that there's Satanic connections to the Penn State/Sandusky thing either. John DeCamp immediately came to mind reading the post, and I saw his book mentioned a few replies in, I haven't read it but some years ago was directed to a transcript of an interview he did with Alex Jones, it is interesting.

I'd also been wondering lately how much is controlled or influenced by dark non-human/demonic entities in general, not just worldly but on a personal level; if nothing else they must have quite a feast of food and fuel in human form to feed on these days.

Anonymous said...

ps. was watching this on travel channel last night, filmed at the Winchester Mystery House - I found it fascinating in all sorts of ways.

Alpha Silex said...

While you're down there, make sure you burn a blow-up doll of Sandusky in effigy, from atop the great pyramid. Release the purple helmeted plastic harlot of Babylon, unto the wrath of the Sun God.

Anonymous said...

Entering Mexico from the USA:

FYI... US citizens (and also non-citizens entering Mexico from the US and then re-entering back into the US from Mexico) DO NEED TO HAVE A VALID PASSPORT.

This requirement has been in place for a few years now.

Again, you DO NEED to have a PASSPORT... if you wish to go into Mexico from the US and then come back into the US from Mexico.

Otherwise, you will most likely have BIG PROBLEMS getting back into the US.

Also, obtaining a new passport in the US can be done in as little as two (2) weeks time, but you will have to pay extra (at least $ 100 dollars) and you'll have to request special "expedited" service.

Go to any US Post Office and they will tell you exactly what you have to do (and pay) to get this done, and they will process your passport application.

And btw, new passports now have RFID chips in them.

Visible said...

I think the thing for the passport need has been adequately covered.

Anonymous said...

psychopath psychopath
undone and bare
exposed to forever
in the truths lair
broken and laden
failing and downed
insanity infected
caught up and bound
to the binds of misfortune
swept up and crossed
shattered financials
colonialist lost
corporates withering
in the truths lair
psychopath psychopath
theirs change in the air


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Horse Latitudes of Interim.

Anonymous said...

pierre (the ghopher) said...


Lord Buckleys Scrooge



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