Sunday, January 29, 2012

That Hotpants Romance under the Lights of Broadway

Dog Poet Transiting.......

May your noses never be unnaturally brown.

Yes, the beat goes on, no matter how many trees you run into. Bad songs tend to echo down the ages, like when they sing about the beat going on and the beat is actually beating you down and it scares the shit out of you that someone who can actually dance to it keeps saying, “I got you babe”. Scary stuff. Well, that's show business, where a cyborg Cher can dance with a zombie Bono, off into the brown haze of an East Rutherford sunset, while the beat goes on.

The beat goes on in all kinds of ways, at all kinds of levels, to all kinds of degrees of pervasiveness. Sometimes the beat changes and, “I got you babe” means something different and implies something even more different in the long run. Then you get military themes and the beat syncopates to canons and the rata tat tat staccato of small arms fire, as those who stole everything try to hold on to it, while those they stole it from struggle to survive with less than possible.

Those are the times in which smooth regurgitaters (cue Sade) close ranks in a projectile vomiting duet, looking for a barbershop quartet effect and the bar gets lowered to the point that not even a cockroach can get under it. Somehow they did though, proving there are life forms lower than a cockroach and there are life forms even lower than this and that would be the ones who finance their movements, whether it be howl or bowel. You know you've reached the nadir when you can't tell which end their speeches are coming out of and we are not here referring to any gifted abilities at ventriloquism.

Meanwhile, dumb and dumber, dress up in their cheerleader outfits and wave their pom poms. It's been on the way since they laminated the first layer of Formica on to the first piece of press-board. It's been coming since the '59 Cadillac. It's the logical, red headed stepchild of Levittown. In truth, it's older than makeup.

One of the little known facts about materialism is that it simultaneously makes you selfish and stupid at the same time. That's the original SS. There are mind Nazis and heart Nazis and the heart Nazis are the worst. You can't fix it. You can't change it and you can't make it humane and compassionate. It has to run its course and it is why civilization fails, in the times when it proliferates and it only proliferates in times of darkness.

In times of material darkness, entire sciences are created that are designed for the sole purpose of legitimizing it and every depravity that it breeds, in the hot suffocating confinements of the fornication sewers which provide its offspring. Materialism has its agents and they are most easily identified as the ones who profit the most from it and are engaged in the extremes of its productions and perversions. It's a religion as much as anything else and every religion has to have a Big Kahuna with a particular jones.

Like I said, Gnosis is a snake. It's the same snake in either case, only the posture and the effect are different. Like the commercial says, “It's the same thing, only different”. That's sort of like, “new and improved”. How can something be new and improved? “It's the real thing in the back of your mind”. Of course it's not the real thing in the back of your mind. Isn't the medulla where the atavistic, reptile brain is located?

The thing is, materialism gives birth to mimicry, where the shadow pretends to be the light. What happens is you get a false light; like the lights on Broadway (cue George Benson), or the lights of Las Vegas. It's the kind of thing where the RamaSita dynamic is turned into a hot-pants romance, which brings me back to the makeup make believe, where the point of the attraction is the intention to deceive and you get what you pay for. This is the origin of the diseases that accompany the process and we are not just talking about physical hitchhikers. It's kind of like Land of Snakes Butter. Your politicians, religious and economic leaders are venomous snakes. They're right when they say, 'It Can't be Butter'. It's axle grease from the wheels of a polluted industry that moves through the bloodstream of the heart's greatest sorrow, 'It Can't be Love'. It's a little like Cocaine, which makes evil attractive and why forced blowjobs are more satisfying than the willing kind; not that there is any lack of either.

When I was in Hawaii, the big thing among the younger set was anal sex because it negated concerns over unwanted pregnancies. Of course there were progeny nonetheless. It's like something out of Clive Barker's “Weaveworld”.

This all comes down to the need to legislate and legitimize everything wrong into anything's right. People have always done what people do, for the purpose of learning and demonstration but when you take it into the realm of a legal tyranny by minorities, you destroy the natural harmonics. Then the system attacks itself and the macrocosm and the microcosm are afflicted with cancers that devour the host. Here we are speaking of a social macrocosm and not the universal macroprosopus; keeping in mind that all of these systems were stolen or borrowed from the predecessors of The Chaldeans and have no originating connections to those who took them only for the purpose of corrupting them to material ends, as the present world gives ample evidence of.

So what's a body to do? That's a personal matter and the major conundrum is maintained by the degree of ones attachment to the creatures and conditions of their personal estate. This is the difference between nightmare and pleasant dreaming; the difference between being trapped and the ability to move on. Moving on it the only option really and moving on is not necessarily a linear process, especially at this time.

There are words like 'loathsome', 'disgusting', 'gross' and 'repellant' but they fall short of the reality of life forms like Neutron Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. There are hundreds and thousands of them that live in a deodorized, Barbie doll land of antiseptic murder. They kill without conscience. They bring about things like this; The Dog that did Not Bark. They inhabit, own and manipulate the small cells of tormented life, in which millions struggle to survive, like the mythical rose in Spanish Harlem, “growing in the street, right up through the concrete but soft and sweet and dreamin'”. Dreams of the future are the carrot and fear of the future is the stick.

You have no oppositional political parties anymore. You have no vote. There is no news but what is manufactured to fit what is made to happen, to serve the interests of those pounding the citizenry, domestically and abroad. They intend to whittle down your numbers until all that remains is them and a permanent servant class and if you don't think major think tanks, which blueprint government policy, are not 24/7 occupied with this concern then you are a fool and you deserve the rewards of your pathetic self indulgence and indifference.

More power to those brave souls at Occupy Oakland. Kudos to those of you who labor beneath the radar for your fellows. Major props to all the unsung heroes and independent souls who know what's on the line and will not knuckle under to the trolls and terrible abortions of synthetic humanity, born from the litters of diseased rats, in the sewers beneath our contemporary urban concentration camps. Shame on you Mr. Visible, you're talking about class warfare. Am I?

Obama isn't a human being. He's a test tube experiment from Tavistock. That's why the birth certificate thing is a problem. “They Live” is a reality. It's not a matter of 'die on your feet or live on your knees'. It's much worse than 'live on your knees'. That doesn't come close to what's under discussion by your betters.

You're lucky there's more at work than your distracted earbud insulated, cellphone thumbing a ride to nowhere. You're lucky evil does destroy itself because otherwise there would be a whole new meaning to looping and sampling and Charlotte Rampling can't believe it isn't butter either.

End Transiting.......

There will be a radio show tonight at 7:30 Central Time.


McKenna Fan said...

Another fine post from the fingertips of He Who Is Not Readily Apparent.

I want to say something. I guess. But there isn`t really much to say.

It`s been nice to have you around for the past few years. Even though these years have seemed more like minutes, or seconds.

And now here we are, On The Brink.

I`ve got my Kilos of Silver, and my Grams of Gold- Hail Caesar!

And I`ve eaten my Five Dried Grams, and smoked a bomber.

Joined the One And Only Christian Sex Cult, just before they all called it quits, and got the world`s first Mass Divorce.

Got my black belt in Aikido. Only to realize that the only place Aikido is useful as a real martial art is in the Bardos of Dream/Afterlife. It is a tool to transform a nightmare into a comic dream. See the legend of Amaterasu Omikami hiding in the cave. Ueshiba Morihei said the "erotic dance" the goddess did outside the cave, in the howling darkness ruled over by the evil spirits was Aikido. Think about that for two seconds. See it. You`ll get the joke.

Only to realize that-

If it were not for Aikido, I would not be married to this woman, with this daughter, living in this town, where I met those "Christian Missionaries" (gives a whole new meaning to the term "missionary position"), and ate those five grams- totally not in that order.

Sure. You haven`t had a Bible class until you`ve been taught by Meg and Laura, who are in their 20`s.

I think I said that before.

It makes you weep for how misguided everyone else is.

In any event.

YOHA! and Ahroooooo!

Anonymous said...

Les, I can't get to your site via Yahoo anymore, I keep getting denied. Circumvented it by going to Rense or the blogspot itself.
Is anyone else having a problem?

Duane Alizando Herbert Mt. Dew Camacho (Fvck Yeah!) said...

Tales of Hawaiian buttfuckers, inbred elite maggot scum, bankster walking piles of rat feces. Where is Casey Anthony and the Harpy of Justice N. Grace? We need some stupor bowl ads and what size jockstrap Johnny Jockstrap (my hero!) wears. Did you see how cool the prezemdent looked as he shoved the constitution (made by racist old white guys!) into a document shredder? He is so *kewl* I want to smoke a joint with him and wax eloquently about Islam and Kenya while kickin' it with that stud Billy Ayers fella, Yea Buddy! Pass them mashed potatos (potatoes sorry Dan Quayle) I'm gonna dry hump them!

Anonymous said...

maybe their should be some new word made up for the likes of gingrich romney satanetanyhu and other toilet dwellers lord visibles,,,a word not quite as bad as a swear word but that still contains all the horrors that the toilet dweller will perform for their owners if given any sort of sniff at power,,,,,,,anyone got any idea's,,,sorry bout the horrible poem written in boredom over on sm,,,,


Anaughty Mouser said...

ACTA is beginning to take its toll in Europe. How much longer will one be able to access Visible's blogs?

Can it really get much worse before blowing up completely? I dunno. But fvck is this world situation ever fvcked! Macro to micro the whole of 'civilization' seems to be in the shitter only awaiting lever pull.

Even given all the power and money in the world I cannot imagine a solution. F*cked with a capital F?
Oh yea.

Sorry for the neg rant but this sh*t just can't continue any more.

Thank you for your post.


Alan Cabal said...

Had to leave CrackBook, time is growing short. Good work, Les. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your writing, it reminds me of someone riding a tidalwave high of LSD with a megadose caffeine drip straight in the jugular at the same time - in a good way of course :)

Anyway this world is a great ride - just hope I live long enough to keep messing with these maniacs and see what happens in the end from an Earthside view, without all those color waves getting in the way

- justgeorge

Anonymous said...

Mouser at 7:04,

It can get worse. It will get worse. Rest assured.

This is still just the prolog. Act one is about to start soon. Act two is a real doozie.

More Risible

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, You are one of my heroes and one of the absolutely greatest truth revealers ever! I can not even begin to say how profound and straight-on right-on you are.

As an ancient shaman devotee of the Eternal and born-again activist I invoke your words to reach the multitudes of crystallized psyches and melt their prism prisons of obsolete crap.

It all seems so hopeless as we are not dealing with ANYTHING. Nothing. This while the very natural capital of the eons is consumed and not replaced to feed the endless appetites of demons.

Yet, meeting so many good and kind stunted humans I feel such a melancholy sorrow. Spiritual souls do not need laws only the most basic of principles, such as "do unto others..." Cosmic self-organizing anarchy is the only collective system needed.

I pray the Occupy Movement conquers the manufactured realm of illusion with an illuminated light and genius that shines through and dissolves all selfish egotism. That we rise up as one voice and action putting an end to all the control agendas and slaverys, that the sold-out bastards of BS are exited from their places of arrogant privilege.

siamsiam said...

No one says it like you do Mr Vis. If i could just say (again:)

Wax work dummies
Talking heads
Paid for whores
Satan’s men

They spew their evil
On live TV
Vile and putrid for all to see

We pay their salaries
They steal lots more
Reviled by many
Despised by more

Their time will come
To pay account
With interest due
The pressure mounts

These empty shells
Who sold their souls
Must pay the price
The story goes

Their names are know
Throughout the land
When karma calls
They’ll stand - not grand

Pay heed to those
That join the fray
They seek what’s owed
But can you pay!

Terrance said...

Anon 9:21.......right on!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Broadway. You know Ole' Mitt some say is the new chosen one. Mitt just happens to be what cha call mormon.Most americans did'nt and don't take to kindly to mormons in high public office especially president. Like with anything else they have to be eased into it. Now thre are these two chums Mr.Parker and Mr. Stone. Now you can say they are just two talented funny guys but if youbeleve that I have a bridge to sell you. See they do their part too. It's part of the contract. Now Mr.Parker and Mr. Stone have had and will continue to have for awhile anyway an impact on popular culture. They've even introduced new words into our lexicon. They have influence. What's the biggest most lauded play on Broadway now. Why it's the Book of Mormon. And Mr.Parker and Mr. Stone agnostic and atheist respectively will wax poetically to anyone who will listen how they just are fascinated and tickled pink about mormons. This play of theirs has been in production for years but was released in 2011.About to go nationwide, Denver, Los Angeles to start. I'm just saying. Now I got nothing against Mormons, I'm just saying. If you think I'm just rambling and this has no effect on the public psyche well maybe so....I'm just saying. Mr.Parker and mr. Stone are well paid and protected, ooh did I say that? for a reason. I love Hollywood, don't you? just saying.

missingarib said...

vis,April 15, 2012 The Band that Played On: The Extraordinary Story of the 8 Musicians Who Went Down with the Titanic the band's last song was “Autumn”. Probably
either the hymn “Autumn” or the “Songe d' Automne” which was popular at the time. Witnesses agree that the band played on till the end and it is certain that their memory will live as a memorial for generations to come.

So thank you vis for writing and playing the music as I and many others will dance ,dance dance until the cold waters of this century dissolve us and we become one with the ocean of men who have struggled and danced benighted the starry nights.

I respectfully bow -

JLOC said...

Hi Les
I love your blogs and they have taught me a lot but there references you make that I don't understand. Words like Chaldeans and Gnosis, could you refer me to some reading material that would be a good start in understanding what these words are from? BTW I have googled them but want a deeper understanding.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

just listened to
Rense just before reading this, seems so on topic.
the slide show was fascinating -
if it wasnt for Rense and his guest speaking , could as well have had a Patrick V.x dub over. some streaks of humour in the art helps the medicine well, go down.

wv: mathie . some of us can count and add up.

Visible said...

Here's a little something about the Chaldeans.

And more than something about Gnosis.

I put the piece in about The Chaldeans because that is where the so-called Hebrews took all their occult information from. The reverse of which is what we suffer from today.

Smyrna said...

The mysterious alien wouldn't have been chosen by the Zionists to be president in the first place if it was only for one term.
The Republican candidate come November will be a John Kerry style best of a bad lot, and even if they get the most votes, they won't.
USA politics has become a most transparent farce of a puppet show, and only the fast asleep could take it seriously.
What is planned to come, I'm guessing, requires the mysterious alien as a key theatrical participant, and will take place comfortably inside his second term.

JLOC said...

Interesting :)
Thanks for the info.

Icemon said...

i find loud reggae helps

mike m said...

Check this out, these MF'ers are out of control:

Hollywood Holocaust center, city in standoff over un-repaid loan

The center owes almost $260,000 in overdue payments, and with a 90-day deadline almost up, it says it wants to remain in place rent-free.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible, did you know that the whole Christian spiritual tradition actually was - is - the ancient Egyptian tradition!

Did you know that Horus was born on the 25th December, of a virgin called IsisMery, that he taught in the Temple at age 12, was baptized by Anup the Baptizer at age 30, that Anup the Baptizer was beheaded. Horus had 12 companions or disciples, healed the sick and raised the dead, that he was crucified, died and was buried in a rock tomb and was resurrected?

Have you ever seen the 42 Commandments of Ma'at? That is where the 10 Commandments come from! If you just look for "The 42 Commandments of Ma'at." you will find it all quite easily.

What is important - to my mind - about this is that Christianity is very very very much older than two thousand years. It goes back into Infinity and into Emptiness, and it is just about what is, life and death and rebirth and Reality.

It is also amazing to me that for two thousand years the World has been duped into believing that a young man from Bethlehem (a Jew, naturally!) or from the Galilee arrived on Earth and he and he alone taught this religion! Amazing, don't you think? That is what they actually think, that out of all of Time and Space one man came and taught the Truth, as though it had never been known before! Meantime, it was just the Truth and had always been known, to everyone pretty well! That is how people lived their lives UNTIL two thousand years ago!

Anonymous said...

"I got you babe"--yes, and "Every move you make I'll be watching you". It is surely strange that songs about possession of one human by another and about stalking should be broadcast with great frequency over the airwaves. It's enough to make one take seriously the notion of directed mind-control triggers, or at least pernicious conditioning.

Visible said...

Yes, that and other related matters have all occurred to me or passed in front of my eyes at some point on the way here. It's all the sun god and the moon goddess, except in some traditions where the Moon is a God with a whole bunch of wives. It's like how the Kabala came from The Chaldeans but The Tribe claims it generic to their traditions and Jesus wasn't a Jew.

Patrick said...

As I read the note from anonymous about songs regarding "them watching us", I clicked on internet radio - California Rock and guess what. The first song that played was "Private Eyes, they're watching you." Now isn't that something.

Anonymous said...

Vis,and all,thought you may like to listen to this guy and his continuous music..its beautiful...Lubomyr Melnyk,pianist and composer the fastest pianist in the world, "sustaining speeds of over 19.5 notes per second in each hand and holds the record for the most notes played in an hour. But more than just a technical display, Melnyk's note choices create a personal soundworld of mystical calm, recalling the likes of Charlemagne Palestine and La Monte Young". He has this to say.."I found that by doing incongruent patterns in my two hands, something was changing in my mind, and in my body and hands/ I found that the SOUND of the piano was melting into my body and into my mind, and that I could actually transform the body into sheets of steel rods that were melting into the piano strings and keys, and that these steel rods would shift to being water and to being clouds and to being the universe.

I found that I could no longer control my fingers the way pianists do. In fact, I found that I could hardly hold on to a cup or a spoon. because the fingers were no longer there for me — how can you hold a spoon using a cloud or water ??? Yes, if I turned the flesh to stone and steel, I could, but rarely wished to.

This frightened me a lot.

But I also felt that a new world was opening up, a new universe where no pianist had yet gone … that I was starting on a road that no one before had dreamed existed, and which would lead … where?

I still don’t know where, because I am still walking …

But I do know this, that Continuous Music was the door that let me walk into the wonderful world of the metaphysical, where flesh and space melt together, and every piano in the world is your wonderful friend, and that for the first time, I could actually HEAR Classical music in its metaphysical form …. it is actually a little painful, because the purity of its velvetness is too much for us humans, sort of like tasting something wonderful for the first time, and every time.

Well, that is how it all began.

People may not understand this, but Continuous Music never ends, and the pianist moves onward endlessly, as the body begins to melt and your soul turns into sound ….

I want also to mention that touching the keys is an endless ecstasy … really ! The touch on the keys as you play is like being God and letting it rain .. it is purely delightful!!!! Maybe you will understand when I tell you, that after years of playing Continuous Mode, the fingers cease to feel anything, you just play in air, and out of this air, now at least for me, the keys release gentle little birds that fly off into space, white birds that are totally weightless and cloud-like that disappear in the distance".. Lubomyr Melnyk - The voice of Trees. ..Hope you enjoy it,the rest of the interview is at

Visible said...

Used to be a big Hall and Oates fan long ago.

Caltus86 said...

Greetings to all. Yes, Mr Visible you are a genius and I strongly believe that the we are truely blesed to have you in this time of darkness. we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and you are a beacon of such light. May your light continue to shine brighter and attract others for the illumination of the planet.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Anonymous said...

Israel reminds me of a BPD girlfriend - a three year olds emotional maturity in a woman's body.

"It's all about meeeee and my needs - yours or anyone else's don't matter. Drama? Well of course, I'm the ultimate queen!"

Mother fucking crazy bitch who will never heal no matter how many men, drugs or therapy is thrown at her.

Border personality disorder IS Israel

Anonymous said...

Visible never fails to amaze me with his transmissions.


gurnygob said...

Anonymous @ 4:57pm

So anonymous what what yot are saying is that people lived in truth until 2000 years ago when Jesus showed up and then???????????

You could add to your amazing list of facts, that you, in fact, dont realy know what your talking about. Jesus did not just talk about truth, he lived it, which is a good bit more than the rest of us do.

You would do well to learn of Jesus the Christ before you go around trying to debunk him.


gurnygob said...

Using a tablet here so please excuse any writing mistakes while i get use to it. Hee hee, can hardly see the key pad and the tips of my fingers are the size of 3 three keys. My laptop had a run-in with a cup of coffee and is feeling a bit sick at the moment.


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Whipped Onward and Hammered Home.

Visible said...

What about the cognitive mistakes (grin)?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Global War and Hunger Porn on the way to Fat City.

Visible said...

Thank you Rhonda.

I also have been getting the strong feeling concerning Mr. Empty Suit. I suspect you are right.

gurnygob said...

If you mean my internal mental processing and subsequent response to anonymous, then YES, I need to work on that.

Anyway, he was cruising for a bruising. I could have done a “just me Laurel” on him and he really would have felt it, hee hee.




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