Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Red Tea for the Gillerman

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be hoses for the best of the ineffable's comestibles...

and then some.

Enter Dan Gillerman; toxic death-bot, looking to make Xerxes jerky. He's got the manual, the recipe book. It's like that Twilight Zone segment, “To Serve Man”. You're on the menu. Feister Gillerman, all buffed and bravado bound is bumping uglies with hatchet handed syntax and if you want hear him talk again, that's no problem because they own the air waves ♫a romp a bump bum, a rum ba bump bum, beat on my drum♫ Right there, is a Profile in Evil but it is also noxious enough to simmer and seethe in the Petri Dish. Since I myself am one of the cosmos’s chemistry experiments it all works out.

They got different suits that show up as a precursor to each new war. They had Michael Ledeen for Iraq and somebody else for Afghanistan and another again for Libya, where they destroyed the guy who built the waterworks under the desert and wrote The Green Book. Of course they want to get Assad too cause he's been raising the standard of living and engaging in way too much toleration of competitive religion.

On and on it goes. They tell the same lies that got proven false in every other encounter, so have another slice of yellow cake while you're at it because you can fool some of the people all of the time and that's usually enough to get her going, when you throw in all the rest of the people who don't care, aren't paying attention or are too stupid to get in the way. That sounds stupid but I'll just leave it there and move right along, cause they are moving right along, kind of like marching to Pretoria.

There's this thing about arrogance and hubris as they make their way on to the stage. Sure they egg each other on hoping the guy next to them catches it first and being just that pretty damned sure about themselves. Hey, you throw in a little pomposity and poise, you nod your head, as if, “Yeah, that's what's going to happen because we can't permit that happening because these are evil, diabolical people”. Actually they are describing themselves.

Vladimir Putin is an interesting man. I look at him and I see one of those forces of destiny... now, force is just force. Motive gives meaning to force. We all have motives and therein lies our field of dreams and motives are the determinant of whether we have nightmares, or worse or, far, far better interludes of the stuff that dreams are made of. Putin isn't making war on people. Ahmadinejad isn't making war on people. Assad isn't making war on people. The people getting into the planes and ships, flying and sailing and don't forget DRONING on and on are from the United States, Israel and England and sundry countries that make up that weird and tangled alliance that was once NATO and is now ZATO.

All the aggressions of recent years, have been coming out of a nasty collective of psychopaths who have taken control of large parts of the world. Anyone who isn't dumber than a toaster oven knows who really did 911 by now. All the violence that followed has profited their interests.

These other world leaders, they all know who did 911. We now live under the echo of the thunderous fart that was cut by the elephant in the world's living room. It is public knowledge that Mohammed Atta was on Jack Abramoff's gambling boat and the trail of hyena shit, scattered like Frisbees out of a skeet machine, all across the U S of A, is sounding off like driven rivets , hammering the truth home with all the corresponding catalog of connected incidents to the point that everybody knows at some level that things are not what they have been presented as and everything that keeps happening, based on this pulp fiction continues on.

The people who did these things have painted themselves into a tight corner. They stole everything they could but they didn't have the good sense to stop themselves, once they already had way, way more than they could ever spend. It's their nature. They are Hellbent. So the cosmos has to step in. The thing is that there is a system. There is ebb and flow. When Ebb stops ebbing, or Flow stops flowing, adjustments have to be made. The bad guys can't see any way out except to pummel and punish everyone else and hope that plays out as some kind of crowd control. It never works. It always fails.

This is why Gillerman is banging on the drum. When you can't fall back, you have to push forward. If you're small and smart, then it makes sense to befriend someone who is big and stupid and to convince them to go and pound on anyone you don't like. You provide the big and stupid with what it thinks it wants and big and stupid will give you what you want. But, there is a problem. It's a big world and there are all kinds of bigs and smalls and stupids and smarts. Sooner or later, you are going to run into the wrong combination. That's not the only thing that can go wrong. Big and stupid might get a smart pill, or he could trip over his shoelaces and knock his head against the ground and some parts of his brain that weren't working before start working. That's kind of how astrology works. Planetary forces move through us, engaging in various relationships for the purpose of transformation. The human factor, independent will, affects that dynamic so... the outcome is variable. We all play our parts. Degree of intensity and determination, make a big difference in the force of the will. We all have to answer on some level, no matter what you believe, because what is going on around us is happening anyway.

You see little signposts on the way, like India tossing out chabad houses for doing monkey business with the Mumbai caper. There's that arrogance thing again. A tiny little, privileged, crime syndicate, operating as a country, figured it could take the silk road money that was generated by its war games and pocket that too. Now India, Pakistan, Russia and China are all having to come to grips with it on the playing fields of Syria.

The leaders in various countries are having to deal with domestic problems being created by this crime syndicate, especially Russia. Well, you can only push so far. You can only steal so much. Then, one day, it is too far and too much. Nobody wants Armageddon; except the batshit insane and they will press and press and probably should have read the first part of the Bhagavad-Gita. Maybe they did, like Oppenheimer, but just missed the point. There are controls in place. There are parameters. No one has ever taken over the whole world. It can't be done. Well, that's arrogance for you and... a tip of the hat to Mr. Gillerman sitting at the controls of his Gameboy mind and clenching and seizing up like a a boy with his dick in his hand, surprised, astonished, in wonder; wow, did I do that all by myself?

I'd like to take a personal moment in this posting to speak directly to you miscreants who could care less who gets hurt so long as it ain't you and yours. There's nothing you can do to me that hasn't been done before by people with greater expertise; some of us, more than you might think, we keep coming back. We just keep coming back until every single one of you is in the place you need to be. That might be Heaven and that might be Hell. I don't know. I don't make that determination. You do. You do. Some of us come here for the purpose of observation. However it is, that southpaw backhand that comes out of nowhere, has nothing to do with us. You did it to yourself. You got that backhand or you got the surprise kiss on the cheek for being righteous and real when it was a lot less trouble not to be.

Things don't always make sense down here and that's how the programmers in the back like it. We get the half Mobius Strip cause the game doesn't mean anything unless there's doubt about the outcome. The game can't have the dramatic effect it needs to have if there was total security in knowing, one way or the other. “Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars”. Well, I couldn't say. I don't know.

So Gillerman. You and the rest of your assclown associates must be creeming in your jeans about now. You just figure it's a slam dunk and Chocolate Thunder is going to take it to the net for you because he's big and stupid. Chocolate Thunder's not as stupid as you think he is. What he is, is confused and all it takes to change that is some kind of serendipitous, or tripping over a shoelace. For some reason and I do believe it is a cosmic law, something like that always happens.

Mess with people long enough and sooner or later they are going to mess with you. You talk about peace while you're making war. You talk about orphans as you are busy creating them.You set up rescue missions for abused children so you can help yourself to them. Hey! It's not like they haven't already been doing it, eh? You can't unfuck somebody, right? Well, you keep on keeping on and you will wind up exactly where you are headed. I don't think poetic justice covers it but it will do.

End Transmission.......

People... if you don't catch or understand certain terms or words; put them into a search engine. I always make sure it's there before I use it (grin). Of course, a variety of things may go by the same name. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to determine which one of them might apply.


Clarity said...

Holy cow, that was awesome!

I went through something very unpleasant last year. It was hurtful and I was angry. I did a lot of writing as therapy - letters that never get sent can help me feel better. That didn't take it all away, though.

Every time I thought of what I hoped would happen to these people, I stopped myself. It wasn't easy, and great force and strength were required. I would change any negative thought I had to, "I hope they get exactly what they deserve. Whatever it is, I hope they get it."

It's not up to me, and truth be told, there is a sense of relief in letting that go and leaving things in the good hands of someone who has much greater knowledge and wisdom than I. Anger is a crapload of negative feelings that just eat at your insides and drag you down. It casts a shadow over every part of your being, It drains your energy and takes your focus away from where it should be. There is someone else much more qualified for the task, and I'd best remember my place.

Well if this hasn't just hit me smack in the face RIGHT NOW as I sit here and type. Damn you, Visible! I was so motivated by your words today. I loved them... Still do, in fact. I'd love a ringside seat, please, at the festivities. I confess it would give me some sense of satisfaction to see certain individuals acknowledge what they have done. I'd like to see that spark of recognition that might come from realizing each and every far-reaching consequence and effect of their actions. It may not be my place to be present for that, but as an educator, it would be nice to see some learning going on. And I admit it - to see some just desserts served, if that is what is deemed appropriate.

And now I suppose I must go face the words I wrote above and how they apply to my situation right now. Practicing what you know to be right is not always easy. I will be searching for some inner strength for this task.

Love to you always, Visible, and blessings to each of you on this day as I was most blessed with the precious gift of my baby girl fourteen years ago.


Visible said...

Clarity, I'm sorry I haven't answered your email but it was so extensive and powerful and I am also so jammed for time at the moment. In any case, birthday greetings to your wonderful daughter from me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,
That article you linked to is from February 14, 2009. Do you think that the negative forces are perhaps being thwarted in their plans as they continue to try to get this war off the ground? That would be good news.

gurnygob said...

Les that second link does not work.


Anonymous said...

"We now live under the echo of the thunderous (toot) that was cut by the elephant in the world's living room" Your writing skills are superb!! You need to be mainstream required reading.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I tried to comment a couple of times on the last Smoking Mirrors but was never able to get through the word verifications - there are two now (at least for me) and no matter what I was not able to verify what I was seeing. I'm going to try again.

There were some wonderful and powerful comments on the last SM... and wonderfully powerful. I don't believe I have anything to add to the last SM... Richie and Clarity and gurneygob and McCob, et al. Wonderful and powerful words.

In the book of Matthew Jesus said the following to the Pharisees and scribes (rulers and lawyers): "And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. Truly I tell you, all this will come on this generation."

I have believed for many years that the three and a half years of Jesus' earthly ministry was prophetic; what played out in a very very small portion of the earth would later play out globally. Jesus was introducing a new and relatively short age and was ushering out the old and also relatively short age. (These ages were only about 2,000 years and, I believe, are cyclical within the greater ages.) And in 70 AD, precisely as Jesus warned, the Divine used the Roman army to utterly destroy Judea and Jerusalem.

Today we have the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees and scribes continuing their war-making so that they can maintain their rule and make lots and lots of money. We have also come to the end of a "short" age as well as the end of much greater-length age.

I believe, but don't know for sure, that people such as Gillerman, Netanyahu, Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton (both genders), Blankfein, Dershowitz... a whole host, are going to find themselves culpable for all the righteous blood which has been shed on earth since 73 AD, when the Romans finally took Masada.

I'm not so sure how we will see this culpability manifested though. I believe the Divine Court has already reached judgement and it may be that many of the sentences will be handed down and executed without our knowledge. I suspect though that the destruction of Jerusalem will be known throughout the world, as will the fall of Mystery Babylon and the rejoicing of the saints.

I would love to see those currently in power in the U.S., Israel, England, Germany, etc., come to their senses; I would love to see them repent and do everything they could to recompense for their crimes. However, I doubt God will open their eyes since they are to serve as purposes of demonstration, as did Pharaoh when confronted by Moses, or the Pharisees when confronted by Jesus.

What an effible joke! said...

"Yemen Holds an 'Election' – One Candidate Major General Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi."

Gee, do you think this zio puppet election will be unanimous?

Hey. why not just have one candidate in the 2012 US election - then the zio puppet would be unanimously chosen here too!

What a great farking idea...


Visible said...

All the links work.

Visible said...

People are saying the lonk is broken but it's not broken on my end. Just google the guy with Iran.

gurnygob said...


It 's getting like "The deep breath before the plunge" I dare not speculate what it all could mean though I do have my suspicions. There is talk on opposite ends the blogosphere that a big announcement could be coming very soon.

Word verification = (Presence)

that should give you a hint!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

With what's happening now, I sometimes wonder if it's time for existence on this Plane of Existence to go bye-bye. How long have we been here? What have we learned? Seems like the best cultures got wiped, like the Ohlone? The Arawak? They didn't need this place anymore. I see this as a failed experiment. Human nature stays the same, and the only thing that changes is technology. We've had civilisations that worked, civilisations that didn't work, golden ages, dark ages, and it goes back and forth like a pendulum. It's like a never ending experiment that just fails over and over again.

Yeah, more people than ever are waking up. Maybe they'll wake up to find they don't need this garbage anymore, and garbage is what I see it as now. I suppose I needed it once. I needed it before I got here. It's like I wanted to play one more role in a Dungeons and Dragons game that spans a life, and the board gets put away when you go to sleep. When you take a short sojourn into the REAL world of Hypnos.

Me and my room mate are gonna celebrate the possibility of us getting nuked on March 2. Or at least I am. I just wanna move on and get a little closer to Home, Truth, and INFINITE KNOWLEDGE. I'm sick of being a 'tard case living in illusions because of my location. I've been philosophically opposed to this realm for years, anyway. I don't see the appeal anymore. Once I did, but I can't identify anymore. It's like I totally forgot. And the longer I live, the worse gets my attitude. I just get progressively more repulsed with everything. Life to me is like getting invited to dinner by the Bubal tribe. ( http://shabo.posterous.com/african-tribal-men-eat-cows-menstrual-matter ) That doesn't sound very conducive to my evolution.

Seems like all I'm doing is getting pissed, these days. The rage at the police brutality, Israel, U.S. government, UK, (what's the difference), the animal abuse, the destruction of the environment, and the list goes on for a couple of parsecs.

And if lives are just a bunch of suits, so what if we burn the last one to return to our true selves finally? Is this something to mourn, or celebrate if this is the end? (Favourite Doors song.)

Kray Z8 said...

Dog Poet,

I never tire of the way you cut through the feces posing as 'information' that is flung about by tptw. As long as you and others call it like it really is, the liars will know they're failing.

Clarity, your point is well made. Not only is anger and resentment self-perpetuating, it also feeds the forces who would destroy us. When we can turn it over to the Source, we deprive the dark ones of their tools and energy.

I used to rant and stew and seethe over what was happening in our world; even moreso after I began to realise it was organised and intentional. Then, with the help of wise beings (Visible among them!), I came to understand how that kind of emotion was part of the problem and not the solution. I still view what they do as wrong, and do whatever I can to step away from thier machine, but I try to do so with as much positivity and gratitude to the Divine as I can muster.

The reptilian reprobots are foundering. They've played the exaggeration card so many times that even the stupid people have become jaded. Fear junkies, like herion junkies, need ever increasing doses to achieve the same effect, but eventually burn-out is reached. The z-droids are having to intensify their disinfo on all fronts, with the obvious risk of over playing their hand. Like a drunken, second-rate clown standing one legged on a ladder spinning plates, while bystanders yawn unimpressed, the only thing left is to light their hair on fire. Which means of course, a false-flag. That's why it's so important for every one who sees through their shit screen to call them on it.

Vis, your work more than anything these last few weeks has helped me stay strangely (for me) positive during some very dark times. Like you and others who post here, in spite of appearances in the world, I have a calm and abiding sense of confidence at my core. Doubtless, a gift and a message from the Creator, as are you. Thanks.

Clarity and all of the other Friends who post here: you are the other half to Les Visible's equation. I never fail to get something of value from your shared thoughts and wisdom. Thank you all, too! Keep howlin'.

Peace, Love, Endurance,


Anonymous said...

Wow that was so mystical, I have Ravi Shankhar playing in the background. The evildoers are trembling in fear of your magic wordporn essays! Let me fire up some incense and do some more drugs. With love the fishbot.

gurnygob said...

Ya ze "lonk" is foking boking.


gurnygob said...

No, actually you are right it is working.....sorry.


onething said...

You say anyone who isn't dumb knows who did 9-11, but I don't know about that. I don't think I really ever believed the official story even on the day it happened, but that Israel did it is something that I only came across a couple of months ago. I've read and watched videos taking apart the official scenario, but I never heard a word other than it being an inside job of the US. Millions and millions of people don't buy the official story, but if they thought Israel did it I think there would be more backlash.

onething said...


Did you read the Smoking Mirrors blog post to the end? I wrote a couple of posts for you, but I tend to come in these discussions at the end.

Paul Blyth said...

Thank you.

The Bhagavad Gita. I am grateful for it coming back to my attention. It's just what I didn't know I was looking for.

What a wonderful day.

PSO said...

i thought 'lonk' was typo but Vis says to Google when we see a word we don't get.

LOL, I know he meant 'link' but this is hilarious in some sort of metaphysical way.

Hope it makes a funny in someones reading today.
Look at #4 on that link.
Vis, you never err on the blogs, even if you tried, I think your invisible Friends back you up no matter what, as lonk as you let them.

gurnygob said...

They got different suits that show up as a precursor to each new war.

Where did they find him? Must have come from the same infected genetic pool as these two, remember the bullshit they came off with in Gaza?


Talk about newspeak.


Visible said...

Okay, so I'm a dumb ass, I get it. The funniest things is that I also had lonk in the post and caught it. The problem is that I do so much typing that I wear the letters off the keyboard in about two months, unless I have an upscale Goldtouch, which I prefer but my last one from EBay didn't work at all and I got this Logitech, non ergo and I make a lot more mistakes. Meanwhile my email has increased about five fold so I'm pretty much busy all the time and I miss things; short answer. (I had to go and fix six mistakes in this comment. It would have never happened with the Goldtouch)

Alright, go back to what you were doing.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm goingto bed now so your comments will have to marinate until I get back.

gurnygob said...

The Long lanky penis is working,,,,,hee hee,,, very good PSO.

Onething I read the comments. Thank you, thank all of you.

Is it just me or are the word verifications getting harder to read? I am struggling to make them out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Yes, the link is working. I tried to watch the whole thing, but not even halfway through I just had to stop. I have only two words for what I just tried to watch:

Video ipecac

Great post as always!



onething said...

Re the HalfPastHuman post that Gurneygob posted, it reminded me of this which I discovered at Rense yesterday and really needs to go viral. Someone on Fox News that they call Judge Napolitano got fired for this rapid-fire five minutes of more truth on a mainstream news channel than you've heard in your lifetime.


This word verification thing is sometimes ridiculous. I can't begin to make out some of those letters.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.
not throwing the contrarian card in unthoughtfully, but I was full of hubritic optimism when I thought they'd get their asses kicked going into Iraq. yes, Iran and the rest of the semi free world is a different cake, still, how far will it go before it goes bang or transformed into its opposite I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Synchroni-city and Seren-dipity-do:
1. Just before clicking to Petri, was thinking much about Monopoly jail card instructions and our leading basketball player and team.
2. Been there, done that w/Clarity.
3. Warmonger article date Feb. 14, 2009--is that a recycled Valentine from Bibi?
4. On Ben-jammin's: Ben studying end of age prophecy in relation to AD 70--Ben is spot on, methinks.
5. Maybe March 2 will prove to be a birthday wake up in surprise party for many--let them eat cake: rich devilsfood or fluffy angelsfood?
6. "Vis, your work more than anything these last few weeks has helped me stay strangely (for me) positive during some very dark times." Seconded.
7. Onething is, a lot of people understood something was very very wrong and false on 9-11 or thereabouts, but the disinfo pile & distractions are so deep, putting the pieces together was difficult until recently. If another too big to fail 9-11 comes our way soon, it may be SO ridiculous that finally almost everyone will wake up, and that would be GOOD NEWS. The slaves of New York do not generally know the truth, or they would be out rioting in the streets and hunting down some of the guilty ones, rope in hand. Rest assured, the Divine is controlling the number and timing of the awakening.

Richie (Dana) said...

Well, all I can say is that I am glad you all had a nice day. I wish I could say the same but NOT.

There are very strange things occurring right now. I seem to feel this very strongly. Visible has been very disturbed by this also and I am just trying to figure it out. Some very large shift took place recently. In real world terms the results consist of extremely strange behavior by a large number of humans that surround me. Please remember that I am a city boy. Perhaps more pronounced here.

People just doing crazy, off the wall, stuff. So weird that I think I am going insane and then realize that it is not me, just some sort of twilight zone. I recently heard the phrase “Terminal Madness of the End Times”. Is it possible that is it?

There are two distinct groups that are being divided and separated. There are two different paths and they are very well defined. Those paths are becoming quite clear to me based on the experiences above.
At some point these two groups will not even speak the same language.
My friends, we are on the very verge of creation. We will, collectively build our new reality and make it come true. It is just the 100th Monkey thing. I implore you to seek the Divine.
If this sounds like New Age crap, just remember that they always throw in a bit of truth to screw your mind and make you dismiss it in future.
There is a right way and a wrong way to implement this. The right way involves submission to the Divine and the loss of “self”. Maybe that is a novel and crazy sounding idea for some. If once you give it a try, exceptionally remarkable things begin to happen. You cannot see or touch these things, but that does not negate their reality.

Clarity; Thanks for your kind words in the last post. The name Clarity is beautiful, and so are you. You remind me of a flower opening it’s petals because that is what you have done here. It is always an honor to meet a true soul.

The comments of Unknown may be dark and negative to some. I find them very positive. We all look around ourselves and see only insanity . There is a group of people giving us more each day. The question would be, what are you going to do about it? Many of them try to convince you to “write your senator”, “forward this to everyone you know” and I say bullshit.
I will need to stick with Unknown on this one. To all those greedy, murdering, selfish assholes out there….You want everything? I am giving it to you as a gift. You can have the entire shitty little planet and every fucking thing on it. You see, some friends and I are currently deciding that we will knowingly remove ourselves from your sphere of influence. We are kinda busy right now and do not have time for you at all. We have discovered something much better than any crap you could find in Walmart or any other store. Your material is shit. If there is such a thing as shit in other dimensions, I can assure you that whenever I glimpse a pile of dung, you will come to mind. Enjoy your polluted planet.

Visible, I salute you Sir.
Much gratitude here.
Thank you all for “making” my day.


Richie (Dana) said...

Just wanted to let you idiots know that you have it assbackwards. Your "creation" sucks. Creation is not about greedy self serving scum. It is about LOVE. I am not even going to waste my time writing out the attributes of love because you retards will never see it and besides, I would be wasting letters.

"The Hour Draweth Nigh"

sarah said...

I don't generally like words but yours are great...............

sarah said...

I always have trouble trying to post a comment as the security words are illegible.............what i want to say is that generally I don't like words but yours are great..............

sarah said...

why does this not work for me............maybe it does.............

Anonymous said...

Wow Les!

Daryl Dawkins make an appearance in back to back posts.

And don't forget -- the chute comes before the ladder.


Pete said...

Although the vices of Kali Yuga are legion, dont forget the virtues.One of the main virtues being REDEMPTION. A few more current malefactors will be redeemed than may be apparent. Darth Vader threw the Emperor to hell just at the right moment. What awakened in him? Luke busted that heart chakra wide open with his cry of "Father, please" You never know how and when but it WILL happen. Its happening right now.

Anonymous said...

"Brother Jewie"
(A musical parody, based on the song, "Brother Louie", by The Stories)

His heart was black as the night
Jewie was whiter than white
Danger, danger when you print Fed money
Jewie fell in love overnight...

Nothing bad, it was good
Jewie grabbed up all that he could
When he went too far and took out both the Twin Towers
Jewie knew just where he stood...

Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-ieeeeee
Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-aiiiiiiiiiiii
Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-ee-EE-ee
Jewie Jewie you're gonna cry...

(Instrumental interlude.)

There he stood in the night
Knowing what's wrong from what's right
When the goyim learned he had insured the Twin Towers
Man, he had a terrible fright

Jewie caused all kinds of scenes
Wishin' it was a dream
Ain't no difference if you're black or white
Brothers, you know what I mean

Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-ieeeeee
Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-aiiiiiiiiiiii
Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-ee-EE-ee
Jewie Jewie you're gonna cry...

(Instrumental interlude.)

Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-ieeeeee
Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-aiiiiiiiiiiii
Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-ee-EE-ee
Jewie Jewie you're gonna cry...

Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-ieeeeee
Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-aiiiiiiiiiiii
Jewie Jewie Jewie Jew-ee-EE-ee
Jewie Jewie you're gonna cry...

Richie (Dana) said...

Well hey, I am sorry for the negativity.
Once upon a time there was this girl who could sing like an angel.

Lee said...

Man, you crack the hell out of me..A rump a bum bum...

And at the same time, I think of the wisdom of the you instill in me from other posts, which I cannot keep track of, but they are pretty much all the same to me.
Trust in me, believe in me..Listen to the still small voice.

I'm moved out of that abusive house, Les. I am trusting in the ineffable. I have beer, cigarettes and quite possibly, a love life. I did some work on a house that belongs to a powerful gangster. The canine watch dogs on the property took a liking to me and acted like puppies. *grin*

I have a job too and have some money. The small voice tells me that things will not always be the same. Gloom and doom can not always run our lives.

Trust in the ineffable. Listen to the still small voice. I know you paraphrase Christ because I can tell.



Richard W. said...

Vis and all,
May I humbly suggest reading what Marshall Vian Summers has posted concerning the "Greater Community" in which we reside, at society@greatercommunity.org. In addition, there is a good interview with him by Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot.org.
I'd like to hear what you folks think
about this information. Thank you all.
Richard W.

MachtNichts said...

Good morning, Vis! May the force be with you today and every day. After marinating due to a 9 hour time difference, i submit that the lonked links are working. With or without Goldtouch it made for a pretty good laugh. And i like to link my metaphysics with humour.

Also, I found out - urban dictionary be damned - that the lonk are sheep occurring in Lanca- and Derbyshire, in the forever Magnifica Britannias, with black and white faces and long legs that are perfect for rocky hills and peat bogs.

Which brings me to poker and chess. Apparently, poker - a game of lies and deceit - was invented in the Americas, while chess - a game of strategy and intelligence -was invented in Persia. Go figure.

Darn, Vis, hopefully someone will trip over their shoelaces, get their math and trig straight so we can call it a day. Peace, Silvia

Anonymous said...

Clif High says false flag March 2.
AIPAC conference March 4-6 and Bibi will meet with Obama to discuss Iran.
Purim 2012 begins sunset March 7, lasts 2 days.
Iraq wars 1&2 and Libya attack tied to Purim, along with other events, because it is celebration of revenge, Book of Esther.
FBI plans to shutdown and scrub 4 million computers March 8, which is on Purim.
Sounds ominous, but, ZATO really represents modern Babylon prophetically, while historically, Babylon was defeated by Persia (Iran), which was a prophetic type of Christ's victory, so this may turn the tables on Purim and Babylon's golden slavery.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at Matthew 13, parable of the wheat and weeds (tares). Notice it says at the end of the age, FIRST all the wicked weeds will be uprooted and bundled together for justice, and then the righteous wheat will shine forth. The separating process is happening now: wheat&weeds, sheep&goats, good fish/bad fish, etc. Peace&Love to you. That crazy crazy from people around you has been happening to me too, for awhile now. What people are is showing through, "for nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come to light."

Anonymous said...

just a fascist state where every ones a victim
the diseased mind of unnatural control
the monster that proclaimed itself the new world order
a collapsed state where corporations take hold
the broken rafters in a house made of sickness
murdered children bleeding blood left in stains
burnt offerings to the lies of the holocaust
the sacrifices binding israel in chains
by the heat of 9/11 calling
an iron girder shaped just like a horseshoe
in flaming letters wrote of lightning and thunder
carving hearts of those at one with the truth
a blade of wind that scorches markings of paradise
charging lions and hawks fly through the air
by the sound of a thousand racing chariots
lies tumble closed in self despair


Gypsy said...

I read a counter theory to the 'end of the world any day now'.

In short form the theory states that nothing 'big' will ever occur, rather, the zio one world order divided in a 1:99 breakdown zio nobles to serf/slaves, will continue to manifest itself at a snails pace as it has since 1880.

The internet has made more people aware of the master plan for zio world domination such that continuous disinformation of pending massive events are leaked daily to keep the cattle constantly confused and guessing - while the actual implementation of the world fascist police state continues quietly unabated.

-Laws and bills passed by bought-off representatives

-Gene manipulation of food

-Vaccines containing pathogens

-Bankrupting of the world fiat money system

-Thousands of predator drones released upon the public

-Chemtrail spraying of pathogens

-Agenda 21 taking hold globally

-Carbon tax being implemented by backdoor policies

-All religions which decry murder and war are being suppressed/eradicated

-Sexual morality of the world is deliberately being debased to paganism

The powers of zion do not need a big event. They just keep puttering along like a personal computer virus taking over the whole machine until the whole system locks and is useless.

...with a whimper not a bang.

Anonymous said...

resonated curved and rolled into putty
rivers charge along eternitys path
rythms rise and play the strings of the conscious
the push and pull between light and dark
a rush of unity enflames upon an instant
love proclaims itself the cheif that will protect
war made war upon and lost within its unity
the truth holds the fires of every effect
echoing sequence's of multiplying colors
a fired heart reflects in each and every way
lies burn into the smoke of ill fortune
tyrants fall into past memories of old days
liberation opens every possibility
the earth is one with all that ever could
but in disposition of cold hearted genocide
world war 3 becomes the fire wood


Anonymous said...

Another great post Les -- you're on fire lately!

Within all the crap I see going on in the world daily -- which seems to be accelerating at an ever increasing rate -- I've for some reason never felt more optimistic, almost excited by what's just around the corner.

Aplogies, but the pedant in me has to correct you on one thing:
The phrase is 'they couldNT care less'. If someone 'could care less' it means they DO care somewhat, which I know you didnt mean.

Sorry, but I hear that one a lot and it irks me!


Brian Crossland said...

Gurney.et al..


Visible said...

No wonder I got it wrong. I never knew about capitalizing the N and T.

Paul Von said...

I'd have to agree with much of what you said in your last post. I've spent much of my life observing the plodding momentum of the Armageddon crowd. As if everyone wants to fuck the entire world up, in order to fulfill the prophesies of those sick fucks who 'rote' the bible.
Hey! After we've completely destroyed the Earth, and jacked your minds and souls into some cosmic corner, everything will work out just fine. My question has always been: What is the point of the "redemption" experiment? Like you can't get wised up, without fucking the whole scene up first? Moron, or just idiot? Take your pick.
The Armageddon shtick is a null program folks. Just like all the other "karmic" reality shows you've allowed to be written into your minds. It's another (personal or group)"projection" of cowardice and intellectual ineptitude, which has jumped on board your soul ship, and waxed malignant. Perhaps an ancient false flag operation, scripted by those who invented the WORD. Propaganda and illusions run the world, because it's more convenient than addressing the simple truth of learning how to feed and house your children. Social entropy is a bitch, eh?
Cheer up. Everything is planning to get worse...
Paul Von

Anonymous said...

Good list Gypsy, dying by a thousand cuts... don't forget the financial terrorization that has harmed millions of people in this country big time due to the crooks, the bottom lines of their books and the government agencies that serve them-not you. Or me. Or anyone or thing else.

Has most of the population in either a post traumatic disorder state, an exhausted anxiety state or under the state of Stockholm Syndrome.

Remember the poor man SWATted by the Board of Education goons-held hostage in his skivvies with his kids while the goons searched his home for hours because 'his exwife had not paid her school loans?"

The financial terrorization of the ultimate crooks and fiends via foreclosure-just toss you and your family out in the streets-and your recourse is to SUE THEM. Only remedy and recourse is to sue them-after the fact.

At least one full grown generation now who has lived the life of altered realities and full bore anxious terrorization with nothing but more of the same until something pops.

Explains the epidemics of heart dis-ease and cancers. The stress of waiting for them to come get you and everything you have.

But the grade schools are still pushing hard for the 'kids to go to college' by their state teachers. Debt slave.

People still doing deals with the soulless devils aka as banks.

Wait til they pull the 'calling in all loans' to really bring everyone to stages of madness and desperation.

Feeding frenzy for the demons on meth who just can't get enough and will never stop until divine intervention stops them.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

I've been watching...one by one, literally, everything has turned opposite what it's suppose to be. It's no longer limited to meanings and actions.

Even the envelopes from big phone company and big cable company have their envelope flaps sealed at the bottom of the envelope, rather than the top.



And, yes, these word verifications suck.

Anonymous said...

by a hawk a butterfly a hummingbird
the essences of life deep inside
a brush on the tracks of wild horses
a congregation of all is divine
hearts melt away into butter
the breeze rocks the cradle of love deep within
sung through a heart gathered rainbow
playing the tips of the fingers of spring
dancing the rains in the color of bright yellow
sunbeams echo to far away isles
the unity of all sisters and brothers
a new era dawns where man reconciles
calm fills the waves of high water
a colorfull tapestry wound on all truth
the covered darkness opens to lights first beauty
essences of stars and blossoms and blooms


Terrance said...

Hello Visible....check this out...


the gloves are off!


DaveR said...

@Andy. "The phrase is 'they couldNT care less'." You're missing the apostrophe. FYI.

@ Gypsy. My opinion is that you're wrong. The "Totalitarian Tiptoe" [see Icke] has been going on for centuries and like anything else it has a kind of momentum. The Internet(s) has been going for about 15 years and is exclusively limited to the very rich. i.e. a great mass of the population has no idea what we do here.

It has taken time, yes, but many many now know of the 'elite's plans' and only 10 years ago virtually no one did. It will take more time, but not much, and critical mass will be achieved. The 100th monkey will get it and the snowball has already started rolling.

Take the example I saw last night linked through Clif High's site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpUjl4LvQM8&feature=youtu.be

In short for many years in Ireland the person signing the order for repossession would then turn around and execute the eviction, thereby unlawfully eliminating constitutional separation of powers. Somebody figured it out and made of video of the Sheriff Deputy being chased away. This one act will invigorate thousands of others.

The dike is leaking all over the place.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Gypsy:

The agenda for elitist world domination started several hundred years ago -- at least. Feudalism has been around for a long, long time.

Europe and the USA have become Colonialist superpowers that treat the people of the "Developing" nations as serfs. The elitist's control of the media and education is essential for their dominance. By allowing the citizens of the USA and Europe a modest portion of the spoils, the elitists have trained the US and European citizens to serve as their minions against the serfs. In the US and Europe, there is a large population of "house negroes" who serve the elites.

The US and European (NATO) wars and interventions against the Developing nations serve to cripple progress in the Developing nations. The US and European neo-Colonialists are hampering development in the Developing nations. Israel is a US/European Colony and a defacto member of NATO.

Thomas said...

hey Vis,

the black songbird girl I was waiting for all along... I am in her hometown, by the grace of the Creator. I visited her mother. But, she is going to Afghanistan for the Babylon Meat-Machine, and is not here. Brainwashed, I imagine. Crazy how "Dreams" and "Reality" can clash... I did see her in military gear in one of our contacts, but I thought it symbolized the Spiritual War. Well... she is not here, but the spirits told me the other day that it has all been my predator instinct, so today I was instructed to help one of the Jah Rastafarians out by buying a jaguars tooth, that now hangs between my 3rd and 4th chakras, by/for Jah. Anyways, I am not certain that the Story is finished. Practicing astral projection (haven't gotten it to work, yet :)), by instruction. The Jah Rastafarians hail with respect, and me too. Wonderful wonderful Creation.

I will comment this:
Lucifer is the Piper (as primary, but he has other, darker roles also). He is working very hard for Us, but he will be untouched before he reaches Hell. There he will have to pay of his Karmic Debt for this whole affair, since the Garden of Eden (WHATEVER that was), to free himself, and once again be the Bright Star he Is, for the Creator... He knew this, before he came. He chose this, for Us. He is the Great Sacrifice, and he has my utter and total respect, and I shall surely greet him in Love for setting me free when we meet again somewhere beyond. He is incarnated, I believe, scattered through many, secret ones. The ones who follow his sirens song... Well, they are the makers of their own racks.

Praise Jah!

Thank You, Les
To All, Love and Blessings :)

Richie (Dana) said...

So....It seems that there really is something to this music thing after all.
We have had discussions here several times with Visible saying he hated Rap and others jumping on and defending their choce of music. This is one of the more interesting items I have read recently. It is facinating to see the levels they will go to gain complete control of the human body. Read this and protect yourself people.


Anonymous said...

am sorry about those quite angry poems earlier,,people....neil

Anonymous said...

I 've been reading but have not commented in awhile. Lately it seems like a great tsunami is building on LV's web site along with all the comments. It reminds me of time,real time I mean. Going faster and faster and picking up momentum. Don't know what it all means but its getting huge.
The other day a young handicapped man who works at the grocery store helped me out with my bags as he has for years. He is a sweet simple man of few words so he shocked me when he finished loading up the car and asked "Have you noticed that people are getting crazier by the minute?"
I stared at him for a long moment making eye contact, he didn't flinch I answered "Yes,yes I have. " He nodded his head and walked away.

Visible said...

I didn't see any of these last comments before I posted the new Origami; funny, that.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, just awesome!


Rob in WI said...

Dave R,
Many of us who are just plain mortals have known about the elite's plan for 50+ years. Many, like Henry Ford, for much longer. I hope and pray that the "awakening" is really happening, but am skeptical. Visible has gathered some of us here to read, comment, share. His labor, our gift.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

For anyone having a bit of trouble with the word verification, try safely storing your comment in a WP document. Reload the page until a wv pops up that looks doable and then copy&paste and publish. Actually today's offerings are better than the ones with the black blob overlay.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

"by a hawk a butterfly a hummingbird ... essences of stars and blossoms and blooms"
Strange thing, Neil. I could hear that one being sung as I read it. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

thanks em ....neil

Anonymous said...

NOTE: It is not hard to see that any kind of war with Iran has the potential of destroying the entire Israeli state. Iran does not need nuclear weaponry to do this. All it needs to do is to attack Israel's Dimona nuclear plant and other nuclear facilities, and the entire country will be covered in nuclear fallout.

The Israelis are playing with fire here. But it is more important to them that they prevent all of their neighbors from having any kind of nuclear technology. They have lived in fear and paranoia ever since they plotted to conquer Palestine by immigration and to displace its previous inhabitants. Because of this, they have been hated by all of their neighbors, and so the Israelis will continue to live in fear of reprisal.

It has been known for 50 years that eventually we would come to the point where some others would obtain nuclear technology, and that the ultimate showdown would then take place. I believe we are nearing that point in time.

If enough people protest against such a war and drown out the voices of the Zionists (and Christian Zionists), we might be able to postpone this mass destruction in the Middle East. However, prophecy is not on the side of peace, and I believe this day of destruction will come in the end.

To read the entire text, go here:

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

In Times of the First Church of Blind Acquisition.

Anonymous said...

"Feister Gillerman, all buffed and bravado bound is bumping uglies with hatchet handed syntax and if you want hear him talk again, that's no problem..."
Interestingly, both the linked sources have gone "POOF!"

Visible said...

Wow! How about that?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the links...Just realized the first one was entered incorrectly and is still there. The second (youtube) one of course is history...

Visible said...

On the day Meher Baba moved on, I was very high on some very powerful and clean LSD. I was on an estate in West Virgina that belonged to a friend of mine called, Bear's Den. Mosby's Rangers used to hang out there during the civil war. I was sitting on a greensward in a spare cluster of birch trees when I felt the wind come up off to my right.

I felt it rush toward me, moving through the leaves and the grass on which I sat and when it got to me it said Meher Baba, all around me, passing by and on. I thought that was pretty interesting but odd things are the usual, especially when I am on psychedelics.

When I got into town (DC) a day or so later, I learned that Meher Baba had moved on that very day when the wind announced his name. I felt myself tremble, when the wind passed me and again when I got the news.

Visible said...

The macaroni and cheese thing is very strange. I knew when I got up from the dream sequence that I was going to make it that day. I'm a pretty good cook but what resulted was the best of the breed that I ever made and Susanne kept raving about it and it's not the sort of food she's get all worked up about. I made an enormous amount. It was gone this morning. Mine was customized, not the generic product that we usually see.

I'm beginning to think there is something about macaroni and cheese that has to do with bad energy being neutralized. It did a nice job on me. Now, all day long, I have been bugged by the need to make chili. The idea didn't fly so well with everyone else but now it's clear that I am going to make it, despite a lack of enthusiasm from everyone else. I'll do it up seriously gourmet, with all kinds of ingredients, including the raw, Vidalia type onions and sour cream at the end.

There is some very weird shit going on. Thankfully it's been benign for a little while now. Couldn't sleep all of last night either, so I got up at 5:00 or so and ate a great big plate of the macaroni and cheese, which I like cold. Half an hour later I was able to get five hours of rest. You just don't expect this kind of thing. Well, off to the supermarket (grin)!



Joseph Brenner

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