Saturday, February 11, 2012

Six Flags over Nukeville, Opening Soon

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There was a “dirty little coward who shot Mr. Howard and laid poor Jessie in his grave”. I was wondering if this is a descendant of his, presently operating out of Syria. Oh right, he's not even in the country anymore. And... we have new born babies dying in their cribs in hospitals, just like Kuwait. How about that? And we've got the usual unnamed spokes-bots and we've got the usual rebels that no one knows who they are, who are using Israeli weapons and being operated by British special forces, who are setting up all of the helpful car and building bombings, just like they were doing in Basra. This article reeks of Zio-Gov disinfo. Please be sure to drop by the One World Government Facebook page and tell them what you think. They be pushing for whirled war, folks.

Here's a taste of the kind of impacted colon rhetoric that you encounter in this poorly written, blatantly lying, non authored piece of shit; “Wood said no battle damage was visible in the photos taken Friday, but previous images captured by the company's satellites did show the effects of fighting”. Oh! Oh! They don't have any battle damage in their present photos but they have 'effects of the fighting' in previous images. Well, where are the previous images? Why aren't we seeing them?

It's been happening for awhile now, you see article after article in the Zio-Media that has no author. You always used to have an author in the past but now...? Yeah. Well, as has been stated many times, I'm, preaching to the choir and the illiterate pinheads, who should be reading here, are getting their news from the non authored services of the Zio-borgs. They're on the doorstep people. They want any possible provocation that will bring Iran in on it's mutual defense treaty. Then they construct that post apocalyptic theme park they're slavering to have, “Six Flags over Nukeville”.

If you support these people then you might as well be holding the gun yourself. That's how karma works. If you're in the cheering section then you might as well be suited up and on the field. The cheerleaders have two duties as far as I know of. One is to work up the crowd and the other is to fuck the players. That sounds like a seminal part of the apparatus. “Honey, would you come over here and take a look at my apparatus? I think one of my pistons is misfiring; probably not enough lubrication in the cylinder”. Oil is a good lubricant and so is blood, depending on the intended impact of the penetration. Oil and blood go together like Abbot and Costello and are about as amusing as Jekyll and Hyde; both residents of Jekyll Island, which is in the same body of water as The Island of Dr. Moreau. It was while watching that movie that I knew that Val Kilmer's career was headed in the same direction as Michael Madsen's. 90% of being a prophet is keeping your mind open. What is the biggest problem in the world today? Closed minds and of course, closed hearts.

I was talking about the Christian Zionists on the radio yesterday; that great, unwashed body of deluded and herded sheep, bound for the killing floor; ignorance will kill you just as surely as a gun but it might take a little longer because certain animals and psychopaths like to play with their food before they eat it. Anyway, I was talking about how these tens of millions of donut heads (cause there's a big hole in the middle; kosher tax) can sit down every day and read the words of their master; look right at the words about love; compassion, forgiveness, mercy, peace and all the rest and then something happens between their eyes and their hearts and minds. Something happens. They go to church and they pray for this or that. They listen to the quotes that appear in the sermons and something happens. I'll wager there's way too much Old Testament, as would befit a religious movement, completely co-opted by their worst enemies, who were also behind the murder of their master and who were the focus of much of his ire. I'll wager that most of their preachers are on the take from various sources that want that particular demographic, maintained in a state of static stupidity, so that they can support and vote for one horrorshow after another.

How stupid are these people? You don't even have to change the lies from the last manufactured conflict. You just recycle them. These lies aren't even 'new and improved', which is what you slap on the label of a product you haven't changed at all, except if some new, toxic chemical has recently been created and might be inserted therein.

I always wondered in earlier years why so many people fought in so many senseless wars; how they were able to tolerate leaders who were oppressing them beyond endurance. Why didn't they relocate when invasion was on their borders? Why didn't they do all kinds of things they might have done but didn't do? I'm not curious or confused anymore about that. They are just incredibly stupid and deluded and they are led around; they are carrot and sticked by their appetites and desires, as well as whatever mumbo jambalaya their bloodthirsty, avaricious priests have cooked up. They scarf is down like hogs at the trough. Someone ought to make a photo tour of Alabama and Mississippi and photograph a collection of the Christian Zionists located there. I could make the connection between the fear of vulnerability, intimacy and love in relation to creating a great big buffer zone but that's just one more of the elementary truths that don't get said because it could cause problems for the people behind it. It's the same thing in another way when you look at priests and young boys. None of this stuff is difficult to figure out. Unless... unless you are compromised by it at some level and most people are.

The truth has very few friends. I've paid dearly for that fact more than once. People can injure another well enough, just by telling the truth, as it is or was, but then they go and create ridiculous lies and exaggerations, in order to bolster their case and then no one believes them and everyone feels bad and the investment they have made in their lies, creates an intransigence and denial that they can't bring themselves to back away from. You can't make peace with some people and all you are left with is the capacity to show them you won't be pushed around, or to just try to go away quietly and hope for something better up the line.

I used to wonder at what appeared to be unfortunate episodes in my life. I would imagine how I could have handled it better or done it differently. In just about every case, hindsight has proven that the outcome, even when unfortunate, was the desired end. You can't make things the way you want them and you can't get what you want when what you want is misrepresented or mislabeled. You can't justify yourself in the aftermath either, except in cases where you are dealing with the deluded, who have been programmed a certain way. The textbooks in elementary, junior school and beyond, all teach the fallacy that a rag tag gang of stone age Muslims, hijacked a bunch of planes they couldn’t fly and then committed near impossibly, precise maneuvers that experts would have had difficulty with and then, 3 towers fell into their own footprints at free-fall speed, None of these things could have possibly happened singularly. They certainly couldn't have happened altogether, in one day and, in the case of the falling towers, never has happened before, even when the fires burned longer and hotter at other, similar locations.

Immediately following this staged event, gratuitous wars for the benefit of the people who were actually behind 9/11, followed and continue to this day. How long will this continue? No one knows. Once again, I must state that no nation or movement has ever taken over the whole world. It hasn't happened and it isn't going to happen.

At the present, the compromised Zio-owned countries of The West, are spreading, havoc, destruction and death. Their enforcement arm of ZATO is at work in many locations bombing and burning with a will. They destroyed Libya and now they are on to Syria and Iran and any location that still seems to stand in their way. They are the bad guys. They are the bad guys who carry out the orders of the 1% against the rights, fortunes and futures of the other 99. They are poisoning the planet with their terrible industries. They are corrupting governments and the collective minds of the people. They are trying to destroy the world, even if that is not their conscious intention, that is the certain result of their policies of the present.

The best way to accomplish the ambitions of the big pigs is to turn everyone else into little pigs. The 'how to' about it is to hold out the promise of all the things they will never get and then to hand it out to those used as examples of the possibility; like winning lottery tickets. Consonant with this, you promise them pie in the sky when they die.

Enforcing and spreading stupidity is a calculated art and one needs look no further than the education system and the media to see what is afoot and one doesn't have to look very hard to see who is behind it. We're talking 'no child left behind' in a society of crippled adults; walking chemistry sets of bad pharmaceutical experiments, engineered for the purpose of managed dysfunction. This is no world that I want any part of and it is passing as I speak.

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There will be a radio show Sunday night.


Matt McCauley said...

Hey Visible I just wanted to be the first poster here. Haven't read it yet, just want to say I hope that frustrated female from Mirrors shows up. I don't know why. You know, lawyers sometimes can't quit being their profession. Peace, Arooo

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"How stupid are these people?"

How stupid can you be to live by a collection of myths written how many thousands of years ago that never did anybody any good?!!!!!!!!!

Ya know, I saw a clip in Russian about the Red Terror (was it from your site? I can't remember), and it was surreal. People led down these long concrete subterranian passages, and though I couldn't understand it, it seemed like they were holding friendly conversations, then when they got to destination the were asked to strip, stand facing a wall, and then they got shot in the back of the head or something. No one fought back. Then again, these guys had it real easy. A lot of people were tortured to death over long periods, so hey.

Personally, I think an execution like that ain't half bad, considering the alternatives. It's fast, and do you feel anything for that nanosecond you are kicked into the next realm of existence?

But that's just my opinion.

I'm personally staying in my high risk area. I have no reason to fight to survive long term since I can't stand it here, but I will fight if anyone wants to take me away, if only just to not let them take me alive. No gun have I, but you can do a lot with hardware if the opposition isn't expecting it.

Icemon said...

Spot on....Bless

Mouser said...

Greetings Visible.

Taking stock of where the world is today February 11, 2012.

1) "those who say they are jews but who are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan" refers to, with 99.9% probability, to the zionists. They are a political not religous group. Some zionists, like Biden, Clinton, Bush, Rockefeller are not jewish. All jews are not zionists. Some jews condem the secular state of isreal because it should not actually exist until after the messiah has returned. The present bain of civilization is zionism.

2) Zionists control private central banks and thereby the governments in 193 of 197 countries of the world. Lead by the Rothschilds, the international usury bankers are now actively implementing a one world currency and thereby a one world government. The unfolding zionist NWO intends to have the a 1% of mankind, the zionists, as feudal lords, over the 99% of mankind, the people.

3) To achieve the zionist NWO two actions are presently coming to a climax. i) the fiat world money system is being bankrupted to be replaced by a singel world currency based on gold of which the zionists have 500 billion dollars of real gold deposited in Switzerland. The zionists will print/issue the SDRs or equivalent to lend to all governments with usury. ii) the international border system, demarcating separate sovereign countries, is being abolished by fomenting a third world war wherein the christians and muslims will drag all countries of the world into a nuclear thermal armageddon. The zionist NWO will be offered as a solution to end WWIII.

4) There are tens of thousands of individuals around the world who are afflicted by electronic harassment. Over 80% of those targetted are peace activists, anti-war, anti-zionist and/or anti-government. In other words those being irradiated or 'cooked' have taken the red pill and are discussing with other people what they see - the truth about the world we live in.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Just to add a little...

Great post Sir Visible. I know you are preaching to the choir but it is a beautiful song you sing!

I read: 'friends don't let friends Facebook'

Like drunk driving, CIA Facebook is really not a good idea for any moral, sane person IMO.

Over at Kenny's Sideshow the defacto implementation of private domestic drones (on civilians) is highlighted.

How can joe sixpack and his wife on mainstreet USA continue to miss the reality right in front of their eyes?

"Christian zionist" now there is an oxymoron extraordinaire!

Thou shall not kill.

Zionists IMO are the spawn of Satan. How can "Christians" support Satan?

Can't get my head around it.

Thank you again for your fine post.


siamsaim said...

I wondered why Mcdonalds here in Siam don't sell milkshakes. I guessed it was because dairy cows aren't part of the landscape. But then again other dairy products find themselves available no problem. Then i read (just the other day) that the main ingredient - 50% - of a Mcshake is pigs fat. Could that be a sick joke!

Clarity said...

Your words, as always, are perfect. I love the power behind them today, Visible. It is well-deserved and incredibly appropriate.


You can't make peace with some people and all you are left with is the capacity to show them you won't be pushed around, or to just try to go away quietly and hope for something better up the line.

was perfect for me.

I hope you know how much I love you - for so many reasons...


Anonymous said...

to separate one from Oneself is the ultimate psy-op. divide and conquer.

the 5 overarching industries of the 13 bloodline families - counterfeiting, (dark)energy, weapons, drugs, media - work in concert to achieve this end.

one might suppose the most potent of these to be finance, military or energy, but it is neither.

it is deception. the ability to effectively appeal to the lowest common denominator in people's thinking. "tell 'em what they've won, jay!" and with feet to the fire, "come on down!" a line i once heard in a movie, " son, we work for a living. we don't just lie to you, we tell you what you want to hear!" and so it goes.

bodies snatched, spirits hollowed, fingers pointing, one could do worse than 'preaching to the choir'. more of a joyful noise, it seems, as we do our best to walk between the rain drops .. less alone.

willie said...

All this suspense is rather interesting, is it not? The whole show is just the Ineffable in drag. Egos cannot tolerate the fact that they do not exist!

Anonymous said...

i saw a film about the ritual blood sacrifice that was 9/11 over on gnostic liberation front the other day,this man one of our fellow good folk,well understood in symbolism and had obviously read a few books that have been suggested over here and various other places,,,
discussing how the blood sacrifice had magically failed on that day,,,,,,the sequence of events had completely gone wrong,,,,,

so the ptw are fighting from a position of failure from the start,written through their own symbolism,
their blood magic can only be pushed by extreme brute force,,,

which makes me think about what lord high said earlier on the radio and the use of a feather...
and how in aikido practise after a while you start to see chi pulsating off of people,...

which also makes me think about what manly p hall said ,,when two or more men or women congregate in that area of consciousness,,,anything is possible

respects to you lord visible


Anonymous said...


"ineffable in drag" (egos don't actually exist.)

money shot.

deft, succinct.'A' is for accurate.

"may you live in interesting rimes."

Sun Giant said...

Thank you for your insight.

Clarity said...

Too much truth?

Anonymous said...

interesting 'rimes'???

"laws yes, m-o-o-n spells moon."

GodSend said...

So there was John Hagee, Zionist Christian Supreme, avidly praying on a TV show with other ZIOChristians for fire and brimstone to rain down on Iran and kill as many people as possible - yummy, yummy! God only knows how many ZIOChristians were watching at home and praying avidly with them?

Meanwhile, Pastor Chuck E. Carlson ( is out there on the streets in front of the ZIOChurches, protesting against the apostasy of the ZIOChristian deceivers who take their orders from Israeli Zionist Slimeballs and the Devil, himself.

"There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (Zionist Slimeball and ZIOChristian teeth).

"They say: Lord, Lord - but I will say to them 'I never knew you!'"

You have God's and humanity's arch-enemy firmly in view here, Les - "THEY are not Jews but are the Synagogue of Satan". We are dealing with the descendants of those Satan-worshipers whose homeland (since 1948) is Zionist Israel. No worries, though, Ezekiel 22:20 will take care of THEM! (Desert Glass)

"The Word of God is LIVING and POWERFUL."

Anonymous said...

So, yeah, the Old Testament. What kills me is, how obvious it is once you begin to see it. How likely is it that all the people of the world are totally on their own to figure out spiritual truth, but God chooses one small group to speak to directly and yet their religion does not stand out as superior, and then God sends his son to them and that son finds a lot to complain about regarding their understanding of spiritual things and calls their spiritual leaders blind?

It's not as simple as using a lot of the Old Testament in the sermons. Maybe some do, some don't. The problem goes to the root. The nature of God. When I read the gospels I get that Jesus tried very hard to convey the wonderful nature of God with the purpose of getting people to fall in love. The right relationship with God is a love relationship. You know, the bride in the bridal chamber.

But Roman Catholic theology, and consequently Protestant theology, teaches a God who does not forgive, not to mention arbitrarily sending large numbers to hell. So this God is the author of a threat of...well, diabolical, indeed infinite proportions. Hard to love that. No wonder it's all about Jesus and rarely about God. Jesus is mostly a good guy, God the source of threat.
What you say? Christianity is all about the forgiveness of God? Not when I picked up a Billy Graham book and opened it to a random page about the plan of salvation. "God demanded a death."

See, perhaps you owe the bank money, and they're going to repossess your car. But your rich uncle steps in and pays it. Bank is happy, you keep your car, but it wasn't forgiveness. The bank demanded payment. Forgiveness of a debt means you don't pay.

Now Jesus clearly taught that magnanimous forgiveness is what God does, and he taught against sacrifice. (To the pharisees he quoted from the book of Hosea: "Go and learn what this means, 'I will have mercy and not sacrifice.')
Yet the churches teach that God demanded a death in order to forgive humanity and that he required a human sacrifice.

How come in two thousand years no one but me has noticed this?

Actually the eastern churches never taught this, and consider such teaching a travesty. They say that the purpose of Jesus' sacrifice was to reconcile the hearts of mankind with God through love and repentance.

Anonymous said...

egos don't actually exist alone

GodSend said...

PS Besides all of that, the radiation continuously spewing from the consolidated-core blob in Fukushima is now estimated at the equivalent of 50 Chernobyls, with NO END in sight! The Zionist Slimeball ALIENS are destroying the human habitat (see also GOM) on several fronts, with more to come. If you're a young female, you especially don't want to be in Japan, ever again!

"Be of good cheer - your tears of sorrow shall be turned into tears of joy." (Jesus is on His way back - Thank God!)

missingarib said...

vis, I believe it was martin Luther king who said “We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

However this situation plays out a common karma is at work,hopefully it is still possible to stand up and stop - insert latest pax (your choice roman ,Britannia,Americana, Judaic) them from crucifying (us)Christ again.

Justice is counting on us to do the right thing .For me the cross is a symbol of people,his twelve followers who failed to prevent an injustice from being done ,lets man up and stop this awful parade down the Via Dolorosa before the world goes to hell in a hand basket -

thank you vis for trying to shake the sleepers awake

Anonymous said...

Great ambulatory oxymorons, Batman! Christian Zionists...duh...Here's a bunch of people (truly the Sheeple), dumbed down to the point of fear-fostered, flatulent ferocity harking to every damnable utterance mouthed by their Evil Shepherd, James Hagee, who if he runs to form, has had regular installments made for him in Offshore bank accounts, whether guarded by the Gnomes of Zurich ~ or take your pick.

You get only two guesses as to the source of Hagee's probable occult funding. Your second guess does not count.

"We are Marching to Pretoria, Pretoria, Pretoria."
Such were the lyrics of the British Imperial marching bands during their aggression against the Boer Republic of Transvaal at the turn of the 20th Century. Seems the Brits would not have bothered the bull-headed Dutch-descended farmers who just wanted to be with their owned damned selves, had somebody not discovered both gold and diamonds in huge quantities at a ridge called Witwatersrand near a then small city of Johannesburg.

Guess what, Batman? Our favorite scoopers upper of gold and diamonds, the British branch of the Rothschild Clan, were financing this dude name of Cecil Rhodes (after whom Rhodesia and Rhodes Scholarships) with the express aim of total control over the treasury in them thar hills and ALL the country of which it was central, in their estimation.

Oh and the plot thickens. Seems there was this youthful scion of a famous old British family, the very direct descendants of the 'illustrious' Duke of Marlborough. Randolph, the father of this Lieutenant of Lancers for the Raj and now a war correspondent for one of the Fleet Street flagships; was known as a rather randy romp in his day and had the chancres to prove it.

So Randy Randolph, heir to an illustrious family name, was in this embarrassing situation. Seems like his forbears between Marlborough and himself and perhaps the self as well, was quite taken with high-stakes gambling (the other bane of 19th Century English Aristocracy). Thus was the family fortune a bit, shall we say, embarrassed.

Solution to the problem. Another old favorite, but with a Victorian Era twist ~ marry well. So old Randy promptly betrothed one Jennie Jerome, an American heiress. The family name was originally Jacobsohn. No, not one of the Scandihoovian Jabobsens, but a son of Jacobs going back, most probably, to Post-Alexandrian times in the southern Med when a number of Berber tribes converted to THE TRIBE.
They have become known to history as the Sephardim.

So by Rabbinical Law, that war correspondent, who covered the conquest of the Boers for the Empiah, son of Randy and Jennie, would have been fully eligible, were he alive today, to emigrate to and become a citizen of Israel.

The name of our mystery guest is none other than Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. So when you think of the Ambulatory OxyMorons on Oxycontin who call themselves Christian Zionists, consider the irony in that Church on the Hill.

-stickman 23 Aquarius, 33 Anno Eros

Lee said...

I live in a household with that kind of religious mindset (Christian Zionism) but that will change shortly.

These people are infected with passages of justifiable hatred from the O.T. Which is why they treat me like shit. After all, I suck at sucking up to their religious ways and don't attend synagogue, I mean, church with them. The walls and the fridge door are plastered with scriptures and other religious catch phrases of the day.

I am glad Les Visible brought this up because I thought it was only me that was being targeted by these religious psychopaths.

Religion, Sports, and War, seem to be the favorite forms of entertainment for this select group of people these days.

"Clark, We Need You" can't help these overweight people even with their best heavy duty/reach height forklifts.



Anonymous said...


Do you watch TV? Do you use a microwave? How about a cellphone? Do you have WiFi going 24/7?

Just asking. You suggest that 80% of a certain type of people are being "cooked" for holding certain ideas?

It sure seems like knowing about the Zioboys is like being in a pressure cooker, I agree, however you might be mixing up affects.

All of us are being "cooked" by the use of the items above. We are all being harassed by the background radiation they create, and it was planned as such (by the Zioboys.)

The Zioboys dont give hoot what you think or say. They just want you to agree with using fiat money and the like. They want your body and the slave it can make of you. They know all to well that freedom is in the mind and nothing can kill it off.

So what do they do, they make it easier and less painful to give in. The cooking helps create a sense that free will hurts or at least its hard to keep up without tons of fighting. Really thats soo not true.

Mouser you are using your mind to think about how the Ziomind works. Thats not going to work out. You see light and love and the individual. The Ziomind is a hive-mind. Its not where youre at man and never will be.

Stop cooking yourself for the Zioboys feast. They arent targeting you man, you are.


Neko Kinoshita said...


'nuff said.

onething said...

I don't know why my post on the Old Testament came out as anonymous.

Visible said...

Probably because you forgot to put your name on it. It can't be edited without being posted, then it has to be copied and reposted without your name. That certainly didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Neko always seems to know what to say.


Richie (Dana) said...

I tend to agree with LeMat concerning the cooking as well as all the other poisens being thrown at us. This would include raditation.
The government did a study on Japanese people who were subjected to radiation in WW2.
They found that persons with a stressful life tended to get cancer or other diseases in higher numbers than those who were happy and calm. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area the radiation is raining on our heads. I was joking last week that we thrive on radiation.

The point of all this is your choice between Love and Fear. Everything can be distilled to those two things. We just have no idea of the power of Love to heal us. We live because God wills it, and that is that. Fear will separate you from God and cause disease.

Think about all the bad news you hear and how it is delivered to you. Vis will tell you about evil, but there is an undercurrent of Love there at all times.
There are many evil people in this "truth" movement, in my opinion. Just listen to them carefully and you will know who they are. Not by the words they say, but the intention. That is the real key.
Ask yourself, Why do they convey this to the world?

Always remember that it is not 'what' happens to you that matters, but 'how' you react.

Fuck them and thank God for your life TODAY, because that is all you ever had.


Thomas said...

Bom bom bom!, Mr. Visible

I just read your last 3 posts in a row. Spitzenklasse, as they would say at your whereabouts...

It seems I am on a research/ regeneration/learning tour for the Divine, but I'm really not sure. I can at least tell you that El Palacio National in Mexico City contains, besides some outstanding (regarding Truth) murals by Diego Rivera, the All-Seeing-Eye shining as a sun in the ceiling in the hall of parlaiment...

Thank you Les, and to All, best wishes, Love and Blessings.

Praise The Creator!

Rob in WI said...

The Orthodox (eastern) churches were not influenced by an equivalent of the "Scofield Study Bible". Protestants caught on to the zionist takeover of the vatican and the C of E, and were beginning to oppose it. Hence, the spawn of Scofield's heresy, used by most baptist, etc. proponents of israhell. This didn't catch on in the east, which is why the zionists hate, and have shown extreme violence to Armenians, Russians, and more recently, Serbians. Greece and Romania are also in the crosshairs. The Orthodox christians massacred were not supremesists or fanatics, just regular "love your neighbor" believers in JC. Supremesists of any ilk are a curse, and those involved with the zionists are the worst. Be well all, hi Neko, missed you, Rob

Anonymous said...

pierre said.. then there's the non-so-thick but fall for it every time folks who, upon being put straight on 911 etc, are going on about the bad Syrian dictators and what they are dong to their own people, as if the TV that is on all day spreading fear and disinfo was right, just this one time.
insanity is dong the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, so is gullability on the passive end of the equation.

for my part I am a little more tolerant (wrong word, nor is at easy approprate), for stupid, as I recognise my own.

"cause there's a big hole in the middle; kosher tax", HAHHAHAA!

wv: keruste. The Simpsons Krusty the Clown with an "all new" and improved sticker - this time he is looking directly out of the screen and he's laughing at YOU! and you don't think it's funny at all.

Anonymous said...

Whitney Houston died today.

How terribly sad. We've followed this troubled and gifted soul for many years.


Richie (Dana) said...

Hey Visible,
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your show with Robert Phoenix.
I appreciate the explanation of what went on in Mexico.
As you know I was one of 9 who agreed to meet you, and I did not make it.

I worked hard to make some extra money and suceeded in aquiring the passport, time off from work, and a plane ticket.

The morning I was to leave I received a disturbing email, and knew things were not right.

Of course I forfeit the ticket, but I have lost money many times, so that is not a concern. You always say the Divine is active in even the smallest things in our lives.
When this happened, that was all I thought about, being it was such a big disappointment.

To say things are whacked right now would be the understatement. Your gift is to help us see that there are other ways to see. We do know in our hearts, but you put that into words. Please do not stop just now. Continue my friend, just because.

I will here partially reject your statement that we make these changes in our lives ourselves. I do know that, but you just do not realize how much you have helped me do that. I will not let that be minimized.

Mr. Visible......I thank you Sir.


If I had the chance, I would try again.

MachtNichts said...

I'll take your wager, Vis, and double the bet that the OT has done a number on people's minds, having been written or interpreted by the money changers. As long as you can instill fear into your subjects, bingo - they keep trudging on the treadmill designed by you. Hell and damnation awaits. Or, maybe, Wall Street? When you look at those characters coming out of that hole, it boggles the mind.

Accounting for blubber for protection, yes, it is understandable. Instead of having someone take a photo tour of AL and MS, did you ever see the 'people of walmart'? Nothing I can do but feel pity and sorrow. McD has announced they won't be using pink slime in their burgers anymore.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a difference between an old and a young soul or if there is one at all. You know, the experience factor. One thing is for sure: no matter what, fear is not an option anymore.

wv: shmisco - sounds awfully tribish, they are everywhere these days

MachtNichts said...

Shit, forgot to sign off again, my name is Silvia

coletteonice said...

@Richie[Dana] have been here a while...wot's with your "The Govt." and "The Japenese" trip?Wot Govt....and Wot Japenese?
You sound like you have been re-created from a very B grade circa mid 20th century pulp pisstake poor peepshow!

coletteonice said... are a long termer here..I beleve you started this odd recipe book concening the "cooking" of things etc...and our all time faves,a la Le Mat,aka,Le Fool...etc...etc..and Richie: Dana in bracquets..etc..etc..have chipped in ...great emphasis on "chipped in"..are we N Y style or Brit Chunky style or Le Ordinaire Pomme Fritte or wot? have all finally suceeded in me thinking about the myriad methods of cooking,seving and inevitably eating potatos..
God! I'm starving.

Clarity said...

Well said, Richard:

"To say things are whacked right now would be the understatement. Your gift is to help us see that there are other ways to see. We do know in our hearts, but you put that into words. Please do not stop just now. Continue my friend, just because.

"I will here partially reject your statement that we make these changes in our lives ourselves. I do know that, but you just do not realize how much you have helped me do that. I will not let that be minimized."

and I second that!


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up now-

The Group Consciousness, Telepathic Resonance.

Visible said...

Richie; That's all going to work out very well indeed and there will be no loss on any level on your part. You have my guarantee of that. I'll be doing another gathering in Europe this summer, if world circumstances allow. I treat with related things at today's Origami. Everything has come into a clearer perspective now.

DocB-MT said...

Thanks for bending my mind again, what mind is left from the effects of Zio-environ. This piece is a daily vitamin, essential to existance. Can't wait to hear your take on W.H's death and the zio-idol ceremony tonite.

JustnAmurican said...

Hi. I go to church regularly but and find that: folks that don't actually read the scriptures, don't have any conflict with Biblical principles vs. war-party talking points. The cheerleader analogy is good but we now live in the age of the fractured mind. It's all just a 'reality show'.

There was a time in early America where true Biblical principles were generally and widely understood.... and, I don;t think the false label "Judeo-Christianity" had yet been invented! Nor would it have been tolerated by our Founders,,,, yep that's right... yet another cultural contribution from the 'made men' of a certain 'synagogue' identified twice in the book of Revelations: (2;9 & 3;9).

In the era of colonial America, folks not only actually READ the Bible but in several of the Ivy League colleges, studying it in Hebrew, Latin & Greek was considered an essential part of a college education. Reason? Because Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, Rutgers were founded and funded by major protestant churches in order to turn out MINISTERS.

The Divine science of Good Government, and the MAJESTY OF GOD'S LAW (see book of same title by C. Skousen) is mostly still in the Bible, it's just not spouted from the coin-operated preachers of today.

Because of the abandonment of true principle and it's Author, we bring like-for-like retribution upon our own heads and upon this land... as our once-great-nation no longer qualifies for His protection. And the Jackals rule.

Eamon said...

While Truth has very few friends, having Truth as our friend suffices for all things.

BTW, visible, I also enjoyed that phrase from Pete (?) a few days back: "God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called."

Zippy the Pinhead said...

I'm having a Beavis and Butthead do das Homeland and Idiocracy marathon today Low Viz. I am laughing like a crazed Hillary. The part in the bible about bury your dead, I always took that to mean the sheeple who refuse to wake up and see how everything is hijacked by juice. Don't waste time on them they love the taste of freshly licked boots. Carry on Low Viz! Aarrrgh!

GodSend said...

"Because of the abandonment of true principle and it's Author, we bring like-for-like retribution upon our own heads and upon this land... as our once-great-nation no longer qualifies for His protection."

True, sort of - but there's more to it than that! The 'abandonment' of Christian principles was not just sliding down the slippery slope of SELF-gratification and materialism voluntarily. A Zionist Slimeball PLOT has been in place for decades ("The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion") to brainwash and de-moralize Americans, aided and abetted by the gradual elimination of God from America's institutions.

Attending church nowadays (depending on the church you attend) is not necessarily a sign of Christian principles, firmly held and lived! The MEGA ZIOChurches of Judeo-Christianity are filled with clueless sheeple, bound for hell, being led by "wolves in sheeps' clothing", at best. At worst, they are occupied by self-righteous, murderous and racist bigots who worship Satan in the "Synagogues of Satan".

You're right, singing "God bless America" under these circumstances is a waste of time - and devilish deception by the likes of Bush-it, etc. "God, forgive me and America" would be much more effective. Repentance would be A LOT better!

Eamon said...

"It's been happening for awhile now, you see article after article in the Zio-Media that has no author."

I have been noticing that, too, visible. In a way, such a move is a tacit admission of the article's dubious origin/veracity and that it serves the purposes of the Money Master Mafia.

Ah well, they will play their games only so much longer. Then, 'tis time for the hammer to fall, breaking them and their insane plans to pieces.

Visible said...

Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

There's a degree of insanity in each of us no matter how well meaning and guided by the light we believe we are and truly may be.

After all, here we are.

No doubt why there are so many varieties of hammers for all the varieties of individual karma.

We all have some hammering coming and I'd imagine we all pretty much know why.

"Fall mountains,
just don't fall on me.."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Currency of Lies on the Information Highway.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

reading the 'local' rag these days I'm just reading the headlines of the vast majority, just like in Orwel's 1984, except for the reason I am just reading the headlines, ignoring trivia. I hope there is a difference. but where's the bloody news?

wv: getting truth out of the MSM is like extracting teeth from a rhino in an extreme kafqaesque(?) dream.



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