Thursday, May 31, 2012

Professional Courtesies for the Sharks in the Water

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(As promised, here is a Petri Dish. The book is taking longer than I thought because I have to read it all again and make some subtle adjustments. I am sure the proof reading editor will not be pleased (grin) but I do want it to be the best I can do so... I'll throw out an occasional posting as I go. I totally missed my radio show last week. It didn't even cross my mind, that's how strange it's been. I'll fix that this week and there will be a radio show Friday night. Stay frosty.)

The lies just keep coming about Syria and Iran, courtesy of the wholly owned Zionist mass media. They own the music and movie machines so you can also see what's being projectile vomited into our eyes and ears. Their hired killers go round the world, killing at will, blowing up villages and towns and blaming it on whoever they want to blame it on, because they own the media that they bought with the money they took from the banks, where they own the printing presses. Here's one artist who's on to them. The consistency of highly inspired work from him has been on a downhill slide since he moved into Beverly Hills but I guess that happens to a lot of people when you get incredibly rich. I'm not knocking The Boss, I still listen to him and his recording of Steven Foster's Hard Times Come Again No More brought tears to my eyes. This is the concert where I first heard it. The Big Man died not long ago and you can see he was growing weak by that point. That must have hit Bruce hard. His latest album is all about the shit going down but has left me cold so far; none of the transport I got from The River and other offerings, but my opinion is just that and I admit to it so, if you don't agree with it, that's your right and I honor that.

The tide of revolution is coming. It can't not come because the vampire bankers will suck you into a desiccated husk otherwise. We know who these bankers are and their provenance. They are joined by the indifferent rich who can't even leave tips when they have dinner in a restaurant. Of course, the article was a noxious apologetic for the man. At MSNBC the comments were 60% in favor of his not tipping; no surprise what organized force was behind that. I've lived in Italy and especially in the good restaurants, you tip. Saying otherwise is a lie. I tip always. I owned and worked in restaurants, I know what waitstaff and kitchen workers have to put up with and how hard that job can be. Meanwhile, he and Morgan Stanley ripped off the little guy again by falsifying value of a product worth less than 30% of the offering price. Looks like they can sue but, doesn't that come down to who can afford the best sharks in suits? I guess you've all heard the joke about the lawyer who was in the ocean and a big shark was swimming around. People were screaming to get out of the water, the lawyer paid no attention. Later he was asked why he wasn't concerned, he said, “Professional courtesy”.

I watch what scrolls before my eyes as the days pass, as one venal fucked up outrage follows another. Here's what's happening in the spiritual zones. The Zio-slime have jockeyed their way into positions all through the mix, corrupting and deceiving as they go. It's what they do. Where is the justice? Where is the cleansing fire? Yeah, it's the Masons and Illuminati, sure it is. Who runs those groups? You'll hear false whistleblowers who like to say that Weishaupt was a tool of the remnants of The Templars. You hear all kinds of things out here in the reverberating wasteland, where the raven's caw and the coyote's howl. I live there and the vibrating sump pump sends it's truth through the underground caverns that form some ancient telegraph system. Nature carries the word upon the wind. Judgment is coming, whether you are quick or dead. Judgment is coming.

It can be scientifically proven that evil destroys itself. This has already been charted and rendered here a time or two. If you weren't around for that it's not my problem. Any clear mind can sort out the logistics, if they apply the principles of inquiry. Evil knows its fate and so it is determined to wrench the last bleeding ounce of suffering from the planet and the masses.

The important thing is to be here now, not get all caught up in whatever garbled historical relics and tales present themselves in their altered and butchered forms. Speculation about the future is pointless. There is only the present and the present determines the future just as the present is influenced by the past ...but to what degree? That's up to you. Change may be hard but there is nothing impossible about it. Sometimes you have to slog through miles of shit and personal failure but if you do not quit, if you do not give up, you cannot fail. Of course it's not easy. When you consider the prize, there is ample cause for it not being easy. The virtues are eternal, getting possession of them is not for the weak and temporal minded. It takes everything because it also provides everything; everything beyond the common dreams of those addicted to the trough.

It may have been years ago but everyone here has felt the promise in their hearts at some point. Everyone here has felt the hand of grace at some point. If you do not aspire, you do not acquire. If you don't do the work, you are not worthy of the hire.

I wrestle with terrible things as a common feature of my day. I cannot understand the things I am put through. They make no sense in the context of my work and my constant aspirations. What am I to do under such circumstances? Should I just give in and give up because I am surrounded and pounded by cruel and invisible hands? That would hardly satisfy or justify all of the efforts that have come before, in my own life and the lives of those who have preceded me. You don't drop the standard or the guidon just because another mountain looms in front of you and you were absolutely sure that the last mountain had been scaled. You don't accomplish it anyway, it comes by grace or so I hear, even though you can't make it, even if you are knocked down beyond the point of rising one more time, you need have no concerns on that account. There is something greater in the human spirit than most anyone realizes. You cannot realize it until it arrives and then there are no horrors or trials that can prevail against you. What really, really counts is what is on your mind and in your heart at the point of exit. Read a bit and see how often this is confirmed by every authentic tradition. I can easily find this all over the place. It consistently amazes me that some amount can't, or are always asking me for links or how come this is this and that is that.

Get this fact rooted in your mind. Things are generally fucked here and the ability of any individual to climb out of the murk is seriously problematic. It's not impossible but it takes serious, serious effort and that needs to be attended by the right kind of karma.

Let us say that you meet a very successful and connected individual and they develop an affection for you. This individual could open many doors for you that you would never be able to open yourself. They could introduce you to all kinds of people who could help you out down here. They can show you how to get rich quickly and even make it happen for you. There's no big mystery about it. It's who you know and the opportunities they can provide. Sure, some people have the requisite industry and intelligence to pull it off on their own but they will assuredly, sooner or later, run into the people manipulating the system and then comes the deals and fealty. You might study what happened to Ted Turner. However... however...

You might also meet someone with connections and influence elsewhere. I have ...and more than once so... that brings an entirely different scenario into play. This person or persons develops an affection toward you, or has a responsibility that led to the contact in the first place. To how much of a greater degree will such an individual help you? Such individuals can also do things that the rich, connected and influential couldn't hope to pull off. There are relationships of all kinds going on at all times. There are people coming from one place and headed another and people who have developed the opportunities for the possibilities that find their way to them. It is amazing to watch how effortless it is for some and how seriously difficult it is for others. The key is which theater of operation is it difficult in. Knowing the meaning of that turns many a seeming curse into an immeasurable asset and advantage.

In these times of trial, I hope this has been useful to someone.

End Transmission.......

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

There will be a radio show this Friday night, same place, same time.


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Visible said...

I can't put this Origami up. You would know about that, sometimes you want to tell the truth and you know the harm that comes with it. Believe me, if there were an alternative, I would take it. A lot of people don't like the guy who wrote this song but it was delivered by the women that I hold in the highest regard of any women I have ever met. Most people don't know about this deathless goddess of truth. The people that actually walk the talk are the only ones for which this kind of engagement is permitted. Here you go this would be it.

Substitute magic for love.

brokenbeat said...


In reply to your comments at 6/6 4:25AM and 6:30 AM, first I want to thank you for your advice and well-suited warning regarding reckless snake handling. I have read among other cautionary tales those by Gopi Krishna. And about your journey of awakening, congrats -- I'm happy for you and wish the best for you which I fully expect you'll allow and experience.

I don't know how far back you read or how much I shared (can't recall in detail), but yes I have had some stirrings, but nothing full-blown. Some ten years ago I had frequent kriyas (the involuntary sort) with twitches and electrical surges and an amazing experience that I mistook at the time for a rising.

Let me say right now that I am not trying to impress with my "acheivements" and am sharing to assist anyone going through similar experiences. I see them as signposts (especially the closed eye visuals) and nothing of great importance in and of themselves.

Anyway, back to kundalini... The experience I mistook for a rising ten years ago was, as far as I've been able to determine, seeing bindu flashes through my brahma nadi while in some form of samadhi (a blissful rapture with a glorious expansive feeling in my brain). I quickly started thinking about what I was seeing and feeling and had some trepidation about it being a kundalini experience for which I felt ill-prepared and it shut down. It was a wonderful taste that has sustained me and I long to get there again. I went into it while in a thoughtless meditative state, the name of which escapes me at the moment (yogic sleep). In any event, it wasn't a kundalini rising as far as I know.

When I actively resumed my spiritual journey 14 months ago, I researched kundalini and shamanistic modalities. I nearly traveled abroad for the later but decided against opening myself up and not fully trusting the groups (BTW, it may now be illegal to plan to do something abroad which is illegal here). I did pursue the former getting instruction and initiation and practiced fairly regularly with little sucess other than some minor rushes and swaying.

Early this year, I worked with several other teachers following the "as taught by Yogi Bhagjan" method (3HO organization, now fractured after his death) and learned many kriyas (the voluntary kind - movements), mantras, mudras, pranayama, etc. I had a powerful experience with Naad (sound) yoga in a gong-playing session and had a crisis requiring concerted grounding effort.

I tapered off the practice and was told two months ago by a intuitive health practitioner to "lay off the kundalini yoga - you need to ground. Don't force it, it comes easy for you. It'll happen when it's supposed to". I was amazed as I had told her nothing of my work on that. Turns out she's quite the psychic and can see more than she really wants to. I told her to please share whatever she sees and thinks will help me.

So, needless to say, I'm not actively pursuing kund yog at present. It's been a challenge to even resume meditation and when I do I'm not trying to stimulate my kundalini. I have had some amazing heart expansion type experiences in meditation that I shared before (a communion where I felt that I was immersed in a sea of love and it was in me).

I did briefly meditate during the Venus transit yesterday on a cliff in a canyon that was once Chumash Shaman sacred land. I had an expansive head and heart feeling and some undulating spine movement. I also had a sense that I'd been there in a previous life and took a liesurely stroll communing with nature.


John V.

neil said...

Can't seem to get that link to play lord visible,,,

Anonymous said...

The quality of comments is at an all time high. One thing that happens rarely enough for me is that I apply tricks I picked up here in my daily routine. Ray B. has told a story about 'farmers' who feed on negative energy. These must be the invisible breathren of the Monsanto kind. We've heard before that love and fear cannot exist in the same place but when rage or hate came up in me the last days I wiped it aside with a thought of "don't feed the farmers". If this farmers story is true I do not know but I will keep using it it as long as I have to.
Likewise I don't buy from Nestle or Kraft and ilk not because their "food" is bad for me but I just don't want to support anything they do at all. I'd often prefer being driven towards a positive instead of away from something negative but I hope the general direction is the same.

And the last radio show was just fantastic. I was cycling while listening and some animals I saw seemed to be accompanying the message quite well. I am really looking forward to this weeks show :)


Visible said...

anonymous with Putin... "we be of one blood you d I".

Visible said...

Neil or anyone, I used the link after I posted it and it worked. If you can't get there because as usual we are being fucked with, just put Magic is Alive and click on Buffy St. Marie. I can't do more than that for you.

neil said...

Thanks lord visible,,,I love her

Anonymous said...

Peel back the layers and it gets uglier and uglier... So much for the "zombie" effects:

Know them by their works...

Take care -

MiaBellezza said...

I've watched Putin from afar and this is my impression. One he has the most mesmerizing blue eyes and I wonder if he is a descendent of Rasputin. And I see something very powerful and compelling in those eyes. All through my life, I can tell you, if I just assessed a person by my first impression of the windows to their soul, I could have avoided a lot of troublesome individuals. His eyes tell me that he is a good man.

He also has worked tirelessly to fight and eliminate oligarchs and the Zionist bankistas in Russia.

That being said, I do not have any political associations and regard politics with a wry eye.

I do like Ron Paul and know he too is a good man. Pray for his protection. He needs it.

Also I view the Islamic banks under Sharia law are being systematically dismantled by the banxsters over in the Middle East right now. Sharia law prohibits charging interest on bank loans, or it can be a very small percentage. Sorry I can't recall the figure. I don't agree with certain other aspects of Sharia law, but as it pertains to banks, yes.

If you want to get a schematic of the agenda, instead of thinking in terms of nations against nation, think in terms of powerful entities that have no allegiance to any country who play nations against one another. This is the Grand Chessboard. And it's not just about oil, gold, land, industry, corporations, etc. it's also about banking and total power and control.

Vis, glad to see you're back. Quite frankly I would sorely miss you and your inspiration, insights and experiences, including those from your fans.


Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

transmission (and message) received

Thanks Brother Visible!

Peace to all Souls (that seek it)!

over and out

Richie (Dana) said...

I pray to the living God daily that every word in this article is true.

MiaBellezza said...

Re: Putin and mesmerizing eyes. I just realized some might infer certain connotations regarding that phrase. Just remember a lot of what you read can and is redacted.

If you look into the eyes of an evil person, you might see a darkness, almost like a dark void. Or you might see in another, sly and cunning, etc. I wonder if in enlightenment we might see this more clearly and actually know the intention of another.

If you looked into the eyes of a prophet would you see a dark void or mesmerizing eyes that shine light and goodness? Not saying Putin is a prophet; this is just an example.

But, as Vis said, in so many words, "it's the deeds that speak volumes".

Seeing these things in the windows of the soul also give a message of the intention and or character of a person. It can also give you an idea of the emotions a person is holding on the surface and even deep down.

You can tell if someone is lying when their eyes cast to the left. And you should be able to pinpoint the actual sentence or phrase. This is not sure fire, but if you get an intuitive feeling at the same time, (your ears pirk right up, etc.) then bingo.

From the change in tone of voice I can also tell if someone is lying. My husband can't get away with anything LOL. But I give him all the freedom he wants. He's a fantastic golfer and hence I am a golf widow. He's also an atheist, but with a good heart and he tries to see the good in everyone, to a fault. I don't talk any more about any of this to him in order to keep peace and harmony in the house.

Namaste, (spelled it right this time!)

MiaBellezza said...

Michael - Wednesday, June 06, 2012 6:04:00 PM

I read a rather bizarre book over 20 years ago that talked about the evils of Monsanto and it also discussed our reptilian brains (R-complex brain stem). That part of the brain relates to survival traits, but also addictions, gambling (note trance like state common gamblers go into, not the professionals), sex addiction, ... all the lower states, fear, hate, envy, violence etc. This is the "programming center" I believe. This reptilian part of the book is what left the most impression on me, and for future reference.

Sometimes I wonder if "the feeding" if it actually exists, gets its power off of reptilian dominated people. If they feed off wars and bloodshed, then it stands to reason. So would they have less power when people become more cosmic conscious?

... just wondering

MiaBellezza said...

John V said ...
"I tapered off the practice and was told two months ago by a intuitive health practitioner to "lay off the kundalini yoga - you need to ground."

Can relate to that having gone through a traumatic event a few months back, and somehow feel the same way. My intuition tells me to be receptive now and wait, exercise more and eat well, and all those good things. Will try regular meditation soon though.

Clarity said...

Be Still - and Know - I AM - God

And here you are, Soul aweary and enhungered, and not knowing where to turn -

To you, I AM come.

Likewise to you, who have begun to feel the presence of that "Truth" within your Soul, and seek the confirmation of that which of late has been vaguely struggling for living expression within;


Who am I? - 

I, Who speak with such seeming knowledge and authority?


I AM You, that part of you who IS and KNOWS;


And always knew, and always was.

Yes, I AM You, Your SELF; that part of you who says I AM and is I AM;

That transcendent, innermost part of you which quickens within as you read, which responds to this My Word, which perceives Its Truth, which recognizes all Truth and discards all error wherever found. Not that part which has been feeding on error all these years.

I AM come to you now,

To make you conscious of My Presence; 

I have been with you always, but you did not know it.

Now, in order that you may learn to know Me, so that you can be sure it is I, your own True Self, Who speak these words, you must first learn to Be Still, to quiet your human mind and body and all their activities, so that you no longer are conscious of them.

You may not yet be able to do this, but I will teach you how, if you really want to know Me, and are willing to prove it by trusting Me and obeying Me in all that I now shall call upon you to do.


Try to imagine the "I" who speaks throughout these pages as being your Higher or Divine Self, addressing and counselling your human mind and intellect, which you will consider for the moment as being a separate personality. Your human mind is so constituted that it cannot accept anything which does not conform with what it has previously experienced or learned, and which its intellect does not consider reasonable. Therefore, in addressing it, You are using such terms and expressions as will most clearly explain to your intellect the truths it must understand before the mind can awaken to the consciousness of your meaning.

The fact is, this "I" is yourself, your Real Self. Your human mind has heretofore been so engrossed with the task of supplying its intellect and body with all manner of selfish indulgences, that it has never had time to get acquainted with the Real You, its true Lord and Master. You have been so interested in and affected by the pleasures and sufferings of your body and intellect, that you have almost come to believe You are your intellect and body, and you have consequently nearly forgotten Me, your Divine Self.

I AM not your intellect and body, and this Message is to teach that You and I are One.


Clarity said...


You cannot awaken to this fact until you get away from the consciousness of this body and intellect, which so long have held you enslaved. You must feel Me within, before you can know I AM there.

Now, in order that you can become wholly oblivious of your mind and its thoughts and your body and its sensations, so that you can feel Me within, it is necessary that you studiously obey these, My instructions.

Sit quietly in a relaxed position, and when wholly at ease, let your mind take in the significance of these words:

"Be still! - and KNOW - I AM - God."

Without thinking, allow this, My Divine Command, to penetrate deep into your Soul. Let whatever impressions that come to your mind enter at will - without effort or interference on your part. Note carefully their import, for it is you. Then, when somewhat of their vital significance begins to dawn upon your consciousness, speak these My Words slowly, imperatively, to every cell of your body, to every faculty of your mind, with all the conscious power you possess:

"Be still! - and KNOW - I AM - God."

Speak them just as they are herein written, trying to realize that the God of you commands and demands of your mortal self implicit obedience.

Study them, search out their hidden potency. Brood over them, whatever it be. Make them the vital, dominating factor in your work, in all your creative thoughts.

Say them a thousand times a day,

Until you have discovered all My innermost meaning;

Until every cell of your body thrills in joyful response to the command, "Be Still," and instantly obeys;

And very vagrant thought hovering around your mind hies itself off into nothingness.

Then, as the Words reverberate through the caverns of your now empty being;

Then, as the Sun of Know-ing begins to rise on the horizon of your consciousness;

Then, will you feel the swell of a wondrous strange Breath filling you to the extreme of all your mortal members, causing your senses almost to burst with the ecstasy of it; then, will there come surge after surge of a mighty, resistless Power rising within you, lifting you almost off the earth; then, will you feel within the Glory, the Holiness, the Majesty of My presence;

And then, then you will KNOW, I AM, GOD.

You, - when you have felt Me, thus in such moments within, when you have tasted of My Power, hearkened to My Wisdom, and know the ecstasy of My all-embracing Love, - no disease can touch, no circumstance can weaken, no enemy can conquer you. For now you KNOW I AM within, and you always hereafter will turn to Me in your need, putting all your trust in Me, and allowing Me to manifest My Will.

When you can come to Me in complete surrender, and will care for naught else than union with Me, then will I disclose to you the sweets of the Celestial Ecstasy I have long kept in reserve for you.

If you will but seek Me thus, making Me FIRST in your life, never resting until you do find Me, it will not be long before you will become conscious of My Presence, of My Loving Voice, speaking constantly from out of the depths of your heart.

You will learn to come to Me in Sweet Communion, and you will find yourself abiding in My Consciousness, and that My Word is abiding in you, and that whatever you desire will in seemingly miraculous ways be done unto you.

Then the great Realization will come that you have found the Kingdom of God, that you are walking in It, that It is right here on earth, that It is manifesting all around you, that you have been living in It all the time, but you did not know it.

A gift for all. I hope it is useful.
Love, and I do mean it - Love,
~ Clarity

neil said...

Don't know about you lord visible but Its been a strange day over here today,,,,sort of up but down at the same time,,,,
Like I can focus deeply but with a lot of static at the same time,,,,,if you have been feeling this too, maybe it would be getting in the way of the writings,,,,,

So am sending big wavy thing to clean the air a bit,,,,,

Also listening to John lash earlier,,, he was talking about dramas and stuff,which immediately brought me to my own little dramas I have been having over at ninas and here as well,,,,am sorry about that people,,,will try not to have dramas anymore,,,,

Anyway huge peace to everyone,,and its a new day tomorrow,,,,Let's all try and make it a good one.......

neil said...

Another Massacre of the innocent
zionism as usual,the cause
Of course Blamed on Assad
Colonial entity trys to make war
Its weakness like a fever
marching to its own death
The days of oligarchal control
Under the elitist severed head
The dead cold ruthlessness
Of the debt that is owed to the earth
The life that she grew and nurtured
Enslaved from the moment of birth
Shackled to parasitical forces
minds dislocated in chains
But Liberation always stands triumphant
Where humanity stands and reclaims


Another massacre in Syria people..we need to shout out as loud as we can again to the world,we know it was the zionists and colonial intelligence assets
,,,,the only way the world heres is through all of us who have undertaken it upon ourselves to seek and speak the truth as much as we know,,,,

Respects to all of you out their......

Richie (Dana) said...

This is a truly amazing story.
Almost unbelievable.


Visible said...

For some reason I keep getting things wrong when they are connected to you Stella. It was helpful at the time.

Clarity said...

Richard - Richie (Dana)

I followed your link. The information was similar to what I saw here a while back when I had been reading up on St. Germain. I don't know how much, if any, or what parts, are true. If it is happening soon, it might be a good time to buy a new car. ;)

Anyway, FWIW: St. Germain's World Trust


Ray B. said...

Hi, all! I want to thank (most) everybody for wonderful sharing & caring and good info. I will respond to folks in more detail later, but wanted to 'address' something first. I call it "Disinfo 101", in honor of any new viewers. 'Old hands' may want to add to my observations...

Please go back up and re-read:
Anonymous, Tuesday, June 05, 2012 7:52:00 PM

Notice that there is the obligatory pat on the back 'paragraph', to prove that you're friendly and sympathetic. Then, there is the 'hook'. It is very sophisticated. I'll use myself as the example here, but you can generalize it out...

First, there is the personal 'attack': Anonymous has gone through my postings, and determined that two of my 'formative experiences' (of many) were under Ramtha and The Monroe Institute. So, that is where to put in the 'wedge'. If I can be caused to have doubt here, I may crumble. So, the remainder of the piece is an attempt to do just that.

(This is where the 'beginner' has to be careful. If operatives succeed in drawing you into your intellect, they may in fact 'win'. They are good intellectual craftsmen. Fortunately, there is another dimension to us, quite literally. If you refuse to take the intellectual 'bait' and stay in your spiritual, psychic, and/or empathic side, you can judge what is really going on...)

As I hold the post as a whole and 'feel' the intent of the post, it feels 'slimy'. So, I know something is going on. After that, I 'link up' with my Higher Self and we go 'traveling' to the poster. Once we are there, I ask Higher Self to establish the Consciousness Level of this 'being'. (The CL listing is on the last "Visible Origami" at May 26, 11:36:00 PM, for those who want to follow along.) It turns out he is an 8-level, so that is another warning. Since most 'injured/programmed' humans are in the range of 7-13, this poster is on the low side even of that. Human baddies tend to be in the 6-10 range, so that also pretty well matches up. Now, I know that the poster is way shut down, out of integrity, and pursuing a low agenda.

So, I start noticing things in the post. There is the general attempt to 'tar' both Ramtha and The Monore Institute with emotionally-evocative words like 'military', 'mind control', 'psy-ops', and even 'Jim Jones'. If I was a beginner, I would be emotionally rocked without even knowing where the 'punches' were coming from. The bad guys know (from an intellectual level) what phrases to 'craft' with 'trigger' words and phrases. "Go to page 13 of the Manual, and since this guy is so-and-so personality type, use the following words in your reply..." Fortunately, I am emotionally-trained far beyond this guy, so the 'trigger-phrases' are seen for what they are and do not 'bind'.

Then, I start checking the purported 'bad guys'. Higher Self indicates Ramtha (not JZ Knight) started out in the early channeling days as 54-level. (This is actually just outside Spacetime; check CL listing.) Around 1990, he was at 45-level. Now, he is at 42-level. (This is still way-high; check CL listing.) Robert Monroe was at 23-level just before he died, went to 32-level immediately after death, and is currently 30-level while still without a physical body. (These are high levels for current-age humans; check CL listing.)

So, I am left with a conundrum. Take to heart the 'posting' of an 8-level being or the lives of some very high beings. Hmmm; tough call... (grin)


Ray B. said...


Then, I start remembering 'facts' from my time with them. Like how around 1990 JZ/Ramtha had a whole 'cottage industry' on her property with vendors selling literature denouncing TPTB as they were then. Yep, definitely psy-ops (grin). Like TMI producing deep emotional 'cures' (as a by-product of the work) in less than a week that had us psychology-types shaking our heads in wonder and admiration. Yep, definitely mind control (grin).

Even stupid 'facts', if you didn't know the area: "Yelm WA (the 'base' of operations for Ramtha...) houses a very large military base and intelligence operation nearby." McChord AFB is a couple of hours north and is an air-transport command. It flies passenger and cargo jets around the world. Very benign. Note, however, that if you didn't know this, shivers probably just went up your spine as you read the quote...

And yes, TMI did work with the military. It 'paid the mortgage', and undoubtedly led to some intelligence-type contacts. I even posted that earlier. But, the 'heart' of the place was the investigation of Consciousness. In that, it excelled.

In addition to a personal 'attack', I suspect a deeper agenda in this post (and similar). I note what has been 'targeted'. Both Ramtha and The Monroe Institue are concerned with expanding consciousness. Guess which 'side' is more alarmed by this? If you can establish an atmosphere where there is an programmed, emotionally-based aversion to these two, guess who wins?

End of Disinfo 101. Hope you liked it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Clarity said...

Found this:

Our particular universe is a rather special pocket within Creation. If we regard Creation as such as God's infinite playground, then our playground has different rules to the rest. In actual fact we only have one rule and a very unique one at that; the rule is: "Everything goes", meaning it is a free-will universe.

In a way it is a place where the thrill-seekers from all the galaxies go to experience the most dangerous adventure of all, for only here is the Son of God given the opportunity to forget himself, that is deny his Source and see how far he can slip before disaster strikes. And this is precisely what all of us have done, which makes us all thrill-seekers of sorts.

Using a rather liberal comparison, we can say that the potential danger inherent in the process of reincarnation is similar to that of a bungy jumper who forgot to connect with the bungy, for the danger rests in the fact that a soul lost in Darkness has to find its own way back to Light, a process which requires most souls billions of years in our counting.

The journey of Spirit entering into dense matter is the most severe test any soul can undergo. Once through the test, once a Son of God has found his way back into the Light of his Source, his knowledge is priceless. He has entered the deepest mystery of Creation and has learned now not to lose himself. This puts him in the position of a grand, grand teacher and helper. In fact, his learning is so great that he may be put in charge of entire planetary evolutions, if this be his choice. So much in brief for the background, now we shall look at the how of reincarnating.

During man's sojourn through a physical lifetime, all his experiences, be they ups and downs, are accompanied by emotions. These emotions are recorded in his soul and represent the only "luggage", or "capital", he or she may take into the Beyond. The soul of any man or woman has an actual location in the physical body. It is located in the vicinity of the Solar Plexus. The soul does not record actual events, only the emotional essence of these.

Remember the "holding of thought"? This is what is meant by it. It is the sum total of all these accumulated emotions that furnish the profile for each individual character. At any one time you are the best you that you have ever been. For your character represents the result of the lessons extracted from all your previous experiences.

Character must not be confused with personality. The personality of an individual is a conscious choice for a given lifetime serving as a tool, a scaffolding, affording him the learning of a particular set of lessons he set out to learn in that lifetime.

If our learning of a particular lesson in this life concerns artistic expression through the physical body, then we may have chosen to act out the role of a dancer, perhaps ballet. For this purpose we most likely selected a strong, but not heavy body. Certain personality traits would, of necessity, go parallel with this role.

Whereas one whose learning concerns a long delayed lesson, for example compassion, may choose a crippled body as his vehicle. This way he shall instruct his soul with the feeling of what it is like to be outcast from the mainstream of life. The next time around, in another life-stream, when encountering a crippled form of another soul, he will know what it is like. He will feel compassion. Compassion reaches out to the heart of the other and recognizes him as a brother. Thus he steps in the direction of unification, away from separation. His personality, while experiencing the cripple stage, will be in accordance with this particular drama he has created for himself.


Clarity said...


Both personalities, the dancer and the cripple, may be diametrically opposed to each other, but their appearance and conduct are nonetheless equally valid as tools for expression and learning. Once this is understood - truly understood with the heart and not merely the intellect - then judging the criminal, the power-broker, the enslaver, the child molester, the thief and the rest of "the undesirable elements" is an impossibility.

When these are seen as beautiful Gods, as innocent souls playing out certain roles on the stage of their particular life-stream for the purpose of enriching their souls with emotion, for learning purposes, then we do not judge - we educate.

We might as well pause here for a moment and consider the astrological sign a person is born under, for it serves the same purpose as the personality. In fact, both are intricately interwoven. The time of birth is consciously chosen to supply the soul with the make-up, the characteristics, to make the learning of a particular lesson, or set of lessons, possible. By no means does this state a person's bondage to his or her star sign.

The learning may go very well in a specific lifetime, so the Zodiac sign may be outgrown and the "scaffolding" expanded to benefit from the properties of other suitable signs to aid in the learning of further lessons. This may reveal the fallacy of the opinion held by many that one's star sign has control over one's life. The opposite is true. We choose it in the first place and may re-choose if necessary.

Together with the physical shell, the personality is shed at the time of physical death. At this point we may be justified in questioning the idea of the soul recording only feelings and not actual events. For how is a regression into a past lifetime possible, which apparently reveals every single detailed event, with the regressing person reliving, re-experiencing those events and the whole gamut of emotions which go with it, if events are not recorded?

To answer this in an understandable fashion, we will have to seek the help of another analogy. Only in the realm of polarities does linear time and space occur. Why this is so, we shall see later. In reality, time as such does not exist, but rather an eternal now. Without time, future and past cannot exist.

Now, where does this leave us in regard to past or future lifetimes? We may be tempted to conclude: nowhere. Not quite, for the answer is: everywhere, or better everywhen. Meaning, lifetimes exist in a parallel, rather than a linear pattern. They exist always, the 'future" and "past" lifetimes alike.

At this point we may experience some mental hiccups. The mind tends to refuse this, for this does not fit its "programming", which is based on linear thinking, based on the principle of polarities, But we can be at ease here - the following illustration shall clarify the picture:

We imagine a public library with thousands and thousands of books. Each contains a story. Therefore each story exists already from beginning to end. We may view each book as representing a lifetime. The books have parallel existence in the library. Yet, to experience the story of a particular book, we have to retrace the story in a linear fashion from beginning to end, although beginning and end are already existent. We may now understand a little better how the clairvoyant sees the "future". The library paradigm will, most likely, shed some light into the minds of those who are somewhat familiar with the term "Akashic Records".


Clarity said...


We imagine for a moment that we enjoy a good movie in a cinema theatre. Now, the story we are following exists, or is recorded in its entirety, on a reel of film. The entire story is there from the beginning to the end. However, to experience this story we have to wind off the film and look at each frame singularly in sequence, that is, in a linear fashion. Although the whole story exists as such already, to experience it we must retrace each step in a linear manner. Thus, time is born.

However, let us not fall into the mental trap of assuming that lives are predestined. To sit back in a fatalistic attitude, and see our fate as being "all in the stars" anyway, only shows that he who feels this way has written this fatalistic attitude in his book of life in the first place. Now he is retracing it. Thus he shall learn from it how not to be. That was the reason for writing this part into the script.

As we can only receive the radio station we are tuned into, in the same manner the clairvoyant adjusts to the specific frequency of an already existent "future" or "past" lifetime or "future" event of a present life. The fact that only the clairvoyant can do this, and we cannot, is due to his particular gift to do so. Similar to one person having a talent for music and another having a talent for mathematics. However, now having a talent for music still cannot prevent me from being taught to play the piano.

As we can only watch one TV channel at one one given time, so we only experience one lifetime at a time. it does not mean the other TV channels are non-existent. These beam their programs into the ether all the same, meaning the other programs, or films, are rolling off in the same Now as our Now.

Returning to the cinema analogy, we recognize that the canvas the film is projected upon stands for our physical world, the world of matter. The story of any given lifetime is projected onto and into matter. now, while watching the movie in the cinema, be the movie funny or sad, we feel with the actors, we rejoice or weep, fear or become angry, to the extent of an increased heart beat and perspiration on our forehead - in short, we become involved. Mind you, it is not real, it is only a movie, remember? And at the end, when we leave the theatre, no matter if we wept our heart out, we are likely to remark on what a good movie this was.

Exactly the same happens after our departure from the cinema Earth. The only difference here is that we are author, scriptwriter, director, actor and audience in one. Once we begin to see our particular lifetime as one in a succession of thousands of such lifetimes, its hold on us through its terrible seriousness and drama begins to loosen. We then dare to smile, if not laugh out loud and the serious and sad "movie" takes on a more light-hearted hue: We begin to actually enjoy it.

When we understand the idea behind the roles we have assigned to our lives and the concept of victimization is therefore seen for what it is: an upside-down perception of life.


Clarity said...


If the roles we act out in any given life - be it king or beggar, thief or judge, nun or prostitute, murderer or victim - are conscious choices we made before embarking on the journey of that particular lifetime, then the idea of a victim becomes totally unjustified.

The inflictor affords the inflicted an experience, a learning opportunity, the entire event being a co-creation. The cripple on the roadside then is no more seen as unjustly treated by life, but rather that his body is the necessary form this fellow soul requires for the learning of his lesson. Whereas before, our heart may have ached with compassion at the sight of him, the compassion now becomes "dispassionate" compassion. We still feel whole-heartedly for him, yet know his condition to be for a purpose. The general feeling then is one of compassionate understanding.

If coldness is the echo at his sight, or a feeling of superiority, then we shall be assured we will have to come as a cripple ourselves sometime in the "future", if we do not learn to see aright. For we can only judge what we do not understand. Having been a cripple means that I have been there, I understand. Having been a beggar means I own the feeling in my soul. The lady of good social standing encountering the prostitute at the corner of the street will understand, if she "has been there", she will not judge. For she knows.

And so the journey goes, from lifetime to lifetime, advancing in our learning a little at a time. But there comes a time when the soul is saturated with the accumulation of experiences. This accumulation may result in the soul's complete boredom with the perceived, for it has been there, has experienced it all; or the result may be the accumulation of sorrow creating a build-up of enormous pressure seeking to be released.

And for the first time in eons, the heart may cry: "there must be another way". Thoughts then tend to redirect from the focus on matters at hand to matters concerning life in general and the meaning of it all. It is then that learning is accomplished in gigantic strides. What previously may have taken a hundred lifetimes to learn, may now be absorbed intelligently in one singular life. The focus then is directed toward the inner rather than the outer. (The kingdom of heaven is within.) If this learning culminates in individual's awakening, then further incarnations are superfluous. The soul has disembarked from the wheel of rebirths.


Ray B. said...

Another rambling post:

Anonymous, Sunday, June 03, 2012 7:56:00 PM

You have some very wise, penetrating questions. They mirror some of mine. If I had not had some very interesting experiences, I would probably approach it from an intellectual angle, too. Right now, I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that higher levels exist. I am 'extrapolating' beyond that to an all-God. However, the (top-down) motives for all this pain still elude me...


Clarity I:

Enjoying all your posts. Your enthusiasm lights up the pages. I also wish I had a teacher of your in-sight (yes, spelled that way) in my formative years...

I like to look at ancient civilizations in how they differ from us. If you follow the 'trend' through the ages in stone blocks, you see them ranging from huge in antiquity down to brick-size in the present. That is the exact opposite of what you would expect, from a manual labor standpoint. Also, there is a trend from huge, undecorated pyramids in early times to small, gaudily-decorated pyramids in later times. Plus, essentially no writing in the earliest to 'pyramid texts' in the later. These all imply something 'different' in the make-up of ancient man.

"Ray B., thank you. I appreciate your suggestion."

And, I appreciate your 'working out' by experience how you can best help others awaken. You are an example to us all...


brokenbeat / John V. I:

For some reason, your comments about all the turmoil in your life leading to spiritual growth reminds me of an old Ramtha 'incident'. We were at a gathering when a newbie spoke up and requested spiritual growth. Ramtha replied (paraphrasing) that he would see to it that anything holding back spiritual growth would be removed. Old-timers in the audience let out a collective gasp, because they knew from experience what that entailed...


onething I:

"When I look back on the before, I do not see an idiot. I was sincere, I longed for God, I was kind, and yet, I would not trade even my life for the gains I got through this visitation and its as if I weren't quite real, or lacked wisdom. Something I can't quite name but it surely is the pearl of great price."

You have exactly 'nailed' it. That paragraph really resonates with me. Thanks.

Trying to keep up with terminology, I found a good site defining Panentheism:

It seems that my home-grown perspective is positively "panentheistic"!


Ray B. said...


Clarity II:

Excellent insight on "meticulous records" and the consequences. I wondered why Syria had not been 'swarmed' like Libya. Good call.


On Putin:

I like the guy. Regardless of his KGB background, I like his spunk and wit. When Bush the Younger tried to criticize him (and Russia), Putin came back with some (all true) zingers. It was great. Plus, his handling of the oligarchs took some balls. When I do a Consciousness Level check on him, I get 14-level. While nowhere near enlightened, this places him above most of injured/programmed humanity (7-13).

For reference: Bush the Younger is 8-level. Bush the Elder is 9-level. Cheney is 8-level. Yeltsin was 9-level in his heyday, though he died at 8-level. Gorbachev is 11-level. Clinton is 8-level. Obama is 10-level. Kissinger is 6-level.


onething II:

Your comments on the "prior golden age" ring true for me.


Stella Blue:

Yeah, that was BPD man. I just 'referred him out'. No idea whether the other side will consider him damaging-enough to be 'cleaned'. (grin)


brokenbeat / John V. IL:

"I am still struggling with distictions between souls and spirit..."

For what it's worth:

The soul is a 'construct'. It is an 'object'. It resides over a comparatively short range of Consciousness Levels (31-36) and starts not much above the lowest Ascended Master levels. When viewed over the whole range within Space-Time (approx 0-52), it is impressive but only mid-range. There is much more beyond Space-Time. For example, Angels are at 62-68.

Spirit is more nebulous (grin). From a more 'popular' point of view, it can be any or all of the higher ranges. It can be personal, like the 'Atman' of the Hindu side, or just a God-presence. In a 'panentheistic' point of view, it gets even more complicated. That is one reason why I came up with Consciousness Levels - to sort out the chaos...


All for now; it's getting late.

Best Wishes to All,
Ray B.

Rabies said...

The (zionist) mad dog's days are numbered:

Richie (Dana) said...

Clarity @6:20 AM,
Your comments here are an exact mirror of where my mind has been recently. Let’s take a look at that rich women and the prostitute again. How would you judge the prostitute knowing what you know now? When Sandusky was arrested awhile back we all a great gang bang in the comments section voicing our disgust at the mistreatment of children which caused me much consideration subsequently. I certainly do not condone these actions, but what if you were the judge? How would you treat those that have made us into slaves?

What is very interesting is the fact that you may just have that opportunity very soon. Check this out.

I have come to the place where I almost pity these people. They appear to be adolescent children with much to learn. I think it is very important that they be removed from power positions as soon as possible, but I am not one to say that they should be killed as I do not wish to be judged in a similar way.
An age old question is “Why does God allow these awful things to occur”?
The short answer is that he allows it because he loves us.


mike m said...

I like him :

Vladimir Putin will not be coming to the London Olympics, diplomatic sources have said, in an apparent signal of the Russian president's continuing displeasure and irritation with Britain.

Putin will not attend the London 2012 opening ceremony on 27 July, sources confirmed, despite the fact that Moscow will host the Winter Olympics in 2014 in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. Instead, the Russian president is likely to dispatch his prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, to London.

The snub follows Putin's controversial decision earlier this month to boycott the G8 summit hosted by the US president, Barack Obama. Putin claimed he was too busy forming his new government to attend, and sent Medvedev instead. He has accused the US of inciting street protests against him and is unhappy with Washington's missile defence plans in Europe.

Putin has a long list of grievances against Britain. As well as the unresolved Alexander Litvinenko affair – a source of smouldering tension – the Kremlin has been infuriated by calls to ban senior Russians accused of human rights abuses.

In March, a group of backbench MPs voted to refuse visas to officials implicated in the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who died in prison in 2009. The Foreign Office has so far ignored the non-binding vote and ruled out a Magnitsky ban.

Putin was inaugurated for a third time as president on 7 May. Soon afterwards, he announced that one of Moscow's top foreign policy priorities was to prevent government and other officials from being placed on visa blacklists abroad. Campaigners say visa bans are one of the few effective measures against bureaucrats who enjoy visiting London and other EU capitals and typically hold bank accounts in the west.

On Wednesday, Denis MacShane, the former Labour Europe minister, said he welcomed Putin's decision to avoid the Games. Earlier this year, the MP said Downing Street should make it clear Putin was not welcome at the Olympics.

The threat of Magnitsky sanctions has received "phenomenal coverage" in the Russian press, he said, probably contributing to the decision to stay away. "I think Putin doesn't want to come to Britain and face difficult questions," he said.

He went on: "This is further evidence of the turning inwards of Putin towards a more nationalistic authoritarianism and a rejection of western values. He doesn't want to come to a democratic country and realise how unpopular he now is, because of his refusal to uphold the rule of law and justice back in Russia."

Putin attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Games in August 2008. At the time Putin was prime minister, having installed his protege Medvedev as president. The ceremony was dramatically overshadowed by events in Georgia, which came under Russian air and artillery bombardment after Georgian troops briefly seized back the rebel province of South Ossetia. Putin and Bush were seen having a heated conversation about who was to blame for the unfolding war.

Since David Cameron's coalition government took over in 2010 there has been a modest improvement in bilateral relations, with foreign secretary William Hague – who was in Moscow on Monday – keen to promote bilateral trade. But Putin remains incensed about Britain's refusal to extradite leading Kremlin critics based in London, including the fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky and the Chechen separatist leader Akhmed Zakayev.

There are also major differences on international affairs, with the west exasperated by Moscow's stalwart support for Syria's President Bashar al-Assad and its spoiling role at the UN security council. Russia, for its part, sees US and UK support for Syria's rebels as part of a western-engineered plot to force regime change in Damascus.

Anonymous said...


That is the finest comment I can remember ever seeing here at Visible's blogs.

1) You are an angel of light
2) You are channeling the Divine
3) You have access to writings of people who are.

Whichever of the above is the case:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love, peace, truth, justice and light

brokenbeat said...


I'm still not totally on board with The Fourth Way notion of a soul having to be grown before reincarnation being possible, at least when taken wtih the common definitions of "soul" and "reincarnation". The idea is that we have innumerable chances over lifetimes to get it right, but that this is not true reincarnation, but a series at the same level of evolution until the soul is grown. Taken this way, it is possible to do sufficient work in a given lifetime to grow an immature soul that is developed just enough to begin true evolution through cycles of reincarnation (or ascension, possibly, if enough growth has taken place). It does fly in the face of traditional definitions of reincarnation and souls, but primarily from a semantic point of view.

Understanding the deeper meanings of commonly used words plays a big role in The Fourth Way material and for the most part it is instructive and enlightening. It is consitent on most other regards except possibly the 'conventional' idea of reincarnation into lower life-forms. I haven't read anything dealing with that notion in The Fourth Way material, but then again I am just getting into the material.

You might appreciate some of the teachings as Sufism forms a partial basis along with some other esoteric traditions, eclectically combined. I wish I could suggest the ideal text, should it exist, but have only read Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous" which chronicles his introduction to Gurdjieff and is a good starting place, I suppose. I've heard that Ouspensky's "The Fourth Way" is fairlly comprehensive, but a bit erudite. I'm starting Gurdjieff's "Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson" now which is the first in a series he wrote (he refrained from writing, keeping it an oral tradition until late in life).

Thanks for your elaboration and I may comment yet again on it as there was much to process.


John V.

brokenbeat said...


I appreciate your posts, especially your personal anecdotes and thoughts. I do also appreciate some of what you copy and paste, but I request that you please provide attribution when you do this. This is partly to give credit where credit is due, but also to provide a lead if the reader should seek more. It also provides a context -- while content can be evaluated entirely on it's own merit, it's nice to know where it's coming from. Knowing the source might prejudice the reader, but it can be added at the end.

There are some sources that I have determined are not wholly trustworthy and some dis-info can be artfully crafted into a body of otherwise truthful material. I always read with discernment, but known trusted sources are a more pleasurable read. I'm not calling any of your quotes into question, but would appreciate attribution nonetheless.

Thanks, and I look forward to more of your comments.


John V.

brokenbeat said...

Ray B.,

As always, thanks. I've read somewhere (how's that for no attribution!) that our souls are thought to be the connection structure to the super-concious mind, God if you will, and that our divine spirit is incarnated in flesh now but eventually returns to source by means of the soul. Our true selves, our essence, of each incarnation is expressed from our higher-self. Where do souls fit into this ontology? Are they a vehicle for spirit between us here and our higher-self? And per your understanding, what is the hierarchy and structures between the higher-self and All That Is? You may have stated this before, but I would appreciate any additional take on this. I can see Vis shaking his head and thinking that we're over- thinking all of this, but I remain curious.

I read some material on halfpasthuman about dealing with the bardos that you might find interesting (building sufficient awareness through meditating to carry with you to challenge being reincarnated). I appreciate that Vis has stated here that to be eternal all one needs is a real relationship with those that are eternal, but I'm curious what form that eternity can take and what are our choices in that. I understand the major alignment choice we can make now and perhaps that is all we can really do, and assuming alignment with God, we are given opportunities appropriate for our level of evolvement (I'm not interested in the opportunities available for alignment opposed to God). I simply want to do all that I can here and now to further that evolvement.

I do appreciate what Vis has to say in these matters and the proper foundation is the most important of all, and especially after hearing his last radio show, I am endeavoring to do this with my heart. But, just to satisfy my monkey-mind, what are your thoughts on this?


John V.

WarmZephyr said...

Stella Blue...don't let's let the 'ogre trolls without souls' get us down! Here's what he said about me and I hardly have time to post here on this 'hallowed ground' but when I do it's to offer my heart-felt encouragement and gratitude for all of our 'illuminated one's' fun wisdom and the wonderful, witty and profound commentary by you all here. I'll try to find some extra minutes to converse more because I'm itching to dive in.

Anyhoo - the few times I have posted here, I've laid down original poetry and this is what the misogynistic, passive- agressive perv. said about ME!!!

zepheri said: [I go by WarmZephyr]

melloncolle and figs
bistros n bus
music and the maestros
platitudes n busts
going a stray now
lookin at rust
glory is trusts
make it all tame
no one admits
never be the same."
(By Sicko who needs a life!)

Friday, June 01, 2012 5:06:00 AM

brokenbeat said...


Somehow, this comment got lost -- I published it between my other two just now. I'm adding a few additional thoughts and re-publishing.



I appreciate your posts, especially your personal anecdotes and thoughts. I do also appreciate some of what you copy and paste, but I request that you please provide attribution when you do this. This is partly to give credit where credit is due, but also to provide a lead if the reader should seek more. It also provides a context -- while content can be evaluated soley on it's own merit, it's nice to know where it's coming from. Knowing the source might prejudice the reader, but it can be added at the end.

There are some sources that I have determined are not wholly trustworthy and some disinfo can be artfully crafted into a body of otherwise truthful material. I always read with discernment, but known trusted sources are a more pleasurable read. I'm not calling any of your quotes into question, but would appreciate attribution nonetheless.

Thanks, and I look forward to more of your comments.


John V.

P.S. Now I have actually gone back and read that last piece you posted and am specifically curious where you found that.

I have some thoughts on it as well.

It is possible that some incarnations can be avoided (such as the cripple) if sufficient compassion (in this case) is demonstrated. It is not necessary to have been incarnated as such to have the lesson learned. In this way, karmic debt can be avoided as well by right thought, speech and action.

The "saturation of feeling experience" leading to a yearning to move beyond the cycles of reincarnation and look within and seek is often called "divine discontent" and is more than just a frustration with life which can occur at any level of development, but a seeking coming from a place where the ordinary trappings of life no longer appeal, being seen as superficial. Unaddressed, it can be torturous, but properly harnessed, it can power growth and ironically, provide appreciation for some of the very things that seemed so superficial and with gratitude now flow into one's life with grace.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clarity said...

For some, and for all,

Ray B.~Thank you. That means a lot to me, especially coming from you. I say that from my heart. I don't know enough about the ancient civilizations, but the little I have learned so far is very interesting. I know the progression has not quite followed a linear path, nor has it grown at a consistent rate. There are many secrets to be uncovered in this area. Re: Syria, I found the article and hoped it was true. Libya was my lesson in those goings-on. I've written a "report" about Libya, although I took a break and did not finish it yet. (Who'd a thunk I'd write a "report" that was not a required assignment?) I am happy to see that things are not following the same pattern in Syria, or at least not to the same extent, and I hope it's a good sign.

I posted at VO in case you haven't been there.

Rabies, re: the article you linked to... I read the article last night, and as much as I enjoyed it, I have to say I enjoyed the comments even more. It was encouraging to see how many people are aware of the "rabid dog" and its doings, and the passion and intensity with which they speak of it. There was one pathetic Hasbara troll there, and you could see the progression of his tone - getting nastier and showing his true colors. He kept getting slammed by commenters who had good facts, sometimes with sources, to throw right back at him.

Richard, I have seen the video on the televised mass arrests they say will happen. It's a nice thought, but however it happens, I'd just like to see it end. I have my moments, but really, what I most want is for them to be stopped so we can make a better world without the negativity and evil. (More than punishment, I would like to see them acknowledge what they have done and show remorse. On an ego level, I think consequences are in order. I'd have a problem with them saying, "I did it. It was wrong. I'm sorry," and then run free. But as you said, it is not for me/us to judge.)

Perfect answer: He allows it because he loves us.

**To Anonymous @ 5:18,

Wow. What you wrote is perhaps the highest compliment, but rather than applying to me now, it better describes what I hope to be. I can assure you that I am not #1 or #2, although it would be an honor and a privilege.

As to #3, that is probably the most accurate, but the writings are accessible to anyone who has a computer and a search engine. ;)

I imagine there was some Divine intervention, because I often seem to find things that I need, or that are useful. I could say, too, that sometimes, these things find me. I'm sure God played a part in getting me here to Visible's blogs...

What I found and posted yesterday (including the reincarnation post afterwards) came from frustration mixed with pain. My inspiration, in part, came from Visible's posts earlier in the day. They are not my words, and they are available to anyone. I am thankful that I found them for myself, and moreso, that they were helpful for someone else.

Here is the link:

You might find other things that touch you if you look around.

If you're an auditory or visual learner, you might appreciate these, which are the same, yet different:
*For some reason, this reminded me of Buffy St. Marie.

This website has information that has spoken to me:

Thank you for your beautiful words.

Yes - Love, peace, truth, justice, and light to all,

Anaughty Mouser said...

A writer named Phaedrus, who chronicles Aldos Huxley is being covered at Kenny's Sideshow. Even I who usually shy away from the word jew, preferring the word zionist when descibing the world's present plight, tend to agree with Phaedrus' writing in the following - exactly as it is written.

"Note here that even in the America of the late 1950s, the author was already deeply suspicious of democracy and how it could be subverted by the interests of Big Business. We tend to look back misty-eyed on that seemingly halcyon era from our present standpoint and see it as the golden age of liberty, but it is evident from Huxley's concerns that it was already under threat. My personal belief is that the origins of this erosion of our freedoms had its seeds in our accepting large numbers of Jews fleeing the Nazis from 1930's Europe. Something seems to have happened within a few years of the ending of WWII that vastly accelerated the cultural decline that had been simmering away since the 1920s when the numbers of Jews in positions of public influence (Hollywood excepted) was much lower.

The Jews we were foolishly good-hearted enough to welcome to our shores repaid our kindness by proceeding to gnaw away at this once-great country from the inside. They quickly wriggled their way into powerful positions of public influence and seized control of the mass media, and by so doing, the government itself. They enriched themselves at our expense and funneled huge amounts of our tax-dollars to that cancerous, running sore of the Middle East, Israel. Additionally, their appetite for blood had to be satiated by the sacrifice of great numbers of our young people in fighting foreign adventures that were of no benefit to us whatsoever. But with their guile, their determination and their self-belief in their "entitlement" to call all the shots, they somehow got away with it – and still do.

I can almost hear the call of every great civilization in history crying out to America in the late 1930: "Please, please, don't let these Devils in! Afford them no sanctuary! They may look like you and talk like you - they're very good at that - but they're evil! You let them into your great country and within 100 years it'll be nothing but a rotting corpse. These parasites will have eaten away everything you have worked for and totally destroyed your wealth, your way of life and cultural heritage. We beg you from our bitter experience of 3,000 years of dealings with these nomadic parasites, for if you fail, then in time they will lay your country waste! Take heed, America! Take heed!"

Pity we couldn't hear them."

Hope you have time to read the whole chronicle by Phaedrus and then give your opinion of it Visible.

As always, thank you for all your work.


Rob in WI said...

It seems your blog is being taken over by a few commenters who write more than you. Granted, most of it is sincere, and to some degree, contributory, but for a half dozen to turn the comment section into personal blogs doesn't seem right. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but disagree with much of what's being put up; which is copy/pasting of things on other sites. One has to peruse screen after screen to get to the point. Of course, sharing a link, and keeping a personal story short, and to the point, would be too easy. Enough said, I'll leave now for the time being. Be well, Rob
P.S. Visible, are you a 7 or 11 or a 26? I'd offer nam*st*, but you can't see me, so it wouldn't count.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Improbable, The Impossible and the Inexplicable.

Visible said...

Rob; that is not the first time I have heard about that recently. I can, most of the time, only give cursory attention to everything that comes in due to my situation of not enough time. That is an unfortunate problem. The moment this goes up, as usual, the people it doesn't apply to will be the ones who get most affected and then respond and then I have to say that; nothing much I can do about that. It is of necessity that I back off at times, no way around that unfortunately.

Clarity said...

John V., I understand and agree with your points. I sometimes include links but I often post from my iPad and can't copy both text and the URL.

If you follow the first link in my 6/8 @ 12:35 post and click on spiritual articles (or something like that) on the left, you will be able to get the reincarnation info.

Stella Blie, thank you. Follow what I wrote to John ^ to get to the 3-part article. The DNA link was included in the original comment at "this page".

Rob in WI, I realize your comment was directed in large part to me. I'd like to address a number of things you said, but it might get too long. I will say two things:

*I apologize to you and Visible for any problems the length of my comments has caused and will try to keep your concerns in mind in the future.

*You make an assumption that keeping things short and to the point is easy. It is not easy for some. In my case, it is partly who I am, and it is partly due to the nature of my work. It's one of many things I'm trying to figure out.


brokenbeat said...

Rob in WI,

Your observations are well founded and I will endeavor to keep my personal accounts pithier. As might be evident, I am enjoying this whole experience. I thought I might get over the novelty and settle down, but it hasn't happened (yet). I do like to talk, and now that I've been doing it a bit, writing. I can appreciate that I may have come on strong and heavy from the start and in the last week of decreased Vis posting have filled the vacuum somewhat. I don't want to fillerbuster and muck up what was, but I do intend to keep participating. I didn't sense any disrespect and don't feel overly affected as Vis mentioned some might and I do think it applied to me in some respects, so no redress is necessary by anyone.

Namaste (I don't think you have to be seen for this salutation to count, but can see how it might seem sullied or diluted by overuse and that it can seem saccharine, but I mean it sincerely when I use it),

John V.

Visible said...

Please don't involve me in any of this (grin), I haven't said anything except hearing about it.

Rob in WI said...

Hi all,
Crap! I just spent a half hour composing an apology for being overly sarcastic, and wiped it out with one wrong click. Thanks, Clarity and John V, for responding. Please don't take it personally. My problems are largely responsible, that being frustration over an inability to quickly read and process info in large chunks. Used to be so easy, before brain surgery 12 years ago.
O'well, be well, (and namaste, with the appropriate gesture; grin) Rob
P.S. The original, lost, comment was a lot better.

Ray B. said...

MiaBellezza, Wednesday, June 06, 2012 7:18:00 PM

"Also I view the Islamic banks under Sharia law are being systematically dismantled by the banxsters over in the Middle East right now. Sharia law prohibits charging interest on bank loans, or it can be a very small percentage. Sorry I can't recall the figure. I don't agree with certain other aspects of Sharia law, but as it pertains to banks, yes."

Exactly. That is why Iran is on center stage right now. TPTB don't really care about whether Iran has a few primitive nuclear weapons. (Israel has several hundred, including variations from pocket nukes to thermonuclear.) TPTB want to implant "central banks" - under their implicit control - over the whole of the planet.


Clarity, Thursday, June 07, 2012 6:28:00 AM (et al)

"But there comes a time when the soul is saturated with the accumulation of experiences... Thoughts then tend to redirect from the focus on matters at hand to matters concerning life in general and the meaning of it all. It is then that learning is accomplished in gigantic strides... If this learning culminates in individual's awakening, then further incarnations are superfluous. The soul has disembarked from the wheel of rebirths."

Profound. Thanks!


Stella Blue, Thursday, June 07, 2012 9:47:00 PM

"BTW--from 1982 to 1987 I lived in C'ville, VA near The Monroe Institute, and Swannanoa w/Walter & Lao Russell, and Sevenoaks w/ their Pathwork program--and explored each of them, as well as Twin Oaks Intentional Community in Louisa, VA. The Shenandoah area was very spiritual."

Very cool. You have quite some 'depth'! We may have even seen each other, as I attended TMI 1985-6 and also met that 'guru' who lived close to TMI (can't remember his name, now).


Rob in WI, Friday, June 08, 2012 7:30:00 AM

"P.S. Visible, are you a 7 or 11 or a 26?"

I presume that is directed at me, so I''ll elucidate (grin).

Long ago and far away, Vis asked (in an email) if I would post my experiences. I have done so - mostly on VO for 'compactness'. My using of Consciousness Level numbers in recent posts here at Petri Dish was an attempt to give 'working knowledge' of my system, as it is sometimes hard to go from 'dry numbers' to internalization of a system. It was not meant in any way to sound 'superior' or 'arcane'.

By the way, although the pure amount of Comments in the last two weeks was huge, I enjoyed 'getting to know' various folks and learned quite a few things in the 'deluge'. If you took these few hundred comments and 'dispersed' them over the normal 7-10 Vis columns of two weeks, I suspect it would be close to normal fare. When Vis is back to regular columns, I expect the perception of 'hugeness' to go away.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

Ray B.
Thanks for responding. As I commented earlier, I was overly sarcastic. Yes, the sarcasm was aimed at you, but it was uncalled for. Its one thing to disagree about an idea, and another to ridicule it.
So much of what you've provided in comments has been enlightening and helpful. I just have a problem with assigning numbers to souls. Souls don't need no numbers, IMHO. Please accept my apologies, and may you be well.

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