Monday, July 30, 2012

Killing Jesus for a Bowl of Goat's Foot Soup

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

A couple of introductory quotes from the timeless zone; “the love of money is the root of all evil”, and “follow the money”. Every darkness imaginable on the planet at this moment can be proven by the one or traced by the other and who is at the heart of the matter at the moment and times past? The Central Banks are. All economic depressions, all wars, the roots of criminal enterprise on a grand scale, or a small scale, come out of policies initiated by bankers. The former are financed for the purpose of laundering operations and the latter are caused by economic hardship and adversity placed upon those who cannot make an honest living. When dishonesty is the operative philosophy at the top, it matriculates downward into the population. It's simple math, however you work the numbers.

Every time the news becomes so banal that it is channeling pure anal, you can be sure that the corporate suits have got some bitches brew to serve up to the public. They have a big commercial kitchen, so there are certainly at least two or 3 Wolf or Viking gas stoves, with any number of pots simmering in preparation, for whatever selection finally gets made and you can expect the usual training exercises, simulating whatever happens, taking place at the same time. It's hard to know who's who and what's what. You can get into the details, if you can get the details, or... who knows? There are so many versions and variations on a theme.

Where does this 'sign the card' happy birthday for Obama come from? I don't want to know but I will find out by delayed reaction, in a way similar to porpoise fucking the scorpion beasts that are already, frenetically humping the mountains of the moon. In other words, by ways mysterious to the minds of men who are not also so engaged. I got your 99% right here; “shakin it here, Boss”. It must be so that some of us are employed in being the force behind the eyes of Billy Bob Thornton, playing the president of the United States. The reptile brain is in full ascendance. Leverage acts as leverage, until it is over leveraged and the lever transforms into a chute. Pressure generates power by compression, until the pressure becomes so great that it destroys the machinery producing the power.

The stock market, the currency, the collective progress of a society, continue so long as the level of confidence in any of them exceeds the doubt that rejects their value and importance. Nothing is actually real except to the degree that people believe in it. As soon as the greater mass of people cease to believe in it, it is no longer real. It is like the vested authority of the political spectrum. As Lao Tzu said long ago. “A leader is best when people are barely aware that he exists. It is worse when they love and admire him, even worse when they fear and hate him and the final stage is when they ridicule and laugh at him”. That's all paraphrasing but the point is made.

I have run out of things to say. I have run out of creative variations to say the same things from another perspective. I have run out of new and ever more amplified hyperbole, to define and describe the absurdity of these times. The fools and fiends employed in raising Hell on Earth are incapable of regulating or stopping themselves. Truly, as Nietzsche said, “Those whom the god's would destroy they first make mad”. Even though there is no precedence for success in what they are seeking to do, they soldier on into the abyss. The one's at the top of the criminal pyramid, who deny that they are at the top of the criminal pyramid ...but who are observably at the top of the criminal pyramid, build with their own hands the gibbets they will hang from.

For a long time now, they have been in engaged in a public relations game of playing the victimized, while enslaving and killing tens of millions. The tide of public opinion is shifting and all their artifice is becoming of no avail. Soon enough the red eyed mob is going to come after them and soon enough, the truth of all their evil activities, is going to be revealed in the bold sunlight of midday and there will be no argument, or defense they can muster. They will become the most accursed and hunted of creatures. Whatever mercy might attend some possibility of epiphany is fast running out. They will pull and push with a vengeance, until they are dragged and pulled after by the force of their own excess.

They've been called out by avatars and the great and courageous minds of the centuries and they have been allowed to prosper at the expense of everyone else, because that is the nature of times of darkness, in respect of the servants of darkness. When light breaks and awakening and awareness rise in concert, all that was dark and hidden is revealed and the genie will not go back into the bottle.

So, where am I going with this point, in this post I had no real intention of writing today; given that I have been considering a moratorium of this kind of thing, until the demented clowns, orchestrating their own destruction, get to that critical denouement? I'm getting into the predictable and inescapable madness that attends the deepest and darkest mania of them all; religious insanity. There are two kinds of religious insanity. There is the fanatical insanity of the worship of the material God; the one who has usurped the natural province of the sublime, higher mind of natural aspiration, toward the greater awareness of transcendent liberty and there is the worship of the currency of the material plane, for the purpose of an exclusionary state, at the expense of one's fellows. This crazy and inflamed state, born of self interest, is radiated outward, from the captive planes of consciousness, by the disembodied residents of the lower astral plane. They are being swept out into the minds and bodies of those who have given up their own sovereignty, in exchange for temporary license and the exercise of ever increasingly profane appetites ...and like the contagion of a plague, this viral parasite has found ever more welcome lodging, in the minds of the greater public, until it is universally accepted as the right and preferred state of being.

So... most especially in the logarithmically expanding decadence of the United States, this condition is reaching out into every nation, where similar conditions are festering into savage outbreak; both random and calculated acts of violence, against family, friends and strangers; kidnappings and torture, bodies by the road side, epidemic highway accidents, where as many as 20 people die at at a time, vans filled with passengers exploding into flaming infernos, public shootings in shopping areas, the indiscriminate murder of individuals under the plastic button eyes of Mickey Mouse, blowing away teenage boys exiting their vehicles. Every day there are a half a dozen or a dozen more and all the unseen killings taking place across the land.

People are going to jail for catching rainwater. Hot dog stands and lemonade stands are resulting in the arrests of children. Children are being tased and shot down by the police. They're being buggered and raped by public officials. You can't grow your own food or milk your own cows. There are cameras everywhere but you can't use your own. The supreme court said that corporations are people. Mitt Romney sucked the devil's flaming cock below The Fellatio Wall in Jerusalem; swallow or spit, Mitt? He killed Jesus for a bowl of Goat's foot soup. The fundies are screaming for Jesus to come back. They've got a hammer in one hand and a fistful of nails in the other. Jesus better watch his ass.

Yeat's “Second Coming”, appears more prophetic and profound with every passing day. Things definitely fall apart and the center cannot hold. Holy flaming platypus shit! It is literally unfreaking believable. Every single news site is loaded up with either aspartame laced trivia, or the kind of words and actions that would have been considered seriously bizarre, only a short while ago. They're still going on and on about the Tribe bus monitor because there is no industry more profitable than the victim industry and don't you forget it, “Nefah again, nefah again, unless we do it". It can't end well for the most part. It just can't. I'm going to find a great big farmhouse with a lot of land somewhere and someone's going to buy it for me/us and then everyone who can make it will have some shelter from the storm. If I don't disappear in India (as I hope to) that will be a reality and I've absolutely no doubt about it. We won't have trouble supporting ourselves. I alone have any number of guaranteed profitable activities and God only knows what the rest of you will come up with. Let's focus on this reality and make it happen. Just assume and expect it. I may not be there myself and then again I may but that's got nothing to do with it happening. Assume it and expect it. I've already seen it in various ways I won't be going into at the moment. Assume it and expect it, as opposed to your other alternative; “assume the position”. Over here, if you have a farm you are immediately entitled to a commercial license for whatever, pretty much.

It is Batshit Man crazy folks. You almost expect that ending to so many Warner Brother's cartoons with Porky Pig (how apt) saying, “ba ba ba ba bu,that's all folks”, except, instead of Porky Pig, it's Lord Shiva Nataraja, saying it and dancing The Tandava. There's a giant, sucking sound, like water, or something worse, being drawn down the mouth of a powerful drain. Some have made it to the top of the sink. For everyone else, it's off to the reincarnation, reclamation plant. On a positive note, Syria is kicking some Zio-rebel ass. On a positive note some of us know all of these things to be true and knowing something is true, puts you in the position to do something about yourself. That will be sufficient to changing the world. Do it today!

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And nothing is as it appears. Things are getting fixed in addition to being rendered at the same time. . .if people only don't break down and do what's right regardless of the consequences in the land of the inconsequential that we are supposed to be in and not of.


And with this information, perhaps the original intent of this fiasco can be overturned on it's arse.

Anonymous said...

Moral Suasion....

Remember Neil Diamonds' -



Neil will be doing a Reprise at the Greek a couple of weeks....could he help inform the - - ^^^ Khazar "Jews" ^^^ -

- that are Not Judahites ....?
& Not Hebrews & NOT SEMITIC ?

- - Rabbi's make SHIT ....Holy ?

Mazel Tov.....Roy

.....forlorn...and with worn out patience for the terminally BRAINDEADGOY.....


Very did the Toe of Ra....enter the Talmudic MISHPUCKA...Narrative ?




Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'
You gotta have somethin'
If you wanna be with Me

You gotta have somethin'
If you wanna be with Me
You gotta bring Me somethin' (dear)
If you wanna be with Me

Visible said...

Billy Preston;

I sing that song a lot due to the falsetto options (grin).

missingarib said...

vis, we read in jeremiah 24:9 I will make them abhorrent and an offense to all the kingdoms of the earth, a reproach and a byword, an object of ridicule and cursing, wherever I banish them.

Prometheus Unbound is a four-act lyrical drama by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Fiend, I defy thee! with a calm, fixed mind,
All that thou canst inflict I bid thee do;
Foul Tyrant both of Gods and Human-kind,
One only being shalt thou not subdue....
Thou art omnipotent.
O'er all things but thyself I gave thee power,
And my own will....
I curse thee! let a sufferer's curse
Clasp thee, his torturer, like remorse;
'Till thine Infinity shall be
A robe of envenomed agony;
And thine Omnipotence a crown of pain,
To cling like burning gold round thy dissolving brain.[23]

much has been observed, predicted, written,and we live in a world where all that has been said of them is manifest.

your tireless observation are much appreciated in these times when were it not for others co-observations I/ we would be isolated in out condemnation of their ways.
live long

brokenbeat said...


I can relate to your saying there's nothing more to say really, it's all been said before, and the happenings are just expressions of the underlying laws and truths. I have reached a point where I have little to gain from exoteric goings-on other than to maintain situational awareness. All worth learning is one's self and the many faces of God.

I'm pleased to hear that a commune or such may still be a possibility. When I first heard of your India travels, I was happy for you and can appreciate that you might find your last residence in thus temporal world there, but for selfish reasons I was saddened that a commune might not come to pass. Of course, who knows if I would actually participate, but the notion gives me hope and it appeals to me, so it's possible I might. As you said, it can come into being with or without your continual presence as a manifestation of our virtual commune.


Thanks for reaching out to me in one of the other blogs. I am doing well, but ultra busy with mundane matters, mostly stemming from the accident and other pressing matters displaced by same. I'm behind on my obligations, which matters to me, honoring my word. I have leveraged this incident as a catalyst for further positive change in many areas of my life.

I draw so much from these blogs and the comments. It is a well-spring to satiate my thirst in this cultural desert. There are so many who contribute, but it wouldn't be the same without your wit and grace, my blue kachina!

Peace and love to all,


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It's often the case that our heroes, our rightfully esteemed icons (les visible prabhu) are in fact even more profound and dear than we realize.

Percy Bysshe Shelly refers to the myth of Prometheus as an allegory concerning the consequences of ill health as a result of meat eating.

He became a fighter for the rights of animals after personally witnessing many and varied mistreatments which occurred during the domestication and and slaughtering of animals. In the more modern era it was Shelly who was among the first to speak out in regard to our treatment of animals as a progressive political issue equivalent with our treatment of other human beings. He considered that the slaughter of animals for food was not only the root crime of the human race but also the cause of all our other immoral and criminal behaviours.

Furthermore he considered that the domestication of animals for food brought unnatural ill health to such animals as a result of human interference with their nature, such as selective breeding:
the domestic hog, the sheep, the cow, and the dog, are subject to an incredible variety of distempers; and, like the corrupters of their nature, have physicians who thrive upon their miseries.

Shelly considered that the adoption of a vegetarian diet and a cessation of animal slaughter would lead to the end of social injustices such as poverty, crime, aggression, capitalism and war.

Aum - Om - Amen

preacher said...

Haaretz: “Romney apparently accepts instructions from Netanyahu”

Visible said...

No, you may not call me Les and you may not comment here either.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to quit blogging again, I can't top it.

You might remember I post that Yeats poem every now and then just out of general principal.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer.


MiaBellezza said...

Vis, re your link to 'variation on the theme'.

..."he never got involved. He later signed up with Lockheed Martin and Northrop instead." sounds like a nice fellow signing up with the death industry.

..."is actually planning on crashing the gold. No one believes it will crash, and lots of people are buying it. By March-April 2010, if everything goes per the plan, gold will be under $300/ounce". (laughing uncontrollably). Well this is a major bust and this destroys the gist of this article. This phrase gives it away big time. It didn't happen in 2010 and won't... so treat this as supreme disinfo.

You know there's probably no public personalities that are going to play any truly powerful and significant roles in the corps contrived "end times", except that of a puppet of the corporation. Same game, different faces... we're being played ... again.

Take the money out of their banks and buy supplies, food, gold, land, etc. The money will be worthless soon enough, so you may as well put it into something while your dollar still has some buying power. Even appliances, cars are worth buying instead of hanging on to their toilet paper. Time to flush those turds down the toilet.

Visible said...

That's why it's a variation on a theme, all of which are lies.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, i don't doubt that a trust of that name might exist. the rockyfella boy and the redschild boy have both been discussed in this light. Perhaps the trust points to someone more analogous to the name whom would be more readily acceptable, to some.

I think a lot of these alien stories, Armageddon stories, et al, i could go on and on, are just propaganda to keep our eyes off the ball. Time to get your feet firmly on the ground and see what's really happening.... at the brink of war and currencies will crash irrespective of what may happen in the near future. If they could have engineered gold all the way down to $300 in 2010 they would have been buying it by the fistfuls and China and India, et al Asians would have been buying 10 times more.

They just laugh at us for all the bizarre stories we buy into.

Soldiers stop being cannon folder for these old turds and stop killing in the name of democracy and peace (both lies) and if you want to get spiritual about it, who is the grand deceiver? Anyone who deceives you to kill another person is pure evil. So many of you come back broken spirited with destroyed souls after being employed in the Death industry.

MiaBellezza said...

reply to Love to push those Buttons at 2:49:00 PM

fascinating article ... don't know if the scenarios are purely hypothetical extrapolations but ... our Joker looks like a good kid, and it might even be questionable if he actually did any shooting, time will tell, or not. His father "he was scheduled to testify in the next few weeks before a US Senate panel that is investigating", ... dark pools, uh huh and as georgie porgie would say another trifecta.

Visible said...

I put that link in there (let me say it another way) precisely because it was out there. It was no endorsement on my part. I very often put unusual things into a post merely for the entertainment value. I haven't got a clue about any of that and it's of no importance or relevance to me because I found what I was looking for and I'm not looking anymore. All I'm trying to do is live up to it.

I've been in communication with a lady from Ecuador who tells me about land deals in safe and beautiful locations with a lot of expats around, the cost of living is quite low and there are land parcels available like 80 acres with numerous water falls and a running river? Stream with loads of fish and apparently Lady Nature is very hospitable to growing things. This piece can be had for 25,000 dollars. Can you imagine? I've seen photos of the area and it's very nice. She says there are less bugs than in Hawaii and I never noticed them being that bad except in the jungle, course, bugs don't seem to want to bother me like most people; probably the garlic and my high spiritual vibe (grin). Anyway, there's internet and towns that have everything you need. It's way more safe and hospitable than Mexico.

Anyway, I threw in that last part for the general information aspect and it just happened to go into my reply. Seriously I don't take that link seriously. It was put in just because of all the strange associations.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, i wasn't going after you about the link ... i was just commenting on it. i am not angry with you; i am fed up and i hope others are getting good and fed up too. i've moved past the fear and i don't give a damn any more. others must move past their fears and believe that we can create a better world without these pricks. i know in my heart of hearts that there are good people out there working on it.

the gardener said...

There was a titter when Ann Romney said something like 'that's all you people get' in regards to some kept secret bullshit... what she means by 'you people' is versus 'our people' 'our values' 'Our beliefs' ( headers off of site-where those people will always tell you to go if you have 'any questions about them'... actually I was hoping it was at that site where there is a picture of the prophet with about four hundred comments by those people about him. It was on facebook's page of absolutely telling what those believers feel about their Prophet. Worth signing in to your facebook for-consider those peoples' puppet is getting really comfy talking with his ex roommate in college Nettie over in Israel.

Did you know that Mormons consider JEWS to be GENTILES? now we're getting down to the real nitty gritty.

the gardener

MiaBellezza said...

Have you ever watched some movies about the plague. Did you notice the doctors who went to treat the sick. They'd be dressed in long dark garb and covered from head to foot. Part of their mask had a very large, long beak.

The perfumers of the day did not come down with the plague because they work every day with essential oils to create their perfumes. the grave robbers used a formula called "Thieves formula" to rob the graves of plague victims, and survived. it's a combination of essential oils.

Now i bought thieves formula off ebay but i don't think it's strong enough (water based) so one would be better off to add as many ingredients from thieves into their own concoction or buy thieves formula essential oil. this is one link with the thieves formula.

Now if you were to buy face masks, even a simple one for construction work and sprinkle the formula on it whenever you go out this could perhaps save your life.

What was in the beak of the doctors was the actual herbs to protect them from the plague.

What these oils do is enter your system through the nose, into the lungs and kill bacteria, viruses, pathogens of all sorts. Avoid the vaccines and get the oils to protect yourself from a pandemic.

Another essential oil which i mentioned prior is 'oregano oil'. This is a good oil that is really better than antibiotics. You just add drops to a glass of water and drink it.

I haven't had a vaccine shot or taken antibiotics in over 20 years.

Visible said...


(grin), we are not on the same page. Heck, we're not even in the same book. I had no impression that you were angry with me at all. Meanwhile I am in a super good mood; probably better than I've felt in years. The last few days have been remarkable so the furthest thing from my mind is that anyone would be angry with me.

No. I was trying to clarify my motivation for putting the link in there and why it said variations on a theme in the first place and why it was preceded by "It's hard to know who's who and what's what. You can get into the details, if you can get the details, or... who knows? There are so many versions and variations on a theme".

I might have read your commentary wrong but it 'appeared' to me that you might not have gotten what my true intent was and I was just trying to clear that up. I seldon get the impression that people are angry with me anyway. That's not really in my lexicon. I am aware that there are people who want to fuck with me but so far no one has been very good at it and it amuses me more than anything.

I'm surprised you would think I would have a mindset like that given that it seemed to me I was just trying to clarify something. I wind up having to do that at least once every day and sometimes several times here and in emails so it's a reflex action on my part and something I routinely assume because I often get directly asked.

Anyway, moving right along.

preacher said...

Yes, Mother Nature is for sale and taxed for every year you use Her; like a bimbo from brothel earth...
But hey, I still bought a piece of Her and now I'm losing it to the state thieves for not being able to pay my taxes.
Goodbye my Love...

the gardener said...

MiaBellezza thank you for the 'thieves oil' site with recipe... I make and use a lot of oils and other concoctions... here's one that I haven't tried yet but will for the fool moon work I am doing...

"Queen Bitch Power Oil also known as the Devil's Master is a dressing or condition oil used in rituals to compel spirits and the living to do your bidding.
It is an old Hoo Doo potent concoction of chili powder, cinnamon, and red sandalwood
blended with cinnamon and sandalwood essential oils, and jojoba."

I am using it to promote the criminally insane to knock off the nonsense... stop their bullshit stupid moves that are so harmful and deadly for so many just for these idiot's PLEASURE... maybe on Rumormill news where there was a good arrests articles with all the criminally insane baby souls embezzling, fraud, forgery, stealing in their work like amped up pedophiles working at elementary schools... all these low lifes with their perverted addictions.

Stop the shit! Queen Bitch commands you!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

no connection of course but in the last few days out and about (finally getting some jobs done) the bugs bunny theme
has been going on in my head.

and getting to the end of Outer Limits TV series with young Robert Duval in a two part episode, with my they live glasses on, what are they on about in making these movies (apart from the entertainment and fun and money making and empire building and control freaking). I see (through a glass darkly) blinded collective tribal ego supremecism, exploitation of all that is dear, confession even. they think they are laughing at us?, ♫just remember that the last joke is on you♫.

Clarity said...

re: Supriem Rockefeller - there are some articles written about him, but from what I saw, he is not a true Rockefeller. He is a con artist who changed his name from Kris Raynes to Supriem D. Rockefeller.

If you look up the Rockefellers and check out the listing of family members, there is no Supriem there that I can see.


Steve said...

'Assume and expect it' I like that.
By the way ecuador is quite a place, I was there in 2007 doing an aya ceremony outside the main city in the plains outside Quito.
I liked the place and the people.

MiaBellezza said...

"EU finance regulator, Michel Barnier is standing up to the powerful bank lobby and championing reform that would put bankers behind" ... petition.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I have a friend who just came back from Ecuador and he's praising it as a possible place to emigrate to also.

Visible said...

How about this?

Bernard Fyfe said...

>>I have run out of things to say. >>I have run out of creative >>variations to say the same >>things from another perspective.

If you never wrote another word, you would still leave one of the most amazing legacies of satirical wit ever assembled - unending thanks from all of us who have enjoyed watching the river of inspiration flow through you.

So you're going down to the wholly land... if you make it to the big mount for the prada tour, perhaps you can check in with der Maharshi's neff - if he's still kicking. From my last trip years ago, I had his fax# but misplaced it in a move. Be a good guy to have on email.

the gardener said...

Important to note about Mitt Twitt's visit... the government org posing as a religion has a BYU there... even living here in the heart of the cult I forgot about that and never knew any details about it... worth the investigative read on it for sure.

It's in JERUSALEM... "The first LDS official to enter Jerusalem was LDS Apostle Orson Hyde, who came in 1841 and dedicated the land for the gathering of the people of Israel, the creation of a Jewish state, and the building of an LDS temple at some future time."

These people have always had big money supporting their worldwide colonization efforts. 1841!!!

so they get a '49 year lease in 1984-held up by 'religious extremists, build commences in 1989...but no one there til 2000s..."

Mormons have invested in Jerusalem and Mount Olive...sounds like a conflict of interest for Mitt and 'his people'.

the gardener

MiaBellezza said...

Clarity, thanks and you're right. I recall reading about that kid being a fake Rockyfella.

the gardener, well i hope you know what you're doing. (grin)

In terms of the mask, i would put a lot of drops of thieves essential oil into alcohol and spray the mask first to get overall coverage and then apply the drops around the center area of the mask for good measure. During a pandemic it would be best to inhale thieves formula by dropping on a kleenex and inhaling or by using a diffuser throughout this entire period. There's a MedPro Vira Shield mask; i have 2.

If you have to go out wear gloves of some sort and do not touch any part of your face. You would be better to have a toilette immersed prior in 'thieves formula in alcohol' and use that if you must rub your eyes, etc.

That link i mentionned earlier has link to buy thieves oil; over $40. It probably will cost around the same price to buy all of the 5 oils to make it yourself and you'll have 5 times the quantity.

Radiation: Buy vegetable iodine drops, ie Naka Herbs, 10 drops in glass of water every day to top up thyroid with healthy iodine.

the gardener said...

RE: MiaBellezza - I don't know anything but my invisible helpers know everything...taps into the flow of the other realm where I'm really from. You know how foreign people always will say 'in my country...' that's what I say "in my realm..." This realm is very shocking in all ways to me. Spent too many decades being in or recovering from the shock of how things work here-it is all so low.

so when you say "If you have to go out wear gloves of some sort and do not touch any part of your face. You would be better to have a toilette immersed prior in 'thieves formula in alcohol' and use that if you must rub your eyes, etc."

'have to go out' when? now? or with the air borne plague? Last year after 3/11 we had such months of heavy rains and every day I'd be out in it, I'd be wondering 'how much?" how much radiation is in this rain? how much is on that grass I'm thigh high in? How much is in these weird new winds? How much will be absorbed by the ground into our aquifer from our usual many feet of snow? (never came last winter)... I've got a few good masks. I like the ingredients in the 'thieves oil' ... I use a lot of oils and a lot of combos for all kinds of things. :)

the gardener

but really, Mormon Mitt has quite the interest in Palestine, on RENTED FOR 49 YEARS LEASED LAND... very interesting conflict of interest between the Church and the President of this country if he's 'elected'.

MiaBellezza said...

the gardener, "I don't know anything but my invisible helpers know everything". and you said "taps into the flow of the other realm where I'm really from." and the "this realm is low" ... how do you know all this? Boy my life is boring, stuck in this realm.(grin) So do you think you are here in this lower realm for a purpose, or just punishment?

the thieves toilette would be used in case of a pandemic.

there's not much you can do about the radiation except fill your thyroid up with good iodine so that there's no room for the radiation to get in and the natural vegetable iodine is safe.

Terrance said...

Mia Bella...please check out powdered ZEOLITE...a gift from nature...volcanic ash that is safe for two legged and four legged creatures...negatively charged particles that pull toxins and radiation from the body...used by the Russians for Chernobyl victims...amazing stuff!...many healing properties!...onelove

MiaBellezza said...

Terrance, thanks ... also Bentonite clay to pull it out. Take some form of laxatives and drink plenty of water taking betonite otherwise constipation and worse. Russians used this too i think. Might have been to plug and seal the radiation at Chernobyl.

1st step fill thyroid with healthy iodine. Easiest is the vegetable iodine drops.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

fukushima will be spewing for ever, iodine drops forever? good luck with that (do your research, I've come across warnings about iodine tinctures)

MiaBellezza said...

Pierre, think before you speak. I did not advocate consuming any sort of iodine tincture. I recommeded vegetable iodine drops, you know, from vegetables. Cost around $7 usd/cdn. It's new and safe for consumption. Furthermore, you have a defeatist attitude. Buck up man.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

pls note I was NOT having a go at you.
perhaps I could have done another 20 mins of research, but I had come across warnings about 'tinctures', and I would surely do research before consuming.
down I am, out I am not. most of all I am pissed off with having to, in the near future, devote sooooo much time and research to avoid defeat (and I am in the Sthrn Hemisphere with some breathing space). for info (though even then I am not so sure about it's derivation). but you are correct, I (again ) didn't re-read before posting. sorry, but not tragically so. still, it is worth noting that if the hazard is continuous, the solutions, if any, must be maintainted, which, for the most part, is unrealistic, IMO.
(ps the recommendation is potassium iodide K1, not iodine - and I DONT KNOW the difference - yet - but Im not having a go at you am I?)



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