Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Big Windup and the Eventual Follow Thru

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Why has it always got to be a million (insert title) marching? Why can't it be 2 million? I think this one needs five million. We're coming up on the yearly anniversary of that Great Zionist Caper, that big 'blame the Muslims' extravaganza, on which the state of Israel, with the cooperation of the office of the Vice President, and a couple of drunken 'peace out' signs from the Presidential imposter (usurper), along with the cooperation of Satanic elements in Western intelligence apparati, all together actually committed the 9/11 attacks. Of course, these criminals and the footpads and camp followers (who are always in attendance when there's carnage to be had) were also involved in the London Tube bombing, the Madrid Train Station bombing, the bombings in Bali and the Mumbai massacre. You name it, they were probably behind it and that includes all the car bombings in Iraq, destroying Libya and trying to destroy Syria and eventually, yes eventually, trying to destroy you and I.

Just as it is the case when attempting to treat with psychopaths, one must be aware that they are dealing with an alien life form. Psychopaths- and there are a great number among the aforementioned- are not human in the way we understand human. They do not experience human emotion as we do. They learn to mimic human behavior by observation. They do not experience regret or sorrow at anything they do. It would not be that far off base to say that they have no souls. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot change. They cannot be rehabilitated. Your only non terminal option is quarantine. There is the clinical side to understanding psychopathy and there is the intuitive. I'm aware of the former but I rely on the latter. A good part of why I have inexplicably acted out on occasion myself, is for the sole purpose of testing and vetting the company I find myself in. Any argument to the contrary would have to be backed up with similar behavior in my home sphere and by accounts from the more than 90% 'others' who have visited me and those who live with me. Their accounts testify that this behavior doesn't exist here, or during those times of extended presence over the long haul. This won't be a satisfactory explanation for those who have no intention of being convinced, since they were outed already, as those who are incapable of positive change.

This is why I recommended certain books, so that those who have not been a party to the strange events that occur in Mr. Visible's Neighborhood might understand certain features of the basic impetus. It's why I have brought up Vimalananda. There is the ordinary way that ordinary people go about the business of seeking to communicate with the invisible, or following the temporal restrictions, purported to have been laid down by one or another of the founders and which are disseminated to the public by a priest class of pederasts, or any number of other pretenders, for whom the acquisition of money and power are their prime motivators and then there is that small minority of us that are after the thing itself. Most of us can be quite strange and neither money nor power are our motivator or objective. Everyone is free to make up their mind about what's real and what is not. My position is that we shall see. We shall see up the road what is what. Everyone and everything is identified by the sum of its course.

There are Tribe member and there are Tribe members and you can make up your own mind about what good has been done or not done in every specific case. I choose to be expansive in the general sense concerning this subject, having encountered exceptions. I have met exceptions of every kind and type from every class and race and it may be that I was put into the situations I was put into for that very reason. I have no desire to argue with anyone about whether the whole race is uniformly dark and damned, or merely riddled with what you find in most groups (though possibly not as dense as) during this time of the Kali Yuga. I can always adjust my position and perspective later on. I would rather adjust it from where I am than backwards from where I wish I hadn't been, if you catch my drift.

I do not like having to reiterate certain things over and over but apparently it needs be said seasonally or something (grin). It amazes me how many times some things have to be said before they register on some people. Sometimes nothing will register because certain elements don't like the source. They want the source to dress a certain way, act a certain way and whatever the requirements might be; dressed in Dockers, dressed in Land's End or Banana Republic, people have their necessary specifications and you have to meet them or... well, I guess you get the picture.

So, Mr Apocalypse is bee-bopping down the bouleevaaaard and, I must say... I don't know how much is true but there is just one thing after another popping up in the windshield. I'm thinking Bwak! and Michele could get together with Bill and Hillary and do a quartet version of Ebony and Ivory. I've been hearing for years now about the imminent crash of the American economy. I keep hearing about Europe going down the drain. You certainly wouldn't know that from observing my neck of the woods (doing a drive by). I keep hearing how gold and silver are going to jump to astronomical levels and they continue to go down. I can see where this serves the purpose of those seeking to corral these items and then make the profit themselves when their actual value gets restored. On and on it goes.

I'll admit, in the meantime they systematically destroyed Iraq and have also kicked the shit out of the Afghan landscape, ruined all the fine things that made Libya the jewel of Africa and are busy trying to destroy Syria. The usual base economic agendas apply in this case and all cases and the primary driving engine behind all of them has been and is Israel and the ultimate goal, besides the total enslavement of the world's remaining population (after whatever culling they have in mind takes place) is Iran as a gateway to the containment and or elimination of China and Russia. What we are talking about here are psychopaths. They won't stop until they are stopped . There are any number of ways that can happen but happen it will. It has always happened and it is especially going to happen this time because we are in The Big Windup. Everybody showed up for it, which explains the mass of the population. Most everyone forgot the point of showing up, which explains the state of the culture worldwide.

But... there is that consideration of all of what we have been hearing for years and years and years. Certainly, as I said, they've fucked up a lot of the landscape. They've poisoned the environment in a grand way; Fukushima alone might doom a good portion of the Western Hemisphere. They've turned American and the UK into a police state zone; no surprise that the power of the Zio-Ogre is greater there than most other places. Yes, they've done a lot of damage and they've set a lot of nasty venues into operation but the day to day, is still the day to day, in most places and the economy is still the economy in most places, except in the ruined lives of a few million here and there, who are sort of out of sight and out of mind these days ...and in the minds of some tens of millions who are gradually beginning to notice that the social class they used to belong to has somehow slipped down a couple of rungs because a small group of bankers and corporation-bots and those who assist the facilitation of their intent, have begun to squeeze every last drop of profit from every operation and transaction going down. The stock market is now no more than a rigged roulette wheel and the particular madness that has possessed them and... everyone else, who is losing their minds, in these times, is ramping up in intensity and headed for the breakdown lane sooner, rather than later (you would think) ...but still it goes on and on and on and that is probably the point of today’s posting. Something's got to give at some point.

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Anonymous said...

You may have noticed that many protesters are dead today, in Cairo. This might make those among you who can think for yourselves, stop and do just that. What do protests accomplish? Well, here's what they accomplish - they make it easy for the elite to target, imprison, maim and kill the protesters. That's why protesting is such a universally admired tool, a tool which was thrust inside our heads courtesy of the MSM. Get it? Nope. That's okay, keep holding your protest signs, the herd will indeed be thinned out, one way or another...

Andrew said...

Really great radio show Les, and this article seems to me to have more definition than of late, my perception perhaps, but keep up the probing assault on our minds, with so much confusion we need it. Best Wishes to all on here. Andrew

Anonymous said...


One of the truest and best posts I have read in a long time.
I think of all the things they have done and have in store for people who are the neo-resistant movement of today and I just hope with every fibre of my being that they are the ones who end up there instead, and still plenty of places at guantanamo.
I really really really hope that we can have public hangings of British and US war criminals.
Everyone knows who they are.
I am past my sell by date and never in my life have I seen such evil prevail -and prosper.
Pay back is a bitch.
For God's sake when?!!
I live for the day.
There just has to be some justice on the wheel.
Well written.

Ginnie said...

I forgot to thank you for the single most important link you have ever given..Wes Penre! I nearly cried because he has put together everything I wanted to put together but was unable. If everyone who reads your blog would buckle up and study, not just read but STUDY these papers, they will have the veil not just lifted but RIPPED from their minds. Wish I had money because I would support you completely! You deserve it.

Visible said...

All of a sudden now there are readers coming in from Israel every day.

Doug Pearson said...

Somethings got to give at some point...Yeah baby! This big old pimple's gonna pop sooner or later. It'll happen when the time is right. Bring it on...

Anonymous said...

The days of parasites are numbered. Amen.

Anonymous said...

My corner of the US is doing better than most, and driving down the freeway or over to the mall would not necessarily clue you in that there's a recession on (business IS down, if you really look). But well over half of the local citizens are living on the government teat, in one form or another, sometimes on multiple teats. When said government is in the hole for tens of trillions, and committed to spending bazillions more, that it doesn't have, sooner or later that teat is going to dry up and fall off. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Maybe even rioting in the streets, if they can't afford to eat those twinkies and pizzas and KFC, and watch those sports and 3D movies on the big altar of Baal any more. Then we'll see if there's any truth to the rumors about DHS bullet inventory and FEMA camps.

Or there may be a drone in your future. Hellfire missiles and great balls of fire. Maybe The Rapture (TM) will consist of riding heavenward on a glowing cloud of ionized plasma over Detroit or Chicago. Attention all Evangelicals: You know where you need to be!

I can't help suspecting that the Fukushima and Gulf oil disasters are some kind of fulfillment of the seven trumpets and/or seven last plagues, listed in Revelation. "And the waters were made bitter, and many people died from drinking the water". Then there are the various labs busily weaponizing various germs and creating new ones to be unleashed through vaccines and maybe giant flying aerosol cans. That could be the noisome and grievous sore that afflicts the unrepentant. We had a fair sized meteor flying low over Russia, and several near-misses from asteroids. That's definitely trumpet material there.

There is another solution to the psychopath problem, on the order of shooting a rabid dog. When there is indeed no redeeming them, why continue to tolerate their existence while they fuck over and destroy every decent person around them? Ultimately, if you fail to act, you become an enabler, part of the problem yourself, eh? I don't know...I'm just sitting in the wilderness, watching it all happen, so maybe I'm part of the problem too. I used to be a voice crying in the wilderness, but no one was listening so I decided to shut up and hightail it before they came after me. I can't help this feeling that, when the hurt finally does come down, everyone is going to get what they richly deserve. They wouldn't hear the still, small voice, so it is time for the old two by four. Maybe a tire iron, even.

David V

Anonymous said...

Fundies sit in church and sing hymns and listen to sermons, sometimes they handle snakes and such, and after they pray, or sing, they say "Amen". And they have no clue what it really means. It goes back to Ancient Egypt. So fundies are really sitting in the watered-down equivalent of a Mystery School for pajama people each Sunday. Digesting swill that programs them to behave in certain ways, while they cough up cash for the pedos, er, I mean, the "men of the cloth", and their masters' genocidal agendas. That's funny as fuck.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, I know I'm here to see the end of this era; and I am rather enjoying it. I have known it for a while, and I left a little something for the next one, but I don't think I'll get into that. Don't wanna risk giving myself away.

I know I'm not going to survive this in the Physical sense, but that's fine. That's what I wanted and agreed to before I got here. I can already feel myself fading, and I'm loving every nanosecond of it. I've had enough of this compromised HELL HOLE to last me eternity; not to mention the fact I really miss some of the company that doesn't live here anymore, mostly of feline persuasion.

I think I was a complete nutter for asking for this, but hey! I needed it to get over wanting to be here. I suppose that's the ultimate goal of everything that's here.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, and look what I just found after I sent the last post.

I gots my mammy in my back pocket, or what's left o' 'er. Her hide is now my wallet!

I used to joke about stuff like that, and it seems like everything I joke about comes about. Of course if I think something is going to happen, it never does, but oh well. A psychic I am not.

(So don't worry, Seattle. Pattie L. Brassard is full of it. She must be, since I'm so looking forward to your 15 on the Richter scale wiping me out between August 17-26. Hence that guarantees it WON'T happen.)

Oh, here's the link, and the prediction is in the very beginning, so you don't have to waste your time listening to the whole thing:

But wait a minute. Now I'm admitting it won't happen. So maybe it will?

Oh, I dunno.

Anonymous said...

The universe has a lot of working parts. More pieces and moves than a three dimensional chess board.
copyright protected.

Anonymous said...

Maybe then maybe not.

Ray B. said...

Sometimes, you just gotta love it...

I come down from upstairs this morning, and head for the kitchen. There is a postcard in the center of the floor, right at the entrance to the kitchen. It is one that I double-stick-taped to the refrigerator around twelve years ago. It did not fall straight down to the floor, but is about five feet off to this side. It is facing my way, perfectly for reading.

The postcard is a picture of a porpoise in the water with the caption, "Everything that happens, happens for a porpoise..."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, August 14, 2013 9:40:00 PM

"Of course if I think something is going to happen, it never does, but oh well. A psychic I am not."

One of the great books that I read long ago was "Margins of Reality; The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World," by Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne (1987). At the time, Jahn was a Professor of Aerospace Sciences and Dean Emeritus of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University, so his experimental findings were/are impressive. In a nutshell, he did indeed find that human intent can change events, in a statistically-proven way. Good applied science. The work should have won him (them) the Nobel Prize, but the book has sunk without trace. Wonder why that was? (grin)

Anyway, among other things, he coined the term 'negative psychic'. In his statistical studies, he literally proved that there were positive psychics, non-psychics, and negative psychics. For the positive psychics, repetitive tests proved beyond many Sigma (a measure of likelihood of being true) that they were real. (See Nobel Prize above.)

The surprising thing in the data was the 'emergence' of negative psychics. These were the people that were 'wrong' so overwhelmingly consistently (statistically speaking) that they were actually strongly psychic, but were 'masking' it. The data showed that they must have 'known' the right answer and intentionally and consistently 'chosen' the other one. It seemed to be an unconscious process. (Me: Perhaps a result of having been burned as a witch in another lifetime, etc.?) A most unlooked-for finding!

I am not implying that you are a 'negative psychic', but your comment jogged an old memory cell and I thought I'd share it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Janitor said...

@ Love To Push Those Buttons:

" I needed it to get over wanting to be here. I suppose that's the ultimate goal of everything that's here."

It seems you are ready to stop eating from the tree of knowledge, and start living, by being, again.

Choosing the material creation, over the true existence, is the choice. The reason why Humanity was so easily trapped here to begin with.

Josey said...


I'm still puzzled by the fact that these parasites who number less than 1% of the global populace can cause such mayhem and destruction. It's just unfathomable that they would be allowed to continue.

If this destruction happened in any other area, realm, lets say good and bad viruses, or cattle, or trees, the general population would say we need to eliminate the entire species, for the good of mankind.

It makes no sense in everyday terms, yet persists. The good the few do, is nowhere equal to the damage and suffering caused by the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

Mr Visible,
One must really have a golden heart like you to relentlessly engage in what you do and I feel shameful to reflect on my own heart which is wrought iron really.

Your post today, made me reflect on the DNA and MNA (Used here as the DNA equivalent attribute of the Mind which is taxonomically superior to temporal feelings and thoughts and of a less temporal nature and also connected to the so called Consciousness).

Have you ever thought of probable DNA matches between so called Invisible Friends and so called Psychopaths? Do DNA matches explain MNA mis-matches? Can one compare his/her own MNA with that of Psychopaths? Do the MNA markers have a relative magnitude? Which one (DNA | MNA) is more connected to nature as opposed to nurture? What factors determines regressive or progressive changes in MNA. Does time matter? Can you compare the pair (DNA, MNA) with (Solid, Fluid)?

BTW, I sometimes buy raw milk from a company called “We Dare” and their subsidiaries and they are being subject to fierce competition by American Dairy Limited. Your rights to “relatively unhindered selling” of raw organic milk, I think, is mainly attributable to your “Invisible Friends”.

The Rights, I think, have to be matched with commensurate magnitude of Responsibilities.
That may include taking an own MNA test and see what possible matches and their relative magnitudes you might find with MNA of both “Invisible Friends” and “Psychopaths”. In other words, it’s like finding Tungsten particles and flakes unconciously hidden within the Golden heart.

So, responsible writing might mean that you may have to not only reflect on your own MNA but also to commensurately and appropriately empathize with the MNA of your audience that includes, among others, visible friends, invisible friends, psychopaths, readership/”writership” who have their own MNA.

I greatly appreciate if you could comment (maybe followed by a post) upon the above ideas if you find them appropriate to your responsibilities so assumed.

Mating Maters Two-ways! Mercy Matters Many-ways! MNA Matters ALL-ways!!

Erica Anderson
Post 5

Anonymous said...

An Excellent book on Sociopathy (psychopathy) is: "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout Phd.
It should be compulsory reading in high school.
There's another one - it's more technical - by the world-renown Canadian researcher Dr. Robert Hare: "Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us"

Unfortunately for a certain group, Dr. Hare unequivocally states, that the condition has a genetic component and it's inheritable.
Now, if we study history and how this particular group over the centuries systematically denigrated people in its ranks who exhibited care, empathy and compassion and in effect prevented them to marry and therefore to stay in the community, you can see an (un)natural (genetic) selection predisposed to the condition as defined.

Anonymous said...

Vis. #5

So I noticed.
It's the little flag/country name scrolling thingies on the right.
Thought, aha, the ritually mutilated little fukers are watching...

Visible said...

Be puzzled no longer. they are the children of the Prince of this World. All things are permitted for the purpose of demonstration and all of the demonstrations are marching toward the judgment day. I suspect every day is judgment day though there may be a particular day when there's something along the lines of one of those Moonie weddings.

Anonymous said...

The Erica entity is pure venom and a tad too snappy.
Vis, good that you don´t engage and give her poisonous glands a little time to recuperate.

Visible said...

For all those who may be wondering what happened Sovereignty; a commentator who used to be around here on a regular basis, this is what he's been up to. You might remember some of the things he used to talk about. Drop in and say hello.

There are several other regulars that don't come around. Some of them, unfortunately for them, believe lies. This is mystifying since the lies can be proven to be lies. Whatever the reason, the caravan rolls on.

Anonymous said...

Hollyweird's mind-controlled celebs are always hard at work, laying the groundwork for ever-expanding laws designed by the Puppet Masters to take away more and more of your personal freedoms. Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner are two of the latest examples of the aforementioned mind-controlled puppets who work unwittingly for the Dark Side (and no, there's isn't any other kind of celebrity - they are all mind-controlled or working as handlers, or both), and Ms. Berry and Ms. Garner are, even as we speak, pushing for laws that would "impose tougher penalties for paparazzi who harass the children of celebrities".

The eventual wording of this legislation (which has undoubtedly been crafted well in advance of this obvious dog-and-pony show), will no doubt be expanded to include things like using cell phones to take random videos of virtually anybody at all, but most especially, anybody who doesn't want said person to be anywhere near them while they are committing crimes and other dubious acts on the citizenry (including police, Congressmen, etc.).

In short, the celebs, who are all literally mind-controlled to begin with, and possess no will of their own, ALL have their buttons pushed periodically in this manner, just as we are seeing right now, as they do their jobs to help lay cover for liberty-destroying laws passed by the drooling psychopaths (I mean "ruling psychopaths").

Since virtually every plebe has a favorite celeb, this makes it very easy to control the opinions of said plebes while subconsciously enlisting them to help destroy their own freedoms. "Jennifer and Halle, I think that's TERRIBLE!, some dimwitted celebrity worshipper will say. "I hope they pass this legislation!" Then, of course, someone who is very close to the dimwit will go to prison for violating one of these new laws, or, hopefully, the dimwit will go to jail themselves - but it will fly right over their woolly little heads.

As the man said, "You get the type of government you deserve."

zepheri said...

Facts be told the so called psychopaths have built a comfortable nest for them and ours. People seem unable to shit in this nest for the comfort level would suffer. I have seen a mother robin remove her young from the nest on extremely hot days to let the young cool off.

Anaughty Mouser said...

This from Welcome to Pottersville 2:

"Swartz had made strategic inroads against the ongoing movement by the government, as represented through its privatized intelligence community and the NSA, to control the Internet.

Michael Hastings, the former Rolling Stone journalist who wrote the articles on Gen. McChrystal, leading to his firing by President Obama, was supposed to be working on a story about the NSA, and appeared to have interacted with Barrett Brown, who had been concerned with the subject of cybersecurity firms working for the government."

There are dots here to be connected. Swartz (dead), Hastins (dead), Brown (prison for 100 years) all were working against the NSA total termination of the free internet. Jay Rockefeller is integral to shutting down the internet globally.

This venue you are reading right now may soon be "unavailable".

You can't be king of the world if too many subjects (serfs) know the truth.

Ray B. said...

Just a 'Bat-Shit-Insane' update:

The second minor 'pulse' or 'flicker' of the Turning arrived around 7am Thursday PST. As before, it came from the inside-out, all over the planet. This one was a bit more Throat-chakra level ("We Are Important"), rather than the first one's Heart-chakra level ("We Are"). It seemed to be 'stronger' than the first.

Exciting times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Skepticfrog said...

Erica #18 post.

You eminently are clueless what psychopathy/sociopathy is.

You seem to have arbitrarily assigned a fanciful notion to the actual meaning of the condition.

I've noticed, that it's commonplace lately, that when the condition is mentioned, the actual manifestation of the condition is obfuscated into some kind of common ordinary mental disorder, rather than being a clearly defined condition of: lack of empathy and compassion, absence of morality and of moral constraints, lack of humaneness, and the complete untreatebility of the condition with any means whatsoever, since it's often genetic in origin. (per Dr. Hare's study)

I suspect the obfuscation is totally deliberate, to water down the clear implication that in essence, the whole elite/ruling class is a collection of clinical case psychopaths.

I, at every chance I get, make an effort to clarify and define the condition of sociopathy/psychopathy so it does not seep into the public consciousness like some kind of "mild" brain disorder such as: say, insomnia.

Anonymous said...

We all know, that the holocaust is an indisputable event, protected by laws in countries like Germany, Austria etc.
(You know, just like the notion of Immaculate Conception was protected by the Inquisition in those good old medieval days, when Sunday high entertainment consisted of burning heretics on the town's main square).

However, exclusively for just for your entertainment:
"Holocaust survivor Josef Kleinmann finds out he is dead"

the gardener said...

Sandra Brown writes a very good monthly newsletter about psychopaths and recovering from their abuses.

She calls them 'pathologicals' to avoid the hair splitting of the terminology.

Bottom line is that she is convinced these people have a part of their BRAIN missing and says 'expecting one to change is like expecting a brain damaged person to change'.

Since so many are totally brutalized by the courts and others involved in dealing with the psychopaths-she is also the first I've seen who incorporate THEM and their hideous industries constructed to feather their own snake nests off the backs of terrorized victims of other psychopaths.

This entire country-if not the entire world-is now a psychopathic society. There are a lot more of these 'brain missing people' than reported. And it is a contagious disease as people try to keep up with and compete with the psychopaths for their very lives.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

"What is truth." Pontius Pilate

Much speculation in these comments. There is also pedantry parading as wisdom.

The hard working people. The people who make good salaries and live in gated communities. The people who can afford braces for their kids. These people just sit on thier asses while the cities around them decay.

Not only can they afford braces for their kids, they can also afford counselors and psychiatrists for their kids when their kids are going through, "that phase". Poor people can't afford braces nor can they afford counselors. But fuck the poor people. Their fate is their own fault.

So, the gifted, the learned and the industrious sit on their fat asses in their gated communities while the cities around them decay. Their kids teeth get straight, counselors get them through 'the phase' kid goes to college, gets a good job and lives in a gated community and drives an SUV.

And he/she has kids. "What's this? Little Bobby is smoking pot and acting like a wigger?"

The cities decay and the small towns lose their factories. No problem! Plenty of minimum wage jobs in small plastics factories, counter help at the local Quick Stop or maybe Burger King.

Even the poor can afford basic cable. Where the television sells them envy. "Why can't I have an ass like Kim Kardashian? What beautiful clothes whe wears!" or maybe, "Why can't I be a rock star or big time athlete?"

And the cities and the small towns decay while the farms produce shit for us to eat.

No problem! Along with shit to eat they also produce grains, fruits and potatos to make spirits for us to consume after work to dull our minds and help us relax. We gave at the office, and anyway, fuck ther poor! They are only getting what they deserve.

Kind of reminds me of the, The Masque of the Red Death.

But, again, let the Red Death through the door. Jesus will save me. Even though I sat on my fat ass, ignoring the cities decaying around me, drinking my liquor and forsaking the poor. Because I am so smart and wonderful. (Sure, I fucked my neighbor's wife, too. But I will be forgiven.)

I'm not worried. Science will save us if Jesus doesn't. Think I will poor another drink.


Ray B. said...

Another 'Bat-Shit-Insane' update:

The third minor 'pulse' or 'flicker' of the Turning arrived around 4am Friday PST. As before, it came from the inside-out, all over the planet. This one was more Third-Eye-chakra level ("We Are One"). Maybe there's a pattern here (grin). I view these as the first cracks in the 'dam', sending out pressurized sprays of water.

We'll see...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

and just when you think it's over...they pull you back

liz in l.a.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Hey Judge,

Thanks for sharing the Blue Eagle Refiners Kickstarter preview link.

We are finding it much harder to communicate the new data of ground breaking development of making gold from beer bottle glass to the big bang adherents than it is to make gold.

Dogmatic perspectives in science posture themselves as priest like arbitrators of reality when they have one of the most dysfunctional relationships with reality that can be imagined. Go figure.

I see your posts are as fucked up as ever. Keep up the good work and keep on truckin.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

In pursuit of the Presence of the Ineffable

Visible said...

Heh heh, thank you, I think.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

My irreverent praise was offered in the highest honour :)

Visible said...

So was my comedic response.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Big Squeeze and De De De De Denouement City.

Anonymous said...

Interesting guy, Martin Burger, founder of Blue Energy, aka Sovereignty:



Joseph Brenner

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