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Political Correctness and the Rise of the Ridiculous.

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In the last days of the empire, double agent traitors are in active operation to destroy the country they were sworn in to protect. Their loyalty isn't in question. Their loyalty is to another country, far off in The Middle East. Is there no end to the irony? To paraphrase The Bard, will no one free me of this meddlesome irony? These are truly strange times. You didn't used to see things like this and it doesn't say who bought it for a penny. I wonder why? Yeah, you come across all kinds of interesting things these days. Truth is popping up its head in the most unexpected places. We've got a strange dichotomy at work. On the one side there are signs all over of things turning a corner, in terms of human understanding and a wider awakening. On the other side are signs of demonic intelligences at work. One thing is for sure, in some quarters, insanity is going exponential. The most amazing thing to me is that those who are insane and there's no other word that more accurately describes them, are unaware that they are insane. Yeah, I already posted that link a couple of weeks ago but it deserves second mention because we are in the observation booth of the Rising of the Ridiculous. We could travel all day studying examples of this madness. It goes on and on. This abuse of the language would be funny if it did not have such frightening consequences.

For a lot more than 20 years I have been saying that the greatest danger to society is political correctness. This was before it was more than a blip on the radar but emerging, primarily from the impact of alternative sexual representatives in Academia, along with intellectual atheists, egged on by well placed Tribe members, or actual Tribe members, utilizing that mindset to make war on other religions. The women's movement played its part and I guess one could say there was good and bad in all of the movements but now, all that's left is the bad. What I really can't figure out is how come Jewish symbols are permitted everywhere and Christian symbols are banned? I also can't figure out how Christian Zionists balance out this assault on their traditions with that Chosen People nonsense, of course, they are dumber than a bag of rocks and everywhere to be found. One of them even showed up in the comments of my conference video; talk about anthropomorphism.

Intransigence is the name of the game when it comes to nitwits in office, in respect of emerging and uncontainable truths. Watching this insufferable jerk toe the party line is yet one more evidence of The Rise of the Ridiculous. There's a problem with going in a certain direction when it happens to be the wrong direction, eventually, inevitably, you wind up like a deer in the headlights of public exposure. They don't think so and many people don't think so because it can sometimes take a long time to get to that point but... it's just like The Fall of Empire. When studied in hindsight you can easily see the progressions that empire went though up to the point where Attila and the rest of the barbarians did their thing. It's all laid out beautifully by Tacitus, for those who have the time to read him.

One of the reasons that the collective efforts of Tribe gremlins, compromised governments, organized religion and Satanic industry are directed at historical revisionism (among other things) is that a clear view of history shows evidences other than what's been put into place in their stead. Of course, they also indict the aforementioned with countless crimes against the human race.

Those of us who are on the other side of the demarcating wall between us and them, do not have all the information that they have about what is really going on at Fukushima, Israeli back door machinations, unknown phenomena approaching, the real extent of the financial crisis and all kinds of other things. We can tell ourselves they are motivated by the usual low level drives, like greed, fear or the promise of any number of things, including exposure for sexual malfeasance should they not go along with the program. Because we do not know, we are unaware of exactly what they are dealing with. That they are morally bankrupt and an embarrassment to the human race, regardless of whatever truth may be momentarily concealed, is beyond doubt.

The height of the ridiculous is, of course, political correctness. If you've got time you can see the trending increments as they move along to The Ridiculous. What it is in essence is not hard to garner. It's pretty certain that Jane Elliot is a member of a particular sexual persuasion; just more damning evidence of what the politicization of sexuality leads to. It amazes me that people will put up with this bullshit. Okay, they want to go to the university, so they endure this mind control and personal diminishment, thinking it will be over soon, like soldiers going through basic training telling themselves, they'll be more free after the process. They go into the military and engage in killing people from different cultures, with different languages and colorized differently and here is the apex of the hypocrisy and the ridiculous, you don't see these political correctness stooges speaking out against the non politically correct actions of the American military, or any of the militaries of the west. Why don't you see that? It's the most egregious violation of what is defined as political correctness that one can find. Why aren't all these weasel educators speaking out about this? Why aren't they joined together concerning the treatment of The Palestinians at the hands of the most monstrous people on the planet, 94% of which supported Operation Cast Lead. 94% of them supported it!!! Are these academics, whose real concern is their paycheck and the possibility of tenure, concerned about the real injustices going on? No, they're not.

If you go behind the scenes, the majority... the majority of those constructing and pushing these twisted venues upon the youth are overwhelmingly either alternative sexual practitioners or Tribe members, often both. The ridiculous is getting worse and worse. This psy-ops war being waged on western culture is beyond obvious. A better term to use would be, 'in your face'. It is both fascinating and horrifying to watch millions of people being morphed into unrecognizable shape, most likely because they no longer have any self-respect, dignity or honor. They just want to survive and they don't care what that might cost, which is why they gave up their self respect, dignity and honor. At a certain point survival is no longer the better option.

There is a transparent gloss over everything; in the media, in the fatuous network entertainments, in what passes for music- all those obnoxious jack-hammering, profanity streams, filled with not politically correct lyrics, being presented by those seeking politically correct protections for their minority rights to elevate talentless depravity to the height of cutting edge culture and which are filled with the most feminine degrading content I've ever come across, while at the same time glorifying material excess as a virtue and recommending one get it anyway you can, even at the point of a gun. All of this is passed by the politically correct establishment and accepted as okay when it violates all the basic tenets of political correctness; hypocrisy upon hypocrisy and irony upon irony. It goes on and on.

Halftime Digression; the video from the Seek—Speak-Spread the Truth Conference is now available. If you'd like to watch the rest of the speakers they are available too. For some strange reason, this video wants to start at around the five minute mark and you have to draw it back to the beginning. It seems to happen every time.

Lest we give the impression that we think The East is not implicated in similar crimes, let me say The East is even more of an offender when it comes to human rights across the board, Here is a delightful practice that is taking place in Thailand and just to show the level of corruption moving though any and all major religions, it's Buddhist 'extremists' who are at the root of that condition and which is then facilitated further up the line. I don't know how long the last days of the end of the world as we know it are meant to continue. What I do know is that it is moving along briskly toward whatever precipice awaits it. It should prove to be quite dramatic given the near 7 billion people on the planet and the gradual but certain diminishment of food and water (especially water), as well as the gradual disintegration of government and religious infrastructure, counterpointed by the public's growing lack of faith in them and... let us not forget the looming financial crisis in perpetual loom, attended by Gloom and Doom. It all comes back to whatever way you chose to understand the following scripture, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. It's the man (rather entity)who squats behind the man who works the soft machine”.

All of what is happening and the global interconnectedness of evil, is what makes it so difficult to know where to go and whether whatever you set up will be allowed to continue. I've looked into so many locations, spent so many hours researching possibilities and when it wasn't an uncertainty about the future state of the environment, it was about the lack of capital to maintain in a foreign locale, far away from the sort of support structure I have where I am. One of the most difficult things about the effort to commit total surrender to the ineffable, is being able to distinguish when it's a cosmic idea, personalizing itself on your behalf and when it's just you wanting to do something. I had just canceled out the last location, which I was really looking forward to and which had a lot of land and all the components to build a house, waterfalls, rustic and pristine and then, after putting a considerable amount of time into it and ultimately, winding up jerking people afar around, with no intention of doing so, I found the finances I was told I would be given to accomplish this rendered no longer present. Shortly after that, someone I had been corresponding with told me she knew someone about 800 k from here who was looking to put together a spiritual community and wanted to offer me a place rent free to do what I do (whatever that is). I traveled there to see about it. The fellow turns out to be fantastic and sincere, I agree to come and then, hardly a week later, the person who facilitated it went haywire over something truly nonsensical and dismissed me from her existence. It was almost as if she had been activated in my life only for that reason. This whole thing happened on its own, after I had exhausted my own efforts. Previously I had been going to Peru when my sponsor there, for no known reason, backed away without notice or explanation. The amount of mysteries has been something else. I add this paragraph because it ties into the global uncertainty of these times.

It is all, by turns, tragic and ridiculous. Life has become a living satire of itself. The outrageous is the commonplace. Sanity is a mental illness. Stability is a province of the predator. Financial security is a possession of the very worst among us and due to the inevitable influence of wealth upon all social polices, national laws and even the mental and emotional climate of the public mind and heart in the day to day, it is obvious what direction these things would take at the hands of such criminal entities. Loathsome monsters like the Koch Brothers and the Satanic Chicago moneymongers, who financed Obama ...are present in every state and in every country. Their hour of unveiling is in progress. Behind them are the principalities and powers that have taken control of their being either through direct invocation or as a result of their bent nature. Eventually we shall see what comes of all of this, eventually.

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Anonymous said...

Political correctness is being used as a method of mind-control, the same as conservationism. The idea is to cut off all routes of expression and escape, and fill the private prisons (while protecting the snakes at the top of the greasy flagpole, and their dubious machinations). Speaking of historical revisionism (or is that "hysterical"?), I have seen it at work lately, in the movie version of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" (starring Kirsten Stewart, et al). The film was fairly well done. The only problem was, it was politically revised to an unrecognizable degree. In the actual book, the character of Marylou (Luanne Henderson) is a totally faithless slut. She was Dean Moriarty's (Neal Cassaday's) main squeeze. In the book (which in actuality is a blow-by-blow, factual description of events that really happened), Marylou gets tired of Dean Moriarty and starts sleeping with tons of sailors and other men, for money, in a flophouse. In the movie, she is portrayed as being tired of Dean's antics and moves back to the midwest to marry a very stable young man. Perhaps the most egregious liberty taken with Kerouac's book in this film, centers around an episode wherein one of Kerouac's crew dumps his wife in San Francisco and takes off cross-country on a road trip with his buddies. He and his wife are reunited in Louisiana, many weeks later. In the book, this woman is an old school girl (of the late 40's). She loves the man who ditched her, and she patiently waits for him in Louisiana, despite his callous behavior. Upon his arrival, she briefly expresses her hurt at being abandoned, and then gladly embraces her man and takes him back, because she loves him. But in the bastardized film version, she throws a post-2000 typical American woman fit, with the aid of her female brethren, and completely bashes and emasculates the man, tearing down his self-esteem, and ripping him to shreds, publicly, in front of his friends, like any "normal" American woman of the current age would do. Her female pals do the same, as they robotically engage in verbal assaults at their male partners. None of this happened; in fact, most of the women who were part of that group, loved their men and backed them up no matter what they did (which was the way it was, back then, before Kim Kardashian and thongs and cell phones). I guess the whole point here, is that historical revisionism knows no bounds. Jack Kerouac had a hell of a time finding a publisher, originally, for his book. I know he's tied into Ginsberg and other deliberately idolized Tribe practitioners, and I know his book was a flashpoint for the eruption of the intelligence agency-controlled "hippie movement", but Kerouac's original book was filled with anything BUT political correctness, and in its pristine version (the full-scroll, original version; not the ultimate dross-filled, glossed-over, grossly overedited tome that actually made it to the bookstores), he called a spade a spade and blasted, most especially, big business, politics, the fascist police, and the oppressive nature of human society in general. He clearly saw what was going on in America, in terms of the Satanic takeover of humanity. So did his group of friends, with whom he took to the road, hung out, and cavorted. But none of this makes it to the big screen version, of course. If you want to see a hilarious "historical TV series" about shit that never happened, check out Showtime's "Master of Sex". The series portrays women of the 1950's, behaving in post-2000 ways, complete with open male-bashing, the pursuit of black men as sexual partners, and rampant lesbianism and homosexuality. "Things were always this way," the puppet masters are saying here. "You are very sleepy...spread your legs, wax your love tunnel, and go fuck a Rottweiler...then have a Big Mac, it's all good."

Chinese Sneakers said...

The following sentence gets right at a very important epistemological matter, so let me bump it into play one more time:

Vis wrote, "One of the most difficult things about the effort to commit total surrender to the ineffable, is being able to distinguish when it's a cosmic idea, personalizing itself on your behalf and when it's just you wanting to do something"

Really glad am i that these words were written for all to read here. For it is my humble opinion that these words cut down to the essential problem with taking things on faith. Even after having in the presence of the divine on more than one occasion, this problem continues to plague me. It remains fertile ground for doubting and proceeding erroneously; which are two traps i strive to escape from ideally.

Anyway, i appreciate your being honest about this most important matter. It makes you genuine in my books.


est said...

you know, i'm asking that same ?
where the hell to go

and what would i do
when i get there ?

there is nothing i want or need
perhaps i am at the end

i can't imagine anything, really
i guess that's the problem

Smyrna said...

An effing superb summation, Vis. PC is all about painting ourselves into a corner; a la '1984'.

Now, more importantly; What about Planet X?!! (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmmmmmm. Politically correct terms for the genders. Chicks and chicklets? Twat/Butt plug perches and Viennas? A Danish writer I know calls 'em sausage casings. I call small children 'burrito filling on the hoof' when I'm being nice. When I'm not being nice, you'd probably ban me from further comments if I put the list here. ;^)

dirtykid© said...

I too, have considered life elsewhere only to come to the understanding that there is little refuge to be found... Even as my support structure here decays and the world I could once, at least, appear to blend in with evaporates.

I know that I no longer carry the resonance of Saturn on my person, or maybe I am simply in a different vibratory state to coexist with certain types like managers or recruitment agents, yet, I am publicly approached by strangers in some state of awakening who bring up topics that I tend to blog about ...

Here I am rambling on... I guess I am empathizing with how people have senior turned on you for no apparent reason because I have been seeing similar out of friends and aquaintenses, and having really odd responses out of people in general...

My last job interview ended after 5 minutes and I was hurried out the door like I had been projectile vomiting pea soup... I still haven't figured out what I said so as not to day or again, but in that same day there was a huge positive energy around me. Random people had been conversing with me in bizarrely intimate ways right up to that interview. I was speaking with people on the metro and buses, which I don't often do.

It has to be a resonance thing, because nothing else explains how I was so approachable to such a variety of people, but then Satan spawn to the only person I had left the house to impress on that day...

I think one you make it to a certain point, it doesn't matter how anonymously you may make your objections and observations on just what a shitty control grid we live in, eventually you wear it on your person at all times...


An observer said...

I think I can sum it up very simply.

Political Correctness = White Genocide

You don't see people like Oprah or Obama being politically correct do you?

Anonymous said...

er um....

Kerry: "Israel" {talmudia} security key in peace talks

ZOG - US secretary of state holds meetings with asshole "{JEWISH" terrorist Netanyahu, PA President Abbas, to discuss peace talks between Jeruslaem, Ramallah; stresses 'Israel's security at the top of our agenda'

dig that irony...

oh yeah, the Black Messiah died

dig that politically correct send off in the "Media"..

quite in line with the Agenda
all good comrades agree



Anonymous said...

You can run but you can't hide.
I'm staying put on familiar ground.
I will go down fighting - maybe.
But I surrender nothing.
And use what means I have to battle on.

Kazz said...

I once read somewhere that poplitical correctness is the belief that you can pick a dog turd up from the clean end. As an Australian I am up front and proud of the fact that I am not politically correct. Part of being a real Aussie is calling a spade a spade, and I couldn't care less if that is politically incorrect or it offends someone, because I can't help how others choose to receive what I say. If I don't like what a person is saying I don't listen to them and walk away, or stop reading what their writing. The only thing we can really control is what we do, what others do is up to them. As long as my conscience is clear I am all good, and if I have committed a cosmic phophar I know karma will work it out. People really need to be less anal, and then they won't be so uptight :o). As you were saying the other day Vis, it is all in your head!

insiam said...

@ Smyrna ...

'What about Planet X?!'

I found that particularly cringe worthy in that it most likely fits right in to the 'mockers' hands :)

Although Vis handled it with great poise

Visible said...

I think there is a basic misunderstanding going on about the meaning of surrender. I'd explain but it would be pointless.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Mind Control OR... Control of the Mind?

Auros23 said...

"One of the most difficult things about the effort to commit total surrender to the ineffable, is being able to distinguish when it's a cosmic idea, personalizing itself on your behalf and when it's just you wanting to do something."

(Wow, Chinese Sneakers, I had already copied the above text for my own comment and just saw that it had inspired a comment from you as well...)

It seems the key word here is discernment.
Wow, Visible, the concept you've presented here is such an incredibly complex mixture of desire, belief, and perspective.
I think maybe you could wait and watch for synchronicities and unexplainable phenomena to "surround the idea" as if it was a divine affirmation that "yes, this idea is from the source; you may proceed."
You could say that your effort put into manifesting the idea is also like a query to the divine... "is this our mutual desire?"
Your ability to discern with certainty would depend on your interpretation of the answer.

Anonymous said...

Planet X is Venus

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video from the Truth Conference Les.
Upon the meaning of surrender - I surrender to the idea that the Universe is sentient and at some point in our future it will place the heel of its being firmly where we will be at that moment.


David V said...

This piece resonates with me on several points.

The PC thing goes way beyond insane, there has to be some overarching evil agenda at work. While I haven't yet seen someone dig into it, I agree that the people behind this phenomenon are most likely the same ones behind the gay/lesbian/trans-whatever movements. How is it that these words or subjects, which were OK just yesterday or the day before, suddenly have become taboo, everywhere, overnight?

Most people do their thinking interms of words and language. As Orwell pointed out, by changing the meanings of words and limiting the words available to people, you change and limit their ability to speak out against -- or even to comprehend -- the evil that is being committed against them.

Then there is this last-days phenomenon that is mentioned in the Bible, called "having the form of godliness but denying the power thereof". This apparent belief that, if we just invent enough laws and control all actions and behaviors, down to the gnat's ass and how many squares of gnat asswipe it can use, we'll have reached a perfect world. I saw this coming on strong during the last several years of my recently-ended tour of corporate employment. Thirty-three years of making junk food; I've probably got some heavy karma coming for that! Anyway, industry associations and councils were forming, left and right, to define and limit the size, direction, and permissibility of every last thing that went on within the corporate walls. Now that the USA has become one giant corporation, you can see where this leads.

Regarding the "principalities and powers" text, it means exactly what it says. An excellent visual demonstration of that concept was the original Stargate movie. Here's this giant pyramid which obviously represents a control and authority scheme, but the bad things don't really start to happen until a form-fitting shell overlay comes down from "the heavens" and settles onto it. Residing in this ship is...yes...a shape-shifting reptilian alien with supernatural powers. I mean, just look at a dollar bill! There you have it, right out in the open.

The general state of confusion that exists, is one description of the term "Babel" (Babylon). The religion in which I was steeped from childhood saw itself as raised up by God to proclaim Revelation 14: 6-12 to the world. This they call the Three Angels' Message, or just "The Message" for the end times. The first part of that message is a proclamation that Babylon is fallen. You can read the rest. Later on, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations is seen riding atop a scarlet beast, and carrying a cup in her hand. That cup contains the wine of her adulteries, part of which is false doctrine (PC) and confusion.

There's a lot more that could be said about this, but here is not the forum for it. Astute readers who wish to look into it, will have no problem figuring out which religion I'm talking about. As an aside, they're doing a piss-poor job of getting The Message out these days. Most of them are busy getting rich and digging in for the long haul -- the same as any other religion.

There have been three or four times in my life where it appeared that I was about to crash into a brick wall in a dead-end corridor, only to have the divine hand open a window at the last minute. Each time I dived through that window, not asking any questions, and each time things have worked out better than I ever could have come up with on my own. I believe this is the essence of practical faith, which has to be exercised regularly to be of any value. Every time you exercise that muscle it gets stronger, so that when the really hard tests and trials come, you'll be ready. What is coming on the world now will require truth-seekers to stand, often alone, against an overwhelming tide of evil and insanity. Those who haven't been practicing, especially if confronted with the stake or guillotine, won't be able to stand.


Anonymous said...

Blame suburban soccer mom scrunts with gunts who think Offal Winfrey is their best friend and their *speshul* Pookie who deserves a ribbon for wiping his ass correctly and completing the 7th grade. The continued pussification of Amerikwa, the Kwanstain (hat tip to Tex Arcane) will continue until the barbarian hordes crash the gates and the fifth column of useful idiot domestic globalist traitors will get no mercy just like the rest of the writhing maggots fighting over the last piece of meat.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Evil Passing and The Planetary Kali Yuga Blues

Anonymous said...

‘It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.’ - George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

Anonymous said...

Read Alfred Aiken, Absolute Truth, Listen and See what is in the pages, lol

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

On one issue at least, men and women agree; they both
distrust women.
-- H.L. Mencken



Joseph Brenner

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