Monday, December 05, 2022

"This Game-of-the-Moment Smells Like a Dead Cat in a Dumpster that Did Not Get a Dead Cat Bounce. It Is what It Is."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Obviously, there is something really weird happening. Elon is going to promote free speech at Twitter. Kanye-the-Coke-Commercial-Rapper flashes a Swastika... and says a bunch of things that I didn't bother to listen to... because Kanye was doing his Pulp Fiction pawnshop basement... sexual-submissive-thing. Then Elon bans Kanye for the Swastika. He should consider banning all kinds of Buddhists and other ancient symbology too. SOME KIND OF GAME IS BEING PLAYED HERE.

That dinner with Trump made no sense at all. Kanye running for president again... when he can't even manage his own life... is yet another thing, and then insulting Trump (who has a big ego) by offering him the vice-presidency. This game-of-the-moment smells like a dead cat in a dumpster that did not get a dead cat bounce. It is what it is.

It appears they intend to suicide him, but the character assassination has to happen first. This they have gotten his cooperation in. I don't know what kind of tactics they've been using on him, and all his contemporaries as well; it's not my department.

Something is up. Something big is announcing itself on The Wind. Reality is balanced on a knife's edge. Reality is that which knows... what... it... is. Everything else does not know what it is, and all you get... is the version being presented... to the people who can't pay attention... in the first place. It is really going to get wack... and wild, ♫ Step right up! Step right up! ♫ Yeah... it's a big going-out-of-business sale... some kind of flea market in the parking lot of Armageddon Stadium, AND... the game is going to begin... soon. Oh! What do you know? It already started.

Is this all a calculated mind-fuck for minds already dead in the toaster or... is it the backdraft of a dead wind blowing from a... place... no... man... should... go? I KNOW that all things work for good for those who love God, BUT... what if the passion is directed toward something else? What if it is inspired from somewhere else? Most likely... it is going to wind up somewhere else.

I know that all this sudden exposure of the perverted tastes of the uber-rich and influential is the work of Mr. Apocalypse, BUT... it is hard to tell... sometimes... if he is stirring it up or... pouring it into someone's cup or... simply getting out of the way, and then turning his searchlight on the manner... and direction... that it goes in.

One thing that should be common sense... axiomatic... is that The Deep State has knowledge of technology beyond what it commonly resourced. You might ask why did they step suddenly to the side with Hydrogen and gravitate to the functionally useless wind power... as far as return on investment AND consistency goes... and the limitations of solar energy as PRESENTLY applied.

I think it is safe to say... given the advance of computers and everything being reduced to an algorithm... that what we see in the forms of social change are directly relevant to the race... to some distant point... by ALL involved parties, AND... it has as much to do with technology as it has the impetus toward social control.

A large collection of particular personality types are going into self-destruct mode... shortly. My best advice is to stay out of their way in the interim. You can't help them. They are bound and determined. You can injure your own possibilities for a greater detachment by connecting- for some mistaken reason – with their ambitions toward perdition. You should not step out of your dharma to fool with the destiny of others; I know... I know... you just want to help. You know how many people have said that and what the various results have been?

The best way to help someone is to not appear to be doing so. Did I mention the power of prayer? Did I mention how profound that power is when united with the faith of a true believer? Even when they are wrong, it... is... an... impressive... sight. Faith... TRULY IS... the substance of things unseen.

Too many people are caught up in their fear and outrage over all the forms they create through their negative precipitation rituals; you know? Bringing into being your worst apprehensions, simply by believing in them with too much energy? You can't out-swim a shark. You can't outrun a polar bear. Doesn't mean you need to be afraid of them. It's your fear that gives them the power to hurt you. It is your fear that attracts them in the first place. It's karma that makes certain people forget this as soon as anyone ever tells them... and life has all kinds of ways of pointing out to you that you... are... going... the... wrong... way.

Musk... Twitter... is this all a staged event to turn the focus away from a cluster bomb of exposures concerning those we cannot name? I watch the bumper car... dodge-em games of all the bad chess players trying to beat each other, and then? I look to see what God's going to do about orchestrating their swerves and crashes for the purpose of demonstration. Once you realize, I mean... REALLY... realize that God is 100% in charge of the action and outcome, you... are... playing... for... the... winning... team. You are no longer in opposition to yourself, nor wrestling with the angels of your better nature.

The World is filled with the captives of The Separated Mind, in contention with itself... out of step with divine harmony... on the treadmill of the misfortunes of age, but... just as the Lord will feed his people in the wilderness, and I have direct experience of this... he can also free you from the material sufferings caused by your attachment to the source of the pain. Age does not have to be a time of difficulty. I can assure you, things... are... not... what... they... seem.

Yes... this world is a plane of suffering, but only if you connect to the causes of the suffering.

The more completely you come into The Moment, the further you can see into The Future. If you come completely into The Moment... it goes on forever.

I need to mention something that is becoming more and more apparent to me. I have mentioned it... often, from one point of view or another, but I have kept it as a... less... important... feature of life passing... than it actually is. It is a critical condition and it is intensifying by the day... by the week... by the month. As the emergent mindset of The Age Of Aquarius comes more and more into presence, the less tightly wrapped among us are losing it.

Some are harming themselves. Some are harming others. Some are desperately trying to hold on to that elusive sense of reality that they never had in the first place. What they had were less disturbing times, but also... quite unreal as well.

To make matters worse, there are malefic forces, and... their... representatives... are... afoot. There is also the more and more frequent rumblings of Lady Nature. I don't want to focus on what I see coming into The Event Horizon. I would rather devote my observations to positive resources. Rather than to curse the night, I would prefer to carry a light.

I have this light. It is generated by the flaming certitude of Determination that is kindled by the love in my heart, which exists... perpetually... as palpable evidence of The Presence of God, who... is... your... boon... companion... through The Valley of The Shadow of Death.

The great tragedy of life is how many of us stumble through life in a state of blindness, even though The False Light makes it appear that they can see, the events and conditions they encounter are proof of their blindness. If you trouble them in an effort to help them, they might well become very angry with you.

It really looks like some form of Perfect Storm is on the horizon... in a place where several different conditions come together... and create something unforgettable, and that might be why it happens. People forget. Unless they are deeply impressed... they forget. They get distracted by the minute, both inside and outside. Life goes by in a blur. Sometimes... The Powers that Be; not The Powers that Think They Are, decide it is time to take humanity to The Next Level.

Most of Humanity does not want to be taken to The Next Level. They haven't even had what they were after on this level. So... an Awakening is required, and... people react differently, so... the levels of severity... vary... widely. You may get a kiss on the cheek if that works for you. You might get shaken with force or... your situation may require a 2X4. Whatever is required, YOU... WILL... AWAKEN.

Then there is the consideration of how much you awaken. A quantum opportunity is present. This won't interest most folk, who are only attracted to the new forms that are going to appear in the new age. The World is about to change whether you like it or not. If you adjust to the highest point of the incoming frequency, you will do very well.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis for helping me, I also thank shit storms for helping me although that's a story for a different day.

Leesa said...

Hi Les,
You are correct; 'Yeah but, I was just trying to help'.
Just been through a scenario of hosting my brother
from the other side of the country, the whole
relocation thing...
He was only here 3 days, out drinking, got home 3am,
face planted into our bathroom wall, rolled/swollen/bruised
He was humbled for a week (4x2) lesson, then proceeded
to become more and more psychotic for all of October..
Husband and I couldn't take it anymore- we evicted him.
It is so poignant that you posted this today!
It fits perfectly with the prayers I've asked for him...
I could see he is approaching mid 50's and does not
like what the ageing process has done to him.
Time marches (double time) now.
I foresee a big pileup of humanity in the squad..
They did not listen to the Squadren Leader (God)
for commands of where to go.
They either STAND to attention, or get
rammed into a wall, heh,heh...
Anyhow, thank you for your wisdom,
life is definately taking some strange turns..
Best to sit and spit polish our boots, we need
to look our best for the parade ground (metaphor
for a sparkly heart) God will be impressed.
Love Leesa

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty of a post. Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

I’d prefer to be wrong & this is mere speculation on the hidden technology issue, but with all the wishlists of the ruling reich for depopulation down to manageable numbers ( for them ),it appears to me they are burdening the current populace with nonviable technology as a stop gap until they achieve those numbers. Then they’ll trot out the all the esoteric tech and virtual free energy infrastructure when they finally feel secure in their positions as “Kings of the Hill”.

Then they’ll power up the baby machine again…

As far as “Helping” goes, it’s mostly a delusional, or selfish thing with most peeple.
T’would be better if the help offered was first requested by the interested party.
Otherwise, like you say, Mr. Visible, sneak it in where they don’t know they got help
in the first place.

Crowley had it wrong in my opinion; on multiple levels, it really should be:
“Mind your own business shall be the whole of the Law.”



Visible said...

Very prescient, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Theory about Kanye:

Strider said...

We are living in dangerously weird times now. Smart people just shrug and admit they're dazed and confused. The only ones left with any confidence at all are the New Dumb. It is the beginning of the end of our world as we knew it. Doom is the operative ethic.

Hunter S. Thompson

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"God Comes to Us Cloaked in Human Form. He APPEARS Differently in The East than He Does in The West."



Joseph Brenner

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