Thursday, April 16, 2009

Screwed, Blued and Tattooed under the Hairline

Sometimes you come across something that needs to be written about. It doesn’t matter what you might have had in mind previous to it. It begs discussion. Recently, on several occasions, I have had readers respond with something along these lines... they are saying Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi took money from the communists and that they served the purpose of the shadowy elite and then were killed when their usefulness was at end. On a couple of those occasions, the commentary was almost word for word even though the writers were different people.

It seems to me that there are those who think the entire institution is locked down tight. They think every millimeter of ground is scanned by an all seeing eye and that every heart and mind is not only known in its entirety but that everything being thought and felt is either made careful note of or generated to begin with.

It’s ironic, or odd or merely coincidental but... if you take the other side of the equation you find that there are those who believe exactly the same thing except... it’s some kind of all pervasive deity that accomplishes it. I’m going to assume that the former are hard-wired materialists/atheists; they would have to be if you think about it and... the latter are hard wired religionists. They come to the same conclusions except for the source of the matter. One side believes a dynasty of unending temporal rulership has been in effect since whenever this thing started and the other side believes that some guy with a white beard and a multi-dimensional abacus is keeping score for whatever purpose that might be.

I look at my own situation and I can see that I am a reactionary and a revolutionary, so there are two possibilities here. I must be co-opted by the deathless elite for whatever purpose I am serving and I am being maintained by resources granted by the same for the perpetuation of whatever part I am playing. I’m going to assume that I’m not all that important because no one is giving me much money for these blog efforts. It might be possible to maintain the life of a small dog or probably something even smaller on the flood of donations that pour in from unidentified sources; most likely communist or some other elite based front but let’s just go back to the part about my not being important.

I’m guessing now that all the trouble I have with Goggle/Blogger, which mirrors other folks difficulties with youtube and the like is only present because the opposition I receive is just a part of the conditioning that makes my small contributions what they are. If I burn myself on the woodstove or I get it in mind to have something Thai come out of my kitchen rather than Italian or Mexican it is most likely that the burn on my hand has something to do with influencing my thought when I write something here and whenever I eat something, the raw ingredients have already been through some kind of elite processing center that added or removed components in order to affect the flow of my thought as I manifest these words. I see that I use three dashes a lot and I’m thinking that might be due to the unfailing ingestion of garlic at every meal. There’s a twitch factor installed into the garlic that makes me hit the period key three times according to when they are needed.

It’s a hard thing for me to get my head around... (there they are again) that King and Gandhi were not only on the payroll but that they were willingly involved in scamming the public under idealistic pretenses in order to serve the will of the oppressors which they were in seeming opposition to. It’s not a large step to assume that the elite had Mary, the mother of Jesus into the Tavistock laboratory of the day and were making alterations to her being; sort of like the guys at The Shop in the movie “Firestarter”. When you read the series, Inside the L.C. you get the impression that most of the music that was made in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s was a government controlled project. Interestingly, I had a run in with Charlie Manson in San Francisco and the F.B.I. (when they were chasing me all over the country for a few years) made a big deal out of it when visiting the parents of the kids in whose homes I used to stay for brief periods. None of the parents believed them but that’s probably part of the elite plan too... as was my meeting Charlie.

Well, if King and Gandhi were both assets financed by the omnipresent, Illuminati/Elite, Communist and or Capitalist or... pick anything really... guys in black sunglasses ...then it stands to reason that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were too. They didn’t even try to hide it with Santa Claus; red suit and all, come to think of it. There’s a guy who’s got a white beard AND works to dispense presents among the masses. He might be the real heavyweight we’ve all been looking to identify.

When I think about some of the things that the nihilistic and utter despair contingent tells me, my first reaction is to get a gun and shoot myself in the head... then it occurs to me that I won’t have to worry about that because that’s already been dated and planned out to the inth detail for when the script says it should go down. I knew my parents were screwed up and at least, now I know why. It was all to bring me to this moment where I get to write what I’m writing which is completely automatic and so are your reactions when you read it.

What I don’t get is... if everyone and everything is under control by a network of psychopaths then why is it necessary to have patsies like Timothy McVeigh when a lot of us know that the planning, orders and execution came out of Elohim City? Furthermore, if everyone good and bad is an asset then what do we need with all of the subterfuges and cover-ups? Is it just their need for drama and entertainment? After all, the reactions of the public are completely controlled already so... (Brief halt in word stream for painful flashbacks to green painted hallways, operating table, probes, shuddering...normalizing).

My take is and has been that we exist on a Mobius Strip. Half of the loop is visible and half of it is not. Somewhere within the operation of this setting, justice and balance are applied as the scales offset against each other. I’ve never thought that I/we were going to win some cosmic battle by fighting the good fight. I’ve always thought it was more about defining who we are in relation to where we are headed. I don’t think much past that because it isn’t something I can know prior to arrival. Even if I thought all of my efforts were in a losing cause I wouldn’t alter what I do.

Somehow, I/you have to make sense out of our lives and what we do in order to come to terms with our lives and what we do. We deny what is inconvenient to what we wish to believe and we accommodate what happens to what we have convinced ourselves to be true. I don’t know what made me who I am and Paris Hilton what she is but something tells me it has to do with some mysterious inner thing that works a lot differently for me than it does for Paris. I don’t need any more justification for what I believe and what I do than that I am not Paris Hilton or... working for the C.I.A. or Wal-Mart or anyone really. I pride myself on what I am not as much as for what I am. The former is a lot easier to determine anyway.

Most of what I believe and do is based on what I see other people doing. Quite often I say to myself, “I’m glad I’m not them. I’m glad I’m not doing that.” These non-actions are as much an accomplishment as any real actions; according to me. There’s no payoff for it in the ordinary sense but it makes me feel better.

Okay... so maybe we are all screwed, blued and tattooed under the hairline but... that doesn’t make any difference to me. Even if all of my actions are programmed and I’m an asset just like every single one of you, I’m going to operate on the assumption that that is not true. I’m going to operate on the assumption that it makes a difference and that there is some latitude that is something like ‘free will’ and that those few of us who work to make the world a better place are not terminally deluded, even if we never accomplish it at all. I have to believe that hundredth monkey is out there. I have to believe there is a straw that’s going to land on the camel’s back. I am not going to accept that a pack of regenerating criminals has got the whole thing under lock and key. I just don’t believe it to be true.

I have read a lot of what Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi had to say and I have read the works of many yogis and deep thinkers from many periods of time and that has shaped what I believe more than this world or any of the possible Hollywood scenarios I have heard about. Furthermore... no matter what the last so many thousands of years have shown us through history, religion and science, there’s something about the present that is different. Whatever may have been before there is something new on the horizon now. It may be better or it may be worse but it’s not going to be the same.

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kikz said...

'I’m going to operate on the assumption that it makes a difference and that there is some latitude that is something like ‘free will’'

i can come to no other conclusion either...

even if i only take into consideration the concerted efforts by/of other entities to seemingly control 'it' even before 'it' manifests in physicality w/in this plane of existence.

if 'all' were 'in the bag' there would be no need to sever it from our conscious mind by lie/misdirection... to look w/out.

my reasoning capability and perception may be no more than a gnat's ass on a mandlebrot set the size of texASS, but the efforts expended by institutions such as organized religion to subvert and deny freewill only strengthen my belief in its existence.

black holes exist...ya just hafta have the right instruments to 'see' them >:)

Anonymous said...

i came across this interview on project camelot. makes sense to me, the whole 'game' is explained.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Charlie have an "accident" in prison a few years ago?
Something about his mean mouthing the Lord which got him, as they say, lit up?

Peter Greene said...

@Les: Interesting stuff. I think so many are blinded by Western dualism, always thinking things are one 'way' or 'the other'. This is useful of course - even if you blind and blinker the herd by feeding them this Dark/Light ubersimplification so that they trample over everything in their path, at least in this way they can be led. In one direction or another.

And although they will trample over everything in their path (and each other) every time you flick them in their fool butts or noses, should you be standing off to one side, they'll never spot the man with the whip. I view this herding technique as a reciprocating engine for human development, and one based on observation of our world's cyclic nature. It's not really very efficient, but it is powerful.

Time for us to move on, though. I think the development of the Net is a very good sign. If the same kind of thinking that constructed the basic Net protocols continues to move from mathematics to the social and political world, we could begin to gain the kind of adaptability and efficiency that will be required to continue our 'advance'. However, as I've said in many another location, this round appears to be over. Ice Time cometh. Hopefully we can preserve a lot of knowledge for the next contestants.

Mmm, back to your original point(s) - I was going to say, this polar-politics, dual-valence-morality business also hides a key thing from many - that Earthly power groups are like a series of Venn diagrams, overlapping, growing, shrinking, like ripples in a pond under raindrops. The same people turn up in many interesting places not so much because they are a member of the One Secret Group to rule them all (though construction of such a Ring has been a great dream of Illumiist types for some considerable time), but because their ripples overlap. So sure, Rumsfeld and Gandhi maybe have coffee together at some level - but that doesn't define them. They do that themselves. Like the rest of us.

Groove on, groove on, and may the Mother preserve us at least until we've done some of what we're here for.

Peter Greene said...

p.s. I love that the hot hot priestesses of Ishtar were replaced by an 'innocent' bunny, the modern Western symbol of unrestrained humpiness. We are so messed up.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Les.
The way I see it, the way you have been writing for months now identifies to me you have hooked your wagon to the MLKjr.s, Ghandis and J.Lennons of this world.
For many, many of us your writings formulate our feelings and ideas into words.
Fight the good fight for the real treasure is in the journey itself and not the bounty at the end.

Anonymous said...

Patriot not patiot...

A mouse,
Just in case you would like to discuss cheeze or anything else.

Anonymous said...

At least with Santa Claus, no one goes to prison for Santa Claus denial.

Anonymous said...

Krishna says, in the Bhagavad Gita... "He who at his last hour casts off the body and goes hence remembering me, assuredly goes into my being. Whatever a man at his end remembers in leaving the body, to that he always goes, Arjuna, being ever inspired by that thought forever. If your mind and understanding are devoted to me, you will assuredly come to me. Therefore, at all times remember me."

"According to an eye-witness account by his secretary, Pyarelal, directly after the assassination, Gandhi's last words were..."Rama, Rama."

"At first shot, the foot that was in motion, when he was hit, came down. He still stood on his legs when the second shot rang out, and then collapsed. The last words he uttered were "Rama, Rama."

Anonymous said...

The inevitable revolution of civilization against its rulers and their systems will not be successful unless we use the very thing that they have tried to conceal from us; and that is the power of our minds and spirits to connect with each other in another dimension. (As you say.) Once we have a decent hookup, the solution will appear one fine day and we will know how to proceed.

The methods of our global revolutionary forefathers are known by they who keep us busy and paranoid, and they are prepared. There's not a shot in hell that our protests (be they peaceful or reactionary) will work. Any gathering that threatens the matrix will be dealt with in one way (free speech zones and infiltrators) or another (tanks, tasers or whatever dog whistle for humans they've reinvented).

Looking at the tea parties yesterday, I thought to myself that if those same folks had gathered round for the Browns then the Browns would not be rotting in jail waiting for their release to homelessness. The Browns were dropped from the altnews headlines the week they got nailed. When it happened I was appalled and disgusted to hear Alex Jones tell them (live on air) not to resist, but now I understand. At that time, the revolutionaries were not prepared to draft their armies into service. And I see now that no matter how prepared the armed citizenry might become, it will never win because its arsenal is no match - AND, for the most part, its purposes are limited to specifics which don't always include the oppressions of mankind globally.

I think our peaceful revolutionary forefathers have shown us the first steps and now our task is to make the jump.

And yes, I think Alex will be among us on the cliff, as will all who are trying in their own way to point to various aspects and activities of the beasts.


Anonymous said...

Just when I fool myself into thinking that I am getting closer to the warmth of enlightenment, someone sneaks up behind me and pours ice water down my back—I guess I knew it was coming, had to come—something was lurking in the shadows, just under the surface where I sometimes dread to look when it comes to my own weaknesses, perceptions, and preconceived notions—
Once again, thank you for the wake up call—Just wanted to let you know that you are making a difference in one Jj’s life—
Word Verification: thedin (brother of Gunga?)

Anonymous said...

Went to the local tea party only to observe. Saw 3 or 4 thousand pass by on route to a Capitol Park. A benedictive unction was mouthed, followed by a pseudointellectual Aynist [of Rand]who could not read his speech so it made syntactical sense. The "minister" professed the secure illusion of the divine interventions summed up in the founding fathers. The audience of shameless Republicans were barely able to respond to the clue lines. All the sins, ALL, were red white and blue and protesting loss of jobs and bailouts. There was nothing about BUSHCO crimes or the Obama ordered hit on three starving Somalian pirates who had so far harmed only protocols. Certifying that there was change no change from Zionists' answer to every problem... crush them. if it doesn't effect the bottom line the R's are indifferent. I was happy to see so many come out, it shows they are hurting too. Good.

Anonymous said...

Les, thanks for clearing that up!!!

Too true again you are...
" I’ve never thought that I/we were going to win some cosmic battle by fighting the good fight. I’ve always thought it was more about defining who we are in relation to where we are headed"

By all means keep thinking and doing as if you're right, Im hopin others will catch on!!!

Anonymous said...

to understand whether Gandhi was 'illuminated' you have to understand the people around him...Nehru was a close buddy of Lord Mountbatten, john foster dulles..annie besant..nehru was the grandson of motilal, a crown agent..
India is still enslaved by a foreign language, a foreign banking system, a foreign justice system ..all based on the British template...
compare the revolution of USA and India to gain independence..americans violently throew out the British and it was easy to throw out there system...but the British always have infiltrators that steered the americans back into a debt currency system..
the indian freedom fighters like Gandhi, Nehru never addressed the money system..they acted like agents to continue the status quo ..the british it seems just handed the control over from a bunch of aristocaratic elite to a bunch of British freemasonic agents..
Most of them were like a lot of the american forefathers templar bar attorneys and freemasons...
..IF Gandhi had really wanted to free India he would've made sure that he undid the debt currency system by first revealing it.
He was a temple bar attorney and knew the difference of human being and the legal fiction person and its role in conversion of human collateral onto the debt currency system....
..anyone who does not address these issues( especially members of the law society) should be suspected as an illuminati these issues are simple to address and explain and are the structural constructs of our system ..that has been thrust upon governments who have declared bankruptcy for the mutial benefit of government and the international banksters..

nobody said...

Hey Les,

Sorry mate, I'm still down with a lot of what Dave McGowan has to say in his LC thing. I think it'd be a mistake to dismiss it in its entirety. If anyone wants to pick holes in it, no problems. Like any other theory it ain't a chain that collapses when you knock out a link. It's a cable, and you take out a dozen strands there's still dozens more making some spooky connections.

I'm wondering if you take it personally mate? I could do that too. My old man was military and even went to spook school. And? And nothing. Does anyone think I'm a spook? Hardly. Does anyone think you're a spook. Not likely.

And flipping the coin, it doesn't automatically follow that the LC scene then walks away with a clean bill of health. There's just too much spooky shit in amongst it all.

Did the LSD start with the hippies or MKultra? Did the satanism arrive there independently of its otherwise timeless spook connections?

There's something wrong with that LC picture Les. Whilst it's perfectly possible that McGowan has confused otherwise explicable things with spookiness, I'm not going to write the whole thing off.

PS Nor does LC sit in isolation. You plug it into McGowan's serial killer analysis. Too much CIA. Too much MKultra. Too much satanism. Too much for me to write it off holus bolus.

PPS Otherwise I'm in agreement with your broad point. It's not all bullshit. And a fig for Gandhi and MLK as plants.

Visible said...

Anonymous 12:07 AM

It's good that you have such enormous comprehension about what passed through Gandhi's mind and what he should have done. Your grasp of what was possible is, I hope, matched by corresponding efforts on your part as great as those performed by Gandhi.

"Yeah see... this is how I would have handled it. It's pretty simple really. Once I was done setting the planets in their courses and rewriting every wrong from the last cycle of existence, I would have pitched the British Empire low and inside after working the count to 3 and 2. Gandhi was just another tool. Hey Sweetheart, bring us another round over here.

Now as I was saying."

Visible said...


I also grew up in a military family, went to military academy and grew up on bases.

Here is what I said, "When you read the series, Inside the L.C. you get the impression that most of the music that was made in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s was a government controlled project."

though I could see where you might think a judgment was being made, given the context of the essay, I was making none. I have recommended this series several times in several different postings. I think there's a lot of truth in it and I did not mean to imply that there was not.

Anonymous said...

Been working on a Mobius theory for a while.

Would explain all sorts of things that I've seen.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Your article is a perfect definition of faith.

Nice one


Anonymous said...

Didn't want anyone thinking that I "agree" with either side, just that I had a knee-jerk reaction to what was said and had no basis for it other than perhaps programming that I didn't think was still there.
At the tea party rally, there was a young couple, I'm guessing late teens who were standing along with their home made signs--brown cardboard with pen scribbled words, words crossed out and replaced with others-attached to 2" x 2" posts with what appeared to be an entire roll of duct tape--They stood, not talking to anyone but smiling at each other--maybe a little scared to be there, not knowing anyone, or maybe because the thought they might be seen by a former teacher, or an employer--I'm just guessing--I had another knee-jerk reaction due to the way they were dressed and caught it pretty quick, but it was there--I looked back on it when i got home and reflected--How must I have appeared to them as an "older" guy with silver and black hair--did they think I was a cop or some other kind of establishment idiot--I don't know, but I thanked them for coming as I left, and they smiled-perhaps somewhat relieved--what were they thinking as I walked towards them-A simple gesture but,
It was huge to me--a real moment that might not have been--
It was a live version of coming to the few blogs that I go to--I needed it, maybe they did too.


Anonymous said...

The mass evolution of human consciousness moves along at a fairly slow pace. Those who are a little further along invariably get impatient for the rest to catch up.
Unfortunately, the rest aren't going to catch up anytime soon. In the meantime they will serve as cattle for the immoral elite. This is the case primarily because the "rest" of society doesn't want to know the real truth. They are content with the way things are and willingly submit to the shepherd.
We will always be physically controlled to a certain extent, and there's not a whole lot we can do about it. However, we will only be cattle if we submit to fear. Freedom is a state of mind based on fearless self determination. It's not for the feint of heart. Most people don't have the courage to be truly free.

Ted said...

You sure write from you heart and present the truth and harsh facts to your audience in a very powerful way.

It is also a fact that our knowledge to historical events is ultimately limited to what we read. And, what we read is also limited to the writings that have been made available to us.

“Mahatma” (The Great Soul - in Hindi) Gandhi is a household name all over the world. On a headcount basis - from Mongolia to Chile - it will be safe to say that “Mahatma Gandhi” has more recognition than either “Jesus” or “Buddha”. There are hundreds of writers, thousands of books and millions of articles dedicated to “Mahatma Gandhi”. Gandhi is the most “Politically Correct” name and the point of reference. Political leaders revere and recite this name on all the right occasions.

“Mahatma Gandhi” is to humanity what “Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton” combined together are to Physics! - May be more. It has been the most “fashionable” name ever to quote. You are very “safe” to quote Mahatma Gandhi. All the celebrities quote it, politicians quote it, my yuppie friend quote him while sipping coffee at the Starbucks, my Polish barber quote him, you quote him and I quote him.

Do you really believe that “Mahatma Gandhi” just happened to become such a household name by itself?

“Mahatma” Gandhi (real name: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) surely was the noblest of the Indian leadership that “emerged” during the Indian struggle of “independence”. During his later years in life, he had come to realize that he had been used and was working to correct the wrong. That was not acceptable to “some” and so the termination was ordered.

Forget the “communist” or any other “ist” angle. There was no such agents or influence in that region.

Any way, who cares – I love to quote “Mahatma” Gandhi. You love to quote Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi is Great - Not to put down our ‘Mahatma” Dr. Luther King.

Take it or leave it – Like it or not - Gandhi is “The” most promoted name in the history of mankind (sorry, Jesus). Try to find a better and safer name to quote!

m_astera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Sorry Michael; I only read the first paragraph or so. I guess you're drunk again which explains the passion or needing a drink which might explain it too. Pot and I get along fine and had a decent exchange following my comment. Your hyperbole in describing the texture of my piece is amusing. But... it's good to see you are using this to vent a lot of other resentments. I didn't see them all but I can guess.

Until I mention your name you don't have the right to ascribe presumptions to me. In scanning I saw Chavez's name pop up. He wasn't even mentioned.

I'm guessing you are about as steady in your thinking as you are in following through on commitments in real life.

You're free to say and think whatever you like about me and also go to work behind the scenes with others and see if you can find sympathetic ears. I'm going to go on doing what I do, not expecting anyone to like or dislike me and treating both scorn and praise the same.

Good luck with whatever is really bothering you. I won't even be thinking about what I saw of this and we'll let time and circumstance sort it out, I'm content to rely on whatever judgments come my way once I've had my say.

Anonymous said...

Ok the Gandhi thing.
Im hoping we all understand that getting what you want out of an outcomes means not making the whole thing up yourself, but working within the SQ, in effect of change. This can seem as if you're part of the thing you're changing. Gandhi wouldnt be in history books if the "masters" didnt have a goal for his story. But be clear who's story you're fighting over here, Gandhi's or the man's.
Two, Gandhi's life in body is much different than his life in mind. Ok he wouldnt say that. Idea here is he can be linked to "players" of history but thats about it. The spin starts after he speaks not before.
Last we have little idea what was going on in his or King's minds, but their acts sure help, look to those please. Their deaths werent to shut them up, but bring darkness and fear back into the world to responed to the light flowing out of their movenments.

Le Mat

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

It seems to me we do have a 100% perfect idea of what was in Gandhi's mind and heart. Especially when it counted the most for him, at the moment of his death.
When someone pumps bullets into you from point blank and you, through years and years of practice and devotion, remember God as you die, isn't that the eating of the pudding, the proof?
He didn't just moan or groan or say momma or shit or damn it... he said "Rama, Rama," consciously and surely and it's no mystery why.

As for m astera's "I do always leave open the possibility that people can change," does this include Gandhi as well?
Is it possible that the Gandhi of SA might have, some forty years later, changed? Or do his acts of forty years before define him in perpetuity?

Visible said...

To me the key is hidden in the meaning of Mahatma which is "great souled"

Maybe all my heroes are tarnished. God knows that I am tarnished too. Maybe we all have clay feet but just speaking for myself, I have not experienced clay feet yet and I seriously doubt that I will at this point.

I need my heroes and I need the footprints that my betters left for me to follow. I need my guides and my heroes and my angels. I am nothing without them. I may be nothing anyway but I aspire. That is what I do.

Anonymous said...

Well said.
I too aspire.
I also have and need my heroes, and Balarama is one of them.
As is Lord Shiva.

Anonymous said...

Clearly frog steppimg can be painful albeit well meant.
Anaughty Mouser

m_astera said...

Hi Les-

Apologies for that last post. No I wasn't drunk, I was angry and I dashed it off and sent it without reading it through again. It was poorly written and I apologize for that, not the content. I have removed it and am giving it another try.

I had and have the impression that a number of recent posts and comments from you stem from your personal heroes being bashed, and that rather than address that you are setting up straw men and/or attacking the messenger.

It is my contention that the "progressive left" has been as thoroughly brainwashed as the "reactionary right". The latest propaganda equating the tax-protest tea parties with rich Republicans is an example, viz the recent article at the Common Dreams site titled "Tim McVeigh Would Love the Tea Party".

I don't have any sacred cows. It is all open for question, everything. In particular I question anyone or anything that the corporate media and education system promotes. MLK Jr and Mohandas Gandhi have been sold as thoroughly as the Jewish Holocaust. The supposedly successful outcome of their non-violent protests I question. I do not see most blacks in the USA having a better life than they did forty or fifty years ago. Three generations into being almost totally dependent on government for food and housing, poorly educated and not valuing education, a large percentage of them unemployed and unemployable, glorifying vice and violence. I already know your opinion of rap, same as mine. I note that the NAACP was founded by Jews, who retained the presidency of that org until the 1970s, I think. The Jews were also the organizers and leaders of both the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement of the 1960s. It's also worth noting that they controlled the music business then as they continue to today. Their media decide who the heroes are, who the victims are, and how those on both sides of the liberal/conservative divide think about issues. It's worth noting that their media created and perpetuate that dichotomy as well.

I look at corporate controlled consumerist India today and I don't see the poor doing much better than the blacks in the USA, and I see the values they are being sold as a slight variation on the same materialism, the movie Slum Dog Millionaire being an example.

I have no way of knowing the hearts of MLK Jr or of Gandhi. I can only look at the history and the results, and look at who is promoting them and the supposed effectiveness of non-violent protest. Non-violent protest seems pretty harmless to the powers that be; it has also shown itself to be quite ineffective in my view. The governments and corporations of this world use force and threat of force to promote their agenda, yet push non-violence in the media as the only choice for the people to make a change. Why don't the governments and corporations use non-violent protest if it is so effective? Why aren't their representatives carrying signs in the designated "free speech zones"?

My original critique was of your writing and your lack of objectivity when one of your oxes is gored. I did not attack your ethics or honor, nor did I mention your personal habits. Yet, rather than addressing the points I raised, you dismissed my entire argument, didn't even bother to read it, wrote that I must be "drunk again" and further attacked my honor by insinuating that I did not follow through on my commitments publicly or privately. Purely ad hominem, directed at my character rather than my points. As you are fond of saying, prove my facts wrong and I'm willing to listen and learn.

I am your friend, Les. We are on the same side. Friends don't always agree, but they can learn from each other if they are willing to learn rather than simply defend their assumed positions.

As for not following through, I do my very best to always follow through. It isn't always on someone else's timeline. Look for a PM from me.


pot said...

Guess I hit a nerve with the Gandhi and MLK comment. Of course, many of those who execute the orders of the ruling elite may not know the real reasons, and may truly believe what they are doing is right. I actually side with MLK and Gandhi on these issues, but they served a purpose.

I mean, you can use tactics like the terrorists in Palestine who became Israels leaders, but look at what Israel has become as a result. Non violence is the way to go, even if that serves the interests of the ruling elite.

As to the commenter who claimed British ruled India had nothing to do with Communism, you really have no clue about who is behind the Communist movement, many of it's roots began in London. Gandhi was in the British Army and recruited Indians to fight in the Boer War, doesn't make him a bad guy, but if you have an open mind, you have to wonder.

Anonymous said...

And once again, in case you missed it...
Is the Gandhi who recruited Indians to fight in the Boer war the same Gandhi who called out to Rama as he died?
Are you now the same pot who, when he was a child, killed insects, etc., etc., or did you change, grow?
It really does matter.
If is doesn't, then there is no ____.
Fill in the blank.

Anonymous said...

"We’ve come to the point where people believe life on Earth began 6000 years ago and they are doing museum tours to imprint this ugly fantasy into the minds of their children."

OK, so a jillion years ago, a fish grew legs and walked up on land and evolved into dinasaurs and monkeys and everything else and some of them (the monkeys, I mean) evolved into us and all this started with a single cell. So where did the single cell come from? What is a cell? What is life? Why are we here?

If you're looking for meaning in your life, why don't you try reading the Bible with an open mind?

You are right about the Zionists though. Everything revolves around Israel. And if everything revolves around Israel, then the Bible must be right. The modern state of Israel is the resurrected beast prophesied in the Book of Revelation.



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