Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Meaning of Life for Dummies

Dog Poet transmitting.......

You can feel it in the air but that’s no reason to cue Phil Collins. However, just like Phil’s music there’s more reverb than the actual sound it’s applied to; the overall effect being something like a sixties shag haircut; so much for an irrelevant intro.

I’ve been receiving ten times my usual emails lately. Many of you are grateful for the work and that’s been motivating and heartening since I was going to stop altogether for awhile and this has put that on hold. I get tired of this at regular intervals. It’s good to know that most of you don’t. For reasons unknown, I began to acquire this flood of input... literally on the day of my decision. In equal measure... many of you are either fatalistic or resigned (looking for some kind of light in the encroaching darkness) or, optimistic without knowing why. The solution is not to look in the darkness for light. You’re supposed to look for where the light is. I can argue both sides of the equation and leave you with either a half-full or half-empty glass of something.

We put spin on things determined by the nature of our outlook. Outlook is going to be determined by the times in which you live and what street corner you’re standing on. Outlook is the problem. Inlook is the point. Everything outside of you is controlled by what’s going on inside of you, unless... unless you surrender that control because you have an affinity for being a pinball, you’ve become accustomed to it or you don’t know any better. I’m not just saying this... that’s the way it is. I’m not this chick here. I’m not trying to create a new age, snake oil business while dressed up in a white goddess outfit by way of H. Rider Haggard’s, “She”. There are a whole lot of people recycling the words of the ancients as if they were suddenly the main portal into an eternal kingdom of bliss with surround sound by Dolby and which costs a lot more than the usual dollar three eighty. When you need the special effects and the costumes it can only mean you don’t have the item itself... just like The Wizard of Oz.

I’m going to explain the world and your situation in the simplest terms I can think of and ask you to dress this explanation in whatever perspective you’ve come to observe your existence through. This explanation will translate into most any religion or philosophy that isn’t a man in the mirror stroke-book by one of the vanitymeisters whose sole purpose for manifesting was to give pseudo-intellectuals something to talk to each other about while engaged in mutual frottage. I speak of clowns like Sartre, Wittgenstein and their fellows or, on the other hand, those darlings of the flamboyance queens such as; Crowley, Hubbard and their ilksters. Some of you are satisfied with the pipe and the tweed jackets with leather elbow patches and some of you want something a bit dressier like a floor length black velvet cape. For this type, the real powers that be usually arrange it so that they wind up standing alone on one of the moons of Saturn with a balloon over their head that says, “I’m with stupid.”

A real and simple explanation, that’s the ticket. My personal perspective is to see everything in terms of The Lord of the Rings or as a Hindu might. It’s usually one or the other. However, as I said, you can transliterate this and get you a game-plan once you have the road map. You can’t play the game if you can’t see the game-board. This is most of the reason why people wind up depressed or feeling helpless. Once you can see the board you can see the way out, even if it looks scarier than what satisfied your eye for beauty at closing time last night ...when you awaken the following day. That particular scenario is also part of the problem. The wise-ass format being employed here is being done for a reason.

Okay... here it is. The whole world is on fire and it is consuming itself in every moment. This is the meaning of the serpent with it’s tale in its mouth. Don’t analyze this; just swallow it whole like the serpent. You get born into a world of appearances reflected in an infinity of funhouse mirrors and whatever you see is defined by how you were schooled, your unique nature and following circumstance. There is no other point to life than to find this out. You’re free to wallow in the whole thing like a dog at a roadside carcass or isolate yourself on a mountain top.

The world is like a movie that loops but there may be a better example. It starts out with a few people left over from the last movie and it goes through a sequence of changes until it resembles an enormous mall surrounded by an even larger parking lot. At this point, the power of the spectacle overwhelms the power of most people’s ability to be self aware, content, moral or even human. They become like tubes that process matter through one hole and then out the other. They are uniformly unhappy, frightened and ill at ease and here’s why...

It is impossible to satisfy any hunger or craving for very long. Sooner or later it comes back. As I said, the world is on fire and that fire is desire. The more you pile it on the stronger that hunger becomes, so a wise person strives to keep the fire like a cool, blue white gas flame. Unfortunately, the more complex, crowded and diverse the world becomes, the more things there are to steal, fuck or eat. All wanting is based on a basic hunger which is not any of the hungers that are being temporarily satisfied in its place. This is the cause of all that angst, weltschmertz and ennui and which the pseudo’s might call existential despair.

At certain points where the world has gotten stuffed with burning crap being consumed by too many tubes it adjusts itself. Like those maps you sometimes see at bus kiosks, “You are here.” Typically, most people refuse or are unable to see the adjustment in process. They go right on doing what they were doing before, attempting to satisfy something that cannot be satisfied and... they get hammered. This is known as a wakeup call only it might mean you get dead too. Then you can be a lesson.

Throughout the period of any particular movie there is a group of people who are well aware of what the world is. Let’s say there are two basic groups. One group likes it here just fine and their sole motivation is to entice everyone else into buying whatever they are selling. They are also engaged in creating debt, often manufactured out of thin air. They create wars and all sorts of mischief in order to increase their holdings and they don’t stop until they have the last lonely nickel at the bottom of the sea. They are immune to the suffering of others and often entertain themselves, sometimes even erotically, by making it happen just so they can watch it. It is at this time also that the world makes an adjustment and takes away everything they have or renders it worthless. Most people admire these people and believe them no matter how outrageously they lie.

Then there’s the other group who knows what’s going on and tries to help most people understand what’s going on. They seek harmonious accord with their fellows for which they are often rewarded with contempt and distrust because they can’t understand why someone would want to do the right thing when it doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.

The first group hates the second group and does their best to slander, imprison and murder them. Both groups exist for a reason and the reason is for you to get a clue that there is no point to most of the things you do. The world is set up for you to fuckup so that eventually ‘what it is’ dawns on you.

Some say there is a mysterious power that works within humanity to bring it to a state of self-realization. They also say there’s another power that works contrary to that. The second power is obvious. We see it at work every day. I’m not here to argue about whether this first power also exists. I will tell you that people have been dressing up their own idea of what this power is in all kinds of different outfits for millennia and still don’t seem to know very much but they do get around to a lot of torture and murder just like the people in the first group and that is because the people in the first group are usually running this scene as a business the same as any other.

What I personally know is that it is possible to be ‘relatively’ free of all of this unhappy horseshit by studying yourself and making that the primary objective of your life. You are free to study others as well. You are only a victim of the game due to playing the game and the degree of your victimization is relative to the degree of your involvement which is based on the degree of your belief in it. Hidden within this text is the answer to what troubles you but you’ll have to catch that on your own. It doesn’t work otherwise. But I will say this... it is the focus outward that is giving you all this inner grief. A little more inner focus might provide you with a greater degree of outward relief. Oh yeah... and “don’t fear the reaper’.

End transmission.......

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Unknown said...

Now this is synchronicity... I happened to find a song that my sister apparently uploaded on my ipod that I liked the sound of, called "Dont Fear the Reaper": by Blue Oyster Cult, and always re-played it and replayed it in my head as well for the past week and of course the phrase itself was just alluring to me, making me think about self-realization and awareness. And now this phrase at the end of this blog! A great piece, Les, what you shared were things I thought about this week, which you expressed so well. A friend also shared with me last night a dream that she had once upon a time...being mainly consumed with fire growing inside herself slowly like a crescendo while her surroundings grew hotter until she could not bear it any longer and screamed endlessly, and she remembers it as if it were vividly alive..and remembers believing in what she felt happening, also spent some time wondering why that particular "dream" creeped up on her. When she told me this, it made me think of the serpent as a force, power, hidden or subtle...


Zoner said...

Now you're talking my language, brother.

"Keepin' it real" has a certain charm for some of us simpler folk.

I take it I shouldn't keep looking for the "Purchase Oneness" button on any of your sites?

Desire, yeah,,

Does that apply also to the desire for the thing that is left over, if somehow all the "stuff" gets successfully jettisoned and a path is cleared to see the way out? Is there room for desire for that one true thing, or is that another "Dummies II" issue on its own?

Your endurance is admirable, and you do much good here. I'm glad you are hearing that loud and clear.

Thank you, Dog Poet Visible.


Visible said...

Focusing on that single hunger and understanding what it is leads to speedy results as well as the way out.

As I said, the whole point of life and the purpose of all out suffering is to bring us to this awareness at which point the suffering diminishes until is goes away forever, even quicker if one becomes immersed in service.

Kirsten... that's an intense dream.

It's funny how many times I and the reader are both thinking the same things.

Unknown said...

Indeed it is wonderfully funny, Les. It's gotta be the collective conciousness finding ways to swarm, bump into each other ;)


Murphy151 said...

Hello Les,

Terribly sorry to be a burden and all that but can you please explain the Dog Poet thing for stoopid people like me as I cannae fathom one iota of what it all means!

Yours da-de-da-dee-da!

Thank you, most kind


PS My eldest is 4 today and I am optimistic about her adulthood, things will not be the same for her. Life is sometimes what you make it....literally (professional watchers please listen and learn), what you make it. This is my life, our life, my time, our time, my responsibility, our responsibility. We choose to construct or destruct. Everyone has a choice.

Happy Birthday my dear child, the world is yours and ours, welcome to your inheritance

Anonymous said...

Again, thanks. It' good to have these insights repeated from time to time.
"Clowns like Sartre, Wittgenstein and their fellows" hits the mark.
The comment on the "single hunger and what it is", is especially relevant and helpful now.
It's easy to despair and lose heart when one hears of and sees children and all powerless beings burned with phosphorus bombs, starved, abused.
And I do wish the game had been set up with somewhat different rules.
One saying which has helped and still helps me is "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well." - Wobbling on the razor's edge.

Anonymous said...

Know Thyself

by Alexander Pope

Know then thyself, presume not God to scan;
The proper study of mankind is Man.
Placed on this isthmus of a middle state,
A being darkly wise and rudely great:
With too much knowledge for the Sceptic side,
With too much weakness for the Stoic's pride,
He hangs between; in doubt to act or rest,
In doubt to deem himself a God or Beast,
In doubt his mind or body to prefer;
Born but to die, and reasoning but to err;
Alike in ignorance, his reason such
Whether he thinks too little or too much:
Chaos of thought and passion, all confused;
Still by himself abused, or disabused;
Created half to rise and half to fall;
Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all;
Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurled:
The glory, jest, and riddle of the world!
R4E (--_--)

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree, the ugly sweet meaningless sound of chaching can be heard round the world. To be or not to be......... conciousness is just a though away!

Anonymous said...

Its streaming out today!!! Thanks No words will work. I will share this everyone! For months now I wished you would share this!!! The title is a bit over the top?
I now see the group hang out on one of the moons of saturn!!!

“Three things can not hide for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth”

Its neat to see you share this today? I too love Tolkien's work. Some dumb ass linked it to WWI, so to hide its true story!!!

Too many quotes aaah But please this seems in place today as well

"People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.
Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.
Be honest and sincere anyway.
What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.
Create anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.
Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, will often be forgotten.
Do good anyway.
Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.
Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway."

Mother Teresa

Want more:

Anonymous said...

As a youngster, was into a serious study of philosophy and magic. The purpose was to discover internal techniques, much like push ups and sit ups, in order to develop myself. One of the things most of these books mentioned was that less than 1% of the general population practiced meditation on a regular basis.

Being young and therefore stupid, it seemed an absurd assumption. Why would not everybody be into developing their internal power? Well, after experiencing adults for many years, the truth of this statement became apparent.

The very last thing most people would ever care to do is discover their inner self. They must fear it, because they get pissed off and bored whenever it is talked about. The path of searching for real knowledge is just something you should keep to yourself.

The absurdity of this is the simple fact that the Infinite Creator gave the gift of Free Will in order for humans to discover their godhood. All systems of proper social behavior derived from mystics who tread the path of meditation in search of the Infinite Creator. This should explain why humanity has sunk so low today.

Anonymous said...

References to Sarte and Mr Magick Crowley bonus points! I don't exist just to serve a system of economics and fill my space up with encumbering "stuff". It is fun to drop out and bring nothing to the table of a psychotic system that only sees me as a caloric unit, a body to toil for their benefit. Be not afraid the vampire system is dying before our eyes consuming itself like a ravenous ogre.

Anonymous said...

you know what les ,what you do is take us all for a stroll up the garden path of ouselves and you are truely gifted at it.I suppose we are all victims of our desires,the truth I suppose is totally adaptable I think that is the beauty of the truth no one can own it because it is for everybody for the young to the old for everything that exists all of nature, and trying to dress it up like the chick has,she probably doesnt realize it but shes dropped it and she will be for ever trying to put it back in the place where she thinks it should be dressing it up with pretty uniforms and new age vocabulary's I dont know maybe her ego is slap bang in the way the same as some of them super super intellectuals who wave bits of paper stating they are super intellectual and any one who hasnt got one of these pieces of paper does not have the authority to discuss the truth and when you do discuss with them they just impose the attitude that they are better because they use much bigger words that gets us no where,same problem ego took over or maybe self pride or is self pride the ego, I dont know cause I have never been taught all I have to go on is what I feel that is my teacher,les never give up I am sure you have led many people to waken their selves you are unique and a great teacher.peace and harmony to all neil

Kevenj said...

Wow! Rasha is pretty cute!

"Don't Fear the Reaper" was a favorite of mine, although in the spirit of Justin_in_IL I would have to agree with what he might say about the song that it has demonic/dark connotations 'Throwing it to the wind 'as it were..

Les, I have learned so much from you and the people you hang around on this site I cannot put into words. I wish I could meet all of them.
Though I do not post much, please rest assured that there must be hundreds of those out there that honor your bravery and honest succinctness in their hearts. Let alone your talent.
Thank you for keeping it up.
I'll resist the urge to donate to Rasha's forum and give the pennies to you instead.

Still alive said...

Problem is, it is so hard for so many to awaken when all their lives they have been put to sleep.

Let us all hope that next time around the good guys win!

kikz said...

nice one, thanks:D

saturn, alone, 'i'm w/stupid' thoughtbubble... hahahahahahahahahaha!
almost sprayed my monitor w/my drink :)

Anonymous said...

I took a quick nap and woke up 2 hours ago. (woke up sweating like a spitting image in that Genesis video).

Before I opened my eye's, I saw 2 Rabbi's holding a cross and these narrated words were spoken.
"The Christian religion is being forced to accept the revealing nature of satan."
Some dreams give us warning*


Is mankind that predictable?

A NDE'r named -Howard Storm made an amazing painting of his visit to hell. A white triangle with rows of rainbows under it, all above a sea of plummeting souls headed into fire pit of entwined giant black worms.

Now I didn't pass into that sphere, But I do know if you overlap the gate off the coast of Japan (devils sea) with the one in the Atlantic, it forms a Star of David.
*"The key is Red"

Anonymous said...

Yep, inward focus is what I have learned to do as well. It is not hard to realize this lesson, but it is hard to do. For me personally I was under the assumption I was looking deep enough, and turned out I only uncovered a few layers of many many layers, and so am still peeling away even more layers inward of myself.

For me it is an ongoing battle with no end in sight, but I do feel alot less angst these days.

Thanks for not quitting your blog it gives me some relief and gratitude that I am not the only one in group two.

Zellie said...

"IT'S ALL GOOD." That just keeps resonating in my mind right now..."yeah, yeah, it's all good."

I'm reading a great book right now, called, "Edgar Cayce, My Life As a Seer: The Lost Memoirs."

It's about: The Visions, the Prophecies, and Life of the Twentieth Century's Leading Psychic as Told in His Own Words.

On Page 174: In answer to the question: What is the law of love?

Answer: Giving. As in this injunction, "Love thy Neighbor as Thyself...Love the Lord thy God with all thine Heart, thine Soul, and thine Body."

We see again upon the physical or earth plane the manisfestation of that law, without the law itself. We find the manifestation of the opposite from law of love - giving with hope of reward or pay is direct opposition of the law of love. Remember, there is no greater than the injunction, "God so loved His Creation, or the World, as to give His only begotten Son, for their redemption."

Through that love, as man makes it manifest in his own heart and life, the law becomes a part of the individual. That is the law of love. Giving in action, without reward for that given.

So we have, Love is Law, Law is Love. God is Love. Love is God. We see the law manifested, not the law itself.

(I believe Jesus said, be not weary in doing good.

I say, keep doing good all ye that love God (fellow humans, and themselves.)

One last paragraph from that page:

Now, if we, as individuals have all of the other elementary forces that make for the bettering of life, and have not Love, we are as nothing - nothing. "Though one may have the gift of prophecy, so as to give great understanding, even of the graces in hope, in charity, in faith, and has not the law of love in their heart, soul, mind and though they {manifest} even these graces, and {have} not Love, they are nothing."

Beautiful book; quite humbling to read...

There is still so much GOOD we can do every day!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, How we as humans have lost our way, most of us anyway. Some can see that the world is rapidly descending into darkness once again, by the same type of people who have tried to steer humanity off the cliff to death before. Human nature combined with selfish desires, linked up with demonic and evil forces. Always have always will attempt to kill, steal and destroy life in all it's many forms. However, as it always turns out they always lose all in the end. How sad that this proving ground of life, that displays the best and worst of humankind is for a higher purpose. Would you like to spend forever with the bad group? No! Well, as we move to eternity, the bad people who fail to understand the true nature of life drop off to oblivion never to be seen or remembered ever again. A kind of "you will look for the wicked and will not find them,” ending. Moreover, that gives me hope and a drive to carry on when the light seems to be going out, here on terra firma. Love and peace.

Pangolin said...

I will join any cult that involves getting laid a whole bunch with yoga-toned college co-eds. No takers? Damn. If I had known Baghwan was going to skip town and release his brainwashed followers I would have done that bit in the eighties. Now it's too late.

Anybody have a cult that has lots of gardening, sauna time and tea drinking minus the sex?

All the self-proclaimed gurus I meet are far more interested in the check writing than anything else. All of you are on your own.

suraci said...

Even while fighting vermin it's important to enjoy our lives, otherwise they have won. We only have a few years and we shouldn't hand over our emotional well being to scum.

I try to laugh, even at their worse excesses, because they are funny and shallow people, impossibly corrupt and evil. And they all die warped, unhappy and twisted, leaving behind human wreckage such as their children, who are reared to be just like them. The children they fail to suitably warp to the cause usually committ suicide, or end up addicted to something that kills them.

These people do not enjoy their lives, they are as much victims of what they serve as we are, and more so because they have no inner peace. That comes from other things than exceptional dining, palatial living and every sexual perversion imaginable at their fingertips.

I think many of them realise this just before they die, we can see it in their empty faces. They are to be pitied, even as we fight them, and laugh at them.

Anonymous said...


Ad nocturn?

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...

God's listening...all you gotta do is talk to Him. Seriously.

Pax y'all!

Pax Verbum

Tom Dennen said...

You successfully describe what some psychologists refer to as the 'phenomenological field', which is literally everything that has, is and will impact on your being, no matter how trivial.

'You' are also 'part' of that field and if (when) it gets wiped out, that part of 'you' experiences 'death' but at that moment a newborn 'you' pops into existence along with a new 'field' and all the mirrors change.

Anonymous said...

If I as a driver were to make a delivery I would have to consult a map to predict my route. If within that route I were to stop, or not stop for coffee I would alter my destiny. If I were to do un-predictable actions within my journey my destination will be the same, but the events of how I got to my destination will have altered knowingly, and un-knowingly along my route. For within that route my destiny will have been changed by my own, and un-known actions along the way.
If we drop a pebble in a clear lake it will ripple outward without hindrance. If we drop a further pebble within the original ripple it will alter the original prediction of the initial prediction. Similarly, if when fly fishing the line is cast on a lake, the fly when first hitting the water will ripple outward until it makes contact with the following line-water contact, and the ensuing ripples.
If we have a fellow journeyman, or fisherman to alter, or interrupt our course in life, the predicted course of that journey to the final destiny will have changed in any number of ways. But our destiny will remain the same.
If I tell the reader the front door is open. Will the reader look to see if it is open, or will the reader know that it is closed ?
Truck Drivers spend far too long on their own s the I believe have a special madness. I at one time wrote a letter to Jesus as I drove along one day. it was a rant as to why I was born, and I was having a bad day. I was too busy to weite it down.
The above is part of that letter, as it went on to say of how we interact with each other, and depend on each other, and not enough people seem to try to understand how we need to work together, which is our great failing.
Anyway probabbly off track as ever, but that is what will make us different,

Anonymous said...

To you Les and all the others:
Dankeschoen und Auf Wiedersehn!

Anonymous said...

Stay positive. "Will of the wishers." Hang around for a while, it's only gonna get better, you can bet on it. The military complex former President Einsenhower warned about are building up China for a possible war. But I do believe Edgar Cayce when he said "China will become the bed of Christianity."

The Fujian White Crane will bring down the Dragon.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Taking the Future Exit.

Michal said...

Your post brought a thought to my head. It is actually simple. Regardless of how bad the world gets, try to live in a better world, treat people as you would like to be treated. If enough of us do that the world will be better. Do right and damn the consequences.

Thanks for being here with us Les.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, You've written another gem.

It is therapeutic to confirm one's own logic in another's writing.

As for Rasha ?? that is great stuff Les. I have to get myself a cape, a website that accepts credit cards. She looks like a middle aged nutjob that took her ex for all he had, and is now off into existential oblivion. She shows no address, but I bet she lives in some rented studio apartment in Malibu.

“ You cant play the game unless you can see the gameboard “ Yes Indeed.

Ted Kennedy, on a political level, was one of those spectacles you speak of. He was a compromised tool, who out of guilt, tried to throw as many crumbs as possible to the underclass. Nice to see the US political process rid itself of another celebrity. There are still too many Orin Hatches in the system. BS artists.

Visible said...

Hey Paolo;

Yes, actually she's one of the lesser insane examples. Had I looked harder I could have found some doozies.

You mention Orin Hatch. Now there is a dark and bilious creature. I imagine there's some serious satanic activity in that man's background.

Now they'll have that sturm und drang funeral for another political hack and we'll hear all about his service to the common man and what a valuable light worker he was. One has only to look at the present state of the common man to see what he accomplished.

paolocaruso said...

If Ted Kennedy had any integrity, knowing he had days to live, he should have made a YouTUBE blasting the cabal that assassinated his brothers and his nephew. BUt even in death they had him by the balls... his legacy, which is why the media is praising him in death (otherwise they could be trashing him and eventually will anyway).

BTW Your writings have a full grasp of the situation. Your ability to present it brilliantly is truly a gift you should bring to many more people who sit distraught by what they do not understand.

paolocaruso said...

Les, Not too hog your comment space, but your are right-on with Orin Hatch. Dark and bilious indeed.
I could justsee Orin in a hooded cape with torch fires and altar, smiling wild-eyed at thirdwold kidnapped children. For sure, the cabal has got Orin wrapped up, polaroids and video. He's a disgusting asswipe and epitomizes American politics.

Anonymous said...

Just gotta throw out another freaky hilarious bit of synchronicity.
From my many years of playing for 'spiritual' and 'temple' scenes (from which I now have absolutely removed myself, and continue to make heavy use of the shower body-brush) I have seen the entity 'Rasha' many times. Wonder if rasha is short for 'rakshasa' (heh heh)? wouldn't be surprised.
Anyway, it drives a pure white SUV (natch), is self-absorbed, aloof, a control freak, and most likely lives in a condo in Fanta Se, NM. It complained once to a friend that the 'ankle bells' were disturbing it's 'meditation'.
My friend recently was 'gifted' with the holy advertised book, even pulled it out yesterday to put in a 'free box' somewhere, and she read me a random page. This new level of 'spiritual word salad' out there is amazing, eh?
Anyway, freaky how veils and reality-shows and our own witnessing and surrendering reveals once again that 'its all under control'. Or, as they say, "as the incense burns..."


Anonymous said...

People mentioning Edgar Cayce got me thinking about all the Cayce books I read years ago. They were fascinating. I remember when he said "from Russia comes the hope of the world." It sounded crazy at the time, those Godless communists the hope of the world. Look at the trouble they were causing, always attempting to undue American "benevolence." I think the Truth Seeker had a article about Russia hope of the world a while back.

I don't remember Cayce saying "China will become the bed of Christianity." (4:22 AM) but it wouldn't be surprising. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Not ever half a "dozen potbellied red dragons dancing the Irish jig in front of the Whitehouse."


Anonymous said...

Greetings Dumballah... Batting a new average; excellent spike on the 'simple moving average' line. Here's a book I read whilst languishing in a military stockade in 1983.(actually an old Horse Stable "Conduct to the Prejudice" was the Charge - as generic a Charge as any could manufacture I posit. Perhaps FEMA might have need of it soon - on or about 051009, grin). 'Intellectuals' by Paul Johnson: A seminal work regarding the great 'soothsayers' of the past and probably appropos the present as a 'tick & flick' template.

'E Nomini Espirito Sancti'


Duke said...

The harvest is ripe, do not fear the reaper, he is your friend and leader.

Anonymous said...

I'm new here.

You write exquisitely well, sir.

Yes, to most everything, except how do you keep to liveable levels the "much contempt" for those who REFUSE to acknowledge the TRUTH?

I'm now a full-fledged, raving misanthrope.

As for the reaper, well, I fear, I fear.

Keep on sharing, sir, and thanks.


dsquared said...

The "fire" has almost gone out for me, and ... there is no cold comfort !

When the world we live in
.. is slowly frozen ..
.. by the winter of our discontent

Do we pray and wait
.. for some dispensation ..
.. or miracles , heaven-sent ?

Or find some internal button to push
.. that would generate ..
.. real fervour and heat ?

Before the heart
.. goes into a permanent ..
.. irreversible hibernation retreat ?


Visible said...

New post up-

Two Reflections.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

A Fly on the Wall of a Cosmic Nightmare's End.



Joseph Brenner

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