Friday, July 30, 2010

Nice Girls by Day and Hookers by Night

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Let’s look at the two main features of any country; even if there are a few exceptions about what’s permitted, some of the citizens will still engage in a private way and if you just go back some years you will find is was there too. I’m talking about religion. The other one is government. You get governments because people want certain things handled by an organization that represents their interests.

The basic unit of any society is the family. You get a certain amount of families together and you get towns and cities, counties and states and a nation. It’s the same in any country, although they may have different names for the segments within segments of the total. All of these segments have some kind of government and some kind of churches that represent some different way that the members try to celebrate and worship the same thing in a different outfit. The present historical memory of what’s happened on Planet Earth contains a number of major religions that were created here or there at different times and have been around long enough that each one of them has a pretty good number of groups who formed out of the central faith for one reason or another.

Around the world and over time there are and have been different types of governments that promise to provide basic needs according to a system they follow that makes these things happen or not happen, depending on what the government wants for itself and depending on the people’s ability to compel the government to see to their needs instead of filling its own. Government and Religion are the big guns of a society. Ideally, one sees to temporal needs and one sees to spiritual needs.

Let’s just talk about America because it is the main super power but you can think about England and the other countries she owns like Ireland; Scotland, Canada and Australia too. It’s been said that England owns America but it’s really money that owns all of them and whoever wants to do business with them too. Let’s talk about Christianity because that’s the main religion in all of these countries and let’s think of the American government as a couple of sisters that dress up every few years and go out on the town to see which one of them gets to be in charge of the country for awhile. One of them poses as the soul of business and she says that if you let her dance all over the place, everybody in the country is going to be okay and she’s just get smaller as the business gets bigger and the dance gets wilder. The other sister poses as the soul of the people and she says that if you let her dance all over the place, everybody in the country is just going to get happier and she’s going to get bigger and everybody is going to start dancing with her. Both of them say they are going to take care of everybody if you just let them dance.

Christianity is a woman who is all chaste and clean and she’s everybody’s mother but we don’t know how it happened because she doesn’t have sex. She dances too and she raises her hands to the sky and she says that if she can just keep dancing she’s going to build a stairway to Heaven so that everyone can have a piece of pie. All three of these ladies are modest and sweet and they travel around all over the place handing out candy and wearing long skirts and they each have a torch so that they look a lot like the lady that comes on the screen when the movie is made by Columbia. All of this happens in the day time.

Every day when the sun comes up things have gone through a little change. People find needles and condoms in the alleys and conditions are different than you expect they would be. Days turn into months and months into years as decades come and go and the sisters keep changing places while everything winds up in the hands of some people who belong to a tiny little country that suddenly appeared in the Middle East. Along with some other folk it turns out that 1% of the people own the majority of things and everybody else lives on chicken lips and deep fried butt rings.

What happens is that all three of these ladies change into something else when the sun goes down. They put on real short skirts and halter tops and paint their faces like a clown. They head into the alleys where there are these secret little clubs that stay open all night long and all three ladies are the main entertainment for the one’s who print the money that makes everything work and all they have to do is anything the money men want. The money men make movies and take pictures of all the things these ladies do and they show them to them in the day time so, after awhile, they’re doing the same things they do at night. They don’t mind about the movies and the pictures because they really like their work. It doesn’t matter who the men are and the money is nice but they would probably do it anyway because of what they are.

All 3 of these ladies live in big important houses that have a lot of rooms for all the people that want to see them dance and the houses are made of wood. The money men move into the supporting beams, rafters, the walls and the floors and they eat it all up like termites but you can’t see where anything is wrong. The houses have to keep standing until all of them get out of town. It’s time for them to move to India and Georgia, Brazil and other places so that they can find some new dancing ladies and a new important house.

It’s a pretty simple system that these money men perform. They find a couple of countries and they provoke them into war. They loan both sides some money with a heavy interest charge and they got money loaned out to all the businesses that provide the tools of war. When the war is over they have backed the winning side. They also have the losers in debt and they’ve been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years. The first thing they do with the governments of either side is to arrange to print the money and not have to make their transactions public. That means they can make the money available to own the media and every business that has to do with music and books and teaching items so that they can control what people say and learn about them and request it too.

It’s pretty simple really and it explains how girls and women who can look so modest and fresh and chaste can turn into whores who will do anything for money. Christianity was a little different thing. They had a lot to do with what went into the book like changing the fact that one of the main players was a Syrian. They were doing the same things back then and the Syrian got annoyed and called them on their money thing so they nailed him to some boards. The second half of the book was full of all kinds of things you weren’t supposed to do and all of these things were businesses that the money men favored and controlled, like pornography and gambling and many more.

For years they’ve been financing things that are designed to destroy Christianity while convincing the Christians that they were chosen by God. Here’s a little history on how that sorts out. A whole lot of Christians are going to be dead soon enough because of that oil spill. All three of these whores have so many diseases now that they have to have sex in total darkness so that none of the clients can see them and in the day time they have to keep disappearing into backrooms over and over until they’ve been screwed into shape and then they can come back out like Nancy Pelosi and do whatever it takes to keep the termites happy and keep the tired dancing whores on their feet.

It’s money that hookers need to keep doing what they do. Nobody is trading them eggs or vegetables or fruit. Governments and big religions need money or they can’t be the one dancing in your head, somebody else will be dancing there instead. So, whoever can print the money and keep the books secret can control the system at every point and all you need to know is who that is and that’s not hard because who it is has been doing this for a long, long time and the only thing that might interfere with you catching on is that the whores and the money men are pretty powerful and strong. As long as they can keep most of the country believing in what they do, or at least afraid of them, you can’t do much on your own. You can’t go on TV unless they make you a freak. You can’t make a movie. You can’t write a book and have it go in all the stores. You can’t record music about it and get it on the radio. You can’t get the newspapers to report it. You can’t get the government to investigate it or the church to speak out against it.

Well... I know this was kind of loose and unbalanced like the hookers coming home at dawn but I never know what shape it’s going to be in and I got something else on my mind. Here’s a new Visible Origami about the subject we’ve been on and maybe that will take your mind off the termites and the whores.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We will incinerate women and children in cities like Dresden and Hamburg to keep the whores dancing. We’ll atomize Japanese women and children to please the whirling painted skanks.

And we’ll poison Vietnamese women and children with Agent Orange and burn them alive with napalm.

We’ll provide the means for (and turn a blind eye to) the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian women and children from their ancestral homeland.

We’ll rape and murder and poison with depleted uranium Iraqi and Afghani women and children, and soon enough we’ll do it all over again to millions of Iranian women and children – all for the pleasure of our dancing hook nose whore masters.

While we sit on our fat super size ass and believe some bloated preacher pig selling one-way tickets to Disneyland in the Sky out of a TV screen. Thinking we’ll be cheating death and going 'up there' to live with the Prince of Peace with our fingers and our fangs dripping the blood of innocent women and children.

You fuckwits.

Land of the free home of the brave? Pardon me while I puke.

John Anonomo said...

Loose and unbalanced?
:) Get outta here!
Equilibrial and tight.

paolocaruso said...

Les, Great analogy indeed.

I am convinced that all the Madoff money and the missing Dov Zakheim defense trillions and the missing billions from the Iraq reconstruction and all the money that can be skimmed from the US taxpayers, is ending up in Israel.
This is in addition to what they print for themselves. Their appetite is insatiable.

Winyan Staz Wakien said...

I am sad to see your post that once again uses women to make a point.
The government is not women or hookers...they are men...the same damned men that have fucked this nation up and a lot of other nations up.
Blaming women or hookers or those at the bottom of societies ladder for what the elite at the top are doing is just a backhanded slap at women.
I think you can do better than that.

Visible said...

Winyan Staz Wakian;

You need to have a number or a title after your name to do it justice for that full on anal retentive effect. Okay. next time I'll use homosexuals and then retarded babies. I don't mind rotating the characters. I'm not going to explain to you about literary devices but I'm hoping you'll take the opportunity to let everyone know that you took this kind of stand. God willing you are never going to get anywhere near the area where laws are made.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir....We have been demoralized of course.
The nation that lowers it's morals conquers itself.
I am writing to make you aware of an amazing discovery that was brought to my attention in regard to the culture and society in general.
A root cause how we have descended to this level.
I thought it was cool to be a hippie,but no more.
I urge you to look up Willie Lynch (1712)the British slaver.
His technique of making slaves the Romans would be envious of,that would continue to be psychological slaves and be unable to free themselves.
His theory (correct)that distrust is stronger than trust.
He advocated separating the male
slave from the female (60's womens lib)Making her dependent instead on the master (60'sLink Cards Welfare Pre Childrens Protective Services et al)
Like when training a horse if the female horse trusts the master she will wean her young and teach it also to trust the master.
Divide the old vs the young (60's Generation Gap)disallowing the youth to gain the wisdom of the elders.
Divide the slaves by skin tone,and or coarse hair vs fine hair.
(60's black liberation theology MLK "civil right"-today this is Mexican Liberation Theology<~but nobody ever gets liberated,it's a useful idiot movement.Radicalize the minority and castigate the majority)
Teach the slave bosses to never trust a black man,encourage brutal correction....
(60's Police Brutality that has blossomed to gargantuan proportion just look at the provocateurs at the G 20 meetings,tasering old ladys,etc)
I urge you to look at the Willie Lynch slave system and see how many of those techniques have been implemented throughout the new age 60's that everyone looks back on fondly.
It was the great falling away.
When Kruschev said we will destroy you through your youth...
You will fall in our hand like a ripe apple.We will make you pay for the rope we hang you with.
He wasn't kidding !
Horace Greely said It is impossible to enslave physically or spiritually a Bible believing nation.
I hope looking at Willie Lynch techniques,and the major events of the hippy movement and see the similarities.
We were also inundated with Apocolyptic rock,,look at the Satanists on the Sgt Pepper Album,or Ozzy Ozbourne.
Is it any wonder even when people wake up all we have is motivated idiots?
I think the Lynch technique is key to explaining that we are several generations deep in faulty logic.
(PS Check out Constance Cumbey's speech on the web and see who is doing this to us.)
I don't care if you post this so I am posting as anonymous.
I am not denegrating you.
I really just hope you look at the comparisons between Lynch and the 60's

Copernicus Kidd said...

WOW what a fantastic post Les Visible! So many good images to hit on here . . from the clowns to the fruit - everything here is sattvic satire! Most impressive. I hope that you work New York's bed bug epidemic into the mix soon. I was listening to that story on NPR the other day (i only tune in for laffs) and couldn't believe they didn't at least POSIT the odd chance this might have something to do with promiscuous bed surfers!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Les --

A short reply to the noxious character who just tried to castigate the 60s and completely misrepresent the core values of the movement -- in my opinion because he is a troll and realizes that the 60s mindset is the only real threat to the present powers that be.

The 60s "hippie" movement was driven by three values -- the civil rights movement -- the anti-war movement and most importantly the anti-materialist rejection of conformist society and its degenerate values.

It was not driven by splinter NWO factions like women's lib, Black power and gay rights. These came late to the party and were sneered at by true "hippies" as being the old-fashioned divisive commie bullshit we all hated.

As per today's mind-numbed masses -- This can be laid at the feet of the "hippies" in the sense that once the PTB saw what had been unleashed in terms of liberation ideology and effective street protest -- "they" immediately dismantled the educational system, flooded the streets with Quaaludes and junk, knocked off the leading rock stars and political figures, took us off the gold standard so everyone had to scape by at increasingly low-wage jobs and destroyed real family values like love, generosity and true equal rights...

Keep on truckin' or shuckin'


Anonymous said...

Well one thing is for sure. 100% for sure...

Be it homosexuals, retarded babies, Kaminski, Polanski, your dear old auntski or anyone who has ever been born or will ever be born, including you and me.

We all got it coming kid and deserve has nothing to do with it.

It's actually quite refreshing if you think on it a bit.
I mean the equality of it all..

Visible said...

I'm sorry you can't comment but this is what they do. They even manipulate the hit counter which I can measure from another means but can't be bothered to adjust. They can't keep you from reading it though and when that happens it will just migrate. If they were that assured over their control over what people say, they wouldn't care. They know they're going down so take comfort from that.

It does perplex me that you tell me this and don't email the comments to me and that's right up there with sending in your comments multiple times when they always come through after the warning of this and that, time and time again during those windows when they let the comments through. The good news is that is only supposed to annoy me and if that worked I wouldn't do this to begin with.

Coming up, the reality of what has been claimed to have happened so many times that it is only fair that it should.

Pstonie said...

Things may look bad, they may even be marginally successful and kill all the seekers of today, but they can and will never destroy an idea, the idea which occurs naturally at the center of everything that is alive.

"You can't declare war on love."

A.Mouser said...

Great post Les.
A really good, thought-provoking and useful analogy in many ways.


Songs said...

Winyan Staz Wakien

I agree with your statement. And I saw nowhere in your statements the desire to stop free expression, but a way of asking people to wake up.

People need to check out Tavistock and find out what is in store for women, especially the young child bearing age ones. It is the desire of the elite to "eliminate" large segments of childbearing age women, because of their obsession with population control. it is zionism behind it all.

So I understand your fear and your sadness. Because the disrespect that males show females, to put it mildly, is ultimately working up to a mass killing.

Men are being conditioned through pornography and by other males to blame women for everything. They are being trained to believe that women "ask for it" and that women "want to be dominated". They are being trained to think that the problems in the world are all due to the increasing roles of women and that they are being Emasculated. Any woman that stands up for other women or herself is hideously put down as you were.

Women are suppose to shut up. Women are condemned for being emotional and then called bitches and whores when they stand up for their rights as human beings and ignored when they make good use of their god given brains.

We are headed towards another holocaust. Lumping all crimes of nations as whores and calling it female is just a run up to the inevitable catastrophe that this is leading us to.

I really think that men just need this outlet of killing from time to time. Its in their genetics.

Men are free to stand up for themselves and most do and most do not get called whore and worse for it. Males protect males. The notion that men protect women is hogshit. Even in the olden days men protected their family because it was a possession. Rarely have I ever seen a male stand up for a woman. We only read about it, such as Jesus or other highly evolved males.

RightofRush said...

queliyuExcellent article.
I'm a 73 yr. old paleo-conservative who has used his post retirement time to read; historical, speculaive, & political, lady lawyers from Fox excuded.
Favorite periodicals: Reason, American Spectator, Atlantis Rising, and Chronicles.
Favorite web sites: &

Observations, judgements, & Conclusions:
Our fascist presidents - Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR.
Most underrated - Harding, who avoided Wilson's depression.
Most overrated - Truman & Eisenhauer.
Our last completely patriotic president - John Kennedy.
Our most venal - LBJ.
Our most amoral - Clinton
Our most evil - George HW Bush.
Reagan & JFK were both given offers they couldn't refuse. JFK refused, Reagan didn't.
George Washington - set a standard which no other president has met.
We are Isreal's ally, Isreal is not ours.
Our last morally justified war - 1814.

Richard Shropshire,
Lowman, ID

Anonymous said...

Les --

Regarding the post "the equality of it all" in relation to the manufactured meltdown -- this is the Illuminati party line again, this guy is definitely a troll -- Their thinking is that by reducing all the eaters to subsistence level it will erase all ego and those that make it through will be somehow purified by the experience. Not only is it utter self-aggrandizing bullshit -- but the ones that need purifying the most i.e. the Illuminati scum -- have no plans to suffer -- just watch everyone else.

They make me sick.


Visible said...

Wow! So you get the Tavistock Times do you? Was this a recent article about their latest operations? My favorite thing is when someone calls someone and asks them to defend their position as if it came out of the blue or just goes ahead and does it themselves as if they were someone else.

However my real suggestion is that you think a little less about identifying with your sex because that's a temporary state and try to keep in mind that when you present a certain kind of argument it exposes the origin of your appearance because an intelligent and impartial mind can see it.

Maybe you'd be better off looking at the feminine naming of a country and church as far as it's defined in the minds and hearts of citizens and parishioners and then you might see that this author has identified the whoring out of the mechanism so identified as exactly that. It's at this point that I could say something really funny, really insulting and really what it is but I won't.

Find yourself some public venue where you can piss and moan about this. I'm less concerned about all this hyped up shit that most of you beg for the opportunity to be part of and contribute to the existence of than I am concerned with the shit you let your country get away with concerning the women and children and men to whom this is actually happening.

You'll have no impact here and not much in the way of responding dialogue either after this.

Pstonie said...

Please, bloody hell, just set an example as the supposedly highly evolved being you're protecting then and quit it with all the "us versus them" and "we the victim" crap. Good and evil comes in any shape available. Men have many reasons to hate women and some of them do, the reverse also applies. Fear may rule most people's lives but it doesn't rule all of them.

This may be premature, but I'd like to award "The genocide of women" as the most retarded idea on the internet. If it ever becomes "The genocide of 6 million women" we can amend the golden double-ended dildo trophy.

Richard Shropshire said...

I forgot to add to my prior post - please let me know if you can find any disagreement what I've posted.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can necessarily define the idea of whoring to women or that the topic here was meant to infer that. There are men are much better at it at times. I simply view it as somebody who sells body and soul for advancement or profit. We have politicos and so called celebrities at all levels who do this.

The celebrities are my favorites, you know the ones who show up after earth quakes with pimp hats and stocking caps. They are the high priced types like Angie and Brad, Cheney's cousin.

Anonymous said...

Les --

It really seems like troll time here at the old ranch. The masculine/feminine/rant was only designed to get people here hysterically arguing about bullshit... Jus' like women's lib, gay rights, tea party titties and all the rest --

First one shill argument, then another. What is that asshole even going on about? First he agrees with you -- then he pretends he loves women, then he insults men, then he mixes in the family and finishes by concluding no one but a religious master really could come to bat for women.

What a complete asshole.

Keep 'em comin' Les. I luv it!

"What we have here is a failure to communicate -- hoss."

Anonymous said...

RJ, please check your mattress for peas.

Why do you so quickly and vitriolically relate my words to "in relation to the manufactured meltdown?"

I was simply pointing out the obvious end for all of us ultimately and commenting on the FACT that death is 100% equal and yes it is refreshing that at least something is truly equal, not pretend equal. Know what I mean?

That's all. No devil's message hidden in there. No illumaniti (had to look twice to even spell it right) bogey man, no nothing like that at all.

Your knee jerking name calling for obviously imagined motives is disturbing as well as telling.

Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking of how the popular entertainers of the time were invited to dance with whores in Downing Street when the 'I’m just a straight kind of guy' Phony Tony B-liar was anointed. They played it over and over on primetime so that the whole nation could fawn and get to feel warm and fuzzy. People everywhere had wet eyes through the ‘promise of change’.

They repeated the same script some years later. This time over the pond. They anointed the same character - as the formula was proven to please. The new guy is taller, darker and a better dancer. The rules have changed a little so there is no need to disguise the traits so desirable and necessary to please a Nobel Prize Board.

"Things are going to get better’ was the mantra in 1997. 'Change you can believe in' was catchier in 2008. Things did get better: ($3 million yearly from J.P. Morgan, million $ prize from Israel, and shiny medals to name just a few of the perks> And there certainly is change to believe in. So full marks for honesty.

Seems to be a bit of a global phenomenon that whoring to improve oneself carries fewer stigmas (even admiration) than whoring just to survive. I can think of examples.


PS Les, I think you were being kindly euphemistic saying the rest of us live on 'chicken lips and deep fried butt rings'. A few years ago back in the UK a certain celebrity chef became a fly in the ointment when he just would't shut up about what was (and had been for 20 years) being fed to kids at school lunch. The main culprit was a tasty sounding morsel called 'Turkey Twizzlers'. In other words blood clots, MSG and some secret chemical formulas. However, everything worked out well in the end. When the mass publicity forced schools to ammend their menus to more healthy options (less being an impossibility) there was an uprising of parents demanding that their kids have the right to choose. Kids know best!

Anonymous said...

You have been gifted with the eyes of sight. Keep that heart & mind as pure as you possibly can; staying away from fluoridated waters, chemically sweetened/alter foods.
There is far too few (at the moment)on this earth who are not looking through a fog of the mind.
I do not wish to take Anything away from what you have stated, as it was a perfect manifestation of truth, thought I beg you to let me speak a few words of my own for this once meeting and take you back even further.
Before the Sumerians (The Altered)came into being, Man was free from all these control systems, a wanderer he was, a hunter/gatherer, at peace with his surroundings and fellow man. Then, without warning, there was terrible fires in the sky and thunderous roars shook the mountains...
Then, 'They' came to earth, the Fallen Angels. Resources they harvested, mainly Gold. A work force they needed for their mines.
DNA from simple man and 'angel' were combined in earthenware cups and then placed in human females which gave birth to a new being, mostly hairless, with added dexterity and brain capacity....and here we stand today, the hybrid workers created by the fallen angels for their us.
Yet this is not the end of the story, since the fallen angels beheld the beauty of their creation, and took many for their own and made them pregnant with child. Many died giving birth, as these fallen angels were giants and their brood, so very large at birth.
This offspring, more 'Fallen Angel' than human were/are called the Nephilim, and have married ONLY into their own attempts to keep it pure.
These beings, are with us today

Anonymous said...

Just read your comment and felt that I must - comment. Nothing much really other than your comment brought memories flooding back to a conversation I had with one of the last petty bureaucrats I had the displeasure of dealing with when I was resident in PC World (UK to you and me).

By chance it was a woman. During the course of our conversation I said: 'I hope you realize that the system which you so zealously serve will be the system your children will have to live under. Red flag: without missing a beat she launched into a tirade of feministic BS. 'Don't you mention my children, they having nothing to do with this - I will report you, this is abuse blah, blah, etc. etc'.

Scary really, as she was quite senior in position and wielded considerable power over the public at large (at large is a PC term). If only she could see the irony in that her training/programming was destroying her inner peace. When I used the expression 'your children' I was using the term generically - but she had been conditioned to react without consideration.

In a way she was a dupe, a useful idiot, a whore to the system - or if you prefer a victim.


PS just for the record there are many more males than females whoring themselves in the way our good host implies

Songs said...

Yes, the stab at "appearances" are another way to subdue females. It does not work with me though, as I have been above average and have paid dearly for this, as attractiveness seems to distract others from the intellect and soul within.

You sound shallow to me, but most people are these days as they are brainwashed into the illusions about them.

MachtNichts said...

Hallelujah, thank you for the above rebuttal, Les. Been with you for about two years now. Didn't feel I could contribute anything substantial and never posted. But I follow your blogs religiously, pardon my pun. What I have found important for myself was a thought that popped into my head a few years ago: Fear is not an option anymore. Prost Silvia

Anonymous said...

Nothing loose and unbalanced about this post, Les.

When my 2 children begin to question the meaning of life, I will direct them to this page. So succinctly put together, that there can never be any doubt as to the nature of human (un)conciousness, in this time and space.
Your "illustration" goes beyond all form. No need to undress the creativity.
A transient revelation that has an eternal impact.
Thank you.

I recognise that the continuous number one on the hitparade of the millenia is all about fear and can see that the ladies of the night are able to keep up with their lapdances because the minions in the "mass" have been duped into complacency. Swallowing the bread and wine without questioning their servitude and who it is doing the service.
The few who do start to question, are fed more condiments sprinkled with hundreds and thousands of colourful reverse psychology tricks to induce more doubt and fear, making them think they are chained to their pews, when the bondage is simply an illusion.

And yes, Dublin Mick, our own universal/singular dance in the cosmos will not be televised, because we are not "in the club". ;) (Loved your contribution, btw.)

It is my intention to keep tripping those with trays offering me the next rain of ter err.


Anonymous said...


thrills, spills and shills........

No Daniel Brown novel was ever THIS exciting ,-)

I am secure in my "titty" vehicle, smoking my hookah whilst waiting for the oily fireworks, and the sun to go down.

Vescere bracis meis :D


Anonymous said...

thinking their all powerfull
thinking they know what they do
playing whore tricks on the people
for the greed that they pursue
but things are getting sticky
what they followed helped them along
but when its time to pay the price
all they bought is their own wrong
and when its time to pay
gold and things wont do
when you got to pay the reaper
you have to pay him with your truth
and if your truth was lies
and you was well aware
then what do you think will happen
something to do with in despair
so thinking your all powerfull
you will find out soon one day
you come to earth and mimic death
taking life away
the payment everybody pays
the system is in freefall
everything you try elitist
is being smashed up by the bull
you had your chance to change
but didnt take that road
soon time to pay the reaper
for all them souls that you sold


Nick said...

Reading this essay I was frequently reminded of how I felt when I read Orwell's 'Animal Farm'.
It is, like Dublin said, truly a masterpiece and in my opinion is even better than 'Animal Farm' for this age.
I hardly ever give advice to anyone anymore and I'm not giving it now, my opinion is that each paragraph could be developed into a chapter and the result would be a bestseller. It has the easy - and quick - to read quality beloved by most but this one is a special short piece that if it were to be turned into a book, would enlighten many.

I was wondering if the visiting trolls are novice trainee trolls or deeply bitter 'persons' trying to improve themselves. Perhaps these trolls are really just a few of the multitude who would understand the message if it comes to them in the form of a book.

This essay and the comments are the best I've seen on the net for at least a month.

Anonymous said...

sos people about that last poem aimed at rothschild and illumatomatas.
going to try and stir up some love and peace now..neil

Anonymous said...

by the strength of compassion
the essence of all truth
the lessons through out life
we see the lies and the abuse
suppremacists become desensitised
couldnt see where they've been led
by what they loved the most
that reputation in their head
but we the little people
cultivate and build our peace
sometimes its difficult
but in that heart is all we need
the beast led by delusion
just deludes himself
as he casts more destruction
he casts himself in his own spell
so peace to all you people
join up from every race
join as one together
whatever religion you are based
it really doesnt matter
their is a job to do
this planet needs its people back
not raping for the loot.


Anonymous said...

yep that mr visibles of the finest,is doing a fine job..neil

Alex D said...

"but you can think about England and the other countries she owns like Ireland; Scotland, Canada and Australia too."

Ireland is a republic and is not part of England or Britain or the UK. Unlike other countries mentioned, the British Queen is not our head of state, our head of state is our President. The six northern counties are still part of the UK, which is called Northern Ireland.

Visible said...

As one pretty well versed in going on 900 years of history concerning the brave and indomitable Irish in the face of the despotic and vicious behavior of the English tyrant and the expropriation of a part of the Republic through the agency of a bunch of red faced blustering catamites for a bloodthirsty royalty I can't help but make mention when I can. It's certain that Irish politicians are aware of the brutal ever present hand of thugs in suits and ostentatious gowns cautioning against too much freedom at the crown's expense.

I could probably have phrased it better but I suppose I just want to see if I can raise some ire(land?) huh, never saw that before.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to get a post through to you, Les - could this be due to you using 'Blogger'? Worpress does appear a little more neutral, imv.

Good article, good imagery. The District of Coruption is indeed about to implode.

Dust to termite dust and good riddance.

Oh and for those revisionists of '60's history - yep great time but sadly it was largely a spin-off from CIA's MK-Ultra program - check out the Laurel Canyon stuff...

Okay, here goes into the cyber-bitbucket, courtesy Herzliya ;-)

You keep it real, Les - best we can all do right now...

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

There Must be a Reason but the Reason can't be Sane.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify my last post (anon/siamsam) was in response to - Winyan Staz Wakien.

Seems i somehow decapitated my post. As i am here i would just like to ask the good lady herself to consider the following article reported by MSM:

China's prostitutes are better-trusted than its politicians and scientists, according to an online survey published by Insight China magazine.

Heres a very MSM link:

Hope this puts things in perspective for you. And lets think twice before we compare politicians to whores - i's just not appropiate :)


TheSparkle said...

Don't forget the Mongoloids!

Anonymous said...

Did you see this Visible?

From the poster calling her/himself Song(s)

"Yes, the stab at "appearances" are another way to subdue females. It does not work with me though, as I have been above average and have paid dearly for this, as attractiveness seems to distract others from the intellect and soul within.

You sound shallow to me, but most people are these days as they are brainwashed into the illusions about them."

She infers basically that she (if it is a she) is beautiful and has paid dearly for it because the unthinking world is not picking up on her genius and the power of her soul.

I'm wondering if she thinks vanity and the lonely isolation of splendid narcissism is shallow. You are so right. People convict themselves with their words. Hers (if it is one) reek of superiority that flies in defiance of her professed concerns. Definitely someone to avoid.


FromBeyondOmega said...

To Les and all sharers-in,

Nice rendering of the nations-churches-money conspiracy. The expert heads toward us, bearing two-edged sword tongue instrument that trims, shapes and fills in, thereby concisely unveiling all otherwise incompletely seen pictures.

The human condition and experience - as it currently functions, in toto - has been and is yet a process that serves a specific & ultimately cosmic/existential objective; just as life is a process that serves to produce all things.

In order that existence would be that which it is, which is everything, it inevitably included amongst its prospects the potential for absolute self-death, and the immeasurable concern of such a thing. But then there has also inevitably been the Mind of everything that exists, which Mind inevitably included amongst its infinite talents the wisdom of putting that which was immeasurable concern - whether sudden death or eternal life - into service to good ends, and named it evil.

Having unveiled these inevitabilities of existence's nature, to Itself, the Mind of existence saw that the actuality of process would be fundamental to the Mind's ensuring that It's arch-rival of existence be integral to the means whereby it would achieve ultimately only the death of its own evil self, disguised as if it would instead be the fulfillment of evil's self (which it is). For as we all, with at least a touch of wisdom, know, the Mind is fully proficient in the role of the trickster.

To save time and space and all resources yet at hand, it is good that we jump forward several billions of Earthen-Solar years, to the currently fluctuating status quo situation we're all experiencing - collectively - today, with it ever so gradually to suddenly and ever-progressively while undulatingly worsening until... well....

-continued below-

RanD said...

-continuation from above-

Here we are given through our own human selves to realize that we were brought into existence expressly to actualize existence's Mind's intention to destroy the singularity named evil, and thereby free the entire field of existence from fear of self-ceasing to exist. As for the methodology to serve that particular end, the implementation of insatiable desire for more and more and more ad infinitum vs the wisdom of knowing when enough is enough could be no better . Hence, the concept of self-profiting oneself through the accrual of more than what one ever needed in the first place and one's own personal realization thereof.

So, along with having chosen to eat from the tree of life & death whose fruit also contains the means of knowing good & evil, human kind were evolved / developed / designed / created / brought / etc (whether one or all makes no difference) into existence to ensure the Mind of existence's desire & means to ensure to existence its eternal life, sans evil.

Is it really as simple as that? Yes, it is. Fear of complexity, no different than hating one's fellows for being befuddled and ideo-behaviorally deranged by sheer ignorance of simple truths, such as the need to love - not hate - one's ignorant fellows, symptomizes one's ignorance of the evil that oneself chooses to keep systemically self-internalized.

Bottom line: The truth is available to everyone, whether choosing to interminably wallow about in the deliciously evil hell which is endemic & ever-available to minds ignorant of such matters, or not.

Anonymous said...


In the interests of simplicity, brevity and accommodation of modern short attention spans, would you say it is possible to condense the above into a sentence, or two?

Such as...

Srila Prabhupada: "When this service attitude is impaired, that "why serve Krsna (God), why not ourself?" That is maya, then he falls down in the material energy."

FromBeyondOmega said...

Anonymous 7:54 AM,

The Divine One (God... which Jesus Christ was/is not) moves me to say and do what I say and do, no differently than the Divine One (God... whom you call Krsna) moves you to say and do what you say and do.

Perhaps the above is as brief and comprehensible as will suit you?

David E Brich

Anonymous said...


Thank you,
Yes it does.



Joseph Brenner

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