Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Warps and Woofs, Woo Woo and Wiffenpoofs

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'll be headed into the unknown soon and we may have some some periods of interruption on the way. That has happened here before, without my even having to leave the house, so, bear with me as you can.

I happened to mention in the comments section of Smoking Mirrors that I would be on the Jeff Rense radio show sometime in the next few weeks, once I have acclimatized to my new location. So, of course, someone had to come along and mention Jeff having association with GCN radio and how every word out his mouth has to pass the approval of his scriptmasters. The person didn't even know if he was still there or not. What the person did know was about connections to Disney and that means Johnny Depp is probably cointel pro too, as would be anyone connected to Disney at any time, including Halley Mills, Mickey Mouse and Goofy. I suppose a case could be made for any of them because the moment any of us open our mouths, we begin to lie. The kicker is that some of us lie in a way that reveals the truth and some of us lie in a way that obscures it. When I say 'lie', I mean to say that we depart from that which cannot be spoken and can be known only in contemplation, which is why the truly wise tend to keep their mouths shut or speak seldom. Obviously I'm not truly wise, just working on it.

Words create a fence that draws parameters around a field, so that the imagination can give form to what is contained therein. We can never say exactly what we mean or have it exactly understood, which is why resonance is so important, because the right thoughts are stimulated in reaction, so that real communication can be effected. We get a lot of that here, thanks to the high level awareness of the general reader.

I haven't known Jeff Rense long and I don't know him well and all I know is that I was always pleased to find that I had been linked there on rare occasions and as time passed, I was linked there more often and then the day came when I was told to submit my work and its been there ever since. In that time I've had the opportunity to communicate with Jeff and he has been most gracious and understanding to me and a relentless supporter of my work. That's all I really know. I get on well with people he does not get on with but that is the world and he has been gracious about that too. That tells me a great deal about someone. Keep in mind the things that I say. I do not mince my words. If Jeff were in the pay or thrall of forces that we are all aware of and that some of us even know a little about, would he consistently print my work? Ask yourself that.

From what I see it is called The Rense Radio Network. You will note that Michael Rivero appears on that network and no one can say that Michael minces his words. He's got a thing about the 'no plane hit the Pentagon' argument and he's got a thing about what HARRP actually does. Since I don't know anything about either of these things I don't have much to say on these matters. I do find that round hole in The Pentagon to be curious but I'm not concerned about details like this. I am concerned with only one thing, WHO DID IT. Israel did it and they did it with help from other agencies and individuals that are a part of their international Satanic network. Neither Jeff nor Michael shy away from this. The Truthseeker doesn't shy away from it either and that is why those are the 3 sites that I allow my work to appear on because that is one of my litmus tests for whether someone is disinfo.

I could be disinfo, after all, I was locked up in maximum government holding pens, where all kinds of things could have taken place. I could have been medicated and surgically altered and never known about it. I guess that's possible. I've no recollection of anything like it but who knows? One day they push a button and I morph into The Terminator. Personally, I think too many people read too many things and get too much of their information from Benjamin Fulford and Sorcha Fall. I can't say that I even know whether Fulford is on or off. What I do know is that he says a lot of weird shit and The Rockefeller interview was a little strange. Then again, I say all kinds of weird shit but mine is metaphysical and that is the place where weird and supernatural hang out to begin with. I have invisible friends. That pretty much makes me certifiable and I already have official documents that say that and say that it's incurable too; thank god for that.

What I know about Jeff Rense is that he is one of the hardest working men on the planet. Jim Kirwan would qualify in that regard too. Some of us are more sedate and some of us are impassioned to the point of hysteria sometimes but that is because some of us care that much. We are all possessed in a certain way. There are people that like some of us and people that despise the others. Among these very people such rivalries and fallouts occurs but they are the best of the breed so far as I know it.

Alex Jones is a horse of a different color. It's provable who he works for and he says the Saudis own Hollywood, which might be kind of true, given who the Saudis really are. You'll need to research that on your own. But when you mention The Zionists and 9/11, his pants catch on fire and he goes ballistic about it, sharing out a buffet table of that roasted canard of anti-Semitism. Even though these people are not Semitic, in the context of their pretending to be, one might say that anti-Semitism is a logical and defensible state for those with eyes wide open. You can't say about these other people what you can say about Alex. I'd say, if you were looking for tools, you should scan his guest lists.

This brings me around to the subject of Masons and Illuminati, Opus Dei. Doris Day, The Vatican and the recurrent arguments that I get here, presented by Sayanim and Hasbara trolls who insist that The Vatican is behind everything. I speculate about things. I admit it. I also go where the hard cold facts take me and what is right out in front and directly traceable. My opinion is that all kinds of straw dogs and red herrings are being served up in hoagie sandwiches, for the sole purpose of seducing the inquisitive. I've never said that certain cabals within the masonic order are not working against the best interests of humanity. What I have said is that it does not include all Masons. I know this, so it is futile to argue with me. This is the same thing that goes on when the psychopathic Zionist Jews, conceal themselves in the ranks of the general Jewish population. Unfortunately, the general Jewish populations buy and play, all too readily into the massive hoaxes that their leaders have perpetrated on the masses, for 'whatever their reasons may be' and that is going to cost them dearly. They need to collectively get their act together while they have the time because, judgment is coming.

Certain stereotypes are true. I don't much care what PC arguments anyone has about that. I've witnessed all of it with my own eyes and over periods of time long enough to prove it to me. The point is, are these stereotypes cause for ridicule and contempt, or are they merely something to be observed and made aware of, within ones own mind? I'm reminded of the time The Tall Ships went sailing and it was at the same time that the Polish government was railing about Polish jokes and how injurious and not reflective of their true nature it all was; how offensive it was. Then what happened was that the Polish Tall Ships got lost for two weeks and didn't get into harbor till the whole thing was over. The cosmos has a sense of humor. On the other hand, I've met brilliant Poles and their women are some of the most beautiful and gracious women in the world. You can't make wholesale judgments but you can make yourself aware of what your own experience teaches you and you're a fool if you don't.

What seems negative about any group of people also has a positive side, if it is positively applied and you see that all the time. If you want to find something wrong with someone you will. We all do. I like to take an ever closer look at what I think I believe and employ rigorous self-inquiry. That has worked for me so far. I also study people's character. Jeff could have been a lot harder on me, when I made a mistake, due to an excess of passion, a la Richard Lovelace. Instead he was gracious and forgiving. That scores big points with me. It speaks to character. Michael and I do not see eye to eye on The Divine. It's not my business to micro manage him or seek to convert him. The cosmos has a very good reason for putting us in the positions we are in.

I don't like Dick Cheney but he's just playing a role. I don't know all the ins and outs. I despise what the Israelis stand for and get up to, but they are simply the villains de jour, in this brief period of recorded history and all of that is changing now. This is The Big Kahuna of change; a 26,000 year cycle is ending and beginning. Dick Cheney isn't going to like what he was either and neither are most of the political, religious, social and economic leaders of this time. They are the shit apples that have bobbed to the top of the planet's septic tank; representative of this decadent and dying period of time. I'm not their judge and executioner. I might be a witness for the prosecution but hopefully I have some kind of special observer status, a scribe of sorts, or, even better, just some guy waiting for his water buffalo to be saddled up, so that he can ride outside the great walls of this departing and transforming world into another world dearer to his hearts desire.

I can only wish I haven't pissed off yet more people by trying to do the right thing. That's when I usually get into trouble. If I have then you have my apologies in advance but only if they are applicable (grin). I hope this new year brings all of us a greater refinement of heart and mind and a more committed industry on behalf of the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis has put up a new video, once again in inimitable fashion:

Patrick Willis narrates:
If I Were Inside You

This Sunday's Christmas Radio Show is now up for download but since it is about Jesus Christ you should consider yourself forewarned.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It's like you just condensed what it took me about 5 or 6 hours to read yesterday.

"Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider":


If I see the names Sorcha Faal (David Booth?) or Ben Fulford, or any of the other weirdos that are so prevalent on rumormillnews.com, I IGNORE them. I DON'T GO THERE! I read them for a while when they first got on, found they had absolutely no credibility, and stopped wasting my time after about the 10th post or something.

Great post, as always. I just wish this was all over and done with. I am so fed up with the here and now. Well, I guess we don't have much longer before the rug is pulled out from under the present system. Less than a year, I assume; and I'm not placing anything on December 21, 2012. I can't see how we can last as long as that, considering how things are going.

katz said...

Good morning Les Visible.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I see more and more of you, in your posts, yet there are huge confusing holes in the narrative. I can't figure out why you are moving to Mexico, and wonder about Poncho, Suzanne, and her mother, as well as the lady upstairs, who had a stroke. I don't know why you like Manly P. Hall, or why you keep referring to Jesus as the avatar, when you don't do that to Hindi gods, or anyone else in the deity game.

It is almost like people want to disrespect Jesus, and he is free game, thanks to the Jews. Personally, I know exactly why Jews hate Jesus so much, and it makes me love him and his work, all the more. IMHO, Jesus is no avatar, no matter what they called him in the past. I'm sure that he has had many incarnations, but he is real, not a representative of himself.

But, I am not trying to convert you, or Michael Rivero. I don't care what others believe, as long as they don't force it down my throat.

You brought up 911. Still no trials for treason, mass murder and torture, as well as other high crimes, and at this rate, it will go the way of the Kennedy murders. They will get away with it, because they can hide behind group affiliation.

Most of them already have gotten away with it.

Meanwhile, Sharon is supposedly in a coma. Right. Like I believe that one, the fat chicken is hiding out.

Kissinger is still alive, and ancient as the hills. For some reason people like him, and the Queen live forever, and never change much. Stem cells, anyone?

He got away with tons of crime, and he laughs all the way to the bank.

I guess my point is, that Mexico is a war zone with drug wars raging, with help from Obama's minions. I don't know why you are going there, unless it's to get some stem cell treatment.

Which brings me back to you. While I love your writings, I also tend to care about you. When you talk about your real life, and then not, you give me just enough information to worry about you, even though you often piss me off.

Keep safe, stay away from the drug cartels and don't trust most of these goofy readers of yours.

Please. Do it for yourself, and do it for an unknown woman who cares whether things are good or bad for you, even though you have no idea who she is.


Anonymous said...

C'mon, don't be so hard on me, I love people and have spent my life getting rich just tryin to help. Especially the young ones. hehe

Dick Cheney

Anonymous said...

Well said Visible

How could anyone have issues with what you said. As far as Rense and Jones goes I've read and listened to both extensively and agree with you.

Your absence will be missed greatly by this reader. I'm sure the Divine will provide Inspiration in some fashon.

Travel well

from a remote area of Oregon

Anonymous said...

Hey LV! I'm Polish! & I resemble those remarks!!!


Visible said...

Katz; there are huge gaps in your information concerning what I am up to, not to mention probably not even knowing what an avatar is. I'd suggest looking it up. My personal life is not like everyone elses and where you got the idea I was 'moving' to Mexico when it has been discussed at such length truly escapes me. I'm not trying to be mean but I do suggest you study comparative religion a little. Sincerely, I'm not seeking to be rude but, golly, gee.

Visible said...

One more thing. I refer to Jesus as an avatar and I MOST CERTAINLY refer to Vishnu and his expressions as avatars. Do you know who Manly Palmer is? Have you read his books or studied his life? That might explain it. And I have only been discussing him because OTHER PEOPLE BRING HIM UP. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

i like icke. comes down to bloodline.
henchmen of varied colors, masks.

those who would be god seek to usurp and defile by dividing us from ourselves.

(the primary luciferian psy-op.)

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"...he's got a thing about what HARRP actually does."

Mostly it's about mind control, NOT climate control.

Mouser said...

Hoo Haa!

Something is afoot.

I also agree in Mexico to beware of crypto false-jews bearing gifts of K - specially if they're feline or Polish. (grin)

Great post.



Xavier Sarsparilla said...

You have served in the armed forces and drove a large automobile? *Gasp* You're not true enough anymore. I stop by the Rense page at least once a day to peruse headlines and enjoy the fine Dees artwork. He is not afraid to mention the Z's so it passes the smell test, looking forward to the radio show, carry on.

Rob in WI said...

The paragraph about Dick C clarified to me why you haven't been doing Profiles in Evil. PIE was great fun to read, owing to your colorful depiction, but maybe gave the evil player too much credit. Does this make any sense? What would I know, being one of your "goofy readers". Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

for those interested,

audio lecture by Manly P. Hall on Albert Pike's work of

" ... Studies in Morals & Dogma by Albert Pike"


katz said...

I haven't read Manley P Hall, or whatever, or Albert Pike, or Madamn Blatsky, or any of that line of reasoning, and I don't think that I'm likely to. I already have my own system, and I like it.

Besides, I totally detest the Masons, of all types, bc they consistently exclude women, which really gets on my nerves, bc I am a woman. F. them. That's my position on them. I wouldn't want to hear any of their "mysteries" bc they all look like idiots in those outfits. And, their hocus pocus rituals are stupid, IMHO. I couldn't do any of that w/o laughing out loud at them, and all their little oaths, and play acting.

But, to let you know, I did take several courses at the University on comparative religion. So, I'm not totally unread, in that department.

I'm glad to know you are not moving to Mexico, but even if you were, it's up to you. That is not my point.

Over the past two weeks, I've watched you vacillate between hopelessness and peace. I keep praying for you. Maybe I'm wrong? I should stop.

I hope none of my messages to you get your defenses up, bc it would be nice to converse w you, and not have to totally agree with you on topic. I realize that I'm not as smooth a writer as you are, but I recognize your intellect, and have respect, even if not complete trust.


Visible said...

I don't know where you get the hopelessness thing from. That's outright projection. If you don't care about Hall, then why bring him up? It also might surprise you but I don't care if you or anyone else don't trust me. I only care if one source trusts me.

People come and go and their loyalties as well. I've been around long enough to know how fickle people are and I don't trust anyone. I trust what is inside them, sleeping or awake and it is only that part of them that I talk to or have any business with.

I'm not a Mason and don't care to be. I don't join anything but I don't get all hot and bothered if people don't want me in their club. I always take it as a complement.

I don't know how many times I have said this but I do the bulk of everything I do for free and owe no one and am in fealty to no one. Lots of people don't trust me but it's not me they don't trust, it's themselves. They look at what I do and then they look at themselves and tumble to the fact that they wouldn't do it without some sort of benefit. Well, I am benefited. I get to serve.

As far as my writing abilities go, they are on loan, just like everything else I have and they are there because someone does trust me and, like I said, that's all I care about.

I catch shit from people for publishing books that cost money to do it, as if I shouldn't make anything and die from starvation and exposure in the process. I get people bitching about having to pay for things or who sleaze around trying to get me to send it to them for free which defeats the purpose of the books contents.

I've given away over a hundred thousand downloads of my music and sure enough, when my CD's start to come out in a professional manner, starting this coming summer they will bitch about that.

I live in a world of selfish people in love with shiny useless crap that is more important to them than the lives of other people. I'm not going to justify myself or give a tinker's damn what anyone thinks. Time will tell what was what and who was who.

amarynth said...

Katz, we're having a get-together with Visible and some of his friends. We also need to discuss some business issues, like books and community and so on. I don't know where you get the other information from. While Visible is in Mexico, he will do some radio shows and we will gather, discuss things, learn together and enjoy and commune. Visible is the 'star attraction', and I am arranging the gathering with some help from others.

Afterwards he will travel back to Europe for a spell and then go to South Africa at Patrick's invitation.

Katz quote "I guess my point is, that Mexico is a war zone with drug wars raging, with help from Obama's minions. "

I don't even know where to start to correct this extreme and incorrect view, so I won't even start. I would simply say that somehow you're believing what is published in order to create a certain mindset in the 'citizens'. . Certain areas certainly are to be avoided. Just like in New York, or in any other city you can name anywhere in the world.

Don't you think there is a reason why in all the novels, the Americans always win? It has something to do with creating an enemy out of everyone, and now that the powers have run out of enemies, they are creating enemies out of their own countrymen.

Your statement is just plain wrong and based on disinformation that has been given you for many many years. Why don't you come and join us in the gathering together of Visible and friends and see for yourself? Just, if you consider this, you are on your own and the gathering reserves its rights and this is written without prejudice.

Geez Katz - what are you reading and believing?

Visible said...

This Sunday's Christmas broadcast is up. See the link at the end of the post.

katz said...

Everything comes and goes. I feel that way, myself. everyone always wants free advice. last week, I fixed this deal and got tens of thousands of dollars for a woman who gave me a rubber check. People constantly beat me out of money bc I just don't like to deal with it.

but, none of that bothers me bc things and people come and go. I'm my own constant, and I take joy in the minutes and seconds of my life. and, sometimes, I do fix things and make it better. that makes me feel less like a useless eater, and more like I have some value.

Isn't it good, though, to be able to try to help?

You have helped a lot of people. That's why people read your blogs.
Isn't that the most important thing, when it's all said and done? It's not about them, it's about you. anyway.


amarynth said...

FAQ's - The Meet-up or Gathering with Visible.

- No, there will be no drug use. If you do this, you're on your own.

- No, there will be no indiscriminate sex around the gathering.

- No, your head won't be messed with but you might learn something.

- No, Visible is neither insane nor is he a criminal (all things being relative and the eye of the beholder and all that stuff (grin).

- Yes, we will discuss physical community most probably.

- Yes, we will put the book sales and other community efforts on a good footing. The ground work has been done.

- No, you don't have to do any homework beforehand - a Reading of The Secret Teachings of all Ages or any other work is not mandatory.

- Yes, Visible will most probably use the Tarot and other tried and tested mechanisms to explain Spiritual principles.

- Yes, K is available on prescription here, in many other countries it is not available. Yes, Visible uses this specific medication for depression and it has other benefits for him.

- Yes, you need a passport from the US.

- Yes, from any other place you need to please check visa requirements.

- Yes, we've got shared accommodation that is cheap, warm and clean - usually used for traveling sports groups.

- No, there is no fixed 'calender of events'. What Visible teaches will be most probably on request from the group and according to the flow. What I know, is that Visible's guests will be delighted.

- And finally ... Good God! Michael Tsarion is on a trip through Australia. David Icke has just completed a world trip. What in heaven's name is this that Visible's Audience has so little trust in him or themselves that many of you are overcome by fear because Visible is setting out to traveling to meet some of his readers? In 2013 there is the Kumb Mela - Many of us will probably travel there.

- Yes, Visible is at a stage where his work is going to be open to a broader audience.

Now, please lose the fear. Everything is under control. How do I know this? I just know and when I don't know, I remind myself of this.

Anonymous said...

Vis, I had asked you what you thought about Jeff Rense and his relationship with the Genesis Communications Network on another thread over in Smoking Mirrors, and you were gracious enough to reply - thank you for doing so. (Also, thank you for expanding on the subject here at Petri Dish.)

Here's part of what you wrote back in your initial response to my query, over at Smoking Mirrors -

"I said that Jeff has been a friend to me. That doesn't make us fire and ice inseparable friends. It doesn't mean we won't be either. In the meantime he prints everything I say and that alone should mean he couldn't be much compromised by those mysterious dark forces that some of us know so much about without, usually, presenting much to go on."

Perhaps you missed the import of what I was saying the first time around. My point was, it appears that Jeff Rense was indeed compromised, a long, long time ago. And the math says that this is so - not me.

I love this quote, and it's quite applicable here - "“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind..." - Lord Kelvin

So let's do the math here. Because if I'm not speaking in mathematical terms (and using mathematical correlations, most specifically), I am basically talking smack.

Here's the formula:

Jeff Rense = Genesis Communications Network = ABC affiliate = Owned by Zio-Disney = COINTELPRO.

The math is beyond solid there. It represents a positive mathematical correlation of the first order, right down the line. (FYI: One of my spheres of knowledge is search engine optimization, with a specific focus on algorithmic mathematics.) Go ahead, shake it, examine that formula from all angles - look for flaws. Can you see any? No. Because it is what it is. And at the very least, it should certainly give one pause - because it's the 500-pound gorilla in the room. Or, to put it in Visible-speak, Disney (GCN's parent company), is owned by The Tribe - lock, stock and barrel.

So, if Jeff Rense is one of the good guys - a bastion of truth, beauty and light - why is The Tribe carrying his radio show on one of their affiliates? If Jeff Rense ISN'T doing something the Zionists want, why is he featured on one of their networks? Why is he so visible?

The best answer here, is a quote from Vladimir Lenin:

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."

(And this is what COINTELPRO is all about.)

This has nothing to do with you personally, Vis. I understand all the points you made about using corporations' products, driving their cars, etc. Just because you hang out with somebody occasionally, or use their platform as a speaking ground, it doesn't mean you drink their Kool-Aid. I totally get that.

But in the final analysis, what the 1-1 positive mathematical correlation I have presented here has to mean, is the following - whatever message you are passing along to the masses, Vis, it is fully sanctioned by Zionist Central. Because if it weren't, you would not be appearing on the Disney-controlled Jeff Rense Radio Network. (Nor, by correlation, would you be featured at rense.com.)

That's all - purely, simply - that's all.

Anonymous said...

-Stickman Sez

Must read. "The Current State of Free Energy Technology" by Dr. Peter Lindemann is currently listed on Jeff Rense's site. By all means check it out, print it out, put it on permanent computer file and share it with everyone you know who can comprehend the message and who might find it of high avail.

Of all the material i peruse over the net this particular essay is the most cogent and practically useful i have encountered to date. Lindemann gives a broad overview of not only those free energy developments which are most real and most promising; but he also delineates those forces which are most keen on opposing them and their methodologies of suppression. Further, and perhaps most importantly, he makes the all important psychological and spiritual linkages. In other words, Lindemann's essay meets every single one of my primary litmus tests.

Most regular contributors to this blog will find that this information is absolutely common sense critical.

Anonymous said...

Vis: "I am benefited. I get to serve." Absolutely, positively beautiful. Positive, absolute beauty.

There is a nexus, a nodal point, between the esthetic and the spiritual. Your statement, Les Visible, describes that nexus precisely and perfectly. This bespeaks a rapidly developing dimensional leap into the realm of a calming and completing Christ consciousness.


Richard said...

Game over. Shiva/SHAKTI tango is on.
Mail in your mail.
May the Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom.
Deep cover Shill.

Richie (Dana) said...

Thanks for that recommendation. It is so amazing the way we live in a completely fabricated world.

I would like to briefly address the suspicion I see of Mr. Visible and Jeff Rense.

It is all quite simple. Everyone works for God....period. God has everything under control.
"Sides" do not matter. On a certain level it does not matter what goes on in this "demonstration"....What really matters is how you react. Are you going to make the same stupid mistakes again, get lead down some garden path because of your prejudice and "belief".

The bankers really are doing God's work. It is designed to teach you something. Are you learning?
Satan is doing God's work. At some point he will turn and betray all those who were foolish enough to believe something "material" would save them.

Ask for the Divine presence in your life NOW and all your doubts will disappear.
You will suddenly realize that you "know" nothing, but at least you will not be wasting your time on some silly distraction.

I thank you, Mr. Visible.


Visible said...

7:09 (grin) I could punch holes in that all day long and not even have to put my thinking cap on but I'm not going to bother. I'm just going to say this. Maybe I never said this before and maybe it's part of the problem. Maybe i never explained, "Everything is under control".

The Zionists do not control any media. They just think they do and they are allowed to think that and to behave as they do for various reasons. they were allowed to get control for various reasons in the first place but they can't stop all kinds of things from getting through.

You're giving them way too much credit. this world is all under the control of a single force that expresses dually. It may appear that things are this way or that way but they're not. If what you say were true then nothing positive would get out.

Everything is for the purpose of demonstration and the whole point of the bad guys is to test the conviction of those who are destined to rule their asses even at the height of their power and they can do nothing to stop it. It only 'looks that way'.

I'm not in a place where it looks that way anymore and one could well wonder how it is that I avoid all the reactions one might expect given what I say. Of course, one might say I work for them too. People can believe what they want; the caravan moves on.

Visible said...

Damn Richard!!! Look at that. You just wrote what I wrote at the same time. I posted mine and went to check the posts and yours was there. Well, what can I say to that.

JLOC said...

Hi Les
I like you and Rinse and think that good people try to tell the truth but I think it's unreasonable to think that anyone knows the truth all the time. I don't mind when I disagree with what either of you write or say. When it comes to the internet I think that you two are the best shot at whatever truth is and I really appreciate your efforts.
I also like David Icke, and Kirwin but very few others.

Richie (Dana) said...

The Mind of the Divine

lightandlongshadows said...

Ha, ha. This back and forth between Katz and a rose of any other name is reminiscent of my recent familial experience. So many competing agendas and varied priorities, what fun. My mantra for the holidays was/is "loud opinions based on ignorance" followed by many internal chuckles and some frustration as well. Concrete thinking in abundance - wow and whew, it's almost over. Kids are a lot of fun, thank God.

Katz, if you swing a sword don't be surprised if it's interupted by a shield.

Regarding the who's who in the zoo scenario I view it all in a baby-bathwater way. I do my best to put on the old discernment cap and collect nuggets as I find them from wherever I find them. We all have our limits (self imposed as they may be).

I figure if anyone knows all that's knowable they're not telling as it would be extremely disrespectful to our journey of self discovery, at a minimum. Ya gotta have faith.

If anyone says they have the whole, absolute prescription - I run.

Goofy is as goofy does. Much cheer and levity to all.

Visible said...

There are all kinds of disrespectful, my favorite is the cheap shot wrapped up in the package that didn't contain the item that the labeling implied.

lightandlongshadows said...

Hold on, there wasn't any cheap shot intended at all. I've never heard you say you have all the answers, quite the opposite in fact: "When I say 'lie', I mean to say that we depart from that which cannot be spoken and can be known only in contemplation, which is why the truly wise tend to keep their mouths shut or speak seldom. Obviously I'm not truly wise, just working on it."
I really appreciate you and what you have to say and who you are, warts and all. You put it all out there. Apologies if I came across as an ass, it wouldn't be a first, it wasn't intended that way.

Visible said...

You can relax, my comment had nothing to do with that whatsoever.

brian boru said...

I don't think you are a Terminator Les. You don't have the square jawed, thick necked phisiology required to fit the machine inside, unless they have a T1001 with your shape.

lightandlongshadows said...

Ah, interesting timing and a choice word, much confusion leads to...ha, ha. I'm working on relaxed, back home shaking off the holiday dust.

marilyn said...

"I live in a world of selfish people in love with shiny useless crap that is more important to them than the lives of other people."
my thoughts exactly, lv...
alas! i don't fly and many people have told me that i wouldn't get far into mexico driving my pick-up truck so i probably won't get to meet up with you and everyone else gathering there. sending lots of love to all of you now and in the new year.

LorieK said...

To the "brave" anonymii who wrote"Jeff Rense = Genesis Communications Network = ABC affiliate = Owned by Zio-Disney = COINTELPRO."

A little behind the times, no? Rense has not been associated with GCN for over 2 years! Not since Jones/Anderson censored Rense and forced him off the network.

Having known Jeff personally for over 13 years, I can say unequivocally he is indeed one of the hardest working people for truth on the planet. If you would like to catch up on the real deal between Rense/GCN/Jones you can find the truth of the matter here....


If there were more people like Jeff in the "media" we'd be in a much different world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, thanks for the second response about the Jeff Rense/GCN connection. It was helpful. I see what you mean - the elite aren't elite, just because they think they are. So, by implication, just because they might use Jeff Rense to disseminate gloom and doom, that doesn't mean rays of sunshine don't slip through the cracks. It's kind of like the Internet in general - "they" thought it was a great idea to use it to monitor everybody's lives and behavior, but "they" didn't realize it would have the effect of waking people up about 1000 times faster than it would have happened, had they not made it available to the masses.

FYI - I was not saying I thought you were wittingly part of COINTELPRO. (Although it's possible, I mean, hey, anything is possible.) I also appreciated your comments about how you could have been surgically messed with when you were under the loving care of Satanic mindfuckers and AMA-sanctioned serial killers (aka, "doctors"). I have often thought that David Icke might be mind-controlled. Here's my reasoning: 1) David Icke was a professional soccer player in Britain (that's the equivalent of being an NFL player in the States). Lots of professional athletes are mind-controlled slaves. 2) David Icke was a sportscaster for the BBC. Lots or newscasters and sportscasters are MCS's. 3) David Icke was a politician for the Green Party (I think it was the Green Party, not totally sure, but he was a politician for a while). Lots of politicians are MCS's. 4) David Icke currently roams the world unimpeded, exposing the secrets of "the Illuminati" - and, increasingly, he is appearing on MSM television programs.

Now, to have just one of those bullet points on your resume would be a red flag...but to have all four? Hmm. Yet, if the Drooling Elite wanted him out of the picture, you would think that they would simply take him out of the picture. So he must be useful to their cause - which is not to say that Icke's work isn't hastening their demise, I think it is.

And that kind of illustrates the point you made in your last response to me. Which really boils down to this - the tighter they squeeze, the faster they commit suicide.

The die is cast, and the cast will die. (I just made that up, seems fitting - or, actually, I didn't make it up, it just came to me from the infinite.)

I guess what we are both saying here, really, is that anything is possible.

And I think if you keep your mind open to that very fact at all times, then anything IS possible.

P.S.: I love that line of yours, "for purposes of demonstration only". It's really resonating inside of me lately, and I see it everywhere now, since you pointed it out. It's pure and perfect, and needs no explanation.

Anonymous said...

Visible, my take on what you're all about is sayin it like it's brought to ya. Jeff Rense and Jim Kirwan ARE hard workers that we should be thankful for. Add yourself to that list as well. Those you piss off are in it for another agenda. That's how I see it. over and out.....Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Goofy reader says:

I read, I respond, trust is never on the line. It is not like I sell anything or try to get in their panties. Over and out.....Jimmy

Anonymous said...

"Everyone is doing God's work."

Does that include the people pressing the buttons on 'people cooking' machines?

Microwave torture of perceived dissidents by governments.

Through concrete walls repeated microwave radiation that slowly cooks the target.

"In the past, elite and secret services managed to expand and control because of the existence of enemies like communism. But now, 2009, there are no enemies left. The last enemy, communism, disappeared with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The people of the world evolved into decent persons, but the elite and secret services did not. They are still the same murderers they once were and can only maintain themselves by fighting enemies, by stealing and murdering.

So what to do if there are no enemies left? You create enemies! At world level, Iraq was created the enemy, now Iran, etc. At state level secret services have a continuous need for new agents. They cannot put an ad in the newspaper because they are all murderers and what they need is new murderers. So now without enemies left, almost random normal people are put on elimination lists and pointed terrorist, psycho, pedophile, etc. while they are not. These almost random normal people are mentally and/or physically murdered and in this process new agents are recruited.

It is ironic that most people recruited are lower class and in fact are used to keep their own kind (the lower class people) poor and uneducated so they can easily be used by the elite and secret services for all kinds of dirty work."

Is this also God's work?

Visible said...

Wow, Lorie K. What an honor. Welcome


Cooking machine commentator. Try not to be so linear and obtuse. Clearly what I mean is that everyone serves the purposes of the divine plan, no matter how much they MIGHT NOT INTEND TO and no matter how they work against it. All evil and good work toward ultimate resolution.

One may not like it but one should also understand how Karma works from lifetime to lifetime and how those in one role at one time wind up on the receiving end in another. We may not like it. We may not be convinced of it. We may think that is bullshit or some kind of a copout but I don't care and the universe don't care and Karma don't care. It just moves on like Old Man River.

Best we tend to our own gardens, or if we are meant to fight, fight. We're all meant to do something but usually we don't. That means something greater than we settle for.

Headsup said...

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it." ­
John Lennon, before his murder by CIA mind-control subject Mark David Chapman

A sheep in sheep's clothing? said...

"US House Rep. Ron Paul says the CIA has in effect carried out a "coup" against the US government, and the intelligence agency needs to be "taken out."

Speaking to an audience of like-minded libertarians at a Campaign for Liberty regional conference in Atlanta this past weekend, the Texas Republican said:

There's been a coup, have you heard? It's the CIA coup. The CIA runs everything, they run the military. They're the ones who are over there lobbing missiles and bombs on countries. ... And of course the CIA is every bit as secretive as the Federal Reserve. ... And yet think of the harm they have done since they were established [after] World War II. They are a government unto themselves. They're in businesses, in drug businesses, they take out dictators ... We need to take out the CIA." Ron Paul 2009

Anonymous said...


why can't you disseminate 100 per cent truth and wisdom every minute, every hour, every day, every ...? "I mean, what gives" with this?

won't you please think for me, gawd knows i can't think for meself, least of all discern what's truth and what ain't


why don't you know everything?

hahahaha laughing with myself, not at myself -really

hasbara is getting really subtle, thick, but subtle

Anonymous said...

Dear Katz,

I am in dire need of some legal advice. Its about Estate and Trust issues, which may or may not be your area of expertise. Neverthess, is there some way I could contact you privately? I could really use some of your advice, or even a referral. I would like to correspond with you via email (or phone). I could send you a private email, if you would give me the address. [don't use the @ symbol - use (at) instead] Or, I could give you an email address where you can write to me. I am sure Vis wouldn't mind deleting your email address (from out of the comments) just as soon as I can acquire it. So I will check back here later this evening for your reply. I am located in the western USA.

Sincere Thanks.

Visible said...

okay, I can see the looney shit is out in force. First off, I am not publishing comments longer than my own post about electronic cookers and I am sure this is an effort to screw with the flow of this section.

I am not deleting emails after they get posted by someone when the person asking should be the person posting their own email and I am not an intermediary for this sort of thing. Something seems off about this too.

If I think someone is toying with the schematic here I'm just not going to put it up. If you think I've wronged you you can email me.

griffith said...

why is where you're 'going to be' of earth shattering importance?

Words aren't confined to place.

Looking for the 'powers that be' behind every voice is a bit fruitless.

The 'powers that be' may well provide the platform but they don't control the imput/output ... although perhaps they believe that they do.

If transformation is occurring then the machinations of said 'powers that be' become irrelevent.

For all I know, you've been in Mexico all along and it hasn't altered the substance of your words by one jot ( whatever a jot is )

Regardless of who owns the table, many of us enjoy the meal and while you're still cooking - why not share the flavour.

cheers Visable ... and to all.

Back to the music :)

Anonymous said...

They murdered William Cooper and up pops this weed/changeling called Alex Jones.

amarynth said...

I don't like that email thing one bit on a number of different levels.

An alternative .....

You can write here with your email address:


If Katz is interested, she can use the same page address and I'll send your email to her to follow up.

Be quite clear in which country you need legal advice.

Anonymous said...

I first stumbled upon Smoking Mirrors almost a decade ago, you & Mike Rivero were the only people stating that 911 was an inside job that I knew of, and saw the dreaded Israeli connections.
Jeff Rense & Jim Kirwan were mainstays with me before you started posting there as well.
I instinctually distrusted Alex Jones from the start ( loud mouth, big ego, always a bad sign) though I must admit that Fulford had me going for awhile…
Another guy I would trust but can't quite is Brother Nathaniel, I just cannot figure whether he is all that sincere, as a fellow Christian ( ex-sorcerer ) I don't want to judge him too quick but that orthodox priestly garb look like a costume to me…
On a random side, I was a teenage sailor aboard a Canadian brigantine "Playfair" in "Operation Sail" in 76.
( My grandmother ( who arranged it ) told me that the ship was named after a creepy, step-aunt in our family who purportedly tormented the Uncle into suicide with her constant familial belittling- she was a Rothschild(!!!!!)
Anyway it is always good to have you illuminate & put certain details in perspective,

Anonymous said...

I am not toying with anything here. And I'm most assuredly not a troll. I sincerely do need some legal advice. I am sorry if I assumed wrongly about you simply deleting an email address, which was apparently not to your liking. I guess I mistakenly thought that you wouldn't mind doing such a small favor like that. I was not asking you to be any sort of intermediary. I also don't mind posting my own email address for Katz, which I will be glad to do, but first I will wait and see what she says back to me by way of reply. I don't wish to burden your blog comment section with personal stuff. I simply wanted to establish a private email connection with Katz, because she has said previously that she is a lawyer, and I would like to ask her for some informal legal advice. Sorry this has troubled you. There is nothing "off" about my need for some personal legal advice. Thats all I was trying to gain.

neal said...

Attempting to diminish a true force kind of calls you out, just a wannabee influence, serving the thing itself, that is tiring to explain. That's ironic, how false things, and War Gods, get all the airplay, and the few, and the meek, and those with valor, move on, even where there is no airplay.

These are damn exciting times, just like always, and that is what gets counted, and that will get stars, and seasons, and cycles, moving. That is love, sex, and rolling with it.

I have it on good authority the She is watching you, V, and time will serve as you will.

You know, I hope, that certain ones have your back, when that needs some help to come back around to some front, for the nose, just so the eyes can help out, afterwards, and during the course.

And if you must see those Ziggurats, synagogues, you must know that many are still active, and I was worried about that, but then, these times being what they are trying to be, maybe that requires a lawn chair, with space for more.

That is not a psyop, just a bad taste, but that was probably for now, and needed, for the course.

Now I see that warrior, and don't pretend to know you, but there is respect, and what blessings I have left to give, that's all there is, maybe that could help, I hope so.

Find a beach, or a high place, I would like to sit there for once with a friend, just to be in a place to welcome more visitors, on the way.

I regret everything that I have ever tried to say here, but She will have Her way, and insists that this might matter, sometime. Och, that is a hell of a thing, and does not make that any better, knowing that makes the irony more two edged. That used to be enough, for now.

Visible said...

Yes, well, I figured it could go either way with the email thing. That came on the heels; actually right alongside an enormous onslaught of copy about electronically cooking people through walls and a searing blast over at Mirrors about the S&M guru and my being a supporter of his (absurd).

I didn't read it all but it was was of those new series of negative anonymous hit mails that are so trendy these days (grin)so... you mostly showed up in a bad timing vortex, still there are better ways to go and I see where Amarynth has already given you one.

Hopefully people don't get too torqued if I am a little more of a gunslinger in present time. Besides the aforementioned and the press of the holidays and my trying to smooth sail to my next port of call I have managed to leave some of my usual diplomatic skills at the door. Actually, I've employed them less of late than since the beginning. Seeing as I am noticing it you can expect that end of things to improve.

Okay folks, onward and upward.

est said...

i wish in could add something
useful or helpful

but honestly
i don't think i can
please forgive me

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Heavenly Wine and the Purpose of Demonstration.

Anonymous said...

talmudic demi-urge
archonic vampire
intra species predator
tyranicaly conspired
artificial debased mechanism
manipulative control
secretive disorder
contaminator of all roll
sacrificer of the innocent
bringer of disease
cold dead heart of genocide
demonic evil seed
spreader of corruption
cloud of extreme abuse
wither into nothing
at the feet of all truth


Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your friend who has passed. She has gone to a better life. Although the one she was in was awesome. Awesome lady. Happy New Year. Warbaby

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Well Visible, since you're in such a generous mood and have laid the gloves down, do you think you can do a favor for me too?

I need a couple of postage stamps, pretty please. I'm partial to the ones from France (aren't we all) so it shouldn't take too long.

It seems I'm out of stamps and don't have the time or smarts enough to look in the YELLOW PAGES, GOOGLE, NEWS PAPER, ASK MY RELATIVES, ACQUAINTANCES, NEIGHBORS, ETC., ETC. ETC.

I know you're a fine chap who has plenty of time to run errands for little ole me and of course, everyone else..

BTW, do you pick up groceries and stuff?

Hell, there's only a couple of hundred thousand of us out here and we're not asking too much.

If you get on it right now you might be able to do a little something for us all by, oh, say.. next Tuesday. (if you hurry)

Please don't hurt my feelings by minimizing my problem. I have no where else to turn..

Uh oh, my back is starting to itch..

Rabbit said...

Good stuff Les. I'd agree with pretty much all your judgements of people in the alt media and in some cases it was a matter of having to change my opinion of them over time. As you say Jeff Rense passes the smell test, as does anyone who is not afraid to identify who did it with regards 911 and for the same reason Jones definitely does not. I've had the Rense.com site as my homepage now for over a decade and every day almost I work through his lineup, and that leaves me as well informed as anyone I know.

Ben Fulford is amusing but appears to lack the least bit of credibility beyond his roots which were probably part of the script for this particular puppet show.

You do have some shitheads for readers though. As a religious man myself (Muslim) I find your other religious readers to be for the most part pretty sad examples of the breed, but maybe that is the results of the terminal sickness which seems to have infected Christianity. They behave like rabid dogs or fawning clowns when it comes to Isa (Jesus) and invariably strike me as the sort of people the man would have rebuked rather than embraced were he to walk among us. I know only a handful of Freemasons and they are some of the finest men I know, Christians too, and they'd pass the smell test that so many self described Christians would not too in my opinion. I have no doubt there is some filthy scum floating around at the top of the organisation, just as there is in so many older and established orgs.

I've spent some time in the Big House myself and had my own run ins with the sanity police, and can only say that the best people often do.

As far as the worldly situation is panning out, I find it hard going at times, because I suffer from an overdose of compassion for the weak and disadvantaged, but I confess to enjoying the thrill of the ride. What an excellent time to be alive and aware I say!

Married as I am to a Pakistani girl, I've spent some time in that fair land and would say something similar as you do about the Poles, of them. Just goes to show that nothing is what it is made to seem in our mainstream opinion soup of the day.

Good luck on your pending journey and I for one will always be watching out for your missives and enjoying the positive confirmations of what I also feel and sometimes know, as well as the artistry which is undeniable.

Visible said...

Rabbit, I think you would really appreciate what's going on at Visible Origami at the moment, meaning the last half dozen or so comments. Thank you for making my day brighter.

Homer, not only will I see you get your stamps, I will personally fly over to England on my way out of here and kidnap Terence Stamp and mail him off to you. As for your back, I have the same trouble with my front.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Bad timing and more.

After Rabbit's fine words, my small attempt at instructive humor seems just that.

P.S. I'd love to help you with your front, but I'll have to check with my lawyer first..

Visible said...

Well, the good news is that neither you nor I have a lawyer and don't need one. And the even better news is that we were just riffing in the first place. The bad news is that we're pretty much on our own as far as the world around us. The even better news is that that doesn't matter one bit. Now, where were we?

katz said...

Everyone should have a family lawyer, just like a family mechanic, or a family doctor.

I appreciate the inquiry, however, it appears that I am not licensed to practice out west, so I could not help you.

I'm only sworn into my state court, the federal court and the us supreme court. the rest would have to be pro hoc vice, and that would be cost prohibitive.

Many thanks again, for your inquiry, and thank you Amarynth for your assistance and kind invitation. I would love to meet all of you, but I'm not able to, as I'm taking this time, now off, and for the coming month, will not have time off.


Anonymous said...


I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't asking for you to take a case in another state, or take a case in my state. Nor is it a federal court matter. I was merely seeking some informal advice. Its regarding some family estate, will & trust (inheritance) matters. I reside in different state than where the trust is loacted. I also don't have a "family" lawyer, and I don't even have enough money to afford any lawyer. I was imply hoping for some very informal legal advice, from someone like yourself who might possibly have some ideas or suggestions. I am in a bit of a difficult position, and I need help. I simply can't afford to hire a lawyer. I just thought that perhaps you could offer me a few suggestions. Thanks

katz said...

if the estate matter is cross state lines, you could get help from your congressperson's office. you have to put in a written request, and can walk in, or get an appointment. they can assist you in getting free legal help, in your state.

I hope that helps?

Visible said...

Thank you Katz, I was going to mention that, also there are various lawyer sites on the internet that help with free advice. I don't know why he didn't go there in the first place; possibly he didn't know. there are also law sites where you give them 25 bucks or so but I know there are free legal advice sites because I have been to them and you don't have to leave your office or study for that.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Blitzkrieg der Wunderbar, Together we Are.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks Katz, but your suggestion is not much help. Thanks for at least responding though. The estate matter is not "across state lines". Its confined to one state. Moreover, I have tried to get some free public legal help, but in my area that is only provided to very low-income people who have criminal issues & problems, not for family estate & trust matters.

Visible, as far as finding and getting basic legal help online, I have already looked at these options, and that won't work because the terms of each individual will and trust are unique and also varied. An attorney would actually have to look at (read) the specific terms of the trust in question, in order to understand the situation. Thats much more involved than these free online legal services can or will provide. Wills and Trusts are not a simple matter that can be dealt with online. But my thanks anyway.

Visible said...

Do you read the comments? There are free lawyers at several places on the internet and for 25 bucks you can join a site where they will do all kinds of things, especially what you are asking for. Is it just Katz or are you looking to get your question answered? Use a search engine and be assisted. I am speaking with 100% certainty on this. Katz has only got eyes for me anyway (grin).

Anonymous said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do read the comments.

However, no, the online lawyers do not do or address the type of Trust issues that I need... so your "100% certainty" is incorrect about that. But thanks for trying.

As far as me getting my question answered, at this point, it appears that Katz is more or less unable (or unwilling) to assist me. Thats quite alright. I was only inquiring. I will just have to look elsewhere for the help I need.

Anonymous said...

My GOD,he mentioned the word jew.

Anonymous said...

here's some prophecy for 2012, like it or not, some call it the angry sun, some call it liberation



Anonymous said...

Les is more

Les u push and use all these terms. Most you have the right the use and speak on, as you have seen a larger world over time.

You still dont read history. The Vatican helped create or fund I should say, masons and zioboys. The the same people helped and wared with England and the crown. Now the real problem is you still point to different groups as if they really where different to each other. The links to each can found by the Roths a bunch of times and the other half is through the blue blood lines. Think of the Vatican as the CIA of old. Martin Luther was an ageant of the Vactican, really. History isnt always the same play. The colors are not clear and if you us your senses to tell what happened on the past, youre going to fail. Study the words that people said and wrote and you will see a patterns. Remember events that happened 300 hundred years ago still affect us today.

Try listening to that dude Alan Watt, the one on Tool boys show all the time. Alex is a tool for fear, that why he is so well supported. People that see that ills of this time are in fear a lot and group up with others in the same boat.

Oh, the Masons might be nice guys, but the word they follow is from the dark sun, or the flase light of self ego. Many of their followers have helped and enlightened the world and governments, but at a cost. The cost of selling the soul of man to the light bringer, you know how thats is.

Create your own light and love!

Im not sure youre any different but you do care about the words you use thanks goodness.




Joseph Brenner

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