Thursday, May 31, 2012

Professional Courtesies for the Sharks in the Water

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(As promised, here is a Petri Dish. The book is taking longer than I thought because I have to read it all again and make some subtle adjustments. I am sure the proof reading editor will not be pleased (grin) but I do want it to be the best I can do so... I'll throw out an occasional posting as I go. I totally missed my radio show last week. It didn't even cross my mind, that's how strange it's been. I'll fix that this week and there will be a radio show Friday night. Stay frosty.)

The lies just keep coming about Syria and Iran, courtesy of the wholly owned Zionist mass media. They own the music and movie machines so you can also see what's being projectile vomited into our eyes and ears. Their hired killers go round the world, killing at will, blowing up villages and towns and blaming it on whoever they want to blame it on, because they own the media that they bought with the money they took from the banks, where they own the printing presses. Here's one artist who's on to them. The consistency of highly inspired work from him has been on a downhill slide since he moved into Beverly Hills but I guess that happens to a lot of people when you get incredibly rich. I'm not knocking The Boss, I still listen to him and his recording of Steven Foster's Hard Times Come Again No More brought tears to my eyes. This is the concert where I first heard it. The Big Man died not long ago and you can see he was growing weak by that point. That must have hit Bruce hard. His latest album is all about the shit going down but has left me cold so far; none of the transport I got from The River and other offerings, but my opinion is just that and I admit to it so, if you don't agree with it, that's your right and I honor that.

The tide of revolution is coming. It can't not come because the vampire bankers will suck you into a desiccated husk otherwise. We know who these bankers are and their provenance. They are joined by the indifferent rich who can't even leave tips when they have dinner in a restaurant. Of course, the article was a noxious apologetic for the man. At MSNBC the comments were 60% in favor of his not tipping; no surprise what organized force was behind that. I've lived in Italy and especially in the good restaurants, you tip. Saying otherwise is a lie. I tip always. I owned and worked in restaurants, I know what waitstaff and kitchen workers have to put up with and how hard that job can be. Meanwhile, he and Morgan Stanley ripped off the little guy again by falsifying value of a product worth less than 30% of the offering price. Looks like they can sue but, doesn't that come down to who can afford the best sharks in suits? I guess you've all heard the joke about the lawyer who was in the ocean and a big shark was swimming around. People were screaming to get out of the water, the lawyer paid no attention. Later he was asked why he wasn't concerned, he said, “Professional courtesy”.

I watch what scrolls before my eyes as the days pass, as one venal fucked up outrage follows another. Here's what's happening in the spiritual zones. The Zio-slime have jockeyed their way into positions all through the mix, corrupting and deceiving as they go. It's what they do. Where is the justice? Where is the cleansing fire? Yeah, it's the Masons and Illuminati, sure it is. Who runs those groups? You'll hear false whistleblowers who like to say that Weishaupt was a tool of the remnants of The Templars. You hear all kinds of things out here in the reverberating wasteland, where the raven's caw and the coyote's howl. I live there and the vibrating sump pump sends it's truth through the underground caverns that form some ancient telegraph system. Nature carries the word upon the wind. Judgment is coming, whether you are quick or dead. Judgment is coming.

It can be scientifically proven that evil destroys itself. This has already been charted and rendered here a time or two. If you weren't around for that it's not my problem. Any clear mind can sort out the logistics, if they apply the principles of inquiry. Evil knows its fate and so it is determined to wrench the last bleeding ounce of suffering from the planet and the masses.

The important thing is to be here now, not get all caught up in whatever garbled historical relics and tales present themselves in their altered and butchered forms. Speculation about the future is pointless. There is only the present and the present determines the future just as the present is influenced by the past ...but to what degree? That's up to you. Change may be hard but there is nothing impossible about it. Sometimes you have to slog through miles of shit and personal failure but if you do not quit, if you do not give up, you cannot fail. Of course it's not easy. When you consider the prize, there is ample cause for it not being easy. The virtues are eternal, getting possession of them is not for the weak and temporal minded. It takes everything because it also provides everything; everything beyond the common dreams of those addicted to the trough.

It may have been years ago but everyone here has felt the promise in their hearts at some point. Everyone here has felt the hand of grace at some point. If you do not aspire, you do not acquire. If you don't do the work, you are not worthy of the hire.

I wrestle with terrible things as a common feature of my day. I cannot understand the things I am put through. They make no sense in the context of my work and my constant aspirations. What am I to do under such circumstances? Should I just give in and give up because I am surrounded and pounded by cruel and invisible hands? That would hardly satisfy or justify all of the efforts that have come before, in my own life and the lives of those who have preceded me. You don't drop the standard or the guidon just because another mountain looms in front of you and you were absolutely sure that the last mountain had been scaled. You don't accomplish it anyway, it comes by grace or so I hear, even though you can't make it, even if you are knocked down beyond the point of rising one more time, you need have no concerns on that account. There is something greater in the human spirit than most anyone realizes. You cannot realize it until it arrives and then there are no horrors or trials that can prevail against you. What really, really counts is what is on your mind and in your heart at the point of exit. Read a bit and see how often this is confirmed by every authentic tradition. I can easily find this all over the place. It consistently amazes me that some amount can't, or are always asking me for links or how come this is this and that is that.

Get this fact rooted in your mind. Things are generally fucked here and the ability of any individual to climb out of the murk is seriously problematic. It's not impossible but it takes serious, serious effort and that needs to be attended by the right kind of karma.

Let us say that you meet a very successful and connected individual and they develop an affection for you. This individual could open many doors for you that you would never be able to open yourself. They could introduce you to all kinds of people who could help you out down here. They can show you how to get rich quickly and even make it happen for you. There's no big mystery about it. It's who you know and the opportunities they can provide. Sure, some people have the requisite industry and intelligence to pull it off on their own but they will assuredly, sooner or later, run into the people manipulating the system and then comes the deals and fealty. You might study what happened to Ted Turner. However... however...

You might also meet someone with connections and influence elsewhere. I have ...and more than once so... that brings an entirely different scenario into play. This person or persons develops an affection toward you, or has a responsibility that led to the contact in the first place. To how much of a greater degree will such an individual help you? Such individuals can also do things that the rich, connected and influential couldn't hope to pull off. There are relationships of all kinds going on at all times. There are people coming from one place and headed another and people who have developed the opportunities for the possibilities that find their way to them. It is amazing to watch how effortless it is for some and how seriously difficult it is for others. The key is which theater of operation is it difficult in. Knowing the meaning of that turns many a seeming curse into an immeasurable asset and advantage.

In these times of trial, I hope this has been useful to someone.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Here is the relevant quote from the Amitabha Sutra. You might get something from reading some number of them;

"One cannot be born in this land through minor good roots, blessings, virtues and causal connections. If there are good men or good women who hear of Amitabha Buddha, and recite his name singlemindedly and without confusion, for one day or two days or three days or four days or five days or six days or seven days, then when these people are about to die, Amitabha Buddha and his whole assembly will appear before them. When they die, their minds being unified and not chaotic, they will attain rebirth in Amitabha's Land of Ultimate Bliss".

I didn't put this in the post because i definitely wouldn't get posted in WRH if I did. Still might not (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I was. . .um. . .informed that it may be appreciated if I extend your Buddhist lesson via dragging the link to one of my posts over here:

Teachings of Babaji-

I never heard of this guy until a couple of days ago.

Your posts are almost always useful. I've been reading for one Hell of a long time before I came on as a commenter, and only one left me kind of flat.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your voice again Les. I was detained and almost deported by the TSA last weekend. No reason really. The screws are tightening everywhere. May all our saints aid us. Over at the Vatican PB16 has his hands full trying to reinstitute the real mass to fight evil, barred since 1965. But Tradition is returning. We'll need all our avatars and angels to fight them. And the Old Rite is a great weapon, along with the rosary. Good to know the Hindus and Bhuddists are on to it as well.
;-). God bless all who come to these pages. The German Farmer

Visible said...

There are very few photos of Babaji extant. I know this because I have them. He is reputed to have been around for a very long time. He has appeared on rare instances in fields of work in India dressed as a common laborer and other places but not often, as far as recorded record goes. He dwells in the Himalayas and is the origin of the lineage of Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and Paramahansa Yogananda.

There is a photo being interspersed of another who calls himself Babaji in that photo montage. I could be wrong but something is going on there and I wonder at some of the attributed quotes. I'm suspecting a claim of continuance by someone in respect of Babaji.

This takes nothing away from the good thoughts being stated I just thought I'd bring it up, for no other reason than that someone will certainly clarify it.

There is a great tale about Babaji in Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi", where someone threw himself off a cliff. Babaji is reputed to travel with his sister, Mataji, some say it's not his sister and I've heard ridiculous things said about Babaji; though I do believe him capable of anything since he is the living embodiment of Shiva.

This is the guy I think they are saying is him.

Well, you an read up on it if you like. i don't know what's what here but I'm hearing the usual noises on the top of my head.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I checked the link. I'll find out the truth about it all after I get to the Otherside. Now, I realise we are living in an illusion, and it's like what ever. This place is of no importance to me any more. Not much use for my own sake, either. Just a hinderance, but I've got to finish my contract. Now if only Kalki hurries up and gets off His butt to do what He's supposed to do. Will I move on before, during, or after?!

Probably during. There's dreams I've had that indicated that. Oh, what fun that will be.

Shiva and Kali are my favourite Hindu deities in my mixed Pantheon eclecticness.

Clarity said...

Visible and All,

That was awesome! Boy, did I need that, Visible. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to write today's Petri Dish. You know there are many here who missed your writing, and needed this "fix".

There was so much that stood out as especially important. I could just copy your whole post, but I'll try to limit it.

*The important thing is to be here now...

*Change may be hard but there is nothing impossible about it.

*...if you do not give up, you cannot fail. Of course it's not easy.

*It takes everything because it also provides everything;

*...everyone here has felt the promise in their hearts at some point.

*Everyone here has felt the hand of grace at some point.

*If you do not aspire, you do not acquire.

That was hard because there was so much wisdom from which to choose. The most important, though, I've saved for the end:

*You might also meet someone with connections and influence elsewhere. I have ...and more than once so... that brings an entirely different scenario into play.

*There are people coming from one place and headed another and people who have developed the opportunities for the possibilities that find their way to them.

In the past year, more in the past eight months, and especially in the past five months, there are so many things that have fallen into place. I woke up. I found SM. I connected with someone who has become a friend, my partner in truth. He is the one who made me aware of the spiritual connection to all of the geopolitical things I was discovering. I love him for that, even if he is tough on me, and "ignores" me for stretches at times when he gets involved in some area of research. I have met a few other people who have been very important to me. After that, I discovered that there was more to Visible than SM, and I also started reading the comments. The people who comment here have taught me so much. I am most grateful for the information, the challenges, the thinking and questioning I am forced to do, the wisdom that is shared here, and especially the inspiration that comes from the special souls here.

You, Visible, are the one, The One, I have met with connections and influence. By far, you have had the greatest impact on my life of late, and I imagine when it's time for review, you may very well turn out to be the one who has had the greatest positive impact on my life. That's big, Visible, and I've been trying to tell you how important you have been to me and to the current (proper) direction of my life. My love and gratitude for you are greater than words can express. Thank you for being you, and for giving so much of yourself to do this important work.

I have deep appreciation, as well, for everyone who contributes here. I have gained something from each one of you, and collectively, I've gotten even more.

My sincere wishes of love and peace to all,

Visible said...

This is
more of what appears on that particular Babajis website.

Visible said...

This is the sort of articles that appear there. This is why I don't like much of anything connected to new age practitioners and nearly every one of them has a degree in massage and dance that they got somewhere and they are all life coaches and soul coaches and god knows what else.

the gardener said...

Thank you for posting for us again today les... thank you.

It should not be a surprise to me that the title of this piece includes the term 'professional courtesies', I am aware of the ties that bind us... but it is funny, to me, because I've been fixated in my mind with that specific phrase... with flashbacks that I do snort out as they come in to view but it was a very dramatic moment of FAITH in my life last year-the Monday after Thanksgiving when I and my immediate family were working intent as never before.

I had paced off a few decades of grime off the courthouse main floor where my property was 'scheduled for auction'. Yes, I am one of the millions involved in playing dirty pool with the most outrageous of sharks.

Anyway-I'm there before, during and after the time of the 'scheduled auction' of my home and it doesn't happen. I'm approached by a county role player who is asking me 'what's going on-they're always on time-never delayed' and she goes and starts making some interesting, to me, phone calls-showing who and what she and the other county workers who play real hard ball in assessing and collecting taxes from expendables (to them) like myself.

I tell her 'hey! don't be so quick trying to enable this sale of my home!' She replies 'it's a PROFESSIONAL COURTESY' to THEM... the ALMIGHTY THEM.

I ask her 'where's the 'professional courtesy' shown to ME in this matter?"

Why do we pay out the ass with a lot of fraud and lies from our own county sharks when they are not working for us.

I had my eyes opened for me that morning. whew! Thank you all of my surrounding angels, guides and avatars. The stress of all this is really causing me a lot of stress causing me to involve with a lot of entities I would never voluntarily involve with.

THIS is what 'fascism' looks like. What it is. When the government agencies from top to bottom collude with banksters and other gangsters against those who pay in every way for all of them to even exist-as employees, as agents of the state, as trustees, as banksters. Sharks from low to high. And scavengers that make a bloodied beaked vulture look sweet and cute.

"Professional courtesies" extended by the most unprofessional and pathological to the others, I have experienced this in every single system in this country. I should be glad I'm always left out of THAT loop.

{{{{help me God}}}}

back to mower belt change day 3...

the gardener

the gardener said...

PS-since you are in such synchronous resonance with me today I will make maximum effort to delve into Babaji asap. A sign I tell ya! A sign. :)

the gardener

I have been asking the Holy Spirit all morning during my devotional to 'send me some help' and I have no doubt my prayers have been answered.

Much preparations necessary for the Full Moon coming upon us quicker than ever followed by that Venus transiting the Sun-retrograde as per.

darkest hour before dawn or before Venus switch hits to the Morning Star on June 13th...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Got this for both links:

"You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page.
Make sure your Internet connection is active and check whether other applications that rely on the same connection are working."

I have my own path, anyway. I might try to check it out later, but maybe not. You don't seem terribly impressed, and being on how many of our thoughts parallel, it may be a waste of time?

Visible said...

It must be your location, those links come up instantly for me and I hit them several times. I am not in any way dissing the original Babaji. I carry a picture of him and he is on my deity wall most times, given he doesn't get transported to Italy and forgotten on that wall. I'm just saying that there are some number passing themselves off as the real and original Babaji. I have encountered this a host of times.

Gardener, good luck with that mower belt shouldn't be that big a problem, course I don't know what type mower you have. So... good things on the astrological front?

the gardener said...

haha belts without diagrams can be mind/patience snappers! help is on the way though... got to mow, mow, mow into those divine portals I have here all around me. I love mowing for hours. Did all the branch pickup pre mowing preps and already to go---excepting the mower!

Astro wise... as a Pisces all this squaring from Gemini planets get my skirts in a whirl-splitting off my attention span like quadrophenia or sumpin... BUT I consider the upcoming Full Moon of Gemini Sun/Sag Moon to be just another step in the Venus passion play of the 5/6 of June...
1. Venus goes retro at 23GEMINI trining Saturn retro in Libra on May 15, 2012.
2. New Moon at 0 GEMINI on the 20th-eclipse BIG DEAL ENERGIES
3. Full Moon on the 4/5 June doing a pre overlapsing of the main event.
4. Venus in Gemini retrograde transiting across the Sun June 5/6th...

This Venus transit is of a weird cycle-it comes in pairs and the first of this century's transit was on 6/8/2004, eight years ago. Seems both shorter and longer than eight years doesn't it?

One time when it was first realized by those who matter-white men funded by church/state (as Venus in general and this cycle in specific meant a lot to the old sky watchers) it caused the 'dancing plague' which resulted in a lot of deaths as towns people just danced and danced...and danced.

Maybe we can see a 'laughing plague' where everyone with a soul just laughs their selves to death? hahahahahah Or those they are laughing at just shrivel up and remorph on another plane? hahahaha

Anyway this Full Moon in Gemini/Sag should be a really telling one. Mutable Air/Mutable Fire...

everyone who doesn't have their astro chart and desires to know where these actions will be personally affecting-go to and you can generate your own or any other charts you desire. Great site.

the gardener

smelling sweet, looking neat for company to do some heavy lifting, bending, stretching and pulling with on this absolutely gorgeous last day of the month of May 2012.

PS-as far as places to go to together-I haven't come up with anywhere that will get us out of the line of fire... so it might as well be where it will be most fun and easy living-I've had enough of splitting wood and slogging hard and tough. But that's just me. :)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Bad timing. Had system problems. I got to the web sites. The commercialism turns me off, and I don't go there. I do read other people's stuff and consider it, but ultimately I go inward. I do what my deities tell me to do. If I defy them, I get plastered. It never works, so these days I just stay on track.

Skepticfrog said...

Just for the record:
Zuckerberg is zio-slime of the first order and he is heavily protected by the Tribe.

First of all, he did not "create" Facebook.
He STOLE Facebook at Harvard, together with his Brazilian Tribe-buddy Eduardo Saverin, from the Winklevoss twins, who hired this slimebucket to write code and develop the program to put on the Net, while they were training for the Olympics (rowing). The Winklevosses had their concept operating already on the Harvard campus at the time (HarvardConnection). So the creep stole the source code and the now developed program (the Winkles PAID this PoS for the work) and started it (with some rumored help from the CIA and you-know-who) on the Net. He also DISABLED HarvardConnection - for good measure.

The Winklevosses sued, and got a $65 million settlement. Plenty enough proof of the thievery charge and guilt.

He won't tip? Funny comment. Hell, he is a thief nonpareil.

The Winklevosses sued again, because the settlement was based on Facebook's court-ordered financial disclosures which turned out to be bogus (way too low), and the Winklevosses found it out. The jewjudge ruled against the Winkles this past winter, no surprise there.

This was reported in the Yahoo news website. I wrote a comment, that Zucker was a PROVEN thief; already had to pay $65mil for the thievery and the Winkles were in the right and got screwed by this new "judgement".

I swear to you, that my comment was labeled "not shown due to low ratings" in about five(!)minutes, more than 20 negatives and a half dozen personal invectives as responses. I was stunned. Nothing like this ever happened to any of my Yahoo comments - ever. Then I went back on the comments and saw the massive outpouring in support of Zucker, and the nasty, massive vile slamming of any negative comments on Zucker.

For me it was very-very instructive and revealing. It gave me a proof-positive that the Cabal actively PROTECTS this human waste in every way - the Net included. There must have been dozens and dozens monitoring just this very site and article, to respond with such incredible speed and to give so many negatives and responses(!)in a few short minutes.

What did they achieve? Well, they shown their hand for one, and has given me a reason to despise them even more. Should make them feel real good...

neil said...

It's the pure land lord visible,,,that's where we are heading for the pure pure land,,,anyway,,loyal dog follow his master he doesnt care for fame and fortune,he is only there to never let his master down, he may wonder off playing in the fields doing what ever dogs do making a nuisance of himself,,Barking at things but as soon as the master calls he is there ready and willing,,,,,

Loyal dog is a good companion for a journey,,

Even though he's crazy,,, : )

Visible said...

I and others here are familiar with those details about Schmuckerberg, just so you know. We're on the same page.

mike m said...

I love my loyal doggy also and always check to make sure her nose is wet and cold.

Bark, bark and peace to the
Dog Nation

Richie (Dana) said...

"PS-as far as places to go to together-I haven't come up with anywhere that will get us out of the line of fire... "

Since we live in a multi-dimensional universe and we are multi-dimensional beings, perhaps we do not need to "go" anywhere......haha

Richie goes *Poof*

Richie (Dana) said...

The reason you are euphoric on one day and a bit tired the next is because your DNA is now being modified and all hidden powers will be liberated.

Light and Love people, we are now extremely close to the times of magic.

Sending Love and support to Mr Visible.

Gratitude Sir....

neil said...

Eternity flowers
Emanating waves
Earth of the soul
Divine inner braids
Made into butterfly's
Resonating through
Winding the tapestry
The hearts inner looms
Of tranquil minds wonder
Faraway fields
Luminous scattering
Gathers over hills
Vibrating and shining
Opening deep
Flow of the universe
Sublime inner leap


Richie (Dana) said...

I have been assimilating…as usual, and wish to run a few ideas in hopes you could enlighten or at least opinion.
We know this world is a construct and is not “real” life. Time is also a construct limited to this reality. In fact time does not really exist at all, there is only NOW.

If the above is true, then it would stand to reason that we do not really have “past” lives. In fact all “lives” lived on this plane are happening right now as that is all there is. Contact with one of those lives is only a matter of changing frequency.

So what if we are all actually very high dimension beings having an earthly 3D experience for the purpose of learning better ways to reach the ultimate goal of unity with Divine? Naturally the “purpose of demonstration” would be a key factor. Hehe.

The belief of multi-dimensions would allow all those lives to occur at the same time with little ego’s running the show while our “real” selves continue in that high dimension. Of course we would need to put a spark of that higher self in each avatar with built in clues (DNA) on how to return to source with the lessons intact.
Given the above, all that remains is that we remember who we really are and we are *poof* back home. (The Crucifiction of the ego would be a very important factor here).

A rhyme on my current state of mind.
3D is not for me.


Richie (Dana) said...


The Bible says that God created us in his image.
We know that God scattered parts of himself all over the universe.
Love = Life.

All things are of God including us. Even rocks and bushes exist because of the Love of God.
This earth we inhabit Lives because of God.
If God can scatter parts of himself around then it stands to reason that we could do the same, being we are created in his image.

Perhaps the only way to return to him is to be more like him?
That would mean that we would need to learn to create properly.
Given what I am currently seeing around me at the moment, this creation kinda sucks.

As I know that God is Love and will not torture his children for some stupid little mistakes then perhaps we just need to forgive ourselves for this fucked up mess and move on to bigger and better things while taking with us the lessons learned here, resolving to not make those silly mistakes again.

I don’t know what the hell I am doing, but just sitting here letting my higher mind ramble and searching for the escape hatch. I am totally committed to finding that and cannot wait to be gone….or is that be here?


Steve said...

An incredibly inspiring and courageous piece Vis.

This part in particular is very poignant for me,

"Let us say that you meet a very successful and connected individual and they develop an affection for you. This individual could open many doors for you that you would never be able to open yourself. They could introduce you to all kinds of people who could help you out down here. They can show you how to get rich quickly and even make it happen for you."

Searching for the courage for my next step, this helps me immensely.

Thank you. If this post is any indication to how the book is going, it seems to be going well.

All my Love toward you and your endeavors forever.

Steve said...

Also, thank you for the Prabhupada Vision link, very good to see some caring, intelligent and brave Devotees saying it as it is. I have had first hand experience with Nasty, nasty pieces of work. That's when/why I walked away from them and could not return. I now see they are running Prabhupada's mission here in Australia into the ground. Brisbane temple has closed down and Sydney is on the brink. I remember staying in the Brisbane Temple for 2 weeks helping them set up a new restaurant. It was then that I saw them really at work. I got down on my knees and prayed to the Gauranga Nityananda Deities with all my heart asking for guidance.

A week later a kind Devotee handed me Kundali Dasa's, "Our Mission" series. I remember saying to her that, "I did not have time to read them just now as I was very busy working on the Hari Farm". I thought I could make a difference and get the Devotees inspired again. We where cutting grain by hand, plowing fields with bullocks, milking cows by hand, planting vegetables, building sheds, repaving the gardens around the temple. That's when I got sick and was in bed unable to even get up. So I read. A week later I had finished the 4 volumes and was packing my bags, realising the size of the problem I was facing and having an understanding of my own capabilities, my only option as I saw it then was to walk. It was a very lonely and challenging period of my life. Sad...

I suspect Homer had something to do with pointing this site out to you? If so, or if not, thank you to you also Homer Prabu, and I hope to see you at the 2013 Prayag.


All Glories to Sri GURU and GAURANGA!!!

Jai, Jai, Jai... Hari Bol, Hare Krishna and Aroooooo....

zepheri said...

melloncolle and figs
bistros n bus
music and the maestros
platitudes n busts
going a stray now
lookin at rust
never original thought
glory is trusts
lets get together
make it all tame
no one admits
never be the same

Anonymous said...

Visible, how can we help stop the Israelis. It's obvious that they run the world, and are pretty much the root of all evil. So, how can we stop them? What can we do as individuals? You must have some ideas on that, Vis...

Also, are they behind chemtrails? I have never seen you comment on chemtrails. Israel has to be behind them, too.

What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada mentioned that we shouldn't give more importance to the ‘when' or ‘where' of an appearance, but ‘WHY' that personality appears.

est said...

diamond sutra

Section XXXII. The Delusion of Appearances

Subhuti, someone might fill innumerable worlds with the seven treasures and give all away in gifts of alms, but if any good man or any good woman awakens the thought of Enlightenment and takes even only four lines from this Discourse, reciting, using, receiving, retaining and spreading them abroad and explaining them for the benefit of others, it will be far more meritorious.

Now in what manner may he explain them to others? By detachment from appearances - abiding in Real Truth. - So I tell you -

Thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world:
A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream;
A flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.

When the Buddha finished this Discourse the venerable Subhuti, together with the bhikshus, bhikshunis, lay-brothers and sisters, and the whole realms of Gods, Men and Titans, were filled with joy by His teaching, and, taking it sincerely to heart they went their ways.

est said...

amitabha sutra

"If your faith and vows are solid and strong,
then even if you recite the Buddha-name only ten times,

or only once, as you are on the brink of death,
you are sure to attain birth in the Pure Land.

Without faith and vows,
even if you recite the Buddha-name

until you achieve a level of concentration
the Zen literature describes as

"wind cannot enter you and rain cannot wet you" and
"you stand like a silver wall or an iron wall",

you will still not have a way to be born in the Pure Land."

A Question said...

Are the Salvation Army pro Christian Zioist?

I spent about two hours yesterday Google searching this question without avail. Some aticles mentioned in passing William Booth chose the red shield patch of his Army in consultation with Rothschild.

Has anyone here been a part of the Salvation Army? Are they Cristion Zionist?

I am looking for a fundamental church which is NOT Christian Zionist. Cast Lead did it for me about how un-Christian the Zionists actually are.


Anonymous said...


Your Word Verification in order to comment are becoming unreadable! Zio-Ogre strikes again!

the gardener said...

hahaha Richie-I was so multidimensional today it was like soul rein... on a silver cord.

I was playing that 'where to go, where to be' all day in the sun turning wrenches 2 at a time (now dead husband was a plumber and impressed me with that so much he showed me how to do it too) working on that old relic made out of real American steel... I love the smell of old American steel in the morning. Afternoon...

but anyway my own ghosts in the machine were bothering me even with my beloved Sante swinging her scales over my bent head as I grounded on the ground with my two faithful guardian angel dogs hanging with me... so I cranked up the KBEAR and this song came on... I found it with the lyrics on it wanted to double check what I thought I was singing along with.

Here's where I want to be...
like a <3 shaped stone...

the gardener

Ps-RE: Full moon Monday the 4th of June... there's a potentially trouble making threesome already hanging together in Gemini-Sun, Mercury and Venus... minds up to the: doublecross, two timing, mirroring back kind of facades going on. Three planets clustered like this in a house usually is equatable to 3 people. Close enough for trining (empowered) energies from Saturn in Libra (Venus ruled) which, like Venus in Gemini, is retrograde... maybe some playback. Or payback. Keep your chin up. (thanks bro)

Whitewraithe said...


Posted on May 31, 2012

'Tears are the symbol of the inability of the soul to restrain its emotion and retain its self command.'

It makes me sad that your tribe has infiltrated and corrupted my government at every level; executive, judicial and legislative.

It makes me sad that your tribe coerces our elected officials to do its bidding through blackmail, bribery and murder.

It makes me sad that your tribe is directly responsible for the premeditated destruction of the united states of America, which occurred in 1871 when it became a corporation.

It makes me sad that your tribe has usurped my country and now control and rule with an iron hand every single aspect of society.

It makes me sad that your tribe uses pornography, drugs, and other vice through entertainment to subdue and destroy our young people.

It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the usury system through the Federal Reserve and it’s enforcement arm the Internal Revenue Service, which has drained the American people of the last remainders of its wealth thereby destroying all future prosperity.

It makes me sad that your tribe is directly responsible for the harassment at America’s once great airports through the installment of the licentious, pedophilic TSA all courtesy of the phony “war on terror.”

It makes me sad that your tribe dumbed-down our educational system that was once the best in the world offering every class of Americans literacy and knowledge that would enlighten and sustain them throughout life.

It makes me sad that your tribe infiltrated all aspects of Christianity, perverted Christ’s teachings thereby destroying Christianity’s true message of hope and forgiveness.

It makes me sad that your tribe insidiously oppresses the Palestinian people day after day with horrific crimes against humanity because Israeli Jews believe they are the only ones who have the right to exist in that region.

It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the destruction of America’s once great medical institutions that provided optimum healthcare for everyone.

It makes me sad that your tribe infiltrated our legal system, perverted the equitable system of common law in the land, and instituted Maritime Admiralty law instead which implies guilt before innocence.

It makes me sad that your tribe has perverted the civil right of innocence before guilt in the minds of our domestic police force where instead of police officers being respected they are feared.

It makes me sad that your tribe has proselytized our military schools and the entire military force in believing that their only allegiance is to a foreign racist state.

It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the regression of humanity’s great accomplishments in obtaining liberty, equality and freedom for all men through the creation of the Magna Carta in 1215 A.D. We now live in a less free society than our ancestors did nearly 800 years ago.

It makes me sad that your tribe with all its wealth and power and control are not yet done, you want more because of your insatiable greed and vengeance against the Gentile.

It makes me sad that your tribe persists in its pursuit to rob and rape America until nothing of value is left according to Israel’s supreme leader who recently stated, “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

It makes me sad that your tribe has destroyed any worthy future for my grandchildren.

It makes me sad that I grew up in the freest nation on earth harboring no ill will toward any one race or religion until I discovered that a different tribe of religious people hated me because I was not like them.

What makes me really happy is now I know why and hope endures your tribe will suffer the defeat it deserves."


William Freeman said...

I travelled to Haidakhan in September 95. Stayed in Haldwani, then took a minibus to the top of the hill and then an hours walk to the ashram.
You could feel a presence there, you don't feel elsewhere.
When we left it poured with rain, as if to say "don't go". I took a photograph of the ashram with a huge rainbow over it.
If you get the chance to go...go.
William Freeman

Anonymous said...

A face of six is looking for his chop.

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, Thursday, May 31, 2012 3:13:00 PM

Wow, thanks for that post! I went to the YouTube video you posted, and that was him! (Beautiful video, by the way...)

"Shri Haidakhan Babaji is a great spiritual teacher who was living in Haidakhan, India, from 1970 to 1984."

For some reason, I remember him as Herakhan Babaji, but that may just be my interpretation of the name. That video brought up some old feelings. I tracked him down north of Agra, India, in 1982 and went to see him at a mini-ashram that he was doing a ceremony at. We had a conversation, and he said, "Come with me to my Ashram" (or similar wording; that was a long time ago). That was his main Ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas. I was overjoyed!

A strange thing happened, though. The older woman that I was traveling with - and in relationship with at the time - had some doubts. In effect, she asked her Higher Self to give her some sign.

The next morning, Babaji announced that he was going to go on a tour of various Ashrams around India before going on to his main Ashram. I 'knew' instantly that this was a result of the lady's doubts. Babaji was of the mind-reading class.

I felt that I was in a terrible dilemma, because the lady was already having great problems with India's hot climate and was barely hanging in there. I knew she could not handle the road trip. So, do I abandon the lady in the middle of India and go on the road trip, or abandon the company of Babaji? Aarrgghh...

After much tortured thought and contemplation, I felt that to be 'impeccable', I had to see the lady through any winding-up of our trip and out of India. It felt like the right thing to do at the time.

'Herakhan' Babaji died unexpectedly of what was reported to be a heart attack just a year or two later. Personally, I believe that the being inside him just 'overloaded' his body in some manner.

I still wonder on some days whether I am really supposed to be up in the foothills of the Himalayas with a Master...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if the Salvation Army is Christian Zionist?

Zio-owned Google will NOT give me the answer to that question nomatter how many pages of articles I search.


Truthseeker said...

Michael James is continuing to make the ultimate sacrifice for what he believes in - his own life.

"I will never surrender. I, being a Briton, simply do not know how to accept defeat. In the cause of Freedom and Liberty from foreign (and domestic) oppression, I know no other option than that of my fighting to win or going down as a bloodied but defiant warrior. It is, however, to the support of my own people I must now look in forcing the hand of a criminally treacherous Cameron-Clegg government that has, in common with its equally treasonous predecessor, denied us our God-given rights as Freeborn Englishmen and Englishwomen. This appeal to your readership and all of my patriotic fellow citizens is particularly acute in light of the fact that, although the German government will always bemoan the force-feeding of Ukrainian and Chinese dissidents, this does not apply to ‘alternative thinkers’ in Germany itself. Believe it or not, it is actually illegal in Germany to question the ‘legitimacy’ of the European Union."

"Although I have been on hunger strike in support of a free England and a liberated Europe unchained from the shackles of an illegal, unlawful and ungodly Brussels dictatorship for only five days, I must admit to my feeling extremely weak and tired. I ask for no help other than moral support and the best advice you and your lawyers are able to offer me in terms of denying the German Thought Police and their EU masters the unconscionable act of having me sectioned for my political beliefs and, ultimately, be robbed of my dignity as a Freeborn Englishman to die for what I hold to be just and true in the privacy of my own home."

"Should Cameron continue to ignore the demands of the British people, let it never be said that I died in vain. For every Englishman prepared to lay down his life for the liberties of his compatriots, hundreds, if not thousands, more will follow.

Yours faithfully

Michael James


I am going to send Michael an e-mail today. Whether you agree or disagree with what he is doing I ask that you to send him a message. He is putting his life on the line for England and by extention, for the whole world.


Ray B. said...

Vis & Love To Push Those Buttons:

I wrote my previous posting immediately after seeing Love's post. I just finished the whole Comments page, and wanted to add a few things.

Vis, you were right about the interspersed photos. I wondered about that when seeing Love's YouTube video. The 'skinnier face' photos are of Herakhan Babaji; the 'more rounded face' is of someone else. Whether or not Babaji has reincarnated again (and if the latter is him), I have no idea.

Also, on Vis' later post, he showed a couple urls. I briefly went to the site, and noticed references to Rebirthing. This brought up a connection for me, because George Leonard & Sandra Ray were both taken with Babaji and with Rebirthing, at that time. Others may have continued that line...

As an aside, Rebirthing can be an effective tool for releasing old garbage, if done properly. Basically, you just use a rapid breath to build up prana/chi until 'held stuff' that is not of the higher level comes out. An outside observer is needed because the breather just 'spaces out' and defensively stops breathing before reaching that point. The observer just reminds the breather of that fact, and to resume. It does work; I've experienced it. (That was long ago; I've no idea of the current permutations.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 8:12

I would hazard to guess that it's an 'Empire Disease' manifesting in earnest in its terminal stage.
The Roman Empire's public entertainment of massive bloody goring of people by each other and animals have also reached epic proportions only in the terminal stage of that Empire.
Their collapse due to the times and level of technological development just went a lot slower; things have much speeded up since.

Visible said...

Whatever the goodness and beauty of this Babaji may be, he was not that other deathless Babaji who founded the Kriya lineage. That was my point.

As for the rebirthing, my drawing attention to it had nothing to do with that particular system, it had to do with the truly ridiculous other things that were being discussed and the other link to the affirmation cards and here comes your baby and what not... well... sorry, I'm a purist about some things.

When I studied massage and Shiatsu, I was surrounded by some of the most incompetent and out of touch people I've run into. I am certain a good portion never achieved any success at these things. There were some people who got what was being taught. My point is, there are all kinds of people running around calling themselves this and that and saying they can do this and that but through the totality of my life's experience I have found that most of them could not and even worse, caused more harm than if they had just not so engaged.

Thomas said...

Thank you for this honest offering, dear Les. It rings in my soul.

Quite clearly it is, that there seems to be the highest concentration of evil-doers hiding in the ranks of the "Jews", this mongrel mish-mash of different tribes and bloodlines, but it is certainly not solely contained therein. Still, some of the rabbis seem to be at the center of the web, but I am sure that they work together with others. Poor creatures, all of them. May they all find peace and harmony inside, and stop hurting and mutilating the world and themselves. Fat chance, at this point, Eh? ;P

I am wading through the murk of my desires and shortcomings, trying to heal them. It is hard, certainly, but necesary. Getting beaten down, and then rising again. I think perhaps that I have developed a too strong ability for manifesting my thoughts, (as compared to the power of A Heart Surrendered), because they come to me, hard and strong, in the flesh. That makes it imperative that I remind myself again and again, what I AM DOING HERE, and what I am putting out. I put myself in trance through dance and singing, and the Divine doesn´t care what name I give it, just that I sense it. Sharing it is the most important. When I do it, it comes up in me, and then the energy released manifests, bringing burning or healing, depending on how purely I put it into the world, AND WITH WHAT INTENTION. A state of grace, it works together, all of it, somehow. Being a channel for the Divine is the only way, I feel, rashly. It is quite easy to fool myself. So immature and unwise I am. There is both the feminine and the masculine divine, and somehow they have very different views on the things, but I think it is our job to find that place where they are balanced. In the end, they are the same, I am sure. Mystical that Kali and Krishna are expressions of the same. Truly mystical. Haha, PRAISE THE WORLD. The spiritual and the material are also, expressions of the same, I feel. I don´t know, I don´t know. What I do know, however, is that we shall all see the fruit of our endeavours. I "fear" for myself, but I am truly glad that the Universe is just. I am very happy to know that there will be no cheating the Angels that will weigh us, even if I must return, the justice of it feels so so so right. Hehe :)

Well, I ramble, I think. I have absolutely zero doubt that the Divine has our best interest in sight, but it is hard. Also good, God. I thank the Universe for it all, making me see how impure I really am. The sucking of the negative is truly strong, but I go I go I go for the All (trying). This is the strongest pull, Praise Jah, the Soul, Krishna, whatever.

Here I am talking about myself, when what I really wanted to do was say Thank You. Most of all, you are inspiring. We fall, but we Rise. And then, Come what may!

Best wishes with your book, and happy writing :)

To Everyone, may the Light of the Graceful Source illuminate your path. And may we All be able to Laugh at ourselves, as this is truly healing (I find). In the end, All is Well. Be blessed, Borthers and Sisters :)

Visible said...

For the truly spiritual person it is all spiritual.

mike m said...


Friday, June 01, 2012 8:39:00 AM

Excellent synopsis on the TRUE EVIL that has crept into the Modern Realm.

What is stopping us from taking real action against this golem?

I have come to realize that we are here for "purpose of demonstration" but I cannot sit idly by why these atrocities are carried out by a bunch of egotistical psychopaths who take every opportunity to congratulate themselves on a job well done.

I spread the "WORD" at every chance I get but most cannot see the forest for the trees and even though I care for them they are doomed through their ignorance.

But what a pleasure it is when you engage someone and you can see the spark that starts the fire so I will never give up...EVER !!!!

peace is within you, you just have to look.

Anonymous said...

crank it!

roger hodgson and supertramp

winter nights in buffalo smoking a little hashish and feeling the tears rise even though i had never heard of babji but feeling....something real was in the room

liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

I recently learned from a friend who is a teacher that her district is has a state-mandated holocaust 'education' requirement.

My immediate reaction was along the lines of: As if whatever actually transpired in WWII concerning jews was the only time in human history that something remotely like it ever occurred to any bunch of people, anywhere.

Until she mentioned that factoid about the mandate I did not fully understand just how far the zio-freaks have gone towards herding the rest of us into their cattle pen. Now I understand thoroughly.

My curiosity piqued, I did a little google searching and came up with the following:

"...In the United States, the 50 individual states, not the federal government, are primarily responsible for education policy. Therefore, there is no national curriculum or course of study on the Holocaust that has been created by the government of the United States....

"....Five states have enacted laws requiring the teaching of the Holocaust. This is known as creating a "legislative mandate." These states are: California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. Of these five, Florida and New Jersey have created extensive and detailed curricula and guides for the teaching of the Holocaust through their independent state commissions. New York and California have both created less detailed guides through their respective state departments of education, while Illinois has created neither a curriculum nor guides....

"...Ten other states have regulations encouraging or recommending the teaching of the Holocaust: Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Washington. These regulations are either enacted by state legislatures or by state governors. Those created by the legislature are known as "legislative regulations," while those created by state governors are known as "executive regulations."...

"...Twelve states have also created Holocaust commissions or councils that support Holocaust education: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. The scope of these commissions and councils varies widely from state to state....

"...Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia have social-studies standards that are crafted by their respective departments of education (the Alabama Department of Education, the South Dakota Department of Education, etc.). Teachers are required to address these standards-all of which include study of the Holocaust-in their classes. Iowa allows the local school districts to create their own standards, while Rhode Island relies on standards created by the National Center for History in the Schools of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)...."

It's a good bet that some sort of federally-mandated holocaust 'education' requirement will soon be coming down the pike, to put the icing on the on the dumbing-down cake.

Viz, I must say that your blogs are an oasis of free speech, one of the few remaining on the interwebs.

To all fellow posters: appreciate what what we have here in this little community of ours.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Cap'n Spadgett, you're a fine man. Your son is very fortunate to have you as his father. Your experiences, who you are contain lessons for him which can't be bought with diamonds.

I had a position once in a prestigious seminary and would often meet highly ranked theologians and students, many of them from Eastern Europe, after the Berlin wall came down.

I would chat them up and always asked them "have you ever milked a cow?" No surprise that most of these men and women had grown up poor in Eastern Europe and had indeed milked cows.

When I asked this they would invariably laugh and become friendly because this is a very special activity, as you know and an instant bond is inherent.
You know, the smells, sounds, touch, taste, warmth and the very essence of it all remain near and dear.

After these folks would leave the President of the seminary would always remark to me that he sure would like to know what I said to these men that they spoke so highly of me! Ha! Ha!

It was easy. It was the same reason I think highly of you.


Anonymous said...

Visible, et al, salutations. I always think of the line from Texas Radio & The Big Beat when I come here: “I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft…”
I’ve definitely been feeling the effects of this transition. It’s also clear that the darkness is spreading, as we’re now violently consuming each other here in the states, and the President is now promoting the targeting of all men as enemy combatants, with the entire planet now being designated as the battlefield.
John and others, please check out the movie the Quantum Activist, a documentary about Dr. Amit Goswami (or read any of his books). I had the pleasure of taking a year of his courses (they were based on his books the The Physicist’s View of Nature and the Self-Aware Universe), and talked privately with him a few times, and he was a wonderful human being. Indeed this is a holographic universe, a state of quantum flux between the wave (when we’re not actively perceiving) and the particle (when our consciousness is focused). Ultimately it’s all about consciousness. Plus, how can you not love a physicist who seeks to prove mathematically the existence of God. ;)
To the person who was asking about the Salvation Army church. Please note that all churches are fallen. It’s the Apocalypse, after all. False teachings abound. As Visible pounds home time and time again, and just as the Christ said, the Kingdom of Heaven is Within! Don’t waste time running around seeking external validation, especially now, because more than likely you’re going to be led in the wrong direction. There’s nothing like asking the Lord for guidance and opening your Bible for instruction; with an open heart you’ll be given what you need (pretty sure that both Ben and Gurnygob would echo those points). If you really are after some Christian help, perhaps look into the Seventh Day Adventists, Quakers or others with a serious service or pacifist bent. Just my two-cents.
Finally, I know you’ve got respect for him, Visible, Mr. Clif High has been busy, posting a new SOTTC report, and this:
I read the report, and it’s very heavy times, indeed. At the end of the report, there’s a passage about people leaving for the mountains (paraphrasing). This piece seriously jumped up and grabbed me, because back in the mid-90s, I had a vision/waking dream where I had a small pack and was heading for the mountains, abandoning civilization. Very synchronistic for me.
I know that Gardner and Stella Blue have hinted they’re here in the NW. If they need/want a guide into the mountains around January of next year, let me know. ;)

Take care -

Visible said...

I will chime in on the Salvation Army but only by experience. I have had many encounters with them. I have stayed in their lodgings. I have been fed by them and watched them serve and feed others. I have never witnessed any bad thing about them. I do not know what may take place among the high leadership but the rank and file were always worthy and true karma yogis. Now someone may well prove me wrong by filling me in on things I don't know concerning them but I have only my experiences over many years and I have tossed many a coin into their cauldrons.

Visible said...

Patrick Willis makes headlines.

Clarity said...

Whitewraithe, that was quite a list, and a fairly comprehensive summary of many of the things the tribe has done. I'll be copying it to send to a few people.

mike m, your post struck me. I feel the same - I'm having a hard time doing nothing. In a later SM post of mine, some thoughts I had tied in with the video I linked to. In the video, two men being interviewed said that we have help, that will intervene if necessary, and ultimately nothing will be allowed to go too far, and Earth will be kept from being destroyed. The interviewer kept interjecting - yes, that's good, but we still need people to be aware and to try to do the work ourselves.

I understand, karmically speaking, that sometimes people have to encounter difficult and painful things in their lives. This may also occur for the purpose of learning a lesson. I don't feel that means that we should sit back and allow it to happen because that's part of the plan. I have been questioning whether at least some of this is occurring because WE need to stop it. Maybe that is our purpose, our plan, for being here now.

Whether it's about unconditional love, respect for God's creations, standing up for what's right, the realization that we need to solve our problems and not leave itall tto God and the assumption that he's got it all under control, or something else... I don't doubt that God has things under control, but is part of God's plan that this is happening for our sake? Being the mother (of two teens) and a teacher, I'm always focused on teaching children to be responsible and able to take care of themselves. Maybe God is waiting for us to grow up and show that we are responsible. The job of parents, IMO, is to raise their children to become independent. That's not to say that they will never need their parents again, but that they can function on their own, and will need their parents in a different way. Similarly, I don't expect to never need God, or to not have God be part of my life, but as I learn and grow, I hope to need God in a different way.

I love, love, love up that you keep spreading the word. I haven't had much success with this. I got kicked out of a political group, and trust me, I kept it mild.I ended up in a good spirituality conversation yesterday and I alluded to there being more, and invited her to be in touch.

Where do you start? I am asking this literally. When you try to spread the word, what do you say? I will try to find any opening that I can, like when I was outside with some people and mentioned the chemtrails. One person asked about them. I gave a little information, then a little more. I never get far before I see that glazed-eyes look and I know they're shutting down. I've offered teasers, and I see some people are curious and want to know more, but are afraid to ask. Others will flat out tell me that if it's bad, they don't want to know. So I am really curious to know what has been successful for you, and if you are willing and it's too much for the comment section, maybe you could email me. If it's too complicated, I understand. Either way, keep up the good work!

Mandocello, I found your post to be very interesting, and was I surprised to see my state as one of the five in which that instruction is mandated. I'm curious to know what grade it is supposed to be taught in, as I haven't heard of it around my level, and I really don't recall seeing either of my children study it.

Richard, I've had some thoughts and questions about DNA. I'll try to get those organized and post them in a separate comment.

I can't mention everyone, but there are so many good comments. It's really nice to see the truth being spoken (and that it is permitted here, so I second that acknowledgment of appreciation to Visible for allowing that here). Coming here is a reminder of the really good people in the world, and that evil has not been able to extinguish that.

Love, light, peace...

Rob in WI said...

I fully agree with your comments regarding the Salvation Army. Having been a donor, I've received alot of mail from them, and have talked with a couple of commanders. The subject of israhell has never been mentioned. The policy of the Army is to be completely non denominational and apolitical, to the best of my knowledge. If they have any connection to the zionists, they keep it very well hidden.

Truthseeker said...

Thank you Eric and Visible for your opinions on the Salvation Army.


Richie (Dana) said...

I guess I should title this Love or Fear part 4 as this theme keeps coming back to me.

It is with great respect that I respond to you as we have very similar beliefs. I was actually raised in the SDA church and to this day would not recommend any earthly institutions in the quest for truth.

Both Ben and Gurneygob would attest that I am highly influenced by Christian upbringing and I love them both for what they post here.

First of all you and I are eternal and cannot die even though the shell we inhabit may cease to function. This fact can release all fear of death.
Second is the fact that we are creators. We create the reality in which we live. We are all partially responsible for what we see in the world today and that is the result of giving our creative powers to darkness.

If we wish to overcome, all we must do is pursue the opposite.
God is Love and Life. All thoughts of fear are vanquished in the face of Love.
They cannot co-exist.

About a year ago Visible quoted this; “Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.” ~John Donne

I believe the point of this was to show each of us the concept of” living and dying by the sword” or you will get what you most wish for.

I will tell you that I have lived the last few months completely free of any fear for one reason only.
My mind is consumed with the Love of the Divine. This is all I consider and all I need. It is the answer to everything.

We are now entering the most exciting and joyful time in the entire history of the human race. While I do believe that some will be having some difficult times, my contention is, that this is what they are choosing to manifest for themselves.

I would encourage everyone here to banish fear with the Love of our Divine creator, and totally agree that this can be found within.


Anonymous said...


In New Jersey it't taught K-12 grades.

Here is an outline of the curriculum:


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rob for your answer.


est said...

here :

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
own were; any man's death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Michael, for your fasting-till-death protest. God bless you for making the ultimate sacrifice. I hope the rest of you will consider doing the same thing...doing so will truly raise awareness regarding the tyrannical oppression that each of us faces. Amen. And love and light.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Look at all the Jewish people on the list of attendees for the annual Bilderberg Conference being held in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, from May 31 through June 3 (it's going on right now)-

It's truly amazing how many Jewish-sounding names are on that list. Check it out.

Stella Blue said...
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Richie (Dana) said...

While the concept of channeling was a little disparaged a few weeks ago, that only served to pique my interest. It is intriguing that Visible appears to be a channel for Love and Light so I burned all my labels and tried only to view the message.
Here is an offering that is extremely positive and filled with that which I approve.


Stella Blue said...
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Denny said...

Re: The Salvation Army...

They are among the very few you can always rely on if ever you became homeless or in desperate need of help. No "prestige" in everything they do, and hence no sense of egoistic conceit ot pride. Walking past them in the street is a constant reminder for me that I'm still far from that person I somehow know I ought to be. What stops me from joining them..? Yeah, that same very subtle sense of egoistic conceit and pride. I'd rather be up there on the stage right in the limelight than standing on a street corner singing "Michael Row the Boat Ashore"...

This world sure would be a darker place without them.

rgueget 0 said...

Cancer and strokes (among various other "diseases") now spreading like wildfire all over Sweden but no one appears to be aware of the source.

Meanwhile, a "panel of experts" advises the UK government that all school children over 5 years of age should be given the flu vaccine...

Admittedly I'm not an expert, but nevertheless I would still like to advise the UK government that the said "panel of experts" should be attached to the end of poles and used as mops for cleaning the floors of all UK public conveniences. This would surely be a step towards keeping the UK free of disease.

Steve said...

Jeez, thanks Homer! Back at you bro.

Visible said...

I wanted to wait until people responded a bit. I have had a lot closer relationship with the Salvation Army than implied and I never mention them but in my mind they are true heroes and should Christianity have been my course they would have been my choice.

I will point out that it was The Quakers who took all of the American Japanese peoples properties after they came out of the internment camps and I will bring up the name Richard Nixon and you do the math. I can also say a few words about the 7th Day Adventists but you will never hear a cross word from me about the Salvation Army. They truly walk the talk

biggee said...

Now that's why I come back for more! ;)

And wonderful comments ta boot!

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Truthseeker said...

Thank you Denny and Visible (again) and Stella Blue for your opinions about the Salvation Army.

You are all helping me make a very important decision.

'not a word about israhell'
'no prestige'
'walk the talk'


Mouser said...


Rivero live yesterday revealed some very ominous facts. Obama gave the green light to israel to infect the Iranian nuclear power closed computer net with the USrael Stuxnet virus against Siemen's control systems. The virus was unknowingly downloaded on a laptop, taken out of the closed system net and thereby released into the wild - including Japan's nuclear power plants. The emergency systems at Fukushika were incapacitated when the tsunami hit - when the nuclear power plants needed them most. Result was core melt down.

Now cesium and a host of other lethal nuclear isotopes have been released into the Pacific food chain. These will cause cancer and leukemia in the years to come. These will cause infertility and congenital mutations.

To recap. israel wants Iran immobilised. Obama agrees to nuclear power plant sabotage. The virus escapes and causes Fukushima meltdown. The marine food chain becomes nuclear infected. Millions of people will experience cancer and infertility.

Good job Obama. Good job israel.

The (over 18 adult) students going to 'clean up' Fukushima are a corporate media ploy to pretend nuclear energy is okay. Bullshit by GE, Westinghouse, Siemens and all the other corporations who fear a popular moratorium on all nuclear energy.

Will backfire (if there really are any students actually going), they will develop cancer and/or leukemia and/or infertility and fetal abnormalities.

The 'authorities' knew one year ago the bluefin tuna were infected with radiation but didn't want to alarm the public. Translation the corporate fishing industry in California, Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska would have lost profits.

End nuclear energy world wide. Fire the governments run by the corporations run by the zionist central banks world wide.

This revolution of truth has begun. We must all do our part.

The new world to come must make private central banking 100% illegal.

Voting by the people must be transparent, fraud free and respected by those entrusted to lead the people.

Rob in WI said...

Hi all,
I kind of ridiculed Michael James' fast the other day. Sorry about that. I certainly have no legitimate reason to do so. Yes, I believe that individual efforts to sway mass opinion are futile. Now if, thousands of us were to join him, it might do something.
I really enjoyed Michael's (well, not positively) description of his time in Denmark. The PC climate he described was the EU and NWO future he despises. I concur, it sucks.
However, he comes off as an anglo racist himself. I have no mercy for racial supremeicists of any ilk, and if he chooses to starve as a proud subject of the realm, (the one that's been falling apart), may he get some satisfaction out of it.

Steve said...

Go Patrick!!!

Denny said...

Heheh! I accidently typed in the WV "rgueget 0" instead of my name.

I wouldn't want that "panel of experts" thinking I was afraid of suggesting that they should all be used as mop heads for cleaning the floors of all UK public conveniences.

Talking of word verifications, it's going to take nothing less than a "robot" soon to be able to decipher them...

neil said...

Mike James is actually a king,and is harmonically congregated to the accumulated occulted despair written through the heart of the English people,,,,that's not racist,he is respondant to the needs of his own race because he loves them,,,,,what he talks about though can be applied to humanity as a whole

All people everywhere who stand fully embraced in their own humanity are kings and queens,,,

Tyrannical forces must be dealt with,the occulted despair hinged upon them effects the whole world,,,,,,,

Miike James,,, you are a king

Anonymous said...

Mike James is a full time warrior, I'll give him that but he's also a drama queen who needs attention and he's not reserved about trumpeting his importance and wrapping himself in the flag, even though he doesn't live in England. He's god writer but all the personal aggrandizement and the persecution complex that he persistently waters turns me off and I'm not alone in that. He desperately wants to be a martyr and he will probably get his wish.

He's not a bad person. He's courageous and noble but he needs to take a page from Visible's book. He should try to be more like him. Visible never acts like that. There isn't anyone like Visible out there today. He is obviously a messenger from God. Pretty much everyone else is a messenger for themselves, aligning with issues for the purpose of celebrity. I don't like any of them. Sorry about saying these things but this is a serious truth site and I am a serious truthseeker.


neil said...

Lord visible is the place where those kings sit down and bathe in the sunshine of pure awareness,,,,,Or some other thing like that....... : )

Denny said...

Okay, I'm not the most serious of all truthseekers, but I think Mike James should pull himself back together and remain right here with the rest of us. Cameron and his cronies won't give a damn if he starves himself to death. In fact they'll probably be pleased that one more goy is off this planet.
By remaining with us he might at least then get to witness the eventual fall of the House of Rothschild (and when it finally does happen I wanna be the very first to get into any one of their wine cellars with a pick-up truck....Chateau Latour 57 anyone..?).

Mike James... There's no point in starving yourself to death over any of this world's ruling useless eaters. You're clearly a useFUL eater, so go fix yourself a hearty meal...

MiaBellezza said...

Yes, the proverbial question is "what to do"?

What the Bleep Do We Know, Down the Rabbit Hole

I watched this 2 times. The 2nd time a section was taken out about Quantum Physics ... an experiment wherein the path of the particle wave was altered when observed.

Now here's a video by a High School student explaining the 4th dimension.

So, for the mystically inclined, my question would be is it not possible that higher dimensions, such as 4th that overlaps with 3rd, could be the dimension of the "6th senses"?

Now going back to quantum physics and how particle waves can be altered by an observer, which is normally considered God (the observer): and I quote ... "This is not true for the Relativity Theory of Einstein .... but the issue is that Quantum Theory demands an observer to the universe; call Him God if you want. "

Could any Christ conscious person be the observer? ... and if wise, would he or she understand intent of another? So this would indicate an awake and aware person with knowledge and wisdom would understand the intent of another person or organization, implicitly? And let's just say this is the case, hypothetically, then it means the observer(s) can alter outcomes.

So the next question would be "How do we alter outcomes by just being the Observer"?

MiaBellezza said...

Oh, I think JZ Knight is in the Down the Rabbit Hole video, otherwise, it's pretty good.

Visible said...

Denny... you know, I notice things, that's my job actually and when I don't notice something or am moving so fast that all of my attention is on the next stone in the mountain stream that I am running down, it always turns out to be for the purpose of demonstration so I can learn something.

I've been noticing you and the things you are attracted to and which evidently would be a serious item in your life if you could afford them.

Speaking from my somewhat limited but not inconsiderable experience as one who had a serious roll in his pockets on occasion along with an ounce of the finest Madre De Christo Bolivian flake, over pretty extended periods of mayhem, meaning a few years and as one who, probably it was fate, knew some super rich assholes (well that's how they turned out to be, they weren't at the time) and who were super generous with me because of my entertainment value and the sort of thing I do here, happening on a more narrow bandwidth, I can tell you that getting into it, is like getting into the undergarments of a woman who is all kinds of bad news for you, it can be easy... getting out of it can be hard and much more costly on some levels than whatever the freight through was.

I remember the time I slept with an uptown, drop dead gorgeous New York model. Going in, I was thinking I am really going to enjoy this. We might both see God. Afterwards I'm thinking WTF? The librarian from Brooklyn- not unattractive but not in the models league was way way more fun. It was a big disappointment and it tore the veil of some illusions about what people look like and what they deliver. of course we live in a world of false advertising.

Of course I went ahead and slept with a couple more of them. I had to know if this was an anomaly. I was moving in worldly rarefied circles at the time. All kinds of candy was everywhere to be had. It's what those people did anyway. To them a fuck was like a handshake. Now a lot of guys might have had some real fun with these girls but I am a poet and I was letdown.

Now, of course, I've been with some truly beautiful women. I'm with one now and they proved spectacular on all the right levels because they were 'present'. They were PRESENT and could be moved and the mover and the moved, switching around at times proved the truth of tantra (disclaimer; my words), if love is absent, you are fucking a corpse and worse, you are feeding it, should you be the sort of person for whom a climax is important.

Anyway, I had plenty of those very expensive bottles of wine, Cuban cigars, whatever there was because I had a couple of things everyone wanted and which could not be found because I wasn't into making money off of it so I didn't step on it. i left it pure. A very rich entrepreneur, now dead, so I can mention him, oops better not, they could go after his estate (whew!) just gave the stuff to me. If you had had a look in his closet in the NYC apartment where he lived you would have understood that he could hand out large amounts because he had way way larger amounts. He would give it to me just to hear the stories of what went on with it until I was out. Those were the days.


Visible said...


I could care less about Cuban cigars or Dom Perignon, Mumm's extra dry tasted better to me. I've ridden in and driven very expensive cars and the thrill wears off. In fact the thrill is gone for most of it. I will admit that some of the storied Burgundy's are transportive and very like a fine drug. These days, the finest drugs in the world are much cheaper.

I've been on big boats and at those New York Parties where the people that show up on Page Six of The Post or News, whichever and also at a few in Hollywood and they were a pain in the ass. They were all a great big pretentious vanity clusterfuck of people posing and hearing lies about themselves. And none of them would talk about anything interesting, at least as far as I could see. What I would get, soon enough was, "That's interesting" and they would go right back to talking about money and power and believe me they could be crude when it came to women. All of them hit me as human trampolines that would fuck anyone at any time if there was an advantage in it. What does that do to the enjoyment level? Do they care. Well, they got their doctors scripts for their little helpers cause otherwise they would kill themselves and some of them do.

The worst group I ever encountered were the rich connected Brits. Holy shit. Even the New York Jews would have been a little startled and they can really behave badly. Been there and done that. The rich influential friends I was talking about were ALL Jews. I met them when we were both young and in that magical period of time and I could get things they wanted and also bring flowers over to the house for their entertainment. I wasn't a pimp in any way. These were good ladies and they knew how to handle themselves but they also liked a good time in a big fancy house with the best stereo and everything for the head and saunas and pools and all that stuff.

Now I know you know all the things I know about the material world so I can't tell if the things you have been saying in recent weeks is some kind of tongue in cheek thing or if you are serious.

I'm not knocking the world, there is fun to be had there but complete take it or leave it has to be in effect or out come the hooks and then the pain machine starts humming like it was on a timer.

I mean no criticism. I just was noticing and wondering and no answer is required either because it's none of my business. Ah well, back to feed my head.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

make of it what you will. Duff'n'stuff.

I wonder though if all the energy we choose or have to put into the negatives and fear factors was put into positives, like "I have inside information that on 16th June 2012 in the middle of a busy plaza a person of middle eastern appearance will begin to sing and dance and a radiant light will.. and angels will appear in the sky and the people will join in and..." or somesuch. one eye on the ball and my other eye on that eye.

Denny said...


I was also in NYC for awhile together with the ultimate seductive Jewess. I remember the night we met Sting, who asked me if she was my wife, and just as a joke I replied, "Yeah, my first". She had the attention of some of the richest Jewish guys in town, who owned blocks, and I watched from the shadows when they came to visit her at her Broadway apartment, and they'd put $1000 straight down on the table just for the privilege of being able to speak to her for half an hour. Then we travelled down to her mother's place in Phoenix, and it turned out that she was a director of the Apache helicopter factory, but at that time I had no idea of what was going on. Her idea of a nice evening was to sit there in her sterile palace and watch "circumcision ceremony" videos on TV, and when I told her that no one should have the right to disfigure children like that she looked at me as if I was mad.

When I lived in Switzerland I had access to some of the best vintage wines (all from under the table, of course), and so I acquired a taste that was no longer impressed by anything found in "the local wine shop". And I always remember saying to myself that as those "useless drinkers" at the very top of the pecking order could sample such delights, then I could too.

As for women, I've heard it said that "beauty is only skin deep", but then again so is a Rembrandt masterpiece only "canvas deep", and it doesn't need to be any deeper.

I was together with an Italian/Swedish "photo-model" in Stockholm, whose portrait still hangs to this day in the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, but I left her when the "dental mercury" poisoning took hold and my hair started falling out all over her pillow.

I really appreciate what you wrote and I have more to say in reply, but it's now 2:30 AM and I'm falling asleep.

You're right of course, photo-models are as insensate as a stone statue. But then again, beauty (pulchritude) is the catalyst for love.

MiaBellezza said...

There's a tsunami of a financial collapse that is going to affect just about everyone in the world and then throw in Fukushima, geological stresses, more war, riots and revolution ... a veritable witch's brew for sure ... this is coming soon.

The way I see it the southern hemisphere, not in around the equator, but South America, Africa and Australia which are relatively free of nuclear reactors would be the safest places to live. If you're young and have children and the money to move, consider it.

Sorry for the gloom and doom, but short of a miracle ...

Anonymous said...

Pierre at 1:40 a.m.,

VT is a jew operation. Gordon Duff is a jew. The articles are full of those subtle poison pills jews are expert and supremely cunning in using.

Dave, on the East Toast

Clarity said...


First, let me say that I laughed at your comment to me. Now, you are getting more attention from me, but keep in mind that despite my gender, I have mercury fillings too. ;) Maybe that'll make it easier for you to get used to it.

Now, to get down to business...

re: But then again, beauty (pulchritude) is the catalyst for love.

It can be, yes. Physical appearance can play a big role, especially when there is nothing else to go by.

And now I will share something with you, speaking as if I actually know about this topic. ;) In reality, it's one example, but I'm sure it's not the only one.

I have this friend... and she fell in love with someone she never met. She was not looking for someone, and although the relationship she was in seemed to be on its last legs, she was actually looking forward to the time alone that she would have to focus on herself spiritually and to do whatever healing might be needed.

Their paths crossed on an online message board as members of a political group, and at some point, they began communicating privately, via email. Their communication continued on the political and "truther" lines, but they also got to know each other personally. She felt a very strong connection to him, to the point that it bothered her sometimes, as she couldn't understand it. She also had physical feelings, but not what you might be thinking. She explained that she could feel things right in her heart, and at some point, realized that feeling was love. She said she had never, ever felt a feeling like this, in her heart, and in her whole being. It was completely overwhelming, and I can vouch for that.

It made no sense to her. If she were to be looking for a relationship, she'd be looking for someone close to her age. He is over 15 years older than she is, but obviously, that didn't seem to matter. One day, out of the blue, he said he was going to send her some pictures of him. She told me was afraid to open the email when they arrived, because pulchritude does play a part in things. She didn't know what would happen to these feelings if she didn't like what she saw. But, as difficult as it was to explain, she said she just knew it did not matter what he looked like. She knew in her heart that it couldn't change this love she felt.

And she was right... it did not matter one bit.

Shortly before that, she had been learning about the fear vs. love concept, although she was told it wasn't just love - it was unconditional love that would change the world. She didn't fully understand that, except in terms of parents loving their children.

Now she does.

If you are lucky, you will find great love one day, and that person will be the most physically beautiful specimen you could ever dream up.

But if you are even luckier, you will find an even greater love that goes far beyond that, so that no matter what you see on the outside - you can't help but see what is within, and know that's the only thing that matters.

My wish is that you, and each one of us here, gets to experience that love one day.

Love and peace,

Clarity said...

Mandocello, thank you.

In my district, we order our own resource materials. (Not districtwide textbooks, but other resources.) About 4-5 years ago, my grade was told that the social studies textbook we had been using for years did not match the curriculum, and we were not to use it any more. In all that time, we have not been given one resource to use. Not one. We were given a short list of recommended read-alouds. That is a list of several fiction and nonfiction books, and nothing else. If I taught at the upper levels and had the same situation, how I would love to order some choice resources. You know, the kind with true facts, not made up "facts". And when parents complained, I'd pull out all the books I had ordered and say, "Well, it says right here..." I don't think they have any truth books on my level, but I'd love to order them for next year if they did.

I followed your link, and in looking over the list, I thought we could actually have some fun with it. I picked out a few. Now think of what is expected from these, and then think of what we would actually teach.

* Define "The Holocaust"

* Understand who were:
The "Victims",
The "Bad People",

* Discuss:
a. antisemitism
b. economic prejudice
c. religious prejudice

* Know facts regarding the Holocaust, relating them to such general concepts as respect of self and others, diversity, hatred, prejudice, altruism, and heroism.


* Analyze the impact of the Holocaust on individuals, society, and the future.

* Understand the meaning of the term "Holocaust", and place it in an appropriate timeline of history.

(oops - I think it's supposed to read, "... place them .in an appropriate timeline..."

* Analyze the findings of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

* Explore eye-witness accounts of the Holocaust by survivors and liberators.

(Yes, let's explore...)

* Evaluate the continuing role of the mass media and propaganda in Nazi Germany, including use of the "Big Lie" and the corruption of language.

(Oh, please, can't we just take out "in Nazi Germany". Our evaluation would be so much more meaningful.)

I'll stop myself here. I'm getting carried away, but this is so much fun.

From New York:

In order to promote a spirit of patriotic and civic service and obligation and to foster in the children of the state moral and intellectual qualities which are essential in preparing to meet the obligations of citizenship in peace or in war, the regents of The University of the State of New York shall prescribe courses of instruction in patriotism, citizenship, and human rights issues, with particular attention to the study of the inhumanity of genocide, slavery (including the freedom trail and underground railroad), the Holocaust, and the mass starvation in Ireland from 1845 to 1850, to be maintained and followed in all the schools of the state. The boards of education and trustees of the several cities and school districts of the state shall require instruction to be given in such courses, by the teachers employed in the schools therein. All pupils attending such schools, over the age of eight years, shall attend upon such instruction.

Here's another link:

What a load of crap.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Les,again. You always come through for me, with exactly what is right at the right time. I'm off to Kazakhstan to visit the folks.
Mo visible

Anonymous said...

I once had a friend who dated a super model. They did lots of drugs and hung out with really famous people. I never did that, myself, but, one time, I put a photo of a super model on the wall of my bedroom. It was pretty cool. I would stare at it and pretend that I was dating her. Sometimes, I'd paste a miniature head shot of her on the palm of my right hand. And then I'd "talk" to her. That was pretty cool, too.

Killing those in jail said...

Greek prisoners are literally being starved to death. This is austerity by the EU gone morally wild. This story has a direct relation to the FEMA camps coming to America in conjunction with the global economic breakdown which began June 1, 2012 when China and Japan began to trade with the remnin B, without the US dollar as their currency reserve.

"Amidst the deepening financial crisis, the state budget for many prisons has decreased to a minimum for some months now resulting in hundreds of detainees being malnourished and literally surviving on the charity of local communities, a Proto Thema article reveals.

The latest example is the prison in Corinth where there’s a supply stoppage from the nearby military camp, and prisoners are about to starve reports prison staff, since not even one grain of rice has been left in their warehouses. The prison staff reports they haven’t received any state funds for the last three months.

A few days earlier, the commander of the camp announced to prison management the transportation stoppage, citing lack of food supplies even for the soldiers, and had shut down the last source of supply for 84 prisoners. The response of some Corinth citizens was immediate as they took it upon themselves to support the prisoners, since all protests to the Justice Ministry were fruitless.

In the past few days, groups of Corinth residents have started collecting food as a small token of solidarity and respect to people who may be denied certain rights by the justice system."

How can a civilized world incarcerate and then starve to death their citizens?

Anonymous said...


What an amazing story! What line of work were you in to support such an affluent lifestyle? What do you do for a living now?

We the readers have heard over the years how Visible worked as a performer/artist and at various restaurant and resort/hotel diverse jobs.

Deny, what was/is your line of work?

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

It's been interesting to see the comments regarding the Salvation Army. I worked in one of their hospitals for many years and found them to be quite simply, good people. My mother used to say that during WW2 the Red Cross was there for the officers but the Salvation Army was there for everyone else who needed them. BTW they never proselytized to we the non-army staff but just witnessing their joyful get togethers with fellow army members conveyed a message of love in itself.

I've been off attending to another interest lately and with the number of posts at Vis's sites I am panting to keep up. Greetings to Neil ... still enjoying your poems. Enjoying Clarity's musings too. And well there are just too many to mention. Vis, as always, I gratefully accept whatever you offer in whatever persona you are in at the time.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all get together and buy a huge castle or a similar dwelling (with a ton of acreage) and hang out. Hmm? I happen to have access to some financial resources and I'll wager others who frequent Vis's blogs do, too. So what do you say. Maybe something like this could be achieved on more than one continent. (Due to traveling impediments some people might face.) I'm in the USA, so what does everybody say. At least buy a huge-ass farmhouse or something. I'm talking sanctuary, basically. For like-minded souls. Input encouraged here. ;)

the gardener said...

Just have to report on the mowing of Friday eve and Saturday June 2... 4th/5th time was the charm and the old beater craftsman tank mower did what was necessary.

I have suffered major anxiety and even depression due to my inability to mow... I have a park where I derive my income for the entire year with whatever/whoever comes into this space in a short lived season due to harsh weather conditions for at least six months out of the year (normally).

The property is full of trees and the trees are full of birds. This property has large ponds which are full of large birds. Lots of LIFE and LIVING here.

The grasses have lots of flowers and the flowers have lots of bees of many kinds, lots of dragonflies too abound here, I came in with a terrified inchworm in my hair... hahahaha I released it onto a crabapple tree whereas a red ant approached the inchworm which terrified it more into dropping down a story or two (to it) and with my sweetest dog ever watching the whole process it made my day.

But what happens when I mow for hours upon hours all the time is... it is like an out of body experience on the worst days and on the best days it is like connecting with the universal divine flow. All kinds of incredible divine mystical *things* go on.

With a few more strange mechanical problems happening delaying the commencement of the mowing for the FIRST TIME THIS SEASON acckkkk I kicked ass first on my money maker front line... was good.

Then it was starting to go twilight on me but THE BIG ALMOST FULL MOON came and went behind clouds and it was so impossibly fantastic mowing land that I could mow blindfolded I have done it so many times... mowing in the moonlight-how incredibly good was that.

This morning was full of black clouds and a very fast intense Tstorm with frustrated huge mean drops but was over in an hour then it got tropical and I went at it with everything I had...bruises all over my arms, chingers all over my fingers...I went at it and was out of body the entire time it seemed. I kept 'seeing' cars and trailers coming in... continued

the gardener

the gardener said...

part 2

I kept 'seeing' people around the trees and big bushes. I had a pair of birds zoom by me like fighter pilots-heard the 'whoosh' of them zooming by me. Scared a few baby birds pecking around on the ground-which scared me at the thought of mowing them... all the wild things have had at it for the past few months without any scary noisy actions by me in their worlds. BUT the wildest thing I saw today was first this big presence field behind me when I was mowing a big mess... I had been feeling and seeing all this action that wasn't there when I queried... I turned around to see what it was I was feeling around... and it was huge-like a big expanse of protoplasm... greyish... I was a bit startled but not afraid of its energies. It was about 50 feet wide and about 30 feet tall. It was 'facing' away from me. I think it was one of the archangels I called in and saw last summer. It was facing NE... I just kept on mowing.

I was out there for four or five hours. Mowing. I had done the prep for everywhere I mowed the past week or so. I've got one big area left to do then I can do a fine tuning mow with my neighbor's mower-he came over and mowed with me on Friday. It was fun.

I have been doing everything I can to manifest good energies to draw in some good customers or people in here. I meet lots of good people from all over the country and world. It is totally empty which is good due to the noisy work I've got to do for at least another hard day or so...

I will sage the spookier places tomorrow to see what is going on. I really feel like the energies are revealing their selves right now and the Full Moon in Gemini/Sag should be a good one. With the full moon out on Friday's mowing session I kept thinking it was August's full moon... but that one is lower. I walk about all the time in the dark on this property and have never felt afraid or encountered anything unsettling before. But the giant grey protoplasm thing was a new one for me. It was at least benign if not positive. A Watcher.

I haven't been out in my way back for a week or so. Last time I was out back with two not good guys. Our owl went crazy screeching way up high. The birds are definately acting different this year. And there are more bumblebees and a great many more kinds of them this year too.

Good luck to all and good mowing tomorrow!

the gardener

the gardener said...

PS-I have also been having the strangest sleeps this past week or so... about intense dialogue I am having with authority figures. Many answers to many questions are being given but I they go *pop* the minute I am aroused from sleep. I do not know exactly what is going on here but several compatriots are saying the same things like 'feeling out of body' and 'being really unusually exhausted' this past week or ten days. hmmmm *grins*

I was actually grunting off a bolt in an impossible to reach location Friday night... and had a sharp pain shoot through my brain-caused me to realize I was holding my breath with the concentrated effort and had a laugh to myself envisioning the demise of the gardener...'yep, we found the poor mess with grease all over her face alongside that beater lawn tractor'... hahahahahah but I quickly got control over my unconscious bodily structures and made them be good to me. Not the time to be popping any aneurysms or anything like that.

the gardener

Give me love or give me death said...

Infidelity, Divorce and BPD in Rothschild land

Even the zionist 'royals' are being hit by BPD and divorce.

Kate a Rothschild heiress and Ben a zionist billionaire.

"It seemed like the perfect union – a marriage that brought together two of the country’s wealthiest families."

"He was the multi-millionaire son of the late financier and tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith, she a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty."

"But now Ben Goldsmith and his music producer wife Kate, who have three children, are to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap singer named Jay Electronica."

"The couple are set to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap star."

"Last night Mr Goldsmith confirmed the split, saying: ‘I’m pretty shell-shocked by everything. All I am thinking about now is my children.’ The marriage ended with a dramatic showdown at the family home in Notting Hill, West London, on Wednesday morning."

"Mr Goldsmith, 31, confronted his 30-year-old wife over explicit text messages and emails he found on her smartphone that she had received from and sent to the New Orleans-born hip-hop artist, who now lives in London and is one of her clients."

"After initially denying the romance, Mrs Goldsmith confessed to the affair when her husband told her he had read the text messages.
During a heated altercation, Mr Goldsmith slapped his wife and kicked a child’s toy at her."

"He then took the children to school. By the time he returned, she had called police and they were at the house to arrest him."

"Last night a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that officers were called to attend a domestic disturbance in the couple’s street at 8am and arrested a man on suspicion of common assault."

"The couple's marriage is on the rocks after Mr Goldsmith confronted his wife over explicit messages she had sent to rapper Jay Electronica. Mr Goldsmith was released after being given a caution."

Can you say BPD? Can you say without God NO marriage is sacred. Can you say it is better to love a truly loving partner then have all the gold and power in the world but have a marriage without true love and respect?

I can.

Read more:

Freedom's just another word said...

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting for a train
And I's feeling nearly as faded as my jeans.
Bobby thumbed a diesel down just before it rained,
It rode us all the way to New Orleans.

I pulled my harpoon out of my dirty red bandanna,
I was playing soft while Bobby sang the blues.
Windshield wipers slapping time, I was holding Bobby's hand in mine,
We sang every song that driver knew.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose,
Nothing don't mean nothing honey if it ain't free

And feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues,
You know feeling good was good enough for me,
Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee.

From the Kentucky coal mines to the California sun,
Hey, Bobby shared the secrets of my soul.
Through all kinds of weather, through everything we done,
Hey Bobby baby? kept me from the cold.

One day up near Salinas,I let him slip away,
He's looking for that home and I hope he finds it,
But I'd trade all of my tomorrows for just one yesterday
To be holding Bobby's body next to mine.

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,
Nothing, that's all that Bobby left me
But feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues,
Hey, feeling good was good enough for me
Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee.

Lord, I'm calling my lover, calling my man,
I said I'm calling my lover just the best I can,

Lordy. Hey. Bobby McGee.

Anonymous said...

written by Kris Kristofferson
performed by Janis Joplin

preacher said...

Zen and the art of mowing.
Hmmm.. Interesting read @Gardner!

So may your freshly mowed pastures be filled with interesting things.

Richie (Dana) said...

Open response letter to the Galactic Federation of Light transmission dated 6/2/12

Dear Family of Light from the Stars,
There are several interesting offers and statements in this transmission that I wish to respond to, and the ones which caught my attention are as follows.
“There are many different concepts, principles and sciences that are important for you to understand at this time, yet there is no other concept more important to always keep in the forefront of your mind than this; it is your future, and you are creating it as you go through your day. Your future is created through the thoughts that are emanating from you all day and all night even as you sleep. Whatever it is you are thinking about, focusing on and dreaming about is what it is you will experience as you head down the road that you yourself have paved before you.”

At the age of 21 I did make a special request to the Divine that any earthly material success I achieved would never be at the expense of my fellow humans. Due to the twisted rules of this world, all are very aware that it is nearly impossible to achieve any earthly “success” without some detriment to our fellow humans. The honoring of the above request as resulted in many years of lack in my personal life and stating this fact is in no way self pity, but closer to an acknowledgement of the road I have paved for myself.
As far as my focus and dreams there is something which I have held in my mind for some time now.
Due to lack of funds, when the last vehicle I owned ceased to function, the best I could do was a 1998 Buick which has seen better days, but which I am thankful for. When we purchased this car I told my friends and family that the next car I owned would be a flying saucer. When the car overheated on 101 Northbound to San Francisco last Tuesday, I sat for a bit at the side of the road thinking of my future free energy saucer and how archaic our current modes of traveling were. For a few months I have entertained a dream of being able to visit Visible and have thought that the most efficient way to accomplish this would be to just zip over to Europe in my flying saucer and land in his back yard.

“We are here to assist you build the roads that you wish to travel, and we will lend you our tools and share with you our expertise and experience to allow you, our brothers and sisters, to build any road that you desire to travel upon. This is what we will do for you, this is a promise, and this is the only promise that we will make you and have ever made you, for this is the only promise that we are permitted to make you and that we can make you. We do see from time to time those of you posting through your online social networks that we, the Galactic Federation of Light, have made a certain number of promises that we have not kept. This is not true. We do not make these promises, for what would we promise you? We do not know what it is you desire. We do not know what is you wish to collectively, and even in many cases individually, desire to experience. So what would we promise you? something that we wish for you to experience?

Richie (Dana) said...

Open response letter to the Galactic Federation of Light transmission dated 6/2/12 (continued)

“What we wish to make clear is that we do not know at this time what it is you collectively, and even in many cases individually, wish to experience. Considering our discussion today, do you see now why we say to you that we are not promising you anything in particular, and why we say to you we would never have promised you anything of a particular nature as we could not have and still do not know what it is you wish to experience? What we have laid out for you are your possibilities and your opportunities, and we say to you that these have always been and remain today endless. You may experience anything that you desire”
“We research your online communities for your responses to our offers. We are looking to find if there are sufficient numbers of you prepared to handle and help initiate the programs that will see to the benefit of your world and each and every individual within. What we are looking for are positive responses, not highlighted in fear or distrust and suspicion of us and our motivations for offering our assistance.”
“We like to see more of you commenting and posting in regards to our presence here and our messages and offers of technologies and systems that can greatly benefit your world. We have teams in charge of this area who monitor your online social networks and collect large amounts of data that will allow us to better understand what it is you desire for yourselves and how far along you are coming in your understandings of the greater picture that is now unfolding before you here in your world and in your universe.”
“What you choose is what we shall assist you to receive, and we look forward to reading more of what is you choose to experience next.”

My response to these offers is tempered by my awareness of the difficulties you are currently facing concerning the mass of sleeping unaware human family and the concepts of free will. In the great scheme of things I do not believe Visible’s small community of souls would cause too big a stir and with that in mind I wish to make a small request of what I would like to experience next.
With the permission of Visible, I wish to simply take a JOYride in a small flying saucer for a personal visit to Mr. Visible. In respect for his schedule of completing his book, this can be short in length.

While I hope that it is very clear that this wish be granted in the next few days of our current timeline, I have only 2 additional requests regarding this. One is that I am allowed the time to write a short note to my earth family prior to departure with the word “Scottie” as that was my prior promise to alleviate any fear. The second is that at least My Visible and I retain full recall of this event.

I humbly await your response and the acceptance of this visit by Visible.


Denny said...


When I was around 18 years old I met a French au pair girl with hauntingly beautiful features at a party in Brighton, and I have to say that it was incredible how LOVE transformed a typically "young, dumb and full of cum" kid into a walking temple filled with unconditional bliss and compassion towards all sentient beings. I was never quite the same after that experience and I can only assume that all those who've never experienced it certainly have good reason to question the very meaning of life or why they are alive at all (most women claiming that it is only because of their children). However, it was the French au pair girl's physical beauty that was the catalyst.


Anonymous 8:00:00 AM...

Best you don't ask that question for fear of my incurring the wrath of those who consider it a "sin" to break the odd Commandment here or there (grin).


Re: The Community idea...

Bags I get to be the cook. I'll prepare very tasty, sattvic food for everyone. All organic and no aluminium or stainless steel saucepans etc.

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions about the Divine, as this notion is somewhat new to me. I'm trying to wrap my mind around it. Perhaps some of you can help me do that.

The Divine I assume is somewhat like God, or the Creative Force - and I understand that we must trust in the Divine and let it guide our steps and fill us up. Is that right? (I guess that is the first question...)

Here are a few more questions.

Did the Divine (God/the Creative Force) create everything? I am assuming that it did. If this is true, then it must have created all of the bad things (and all of the bad people) who exist in our world. In other words, the Divine must have created the evil that we see dominating our world these days. So my next question would be, why did the Divine do that?

Also, is it okay to question why the Divine did that, or will some penalty be incurred for doing this? (I am assuming it is okay for us to question why the Divine did that, because the Divine is everything and the Divine must have made me ask this question.)

Why would the Divine create a group of people whose sole aim in life is to enslave us, harm us, impoverish us, and slaughter us? This seems like an odd way to express love and grace and all of the qualities associated with anything that is "divine".

Supposedly, the Apocalypse (Kali Yuga?) is going to come along and wipe out all the evil people who have dominated the world's landscape for thousands of years. Since the Divine knows all, and creates all, why did the Divine create the evil people, knowing they were evil, and then proceed to allow them to enslave us, harm us, impoverish us, and slaughter us? This all seems a bit murky to me here. Perhaps some of you can clear it up???

Also, why would this Mr. Apocalypse fellow come along and lay waste to a group of people created by his boss? If I am getting this right, his boss created the evil people who do all the bad things on earth - they enslaved us, lied to us, raped us, stole from us, murdered us, and they did this for thousands and thousands of years - and now, that same boss (the Divine) is sending this emissary to wipe them all out. This seems like a long run for a short slide, if you catch my drift. Why did the Divine do this to humanity, and let it play out for so long? Why not just create loving beings and harmonic energies and keep the evil out of the equation? It seems to me that the divine has been enriching the evil people, and giving misery to the good people? I do not understand this.

Thank you in advance for any answers to these questions of mine, which you might pass along.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a very interesting film about the atrocities of Communism, facilitated all the way by 'bankers' and 'freemasons':

Anonymous said...

Give me love@2:03;

Ben could have just continued his role as cuckold or done like king David and arranged for the rapper to die in a staged race attack in Brixton.

Ben is/was probably totally in love with Kate. Persons with this (borderline personality) disorder have both impulsive and promiscuous sex.

I feel sorry for Ben and his children.


Ben might want to get a DNA paternity test on those three children. There's a huge possibility his BPD wife did not conceive all or any of them with him.

Ray B. said...

A bit behind as usual; so, a varied posting:

Eric, Friday, June 01, 2012 6:25:00 PM

"I know that Gardner and Stella Blue have hinted they’re here in the NW. If they need/want a guide into the mountains around January of next year, let me know. ;) "

Fascinating. I am also in the NW. Maybe, it's in the air... Hello, everyone!


Salvation Army: I am currently part-time with a local 'umbrella agency' that is seeking to moderate the ongoing social disaster. ('Trickle-down' at it's most fundamental expression...) I echo Vis' comments of June 01 6:33:00 PM that, regardless of possible baddies on top, they are helping folks at the local level who are truly in desperate shape. Echo that again for several other organizations who, at the local level, are keeping the carnage from being even worse...


Synchronicity Department: After all the talk on Babaji, I go with Liz to see a movie, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel." Surprise! It is set in India, and brings out all sorts of memories. It is also a VERY good movie, and is the only movie that I have seen in decades where the audience spontaneously claps as the credits start to roll...


Clarity, June 01, 2012 7:13:00 PM

"Where do you start? I am asking this literally. When you try to spread the word, what do you say?"

It is hard. Very hard. Currently, I am echoing the 'process' that I heard of on a segment in "Sixty Minutes", of all things. In it, a couple were losing their son into 'early autism'. They noticed that the son responded positively to math. So, they fed him an ever-more-sophisticated 'dose' of what he enjoyed and, not only did he 'reverse the autism', but he is well on the way to becoming the next Newton or Einstein. So, in a nutshell, I 'throw out' a bunch of stuff in a conversation and see where their eyes 'light up'. Then, I just dribble-out a few sources and move on. If they have an 'inner pull', that will get them moving in some way that is relevant to them. Hope this helps...


est, Friday, June 01, 2012 9:57:00 PM

Thanks for the whole quotation; it makes more sense to me now. I have just shamelessly copied it into a file for further contemplation and enjoyment.


Stella Blue, Friday, June 01, 2012 10:42:00 PM

"Vis' 'For the truly spiritual person it is all spiritual.' The joy in the teardrop concept--absolutely."

Thanks. I was getting cynical about that quote, and your comment 'put it right' for me.

Your 'life's work' comments are terrific and a fresh breeze; keep it coming, please...

On the asteroid: A little 'secret' (not really) of astrophysics is that if you need to slightly alter the orbit of something, there are points in the orbit where it takes little energy. This can be a good or bad thing...


Ray B. said...


Mouser, Saturday, June 02, 2012 8:26:00 AM

Agree with nearly all your post. In the absence of free-energy release, I must say that safer, new-technology nuclear reactors are a serious way to 'break the back' of the oil-power complex. Their acceptance was gaining ground. In my opinion, that is one reason Fukushika happened; to poison the public to nuclear energy for another generation. I really hope the 'good guys' have a way of transforming our energy sources. Otherwise, OPEC, et al, have us truly where they want us, now...


MiaBellezza, Saturday, June 02, 2012 9:27:00 PM

"So the next question would be 'How do we alter outcomes by just being the Observer'?"

Good column. Echoing Richie (Dana), we are all creators. It is the 'genius' of the 'bad guys' to so-reduce most of us that we do not even see the possibility of 'altering outcomes' on deep subjects. That is why Christ-Conscious individuals are so potentially powerful, and so feared and acted-against by the 'bad guys'.


Vis, Saturday, June 02, 2012 11:23:00 PM

One of the wonderful things about gradually awakening, as you have intimated here, is the ability to literally 'be one' with your partner, and also to 'flip over' into the other's experience. Truly astounding. Would not go back...


the gardener, Sunday, June 03, 2012 10:34:00 AM

"But the giant grey protoplasm thing was a new one for me. It was at least benign if not positive. A Watcher."

Cool! Thanks for the wonderful column.

Conscious (or perhaps super-conscious) mowing. What a concept!

(I also just 'lunched' a mower. Crankcase split, after hitting a big rock turned-up by wee beasties over the cold/wet months. Out looking for another. Oh, well...)


I have also got several new posts over at the last Visible Origami, so as not to interrupt this thread...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Richie (Dana) said...

An enspiring message here:

DaveR said...

@Whitewraithe: Nice lament. Let me assure you that they couldn't give a rat's ass how you feel about it.

@Anonmous 5:18:00 AM and to all else here, I know how we can stop the 'tribe', but it will take everyone we can muster and a bunch more. The plan is simple but will take millions of people doing it for it to work, so everybody will have to fan out across all the net and tell everyone. It goes like this: STOP USING BANK CREDIT. This one act repeated a hundred million times will take the power away from them. Pay off your credit cards. Get out of the mortgage however you can. Get your business off the line of credit.

Yesterday I set up web hosting and they "had" to have a credit card. Ultimately, they didn't.

Ray B. said...

Oops! Just found out it was Leonard Orr, not George Leonard, who was involved with Babaji - for the record.

Also, after researching, the probable reason I remembered him as Herakhan Babaji was because Hariakhan Baba was a teacher who taught throughout northern India near the Himalayas between 1861 and 1924, was identified as Babaji by his long-term disciple, and Haidakhan Babaji proclaimed himself as the next incarnation of Hariakhan Babaji (and I believe resided at the latter's Ashram). Simple, eh?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

MiaBellezza said...

"So the next question would be 'How do we alter outcomes by just being the Observer'?"

Ray B answered this question: "Good column. Echoing Richie (Dana), we are all creators. It is the 'genius' of the 'bad guys' to so-reduce most of us that we do not even see the possibility of 'altering outcomes' on deep subjects. That is why Christ-Conscious individuals are so potentially powerful, and so feared and acted-against by the 'bad guys'."

Ray B, I also think Christ Conscious individuals are pretty fearless unless you're in the Kumbaya group and seeing yourself as solely a "light worker". Fear is certainly something to be wrestled with in this journey, but the conviction somehow rises above and dissipates the fear and then I would classify that individual as a "warrior of light" and if that individual possesses knowledge and wisdom then you have a real powerful creation.
Probably someone else has posted this video before, but I just ran across it and it is probably the most accurate portrayal of all the steps in the wonderful journey of spiritual evolution.

Had been searching for confirmation of what I have been going through, and being an unusually visual kinda gal, videos really help coalesce the whole thing.

Five Gateways: A Documentary Film:

The only difference for me was that I stumbled into this spiritual awakening via serendipity. Like I said, when I look back there were so many interesting clues thrown my way.

All I can say is Wow and would love to hear how this video resonates with others here.

Denny said...

Anonymous 7:56: 00 PM...

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evi.............AAAAARRRGGGHHH..!!!

Seriously though, I've reached this far intact and I'm still here alive and kicking in spite of the odds against it considering the various very real dangers I've put myself into during my lifetime. Others slip on a banana skin and are gone before they reach adulthood. This is not the result of mere "chance".

No harm comes to anyone in this world unless they bring it upon themselves, and I for one most certainly learned that the hard way. That's why I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of anyone who has caused deliberate death and destruction to others even if the "rewards" did happen to be temporary world dominion and all the "photo-models" you could ever dream of.

My parents were both very working class and we had it tough, but rather that than the thought of being born into a cabal of super-rich psychopaths.

Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil.

Anonymous said...

Works by Visible and Patrick Willis in Spanish!

"Monstruos en el Cambio de Era"

"Los Bombos Grandes de La Guerra están en Pleno Auge"

truth is spreading faster, knocking down the barriers, around the globe; magick power of the usual distractions, obfuscations, attention redirects, ... , is running on empty

Respects and Peace to all Souls!


Ray B. said...

On 'channeling': The term covers a vast area of meanings. This is Yogananda 'channeling':


Desperately trying to organize my ideas into a lecture in English, I finally abandoned all preparations; my thoughts, like a wild colt eyeing a saddle, refused any cooperation with the laws of English grammar. Fully trusting in Master's past assurances, however, I appeared before my Thursday audience in the saloon of the steamer. No eloquence rose to my lips; speechlessly I stood before the assemblage. After an endurance contest lasting ten minutes, the audience realized my predicament and began to laugh.

The situation was not funny to me at the moment; indignantly I sent a silent prayer to Master.

"You CAN! Speak!" His voice sounded instantly within my consciousness.

My thoughts fell at once into a friendly relation with the English language. Forty-five minutes later the audience was still attentive. The talk won me a number of invitations to lecture later before various groups in America.

I never could remember, afterward, a word that I had spoken. By discreet inquiry I learned from a number of passengers: "You gave an inspiring lecture in stirring and correct English." At this delightful news I humbly thanked my guru for his timely help, realizing anew that he was ever with me, setting at naught all barriers of time and space.


I found these all interesting. I had last read them around 1980:

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

brokenbeat said...

Greetings All,

It's been a while since I've commented (except in reply to SkepticFrog on SM) and I don't want to get behind, but I've been busy (in a good way -- TCB), so I'll keep it pithy...

Ray B.,

I appreciate your thoughtful replies and I am still absorbing your views on the otherside and afterlife as well as your more recent additions.


I am no authority on this (or truly anything) and there are many differing slants on Gnosticism (as I'm sure you know) from Chiappalone to Fourth way (Gurdjieff/Ouspensky/Mouravieff) to Casteneda to The Cassiopeans (SOTT) and many more. A fairly good overview is provided at with a good book list. You mentioned you hadn't heard some of the terms I used on the SM post, so I thought I'd elaborate to the best of my understanding of the teachings. I also have some questions for you at the end.

Some speak of "pre-Adamics" which are said to still comprise roughly half of humanity (intentional balance), that while of superior genetics (athletic build and/or beauty and perhaps intelligence as well), do not possess the higher emotional and intellect centers. While very adapted and content in this physical world, they do not have the capacity for spiritual evolution (nor the inclination). The "robots" I referred to are mentioned by some to be soulless hybrids with limited abilities to react spontaneously.

The remaining "viables" have the capacity for full development -- the higher centers exist and are developed, but the awareness and use of these is obviated by improperly developed lower centers (movement, emotional, intellectual). There are some that say until this gnosis is achieved through knowing your personality and working on the imbalances and expressing your essence, there is no real free will and awareness necessary to have a soul with which to reincarnate (or possibly ascend). In a sense, this soul must be grown. There is a spirit in any case, but just not a changeless, eternal essence. I general, these views are in conflict with many eastern traditions regarding reincarnation and new age views that we are all the same.

With regard to the psychopaths (no conscience or empathy), they could be damaged viables with even less functionality than ordinary underdeveloped viables and would be therefore be soulless per the views outlined above. Or it could be that they have souls and are a natural regression on the downward spiral following their true nature with free will and are incarnate with less awareness and are beyond a point of no return to progress on the upward spiral. Truthfully, I do not know. There is some good material on psychopaths on SOTT, but it is more behavioral and not from an ontological perspective.

I appreciate your defining your gnostic stance. Would you please help me understand how you can be monistic (spirit and matter are one) and panentheistic (The Divine is separate from matter)? Is not spirit divine? Are we not divine spirit in matter? Help me understand the nuances. Is there some spirit in your view that is not divine (not simply unevolved)? Is the spirit in matter counterfeit in general and we humans are the exceptions? What about the consciousness in mineral, plant and animal forms? Is that where the distinction lies -- in consciousness? In other words, is there unconscious spirit? I know I asked many questions, but you needn't answer each individually, just as you see fit. Thanks.

(end pt. 1 of 2)

brokenbeat said...

(continued pt. 2 of 2)


I assume I am the John you mentioned (I add the "V." because there are usually so many Johns about, but I seem to be the only one about currently - a curious anomaly in my experience). Thanks for the info -- I'll check it out.


Thanks again for turning me on to Santos Bonacci. I especially appreciated the "Your body is the Holy Land" videos and has informed me greatly and altered my ontological understanding. I am attempting to reconcile it... trying to get comfortable with near continuous cognitive dissonance these days!

Buttons et al,

As Vis mentioned, there are many that have appropriated the name of Lord Kriya Babaji Nagaraj, perhaps as an homage. My understanding is that he is said to have attained physical immortality but appears mostly in spirit form to initiate yogi masters and enable them to initiate other kundalini yoga practitioners.

Lots of other great comments here. About the communal living idea, I have long desired that and have visited a few and there are websites listing the many "intentional communities" that are out there and their operating principles. It is a terrific concept for surviving tough times or simply enjoying a more rewarding lifestyle. Perhaps establishing several on different continents makes some sense for the reasons mentioned, but starting one alone is tough enough. Unfortunately, a US-based commune would not include Vis as I understand it (perhaps simply out of preference). I do hope something will come into being and those that can't live there permanently can perhaps visit for extended stays.

Peace be unto all,

John V.

MiaBellezza said...

"We are holding the house of cards together and we are doing that with the perception of self in the World. When we change that perception of self in the World then the house of cards must come down."

... So this indicates to me that we are perception mirrors of the matrix. And once our perceptions of self within the world dissolve and transform, so too will the World.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I once captured a Fay.
Enchanting hardly says it.

For some few months I possessed her desert night aroma, rarefied whispers, delicate shimmering passion.

I've always been very very fortunate.

Not materially wealthy, but rich with many things money can't buy.

I see her in my dreams at times. She is still shyly fearful of what I do, of who I am.

I asked her once, why?, and she could or would not say..

Clarity said...

Richard - Richie (Dana),

About the DNA... I have read in several sources that Christ Consciousness - our return to Source - is programmed in our DNA. I didn't know that, and really thought of the physical body as separate from the soul. This seems to show a connection, if accurate, because the DNA in our physical bodies is communicating with, or influencing, our souls.

After reading this in a few places, I began to wonder if this is why TPTW are messing with our DNA. If we don't get back to Source; if we don't recognize that all we need to know is within; if we, as souls who are each a part of the Divine don't return to our creator, is that the way for "them" to finally get the ultimate control? If they keep us from returning, do they become more powerful (at least in their minds) than God? They've created and corrupted religion enough - besides keeping us divided, is it also to try to make us forget where we came from? Does altering our DNA keep us from remembering our purpose and where our journey is supposed to end - back home in love and light? Which in turn, gives them the ultimate power and control?

It's late, so I apologize if I didn't word this clearly. Below I am cutting and pasting info. from
this page. I cut out anything that didn't specifically mention DNA, but you might want to read the whole page to get the big picture.



Now God has made the clarion call for the Homecoming, for Love is the true nature of our beings. The great “in-breath” has begun. The lower dimensional aspects of the “children” of God are being awakened from the dream in the theater of duality for the encoding within our DNA for unity consciousness has been activated.

Those beings called to this reunion will be of a certain level of consciousness who have agreed on some level to restore the cosmic DNA patterns– the original divine blueprints of the immaculate concept– and anchor it in this dimension.


Clarity said...



Take a holographic image, like a flower imbedded in a glass pendant…smash it with a hammer and pick up any of the smaller pieces and look— the entire image exists in any shard of the previous whole. As above, so below, as within so without. WE ARE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND IT EXISTS WITHIN US AS WELL. ALL OF IT. NO PART IS LEFT OUT. WE ARE WITHIN THE CREATOR AND YET THE CREATOR IS WITHIN US. IT IS COMPLETE, WHOLE, TOTAL AND ONE WITH ALL.Mother/Father God is omnipresent, as a hologram of the very creative force: Divine Feminine/ Divine Masculine – wave and particle – will and love.

God is both plural and uniquely singular in its omnipresence.

When this planet was first formed, electricity in the primal form of lightning struck our atmosphere, forming in conjunction with sunlight, the four basic amino acids: adenine, guanine, thiamin and cytosine. These in turn became the sugars and phosphates present in every DNA structure in the body. These utilize the basic molecules of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon to combine together and build the body at a rate of 50 million cells per second. Not only is your DNA a crystalline based matrix, but every system in your body is one as well. These are the computer components, but what binds this all together and drives it all in a never ending, organized direction is what we call God – the unifying force which is primal and eternal.

The DNA transmits not only physical characteristics or predispositions, but also our concepts of time, space, energy and matter, and our conscious and unconscious filters. It transmits our receptivity to the inward impulse of God.

Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation. There have been controlled experiments in which certain frequencies were modulated through the sound vibration onto a laser like ray which were proven to influence the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Even WORDS created a reaction. (This is why affirmations, hypnosis, and the like, have a strong effect on humans and their bodies.) This is the science of wave genetics. THE BODY IS PROGRAMMABLE BY LANGUAGE, WORDS AND THOUGHTS (WAVE FORMS) BUT THE FREQUENCY HAS TO BE CORRECCT AND CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION WITH THE DNA MUST BE ESTABLISHED. DNA is an organic superconductor that works at normal body temperature, as opposed to artificial superconductors which require extremely low temperatures. They are able to store light and THUS information.


Clarity said...


Resonant patterns in the DNA in a species responds to holographically communicated information when it reaches CRITICAL MASS.

There are carrier circuits within the DNA that transmit and even form an intelligence through a reality membrane that is sub-quantum. It’s a tributary ingredient of the unification force that propagates NEW traits and Understandings in the few to the many. From the master to the student, from the adept avatar to the masses.

It’s like an auto-down-load of information from a satellite transmission sending information on broadband that shows up on everyone’s home page

It’s what enables the transmission of a new insight or a potent trait across a spectrum of species that resonates with the insight or trait and it does it without physical interaction. This is called the “Quantum Consciousness Shift Theory” or (100th Monkey theory).

It is not transmitted like a broadcast tower. It’s transmitted SELECTIVELY to resonant DNA and the effect it has isn’t dependent on whether the recipient is like, or even similar, to the donor. It’s dependent on the receptivity of their DNA. (how they are wired) Some people open their DNA up to new innovations, new experiences, new learning, new thought, new techniques, and others don’t. This is the critical factor in whether the new trait or idea is successfully transmitted to their field.

When even one being EMBODIES a new consciousness or paradigm, they establish and anchor the pure pattern in the dimension in which they exist. This information is then transmitted to RECEPTIVE DNA within their species. When 4.7% of the species connect, the resultant exponential expansion overcomes inertia and critical mass is swiftly reached, thus interpenetrating the entire species with the New Consciousness or trait.

The combination of Power and unconditional love in harmonic union equals sovereignty

When the chakra energies merge with each other, giving forth God’s perfect love, a double helix is created (a precise duplicate of the DNA) that completes an encoding sequence that acts like a tumbler on a bank vault security system, unlocking joint spiritual potential. The Christ Heart Chakra (the median, central chakra which unites all of the chakras) acts as a central womb. This Christ Twin Flame Heart Womb begins to pulse powerfully as the electrons cross at the center point of the figure 8, and when enough heat (e-motion or feeling) excites the electrons, the spiral spin begins to take place within this center, drawing the electrons down through the vortex that is created. As the electrons collide in the vortex, there is a nuclear reaction in which floods of electrons are freed from their orbit, holographically creating MORE love.


Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the gardener said...

"Denny said... Re: The Community idea...

Bags I get to be the cook. I'll prepare very tasty, sattvic food for everyone. All organic and no aluminium or stainless steel saucepans etc."

I get to mow and deal with all the dead wood takedown and break down. :)

Ahhhh bummer Richie... overheating on the 101-I had a throttle cable snap on the 101 once. Nothing like going full bore in the fast lane of five when *snap* but divine with me as per and I magically coasted to a magically availed space alongside an onramp.

I have had many dreams of a pair of very handsome mules hitched up to an old Ford truck bed as the wagon. I was proud of my ride... I don't think humans were built to go as fast as we can mechanically. I, personally, am into teletransporting myself. That would be the only way to fly.

This collapse of our economy is really getting on my nerves. I don't want to have to take any more abuse-being financially murdered by the deviant systems as we speak.

I was reading at Carl Boudreau's astro site this morning... he's got a good complex one out for the astro actions of this week-

worth the time investment imo, "[This is an unavoidably lengthy analysis. June’s importance and its complexity cannot be underestimated or quickly summarized and it shouldn’t be minimized or glossed over.]

hang in there everyone

the gardener

Clarity said...

One of the greatest archaeological riddles—and one of the grossest academic omissions—of our time is the untold story of the parallel ruins left by two seemingly unrelated ancient civilizations: the ancient Mayans on one side of the Pacific Ocean and the ancient Balinese on the other. The mysterious and unexplained similarities in their architecture, iconography, and religion are so striking and profound that the Mayans and Balinese seem to have been twin civilizations—as if children of the same parent. Yet, incredibly, this mystery is not only being ignored by American scholars, it’s being suppressed.
What does archaeology have to do with politics and big business? Everything. This next statement, written in boldface, may sound absurd to you; but please keep reading, then look at the photographic evidence in this article, then draw your own conclusion:

By controlling major academic institutions and the mass media, a vastly wealthy elite group of powerful corporate families is successfully hiding historical and spiritual truths of our ancient past. The goal of this group is to maintain a secretive global system of economic and political tyranny that their forefathers established more than a century ago that was once termed the “Invisible Government” by influential American leaders. 

More specifically, this elite are concealing the fact that there once existed a highly-sophisticated “Golden Age” civilization on earth in remote prehistory. This Golden Age civilization ended abruptly, but left behind a powerfully-advanced spiritual doctrine that was later inherited by the world’s first known civilizations, all children of the Golden Age.

The world’s first cultures inherited and practiced this “Universal Religion” via the now-academically-taboo process called “hyperdiffusionism,” a pejorative 20th century term recently invented by the establishment media and academia:

“Hyperdiffusionism — the theory that all cultures originated from one [Golden Age] culture. Hyperdiffusionists deny that parallel evolution or independent invention took place to any great extent throughout history, they claim that…all cultures can be traced back to a single culture.”

— Wikipedia

By denouncing, and thus debilitating, any academic study even remotely related to the so-called “hyperdiffusionist” model of history—a model that was widely accepted by scholars of past centuries, who called the Golden Age civilization “Atlantis”—the elite have successfully kept the Universal Religion out of our reach. In doing so they have prevented us from accessing a deep, self-empowering body of wisdom that has the potential to stir a paradigm shift in humanity which would endanger their global hegemony. 

The present article relates a single example of hyperdiffusionism in the ancient past. It’s a revealing look at how the ancient culture of the Mayans, a highly-advanced civilization that flourished on the Yucatán Peninsula in southeastern Mexico, is mysteriously similar to a parallel culture on the other side of the globe, the ancient Balinese, who flourished on the tiny island of Bali in Southeast Asia. What you are about to see is evidence of the Universal Religion on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, apparently handed down by the same Golden Age civilization.


Zebedee said...

Really great Les.

I continue to spread your writings far and wide. Mr Apocolypse is bashing his stick.

Bravo and thanks for the links.


Anonymous said...

Stella Darling,

You wrote: "cause the BPD-obsessed accuser may come at me"

As as professional courtesy between guardian angels, sharks and hitmen:
"I will."

Clarity said...

Sorry, I don't know why the link to the referenced article didn't show up in my comment.

I won't make it a hyperlink this time.,lkojuk


Anonymous said...

Moderator, are you reading the comments at all? Monday, June 04, 2012 1:21:00 PM comment is unacceptable.

Denny said...


Excuse me for being an ignoramus, but the only problem I have with this Mayan/Inca/Aztec "hundredth monkey business" is that I've heard that these "civilizatons" were far from being spiritually advanced in some kind of Golden Age insofar as these cultures apparently waged massive wars with each other and also sacrificed children by the dozen on their altars. I've seen wall drawings that were unearthed of horrendous battle scenes down in those parts long before the Spanish ever got there and started their own torture and killing spree. And if that IS the case, then that's why - compliments of the "hundredth monkey" - the Spanish and everyone else were already busy torturing and killing everyone here in Europe (along with burning witches etc) at the same time. What I'm saying is, how the dickens could there ever have been a Golden Age in any of these ancient "civilizations" if all they ever did was wage war with one another and sacrifice all their children to imaginary gods..? Was there EVER a Golden Age where everyone just simply "chilled out" and left their children to grow up instead of slicing them open on an altar and went around hacking each other's heads off..?

Your DNA comment was very informative, and it seems pretty obvious that those darned injuns... I mean "zionists" have been meddling not only with our DNA but also with our blood for quite some time - ie "types A, B and O, with type A/B being the last type to appear about 500 years ago..." Yeah, and elephants have wings!

MiaBellezza said...

Clarity said ...
"About the DNA... I have read in several sources that Christ Consciousness - our return to Source - is programmed in our DNA. I didn't know that, and really thought of the physical body as separate from the soul. This seems to show a connection, if accurate, because the DNA in our physical bodies is communicating with, or influencing, our souls."

Nothing is separate. The vehicle you inhabit is to provide the experiences for your soul's development.

For instance, think of yourself as a character in a computer game ... but instead of being totally controlled by the gamer and the maker of the software, realize that you have some control in going up or down. As you move up, you gain more control of your destiny and outcomes. And it's all within the program for you to access.


brokenbeat said...

Anonymous @ 1:21PM,

It appears that you are Mr.BPD, so I am addressing this to you. It seems that you have been wronged and hurt in a relationship and for that you have my sympathy but to remain in a vengeful hateful state is totally on you and you are perpetuating your hurt.

I don't know how long ago all of this transpired, but the sooner you can forgive and let go of the resentment, the sooner you can reclaim your life and get back the power you are still giving to her. I know this is easier said than done and I'm not suggesting that you forget as that is how we grow and attain awareness and learn to avoid similar situations and likely players in the future. I see that you at one level are trying to educate others to the dangers you now see and avoid the hurt you are in, but it is vitally important for you and all others that you let go of the hate and stop judging others.

I speak of all this from experience. My marriage of 22 yrs was essentially thrown away and my life was torn assunder. The marriage was not perfect, and I could have done some things better, but now I see that I was being released from a situation that no longer served me and that on some level I asked for this but let it play out in a passive-aggresive way.

At the time, I was devestated and allowed it destroy me. This too served a purpose from which much growth and rebuilding took place. It was my "dark night of the soul" and I used the process to examine and integrate shadow self aspects that emerged in the manner that I handled the drama.

We had such a polite relationship and I was such a nice guy that when I became angered I behaved immaturely having had little experience in expressing that shadow self aspect. I have since learned to become assertive when necessary without any aggresion and the hate that was always seething under the surface was no longer a part of my life. Anger can be rightuous and should be expressed but hate, unexpressed anger and resentment is toxic to one's self and ugly and repellant to others.

In my case my mate was labelled by physchiatrists with a combo plate of conditions that fall in or near your treasured BPD smorgasbord. Malignant narcisism, manic-depressive genetic pre-disposition, etc. In truth, there were many highly stressful factors at play and a nervous break-down was involved, but it was easy to lay it all on her and her condition. I started to see some of this in others and was even ugly at times as you have been here.

I came to realize over time that all of us to some degree can be labelled with some of these overlapping conditions which can be biologically pre-disposed or learned behavior but have been labelled as such mostly for big pharma profits and not helpful diagnosis and treatment. Humans are complex and sensitive creatures subject to many forces some of which go unnoticed. I urge you to stop seeing people in such a pigeon-holed fashion and examine yourself as well to see that hardly any of us are perfectly healthy individuals.

And please lay off Stella. I know she has become a convenient target for you to express your pain and share your warnings, but it has taken on a life of it's own and you two are now in this tango. She didn't do anything to deserve this and I doubt she has or will hurt anyone the way you think.

And recognize that we are only affected by events to the degree that we allow ourselves to be. There will always be hurt in relationships -- it goes with the territory. You can be brave and accept the risk or withdraw and be 'safe', but please stop shouting from the sidelines.

With love and understanding,

John V.

brokenbeat said...

"I'd rather die in love than live in fear"

Trite, I know and well suited for a bumper-sticker but I thought I'd share that thought. It came to me as I was watching the "Hatfields and McCoys" marathon on the History Channel. I usually don't watch TV and regret getting mesmerized Saturday night avoiding both needed work, a convenient party in the neighborhood and an opportunity to sit in on drums at a club. And the History Channel has gone from a favorite back in the less aware days to a disgusting indoctrination tool, but this show was well done and entertaining and insightful into human nature.

The over-riding pathetic take-away was the face-saving, revengeful stances that we can take through our identifications and associations and underlying all of this was the role that fear played. It fuels the petty differences and ignites the hate that sustains the conflicts and consumes life itself leaving only ashes in it's wake. Fear's early role is innocuous; in its middle phase, insidious; in the final stage, visibly integral. It seems that only when it's visible can it be seen for what it is and rejected directly. By this point, it may be too late for some with irreversible damage having been done, but for others life can begin anew with increased awareness and appreciation.

So that trite phrase came to me during a scene in which the seeds of hate had been sown and harvested after full growth leaving only naked fear. It echoed our times in microcosm if not all times. Of course, the natural comeback is, " I'd rather live in love", and that is the goal and if attained, ideally death would occur in a state of love, if perhaps at all...


John V.

Anonymous said...

To Anon, June 04 1:21:00 pm

I will pray for You.


walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Ive never seen this pic of The Beatles before ..John is holding a harp , George is blowing a trumpet , Paul is the tambourine man and Ringo the smiling drummer-boy ...I love the symbolism ...I cant be the only person to hear angels or Buddhas in the Beatles harmonies ?

OK , Ive had a couple of glasses of white wine and soda , but I mean it :

1964 : Hello world ....The next 6 years are going to be amazing !

Weird thing : Lennon is " Nonnel " backwards , hey nonney-nonney , lord of the dance...

" Sigh no more, ladies, sigh nor more;
Men were deceivers ever;
One foot in sea and one on shore,
To one thing constant never;
Then sigh not so,
But let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny;
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into. Hey nonny, nonny.

Sing no more ditties, sing no mo,
Or dumps so dull and heavy;
The fraud of men was ever so,
Since summer first was leavy.
Then sigh not so,
But let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into. Hey, nonny, nonny."

GTRman , only slightly drunk .

Denny said...

Stella Blue..

Yeah, pulchritude sounds awful. It's like the German word for jewellery - "schmuck".
"My darling, whenever I think of you, the only word that comes to mind is pulchritude. May I offer you this little piece of schmuck as a token of my love...?" heheh!


Talking of schmuck... "Saudi princess (what the hell is a 'princess'..??!!) does a moonlight along with her sixty servants at a 5 star Parisian hotel without paying her £5 000 000 bill and can't be arrested because she has diplomatic immunity, and has also been running up similar bills elsewhere.."

And people often ask me why I refuse to get up in the mornings and go to work...

Anonymous said...

A new and very uplifting interview with Neil Kramer .

" Neil Kramer - Hour 1 - Participating in the Unfoldment
May 31, 2012
Neil Kramer is an English writer, philosopher, and teacher, specializing in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, and mysticism. Kramer has made a lifelong independent study of philosophy, mystical traditions, shamanism, religion, inner alchemy, occultism, and esoteric world history. He returns to Red Ice to discuss his new book The Unfoldment. We examine the authentic life and distortion of reality. Neil talks about the importance of remembering the divine and moving past negative states of mind. It's time for action, not complaints. We'll discuss remaining in a higher state of consciousness within the control system. Neil also talk about how there is an intimate relationship between light and shadow, creation and destruction. He talks about being a participant in the unfoldment as we each play a significant role. The Unfoldment is a natural human process; a journey of growth, realization, and ascendance."

Yes it sounds like new-age bullshine but I like the guy and what he says .

Very down-to-earth :

Good luck with the book Les and thanks .


half censured said...


You said:

"Best you don't ask that question for fear of my incurring the wrath of those who consider it a "sin" to break the odd Commandment here or there"

By not stating what you did/do, you leave yourself open to (wild) speculation.

God can forgive all our sins if we are willing to admit them in earnest.

You have stated you 'would lie your head off' to avoid responsibility so futher dialog about your past or present is unnecessary because it is useless.

Without truth there is nothing.

I hope you make your peace with God.

Peace out

Denny said...


"Judge caught on camera playing solitaire on his computer at the Oslo Breivik trial when he should have been listening to 'evidence' being given by a Swedish professor..."

MiaBellezza said...

Clarity said ...
"Does altering our DNA keep us from remembering our purpose and where our journey is supposed to end - back home in love and light?"

It stands to reason that anything that negatively alters our DNA and glands, particularly the pituitary gland, would be a major hindrance to our journey.

Anonymous said...

Number of Beatles songs with the words
" Bitch " " Nigga " " Ho " " Fuck "
" Glock " " Muthaf*kka " in them :


Number of Beatle songs with the
word " Love " in the title or lyric :

Too many to count .

There are some weirdos in America that still see the Beatles as the embodiment of evil and claim they were Tavistock puppets and some old jew wrote all their songs for them ...the same people give Reagan , Clinton , Kissinger , etc , a free pass .

Never mind those drones ,battleships , subs , ICBMs ,nukes , its those Rickenbacker guitars that are the REAL tools of the devil !


brokenbeat said...


I think "schmuck" may have started out meaning jewelry but took on a derogatory use as "dick" due to the association with the family jewels. My understanding is that in Yiddish it now specifically refers to the part removed during circumcision, but is used in slang (at least stateside) to refer to someone as a "dick" or "dickhead".

This etymological reply also satisfies Rob in WI's joking suggestion to raise the level of discourse on SM recently from the Apollo discussion to something more like circumcision or cannibalism. Two birds with one measly stone of a comment...

Cheers, All, and hold fast during the upcoming eclipse (Venus transit) -- check out SM for a new comment about same (surely setting a personal best for SM at 235 comments!),

John V.

brokenbeat said...


I just recently purchased Vis' two published books at Amazon and noticed a pitiful paucity of reviews. Please do Vis and potential buyers a big favor by reviewing the books if you have read them. I'm sure many regular readers of these blogs have gained much wisdom from the books (and these blogs). Show some support! I will review them there after reading them and I urge those that are in a position to buy the hard-copies do so and donate directly here as well as we all get so much from the posts, comments and community.


John V.

Anonymous said...

Your three comments have been read with an open mind by me. Sincerely.

I'm going to double down (on a busted flush?) and posit 'MiaBellezza', 'walking hawk' and 'John V.' are one in same IP address - the same woman.

Syntax, cadence, tone and time-cluster of comments leads me to this hypothesis.

P.S. I've grown to like Stella Blue - just so you know.

P.P.S. Bring on the sharks! (grin)

Denny said...

half censured 10:11: PM..

You wanna have me arrested, or what...?! Nah, just kidding.

Okay, I'll be prepared to do a deal with God when we meet up by not expecting him to cut off the balls of all those responsible for (among other things) the mercury that was placed in my mouth, and which susequently caused my health and physical appearance to go the dogs, IF he could simply overlook the fact that say a few pieces of ridiculously expensive jewellery (schmuck) went missing here and there along with quite a few bottles of vintage chateau de rothschild to boot. How about that, then..?

Furthermore, are YOU prepared to forgive me for my "sins"..? If so then there's clearly nothing to worry about at all, because God is obviously far more compassionate and forgiving than us mere mortals...n'est ce pas..?

Anonymous said...

Gaia is awakening as we approach the end times and the harmonious earth energies are beckoning to Ishtar Command. And soon we will be free, riding in the Great Beyond with Drunvalo Melchizedek. The Hale-Bopp comet was a sign - and the Cassiopaeans are watching the Casio peons, who are watching their watches - because the end is nigh. Our 'ssholes need development (I mean "souls"). We cannot move forward until we first realize that we are nothing but small, insignificant, unimportant, impotent beads of sweat that drip from the brow of the Almighty Creator. And yes...we can all sit next to the Almighty Creator one day, and play the harp, or harp on the play - if he decides we are worthy. But that's the best we can hope for. Because we are worthless, insignificant, and weak. Because we need guidance, gurus and gonads. Meanwhile, the incessant shit-storm parties on - and those who created these fairy tales continue to rape and pillage and plunder and murder while we weigh the validity of misdirectional tomes that were published by the murderer's own publishing companies. And ain't that a kick in the ass. "Huh?", you say. "How dare he, why, he is going to _____" (hell, purgatory, another trip through the birth canal, Square One; put your preferred location in the blank). And yeah the shit-storm PARTIES ON, doesn't it now, while you sift through the works of Blavatsky and Icke and Monroe and Edgar "Freemason" Cayce, and all the other Kool-Aid peddlers, and try to decide what's what. Endeavor to persevere, Star Children. Wait for the Walk-In to arrive. Fire up that Kundalini. Grab your soulmate and doesy-fucking-doh. (Or is that duh.) The kinkdom of dog is within you. My karma ran over my dogma. P.S.: If Jesus was real, where's his museum? And I guess THAT'S worth a fuckin' amen now isn't it. You betcha. (You people take levity wayyyyy to seriously. It's as if every single post on every single blog is written in all seriousness. Well hell have a nice day anyway...)

On the Breivik trial we agree said...


The judge does not need to listen to any evidence because the whole trial is a sham for a willing patsy.

"Breivik was a patsy.
The Oslo bomb and Utöya were done by Rothschild zionists, probably Mosad, with ca 20 special services snipers with dumb-dumb bullets so ballistics could not prove multiple rifles.
I doubt Brevik had any live ammo. He needed only to walk around and point his rifle.
Cui bono?
Everything else by the Rothschild controlled MSM is disinformation."

MiaBellezza said...


Galactic Federation of Light

Can you answer a question:

What is my original meaning for the name of my File 13?

Ray B. said...

To Anon, June 04 1:21:00 pm:

Be aware that you are leaving yourself very open. Any post can be 'followed' back to the poster, through well-known techniques. There are several on this board that I suspect are knowledgeable about this, as well as 'unseen onlookers'.

Be aware also that a general 'cleaning' is going on. In general, lower asleep-types are being left alone for now. There are higher priorities. However, they are 'bumped-up' in line if they are seen as attacking someone who has a chance of awakening or enlightening.

It may be ultimately beneficial for you to be 'cleaned', but it can feel very unpleasant during the process. Take this as a pleasant warning. You may think that you are toying with someone here, but you are way out of your league.

Summarizing John V.'s politely put post, recognize the pain from your past (whatever the source), feel it through, and return to the present.

Truly Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. To the Community: In my Consciousness Level ranking, this 'entity' is 9-level, or below median for typical (injured/programmed) humans today: 7 to 13. (In case you want to compare notes...)

MiaBellezza said...

Re: The Vatic Project

At the very bottom I found this:

"Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi, one of the most influential figures in modern social and political activism, considered these traits to be the most spiritually perilous to humanity.

Seven Social Sins:
* Politics without Principle
* Wealth Without Work
* Pleasure Without Conscience
* Knowledge without Character
* Commerce without Morality
* Science without Humanity
* Worship without Sacrifice

This is the 8th sin by Arun Gandhi. * "Rights Without Responsibility" ~ Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi (1925) Young India"

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V., June 04, 2012 3:03:00 AM

I enjoyed your definitions of terms. I was wondering about them, also. Some thoughts:

If the cuneiform writings concerning Annunaki are real (i.e., not mythological), then they imply we have been 'tinkered with' over many 'models' until they got the 'right mix' for Annunaki purposes. I imagine some were 'bred' for physical robustness and little emotional strength for the mines, fields, etc. Others would have been 'bred' for emotional sensitivity to their masters, and a quick, scribal intellect. Yet others may have been seen as having 'undesirable' traits (to the Annunaki) and either 'culled' or banished outside their civilization. 'Mix and match' after the masters left. Covers a lot of ground...

Your 'viables' category brought up some old musings for me, concerning free will versus programming. We like to think we are 'free' on our outlook, but programming from birth distorts our vision. Half of the psychological/spiritual path entails undoing most of that 'damage'.

On 'souls': In my various questings, I have found numerous variations. Humans tend to do sequential lifetimes, store them at soul level (currently 31-36), and start 'clean slate' (mostly). One non-human species that I 'found' does sequential lifetimes and stores them at soul level, but has each lifetime begin with the full memories of all lifetimes to that point. This species is really advanced from an intellectual and emotional standpoint, but seemingly has no curiosity about evolving further. Elves have no need of a soul, since they are already existing at (and slightly above) soul level. They do little on the physical plane, however.

Our knowledge about souls has been similar that of our solar system. Since we only knew of one system, eminent astronomers proclaimed that it was likely that other systems would be like ours. Now that we have discovered hundreds of them, we see that ours is just one of many totally-unlooked-for variations. It should be interesting to see how many variations there are in that 31-36 area...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Clarity, Monday, June 04, 2012 7:12:00 AM (et al)

I, too, have wondered about the body's 'stake' in all of this. It started for me when Ramtha talked about the body having it's own "cellular consciousness". This was independent of 'our' consciousness, and had its own powers and ways of being. (It is all One at some level, of course, blah, blah...) He also stated that cells could be driven 'insane' by having too much pain inflicted on them (say, by over-exercising) or held pain, and decide to 'end it' by going cancerous and removing the body. They were not just 'victims' of our intellects.

In my growth since then, I have endeavored to develop my body (i.e., cellular consciousness) as my ally. It has practical results. It is interesting when your body zig-zags around a stump that your intellect doesn't even know is there, so as to be 'friendly'. Meanwhile, another body that has been treated badly might walk under a low branch...

Another 'asset' the "cellular consciousness" has is that it has not been programmed, as our intellect has. It 'sees' things as they are; it has no 'blinders'. Amongst other things, I can't tell you the number of times that my "cellular consciousness" has spotted 'unseen things' that my intellect is still programmed not to 'see'. A valuable 'ally'.

I wonder if a "cellular consciousness" can Ascend...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Richie (Dana) said...

Your comments on DNA are interesting. And I appreciate MiaBellezza weighing in on the subject as well.I found this little piece to be of interest on the subject.

I want to make it clear that I do not know anything, but am simply searching with an open mind. If something resonates or I hear little bells, I continue. It is interesting to me that we meet some folks who are totally committed to what they believe and are very sincere and yet they are truly nuts. We have all met these types. I often think to myself…….am I being one of those?....laugh.

I am now taking stock in the planetary shifts and the increased sunspot activity in addition to the changes I see in myself to the extent that there seems to be some very radical changes taking place. Are there really other beings out there trying to help this process? Look at us just one year ago. All of these bad things were on the horizon….and they did not happen. In fact, there is really very little evil going on comparatively speaking. The Aliens say they have destroyed the cabal’s space fleet of war vehicles and rendered all nuclear weapons useless. They only beat on the importance of the power of Love and how Love and Light will prevail. They say we are winning the battle, and at this point that is a very strange considering how easy it still is to find all kinds of fear based stories abounding on the internet. Friends here provide links all the time and I browse the headlines as well. The point is that they are just not happening. It is only a freaking story.
If it is true that our thoughts are real creations, can you not see how important it may be to create wisely? To banish all fear? To combat all low frequency vibrations with Light and Love?
For a very clean example of this in action, just view the work of John V on this very day here on this website. I salute you Sir for the presence of mind and the gift of Love that was freely given. That is how we win.

I now subscribe to the idea that this planet is in process of returning to 5th dimension. If you are on this planet, you will also. We must understand that this is about frequency and that low frequency 3rd dimension cannot go with us. What that means is that there are a certain number on earth today that are choosing to remain in 3D. This is not a cause for ridicule or condemnation. It is simply their choice and they deserve only our Love and support to continue on their way. My current highest wish is to be here when this all happens, despite my little flying saucer joyride wish. (smile).
Denny; If you are to be the chef, then I am the builder. Since I build restaurants for a living, I should be able to put together a very fine commercial kitchen for you to cook that organic food. I would advocate very large communal tables for dining in a close and joyful environment. If memory serves me correctly we even have a Gardener resident here. We may even convince Stickman to come out of hiding as I am confident that there are many tricks he could show the silly city folk.
My friends, your imagination is creation. What does it hurt to envision the ideal future? As time compresses and speeds up, what you desire will manifest in a much shorter time interval.
Create well Friends.


Rob in WI said...

Hi all,
Denny @10.22,
The judge was just trying to demonstrate multitasking.
MiaBellezza @ 10.40,
Are you sure you weren't referring to the pineal gland? Just asking.
Be well,all, Rob

onething said...


You certainly having been reading different things than I have...I had not thought of Castaneda as a gnostic, for example, rather I thought of the label in Christian terms.
The pre Adamics I might interpret as simply that we are here on a long journey of soul development, and most souls are not "differentiated", not mature, in a sense not completely real. Until they are. I would not put them in some other category or humanity. As for soulless hybrids (robots) I'm just not sure where this idea might come from. If someone did not have a soul, they would surely be psychopathic.
About the viables, they sound perhaps like what I'm talking about with people needing to develop. But you say that they might not have a soul to reincarnate with. This makes no sense, for how are they to develop one? (One lifetime not being enough.)
(I'm going through your post methodically, from 3:03 am.)

I came across the idea that we have to grow our souls into realness some years back and the idea immediately intrigued me. I'm sure it has much truth in it. As to the gnosis being a tipping point before which the soul does not have true free will, I'm not quite willing to go that far, but for me personally, something like this happened. I had an awakening event, which divided my life into a before and an after. It utterly changed my way of thinking and uplifted my ability to think. I called it the Holy Spirit, with good reason, and it has taught me nearly everything I know. Many, many things it taught me, and only later, often years later, did I find that this or that great saint or teacher or tradition taught just that.

When I look back on the before, I do not see an idiot. I was sincere, I longed for God, I was kind, and yet, I would not trade even my life for the gains I got through this visitation and its as if I weren't quite real, or lacked wisdom. Something I can't quite name but it surely is the pearl of great price.

To tell the truth, I spent years trying to figure it out, and although I no longer need any particular religion, I have worked out an entirely new theology of Christianity based upon the teachings given me by the Holy Spirit, my guru.

I have come to the conclusion that, at least while in these bodies, that we must have the cooperation of our brains in the spiritual quest and that there is a certain something which lies dormant in most people. This is why Jesus said we must be born again and why he said we must have the Holy Spirit to be reborn and that the Holy Spirit would lead us to truth and freedom.

The Holy Spirit is the uncreated, all permeating energies of God, and it is capable of arousing the brain from its dormant state into one of functioning with spirit. Near death experiences will often do this also. The intense meditation/deprivation retreats of the Buddhists are an attempt to effect this quickening as well. It is, quite simply, the starting point of real life.

Now, you seem to use spirit and soul differently than I do. I think of the soul as the individual and personal, and the spirit as universal and more nearly the same, the pure divine spark. One understanding revealed to me is that we all have an identical spirit. This may not be true, but I haven't found anything that I felt revealed to me in this way so far to not be true. I am unaware of what you are referring to when you say the new agers believe we are all the same. At any rate, I do not believe that, but I am also very doubtful if any soul can be permanently lost. I think of the spirit as a thing divine, and it is by nature pure and uncorruptable. It is, however, often far away and the soul may choose evil for a long time. It is because of this pure spirit to which we are tethered that we will all be forgiven, and deserve to be forgiven.
I better stop here. Part 1.

onething said...

Part two.

It was only after reading Michael Newton's books that I considered the possibility of a soulless person, because his reports are that the soul can come and go, and often does in babies, fetuses and perhaps small children. Which means that some reactions of a simple nature can operate on their own without a soul in residence. I react with horror at this idea, but he may be right. I find the whole psychopath thing a real puzzle because my understanding is that every incarnation is chosen with some sort of plan and care. Is this a brain problem? After all, most of us are psychopaths of a much milder stripe...and we DO have a brain problem!

Alright, onto the questions. I don't remember defining my gnostic stance, but it is a matter of being connected as opposed to not being connected, to the spirit, the God within, so that you have wisdom and understanding, that your knowledge is taught interiorly.
Now, I have decided not to look up the term panentheism. I was having a conversation on a blog with someone on spiritual matters, and I described my reality, and he said I was a monist, which I then looked up. I had no label for it because - you know where it came from! My label was "All there is, is one thing." Thus, my name here.
I also thought I was an entheist, which is quite similar. But someone said no, an entheist doesn't believe in any transcendence of God or might not even believe in God, and I was a panentheist. When I looked it up, it seemed just right. It allows for God to be conscious and even transcendent while also being fully immersed in the universe of matter and energy.

I allow for the possibility that the material universe as we see it might disappear. God is not dependent upon it. But the ether or the void out of which it arises is part of God and so the universe arises out of God and is part of God. In fact, I don't think there is actually anything that isn't God. God is all there is.

Yes, spirit is divine. Yes, we are divine in matter. Not sure there's a real divide between matter and energy. Again, by spirit, you seem to mean the individual, personality-soul. But even there, my answer is still yes.
Is the spirit in matter counterfeit and our human spirit the exception? I'm not entirely sure I get the question! Do I have a different spirit than a rock? Is that what you're asking? This is a question I don't understand, but I'm pretty sure there's a difference. It may be, that the universe is the body of God, and that the rock is somewhat like my hair or fingernails, and I can't discern its spirit because it is so very diffuse.

All living things, even a one celled organism, have drives and desires, and matter lacks any such.
As for consciousness in plant and animal, read The Secret Life of Plants. It proves that plants have consciousness, yet I don't believe that every blade of grass has its own soul. Some people speak of an oversoul, and that seems probable to me. Whether animals have a soul like ours, I don't know, but I think very highly of animals. I'm not sure if there is such a thing as unconscious spirit. Might be a contradiction in terms.
Going back a bit, I tend not to believe that there are people who are incapable of spiritual evolution. There's a lot of judgmentalism people have about other people not being spiritual. Everyone is spiritual, because there is no other way to be. Lessons are often learned in spurts. Water gets hotter and hotter and then it boils and changes its state. A person might not be spiritually inclined, but they are learning what they are supposed to be learning, gaining experience, until such time as they tire of it and want to move on.
So there you have it.

Richie (Dana) said...

I liked it very much.
About 20 to 25 min in he says "no one is in control" several times which is my only divergence. I thought we got that little point quite clear from our friend Visible.
I am totally buying our interaction which others and the respect for others. This guy is really quite good and I thank you for sharing.


Clarity said...

I had the full focus today of a group of the most attention-deficit children I’ve ever had, and the fact that it is June makes it that much more of a miracle. We are studying Africa, the first of eight continents my curriculum says I am to cover this year. (No, that is not a typo.) That I am only on my first one is testament to the distractibility of this group.

The topic that had all eyes on me, and hands up? War. They were VERY interested, and had some great questions which required a bit of fancy footwork. They asked about atomic bombs and “knew” that Japan started WWII. So they learned a little about how one country my provoke another and when it strikes back, the first claims the other started it and now they have to attack to defend themselves. They learned about false flags. Some wanted to know why there are wars, so they got to hear about money, power, and control of resources. I told them about Libya, and about how many of the countries in Africa are attacked by a country far away. I didn’t name names, but they were thinking, and had a lot more to say and ask if we had time.

Em - thank you :)

Group hangout/dwelling - I’d definitely consider it, although I’m not sure the family would be into it. It could be a nice thing, so keep us posted if anything flies with that.

Denny, you’re funny, and I’m glad you identified yourself as author of the mop suggestion. I’ll second that. I’d like to point out that I did say physical appearance can play a role, but my point was that it’s not the only thing. I’m glad you experienced something beautiful, and beautiful can be applied two ways, but I’m thinking you lost a little of that “compassion towards all sentient beings” feeling, so I hope you’ve still got her number. I’m seeing you as the black sheep of our family here. You want what you want, and damn the rules. They’re not for you, and you’re going to do things your way, or not at all! I don’t know if God’s good with your plan, or if you’ve just gotten lucky so far. **I say this in love, and just a little bit of jest, so don’t go getting all upset now. ;)
You called yourself an “ignoramus”. Me, I’m “still learning”. I don’t know much about the topic of those civilizations, and I admit it was early and I read quickly. What caught my attention was the fact that it’s being ignored, which makes me question the motivation for that. I don’t know if there was a Golden Age, but I hope we’ve got a good one coming up. Regarding blood types, the owner of the blog I linked to is very into the blood thing, especially the Rh negative blood.

Ray B., thank you. I appreciate your suggestion. That’s pretty much what I am doing, and I get it in whenever I see an opening. I think the hardest part is when you’ve got the door open just a bit, and then they want to know the big picture. The big picture is pretty big, and there’s a lot of history, and I find if there’s not enough supporting evidence, they start to tune you out (although with the amount of said evidence that is needed and available, they will tune you out anyway...). It is helpful, and I like your approach. I think the problem is me in that I want them to “get it” right away, since I know most won’t walk away and find it, even if something did catch their attention. The reality is, it can be pretty hard to find, especially if you don’t know just the right words to put in your search. I couldn’t find my link to an article about the false flag BS they tried to pull with the fake attempted assassination of the Saudi diplomat in DC. I went through 14 pages in the search engine and every story was the lie version. I added “false flag” to my search words, and voila - I came up with 16 good hits right away. I’m impatient. I want to send someone off fully awakened so I can cross him off the list and move on to the next person. I need to trust in the process of awakening, as I’m living proof that it can happen! I think I owe you a few comments from another blog or two. I apologize for how long it’s taken, and I will try to get on that.


Clarity said...


DaveR, I’m pretty good with the bank credit in all areas except my mortgage, and I really don’t know how to get around that. I was discouraged to hear that TD Bank had two people at the Bilderberg meeting, as I was wishfully thinking it fell into the “local bank” category. Maybe I should move out of there, but damn, they have great hours (and they’re so close to home).

John V., my opinion doesn’t matter to your life path, but I want to say that you impress me. I cannot remember one post from you that wasn’t intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful. You show that you use what you’ve learned (and you have learned a lot) to form opinions, and that you are open to new things. You really exposed yourself today, and while it may not have been a big deal to you, I think it took guts. Many people wouldn’t have the courage to do that. I note, also, that your purpose was not in any way self-aggrandizing; rather, it was to stand up for another person, and for what you felt was right. I read your story and had a hard time connecting the person you described with the person who posts here. It seems to me you’ve done a lot of learning and have made tremendous positive growth. Will “Wow” cover it? You’ve come a long way, baby. I feel for your situation, as it’s not an easy one. My brother’s ex was BPD, although not officially diagnosed (I don’t see that ever happening...), she has been unofficially diagnosed by a number of professionals. If you are familiar with the book Splitting, she really matched up with much of what was described there. She made life hell for my brother, and has done a lot of damage to her three children. Unfortunately, she’s got a life sentence while the others have some hope of escape. Kudos to you, John, and btw, I’m with you on that “trite” quote.

MiaBellezza, I appreciate your input. I know there has to be some connection between soul and physical body, but I never considered it went as far as it did. I understand that this will affect our journey, and I wonder even more if this is a side-effect, or if this was part of the plan. Bastards...

All... At I read this:

As previously mentioned, Syria, until a year or so ago, was a close US ally.  Guantanamo Bay was and is just a staging point for US Torture, Inc.  Many a political enemy of the Zionist controlled United States and Israel were flown to Syria for torture sessions and Assad, being no fool, kept meticulous records of the sessions that, if released, would show the US intelligence and Defense Department for the diabolical monsters they really are.
We are talking documentation of international war crimes and crimes against humanity, thus the globalists find themselves in a conundrum.
The power elite at the top of the pyramid are growing impatient with their US cronies’ reluctance to go forward with the invasions of Syria and Iran, while at the same time these US agents are being threatened with exposure by Syria if they do invade.  And so the tension mounts and brings about the eventuality that a US invasion into the Middle East will have to be accompanied by full blown martial law in the United States in order to protect the power structure from the retaliations of we the people.
I don’t know if this is true or maybe partially accurate, but I did have a nice vision of TPTW all frustrated and pissed off because someone’s delivering some major interference to their plans. I couldn’t help but give a silent cheer.

Love, light, and peace,

Mohamed Omar said...

“In Gaza Palestinian resistance fighters are struggling to defend their people against the aggressive Zionist war machine. At the same time in neighboring Syria the Syrian Arab Army is struggling to protect its civilian population and institutions against armed groups, backed by the Zionist regime, the US and their allies,” Mohamed Omar, a Swedish writer

Not Ray Ban sunglasses said...

Bring on the sharks!

And there you are RayB@3:40 (grin)

Mohamed Omar said...

“In Gaza Palestinian resistance fighters are struggling to defend their people against the aggressive Zionist war machine. At the same time in neighboring Syria the Syrian Arab Army is struggling to protect its civilian population and institutions against armed groups, backed by the Zionist regime, the US and their allies,” Mohamed Omar, a Swedish writer

The truth will set us free said...

Clarity wrote;

"Many a political enemy of the Zionist controlled United States and Israel were flown to Syria for torture sessions and Assad, being no fool, kept meticulous records of the sessions that, if released, would show the US intelligence and Defense Department for the diabolical monsters they really are.
We are talking documentation of international war crimes and crimes against humanity, thus the globalists find themselves in a conundrum.
The power elite at the top of the pyramid are growing impatient with their US cronies’ reluctance to go forward with the invasions of Syria and Iran, while at the same time these US agents are being threatened with exposure by Syria if they do invade. And so the tension mounts and brings about the eventuality that a US invasion into the Middle East will have to be accompanied by full blown martial law in the United States in order to protect the power structure from the retaliations of we the people.
I don’t know if this is true or maybe partially accurate, but I did have a nice vision of TPTW all frustrated and pissed off because someone’s delivering some major interference to their plans. I couldn’t help but give a silent cheer.

Love, light, and peace"

Clarity I want to complement you on your wonderful contributions to Visible's blogs of late. You humbly bring truth, light and hope for the world. Thank you.

Stella Blue said...
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Denny said...


One of those "delivering some major interference to their plans" is President Putin, as he made it clear at the recent St Petersburg meeting that he just ain't going along with their planned invasion of Syria.


I watched an interview with the Norwegian king a couple of days ago, and I noted that he referred to the deaths of the Romonovs as "murder" and not an execution.


Re: the Community idea...

A modest place in the south of France would be fantastic. I spent a lot of time there in the past and it just has to be the most beautiful area on this planet. I also lived in another magic place on the northwest coast of Scotland, but it does tend to rain there quite alot.

Le Creusets and Sabatiers waiting...

neil said...

Missiles that don't work no more
Planes that just won't land
Microchips with back doors
Where china instantly takes command
The Ruthless jagged hatred
Of Israhells collective suicide
On Frustrated inner demons
Congregated within lies
Hearts dissolved in wickedness
Dreams that are diseased
Evil consumes and splatters
The cloud of falsehoods deeds
Bleeding devastation
Incapicitated to its death
In the systematic failure
Of all it does and says


Israeli people,,get out of that hell hole,your leaders will sacrifice you like they did in the second world war,,,,

Denny said...

Rob in WI @ 6:16:00 AM..

"Multitasking"... Heheh! But what really gets me is that they're all getting paid huge salaries for performing in this pantomine. It's obvious I should've become a judge. At least then I wouldn't have to worry about where my next stash of life support is coming from each month.


Talking of life support...

It's kali yuga and there's not a cat in hell's chance of meeting a woman anymore. EVERY single woman I see out there now has loud speakers wedged in her ears and the very latest electronic gadget connected up to them ctutched in her hands. Try prising these things off them and it'd be like shutting off their life support machine. They'd go straight into a coma and wither away.

Really, what has become of us as a species..?!

MiaBellezza said...

Rob in WI said...

Yes, I meant Pineal gland, but pituitary gland is the master gland and controls all other glands. So it's pretty important too.

Fluoride, food additives, vaccines, and toxins calcify the pineal gland, but all glands would be hindered.

Re: Comment by Anonymous Monday, June 04, 2012 11:58:00 PM

I am not John V nor walking hawk. But thanks for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

Really, what has become of us as a species..?!

And one for John V, I like racing too.

Best to all,

Denny said...


Thanks. What a song. "Losing our connections" indeed. One thing a community is gonna need ia a grand piano and a couple of decent guitars. When I listened to that song it just made me sad that I gave up playimg music myself. I still have the odd melody or two tucked away for if ever I get it together again.

onething said...


I didn't read/view Clarity's link about a golden age, but my understanding is that the prior golden age was way long ago, ten or more thousand years ago, preceding the Maya. Many of our ancient civilizations are remnants, or contain remnants of that earlier age, but are themselves fallen and corrupted by the lower consciousness that prevails. There are many wistful sayings about this from around the globe, including among aboriginal peoples who have remained hunter gatherers. I remember reading a book about the San people of South Africa and the woman referred to a long ago time when animals could talk. It would mean, I think, that people and animals communicated psychically as a norm. So even these people, who have not fallen in the sense that the civilized have, nonetheless lost something and have memory of a better time.

Out of the blue said...

Digging your sound as well as your words, wisdom, and humor, Sir. Beautiful music! So grateful I was mysteriously led to you only recently, les visible

Est. April 2012

Stella Blue said...
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brokenbeat said...


Many thanks for your reply -- it was thorough and I got a great deal from it both understanding your view and helping to better evolve mine. I appreciate how you dealt with my questions, some of which were logical extensions of my understanding of the phrases you used once way back (gnostic, monist, panentheist, Sufi, mystic,...something like that, going on memory). I had to look up the second and third phrases and based my questions around the primary definitions. I see that you understood them differently and your view is consistent and closely resembles mine.

I am still struggling with distictions between souls and spirit and have seen the terms used differently by various traditions and teachers. All the views I cited are not necessarily my own (sounds like a TV show disclaimer) as I was somewhat cataloging possibilities. This all built on a thread long, long ago in a blog far, far away so some recap was in order.

I am still trying to make sense of our ontology and have been as long as I can remember (some of my earliest memories were of me observing all about me and wondering what it was all about and how we fit in -- I think I have been partially awake all along and explains a lot throughout my life).

Gnosticism to me is not at all solely Christian. It does form the basis for early Christianity, but also many of the religions. It appears in most esoteric mystery schools including Sufism and in far flung primitive traditions. To me, the term hints at a grand over-arching deception and active ongoing manipulation to keep us unaware and trapped in this world so that our energy can be farmed for sustenance of the controllers (Archons).

So Casteneda fits that well with the notion of an installed mind, the lowered awareness and the dark flyers with their energy-sucking connections.

Thanks again and I wil re-read your reply at a later time. I must get moving...


John V.

Anonymous said...

Ray B...I have read your posts with great interest recently. I have found them to be very informative, and, in my opinion, I think a person's own experiences with states of expanded consciousness are extremely valuable tools - especially when they are written down so others can read them and compare notes. With that being said, you have mentioned Ramtha in some of your posts. I already chimed in with some information regarding Robert Monroe, and his factual ties to the military intelligence community, on some other threads in here. Just wanted to mention to you that the JZ Knight/Ramtha phenomenon is another animal with the exact same stripes, earmarks and coloration (it's all about mind control). I will be glad to post additional evidence supporting this, if anyone is interested - but, in a nutshell, among the groups of people who have done serious investigation into the Ramtha thing, it's a psyop, no doubt about it. Yelm WA (the "base" of operations for Ramtha, at least back in the 1990's, have no idea where the HQ is now) houses a very large military base and intelligence operation nearby. Shirley MacLaine and Linda Evans - two notoriously mind-controlled individuals - have personally endorsed JZ Knight and the Ramtha program. The operation is well-funded, very slick, and uses similarly coercive intelligence agency techniques, to those that were utilized by Jim Jones and the People's Temple. JZ Knight regularly coerces people into passing along all of their belongings and wealth to her organization. Anyway, my point is, if you are using intelligence agency-created platforms for your own personal consciousness-raising, you had better think twice about anything that you might be experiencing beyond that precise point in time. These operations are not what they seem to be. Again, the way you can discern this on your own, quite easily, is to ask yourself - is this operation receiving big-time exposure in the mainstream media? If the answer is "yes", run away fast. The elite do not pass the sheeple the true keys to freedom. They never do this, not ever. Anything that is a true threat to the power structure, anything that can elevate a person's consciousness and help them escape the prison, it is NOT going to be revealed on elitist-owned mainstream TV programs or news broadcasts, nor via elitist-owned book-publishing houses. If you think about it for a minute or two, you'll understand why this is so - rattlesnakes do not commit suicide. Peace.

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the compliment. I have come a long ways, but I wasn't really such a jerk back in the day either, just kinda repressed. It took the split and the stresses leading up to that for the ugliness to emerge in awkward expressions of anger.

Hate was never really part of me and I've been on a long gradual path of growth, but that crisis served as a catalyst for reconstruction. Just prior to that I was actually having some amazing breakthroughs (some samadhi states in meditation, visitations by ethereal beings, unintentional synchronistic manifestations, etc) and I was actually perturbed and felt I wasn't ready and that I needed to grow horizontally before growing vertically and asked for growth experience. I got it jumbo-sized!

Unfortunately, I let go of my practice and allowed myself to nearly self-destruct and sought out conventional help and was heavily medicated with one of the worst anti-depressants ever created. It took some time for me to pull myself out of that hole where I got plenty dirty during my stay. I was nearly lost. I managed to wean myself off the meds but it was God's grace, for which I humbly asked, that pulled me out of that morass.

Lots of soul-searching, introspection and research followed. I rebuilt my career and focused primarily on that as a vehicle for socialization and growth. It wasn't until just over a year ago that my focus shifted from that back onto a spiritual path and practice. I'm now trying to make up for lost time and have yet to have some of the amazing experiences I had some ten years ago, but I am a much healthier, more integrated person and my spiritual experiences are now more heart-based than head-based.

Richie (Dana),

I was honored to be cited as an example in your comment. You fly the flag of Love high and consistently here and you are an inspiration.

Ray B.,

Great material as usual and I am constantly going back to reabsorb what you have to say and can't seem to stay interactive in realtime. Please don't take my lack of response as any indication of lack of appreciation. That goes for many of those here -- I'd like to respond to every point of interest, but obviously can't as there's just so much.


I watched the "Five Gateways" video last night -- very inspiring and uplifting and is helping me put together my experiences and where I am on the path. It's not clear as I haven't had some of the hallmark experiences cited by some, but have some tastes of conciousness beyond gateways associated with those.

And I also take it as a compliment to be thought of as the same "woman" as you and Walking Hawk.


John V.

Anonymous said...

Zombiesoup has a video which shows an actual Israeli "war room" where rows of people troll you on Twitter (Facebook, blogs like Visible's) with cut and paste hasbara (Israeli propaganda). The zionists think they can keep efforts like this secret by only showing them on Israeli TV in Hebrew.

Although the gist of the video is gleened as it is presented - maybe a handful of the commenters here can translate it to English.

Stella Blue said...
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brokenbeat said...


I don't recall BPD lumping some of us together before but I may have missed that. I recall Spadge wondering if BPD, you, your anon defender and someone else could all be one. He later apologized and explained that it was spore-based thinking. I had responded to him earlier saying that it was possible that some were the same, but unlikely, and that the anon defender was most likely a regular poster that didn't want to draw BPD's attention. Let's just say that I had good reason to say that but I've gotten braver after several confrontations over on SM with the lunar discussion and this time posted my comment to BPD under my nom de plume.

I think he is the one that said I wrote "like a gir"l and is carrying that on saying that I am the bellisima Mia now. I suspect he is male as he has doled out his BPD references with regard to women. He's clearly clueless in identifying commenters having lumped me with MiaBellezza unless that is just another way to drive home his 'insult' of me being female. He didn't pick up on me being the anon defender at the time, but perhaps did later and that's why he came at me on SM, maybe nothing to do with the moon matter.

Anyway, enough about him. I've said my piece to him and do hope that he takes it to heart. I sense a suffering soul there. Just don't take it personally, Stella, and I'd refrain from mentioning him as it it eggs him on. I suspect I'll get more sniping from here on out, but whatever. Don Juan said we need "petty tyrannts" to grow our armor for confronting the great unknown.

Take care, you blue giant -- you're about to go supernova!

John V.

brokenbeat said...


About the group hang-out, I understand about the family aspects, though there are working solutions to that. Some intentional communities I've learned about are very well-suited to family life with individual homes on common land and a main house for occasional communal meals and activities. To me the bigger obstacle is location, and that is hampered by work and family ties as well as preferences and possible immigration or other legal matters that might prevent relocation internationally. Vis had proposed a community in Germany (or was it Austria?) near a mountain lake. Sounds idyllic. Dunno what came of that idea.


The south of France sounds great. I've seen on "House Hunters International" that great deals can be had in northern France, but money probably doesn't go as far in the sunnier region. And it seems the political climate has taken on a fog of fascism of late. Or maybe that isn't the correct label, but it's getting totalitarian from what I've gleaned with all manner of meddling and control over anything alternative and non-conformist. I like the weather aspect though, being partial to mediteranean climes (though I thrive in the mountains and enjoy snow).


I put a lot of research and effort over the last year Into the decalcification of my pineal gland fearing that mega-doses of anti-depressants for six months did a number on it. And our community just recently started flouridating the water (yay!). And pesticides have flouride compounds (thankfully, the price differential between organic and conventional is not so great these days).

There are so many videos and articles on this, but I have settled on drinking distilled water (go to in5D for info) and trusting that my kundalini would blast the calcium away. There was one video that showed a way to thump your fingers onto the back of your skull just below the occipital ridge to set up vibrations that are thought to converge in the center and fracture the calcification (like what is done for kidney stones with ultrasound). I did that a few times but not recently.

The other thing I discovered is to avoid calcium carbonate and take calcium citrate if supplementing (organic calcium in veggies is best though). Unfortunately, calcium carbonate shows up in lots of supplements and milk substitute products (almond, rice, soy -- the last is a no-no in my book) but there are almond milk (and coconut milk) products that haven't been 'fortified' with this cheap and harmful mineral (it precipitates out all over your body -- veins and arteries, kidneys, brain, breast tissue, and our glorious endocrine glands).


John V.

Clarity said...

I came home today, and one of the first things I came across was the video, 2012: The Shift in Consciousness with Franco DeNicola Seminar Video. I'm not familiar with this person or the philosophy. The first video is a little over an hour, and there are four parts. Normally, I wouldn't start watching something this long until later, but I decided to start it. The first 45 minutes have been an interesting mix of something that is very significant for me, things that match what I believe to be true, and new ideas that could very well be accurate. I'm looking forward to watching the rest, but I would love to hear feedback from anyone who is familiar with this already, or for anyone who chooses to watch it.

QUESTIONS for all you experts on different topics out there...

One, has anyone had any experience with monatomic gold? I'm interested in hearing anything you know about it.

Two, same as above but in regards to orgone.

Ray B., first, perhaps some success? Today we discussed the new teacher rating system, and I really had to tune out because I was frustrated. TPTW have corrupted our schools with their agenda, and have made it more and more difficult for children to think and learn, and then they use their media to criticize our education system for how bad it is, and how much lower we are compared to some other countries. I passed someone later and decided to share my frustrations about what they're doing to the education system. "I know." And what they're doing to kids via food, water, air, vaccines, etc. "I know." The door was opening slowly and all was good, so I decided to throw a big one out there: the holohoax. "Oh, I didn't know that." But she listened to some facts I had to share, and said she could believe it. It turns out her brother-in-law, known as "Crazy (name)" by his family, has been talking about these things for a while, and she's been open to it, and has accepted some of it. I gave her a whole list of examples. She said she didn't know who she could talk to about these things (and now she does) and her BIL would probably want to be in touch. In the meantime another person walked by, who I know is at least somewhat aware and very open. When she heard what we were talking about, she stopped for a few minutes, and then said she needs to sit and talk with me. The approach isn't new for me, but I had some good results today, and somehow I can't help but feel that you had something to do with it. So a big thank-you for that! Your cellular consciousness comments were interesting. Maybe you'll share how you were able to do develop that. As far as "unseen things", I don't know if it's the same, but I am constantly seeing things in my peripheral vision, but I am never able to focus on them. It seems to be happening more as time goes on.


Clarity said...


Richard - Richie (Dana), please understand that I know less than not only you, but probably everyone else here. I am frustrated at being so far behind and feeling I need to get caught up in a hurry. There is little that I post here that I know. Most of it is information I have found that caught my attention as possibly being of importance, thoughts, beliefs, and questions. I don't know if you saw the link to the video where Kerry Cassidy interviews two men who do say that there are beings who are prepared to help if needed, to prevent things from going too far. They sounded sincere and credible, but I haven't had time yet to look them up and find out more about them. The video I posted above, though, does address something different. As we awaken, we are causing shifts, and those shifts change what would have occurred. Of course, that's a pretty poor summary. I've only watched 45 min. so far, and it was discussed before this point, so you could watch just a little and see what he has to say. You made a very good point about John V. and his response here. His example and your positive "creations" can only have good results.

MiaBellezza, the 8th sin is an important one. I will ask the blog owner if she'd like to add it to the list.

Denny, many people talk about how bad Putin is, but whether for his own benefit or otherwise, some of his actions do seem to work out in our favor. I guess help should be taken from wherever it may come, as long as there are no strings attached. If we commune in the south of France, I can get some use out of the years of French I took in school, and it might even be enough to get my son to come along. (He plays the piano, and a host of other instruments. We've got a baby grand, if that'll do...) To get a woman's attention away from her electronic gadget, you'll really need to turn on the charm. Honestly, though, someone that into the gadgets might not be what you want. I have found that when you're not looking, you often get a surprise. Focus in improving yourself - no slam - we can all improve - and the universe might deliver a reward.

John V., you might not have been a jerk, but there were many different choices you could have made in your situation, and I think yours were noble ones. It sounds like it all happened for a reason, and you were smart and aware enough to realize that and learn from it. *Just saw your latest... the family wouldn't come because of fear of the truth, but maybe they'll be awake by then. I think one is (although she doesn't have much interest in current events - sports and friends and school are the priority, but she listens...). My son puts up a wall at anything off-mainstream. My dog will happily join us - nose cold and wet.

The truth will set us free (and I agree with your name!), I sincerely appreciate your kind words. Sometimes I hesitate to post because (as I said above) there's a lot I don't know. Different people will get different things, or nothing, from my comments, but it's nice to hear that someone finds something of value in them. To be able to bring truth, light, and/OR hope to the world is an honor and a privilege. I truly want to play a part in that, even if only a small one. Thank you.

Stella, thank you. I have more to say but this is probably already too long. Just live in love, hon. Each of us will get exactly what we need.

Love to all,

Denny said...

onething 7:06: 00 PM...

That makes sense. It reminds me of a book titled, "The Origins of Man and the Universe" by an Australian guy called Barry Long. In it he also mentions of a time when we were able to psychically communicate with animals because all living creatures were still connected to the "Universal Psyche", but as evolution advanced (both from the outside and from the inside) we became "exteriorized" in our developing self-consciousness and basically went our own individual ways. Barry Long explained that intuition is the self-conscious human expression of what still remains as instinct in the animal kingdom.

Denny said...

Went shopping this evening and the woman in front of me buying her chewing gum (!!!PINEAL GLAND ALERT!!!) had full sized headphones over her ears and could not even hear what the cashier was trying to say to her. I don't know why they don't just put a sack over their heads and be done with it, because after all, among the 500 000 000 various features on those gadgets of theirs, GPS is also included.

MiaBellezza said...

Stella Blue, it certainly has been a bizarre month, especially the last week or two for comments. You gave me a chuckle with your scenarios, not like I've been thinking something similar ... oh, no no! You know I've been thinking of throwing in the towel too. We'll see, we'll see. But, just maybe that's what they want, or there's more going on here ...? You can still come by and watch us duke it out - ha ha. Perhaps the cosmic consciousness wants us to be more positive, or the Galactic Federation is upset (grin), or the dreaded you know who's are working overtime.
“When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a certain level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the current civilization will relinquish its right to continue as it is.”
VENUS – Parashu-Rama (Rama with the Axe)
John V, I'm sure there are other people here that could give more input on their kundalini. The only meaningful kundalini I had was during a dream and it was like a rocket going through me and then I abruptly woke up pretty shocked. I think Vis has mentioned kundalini meditation can be traumatic and I got the impression he would not recommend it for novices.

How Does Kundalini Awaken? And it also describes how this can occur while dreaming, etc.

and What is Kundalini?

Here is a Guided Kundalini Meditation video that I think is one of the best:

How to Access Superconsciousness:
Clarity, re: the body vehicle and the soul - Nassim Haramein and his ground breaking physics formula.

"We are All One"
Anonymous post of Tuesday, June 05, 2012 7:52:00 PM Re: Ramtha, etc
I tend to agree with you. I also think that awakening is a 2 part process. First, by seeking knowledge and acquiring wisdom you will be able to discern the Truth and this is when your true spiritual journey takes off. By joining cults or churches you're only given enough info to lure you in and just enough to keep you there. That's why it's best to stay independent of these organizations.

Rob in WI said...

Hi all,
For those interested in establishing a community, you might be interested in checking out Their place has been functioning for 20+ years, and is very interesting. They hold open house get togethers at least once a year (been to a couple, their place is <50km from mine), and they're an impressive group. As for me, I'm too old and crotchety to be a good community member. BTW, it wouldn't surprise me if Visible has some readers at Anathoth. Be well, all, Rob

Rob in WI said...

For anyone here who was kind of accused of being one soul posting under 3 names (2 male, 1 female), by
anon; the same thing happened about a year ago. The wording causes me to believe it is the same anon. I was one of that trio, which was a huge insult to the female commentator. Forget her identity, but her comments were most insightful. Anyhow, there are thems that comment here just to jerk people around. Rob

MiaBellezza said...

John V, I just read one of your previous posts, so I apologize for not knowing that you have had mystical experiences through kundalini.

I have never had a meditative or awake mystical vision. So maybe I'm not there yet. But from some readings you do not have to have a visual mystical experience to get there.

In the last two years I have felt as if I have been guided by an invisible hand, or, am I taping into this higher consciousness because the Creator provided me and each and every one of us with the tools; you just have to access them through acquiring knowledge, learning discernment and hence acquiring wisdom.

The spiritual journey without having acquired these qualities will not be as productive in my estimation. After all, can one truly be awake spiritually if they cannot see and understand the illusion?

Another thing to NOT do is formulate any hard conclusive view points. Always be prepared to reformulate an opinion. When I look back not just the last 2 years, but through my whole life, I know that little seeds (clues) were planted for me all along the way. And when the flower bloomed, I plucked it and my World changed forever. And it has been the most challenging period of my life. So there's lots of bumps along the way, but I would never want to go back and couldn't even if I tried, right.

I know there's more I need to work on spiritually. Less cerebral and more spiritual endeavors are required now.

est said...

so i'm watching this chipmunk out front
he's poking around all afternoon
the girl upstairs has a bird feeder
and some of the seed drops down
he's not afraid of me at all
like i tell him when i ride the bike up the path
i brake for chipmonks

hat in hand said...

John V.@12:51 wrote:

"Stella, and I'd refrain from mentioning him as it it eggs him on."


"I suspect I'll get more sniping from here on out"



P.S. Stella; stay.

stay said...

Here's one for you.

Jackson Browne:

Visible said...

I got something to say about Vladimir Putin. Have any of the people with their criticisms of the man actually met him? Are any of them in charge of a large country that prior to his arrival had been controlled by Zionist oligarchs for decades; not saying they don't still carry some degree of their unchanging pernicious influence?

Yeah, he came up through the spy ranks so, sure, for people who don't fucking know what they are talking about that makes him the devil just like all the rest of them. Those same people love James Bond and there aren't that many men (and most men have bad heroes and most women let bad men fuck them; argue all you want about that, it's how it is)who don't wish they were him or some other ruthless fuck, who... for reasons that escape me are some fantasy that makes it okay for one person to do most anything but if someone else is the same... well they're evil.

I could explain how I feel about Putin or most anyone 'various' different ways. I often choose to use Christian scripture because, by default, most people are more familiar with it; "By their works ye shall know them".

I am in the position of knowing a little more about Putin than most people and it's no one's business but mine why that is.

There are some very hard jobs on this planet. One of them is being the leader of a country, any county, given the pervasive influence of Zionist scorpions wherever they may be. Those of us who haven't fucking accomplished anything make the most informed critics you can get. Some of them spend their whole lives becoming really good at critiquing what they can't do themselves but... they know all about it.

I'm not going to say I admire him and I came here to defend him. What I will say is compared to who? I will also say... by comparison to whom in the entire history of Russia? Maybe that might put it into a little better perspective for people who don't know what they're talking about.

Now, I can absolutely prove pretty much anything I say and what I can't prove by just saying or in person, I rest my fate and whatever small of integrity I have on the outcome, once the truth is known. Well... that's why people come here, don't they?

I know you're the sensitive type Clarity (grin) so... this has nothing to do with you or anything you said. You simply brought him and made a reference and I felt like saying something about that.

I just found something out and I made a decision and that's what it is. Most most people in any position might think what I have decided was the wrong thing. Think about it. What if all of sudden, just for one moment, you complete control of your fate knew the measure of all that was good or evil you and what if even before you knew however that was going to result you made your decision and then you found out that is was pretty much okay either way?

Well, I'll talk about that at Origami, once I can get myself in order to do it properly and I should throw up a post anyway because this book, like some of my other projects is up against some very serious opposition. I'm getting it together but it's no walk in the park. The book is already done. It is simply a matter of talking it from one place and typing it in to another. It's been finished for some time. So are some other things that I haven't been allowed to make happen... but none of that matters now...

Anyway, I'll see you over there once I feel like I can do this.

Visible said...

stay said...

You know, I have heard a lot of things about myself in the time I have been doing this. Most of it is good but it really doesn't have that much effect on me because as anyone knows, I don't take credit for any of it and if you actually knew me or spent any time around me, you would know that for sure.

In the entire time that I have been doing this here and given how it is (some things aren't in your hands), That is absolutely the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, while being at the same time one of the most critical moments in my life...Although critical isn't the right word because nothing about anything now is critical; anything but, diametrically opposite actually but you know, it's more a personal thing that has no effect on anything.

You chose the one songwriter besides Joni Mitchell that I hold in the highest regard and who I rarely mention because a lot people deserve my appreciation and I don't like to get specific about these things. Then you chose the one song that I sing most, simply because of what he's saying and especially cause he got chosen to write as an expression of something I always find to be one of the essential cornerstones of everything I believe and outside of that, you got the point. Well... nothing is written in stone but I will add one interesting feature;

Some time before this happened I was talking to my master and he said directly to me that he would give me evidence that I wasn't as bad as I thought I was and it wasn't till halfway through the song that I remembered that and he was right there when it happened.

I'm not wallowing guilt, nor do I live with ugly memories, just relatively small and consistent failures and I have no regrets really and nothing I want. I've only kept at this because I know that if was me who needed footprints in my darker hours I would really be glad to see them. There's no guarantee that these efforts matter much but other people did the same for me. I would have been nothing had I not been touched by those greater than I ever expect to be.

So you can imagine the juxtaposition of all of this and watching the video and my reaction. It's hard enough just to write this and like I said in other words, it's not in our hands. Because I now pretty much fully understand this, given my limitations in respect of it... that's not a bad thing.

From the bottom of my heart;

thank you.

Richie (Dana) said...

I Love you Visible

Anonymous said...

a few things about Putin:

(apologies to Visible for mucking up his comments section)

-everything in "western" media about Putin (Russia as well as Slavics (hey come to think of it, same for western Europeans, and USA, whaddya know) is negative
- who controls "western" media?
- so, why is everything in "western" media is negative about Putin, Russia, Slavics (and reasons are historical - going back hundreds of years)

- during first time as President - Putin got nothing but negative media starting with the fact that he was elected by majority - not being reported in "western" media;
he became most popular when he publicly campaigned for controlling the out-of-control corruption and corrupt officials doing it (for example first president and total drunk, Yellsin and his handler, first billionaire oilgarch - whose name cannot be mentioned because doing so is "anti-semitic") - because that is what Russian peoples demanded most at that time (as they were being robbed, pillaged, even murdered by corrupt officials and their armies of gangsters)
here is,for example, what Putin got negative "western" press for:
he rounded up the most corrupt of all - who all, somehow strangely, very rapidly became billionaires (billionaires in post communist Russia? only one group of people can make that happen - criminals (most often hiding behind some religious bullshit - and average Russians know exactly who these criminals are and call them out on it - always); look up who all those billionaires were/are; now compare their affiliation to that of the owners of nearly all "western" press (or can't handle it?)

- his firing all Russia's regional governors and giving control of the regions to Moscow (since then, has been reversed to governors again) got the "western" media all indignant again - claiming the "dictatorship" of soviet union was returned
but "western" media didn't mention why Putin did this; the "western" media left out the facts about how all governors had total immunity from any/all/ prosecution for anything -provided by the Russian constitution (who wrote that constitution, knew exactly what they were going to do with it; so the situation in Russia was one in which these governors were literally robbing everyone and stealing anything their henchmen could lay hands upon; the job of governor became a highly coveted one; so much so, that governors were often assassinated - including broad daylight, right in the open among the crowds walking along the main drag of that the "right people" could be placed, i mean elected, into those offices - Putin settled that idiotic situation;
here's one the "western" media doesn't dare ever let public see:
around 2003, or 2004 -
Russia, under Putin, dumped the "western" taxation system (gifted to Russia by - "western" economists); the "western" taxation system was not generating needed revenues? why? because it was seen for what it is - unfair to all; people avoided it, didn't pay the taxes;
Putin's solution - flat tax - of 12% - resulting in immediate revenue surplus - first in new Russia's history ... don't let this story get out into the west - the west might no longer be the "west" as it now is
on and on, ... but you get the idea about why Putin, Russia, Russian, Slavics in general are given all negatives by the "western" global-criminal gang's media; yes, Putin probably has some problems, but a politician who does what he says he will do and something that benefits the average person,... if only there were even one such in the "western" world
thanks Visible, apologies for taking up excess of space in your comments, blog

brokenbeat said...


Your post of 6/5 11:49 PM and mine at 6/5 11:51 PM were obviously written at roughly the same time and appeared simultaneously, so mine was not in response to what you posted then.

Please see "Hat in Hand" @ 6/6 10:15 AM and do stick around -- you are valued by many here, including our friend (you've grown on him). Truly, I think he is not malicious and though it started out kinda rough and seems obsessive now, it's more of a playful nature and if you just don't actively refer to him it will settle into an enigmatic comment now and then.

Just don't let it get to you and stay on as an active commenter, not just a reader. And don't worry about protecting others from collateral damage or the environment's vibe in general. We can fend for ourselves and these blogs always have some drama, and anyway he has declared a truce (at least with respect to me).

Shine on,

John V.

Anonymous said...

apologies again Visible, this may be of interest to some - on Putin

(this is not an anti-LGBT comment, it is anti-political, anti-global criminal agenda, force-fed to the world for purposes having absolute zero to do with any person's rights or orientations)

a few weeks ago, Russian government made public LGBT demonstrations illegal
(it did not make LGBT lifestyle illegal - just public promotion of that lifestyle, point which is never mentioned by "western" media)

their reasons: "it is harmful to children and family life" ("the horror, the horror")

this caused uproar all over the "western" world, including the "western" media - which are all, by contract with global-crime gang, pro-LGBT agenda

this resulted in immediate LGBT (cannon fodder for global crime gang) demonstrations in Russia, so

yesterday the Russian government increased fines for illegal demonstrations (not legal demonstrations, just illegal ones; point which will not be made by "western" media)

and as expected, the "western" media (which isn't "western") now will go all-out Putin bashing ... which benefits no one, excepting the members of global-crime, inc.

neil said...

Thought I would add something for our good brother cliff high and his tireless work,I meant to say something the other day after liistening to the stuff on the bardic state but just never got round to it,,,,

Cliff high,,,huge massive gratitudes and respect,,,,

And also to you lord visible,,

Visible said...

Brother you can take up space in these blogs, in my life and in my heart any time you want to; not only is everything you said true but there is more. We won't worry about that at the moment.

Keep in mind Mother Shipton and many others and things I know about that part of the continent that have never been disclosed. Only really ignorant people don't get it.

Like i said, I didn't say what | said as praise or support. Everyone an make their own conclusions but in the case of this man, I have met him with Lady K and in ways it would not be profitable to mention; after all, people still think I'm in bed with the usual gang of hooligans. Of course it wouldn't hurt for them to have some proof and given that assholes like that always have money, they can certainly check and find out... they're wrong.

I have one employer, period. I will never EVER fucking ever have another employer. The only way...and you mortals should catch a clue... to be immortal or infinite is.... wait... drum roll...

to attach yourself to someone or something that IS.

There is no other way. I would love to see someone demonstrate that to me, given... given? never mind.

Like I used to say in earlier times, ten different people can say the same thing and it will be true... but only the one in possession of it will ring your bell. I say this is true, I am correct. I'm not always right, for the purpose of demonstration, but this time not even God Almighty or all the demons of the deep would argue. So it goes and so do I.

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