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Pinup Girl and Heart-Throb Boy Continued

Dog Poet Dumping.......

May your noses always be out of other people's business.

I did not want to write a post today. I intended to do a radio broadcast instead but apparently I need to write a post, given the reaction to yesterday's posting. Interestingly, my Facebook readers were supportive without exception; not so here. That's a phenomena that needs mention. The people who go to Facebook stay on Facebook and comment on Facebook and do not comment at the blogs itself and the reverse is true. I can't think of any exceptions. Weird eh?

I am quite frequently stunned by the degree to which some people can misinterpret simple statements and also, adding insult to injury, make all kinds of additions to what I said and not realize that they are doing it. Of course if they do realize they are doing it, that's psy-ops. One thing I don't discuss here are some of the people who have communicated with me, as a result of having come across these blogs. There are a couple of surprising names that anyone would recognize. One of them actually comments under an assumed name. It's not only the occasional appearance of this kind of person but I also hear from people connected to government and other areas of endeavor. I'm not going to get into any detail about any of this and I bring it up for a specific reason. I was fairly recently contacted by someone, who is in a position to know, about psy-ops activity directed at me. I was told that people would come along and ingratiate themselves with me. They would let themselves get known by other readers and then, after a certain amount of time, turn on me and try to wind me up. I had seen some evidence of this in times past and dealt with it. However, this fellow told me that this was now an official policy in respect of certain websites and blogs and that I, most definitely, made the list. So, I ask the readers to keep their eyes open and note peculiarities and things that stand out as being very much out of character in terms of character development.

Okay, that said... let me repeat myself, I am quite frequently stunned by some people's ability to draw seriously wrong conclusions from what, to me, seems to be very simple and easily understood statements. Now, of course, I don't expect everyone to agree with me concerning some of the things I say. That is neither desired nor expected and it also results in some entertaining dialogue between the readers and each other and the readers and myself and it's one of the reasons people come here because they are free to express their opinions and to disagree with me and it makes it a fun place to come to, which is all I ever hoped for out of these efforts.

I remember when I first started to blog with Visible Origami. I had a few readers due to having been formerly a poster at The Best of the Fray at Slate. That was not a pleasant place for me and overly represented by members of a particular demographic that I don't think I need to identify. You're familiar with some of the things I say, so you can imagine how that went over. When I was awarded a star (a big deal there), there was a burst of enthusiasm and support from some amount of the other residents and another burst of anger and outrage from other quarters. So, when I started Origami, I had a few visitors and I used to say to myself, “If I can just get a couple of hundred people to come around for this I will be very pleased”. It's gone far beyond that. The creation of Smoking Mirrors drew in that much larger majority, who are not particularly attracted to Visible Origami, which is much more how I am inside than Smoking Mirrors. People, for the most part, prefer the things of the world to the things of invisible dimensions. That's just how it is. I created those other blogs to draw people to Visible Origami but it continues to appeal to that 10% for whom those things are important.

Yesterday I said that heart-throb boy missed a golden opportunity, to show a major amount of class but instead cut off pinup girl completely and won't communicate with her in any fashion. I tried to point out that she is only 22 years old and arguably one of the most desired women in the world. I tried to point out that people make mistakes and if you love them you have to forgive them, or you never loved them at all. What you loved was possessing such a desirable item because it made you look good and be the envy of so many millions of other men. That is why your ego and vanity were so terribly injured.

I recognize the right to be hurt by what happened. I completely understand that and wasn't seeking to diminish the person for that aspect of their response. Many people would have felt the same way; betrayed, made a fool of, manhood challenged, especially manhood heavily amplified by celebrity. I tried not to get much into this person's lack of convincing acting skills, or the soda pop quality of the Twilight series, which is nothing more than a jumped up network TV show of the Buffy Vampire Slayer variety. That's not important and didn't influence what I had to say. I just looked at what happened and my first thought was how unfortunate and regrettable that this occurred. That's one of the costs of celebrity and it comes with the territory and those shit flies that nose around these people's lives, looking for anything that might make them money and give them some celebrity too, can be nasty and vicious to an alarming degree. Everybody should see the movie, Meet the Feebles, for the way it portrays certain personalities that feed off of these people. It's a truly brilliant, hilarious and shocking film; unique, like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which is pure genius. Around this house it is not unusual for someone to start singing one of the songs from that movie ...but, I digress.

I recognize that most people don't feel the way I do about unconditional love, nor do most people pursue it with the same enthusiasm. For me, though, possessing something or seeking to possess it, means exercising it and practicing it. It has no value otherwise. People like to talk about higher concepts and states of being. They are much less likely to practice them because of the sacrifice that these things entail. They also bring a responsibility to embrace and live these things, regardless of the threat to life, limb and reputation. There is a whole world between what people say and what people do. Talk is cheap and easy. Actions are another thing entirely.

I truly want to possess unconditional love. I know the value of it. I want to possess all of the virtues, like forgiveness, compassion, integrity and sundry. I very easily forgive people, even when they are incapable of forgiving me, as I not so long ago experienced. Interestingly it wasn't anything I actually did but the fear of what never happened and never would have happened. So, if I had been heart-throb boy, I would have taken that golden opportunity to shine, to sincerely shine. Quite simply, it is what I would have done. I might have been hurt but then again, if it were actually me, probably not. I am viscerally aware of the frailty of people and their vulnerability to the temptations that get set in their way. One of my favorite sayings is, “There but for fortune goes you and I”.

I had a really interesting talk with my companion today. We are in full accord about what I had to say yesterday. Now, I have been with this person for almost 13 years and nothing like what was discussed yesterday has happened, even though we are genuinely free to do as we like. When people meet and that special chemistry goes off between them, it makes them feel free. It is liberating. That is one of the chief qualities of love that makes it such a desirable experience. What people do, all too soon, is to then get attached to the other person and seek to control them and regulate their behavior and the liberty and freedom goes away. I've seen it happen over and over. I won't let that happen to me. I don't want a jail warden for a partner. I don't want to live inside the lines of somebody elses idea of who I am and who I am supposed to be. As a result, I have a very good friend, whose company I really enjoy. I have someone who is free to live their own life, have their own friends, come and go as they please and I never ask about any of it. When she wants to go off on an excursion with an old boyfriend for a couple of weeks, I don't mind in the slightest. When this person comes around and who really dislikes me, I get out of the way and behave in a very civil manner and endeavor to be a gracious host. Nothing untoward is going on there but that's beside the point.

This morning I went to post the comments for yesterday's Smoking Mirrors and found people ranting about feminism, as if that has anything to do with the situation, which it doesn't. People have been routinely unfaithful all through the centuries. Someone called Kirsten Stewart a cunt, also pointing out to me that heart-throb boy is a musician. I have no idea what that has to do with anything. I was also accused of being sexually attracted to Stewart. I had a dream about her some months ago. It wasn't an erotic smorgasbord, though there was a sense of genuine affection. I only mentioned it once but apparently, unbeknownst to me, I have been having numerous dreams about her and mentioning it all the time ...and... my geriatric status was pointed out to me, which is also amusing because anyone who spends any time around me knows I exhibit none of those things and can be any age. Several times in recent years, people have guessed my age at 35 to 45. I'm not able to lie here because people who know me and these situations read these posts. At the recent concert, where this woman groped me, which was witnessed by someone who had come with me, she kept asking me how old I was and I know why that was. Aging is an illusion. In Japan there are men in their 80's, who dance around like they are in their 20's, due to certain lifetime disciplines, as well as a particular mindset. I knew a man who was over a hundred years old who didn't have a line on his face. I've met people in their 20's and 30's who are decrepit and besieged by all sorts of maladies. I've met women in their 20's that look like they are 50. You see a lot of that in Hawaii and I have met women in their 50's who look ever so much younger than that. Aging is an illusion and those who believe in it are welcome to it. I don't.

The most surprising thing to me around here is when people add all kinds of things to what I said, or draw astonishing conclusions that I gave no indication of intending. I was trying to make a particular point and unfortunately, that point makes people angry. It doesn't change my position in any case. If I love somebody, I love them. If they get into trouble or need help, I have several times quit my job and gone thousands of miles to be with them. To me that is the most natural thing in the world. I wouldn't do it now because I have no intention of going to Police State Central again. Anyway, friendship means a great deal to me. There is little I would not do for a friend and I know who my friends are and I know there are people who think I'm their friend but I am not. Any of us can see deeply into other people if we look deeply into ourselves. There are some truly surprising abilities that anyone could possess if they just allowed for them to be operative within them.

Kirsten Stewart is just some person out there. I have no feelings for her one way or the other, except that she is a human being and I am generally affectionate with human beings, unless they give me good cause not to be. Heart-Throb boy is just one of a whole lot of Heart-Throb boys and I wish him well. I wish most people well, except for those who don't wish others well and set about showing it in egregious fashion.

I in no way promote or celebrate infidelity. I know how badly people get hurt by it but I am not going to let the limitations that surround me become a part of me. I've spent my life getting rid of things and hopefully by the time I decide to go, there won't be much left and what there is will be those cherished possessions of mine, which are a part of me and the only things you take with you when you go. Have a nice day.

End Dumping.......

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. I don’t consider myself a follower, but a listener. I weigh what I learn here and use it as a gauge, or a remedy, or learning tool or a potential affirmation that I’m on the course I wanna be on. No one’s path is exactly the same. As we travel, we’re sharing our experiences and observations with others. Maybe that experience/observation will be useful should we come into a similar circumstance. I appreciate Visible’s sharing information and his style of doing so.
On my own, without Visible’s input on the subject of romantic-type relationships, I’ve reached a very similar conclusion.
I’ve dreamed about Hollywood types – the majority of those dreams were not sexual. In fact, I dreamed about Arnold Schwartzenagger, whom I do not find attractive in any sense of the word . When I recognized him in my dream I was wondering why he was there cuz I didn’t know him. I’ve had dreams about Visible too; again not sexual. I have never met Visible in person. I don’t know Visible outside of here. But I do find him an attractive person/personality. I mentioned that dream here a few months back as it was very vivid and very instructive and revealing for me personally.
And, as far as dreams go, the words of a song sum up much of my feeling about them – “I find it kinda funny. I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”
Love, Serena
PS – duplicate post (save one sentence) – put it where you want.

Anonymous said...

Visible, I understand your high ideals. It's nothing you haven't expressed before, and it can certainly be found in "Spiritual Survival..." Unconditional love unfortunately contradicts the entire institution of marriage as we Americans know it. Tie people down to a piece of paper that says you "have to" and it allows possessiveness and the suspicion that what is "THEIRS" really isn't on a deeper level. My husband and I lived together without that piece of paper for twelve years after both having gone through nasty divorces which robbed us both of everything we had at the time. The only reason why we decided to finally tie the knot two years ago was pressure from family members. Neither one of us appreciated having the other one introduced as "friend" which in their minds somehow made the union invalid, so it was the pressure to conform to what others expected that made us break our own constitutions affirming the unconditional. And all that did was make it conditional, in a way. Marriage has changed nothing between us, but that is us.

As for facebook, I don't do it. I had an account a few years ago, but closed it after being stalked. I don't really like the idea of having someone I knew for a six month period twenty years ago contacting me just for 'shits and grins.' For me, facebook is borderline evil. You will never see me on faKebook.


kellylala said...

I listened to you on Red Ice a few nights back and i felt your heart..I was crying along with you and it really touched me how you explain life...Keep be the shining star that you are...

Kellylala (your fb friend )x

covkid said...

Hi Vis and all,
You mentioning "the best of the fray"brought back some fond memories from a few years ago.
The times we would"swarm" over there and engage those crusty old fuckers with a literary bombardment...priceless.Talking of which i wonder how the king of crustiness Jack Dallas and that other numbskull Schaden fraude are getting on?I'm betting at least one of them has had their home foreclosed by now.They cant say that they were not warned.

Hail Appollonius.

Anonymous said...

yep. when folks take what you say out of context, can't see past the limitations of their own understanding, or are simply projecting, unawares, their own stuff ... it can indeed be a surreal experience, and not in a good way. (grin)

difficult to find comfort even in the knowing that it's their ass hanging out rather than your own.

Anonymous said...

Set up, like a bowling pin
Knocked down, it gets to wearin' thin.
Truckin' on,

Anonymous said...

LOL much ado about nothing. My young girlfriends always crushed on my grandpa. He had some approachable and gentle vibe. They'd get around him and smile and giggle, just so thoroughly amused. He was like a white Scatman Crothers. I just didn't see it.

It's how the pheronome molecules match up. Some are like type O blood and compatible with more people. That's a model that works for me. On a purely instinctual level, age has nothing to do with it. There was a girl I used to see around town because, if she was within 100 feet of me, I'd turn around and look right at her and she would be expecting it. In a sea of hundreds. She got a real kick out of having that power over me. We left it at that and never talked to eachother. Too spooky. Leave well enough alone.

The most devastating thing about age for me, is the numbers. When I turned 30, I laid down like a big pussy. Oh that hurts... oh this is so hard... ow I never felt that pain before woe is me I'm so old. same thing at 40. sometime before the next 0 comes up, I get up off my whining ass and amaze myself. I was getting carded when I was 47. A girl about 14 came up to my garden level bedroom window and turned around and shook her ass and ran off. I thought "You better run! I'll pull down your pants and kiss that. on the right, on the left and in the middle TOO!" Glorious day.

Once again, thanks for the inspiration. I won't pussyfoot around so long this decade. I might miss something.

Name withheld to protect the innocent

Sorry, don't know if any of that's relevant. kinda hungover

Anonymous said...

oh ho ho ho

you in your innocence hit a nerve

you forget where you are in consciousness and innocently assume others are either there too...or can appreciate the freedom and beauty of such space.


it happens to me cannot imagine why anyone would choose the chains of emotion over the freedom of awareness. oh but they do.

i am a reader of dr. david hawkins and whatever others may think of him i enjoy his unique perspective that combines psychiatry and the Divine Presence -- one thing he wrote always stays with me. people get a zap of satisfaction/joy from having their victim button pushed (not his words) if they didn't they would stop doing it (reacting). so no matter how much 'suffering' something seems to cause someone they are also getting some degree of pleasure...or else they would stop (reacting).


regarding the false friends who show up on your blogs to run some sort of dumb-op -- my instincts twitch when someone lays it on too heavy...too much....please! i read their comments and think to myself....hmmmm. why so much? why so desperate to jump on the bff bandwagon? be cool. so that would be my red flag for you to wonder about -- keep an eye on -- and not be surprised when it all goes south. hahaha

liz in l.a.

Allison said...

Ugh..these last two posts hit me where it hurts. Not on the infidelity part, but on the Love vs. Attachment part. Apparently I needed it.

missingarib said...

Vis ,this love stuff is quick sand -stop struggling so hard you will just get in deeper -here 's a branch -

Stone love, she kneels before the grave
A brave son, who gave his life to see the slogan
That hovers between the headstone and her eyes
For they penetrate her grieving

New love, a boy and girl they talking
New words, that only they can share in
New words, a love so strong it tears their hearts
To sleep, through the fleeting hours of morning

Love is careless in its choosing
Sweeping over cross a baby
Love descends on those defenseless
Idiot love will spark the fusion

Inspirations have I none
Just to touch the flaming dove
All I have is my love of love
And love is not loving

Soul love, the priest that tastes the word and
Told of love, and how my God on high is
All love, though reaching up my loneliness evolves
By the blindness that surrounds him

Love is careless in its choosing
Sweeping over cross a baby
Love descends on those defenseless
Idiot love will spark the fusion

Inspirations have I none
Just to touch the flaming dove
All I have is my love of love
And love is not loving

Lai, lai, la-la, la-la la-la, la lai lai
La-lai la-lai la-lai, lai, lai, lai
La-la la-la la-la la-la-la
La, la, la-la, la, la-la, la, la

live long

Teresa said...

My opinion--we are starting to see that something is wrong with the language(s) we use. We are starting to understand that language is in itself a barrier to true communication. Language is the biggest prison that has been imposed upon us. Perhaps the allegory of the Tower of Babel is, in fact, real. I think that once, language included words, music, architecture, art, spiritual practice, mediation, cosmology, science, and over time, they were all segregated into their own discrete niches to the point where one no longer informs the other.

I have been thinking about this problem for a while--why is it we cannot properly communication via language? My answer: it is because language is the lowest common denominator to impart ideas, and it has been imposed upon us. I feel that language is the biggest cage, and that it has been made so deliberately, whether by TPTB, the reptilians, ETs, the global media/education/medication/nutrition power grid. But recently, through our own increasing awareness, we are starting to understand that language is no longer sufficient to our needs to connect with each other in an intellectual/rational, or more importantly, human manner. The 'thusness' or 'whatness' of any idea cannot be fully appreciated if the person you are talking to does not know what words mean, if the lexicon is shrinking, if the relationship between meaning and knowledge is decreasing.

Everything is speaking to us, reaching out to us, all the time, and many of us cannot or will not hear or see it. Les (and others) has been pointing this out to us for a while, and some of us get the conundrum--trying to use an inadequate tool for the job (what is that job? understanding our relationship with the divine and our role in creation, as far as I can tell, with my limited perception). At the same time, however, there are those of us who just can't get beyond the semantics, or the emotional weight/resonance that certain words carry for them at a personal/ego level, and due to that intrusion, they can't see the entire message for what it is.

In a manner of description, according to your own practice, if you have started your journey to self-realization, you might know that there is more than one aspect of existence, here on this planet right now, that is trying to communication with you. You might know, according to your belief, that you have to release your consciousness/spirit/soul from this ego-based 3-D manifestation of what we perceive as reality in order to see another, fuller, more 'real' version of existence, where, ironically, nothing is 'real', yet which is wise, and can inform you. It is there, in that 'other' where true communication starts, IMO.

There may be ETs, lizards, elites, etc., who may try to impose dominion over you. however, they are nothing to the dominion you already have over yourself. Unfortunately, this measly tool of language that I am using to try to convey this idea is the barbed wire that keeps us from hearing what the planet and universe are trying to knock into our self-constrained, silly, little heads.

This existence could be a wild and wonderful ride, if only we could say what we really mean, and hear what others are really saying. Personally, I think we are on the verge of a breakthrough.


Visible said...

Well, my friends, so it goes and so go we. My musical collaborator is here and we're about to rock the joint. Concert coming up in about five weeks we'll record the whole thing. I only mention this because of how the lyrics of the songs we wrote ties in to so much of this.

Pam; I don't like Fakebook either. I wound up there by pushing the wrong button and alerting everyone in my Inbox. It has worked out, at least for me because I have a whole set of friends I never would have had otherwise and sometimes almost 30 coments, not to mention new and intimate associates.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Wow! Sounds like you and Suzanne have what me and my significant other have. We'll be on our 19th anniversary in a few days, and despite how damn obnoxious I can (try to; with major SUCCESS can) be, we have never had a fight. True soul mate.

Your first several paragraphs is another reason I allow no comments, and want no dialogue. I put down the link, some times my unadulterated opinion which will be shared by some, make a few laugh as they hope I'm not serious, and loathed by others; that's the way it is, and that's the way it's going to stay. If you would like to have me keel-hauled and hung from the highest yard arm, so be it; but it's not going to happen, so bbbbbllllpppphhhhhttttt!

Your philosophy on unconditional love is right on, and also your implication on what people say they want is rarely what they actually do want.

Now excuse me, but I think I have a couple of links to transfer.

Thomas said...

There are 7 billion definitions of love in this world

Anonymous said...

Here is a poem I wrote approximately two years ago, which deals with the subject matter of this thread. I don't typically share my writing for groups of people - it makes me feel a bit too vulnerable. But I guess I feel as if I have friends here, and something about Visible's last two posts made me feel like I should post can call me George, by the way. The title of the poem is "Blind".

They said "Hello"
And everything that stood between them

They said "I know"
And understanding took the place of

They said "You do?"
And inner conflict swept away their

They said "Goodbye"
Not knowing if it was the last time
On this earth

Too scared to trust - too scared to try
Too scared to live - too scared to die

Across the gulf of time
Sameness takes root, and safer choices lock the door
Amid a constant tremor like a saw blade in the mind
The memory of two hearts, swelling like the ocean
Bursting at the seams
Yet forever held in check - like the tide

Half of themselves missing
They stagger through the darkness, blind
And underneath the stars
Who emptied themselves fearlessly
They fall beneath the weight of what was left unspoken
And shout unto the universe - "I knew love!"

Anonymous said...

I love you!

You just described the past 2-3 yrs. of time with my wife, out of the past 30 plus years together.

You have just given me more than you'll ever know.

With tears in my eyes and Love in my Heart, I Thank You

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

I have said to myself recently, if every day it was the Visible Origami blog that was posted to, I would truly enjoy that.....that is where my heart lies as well, and who I am too. I do read the other blogs though.

Unconditional love is the divine shining through us, and it takes self-work/awareness to be it. You have to experience love in this way, and if you haven't, when someone else lives it and expresses it, you won't understand, and may attack.

It's really beneficial when someone will "write over" existing limiting beliefs, and put forth thoughts/ comments that reflect what we all aspire to, but either don't know it, or aren't there yet. That's the whole basis of love and fear not sharing the same space, and why love will be attacked when all one knows or lives is primarily fear.

I liked what you wrote about not being hurt by infidelity now...that could be said about almost all experiences one may have, and the response before and the response now. Mine have certainly changed as I have become love and transformed my fear. I am still a "work in progress."

It has to be set forth that there really is a different way to live, and love, when its truly unconditional, and other choices to be made that are different than the status quo.

I appreciate your sharing how you and your companion live your unconditional love. Attachment is what most people live/create with one another, and how I lived it myself, at another now.

Anyway, always great when the unconventional or non-mainstream viewpoint is expressed, or what I call the divine expression...:-)

Enjoy your experience with your musical collaborator.

With love ~


the gardener said...

Teresa-you are totally right. "a picture is worth a thousand words' 'actions speak louder than words'... etc etc.

I've been really focusing for lack of a more explanatory word for it... for the day when telepathy comes back to the humans.

When Koko, the sign language gorilla first was opened for questions I wrote her person to ask Koko if 'she could communicate with the other animals including humans telepathically'. I never heard the answer to that-no response to my email where we could 'ask Koko questions'.

I believe they do as I spend a lot of time with animals and watch their interactions with one another. A lot of body language for sure.

I had a pathological admit to me one of their tools in working others... he told me 'I tell them what they want to hear so they'll do what I need/want them to do'... I asked him 'how do you know what they need/want to hear' and he says 'oh, they'll tell me in the first fifteen minutes of talking with them'... of course that would be 'guided and directed' talking with them.

Since I was one of those 'them' to him I was quite scared hearing this.

The words. Spoken out of the masks the wax mannequins utilize.

the gardener

I really think that THAT will be the first wave of change with the impact necessary for us as a collective whole to move the hell on-upward and onward and not have to waste so much time explaining what these words mean.

the gardener

Visible said...

Actually, we are all of us fully telepathic in the sense that the vibrationary end is transmitted through the visceral brain but only a few of us get the audio portion and most of us who do... pay no attention to anything that does not directly relate to us. Rules apply so long as you are the sort who might want to break them. Otherwise, not much is denied.

Anonymous said...

For my tastes, the most sensuous actress ever was Joan Crawford. Faye Dunnaway a close second.

Yeah, baby, I'd do bad things to get a date with Joan.

Dave, East Toast

Anonymous said...

i know where joan's buried. i mean if you're into doing bad things.



MiaBellezza said...

Vis, is this man close to what you are talking about Drunvalo melchizedek - 2012 The Prophecies from The Heart?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

In the words of my favorite atheist..

Love: The triumph of imagination over intelligence.

-H.L. Mencken

mike m said...

I get what you were implying Vis.

I happened to find my self in a similar situation and once I got over the anger, shock, jealousy, and other assorted emotions that take over your "process" at the time eventualy I settled down and realized that this was the one person that I have known in my life that ever came close to my ideal of loving a stranger and so I was willing to put aside all those anchors and really enjoy that persons company.

I t wasn't easy and it took some time but in the end it was worth it.

Just the way you deal with it is more then half the battle but isn't that what we have come to learn?

Peace and Love

Eamon said...

I am sorry for my part in any misunderstanding and for causing you any vexation, my dear friend. It is certain that real love is always ready to forgive, and even does so before it is asked. As for infidelity, we have all been repeatedly unfaithful to our supremely faithful Lover, yet He is ever ready to welcome us into His transforming embrace once again. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

I always appreciate movies and movie performers in the past tense. In the present it is too much like contemplating and studying how sausage is made. I'd rather not know what goes on at the meat packing company, even though I know already all too well.


pig bladder said...

Hi gang...
How do y'all get that little pitcher next to your'n comment post? Thanks, huh?

Anonymous said...

That happy horseshit was touching and I am rock hard and throbbing but did you see where Russia has missles in Cuba and Iran tested an EMP weapon? Can you say game changer? Police state central might not be around to come back to V.

Burnie said...

I must be exceptional ha.I Post bothly
Kirsten Stewart is a fox on the outside and there is always more to the story of infidelity. All this is moot at 70. Although all my plumbing works just fine it hardly matters at this time. I wish it were not so. But dreams are real and there I am whatever I want, and do whatever I can, which is all. You made me smile and laugh a bit and late I been in a snit So thanks Vis for the bliss you spread all over the place.Kings and Aces read 'em and weep while I put the tea on to steep, mushroom and crumpets.
nonsense they said poor sense said I
the best to all

Burnie said...

amen Teresa.

I have a thing for trees each species exhibits a distinct personality. The Spruce is graceful in the wind as it speaks it words calming The Aspen all a quiver everything A fright, but in the fall it speaks in color telling you the story of the winter coming down the cuts in the mountain.

Anonymous said...

To faye, Monday, August 06, 2012 1:30:00 AM:

I see you've been infected by the Jew virus. Like necrophilia is funny.


Visible said...

People, let's keep the racial thing to a minimum. Such things only led ammunition to those who would hurt us.

This is precisely the thing they milk to death. They are history. There's no need to bait them. They're done and it will be a gruesome affair, no need to hobble ourselves as they march into it under their own power and it is not across the board. There are exceptions.

Skepticfrog said...

Vis wrote: "I am quite frequently stunned by the degree to which some people can misinterpret simple statements and also, adding insult to injury, make all kinds of additions to what I said and not realize that they are doing it."

I, being the product of a European nation's culture noticed it, and it is - in my opinion - quintessentially American. In a way it's stunning (and frustrating) to me, because I interpret it (can't help myself) as intellectual dishonesty and bankruptcy.
It squarely precludes intelligent discourse; the sheer inability to stay on the facts and the specifics, and veering off to slyly and deceptively construed tangents.
I feel your pain Vis.

Unknown said...

Aghhh Dave the homophobe strikes again. "Jew Virus" - so I suppose Barbra Streisand is to blame for everything which explains why the fags love her! As I said previously - some people really are dumb as dirt.

Anonymous said...

...and it is not across the board. There are exceptions." Right on , Vis!
As to my jail warden;
20 years for me now. Seems it´ll turn out to be Life. I need my warden. Livin´off each other, nevertheless the amenities still are bilateral and no illusions to shorten the sentence with any good cringing behavior. Unfortunately, eightballing´s rather of seldom occurrence.
Vis, you crank em out with bullseye precision, just flabbergasting. Seriously, there are few people in this world I would consider worthy genuflecting before. Count you in.
Arf! Arf!

Visible said...

Skepticfrog; boy, you nailed how I feel about it. It's gotten really bad since Fox News showed up. They do this kind of thing like a form of programming and it takes root in the minds of those not attending to their minds through mimicry and performance and it doesn't matter if the contrasting truth is right there. They just go right on.

Anonymous said...

of the sins, vanity may be the most deadly.

of the virtues, acceptance the most useful.

Anonymous said...

heading back to israel.

Skepticfrog said...

I know I shouldn't be saying this here, but why not point out a spelling error?
This particular term came to being in fairly recent times: the "New World Order". However, as we now all know, the letter "N" is simply incorrect, for some obscure reason. It of course, should be a "J".

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Murder Cult of Globoctopus Industries.



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