Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Truth is Out, there is No Moon

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I went to a large Goth/Emo/Satan Boogie festival this weekend and evidence was gathered about that. It was a strange affair because, with the help of my trusted associates, M and S, I was able to get to the heart of conspiracy theory. The fact is, or so it appears, that there is no Moon. It is only a holographic projection. So, of course they had to film the Moon landing in Colorado, because there was nothing for the astronuts to land on. This explains all the problems with astrology, where predictions often turn out to be wrong or confusing. My friends and I took the Moon completely out of the horoscope and everything suddenly became crystal clear. It was the Moon that was messing everything up because there is no Moon. This is why Mondays have such a bad reputation also. It turns out that a lot of our problems are just moonshine and this is because there is no Moon to begin with and that is what makes the whole thing so illusionary.

I now understand what it means to be followed by a Moon Shadow and why I often imagine I hear Moon Doggie's howling but I never see any of them. They're not there. The essential problem with finding out the truth about 9/11 can be directly traced to the Moon. Since there is no Monday, it actually occurred on a Tuesday and so everyone is looking in the wrong time frame. I had to think about this for awhile and then I realized if there was no Monday that maybe this happened on a Tuesday (not Wednesday) because you lose a day every week and this finally explains the meaning of that line in the Bob Dylan song; “I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now”. I imagine that many of you are now catching my drift.

What about the tides? If there is no Moon then what is causing the tides? Good question. Maybe there are no tides and being as there is no Moon, it becomes fairly obvious that the world is flat and it is the gravitational pull of the other planets that causes the Earth to tilt twice a day, providing us with what we call the tides.

This is all very heavy information and it is becoming increasingly clear that this is why JFK and MLK were assassinated because they were about to expose the truth that there is no Moon. It had nothing to with the Federal Reserve or anything else.

In terms of screwups, of which there have been many, this is all because of time-line technology based on Sundials and Moondials and since there is no Moon, some portion of all related time programming is off. This means that, though things may have happened, they didn't happen when they say they did and they didn't happen where they say they did, which ties right into Henry Ford's comment that, “History is bunk”. And dovetails right after into the revisionist policies of the International Jew. They are behind this Moon thing. When you dig deeper you begin to understand why first there is a Moon, then there is no Moon and then there is and that leads directing to the consideration of; what is the sound of no Moon shining? If Moonlight falls in an empty forest, does anyone hear it? From this we can assume that Moonshiners were actually government agents and the Revenuers turn out to be the good guys, which is how the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment. As soon as you realize there is no Moon, the devil ceases to exist. Of course, if you're not into Zen, you are under the influence of the Moon being real.

The whole system of Geometry and Math are false. If Archimedes could find a big enough lever to shift the Earth, he would have to use the Moon as a fulcrum and since there is no Moon. See what I mean? This is why a new religion has to come into being and why most people can't have any kind of a workable relationship with the creator and why things like Scientology and the Urantia Book show up in the first place. It naturally follows, according to both Schrodinger's Cat and Heisenberg that there is no possibility that Tom Cruise and John Travolta will ever show up in the same bathhouse, at the same time, unless Bwak! Obama is there first and why both Tom and John are turning into older white men, which is Bwak's preferred felatio delivery system and what Rahm Emmanuel is doing as a member of the same Chicago gay bathhouse. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this so I won't explain any of it because it would only confuse the issue.

Ergo, this affirms that certain readers and posters here are government operatives. Especially if they are based in Montana and provide transparent excuses for not being able to be reached in person. It then follows that vicious attacks will ensure and then be passed off as nothing more than some strange, though virulent form of camaraderie, cloaked in false bonhomie.

All of these things have been engineered in such a way that even the language has been altered to suit the fantasy of the existence of the Moon. For instance, when you have a presumed solar eclipse, with a false Moon, when the Sun is only being shut down, for the purpose of rebooting, or any necessary repairs, what you wind up with is a double negative and that blows the general syntax all to Hell. I know you can see where I am going with this so, explanations will once again only muddy the information. You can forget all about every conspiracy in existence now because all of them are the product of a Moon River and that you not only can't step into the same none river twice, at any different point, or the same point, because there is no Moon River. This begs the question if there ever was a Nat King Cole and also why John Fogarty has not been offed, due to Bad Moon Rising, because it is a bad Moon. From here you can see why this was one of the most popular songs 'in country' during the Vietnam War, even though it is not a country song per se, although I suppose one could mess around with the arrangement and wind up with Tammy Wynette Syndrome.

Now you can grandfather all of this stuff into the aftermath and find out the real reason why Visible is pursued by so many young ladies and from there it is an easy step from Kirsten Stewart being the illegitimate offspring of Jimmy Stewart, who was the patriarch of a long line of vampires, which is readily substantiated by reading his poetry and employing the gematria keys that are going to become available with the No Moon product line. Dig it! Don't get me started on the green cheese thing and it's relationship to the American currency. That brings up the eerie parallel in relation to all of the many offspring of the Man in the Moon and his long term suit, soon due to come before the Supreme Court of Zion. Neither the Jews nor the Gypsies can be held completely responsible for this because if you study the relationship between Hulk Hogan and Hogan's Heroes you'll pick up on all of it right away. I'm not going to explain any of that because if you don't get it then you are dumber than a Moon Rock and probably can't make the connection between Moonwalking and the murder of Michael Jackson.

I'm going to show you just how deep this penetrates into all of our lives. Since there is no Moon, what really happened didn't really happen. Does Michael Rivero know about this and when did he know it, or not know it? This is definitive proof that Jeff Rense was never married and could not be feuding with another website that may or may not be mirroring his own because the Moon is reflective and a mirror and since there is no Moon, there can be no mirror site. How deep does it go? This is all explained in our forthcoming book (part of a much larger package) entitled, “Chicken Soup for Moonies”. There you can learn about the Rev. Sun, M'Young Moon and his whole organization. Notice the word 'Sun' in his name and the obvious connection to Neil Young and the tune Harvest Moon. Can there be any doubt now? Of course not.

Visible received a visit from The Pope before the weekend past, who mooned a bunch of Catholic school girls, through a stalled school bus window and who has a tattoo on his forearm that clearly shows the four directions that the Moon does not exist in. We now know why members of The Tribe banker religion hate Muslims because, there being no Moon there can be no Moon in that logo with the star.

I don't expect you to be able to grasp all of the details, like why Visible was born on the 22nd day of this month and how two and two makes four, or why some of you need to be hit with a two by four, in order to get the essential principles and that is why Visible, M and S are releasing the deluxe No Moon package, complete with work-kit, a Moon free telescope, a new Astrological method, sans Moon, a veritable library of research books, DVD's and black light luminescent BVD's for wearing in the dark, where many of you spend most of your time, groping the obvious and only serving to make yourselves further aroused, giving your privates pet names, like Moon Rocket and not getting why my dog is called Poncho Moonlight, creating the mystery of how come he glows in the dark when there is no Moon.

What about all of these Moon Goddesses? Precisely. How does this effect a woman's menstrual cycle? Un huh. But you won't be able to know about these things until you send in 999 Euros for the No Moon package and sign up for the every 28 days newsletter at 28 Euro a pop. You may also be the recipient of one of Visible's orange Japanese squash, which celebrate the absent Moon and are called Hokkaido and from which a whole new martial art is derived and expertly practiced by Japanese Pumpkin heads and when does the Harvest Moon ascend? That's right, in October from which you get the number 8 and which is precisely double two and two is four ...and two short of a two by four, unless you multiply it but not if you are unaware of the real meaning of “be fruitful and multiply”. A squash is not a fruit? Precisely and now you understand that whole Gay Thing, or you should.

I now understand and can identify every government operative that comes around here and none of them will be hearing from me in this life again because when your intention is to wound in the most egregious manner possible, the only saving grace is that I am not vulnerable but, oh, if I was. In the second link at the top of the page you can see me, enjoying the fruits of my research into the clitinography of geriatric, anachronistic time lapse regression and can clearly see that the name Christ is not reflected in the word but Chronos is and which precisely indicates the time lapse feature. Precisely.

All right folks. I have done my best to educate you and I'll now return to the fruits of my research, which does not involve fruits. Do you understand that whole Garden of Eden thing now? Precisely. Don't let that snake bite you in the ass, raise it up the spinal column and you're good to go or hang out forever, as you prefer.

End Transmission.......

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'Iridescent Dreams' is track no. 10 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'
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Songwriter by Les Visible


Anonymous said...



wot, no song?

love and peace

Visible said...

The song guy hasn't got to putting it up yet. I imagine there are times when he has to do things in his life other than take care of that (grin). It will come shortly I am sure.

Anonymous said...

really glad no holocaustianity denial was included in this moon not rant...


Uncle Billy & Snake Plisskin saz hey...


see you on the front porch swing...

anti-government operatives are countless in number,

even if you have a calculator & abacus...


Tony Clifton

Sim said...

Sorry for the delay, I was doing a crossword; and according to my diary I'm down to do a jigsaw between now and 3, then it's telly from 3 until 8, followed by a prolonged bout of scratching.

I should be available again from 10 until midnight, at which time I'm going to nip outside and howl at a moon which isn't there.


JerseyCynic said...

LOVE the song! It's got that "rawhide" kinda feel

Hogan's Heros - LoL!..... The Most Escape-Proof Camp I've Ever Escaped From

Anonymous said...

Thats some chaotic moon talk lord visible,,,does that mean I can't wear my moon hat anymore ?
I loved wearing that hat,but if there is no moon,the moon wouldn't be on that hat...the hat in question could only be explained as being another sort of hat instead which I wouldnt be able to wear due to reasons of vanity,,,

Does this also mean that a white suppremacist Jewish or fake Jewish cabal and their minions are not trying to take over the world and turn everyone into slaves aswell,,,,

now I'm going to have to explain to the beautiful girl who is a bit like the Kirsten Stewart girl that I was talking to about the moon this morning,that my meanderings about the moon are sheer delusion,,,,,,
She probably thinks I'm mad anyway,,,
But as long as she knows That I have unconditional love things for her and always have done,it doesn't really matter

Respects and big gratitudes lord visible you have been missed.......Neil

Zoner said...

Really? Can we just dismiss the whole "Valley Girl" phenomena then, too?

Thank Dog.

Origen the heretic said...

Synchronicity? I just finished reading the 13 part "Wagging the Moon Doggie" (http://davesweb.cnchost.com/Apollo1.html), turn to your site to see if you've posted anything yet, and your third link sends me to Stanley Kubrick directed the fake moon landing? BTW, my dog could design a more believable LEM. As far as the rest of the post, my head is still spinning. Have mercy on an old man.

Rev. John

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Visible,

I have to say it is quite a rare treat to read your concise and accurate views of the way things really are. I had thought about much of this over the years, but I do confess that I completely missed the Hogan's Heroes connection.

Thanks and have a nice day

Craig said...

That is some funny shit Les. I think I understand what you are trying to say. There is no moon, right?? I need a nap now. I am completely exhausted from digesting all that information. Great stuff as always!
Craig out

Visible said...

You will all note that this explains a lot about Pink Floyd and why there is no Dark Side of the Moon

Pope Shannogh said...

I don't remember mooning at any school girls :-)

Visible said...

All that proves is that you were under the influence of a false moon, or it could be that I imagined the whole thing which would mean I was under the influence and probably the one who did the mooning and am simply blaming it on you because you are a religious figure.

Sim said...

Hi Clarity

It's not only the moon that's not really there, but my brain as well - which might explain why I gave you a non-existent mail address over at Smoking Mirrors. Sorry!

Please can you mail me at storeATlesvisible.net ?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Yeah and they also threw this in my face they said
Anyway you know good and well
It would be beyond the will of god
And the grace of the king
Grace of the king.."

(Moon, Turn The Tides... Gently Gently Away)

Anonymous said...

Visible you placed the capping stone on this beautiful new world so many are waiting for: we came such along way to learn that there is no good and evil, no justice, no rewards, no God, so it's just a small step for me to join the THERE'S NO MOON movement.

Anonymous said...

I knew it all along. But please, do me a favor. Keep it mum for a little while longer. I'm gonna go out right now and see if I can't sell those Moon Boots I have left over from the 80s.

Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Now I can gleefully vanish off the face of the Earth with the understanding that I was never really even born, because I have no ruling planet in my astro chart without the Moon.

Former Moon Matron

Anonymous said...

Zionist parasites always lose
Lost itself with it self abuse
Can't control
Just won't happen
The dynamic structure
Of the systems crashing
No glue on earth could ever repair
The earth never revolved on constant despair
At war with itself to feed delusion
It's unnatural for humanity to live in illusion
Zionists and tyrants the worlds had enough
Come on,come home back to humanity's love


niijii said...

I'm Dancin' in the Spotlight (It's caught me in the False Moonlight).

Always knew Fogerty was an agent with that Bad Moon on the Rise song.

Thanks for clearing this up, V.

Anonymous said...

Captain wonky eye says

He really likes the moon,
but he doesn't like zionist fake jewish financial cabals running a fake banking scam across the entire world,,whilst corporately raping everything and trying its hardest to kill the true identity of the indigenous peoples on it's way through...t
Wonky eye says that's like a barnacle attached to The good ship,,,wonky eye don't like barnacles attached to the good ship,,,he says the barnacles would need to be cleaned off,,,

Respects....wonky eyes friend

Boulderdash said...

And I thought it was hollow...

Visible said...

Of course it's hollow. It just doesn't have a surface.

Ray B. said...


I finally got it! You must have had Zen Buddhist lifetimes! That wonderful piece would have taken any died-in-the-wool brainiac and wound their mental processes into a tiny little point. One tap on the head, and Enlightenment blooms.

What... Have... You... Done... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Loved your, "Of course it's hollow. It just doesn't have a surface."

mike m said...

Ralph and Alice Kramden were in on this. That fucking Norton too!

Anonymous said...

So the abject lunacy with which lovers of the orb have been dealing with have been in their heads? Well, that certainly puts a twist to that aforesaid "lunacy," now doesn't it?

Peace, y'll

Friday on Tuesday

Anonymous said...

I concur. I was born on the 11th, 11 years after Vis.

I’ve had this one on the back burner for several years because I just didn’t know, after getting into Stanley Kubrick’s ideas and also man-made satellite possibilities. I knew there was a reason I’ve been listening to my Dark Side of the Moon album over the last month; The Wall, too…what shall…we do…to fill…the empty…spaces…where…we used to talk…

Strange though; I knew a girl growing up who swore she had a previous life on Mars and often had all kinds of stories about it. I had trouble believing it, but also had trouble not believing it. After going our separate ways and happening across her for a while in our teens, she didn’t remember or acknowledge any of it.

How did the bands of the 60’s/70’s know all this stuff. There is no possibility other than they didn’t, but you’ve been reiterating with us who does know.

Another thing unlearned: check


Anonymous said...

A claim of vampires
Senseless psychopaths
This trashed world
Humanities sacrifice
The evident truth
Natural ways
The living force
Harmony waves
A call beyond
Circles within
Away the suffering
Union sings
Love gathers
Vibrance lifts
A pathway to heaven
Where truth lives


The Cowboy Junkies said...


Blue Moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Blue Moon
You know just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold

Blue Moon
Now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own


Sargent Stadenko said...

I'm going to get my sextant out and yell...shoot the moon.

mike m said...

Elizabeth Montgomery was the most beautiful vampire I ever laid eyes on.


Anonymous said...

I guess it really is Pink Freud and the Dark side of the Mind. And Blew Moon. And the cow jumped over the moo. And Mooney not money as it does not really exist. And since it all is a hologram of course the moon is a reflection of the hologram.

song to slit my wrist with said...

"Harvest Moon"

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin'
We could dream this night away.

But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light
We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

When we were strangers
I watched you from afar
When we were lovers
I loved you with all my heart.

But now it's gettin' late
And the moon is climbin' high
I want to celebrate
See it shinin' in your eye.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

1992 Neil Young©®

preacher said...

So there's no blue moon baby?



bholanath said...

Yes, I DO see where you're going with this. Since no-moon, the twenty-eight lunar mansions are therefore vacant, and there should be no problem with all immediately taking up residence.

Anonymous said...

say it ain't so vis i want to go dancing in the moonlight

Anonymous said...

Vis, I'm so happy that finally you and your exalted readers realize that the moon and, in fact, all phenomena, do not exist. It is a truism that frees us all!! Realized beings have been pointing this out for centuries, if not aeons, of time and if we could only accept this reality we would all be free of the hold this so-called earthly existence has on us. So, the truth is out there, there is no moon and there is no phenomena besides what we create with our minds.
Now, if only we could live according to that truth!
Loved your posting, it was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

its amazing how many dancing in the moonlight songs came up on youtube all except the one i wantedbut it was there just had to look like alot of things in life.

geobro said...

les you been on the moonshine bud i had a read of who built the moon by knight & lomas that was the last statement by them it must be an illusion

Anonymous said...

You are a riot, Visible. I played "Moon River" after reading your post. How was the Satanic music festival, by the way? Always wanted to attend M'era Luna. Give us the skinny, will you. We want details. (That chick in the photo you linked to was hot...)

Anonymous said...

Changing times
Life learns
Profound beauty
Heart swirls
Painted in skylight
Dreams across heaven
Cords of the universe
Pull of attention
Raw of the wind
Howl of the vibrant
Songs of eternity
Weave through the silence
Touching the waters
Quenching all thirst
The call of all living
One heart one earth


Anonymous said...

I must needs hasten into my bombazine and come thither for I live here in the beautiful state of Montana. There are also, unfortunately, some very evil creatures that have decided to make their dens and nests here in Montana too. Just lately in fact, in the last 5 years or so and they have brought to my native state their negativity and some evil entities that follow them from place to place. One lives on the Big Hole River which is kind of fitting since he is a Big Hole full of negative ions and Dark Matter, perhaps. What more I don't know nor do I think I want to. It's unfortunate for us native Montanans who love this state and have kept it a secret for so long and kept all of our positivity in it too. Looks like 'they' figured that out and found us though. All the better to suck our good and positive energy away. Won't happen though. We have other secrets. Considering that I have always thought of myself as The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon ( you should read the book of the same name too! It's by Tom Spanbauer ), I find this quite interesting and perhaps appropriate at this time.
Love & Rockets - TMWFILWTM

Anonymous said...

Wow, the mirrors man the mirrors, oh wait, the colors man the colors. Tee Hee.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

everything in here except the and I'd like to know where wolf?

it was all there in the first episode of Space 1999 when the nuclear waste dump blew the moon away. ♫and the (satellite) dish ran away with the moon♫. hence the mad cow disease.

♫hey diddle diddle the Pope had a fiddle.♫

(think I'll stop there, too silly says the Pythonesque Brigadere)

and now for something completely indifferent as we resume normal programming.

Anonymous said...

What about Pink Moon?

saw it written and I saw it say / Pink moon is on it's way / And none of you stand so tall / Pink moon gonna get you all / --Nick Drake


Anonymous said...

pierre said...


meant to be

everything in here except the and I'd like to know where wolf?

John Rambo said...

I wish India had festivals like that, of alternative thinking types, but unfortunately there are none. I recently found out that raves were banned in India 10 years ago.

India's actually a pretty boring place. I read on a newspaper that "club drugs" are becoming more popular with the middle class indian youth, and that you can get LSD for 1000 rupees, and Ecstasy for 600 rupees. So that's nice, at least.

The big cities are all very modern, with all the things you would expect of the west- nightclubs, parties, theme parks with rollarcoasters, and so on.

I live in a village area, so I got to admit, I am sometimes bored out of my mind.

Anyway, I guess if you know the right people, India can be a fun place. Or if you are so spiritually advanced that you can just sit under a tree or in a cave in the Himalayas meditating, I guess it's okay too. I'm not that advanced.

Main reason I like it is that India has a feeling of real freedom, and is totally unlike the paranoid suspicious fascist atmosphere of the western world, especially America, the police state into which I was born. People here may not be so educated or "hip", but at least they are all basically normal people and have normal relationships with other human beings.

Bengali women are especially known for being very doting mothers, very affectionate towards their children. West Bengal, Bangladesh, are some of the best people in the world I've ever met. I guess they don't need psychedelic drugs cause they are already living with music dancing in their hearts.

Visible said...

The hits just keep on coming, heh heh, check out the comments.

Visible said...

Well, Pierre, that was as clear as mud (grin).

John; yes, that's one of the ancient cultures, like Thailand and the thing one notes is the natural grace and elegance of the people in certain ways. I was going to travel all around India come December until June but now I will just go for the couple of weeks because someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse, related to my music and career goals.

John Rambo said...

"I was going to travel all around India come December until June but now I will just go for the couple of weeks"

You're probably not missing much. The main reason to see a place is to see it's culture, and to be honest, India has degraded tremendously culturally in the past 30 to 50 years. Mark Twain said something like "India has more culture in one square mile than the rest of the world combined", but he said that statement like 150 years ago.

Nowadays, externally, it's just a very dirty place, with loud, crude, obnoxious people.

I've noticed that western people are actually much more spiritually inclined than indians. India has become obsessed with imitating the West and are being lost in the quagmire of materialism.

When I was in Bangladesh, I sometimes got in front of crowds of over 500 people, and I had a bengali translator tell them "Don't imitate the West. Keep your spiritual culture and don't go into the hell that the West has become". I guess not many people took it seriously.

If I wasn't married to an indian, I'd probably think about moving to Europe or to another part of Asia.

India gave up it's spiritual culture to imitate the West, which is impossible because indians are unable to imitate the western ways truly. There's a massive cultural gap between an indian who is trying to be "western" and an actual western person, what to speak of an enlightened hip western person.

So what I am saying is basically, India has nothing now. It was unable to truly imitate and adapt the western lifestyle and culture, and in doing so, it gave up it's spiritual culture, so now India has nothing, and is very rapidly turning into a real hell. That is basically the result of mass poverty. When people are poor, they will do almost anything to get money.

Also, the politicians stole billions of dollars from India and put it in Swiss bank accounts, and there's a massive public outrage about this.

If the entire modern society collapses though, India won't be too affected, because something like 70 percent of the people still live in villages. It won't affect them cause they were never part of the modern society anyway.

Even said all of this, I would still prefer India to a fascist police state like America, because even though India has so many problems, at least we have freedom here and many of the very negative social problems of the West hasn't yet infected India on a widescale yet.

I am going to get some E soon and see what it's like. I just hope the guy buying it doesn't make a mistake and buy LSD instead, thinking it is E.

By the way, that is a nice looking young lady you got in the photo. Congrats with that!

questioning said...

please pardon me because i am an incredibly dense dude. You're not joking when you say there is no moon? AH hell, given the insanity of our "Lords and Betters" and how much shit they've hidden and lied about....still, O.M.G.

Anonymous said...

Be careful posting Nick Drake lyrics. The estate and copyright holders are very anal. A U.K. page with his lyrics had the whole bottom of the page with disclaimers and thanks to the copyright holders. Pink Moon is one of those take it to the bunker albums for sure. Just a guy and an acoustic guitar and some of the best ever.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Enemy at the Gates of Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

So, am I to believe that Jackie Gleason did NOT in fact hit Alice so hard as to send her to the MOON??!! WTF??? I gotta go let this shit sink in...............Jimmy

Visible said...

Jackie Gleason and Ed Norton both worked for the NSA.

Anonymous said...

I call BS

Yeah, that's what I thought.
I have pictures and everything!

Anonymous said...

Ok ok, so if all this is true, why is Jakare' "moonlight in a glass"?
Jeese, we all know it is dammit!


Visible said...

The Moon roof is like a left handed skyhook. It's not proof of the Moon but only proof that some designer both into the idea of its existence. The glass is probably engineered to simulate the appearance of the Moon which isn't actually there. It's a typical GM General Moon scam.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Edgar Cayce spoke often about the Garden of Eden. I might add that there's no solid proof Mr. Cayce was plugged into benevolent channel's, only what he often mentioned was power will most likely corrupt so the warning signs of repeating the past and the future are clear.

I think there was more than one Garden center with locations all over the world thousands , maybe even millions of years ago. Messing around with DNA is just asking for trouble. DNA, known in simple terms as "The tree of life", has a built in system. It morphs and fights back. Eden was the last of it's kind when Atlantis sank into a lower abyss. Changes are always for the better.

Amazing video, Les.

Bill (Ellipser)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Mesmer-Bot's in the Department of the Depraved.

WarmZephyr said...

My dearest Visible...what do you MEAN there's no moon? See...here they show it!;D


Visible said...

The fact that you can see it Zephyr is proof that it's not there.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (doesnt really matter but)

oops again, it seems when I did put it in right but the html converter omitted it.

"everything in there except the green cheesy grin...." the <> for the grin bit stuffed it up - twice.

tobeover said...

Indeed! I always suspected the Moon Pie I received from a beautiful Chinese woman years ago was not about the moon or romance, no sir. Chinese tradition- yeah, fool me once. Clearly, it was code for that pizza pie eye thing with a thinly disguised contempt for Dean Martin's crooning and that pasta thief Pollo. She played me man. She knew there wasn't a moon but why pick on Italians?

Les Visible you have opened my eyes!

steve said...

We can take this to the next step and say there is no earth, just a holographic representation.

Anonymous said...

Dear __________,

Please shepherd these videos to the Internet, and, in effect, the public domain. I wish to remain anonymous, and I trust you will take care in my request. I would be very grateful. I am asking other parties for the same favor. I hope someone obliges me. These videos are significant, I humbly say.

In these videos I absolutely and unequivocally prove that the Apollo moon landing footage is manufactured on Earth through extensive analysis of falling objects and sand seen in the TV footage. However the complete analysis is far more involved than just that. I believe you will be impressed.

The Presentation videos are YouTube and Vimeo upload-ready. I would also appreciate if you would post all of the video links provided below for download by anyone.

I thank you.

Presentation Videos:

Make_Believe___part_one___MAIN_____.mp4 5.94 GB

Make_Believe___part_two___APPENDIX_.mp4 1.88 GB

TVcamera footage edits:

A11_tvcamera_raw_and_retime_f4v.zip 641.7 MB

A12_tvcamera_raw_and_retime_f4v.zip 160.1 MB

A14_tvcamera_raw_and_retime_f4v.zip 1.93 GB

A15_tvcamera_raw_and_retime_f4v.zip 2.89 GB

A16_tvcamera_raw_and_retime_f4v.zip 3.97 GB

A17_tvcamera_raw_and_retime_f4v.zip 4.10 GB

Anonymous said...

A kind citizen has already uploaded the main videos to his site. You can view them here:



Anonymous said...




Joseph Brenner

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