Saturday, November 19, 2016

To Sip a Glass of Cheval Blanc at the Burj Kalifa.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm sipping a glass of Cheval Blanc at the Burj Khalifa; supposed to be meeting with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in an hour or so here, unless I haven't finished this posting and in that case he will have to wait. I expect he'll come waltzing in wearing a dishdasha. Later on we're going to have a picnic in the desert. There's no word on whether any Shamals are in the area. Then it will be dinner at that underwater hotel in the Persian Gulf. They're building an indoor city here that will contain replicas of New York City, London and Paris. Five hundred new skyscrapers are under construction and the Dubai airport has recently passed Heathrow as the busiest airport on the planet. They've been industriously building custom made islands out in the gulf; space is at a premium here.

Steve Bannon looks like the reincarnation of one of those personality types from the American Revolution, phrenologically speaking. Reincarnation is a big player in the dramas of the moment on the big stage. The big stage is whatever the backdrop may be when the cross-eyed media turns its attention that way and it is populated by a bunch of well dressed zombies with grave dust in their hair, so as to give them that distinguished look and an air of gravitas, while they are selling their asses for whatever the market will bear; John King? Wolf Blitzer the white septic telephone.

Steve Bannon doesn't like neo-cons and that will render anyone holding that perspective an anti-Semitic, even though Khazars and AshkeNAZIS are not Semitic. Word has it that the neo-cons are being given their marching orders and that means some kind of a Khazar exodus. You will remember that the formerly oft noted Paul Wolfowitz stated that the word Neo-con was anti-Semitic. That's a dead giveaway of something.

Suffice to say that- at the moment- there is going to be a purge; a Saturday Night Massacre of dual national, domestic traitor types who will not be identified by type or species, due to the uproar that will ensue in the Tribe owned mass media, which was set up for that purpose a long time ago. The same applies to publishing, so that the historical record can be improvised at will and concerning the moment to moment false appearances of life going by in the present, well... that's what the entertainment business is for.

My secretary just slithered in to let me know that Maktoum is waiting. He's early and I'm busy so... later for that. I'm a seasoned diplomat, as a result... No worries. I know better than to send him a bottle of the Cheval Blanc. Elon Musk; heir to 'the' Alberta musk oil fortune sent me a case last week and I'm about halfway through it at this point. Anyway...

I'm having a brain freeze at the moment from hearing names like John Bolton, Rudolph Giuliani and that guy with the square head. I can't remember his name right off. None of them are Khazars but they are all neo-cons, I think. So... yeah, I'm confused. I'll bet they are even more confused over at Foggy Bottom, where the ratio of neo-con to Genitalia has got to be even, if not two to one. It's going to be non stop Hava La Gila Monster over there shortly, I suspect.

It should come as no surprise to anyone but those who happen to be surprised that the worm is about to turn and that means Nutjob City is going to go up overnight, in a kind of Levittown -just add water- way. Surely you know that the degree of mental illness in the general population has been increasing at an alarming rate over recent years and that is due to the impact of materialism on the mind of the populace. The greater the pressure of materialism, the more pervasive the spread of insanity. Up to the present there has only been sporadic outbursts of insanity and a good number of those have been fabricated, orchestrated or didn't even happen, like the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing. Some have been individual acts of madness (Tavistock-MKUltra) like Virginia Tech and other venues of violence. Some are mass engagements like those of the Furries and flash mobbing crowd assaults. All of them are expressions of false or fantasized selves, acting out under the force of materialism. Most of them have their rise through sexual pathologies. Here is a classic example and you will note the mention of Tavistock in the article. Most of you should know what Tavistock is. It is to be expected that more and more, these phenomena are going to be taking a decidedly aggressive tone. The latest national expression has been the outbreak of Hillarititis. Examples of this are taking place across the country, thanks to the largesse of George Soros.

Manikin challenge has evolved out of planking. So this is what has happened culturally. We've gone from 'planking', laying stretched out and stilled in a completely submissive posture to 'manikin challenge' where you stand still in a frozen posture. What happens when you go to a search engine to find out about it is... it brings up this choice, repeated over and over with almost no other options (I couldn't find any), and the arriving search results are, “The Manikin Challenge the latest fad to fill up your social...” and every page you hit brings you this. Hmmm???

Trump is going after the Fed. What happened to the last people that went in that direction? It was probably something along these lines. Somebody doesn't want particular subjects looked into. I listened to Fox financial news for an hour this morning. Trump is really zoning in on solutions. No wonder he got elected. Time will tell and we shall see.

“Lord Visible, Mr Maktoum is getting very upset about sitting in the waiting room.” “Right Cherry, we've all got to wait somewhere, sometime.” “Lord Visible, yes... but he's the ruler of Dubai.” “Baby, it will be okay, trust me. Now come over here and give me some sugar (sound of lips bussing a cheek).” “Lord Visible, I don't know if this kind of thing is appropriate.” “Don't worry about it darling, it worked out for Trump.” “Didn't they just make all of that up?” “Sweetheart, they make everything up.”

You got to laugh... or maybe cry? I think it works best if you do them together. I am not unfamiliar with this format. In ancient Greece there was a time when philosophers would walk on opposite sides of a river at the same time (there were a lot of philosophers running around). One of them would be laughing at the follies of the world and the other would be weeping; true story. Before we make anything out of the world, we have to make something of our self. How is that going to work when we don't know what we should be to make the world harmonize around us? Simple, really... invoke into your being that to which the world automatically harmonizes itself, since that invokee is in natural accord with everything and that which is unnatural is transformed by it automatically in every case. Presto Profundo!!! This should be as clear and productive of Certitude as anything could be if... it happens to be true. It is true. Step out into the night and observe the shining bodies in space, moving in symmetry through their courses. Go and do likewise. If you want to argue about it, argue with yourself; as if that isn't already happening. Yeah but... Yeah but... Yeah but... Stick around, someone will show up to argue with you.

It's how the world works and the world doesn't change. The only thing that changes is how the world presents itself. It's job is always to come around with a new expression of the same old same old to distract you. The thing behind the machinations of the world never changes period, while the world only seems to. Invest yourself in the changeless eternal and it will invest itself in you. Now watch what your mind does when you think about this. Right! The mind looks to find a way around it because the mind, thinking itself in control, convinces you that it is. The mind doing its own thing is your worst enemy. The mind under your control is your best friend. Solve this obvious and transparent problem and you won't have any problems that don't solve themselves. A mind under control is in submission to that which shines the light of realization upon it. A mind under its own control reflects the darkness of its own ignorance and the world around you reflects the latter, as you can see walking through it; or not see, should you be in the same condition. Conversely, you can shine your reflected light into the darkness that surrounds you and make a difference ...instead of being one more example of the utterly forgettable.

Want to heal the world? Heal yourself... uh oh... you can either figure that out or have it figured out for you and there are two basic locations where you get some version of it. We're all commissioned (inescapably) to discovering what that might be. Well?

Now I got to go deal with Mr. Maktoum. He wants to finance my idea of drilling a hole all the way through the Earth and piping sunlight to the other side. This seems a little more viable than towing icebergs to the Middle East. At least that is what our technical people are saying. “Cherry, send him in.” “Yes Lord Visible.” “and knock off the Lord Visible, visible is fine.” Okay, ...visible.”

“Ah Mohammed, please... have a seat.”

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio broadcast at this location on Sunday evening.

I'm going now right to the reading of the second part of Chapter 9 of The Way to the Kingdom and then on to The Kybalion.



Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth.
Part 1
Very good article explains a lot. I translated it for you.
"The man coming into this world loses breath under the sheer volume of miracles that surround it. The first people, which looks, the environment, then different objects, whose purpose does not understand. Then he leaves the four walls and begin to see even more. Every tree, every plant, every animal is a miracle in his eyes and it is no small, fascinating. Every object, every sound, taste, color, smell or touch is a new phenomenon unheard of.
And then growing up fall into the trap of indoctrination, whose first victims were his parents. And their parents before them. And the previous one, and the previous one. Indoctrination, which poisons the mind, reduces it and the "miracles" pushes in the area of ​​"boredom", "commonplace" and "routine". Ot "miracles" cease to fascinate cease to be miracles, and trywializmy begin to preoccupy the head, trywializmy and illusions that have no deeper meaning. For what is the financial market, money, work or "everyday problems" in the face just any tree? It is dust in the wind, had, lie and illusion, which does not really exist, there is only an artificial existence. Money operates because people in it "believe." I'm wrong? Read a reader of fiat money and tell me the degree of his "reality". Prove to me that it is "truer" than a tree, which in the eyes of many is "the only tree."
Indoctrination gripping claws in us since the early days of our existence operates half-truths, and they are the worst phenomena existing in our world. Half-truths are lies based on Truth, because after the first sound reliably, and secondly it can be to some extent - the most shallow - "defend". Shallow because few people in the world today has a deeper understanding of reality, it is enough to push some "established dogma" and "swept". The worst part is that these half-truths are anchored in Science, which - contrary to common opinion thinking - is not absolute. Maybe Science is not a kind of "scientific"?
Too many think that physics explains everything. Biology, chemistry and physics rest factions, growing out of it and working on specific clippings of reality. But what the total is the "physics"?

Anonymous said...


The definition says that the word itself comes from the Greek φύσις (physis), which simply means "nature." But what is this "nature"? Well, simplifying simply means "universe". It's just that what this "universe" is, and what is it made up? Because if you say remember about "ghosts" that does not look like (some) are part of the universe, the physics have about them a specific sentence.
So it is engaged in or is it? And what's the word? "Nature" is rooted in the ancient Egyptian "neter", which simply means "gods." In other words, "nature" is "born of the gods." So the physics is concerned with what "born of the gods." Okay, but what these "gods" are? Egyptian gods are nothing but personifications of Archetypes, which is a kind of patterns are manifested in our reality in various guises, on various aspects of existence - spiritual, emotional, mental and psychological. The rest is just "derivatives" of these demonstrations. Such manifestations are, for example, different forms of Goddess (Mary of Christianity is our best-known, but not the only one), God (the Creator, or Source in various forms) and Savior (best known to us is Christ, but such as it was many - Mithra, Balder and Asklepios - Soter, for example). It is a kind of "reality principle" to help us better understand it.
But I have the impression that deviates too much, that I demand too much of you at this time. There is no context to fully understand the above paragraph, and to build it takes time and commitment. In other words, lack of misunderstood information.

Let's go back to physics. As it turns out about it is not so clear as many think. And as it is with its demands? Many are convinced that the matter is all that exists. Does not look like it is easiest to see us - touch, taste, smell or see. Hear no longer very possible, although it depends to how to define "matter."
So what is this "matter" is? Let's look at what physics tells us. I now begin the proverbial "stairs" because, as it turns out there is no one specific definition of matter. But it can be somehow describe it? It is known that everything material is made of atoms. And what is the atom? Well, this tiny molecule (not in the chemical sense), not the least of which is made up everything. How is it built? And this is interesting. Imagine the nucleus of an atom is a golf ball. In such a model the atom would be the size of a football stadium, and the electrons flying around a nucleus would be the size of corn kernels rotating approx. 100 meters from the said ball. What first strikes the eye? Atom is ... empty! But are you sure? Is it really possible to say that this "emptiness"?
Well, no. This is nothing but energy. So, my dear reader, atom in 99% consists of energy (and it really 100%, but more on that a little later). Moreover vacuum, that is the most "empty" state known to us, is filled with energy. And that huge amounts!

Anonymous said...

Part 3
Before going further, let's think of something that does not matter, but there is, and many would say that there is "more real" than many material thing. Look at your thoughts. They exist? Rather, you have no doubt about that. You experience them every day, at every moment of existence. For many thoughts are more real than a distant city or country. After all, this city may never experience, and associate with thoughts constantly. But the question arises - with what these "thoughts" are built? For if "is" is the "something" must be made, right? A dream? Or feelings? Supporters of materialism cried out - "it's only chemical reactions - Power of the body." If you are one of these three paragraphs back and read again. And the best back to the beginning, because I was experiencing what it means to be a "victim of indoctrination". And what consciousness? What is it? Because it is all the same experiences. Many of the animals - for example, magpies - passing tests 'consciousness'. It is interesting that there are "tests for consciousness" but the answer to the question what "consciousness" is we do not know. One might wonder whether these "tests" are worth anything.
But back to physics, because as it turns out in the field this perceived by many as "unequivocal", there are a lot of science phenomena quite ambiguous. In addition to the aforementioned worth mentioning, for example, gravity. Yes, we observe its existence, but what is it? Apparently has something to do with "mass" but ... what is this "mass"? Or the field, for example, magnetic or electromagnetic? We are able to observe different characters, but we do not know what these phenomena in their essence are.
You want to know what they are? All this - and more - is energy. That is, everything that exists is energy adopting different forms. Interestingly we can observe very different characters which it has, we can transform some of them in others - as, for example, thermal and electrical energy - and even use. Except that once again there is a fundamental question - what in essence is this energy? And what makes it accepts just such, and not the other characters?
So what? The world suddenly ceased to be so clear and devoid of Secrets, is not it? The tree suddenly ceased to be "just a tree." And if the tree is not "just a tree" is what we are, me and you? "Just people"?"

Anonymous said...

Part 4
What are dreams?
1 Vain and deceptive hopes are for the foolish, and dreams lend wings to fools.

2 As well clutch at shadows and chase the wind as put any faith in dreams.

3 Dreams are no different from mirrors; confronting a face, the reflection of that face.

4 What can be cleansed by uncleanness, what can be verified by falsehood?

5 Divinations, auguries and dreams are nonsense, like the fantasies of a pregnant woman.

6 Unless sent as emissaries from the Most High, do not give them a thought;

7 for dreams have led many astray, and those who relied on them have come to grief.

8 Fulfilling the Law requires no such falsehood, and wisdom is perfected in veracity

Visible said...

Aggressive truth. This is not the place for you to post these tedious and clumsy logic acrobatics, especially when they have nothing to do with the post and which you wrote ahead of time for your own reasons.

Get your own damn blog.

You are now limited to one comment at a time and if you annoy me further, none at all.

Visible said...

Here is-

Chapter 9, Part 2- The Way to the Kingdom

Visible said...

the volume is too low. Something is messing with me. This is my 5th attempt. It's there. It's just low.

Stan Del Carlo said...

You can really feel that you crossed into the twilight zone when a burst of talmudik bullets strikes the bone. It's okay, just reload another clip and pull the trigger until you hear a click.

Anonymous said...

Visible said...

If you use headphones you can hear the reading, or so I have just been told.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
You answer me. Why pharmaceutical company Bayern, Bayer is a major pharmaceutical and chemicals company that was founded in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer and Johann Wescott in Barmen, Germany. The company is one of the largest makers of aspirin products, and enjoys a strong presence in diabetes medications, birth control and other consumer goods. Although Bayer may be most well-known for their aspirin commercials featuring stroke victims celebrating the benefits of a “aspirin regimen”, Bayer has a long and dark history in the medical industry.

How is it possible that another SS Joseph Mengele affect anything at all? I don't understand. Explain to me.
Oath SS. Which Himmler said. "Do not forget, we are the Order of chivalry with the inability to perform. To which enters through the blood and soul and body be"
The death of the faithful.

Anonymous said...

Vis: the "outbreak of Hillaritus" link is from May 2016 FYI.

Visible said...

You're one (actually 4) over the limit. Comprende?

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
I am at peace with Trump, I have always been at peace with Trump (Orwellian).
He will need to reinstate Glass Steagal to have any chance, and I will be comparing him to Hitler in terms of what is good for the , or rather, his, or rather , his professed, people, at least in the short run.
Finding Yashimoto and Bormann's Gold would help to fill up an empty Fort Knox (after a long overdue audit).
There's always hope (except for the last Walking Dead episodes) but there's the same old same old all over again expectations too. We are all partly to blame , but not mostly.
Nettyyahoo loves Trump, but one might like to think that is the in-denial madness setting itself up. They scream in pain as they hit you, they tell you how much they love you as you hit them (or about too, hopefully).
Inspect Dimona or Nukes for Everyone Party time.
thru of yucky yahoo poo

Visible said...

Here is a hot links seminar for anyone who doesn't know how and who might want to.

Chapter 3, The Kybalion

Note the quotation marks that follow the equals sign. This is where you insert your link... between the quotation marks. The you put whatever you want to show up between these marks- > and <

Whatever you put between > and < is what will appear. Everything else you see will not appear and a person who clicks on what does appear will be taken wherever it leads.

Ray B. said...

Vis, nice column. Good wisdom. Thanks.

Vis: "Some have been individual acts of madness (Tavistock-MKUltra) like Virginia Tech..."

I got two degrees in Engineering at Virginia Tech, much earlier. Some of those classes were in the halls that the SOB shot-up. I know exactly where the students were sitting. I looked at the bios of those killed, and the loss of potential was devastating. If that SOB was just mad (meaning no outside influence), that is bad enough. If it was Tavistock-MKUltra or such, I'll be seeing you folks around sometime...
"Trump Prepares to Take Over the Fed" by Mike Whitney was a good article. There were four forces (public side) that JFK pissed-off that got him killed-off: Banksters, CIA, military-industrial complex, and the mob/mafia. So far, Trump is running between two and three. God, please don't have us with Pence as president...
Vis: "Simple, really... invoke into your being that to which the world automatically harmonizes itself, since that invokee is in natural accord with everything and that which is unnatural is transformed by it automatically in every case."

There is an old tale where a monk was out traveling in the jungle. A tiger spotted him and charged. As the tiger entered the monk's aura, the charge collapsed. The tiger became friendly and loving with the monk. Not bad...
Vis: "The mind doing its own thing is your worst enemy. The mind under your control is your best friend."

True in many ways. These days, my intellect still does its 'monkey mind' thing; that will probably never stop. However, it seems to be 'enclosed' in some way by something bigger. It goes on rattling-on, while other deeper, vaster things are allowed to be more center-stage. Monkey-mind seems quite content with that arrangement...
Vis: "Want to heal the world? Heal yourself... uh oh..."

Great line. Also true. Everyone gets to be a work-in-progress. Uh oh...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I use this good hyperlink-making example to compose hot links:

Visible said...

Thanks for that hyperlink addition. I have never seen it before.

Ray B. said...

Great article, addressing our fears and hopes:
"If Trump does these ten things, he’ll be the greatest president ever - And hell will freeze over."
by Kevin Barrett on November 19, 2016

“Here is my to-do list for Trump. If he does any of these things, I will eat crow. If he does all of them, I will eat a whole flock.

1. Expose the truth about 9/11, which is that it was a neocon coup designed to unleash Islamophobia to benefit Israel.
2. Reinstate the Constitution by repealing all post-9/11 police state legislation and pushing through draconian restrictions on all forms of spying, search and seizure, etc.
3. Push through Steele’s Election Reform Act, ending the corrupt two-party duopoly.
4. Close down US military bases worldwide and return to a defend-the-borders posture.
5. Use the savings to rebuild America’s infrastructure.
6. Force big corporations to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US. (If he leaves office in 2024 with the percentage of made-in-USA stuff equivalent to what it was in, say, 1970, he will have succeeded.)
7. End the Fed and print honest, Constitutional currency.
8. Pass and enforce real anti-trust legislation so there can be no more monopolies or collusive trade practices, period.
9. Push through the Constitutional amendment that would be needed to end private funding of political campaigns by the rich and special interests.
10. Bust up big media into thousands of much smaller pieces, and use antitrust laws to keep them small.

The above list is pretty much what it would take to 'Make America great again'.

Good luck with that one, Mr. Trump. I don’t think you have the slightest interest in actually fixing any of the country’s biggest problems.

But, I hope you prove me wrong.”

Jonah said...

You are quite possibly, no, certainly one of the most amazing and gifted writers of our time. I am fascinated by your ability to shift in and out of styles and always speak the most literal truth I have ever heard and you love God and are not shy about saying so in every article. You create in a variety of formats and your songs are some of the most elegantly crafted acts of simple musical genius I have ever seen. That you sound so much like Willie Nelson is a real plus (smile). I've been coming around for years. I thought I might as well say something but none of it comes close to how I feel. Thank you so much for changing my life even though we never met.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it George Soros is dead. Trying not to get my hopes up, as it sounds too good to be true.

If he is, he'll probably dethrone Satan!

Visible said...

that does sound like fantastic news! Hell will definitely be on their version of Spring Break.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna echo what Jonah said. I started coming here about five years ago. It was back when Patrick Willis was doing your blogs. It was hearing one of his readings that got me over here. I couldn't believe anyone could write with such authority and power and Patrick Willis added a dimension that made it all exponential. I don't know why he doesn't do this anymore but I am thousands more miss it dearly. The chemistry between you was like Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. I'm not saying who was who and I'm laughing also so take me seriously and don't also.

But I came here to say that you turned my life around too and I have been a devoted disciple of your teachings all this time. Now you are reading The Way to the Kingdom and I am engrossed and enthralled. The book is amazing and your presentation and the talk you give before and after is like the ineffable talking through you. You can't fake this kind of thing. Bells go off in my head and my heart begins to thrum like God is using it for a drum which I think he is. I also want to mention to music. I am that guy, Perigrine Abbot who bought the complete collection of your CD's as you might remember. Hardly a day goes by when I am not listening to one CD or the other and many a time friends have come by and asked me, "who is that singing?" They all thought you were someone famous and what we were listening to was something they hadn't heard yet. I've turned a lot of people on to your work here in North Carolina and I hope we can meet one day.

To conclude, at no time in my whole life have I read and heard anyone at your level of sincerity, truth and flat out genius. You are unique among all the rest. The power in what you do is so strong. I have found myself trembling on occasion and it thrills me because it makes me feel I am getting close if that kind of a resonance- as you like to call it- can exist in me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I fully believe that one day the whole world will know who you are and all this work you have done wailing in the wilderness will be read and listened to and uplift hearts everywhere.

My words do no justice to what i feel and that is the best I can say.

Long may you wave.


Visible said...

Email me my friend and thank you, you and Jonah both. I can't remember ever getting such a rain of praise in such a short time (grin). I assure I am not worthy but it feels good all the same.

robert said...

(part one of 3)

Rules of the Card Game

The right to be free trumps the need to be in a safe space

The right to be righteous trumps the need to feel comfortable

The right to exercise knowing, trumps the need to indulge emotion

Collaborators with the dark state are but “collabrador deceivers”, so time to stop using our heads as butt-plugs!

Peak Subjective

The truth lies within, but the subjective lies without ceasing.

How does that work out for beings trying to contain themselves within their ever-less comfortable zones?

What if the resurgence of the feminine brings passive, supremely aggressive subjective egotism in all of our faces, front and center, on its way to balancing the excesses of the masculine?

While it is certainly on the demonic agenda to denigrate, despise and deny masculine focus on the objective, all expression of will power and the value of virtue in action, so that the mass sits still for its shearing and rendering, the violation of common sense and the diminution of the proper use of reason while the diarrhea of fiction evacuating from the MEdiaMatrix makes fools of us all, there must be a deeper current aiding the endarkened clones in their agenda.

The advantage of access to ancient knowledge versus the dumbed down treacle spewed all over our experience, is knowing how to use the force multiplier of cosmic cycles to further their very limited power.

In the end, we are ALL standing in our own way, in willful ignorance or using a cracked calculus of costs and benefits to maintain the bias of normalcy.

The rising tide of MGTOW, manginas, cucks, masochism, homosexuality, gender-confusion, extreme degradation and slutification of the feminine and the loss of all critical contrast between polarities cannot all be assigned to the usual collaborators doing (their) god’s work!

The lure of materialism has never been greater, to be sure, nor has it had as many willing accomplices but this peaking of unrepentant subjective madness cannot be laid at the clay feet of the gang of damned fools, human and inhuman.

On the way along the ordained shift of focus from projected external results inward toward the internal ultimate causes, there appears to be a sticking place, which is extremely sticky indeed!

Where the masters showed that attachment to the fascinating play of the manifest must give way to a re-alignment to the source within, somehow, that journey to enlightenment has been stymied by the psychic fog, triggering the wise reaction Vis related in a recent radio show, to stay put until the fog lifts.

Fine advice, but since the damned fools are running a fog machine on a planetary scale, flooding the MEdiaMatrix at their command AND pressing their dark arts to the bone on all of the back channels to muddy the waters, haze the air and pollute all consciousness with utterly dire bullshit, survival instinct kicks in and nothing seems to get a rise out of us, neither hope nor fear.

Stuck in subjectivity, the way out of all fear, right action taken from the right being-ness, testing for ourselves the promise that we can all walk on the water, has been impeded, leaving us in a licentious limbo, which is begging for more extreme experience before liberation.


robert said...

(part two of 3)

There is an very fine line between choosing for ourselves to learn the hard way and condemning our other selves all around us to unnecessary misery along our path!

Vis is giving us his good example (which Sam Clemmons has pointed out that everyone hates) of letting fly the words given in the moment from the Spirit, while we hear in gratitude and understanding, yet loathe and fear to follow in our own way.

Vis has been gentle in his bluntness, never chiding us about being sycophants as we gather here to bask in his effulgence, while always pointing us to our duty to individually apply ourselves to tuning, ever re-tuning our beings to the Ineffable One.

Just as the mass of humanimals awaits the new leader to fix things (though the ace of spades has pointed out repeatedly during live speeches that any move forward demands FULL PARTICIPATION of the people), we tarry too long in our timeless subjectivity, waiting for the fog to lift, for the dawn to break before venturing out of our tents of sighing despair and aching frustration.

The training by the death cult at large, to conform to noxious faux correctness, has sickening analogs in the self-protective tactics which hen-pecked husbands inevitably adopt before the superior emotional currents of their unhappy queens: Toe the line to avoid triggering irrational excesses, tip-toeing around emotional blast zones, hoping to keep the boat afloat, even after all hope of tapping the transformative power of kundalini in motion, the surging life force we call sexual energy, has been grounded.

On that point, the single most pernicious meme of disempowerment spewed out the ass of the MEdiaMATRIX is selling the way of the quickie, the heated rush of clothes-ripping sex that all the worshipped actors demonstrate, striking the iron before the elusive thrill is gone, fearfully acknowledging that the illogical attraction may be lost at any second, leaving nothing but awful awkward moments to consume….

No accident that this pattern of rushing to friction dominates promiscuous male homosexuality, selling this destructive waste of seed to naïve heterosexuals is yet another way to deny the feminine its power and joy and ramp up its righteous frustration from the power of women scorned.

If males are trained to fail by aiming only to scatter seed profligately to death, never learning to conduct themselves nor their willing orchestras at hand, toward a timeless ecstasy, it comes as no surprise that both parties are over it, and begin looking for love in all the wrong places!

Rush, rush, rush, with no time to observe nor reflect upon the moment, certain that the superficial itches will give way too soon to the whining of bitches, as neither sex is fulfilled by this flaccid ceremony of ignorance.

How could the headlong rush of lemmings over the cliff continue if we were to stop and smell the unguents of ecstatic joy along the way? Or even realize that such things exist not only within us but within the being of the humanimal right next to us?

If we have not learned to balance our ascending energies in the playground of sexuality, how may we possibly handle an ever-rising consciousness poised to crack our little eggs of ego and grow from living as mere chattel of the upper crust into gods in residence? No surprise that the scrambling of sexuality is at peak stupid and serves the Pedovores agenda to an A.


robert said...

(part three of 3)

All dark magic falls away powerless when we expand our minds and spirits.

Growing forward out of our subjective stasis, leaving behind the control mechanisms of inertia, requires us to step out, to step forward, to step up our game in full certitude that we leave nothing of value behind.

When our pain management strategies are failing to hide from us our misery of being less than divine, we have nothing to lose. When millions of formerly pampered slaves, the artfully deceived and confused Americans, the working engine of our civilization, realize that we cannot continue slaving for others with no worthy dream in sight, we have nothing to lose.

The chains that need breaking are the chains of the mind, as the habits of delusion must fall to an active discovery of our power to create. When we realize, deep within our subjective shells, that we are ACTIVELY creating the patterns which seem to be outside of us as objective “reality”, that we are only self-imprisoned by the ongoing perceptions of the humanimal, which we programmed, consciously of not, then we see the switch right before us, to throw off for all time the electric force field fence around our consciousness, which has kept us in the slavery of subjectivity.

The subjective reflects the objective, but warped and dusty mirrors do a piss poor job of it. That the center point of power stands within all matter and at the core of our perceptual projection system, does not excuse our continuing to stay sick inside our bubbles, out of fear.

The light comes from the inside, as my favorite Visible song, “Everlasting Love” reminds us all!

But the paradox is that to shine that light out into the projected world, requires us to aim outward with our flame thrower, not to scourge ourselves past the point of clean in self-destructive ignorance, but shine that laser lance outward, to illuminate all Creation!

When we find a nugget or a mother lode of truth in the course of our soul-mining, does not anyone who feels their fierce heart’s desire to be more, become instantly motivated to share that light with our other selves all around us?

As above, so below. As within, so without. As the One, so the Many.

Time to decide to throw the subjective out of our heads and realize the wholistically objective, the common good, the sacred ground is the only “there”, here. What is true is true for all. What is false is but subjectively constrained.

Speaking for this humanimal, all constraints other than the tenderness of love and mercy, are getting REALLY OLD!


Visible said...

I'm glad I took the trouble to read that. Let's lighten up on that effulgence thing (grin). I'm going to post your work because I like your work. I hear too many good things about myself and I'm going to get provoked to behave badly. We are all equal in the ultimate possibilities of our being. We don't all put the same effort into it and there is a not inconsiderable number of people that leave me in the dust. Except for the stuff about me, kudos on a well articulated exposition.

Anonymous said...

you are amazing vis...and definitely worthy

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

George Soros death is a hoax. Someone is allegedly trying to get alternative media to post it so they can discredit them.

Visible said...

Sorry to hear that. It would have been a wonderful thing. It can't be that far off; same for David Rockefeller and Henry Kissassinger.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

# 31

Maybe next year.

Ray B. said...

Hey, Vis: Also echoing the goodness posted by others about you. Put these in your back pocket for down days... (grin)

The Economist magazine has just published their 'The World in 2017' forecast cover. It is in the form of Tarot Cards this time, so I thought you would get a kick out of 'interpreting' it. (Might even be a good kicking-off point for a future column?)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

thank you Ray. that is so kind of you to say that. though I remember that fellow who bought the CD's I don't remember Jonah. I do know Robert from his coming around and from the lyrical way that he expresses himself. I have no idea who anonymous is; one of the good anonymouses

I wept after reading all those nice words. I am never able to think of myself that way; quite the reverse actually and when I hear that kind of thing it just breaks me up. I think God made me the way he did so that it is impossible for me to take myself seriously. I think that is part of the reason for all the abuse I have suffered. My personal self got wiped out from all the trauma and the childhood I never even had; not to mention the utter destruction of every dream as well. We believe (too many of us) that life has cheated us of all the things, that those we foolishly deem the more fortunate, have ...but we have then missed the essence of existence and the profoundity of the joy it contains, could we only see it.

I now believe that the whole purpose of my life and the course it took was to make me empty so that I could be filled with the ineffable. I haven't gotten there yet but it has certainly become more important than anything else and I suspect that it more precious than any other thing I might ever have possessed and would have eventually lost anyway.

One of the tragedies of my state is that I am so unconscious of the love that others bear me but perhaps that is just as well. So long as I am able to love them it doesn't seem to matter that I am loved as well.

The 3rd Elf said...

Here is Visible's Sunday 20th November radio show

Visible said...

Kanye is really losing it.

I have a strong intuitive sense that this is going to become epidemic with all those so trapped in the hypnotic state of their false self. Much as it happened to all the servant of darkness at the Battle of the Morannon. As the ring went into Mount Doom and Sauron was distracted, his army lost their minds and went running in all directions. This is near the same circumstances as the denouement of The Apocalypse approaches. Seemingly out of nowhere all these people will start to lose their minds.

Sauron, who represents the matrix from which comes the web of illusion in which so many are trapped is about to be revealed as someone/something much different than he is believed to be and this is going to result in overpowering confusion followed by a dreadful despair.

I am consumed with the desire to reach out to all of them in the hope that my ineffectual effort might militate against this but I am, as Felix Dolarhyde said to Freddie Lounds, "an ant in the afterbirth (grin... or Chagrin?)"

It reminds me of the Buddha of Unbearable compassion. He who sees the tragedy of all that surrounds him but realizes he is helpless to change it.

Visible said...

Holy shit! Check this out!!! Trump is asking the American public to join in the decision making for his cabinet.


Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the poignant reply. That is a hell of a lot to go through, just to become a 'channel' (grin). Seriously, the greatest respect for your chosen 'profession'...

Vis: "I am consumed with the desire to reach out to all of them in the hope that my ineffectual effort might militate against this but I am, as Felix Dolarhyde said to Freddie Lounds, 'an ant in the afterbirth'. It reminds me of the Buddha of Unbearable compassion. He who sees the tragedy of all that surrounds him but realizes he is helpless to change it."

This reminds me of my favorite Kosh-ism ("Babylon 5"):
"The avalanche has already started; it is too late for the pebbles to vote."

"And so it begins..."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... through
fulford says Soros has been assassinated...

Visible said...

Yeah... those two, all they need is Sorcha Faal to complete The Stooges.

Anonymous said...

Have you never thought that telling " The Ineffable" that you love him/ her/it/them/ Us... whatever... "I love you" every day would not repercusse in the voices of us who read you..... hmmmmm?

Sometimes when you have loved others more than they have loved you... it bounces back to you!

The love you have given is coming back on you!!!

It is sometimes hard to accept.. huh?

Roll around in the love... after the awkward feeling it's all good!

Guess who says " and I love you too" every time you say that!

Just guess!

Anonymous said...

"I wept after reading all those nice words. I am never able to think of myself that way; quite the reverse actually and when I hear that kind of thing it just breaks me up. I think God made me the way he did so that it is impossible for me to take myself seriously. I think that is part of the reason for all the abuse I have suffered. My personal self got wiped out from all the trauma and the childhood I never even had; not to mention the utter destruction of every dream as well. We believe (too many of us) that life has cheated us of all the things, that those we foolishly deem the more fortunate, have ...but we have then missed the essence of existence and the profoundity of the joy it contains, could we only see it.

I now believe that the whole purpose of my life and the course it took was to make me empty so that I could be filled with the ineffable. I haven't gotten there yet but it has certainly become more important than anything else and I suspect that it more precious than any other thing I might ever have possessed and would have eventually lost anyway.

One of the tragedies of my state is that I am so unconscious of the love that others bear me but perhaps that is just as well. So long as I am able to love them it doesn't seem to matter that I am loved as well."

Jesus Visible (now that would be an interesting name), that has got to be one of the most heartrending exposes that I have read. Either the ineffable tears us to pieces or we do it ourselves. I've heard you say that you are one of the luckiest, or most fortunate men on the planet. I would say that what you just said in that comment sums up the truth of that. May you be blessed in every possible way.


Ray B. said...

Robert, I just finished your postings. Lots of good stuff, and high vibe. Thanks.

Reflecting inwards, I find that my biggest 'change' in the last few years has been the realization that we can get above the bad-guys. Being self-centered has its limitations. (This may be related to an individual's Chakra system being clogged or dysfunctional, as the higher chakras are We-oriented as opposed to the lower chakras being Me-oriented. Both are necessary for balance.) The baddies literally cannot look 'high' because that would promote a Universal perspective...

Translating the above into 'action' terms, it means that each of us (depending on abilities and training) can reach above the perceptual range of most baddies. In an old Andre Norton SF book, there was the concept that a lesser-qualified telepath would soon come to 'agree' with a higher-qualified telepath. Deep truth. We can use this reach above advantage to 'retune' the psychopaths. Many times, it just involves removing their old-pain and telling them what was done to them. They switch sides. And, there is a 'multiplier' effect when they tell their own minions to act differently.

All that we need is the confidence to partially-believe that there is more to life than just being meat-sausages. Once one starts to lift their head up, more and more evidence 'appears' that confirms this hypothesis. Eventually, one is informed-enough that one can go over to the 'offense' rather than being in only a 'defensive' posture. (I hate to use military terms, but we are in one form of a war.) We have the advantage here, and the baddies are scrambling to keep us unaware of this 'natural' state...

In one interpretation of reality, we are training ourselves to be telepaths (again). The greatest telepath, of course, is all-God...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Probable future, if we remain "meat sausages"...

Ray B. said...

Sorry, but a most unusual take on the presidential election by a "life-long Republican" with apparent Intelligence connections. (I had to scroll to the bottom of the article, halfway through, to see if this was an early April Fool's joke. Apparently not so...)

Visible said...

I think I've been pretty clear on Trump. However... I did think that was very strange. Perhaps if you had seen the names I sent in it might make my position more clear (grin). I put Jessie Ventura in for Secretary of state. I figure that there are all sorts of deceptions and otherwise taking place. My investment in faith is in Mr. Apocalypse. I did draw the line at promoting Hulk Hogan for Secretary of Defense.

I know I come off like a ten year old now and again but I am l learning a few things as time goes by.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are loved Vis. Believe it or not.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The Trip/Reset hath been hit. It's a HELL of a long tape to erase, though. Wonder how many years it's gonna take? I dunno, and I can't remember who said it, but a 'popular' mystic sensed the healing should go into full effect around 2020 with no more steps backward. I can't see being here then, not that I even WANT to still be in this compromised prison, I've done my time, thank you. I think I should be getting parole soon. ;O)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Vis--

Didja hear that A NEW POEM by Anne Frank has been discovered??

Apparently, the last iPad the poor girl ever used, was recently unearthed in the deepest recesses of a junkshop in Prague, etc., etc.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat. :)

Anonymous said...

How about Arnold Schwarzenegger for Secretary of State?


Anonymous said...

Most of us peeple learnt the hard way, but i agree with robert.
You shouldn’t f--k if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Visible said...

I cannot imagine what I could say to this. Thank you for the wonderful words and this is no reflection on you but in the future I ask that comments of this intensity be sent in an email, not so much because I am negatively affected (and how could I be) but because there is a certain segment of the human population that gets very angry when they see things like this and would resent me in a terrific fashion even more than they already do. I had to go through a lot of changes before I let this come out and only did so due to the very strange flurry of similar comments in this narrow time window. I spent some time comparing writing styles beforehand; no offense intended but you can understand that this is not the usual fare. There has to be something going on in the stars because some very unusual events are also taking place inside me and around me here. That could be that the friends I am staying with are all gone at the moment and I am alone (not alone actually given how it goes with me when I am alone) and these kinds of experiences usually wait until I am alone.

I'm guessing I can work on changing the way I feel about myself.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to be so crude, amidst the poignancy much deserved and relevant. I only got as far as robert’s writings when i tied it up in a plain brown paper wrapper before seeing all the good remarks back and forth. It seems like i snap the thread at times. And my approach too pedestrian perhaps.

The stark realization of the trust problem between males and females is being exploited to the hilt and causing so much unnecessary confusion to which the young, dumb and full of...should be given exactly just that crass lil’ bit of advice. Easy to grasp sex skool 101. The philosophy part can come later, after these crises are dealt with an’ everbody calms down.

The furries article was hilarious, but jus’ a tad too lengthy, like the writer was promoting it in as much detail as possible, or he just found it so amusing how his words came out he jus’ couldn’t stop himself. Anyway, as long as no one gets hurt...

I figure they’ll try to “keep it up” as long as they can, but suppose there’s a good chance it’ll “flame out” like a nasty virus eventually. Maybe Trump’ll grab em all
by the pussy. I hears he likes it well enough, tho we can’t be too sure he knows
what he’s doing.


Visible said...

I'm sorry Patricia, I had to remove your comment. There are just too many ways that it will upset certain people and I have had a number of comments like this here already and I don't want people taking umbrage at all the good things you said to me. It was a pretty wild technicolor kind of a thing. I have saved the comment and will keep it in my files and since you sent it to me and I saw it then all possible good was done. I hope you are not offended by my action. I don't think you would want me to be uncomfortable and leaving it up has made me uncomfortable because I suspect I would soon feel the buzzing of invisible bees all around my head. It started weighing on me as soon as I put it up.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, post #41, that was profound! Kudos. Take that, Vis! (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

In reference to what?

Ray B. said...

Vis, I thought you might be interested in these Tarot Card interpretations:

Benjamin Fulford (yeah, I know - focus on the cards) “Hungary, the UK, the US, Bulgaria, Moldova free from Khazarian control; Austria, Italy, South Korea next”
Posted on 2016/11/21:

"In any case, judging from the 2017 occult cover of the Rothschild and P2 Freemason Agnelli family-owned 'The Economist', the bloodline families are in a state of confusion. The cover is called 'Planet Trump' and features Tarot Cards.

Here is this writer’s first stab and what it means: The first card, called 'The Tower', shows the Catholic Church being split between its communist and traditional Christian factions.

The second, called 'Judgement', shows Donald Trump holding the symbols of power, meaning most likely they expect a Nuremberg type tribunal to be convened when he assumes office.

The third, called 'The World', shows symbols of the gnostic Illuminati, the family-owned central banks and monotheism unified under what appears to be a moon god. Above them are what appear to be Maria (the Goddess Isis), the holy book and the sun god. It seems they think the world will be unified under these symbols.

The fourth, called 'The Hermit', shows North America leading a populist movement against TPP, TTIP and the EU, indicating they have gone against their 'globalist' agenda.

The fifth, called 'Death', shows plagues, tsunamis, fish die-offs, nuclear weapons and crop failures and is probably meant as a threat by the bloodline families to unleash these calamities if they are cornered.

The sixth, called 'The Magician', seems to indicate they expect 3D printing and virtual reality to be the biggest high tech trends of the year.

The seventh, called 'The Wheel of Fortune', shows a smiling Marine Le Pen and a frowning Angela Merkel waiting for the results of elections indicating they expect Le Pen to win and Merkel to lose. This writer could not identify the third person.

The final one, 'The Star', seems to show pictures of pop culture personalities who will have strong financial backing during the year. The only one this pop culture knowledge deficient writer could identify appears to be Lady Gaga."

Ray B. said...

Vis, I was referencing Anonymous' posting (#41), where he/she was stating (my words) how your 'loving God' statements were coming-back to you in the form of 'I love you, too, Vis' from all your posters (as a part of all-God). The 'take that' was meant as a compliment, from this understanding...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Where do you find those numbers at? I have no idea of knowing what you are talking about in all those comments.

I will check out the cards

Ray B. said...

Vis, the number I was referring to is the one at the right-top of each posting. This link will take you to #41. He/she was complimenting you...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Ah see... this is one of the things I like about myself. I don't let mysteries rest; except for the great mystery. I don't access the comments from the bottom of the posting, only in the place where I publish them so... I don't have numbers. I could have shrugged and told myself it wasn't important but I never do that. Conversely I have also discovered things I wish I hadn't known (grin). Such is life.


Anonymous said...

i don’t know how many of you were aware of Leonard Cohen’s passing away on November 7th; he was one of my A list musicians / people. He leaves a big gaping hole in the support structure, but we all need to grow up sometime, right?


Anonymous said...

This is the OP of #41... thank you for getting it and the translation to our host!

Anonymous said...

We can be the hand of God to someone's face or the arms that hug in warm embrace.
We are who we are looking for...
Just... what are you looking for?

This blog has been the most love I have experienced since it was discovered!

As I said years ago on the comments section... the mantle is upon you!

Maybe a hundred years after your mortal demise people will praise you...and you still wouldn't recognize it!

Such is the way of the holy man! They don't own mirrors!

Anonymous said...

Even Jesus said "Who is it you say I am?"

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(13th elth mode)
I didnt see those numbers either on
@RayB's link was for the same page but linked to.
66 comments, 67 now, phew!!!
those Trump & Assoc. cards reminded me of the Illuminati cards that the card Doc Marquis showed some time back. then again, I have conspired myself in doctoring a Monopoly Board to suit local conditions.

Anonymous said...

Test Comment

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami us up now-

Make it Real or be Automatically Rendered False.

Visible said...

Blogger has changed their format and comments are not coming through and it is a big mess. Hopefully we can get this sorted at some point. The new system is diabolical and you can't switch back. They're up to something. So if you don't see any comments it is not because of us.



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