Monday, January 17, 2011

Strange Days and Strange Dreams on the Frontier

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had wanted to go on a little about new age practitioners and their time release relationship to old age, snake oil salesmen but some things have been happening on the personal plane and I thought that might turn out to be of a greater interest to the reader; given how it might impact upon and relate to the reader, than my getting back on the word trampoline about something most readers already know, sans some unexpected examples. We'll save that for the next Origami.

I’ve been getting a lot of astrological readings, courtesy of different readers and they’ve all been pretty enlightening, without nailing my actual experiences in these times. That changed recently when a UK astrologer named Barbara did my chart and began working on the transits and progressions.

I should add a disclaimer. I’m not the sort of person who seeks out astrologers or other predictive analysts (hey; a new title for an old job!). However, I’ve felt something coming in a large, pervasive and transformative sense these last several years and the astrologers just sort of showed up at the same time. I could see that everything they were saying was relevant, though often obscure. That’s how it is a lot of the time. It’s like trying to figure out what Nostradamus was talking about, except that he’s talking about you. There have been about five astrologers so far, give or take and it’s been interesting. They come and go and then they don’t come back (grin).

Across the last several years, I kept thinking that what I was feeling was imminent but that’s according to my time and my time is not cosmic time, yet. Now I see that it has all been leading to the present day.

Prior to my first transits for this year, Barbara had given me a lot of insights without pinging dead center into what I know about myself, which might not be much but last night she sent me some of the indications for this month as an introduction to the coming year. Although much of it is personal, it also applies to the rest of us by degrees, according to what sort of person we are and the depth of our sleeping or awakening state.

In the week before I got this projection from her I had begun to have powerful dreams. In the first one I thought I was in or near Israel but it couldn’t have been the Israel we are familiar with because it was a very different place. This all appeared in an HD dream format with brilliant detail and colors, like some cutting edge, video game landscape. There were very high, impossibly green mountains and valleys way, way down below so that I got vertigo. I was high up but there were mountains rising a great distance above me. Near the top of some there was what looked like winged Sphinxes but that is just an impression. The whole landscape was alive in a way I’ve not seen on this Earth. It occurred to me that I was in some part of The Devic Realm.

There was a man near me who was playing a kind of South American flute and a number of people who were all of noble cast and moving about here and there. I had some experiences with these people but that’s too much to get into at the moment and the memory has faded. When I awoke from this dream I was exhilarated as if I had recently had some of the very best psychedelics. The vibration lasted all through the day.

The next night, in the next dream, I was sitting with a lady and talking about these books of mine that are going to be published soon and, at this point, they already had and one of them was about to become a best seller. While we were talking, I felt this indescribable rush of awareness. It was of an immensity that I had not previously encountered. I knew something but I didn’t actually know it. It was beyond me. Suddenly there was this green, electric fire all around my body and I rose to my feet and said, “Oh my god! Something incredible is about to happen to me! It was the most amazing feeling. It was too much to contain and it was very, very positive. I turned and started walking quickly away and the lady was calling after me. I was holding my hands as if there were reins in them. This has been a feature in my life since my kundalini rising, years ago. The power of this dream was so great that I awoke right then and was brimming with force. The impact lasted all that day and is still with me.

Over the last week or so I have been hearing sounds. Often they sound like voices. At first I thought I was confusing ordinary surrounding sounds as something else. After about the 6th or so time that it happened, I realized that something else was going on. Then a few days ago, I was meditating on my terrace (the sun has been magnificent here for several weeks) when I began to hear these shimmers of sound; voices at a distance, arriving and then receding. I thought it was perhaps the wind in the olive trees or the sound of distant workmen. It got stronger, like ocean waves and I could make out the language of the voices and it was American accented English. We don’t have that around here (grin), unless you count me. This went on the whole time I was meditating and I was transfixed by it.

The voices arrive now, sometimes like bursts of static, without the static; if I am walking in the evening. I am looking for them. This is a whole new reality. My friend, Dr. Glenn Dormer from Sweden was visiting me here until Sunday morning. He was here through most of this and it is another oddity because these things don’t usually happen with other people around. These things don’t usually happen unless I am on psychedelics or some arcane comestible but now they are happening without any of that. I might not need them anymore (grin). This is why I take them to begin with.

I have felt for some time that the barriers, the veils between the worlds, were going to part or dissolve. I have felt for a long time that Shambhala was going to appear from behind a veil of clouds or deep mist, right here on Earth and this is all connected somehow to the time in which we live. Here now is what this woman sent to me last night, following all of these things which have been happening and none of which was mentioned to her. You will have to admit, there are some uncanny, spot on, relationships between my experiences and what she had to say;

“Hello Les,

You doing all right? I saw on your blog recently that you've had an inner fire blazing through you. You know I said I'm doing your progressed chart for the year, and it'll take a while? If I mail that in late January or early Feb., anything in it about January will be redundant! And you have a lot going on this month. So I'll write this out now. (Incidentally, if you want another perspective than mine, just Google the relevant aspects, eg "Transits" + "Neptune opposite Sun", & you'll find all kinds of pages on it).


Your chart during January is going batshit! I don't know where to start. It's not that it's all "bad" or difficult....just a bit unnerving even to look at, so it must be doubly so to live through it.

For most of the year, transiting Neptune conjunct transiting Cheiron, opposes your natal Sun in 7th (relationship) house. I think you're expressing energies at a higher level than 99% of the population, just going by a review of this aspect. (like giving a knife to a surgeon or a toddler, you get different results, though the knife is the same). In most people, a Neptune opposition ushers in a period of confusion, self-doubt, and the rose-tinted glasses are put on where other people are concerned. In rare cases, it can be a man (the Sun) collaborating (7th house) in an artistic or musical venture (Neptune). Inspiration pours in. This transit can literally make people clairaudient. A creative collaboration is just what you've been having, so I think all the other transits will similarly be operating on a higher than normal level.

Pluto is moving slowly towards a square to your Neptune, kindly opposing your Moon en route. You'll already be feeling this, although its first point where all those 3 planets line up in a square is Jan. 29th - 31st.

Here's the short version of what that transit does. Like all the post-war generations, you have an easy, sextile aspect in your birthchart between Neptune & Pluto. These two planets show the - potential - level of spiritual consciousness. When one of these planets aspects the other in your chart, whether by progression or transit, that development is activated; you go up another stair-step. (when the opportunity is ignored, as it is with most people, then the energies go downwards into the personal life, where they were never intended to be used, & they manifest as chaos). When triggered by an easy aspect, say a trine or sextile, the advancement comes about in a nice harmonious way. Eg, you meet someone, or read a significant book which changes your view of the world. When it's a hard aspect like the square or opposition, the results are the same, but they generally happen through shocks or painful events. (I once lost just about everything I owned, in what seemed at the time like a domestic disaster! It wasn't very pleasant; but I've never since been attached to material possessions).

As you progress, you move up on the spiral, so instead of these things coming to you from the outside, all your battles now take place on the inside.

What this early 2011 aspect is doing (a T-square between Neptune, Pluto & the Moon) is destroying anything in you which is holding you back. It will 'kill' any dreams and fantasies that are holding up an illusion in place of the real spiritual world. (Hence the fire: anything negative is literally burnt up. Energetic 'blobs' or accretions that you may have picked up from others are detonated, too). This is probably not going to be feeling very comfortable. If anything in your diet is having a disharmonious effect on you, you'll become aware of that, too.

This isn't a time of introspection, 'looking within', blah's just an acid-bath of anything in you that will hold you back if allowed to stay there.

This is a generational aspect, and everyone about your age will be going through it, now or pretty soon. However, it impacts people more if, as with you (Venus and Mars conjunct Neptune) they have personal planets there too. Most of these people are approaching retirement, expecting to live contentedly for another 20 years on a fat pension. It ain't gonna happen. This mass aspect, *alone*, points to a global financial meltdown, coming to a theater near you soon.

You don't have these illusions. So for you, this will work on a spiritual level, as the divine fire sweeps away anything unreal within you. It can bring about weird supernatural experiences, very strange soul-states; experiences you can hardly begin to tell people about, because a), they wouldn't understand, and b), you could never, ever convey successfully the details, the coincidences, the sheer *weirdness* of it all. During this year, it's as if you're sucked into a vortex of high strangeness.. You have bizarre things happen to you the way other people have Cheerios for breakfast. "Enjoy!" might not be the right phrase, but it's interesting all right. : )

I've been having some very thought-provoking dreams and things, and am starting to think that never mind '2012, 2012', big change is coming a lot sooner than that....maybe very soon indeed. I try to reality-check my perceptions with those of other sensitive/clairvoyant people, though, and can't find anyone else who's started picking up increased 'stuff' in the last two weeks, so maybe, as often, it feels imminent but will take a year or more. I dunno...”

I dunno either... heh heh. In any case, so many readers have been writing to me about their experiences that I haven’t even been able to answer a lot of them. As a result and because I know it’s about to get extra-dimensional, I thought I would write about this for the interest and reaction of the readers. Barbara is supposed to be sending me more details shortly and I will place them in the comments section when they arrive.

We are sailing into the lands of what might have been called Myth and Legend. I think we are soon going to find out that they are neither. I can’t begin to describe the changes I am experiencing, except to say that parts of me are disappearing and without pain (grin). It’s good riddance I must say and in conclusion, I feel like a kid in a candy store who’s never tasted any of the goods, or at least they didn’t look like they do now.

End Transmission.......


laurel said...

well, les, uhm.....can i have the name of that person, so i can get a bit of reading? just curiouser and all.....

Billy said...

Hi Les,
Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire. Change is happening in my life too. I woke up (from sleep) crying and in a panic a couple of times recently, still don't know why. Also, suddenly decided it was time to leave the alcohol/reefer trap, still don't know why. Wifey, who is a total sheeple decided last week to bail out of the relationship, don't know why again. All of this has a really weird feeling to it, as if I'm being prepped for even bigger changes. Like you, I have had (since 911 or shortly there after) strong feelings that massive, changes are on the horizon. The wait seems eternal, but I still know something is going to happen and it is going to shock humanity.

Friday said...

Visible said...


She's a bit of a hermit so we shall see about that. She doesn't even have a computer or internet and has to go somewhere to access. I will pass on whatever I learn from her.

Billy, wow!!! that's all got to be a bit unsettling. I know the feeling though, although it has been awhile since huge waves were crashing on me, never mind the shore; well, actually they still do; different kinds of waves (grin).

Hang in there. My sense is that everyone who is ready for it is going to get something wonderful.

Visible said...

Don't post web pages that aren't even operational. This isn't a billboard or a graffiti wall. This kind of hit and run sans commentary is not something we like around here and I'm only leaving it up because the site doesn't work. If I find out what I suspect you won't be doing this here again.

Raven said...

"I have felt for some time that the barriers, the veils between the worlds, were going to part or dissolve. I have felt for a long time that Shambhala was going to appear from behind a veil of clouds or deep mist, right here on Earth and this is all connected somehow to the time in which we live."

Yes Les you are correct :) you are awakening and remembering this New World. The New Jerusalem is being built right now, co-local with our earth. Your dreams are showing you about the promise of God.

Revelation 21:1-7 (King James Version)

Revelation 21

1And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

(((no more sea means no more veil)))

2And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

3And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

4And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

5And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

6And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

7He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

Alpha Omega The Primal Energy

The City of Light is being built right now above you, should you look up into the sky.
Depending on the 'rattling' of the Red Dragon's Tail in a release from the Cyan Dragon's Head; some of you might see glimses of it as 3-dimensional cross-sections of the 4-dimensional reality.

The Moebian-Bottle-Dragon is embedded in a 4-dimensional space as a 3-dimensional toroidal surface and so as the serpentine double-dragon in a metaphysical reality.
Should Gaia shine her dark light as white antilight towards the heavens, then you could witness the extraterrestrial activity above your heads more easily.

But Gaia is cocooned and the envelope about this cocoon is so 2 million kilometres from Gaia's centre of gravity.

And it shall be the birth of a new humanity in Gaia's return to heaven and her rendevouz with 'Big He', which shall also release the dark brilliance to empower the universe through its Minkowski spacetime defined metric Mayan lightmatrix.

Anonymous said...

that site worked for me all right.


Visible said...

Well, I clicked on the buttons and they didn't work from this end, maybe it's a European thing.

I just get a little wary when someone drops in out of nowhere and puts things up. I've had some real problems lately, at the blogs and at Facebook. And people get pissed off at me as if I were doing it.

Sui Juris 249 said...


Wow! So much I want to say and yet I do not know where to start.

Your not wrong change is coming sooner that most even suspect More and more the sleepers are and will awaken. It is going be great to see you at the dinner table and sit down and laugh with all you great spirits btw.

Yes the chatter on the airwaves has definitely increased in amount and volume but that is to be expected as more awaken each and every day. Some are confused and sort of in a panic about it all (I tell them to relax everything is going to be ok for them). Others are partying up with their new found abilities and having a ball.

I recently watched one soul partially awaken only to return to the sleep it was an event that still touches my heart with a bit of sadness that I am still dealing with in a way. It was the first time I witnessed such an event. Usually everyone that I have watched awaken never returns to the sleep. Perhaps I have been lucky in that aspect, if you can call it luck. I just have to keep reminding myself that its not my will but the Fathers will that is important. It has left me able to understand a little bit more about what Christos went through while here. Why he made comments like “ oh you of little faith” I still see the sad expression on his face every time he was trying to teach something and they were failing to get it.

I am curious have you ever read Defending The Un-defendable by Walter Block? Interesting book to say the least . ** No I do not know why I tossed that in there just something told me you might get a kick out of the book**

These are truly strange and wonderful days and from where I sit while we may have to go through a period of trial what is waiting for us on the other side is well worth the trial and the wait.

Oh and I never put much stock in astrologers or palmist etc. btw. They are just using the toys of the blind god trying to see something that if they looked and worked on what was within would give them far more vision than any of those toys they play with.

I had a supposed Wiccan tell me she was told I was one of the most dangerous people on the planet. I looked at her and laughed and said she forgot to ask the most important question.

Just who and what am I dangerous too?

I already knew the answer to that one and it’s why I don’t walk in fear of the sons of the father of lies. When you live in truth those that live in lies can’t hurt you. Heck most of the time they cant even see you.

Well I suppose I have gone on enough. Thanks for the words that sparked some more thoughts to which I will have to investigate on a deeper level.


bholanath said...

Lesji, sir -
very cool, my man. synchronicity out the ass around here too. our charts are very similar (different houses) and I feel much of what you and Barbara are saying. today through wednesday should bring some startling energies all around. always nice to have additional confirmation.
please respond to my email at your leisure and convenience, no rush.

sui juris 249 - "toys of the blind god"? what_ever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I started having the visions about the 'change' last summer in vivid details... Like glancing out to the Western skies and seeing large absinthe green colored orbs floating down... kind of like the good witch's bubble orb she came down in.

Then the ones where I could see the veil hanging all transparent and shredding up.

It came to me-through astrological perusals that when Neptune goes into Pisces through transit and more immediately and importantly to these 'visions' Uranus and Jupiter move into Aries by transit-with Jupiter in the last degree of Pisces-right now-today... that this will be the energies that will awaken all who are able to awaken.

So first: Jupiter into Aries and that will eventually oppose the Libra Saturn readying to go retrograde at 17 degrees Libra (approximately October 11 date wise) but will immediately square the Pluto energies in Capricorn right now-the tsquare of the cardinal planets will be in hard ball play once again-as they were last summer when Jupiter went briefly into Aries and then backed out back into Pisces during ITS retrograde phase...

So with ARIES involved-it is definitely a HEADS UP time.

It was on Saturday that I was having several physical unusual events going on with both my vision and body sensations. I was doing like 'trailings' with my eyes with everything I was seeing... almost-but not quite a double vision affect going on. Then when I laid myself down to sleep I felt this rolling sensation inside my body which took a while to detect if it was INSIDE OR OUTSIDE (like an earthquake rolling sensation). I just went to sleep and awoke after a good dream that helped me with my big problem I've got to deal with. Or do I?

the gardener

for a fun little trip-watch this 50s video of a scientific test of the affects of LSD on a pretty lady

Anonymous said...

Head East and as usual it's (astrology) not only a different expression but a different reality(s) as well.

Jyotish is not simply some conjured up hit or miss children's game for amusing the masses.
Neither is it the devil's work or an unclean art. Hardly.

Of course, there are those who make it so by a polluting practice and purpose. You know, the old $$$ or ego trip.

Jyotish isn't called "the science of light" for no reason.

There are six Vedangas (limbs) of the Vedas.
Jyotish is the foremost.

The Vedangas have lost their luster in the modern world.
Very few or in some cases none of the ancient texts are extant today.
The Vedangas had everything to do with original Sanskrit and ancient Vedic rituals, sacrifices and mantras. Yagyas.

So today even the experts at this incredibly complex and exhaustive science are somewhat limited in their scope of fulfillment.

Then too, there are those who are graced and/or attain extraordinary completeness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Just thought, that's funny ! I've started hearing voices. Not in my head, more like they're being transmitted in the ether. As yet I haven,t been able to decipher them, owing to the fact more than one voice is speaking at the same time.
A bit of a strange phenomenom.

Visible said...

Pete; Damn that is precise. They are coming out of the ether that was what I felt when the voices seemed to come in on the breeze and I also can't hear what they are saying because more than one voice is speaking. What a trip! Well, it's certainly happening to others because you couldn't have that down so well as to mirror what my experience is without my having even said this about it.

Visible said...

I'm going to point out that I'm in Europe and I usually go to bed somewhere around this time so when your comments don't go up for a few hours, this is the reason. I'll put this at all the blogs because I am going to retire to another dimension now, I hope. (grin)

vixen said...

Not something I would feel comfortable posting on any blog except this one, where I know my experiences will not be mocked. Yes, I hear the voices too. They sound like men working a distance away and when I look around and open doors and windows, there's nothing out there but silence. I did mention this to my sister and she told me to look in my closet. Nothing there either. I wasn't scared, but wonder what is being conveyed to me at this point. (I do wonder, because it sounds like men at work, if there isn't some force making the changes that are happening to me. Big changes are taking place and my life is about to do a 180. My days of living as a hermit are about over as I will be having permanent house guests arriving shortly. What I expected to happen 25 years ago and gave up hope on is now coming to life. It's my belief that this is because the time of whatever changes are coming is on the doorstep and I always knew how it would come together except I was way ahead of myself and the revealing......

est said...

wait a second

did i blink and
miss something ?

i thought i saw it
out of the corner
of my eye

it was fast
but not as
fast as me

i had it
in hand

but only
for a moment

then it broke free
from my grasp

i'll be chasing it
till the end of days

Rabbit said...

Still sitting on the start line, reving my engine. In tune with too much to bother trying to add anything, as usual. Not usual for me though, as anyone who knows me would agree. Nobody says it better though Les so why try is how I see it. You've convinced me to get my own chart done though, since it has been a long time and I could use a bit of personal assurance and maybe some overview perspective.

I notice that relationships for me have become distilled into the relevant and irrelevant and the mostly irrelevant are just background noise to my days. Interesting to see who some of the relevant turned out to be though.

Anonymous said...

This is for any interested in gemology and its relations with astrology expressed through the Vedic knowledge.

Jai Sri Ganesha!

Anonymous said...

A year and a half ago, I was experiencing a very bizarre and rather hideous reality. My Marriage failed, the job sucked, friends sucked, everything sucked, but I knew in my heart that it was happening so that I could get to a better place. The old adage, "Everything happens for a reason" was my mantra.

I too was approached by a chart reader-psychic-mystic. About six-months before the proverbial, "Shit hit the fan" She told me that this was all going to happen before it happened and then it happened.

At a critical moment which was painful but expected, I sat on my couch to meditate and said silently to my own little brain: "Now Universe!, NOW! What do I need to know NOW!?"

I'll be god-damned, I got immediate answer. I breathed three deep breaths when I saw what has been called the Universal Grid. A white luminescent grid appeared. I "floated" way over the earth from exactly where I was at that moment to exactly where I am right this minute a year and a half later. I sat with it for all of 15 minutes and SHAZAM, that was it. I knew what I had to do. I was outta there and now I am here.

I trusted that moment on a complete "whim" and moved to where I was vision-quested to. It was a risky and uncertain venture. I gave up all material possessions, all friends, all of all, of all of how my life had been for 15 years. The message was: Jump now! Now! Go! Do it! So, that's what I did.

I got where I was told to go in that vision and about 8 months ago, I too started to hear the "whispers of the wind" is what I called them. I tried not to put too much into it but it was so prevalent and so obvious and so frequent that I came to befriend these ghostly voices and I love them now. I have no clue what they are saying but I figure osmosis is doing it's work.

One day I even saw what I believe was the other dimension trying to show itself to me (Sans any drugs at all) where the woods started to look gel like and almost twisty like looking through water but the end result never came. I didn't see the other dimension but I'm sure it's there.

I was contacted by another psychic who I never heard of who told me that my energy was high and that I was supposed to do something important, echoing what the other mystic said.

I am confused and overwhelmed by these messages because they came to me without my asking but I have accepted them because they came to me and well, frankly, it's SO fuckin' cool!

Since I've followed the grid, I have been blessed with abundance of love, family and just found out the other day that I was indeed chosen to get that dream job.

Change is here, we are in charge of our reality, do something important with it because your energy is so large and so beautiful that everyone around you for millions of miles will feel it.

Rant Rampage I know, but your piece here touched me in a way that I couldn't have expressed before.

Run with it. Peace.

bholanath said...

The Neptune-Chiron conjunction is expressing in people who have personal planets in the last degrees of fixed signs, as it did last summer. This is the third pass over that area, but there will be another 4th touch-in with Neptune in late summer and fall. Also this is expressing in people with first degrees of mutable signs. Connected to the advanced perceptions and weirdness (grin). In the soulless, it is manifesting as delusion and madness.
Those with personal planets in last degrees of mutable and first degrees of cardinal are expressing the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction squaring Pluto. This also was going on last summer. This is expressed on the higher levels through major awakenings, cutting through, catalytic changes, genius creativity; other levels include instability, sudden upsets, reactionary and rebellious actions.
These all are moving through everyone, but some more personally, and, for some, all of the above.

I am not personally under either of the outer-planet configurations, but practically everyone around me in my circle is, so I'm getting to appreciate with some objectivity.
All who have been working correctly with these long-lasting transits are having astounding breakthroughs now after passing the preliminary challenges. The slackers and soulless are panicking and realizing they've lost control (and of their evil 'creations'), and it's probably gonna get worse (especially for them).

BTW, didn't that shooter dude do kind of a "Taxi Driver" thing with the politician? Just a weird thing that occurred to me...
unbris: the opposite of hubris?

Anonymous said...

I read one of Syvia Browne's book way back when, and there was a part in there about vortex spots, like worm holes, or something. Can't remember the exact name she called it, but, she mentioned a few places around the US where they were. One of them is in mid-Nebraska. Sylvia wrote about these places, sort of like crevices in our space and time where people can unknowlingly slip out of our reality and into another dimension. Some people would hear those who disappeared, so to speak, scream for help, but no one could ever locate the scream or find the people. When I was reading this, there was a tv show about Hastings, Nebraska where two people riding home from work together disappeared on their way home from work one night. No sign of either one of them, nor the car or any items belonging to them. No one used their credit cards or saw them anywhere afterwards. People who live in Hastings have said that they have heard screams for help at times, but no one could ever find anything. Hmmmm.

Sometimes I hear music playing. People singing. I can't quite hear the words or make out the song, but I hear it, sort of like it is off in the distance.

I think we're getting a bleed through between dimensions. Maybe that's what is going to be the big freak out ..... we're going to be having unique beings drop in on us, just show up in our living rooms. Ha, won't that be a hoot!

wv: ovascab - Ovas, call me a cab, I want outa here

bruce said...

Pretty kewl, more folks are hearing/seeing/feeling/dreaming what I am. Nice to know. Is everyone seeing 11's everywhere ? also alot of multiple numbers ?
btw, the url posted worked for me also.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's the 13th star sign one of the 88 new constellations mentioned by savy ptolomeo..
he was educated by kiròn both were medicine and knew the art of resurection and bring back the living dead. unless you are listening to digital drugs.

Anonymous said...

i was up the country in the hippy part of the land afew days ago in a little town found a bric a brac shop with a copy of the bhagavad gita sitting on a table out the front i had a feeling i was going to find it opened it up and it was in german looked inside and found a hardback copy printed in india in sanskrit with english translations by a swami swarupananda it has a good feel about it

a GrebBear said...

Mr. Visible )

Haven't commented in a while ... very busy integrating and working on the k-now-ledge transmitted through meditation and intuition.

Recently (2/two weeks ago), both DMT and a 1/2 oz of liberty caps, found their way to me ?? i have no m-one-y so that in itself, is remarkable; but, the time spent ... well, lets just say there is no longer any doubts in my experience, that 1.) WE're connected to Everything !! 2.) WE don't die (although having my ego 'dissolved' felt like asphyxiation) 3.) Everything is under total control = WE have nothing to fret over.

These are all things you have mentioned repeatedly, for at least the past 2/two years ... restated, only for those who may doubt y-our experience ))
... to actually experience these truths, WOW ! -)

i too have been having 'crazy/vivid' dreams ... about a week ago, i was on a giant city sized space ship. It sank from the clouds and had giant 'hollywood' style engines on the bottom ... on top though, it was a technicolor city. There was glass and shinny metal; but, the parts that caught my attention, were the giant organic (seemingly grown) architecture and the rolling hills of greenery ?? It was if a beautiful country side with a city in the middle, learned to fly )) Stranger yet, once i was in the ship (not sure how i got t-here), the ship was attacked ... an intercom voice (with no discernible speakers, nor audible direction) told US to brace for evasive maneuvers ... i rode an elephant once, and this ship turning felt just like that, an incredible amount of power and then just before WE zipped into the blackness somewhere over the horizon, an artificial gravity kicked in (the feeling of movement stopped) ... it was as real as the screen supporting this rambling ))

Well, just thought i'd share ))
You're a huge ins-phi-ration my friend ... and i hope you and everyone, will swing by and support (loving intention) my latest art project ))
Its going to turn some heads, in a beautiful way ))


a GrebBear

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)

ps ... here is the launch pad for the art project:
... i find it very heartening that the launch coincides with a 'building' of energy, felt by so many beautiful cats; the wonderful tribe that is held together, with y-our amazing insight Dog Poet.
Thank YOU.

Erik said...

So it maybe wasn't burglars that I sometimes seem to hear roaming around my house late in the evening, mumbling to one another ...

Well, that's a relief, because I am still a bit 'worse for wear' to properly defend myself. Well ...used to be pretty quick in my reflexes, maybe still, I don't know ;)

Pstonie said...

I've heard something like what you're describing while experimenting with sleep deprivation. I always thought it was my brain doing amplification and pattern recognition on background noise, making it sound like something we know, voices.

It reminds me quite a bit of this animation, showing how an image distorted from atmospheric interference (on the left) can restored (the right).

And thank you gardener for that amazing LSD vid, worth even the ad at the end.

GTRman said...

My friends sister became 'psychic' years ago ,during / after a very serious illness where she came close to death. Ive got some great anecdotes!
This girl was very ,very straight ,never even smoked a cigarette.

Ten years ago she settled and had a few kids , my friend informed me that , after seeing her at Christmas ,she is "getting back in the game" so to speak.
Sign o the times?

Bear , nice story.
I could do with a heroic dose right now. First clear blue skys and , yes, even sunshine here in UK for AGES !

Anonymous said...

May I say I've heard the voices of the Ancient Ones in the woods when all is still.Not all the time,but I can't discern the language.Have also "seen" things just on the edge of my vision and when I look directly it's not there.
It's been going on and off for a couple of years.I haven't had the chance to retreat to the quiet spots since last sept.(opened my own auto shop).
I will now get out (meditate) more for more (in the Zone ) time.

Erik said...

A more mundane example of weird synchronicities ...

Something strange happened yesterday, not as 'wild' as Les' and other examples, but still ...

The 'gadget' I use for e-banking broke down, So I got a lift from the old farmer into the village to the bank, to get a replacement. There I could check my account ...WTF Social Security check not yet in. So I decided to pay a visit to the Office to get a form,they did not send me yet ...

When I told my name to the clerc, all hell seem to break loose; they have been trying to track me down for some time... Turns out they have been sending mail about it to the wrong adress!

Anyways, I was just in time to learn that I have an appointment tomorrow, to renew my application.

Maybe silly compared to decending "Shambala's" and maybe I get it wrong, but i've got a feeling from this 'Don't worry Erik, I told you I have got your back, see ..."

Anonymous said...

Prabhupada, Denver, July 1, 1975: [...] And another complaint I was hearing that we are not taking prasadam, especially the grhasthas. No. That is not good. You should take prasadam. Krishna baro doyamoy, koribare jihwa jay, swa-prasad-anna dilo bhai, sei annamrta pao, radha-Krishna-guna gao, preme dako caitanya-nitai. Krishna baro doya…

Our tongue is the greatest enemy. Ta ’ra madhye jihwa ati, lobhamoy sudurmati.

The tongue is the greatest enemy, and if you can control the tongue, then you can control all the senses. Otherwise tongue will dictate, “Give me this kind of food, give me this kind of food.” And if you don’t take prasadam in the temple, then our tongue will dictate, “Now you can prepare some nice food. Let us take it.” That will not help us in our Krishna consciousness. Whatever Krishna…, Krishna baro doyamoy, koribare jihwa jay. Krishna-prasada means to control the tongue. Our main enemy is the tongue.

In another place it is said, sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva sphuraty adah: “God realization becomes by keeping the tongue engaged in the service of the Lord.” Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau. The tongue has to be first of all engaged, not the hands and legs. “I have to serve Krishna. So yes, I am ready. I am expanding my hands. I am going there.”

Anonymous said...

But sastra says, “No, no, no. Not your hands and legs but your tongue. This is the one. First of all engage your tongue.” This is astonish: “How can I serve with tongue? If I have to serve, I have got my hands and legs, my eyes and I…” No. Sastra says tongue. This is very peculiar. Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva sphuraty adah.

If you engage your tongue… So how to engage my tongue? What is the business of my tongue? Two business only: to taste, or eat, and chant. Chant Hare Krishna with tongue and take Krishna-prasadam—you will conquer Krishna.

And there is no such thing as infection. I am taking your prasadam remnants. Whatever you left, I am… He is taking. Even if you are outcaste, if you are not brahmana, still there is. Because prasada is transcendental. It is not material thing. So one must have faith that it is not material. It cannot be infected by any material things. In this way prasada should be taken.

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Wrong blog.
Oh well, that's ok.
It will do no one no harm.

Erin Parsley said...

"So for you, this will work on a spiritual level, as the divine fire sweeps away anything unreal within you."

Exactly my experience in these last several intense years.  Now since last summer I have felt a shift: enough space 'burned' out of the unreal in me, creating an open vessel for the rushing inflow of the divine.

Sacred Fire

In my heart
Ever glowing
Flame of
Divine Love
Greeting me
As I awaken
In the morning
Acompanyning me
Until my sleep
At night
Warming embers
Of Truth
Burning away
All falsehood
Eternal Vision
Every moment
Without fail
To All That Is

Erik said...

Anon 8:43

If this was a whoops, I for one would welcome more 'whoopsies' ;)

May I inquire which blog this was intended for ...?

The Wanderer said...

I know what you mean Les. I have this constant feeling now that "something" is about to happen. My wife and I have been taking Ormus for the last seven years and over that time we have experienced many supernatural events, I'm also lucky enough to have the "sound" as a constant companion and just lately the volume has gone through the roof!
I'm sixty years old and built like the proverbial "brick s***house" but find myself sobbing uncontrollably for no particular reason. Yesterday is a perfect example I sat down to watch the documentary "DMT-The Spirit Molecule" and within a couple of minutes I was crying like a baby, strange but uplifting?

Erik said...

Wow Les,

The remastered version is even better (hint)

Amp on 11, Patrick's voice rumbling, the dogs barking ... they hate thunderstorms ;)

Anonymous said...

Erik, Visible Stream of Consciousness -Hare Krishna/Greetings

Les Visible accommodates a running inventory of transcendental articles on a more or less daily basis.

One of various sevas he offers.

bholanath said...

"Scientists still think that 'listening to the land' is a metaphor. It's not a metaphor. It's the way the world is."
-Jeannette Armstrong

Anonymous said...

it's good to know this visible.
thanks for sharing!!
Love, Debbie.

Erik said...

Anon 10:45

Hare Krisna.., so you're back!; have to check there more often ...

Many thanks for posting there.

Erik said...

Oh boy,

Sorry for the spelling: Hare Krishna

Anonymous said...

in recipes of living well
formulating nourishments
energizing atmosphere
inspiring accomplishment
circulating generality
transforming beams reroot
liberating sanctifying
wise old kingdom truth
a sit beside in paradise
stirred upon the change
natured minds revitalizing
conscious rearange
energising lifting
gliding on within
charging on the moment
freedom inner spring


teresa said...

Wait till you hear the music up close and personal. It makes air shimmer in endless shades of sunshine. It is beautiful in a way I have never heard in this world. Physical touch from the other dimension is a comfort, too.


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Cost of Celebrity and the Price of Fame.

Lukiftian said...

Yes, I've been feeling something similar, but Neptune is opposing my Ascendant rather than my Sun.
It's welcome, years of Neptune in the sixth house has frankly been a pile of shit.
Pluto has been in the fifth for a couple of years, minding its own business.
It's starting to feel rather nice...

Yes Les, That's right. Your Sun is exactly conjunct my Ascendant. ;-)

LEOEIGHT888 said...

Hi Les, You are one of my most treasured sources of illumination - shining your light as I navigate my way through my (sometimes dark) conscious reality - Q:Often I come across references to bears and subliminal messages - Can you crank up your life light and enlighten me on your "take" on this matter - It makes absolutely no sense to me...but it has become recuring enough for me to "pop" you for YOUR insight! ('ts a BIG DEAL!!) - it seems these days alot of noise is thrown "out-there" to this one of 'em? OR should I actually BE PAYING ATTENTION....well..atleast more so - LEOEIGHT8

Visible said...

Since I don't know your personal situation or the context, I'm not in a position to have an informed opinion. We all have totem animals and that might explain the bears. As for information from the invisible, usually it's set to confusion but not always. The key is to listen in the heart and not the mind. The mind generates things to ensure it's survival and preeminence. The heart is not the same, unless it's focus is the material. The heart doesn't lie but it's harder to hear. You have to be patient and keep asking.

Anonymous said...

May I offer this info to leoeight888 ?
Bear’s Message and Medicine

Strength / Introspection / Stamina / Renewal / Healing, Dreaming

Bear is the largest of carnivores but it is also omnivorous, eating fruits, plants, nuts and meat. There are many species of bear. The most common is the black bear. However not all back bears are black. They can be back, brown or cinnamon colored. The Alaska brown bear is the largest of bears . The grizzly is a relative of the brown bear and is known for its aggressiveness and temper. Bear is also related to the raccoon.

The strength of Bear medicine is the power of introspection. The bear represent the west side of the Medicine Wheel. The West is the place of intuition, transformation, inner-knowing, shamanic journeying, dreams and visions. Bear teaches you to go within to solve problems and promote healing. Seek knowledge and wisdom through meditation and dreams. Go within your Winter Cave (subconscious mind) for renewal and the resources necessary for survival and healing. If you have Bear medicine, remember to slow down in Winter. Keep a slower pace during this season so you can contemplate the past year and prepare for the year to come. Study herbs and explore quiet places in Nature for balance and healing. Rest, but try not to hibernate all year long. Spring will provide you with new ideas and opportunities. Plan and prepare for next year, but don’t forget to live fully in the moment in the present moment.

Walking Hawk

Anonymous said...

Hi les,
Sorry for posting anonymous (don't have a gmail account) and also for my bad English (not native). Love your sites. I know this is of topic but I realy want people to know what is coming our way. I keep trying to tell loved ones to open there eyes, but I'm just talking to the blind. It's a long article but please everybody take 5 minutes of your time

“This is like an opera where the main characters are
Frankenstein and King Neptune. When the fat lady of the Gulf finally sings in the last act, there may not be much of an audience left to hear her."

Thank you, ivo

Visible said...


That's quite an article! Earth as Petri Dish. Truly scary. As i have been maintaing, sociopolitical and economic change are not the concern, Mother Nature is.

Visible said...

Here's a new spoken piece from Patrick Willis.

Anonymous said...

Without an intent to be contradictory, I point out the fact that the bear is the largest carnivore on LAND.

Obviously a sperm whale is the largest carnivore on this planet.
Also they have the largest brain.

(And probably sperm count too
but that's only a guess)

Anonymous said...

'Okay, this is it. When the ship goes down to the water-line take a really big breath and swim as hard and far away from the ship as you can so you won't be sucked under and drown as the ship sinks.'


Anonymous said...

Now I will correct myself and say the largest carnivore on the planet is in fact a blue whale.

A blue whale eats krill.

Sorry for my errors.

Visible said...

Actually, the largest carnivores on the planet are bankers, governments and religions. Meanwhile, something that eats fish cannot properly be called a carnivore or am I wrong (grin)? I know that some fish eat seals and they would qualify but do the larger whales eat them? Leopard seals can get huge and they eat meat. Some sharks can weigh more than a bear? Just making conversation. Of course, this whole train of exchange has nothing to do with the original thought, just like the world we live in today... heh heh,

Anonymous said...

I won't even mention the Timingila.

Oh, what the hell..

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 8.7.18

nirmathyamānād udadher abhūd viṣaḿ

maholbaṇaḿ hālahalāhvam agrataḥ



The fish, sharks, tortoises and snakes were most agitated and perturbed. The entire ocean became turbulent, and even the large aquatic animals like whales, water elephants, crocodiles and timińgila fish [large whales that can swallow small whales] came to the surface. While the ocean was being churned in this way, it first produced a fiercely dangerous poison called hālahala.
(and of course this was the hālahala poison Lord Shiva drank, causing his throat to become blue)



Joseph Brenner

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