Thursday, August 30, 2012

McDonald's S&M Club and the Chuck E. Cheese Bind and Ride

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's almost like time-lapse photography to watch the suit buffoons, posing and posturing like drunken monkeys at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. I see it all going on in my peripheral vision. There's no need to look directly at it anymore. It isn't really there. It's fading, like the faces on an old Carte De Visite photo. They talk in Linotype, on rotting paper that might have once wrapped mummies in their sarcophaguses. They are ambulatory dinosaur shit. They are attended by scavenger hordes, who feed in the wake of the sinking ship of state. They sunk it. They sunk it with their weight and indifference to routine maintenance. They're not about fixing, they're all about feeding. They are cannibals of a certain kind. Eventually they will eat each other and then they will eat themselves. They are bipedal cancer cells, with frozen hair and skin laminated with eau de spray can. When they laugh it is like glass breaking or rats speaking. They think of themselves as free and independent but they are no more than mind control slaves for the banks. A tiny cabal of Velociraptors, herds them through the stock-pens; to what end? We can only guess.

I cannot watch them for long. Decades ago I saw them moving through the streets and out of the buildings of Washington D.C. I have seen them coming in the thousands down the stairs of Grand Central Station, at the end of the working day, into the main concourse, bound for points upstate and Connecticut. They ride off to their lairs, after a day of hijinks with fountain pens that make mountains appear and disappear. Mountains of resources turn into slag pits and mountains of garbage rise somewhere else. Neither of these appear through the windows of the homes, where the suits reside. Everything there is tailored and manicured. Their hearts are manicured, just like their nails. They shape and reconstitute them in special schools and boardrooms, where empathy and conscience are career killing liabilities. Welcome to the world of GMO hearts and minds. Levels of detachment are achieved. It's like looking at life through plexiglass windows. It's like touching skin through neoprene. It's Latex and bondage at Club Fetish. Essential and ordinary practices no longer get the job done. Normal has left the building. Their progeny reflect that. We're not that far off from the McDonald's S&M Club and the Chuck E. Cheese Bind and Ride. We have entered a time where the only way to feel, is through torment, torture and humiliation; there lies redemption and epiphany. It's reverse cowboy, Kundalini in the Kali Yuga. Yee ha! Ride that cowboy!

Enter The Magic Kingdom of Methamphetamine. The Palais De L'enfants is now a child procurement agency. They're snatching them out of the homes in the UK. The thing with kinky and evil sex is that you can never get enough and you always need a need an edgier thrill. You can imagine where this leads and you don't want to but there are people who do. They imagine it all through the day in the bank offices where they work. It's why they do it. It's why they make the big bucks. Certain things cost a lot of money and are only illegal for the people in the cheap seats. The people in the cheap seats provide a punitive diversion, to distract from the monsters at the top. That's how it is.

These beached whales of The Apocalypse know how to party down, all the way down. Down to the bottom. They kill by proxy. They kill with paper and ink. They kill indifferently. They kill for the sheer weight of the numbers, who are marching to their deaths. Their minds are held together with sealing wax and chewing gum. Their minds are composed of chewing gum. They are ciphers applauding the death of ciphers. It's a cartoon. It's Tom and Jerry with hammers and nails, crucifying Bugs Bunny on cross of fiction.

Nature is outraged, violated over the centuries, now she has her powers back. The dark backward is moon-walking into the abyss. Abaddon, Asmodeus and Belial are calling; another law firm. The cellphones of the world are lighting up as they did in Lawnmower Man; “access denied”, “access denied”, “access denied” and then? And then? And then? ♫and then along came Jason and Michael Myers♫, dancing cheek to cheek on Moonlight Bay, except, there is no Moon. Some say there is no Santa Claus, ♫First there is a Santa Claus, then there is no Santa Claus, then there is♫.

Nothing is what it seems these days. Human scorpions are climbing out of the woodwork. You can only hope they sting themselves before they get to you. Sometimes we are not so lucky. They come in disguises. They pretend to be something else. The stinger goes in and you can't tell where it bit you because that's manifesting in a whole new way. You're getting gaslighted. It's enemy ops, in a new kind of camo. They come in colors; lurid pink, pornographic purple. Oh yeah, the flatulent trades are the wind in the willows. Mr Toad has gastrointestinal distress. Everything is nothing and nothing is everything. It's the end of the line. Do you fight? Do you surrender? Do you disappear? It's a personal decision.

No matter how long term enduring the ignorance has been, we never fail to be surprised at the level it can sink to and still maintain life. With everything Obama has done, seemingly intelligent people, still support him. How do they rationalize this in their minds? How is this possible? How can they not see the death and destruction in his wake? Hundreds of thousands, serve in the government agencies and assist in the killings and deprivations. Psychopaths, with arrested development, sit at computer desks and murder women and children halfway around the world, as if they were only playing a video game and it wouldn't have been all that long ago when that was the case. It's no different now than it was then. Janus Napolitano, is running an alternative sex bacchanal over at Homeland Insecurity. Class has gone out the window, although, albeit it was never 'in the house'. The daily fare is 'shit on a shingle' from the enlisted men's mess.

Behind the scenes, it is organized Satanism on the rise. The reason for this, is the same reason for the economic perversions, the sexual free for all of Kundalini in free fall, the fragmentation of society; it's cultures and religions. It stands to reason that Satan is the new crucified God. We've been too hard on him, people. He only had our best interests at heart. He only wanted to give us what we want and wanted and then he wants us to spend the after life, in his eternal summer camp, where it is always high summer in an endless, wet t-shirt party of girls (and boys) gone wild, Baron Samedhi is on the throne and you are never alone. You are never alone. That's not good news by the way.

These are strange times. Elaborate efforts are underway by those posing as other than what they are. I am reminded of Mick Jagger on the stage at Altamont. The fighting broke out in front of the stage. The appropriately named Hell's Angels were hammering the concert viewers and Mick stopped his song and started saying, “peace, brothers and sisters, peace”. Then he launched right back into 'Street Fighting Man', whipping the pentagram painted stage with his studded belt. I was there, right up close. I've been up close, at a distance, for some time. I don't see where I missed much, except for getting right down into the dark ugly and showing that twisted solidarity that makes it look like I love you, just cause I got down with it for you, in it with you, cause you were alone. You were alone and couldn't handle it and... there is nothing in life that is sweeter than the innate ability to be alone and not need anything more ♫first you are alone, then you're not alone and then you are♫.

Years ago, from the beginning, I always went that extra mile. I walked into the wilderness on high octane fuel. I did the things that brought the wolf in his shoulder boards to my door, given that I even had a door and that might have gotten me a cup of coffee in this world but this world is a shapeshifting beast in search of a cage. If that beast looks like one of the guards or attendants, they'll just open the cage and out it goes. Years later, that has stood me in good stead and I suspect that my companions of the moment, on the occasion I had companions, don't remember that much about all of it now. Anti-life has intruded upon the memory of arcane states and moments. They are in the groove of ordinary life and necessary circumstance, or it appears to be necessary. It seems to be and it gets value added from the intention invested. It gets what it gets and you get what you get, according to what you value, in order to show you the value of anything and everything, in time. So it goes.

End Transmission.......

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the gardener said...

Dude!!! For those who haven't had a taste of the whips or an endless stream of pure hot shit delivered upon you for years-one would consider the pronouncements of this post of yours to be the rants of quite the mad man.

Just got back from getting my little dog's overgrown toenails done by one of the BEST MEN I've ever known. Dog groomer, dog trainer... takes in and boards all kinds of left behind pets-his grooming shop filled with neat and clean crates for the cats and dogs left behind by their own peeps. He loves and tends each and everyone of them! Huge man with a heart to match as he's sitting there grooming a cute little poodle.

If his life's stories didn't parallel my own in all the good and bad ways I'd think myself quite mad too! He was sick for over a year, entered into the seriously deadly realm of quacksterville and lived to tell me his tales.

His wife was fired at the 30 years and 10 day mark off her filthy ridiculous JOB... ripped off of her pension-the 5th one of her generation there that was done that way... #4, a man, promptly went home and killed his self-the betrayal to him too much to take.

He said 'cashing in those 401k monies will have you paying out tens of thousands in taxes during the duration'... and though the ones who dropped him right on his head in the hospital harmed him they still billed him for that pleasure and pain over $1500... there is no recourse available in the classical ways anymore.

These fiends in all systems are protected by something. They got some memo we aren't privy to. They do kill ya then bill ya. They do fire you and then expect you to go home to a retirement age of total destitution or be a good souled boy or girl and kill yourself.

He proclaimed what I've observed back a while ago 'they're trying to kill off everyone over 50!'... I told him "I know"... he knows I know. We have a lot in common and he's a very good hearted man. Never cheated or lied or stole from anyone in his life. hmmmm Incredible gardener, lover of any of Creator's creations large and small... I tried to assure him that 'their time for destruction with smirks on their over'... he listened but didn't believe.

I get what you wrote today Vis... I know what you wrote is true-too many of us are living the ramifications of the soulless ones every day in brutal ways.

I will help my friend as much as I can. I told him to never keep it from me if he is sick again-I'll call his good wife and tell her what I know about heart and breathing problems...causes and cures. But it is all enough to make any normal people sick to their very souls what is going down right now-one can only eat shit from the low lifes so much... without recourse-then it turns into a serious spiritual situation. Or until one gets that that is what the bottom line problem is.

the gardener

PS-in closing I want to let everyone know what a good old retired DA told me about the ways authority deals with the many crimes perpetrated upon me-ones that required my partner to die first to pull off and it was all about 'appropriateness' 'Was his reaction to your story APPROPRIATE?" I've since gotten to witness this 'appropriate' responses or inappropriate. The guilty or colluded ones do the inappropriate reactions. It was a good reassuring piece of advice.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable how you do this day in and day out, well beyond the ability of anyone else in the world, time and time again. I get it. I don't think others get it. I get it. I know who you are.


Mouser said...

Fine post Sir. If there was only some way to warn the people around the world that the bridge really is out and they are about to fly off into the air like lemmings before they all crash and die upon the rocks below.

Keep on with your important work. Maybe a miracle will occur in the very near future to jolt the hypnotised back into reality before they stampede to their very certain deaths.

I hope so.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

"It's reverse cowboy, Kundalini in the Kali Yuga."

The best description of these times I've heard.

"The thing with kinky and evil sex is that you can never get enough and you always need a need an edgier thrill. You can imagine where this leads and you don't want to but there are people who do."

I am all too familiar with their sick sexual bullshit. If you happen to end up in their circles, as I have read that you have, their smarmy innuendo's will have you wretching. Pure evil.

"Janus Napolitano, is running an alternative sex bacchanal over at Homeland Insecurity."

I find this exceptionally hilarious. A former "submissive" friend of mine is one of her head honcho's there. She was a lot of fun at first, then things took a turn, and she wanted to go places and do things that were WAY beyond where I wanted to go. Far, far beyond. And now she's one of the top law enforcement women in the country. Which all fits in to what you talked about previously in the piece.

You continue to amaze, bro. A day at a time, more will be revealed.

Farmer Butch

Anonymous said...

Comrade please do not disparage the Chicago Jesus Messiah, the greatest human being ever to walk the face of the earth, the one! Will there be a similar posting next week for the democraps circle jerk?

Anonymous said...

"... When dealing with the Jews there are only two choices: to surrender to them or to fight them. We have chosen the latter. As our enemy attacks without mercy, so do we. The future will prove who is right. Developments so far, however, seem to be more in our favor than the enemy’s. Opposition to the Jews, not friendship with them, is growing around the world. We are convinced that at the end of the war, Jewry will face a humanity that fully understands the Jewish Question...."

-- Joseph Goebbels, May 1943

preacher said...

Hear, hear!!!

Dumb & dumber in action:!

Anonymous said...

Great word find there 'gaslighting'. That's also a stupid tribemember trick. At least, that's where it surely originated.

preacher said...

Yeah, gaslighting was also an eyeopener for me. I didn't know they had a name for that tactic...

This whole time, while we were afraid of 1984, we’ve quietly accepted the Brave New World

Rob in WI said...

Regarding deviance of anatomical sex among the "protected class", it's nothing new. Zappa sang about it; "Brown Shoes Don't Make It", the perversions of J.Edgar, Churchill, and others were info available to the public. The Franklin scandal, the bush family's reputation, etc., etc. Oh, sorry, I left out the clintons. Tribe members are even boastful of their perversion. Sickening.

Lee said...

RE, the Gardner..

"These fiends in all systems are protected by something."

Interesting that you noticed the same thing I have. Evil doers have their own protecting angels.

I also agree that we too, are suffering by the evil perpetrated on us by these souless, godless beings.

I am not sure if anyone agrees with me, but I have a sickening feeling that we are near the tipping point. Barry McGuire sang/said it best with, "Eve Of Destruction".

Rob in WI said...

Hi all,
I'm going through an awful experience, listening to the rnc on national propaganda radio. Why? Our enemy (the one in the spotlight), needs to be monitored. Next week, I'll monitor the other half of our common enemy. How else can one counter the sophists?
BTW, I've found a good counter to the argument; "If there were truly such massive conspiricies", there would be many of the conspirators fessing up. Consider the "Manhattan Project" during WWII. Tens of thousands were involved, only a few hundred knew the whole plan, but atomic bomb development could still be a conspiracy theory, like JFK, 9/11, etc., if the illusion manipulators decided. Hell, the Russians developed that evil weapon; we just needed it to defeat Japan.
This venting is getting close to projectile vomiting. Excuse me, Rob

Anonymous said...

But then, as far as "gaslighting" goes, there are far more people these days, who are indeed going insane, losing their memory, displaying bizarre outburts of behavior - and most of them think they are being "gaslighted" when somebody brings it up. So there you go.

Aaron Bell said...

The parable tells us that God entered a boat and fell asleep. Humanity is that boat, the ark where God the Father creates as he slumbers. Even though you do not know the people you read about, if the reading disturbs you, you are the cause of that conflict. All imagination, I am dreaming, causing the misfortune and unhappiness of those whose lives I have touched with feeling. When you awaken and recall your dream, do you always know the people there? Do you know the children that were yours in the dream? The people who frightened you? You never saw them before, so how could they be other than that which you caused? You do not recognize them, yet you - the dreamer - caused them to do what they did. The same thing is true here. If the actions of a seeming other cause a motor response in you, even though you do not know him, your awareness is the cause of the storm. But when you awake, memory will return and there will be a wonderful calm.

God, the universally diffused individuality, is asleep in everyone. His transcendent revelation is personified as one called Jesus Christ. Thus personification awakens the memory in you as to who God the Father really is. God did not break up the I am and give each one of us a portion of himself. He gave each one, individually, his whole being. I am cannot be divided, and I am God the Father. If you haven't yet discovered this, I am still asleep. In order to discover your fatherhood, you must find God's son, foretold to be yours. While asleep in the state of Saul, you do not recognize him; and when you ask: "Whose son are you, young man?" he answers: "I am the son of Jesse, the I am." When you awake and recognize God's son, David, are you not Jesse? Are you not God, whose name forever and ever is I am?

It takes David to reveal you to yourself; yet you were his father before you fell asleep. Now dreaming your life into being, you fight against seeming others, calling them devils and Satan. You endow your shadow world with causation, thereby becoming a divided being, when God is not divided. There is no devil. There is no Satan. There is no being outside of your own wonderful human imagination.

"I, even I am he. I kill and I make alive. I wound and I heal and none can deliver out of my hand." (Deut. 52) "I am the Lord and there is no other God. I form the light and I create darkness. I make the weal and I create woe. I am the Lord and there is no other; besides me there is no God." (Isaiah 45) He who creates the evil, creates the good, the weal and the woe, the light and the darkness. He who kills is he who makes alive, and he who wounds is he who heals and there is no other God. If you really believe you are the one spoken of here - that it is you who create the evil, the good, the weal and the woe; that none can deliver out of your hand - then you are set free. You will never again believe in another, but know that your life is self-created. That you create the storms, as well as the peace and the calm. No longer will you believe he, she, or they, did it, for you will recognize them as reflections mirroring either the storm or the peace and calm within you.

Anonymous said...

Vis, whatever you're on, you are ON tonight. Maybe its the effect of the full moon. Maybe it's the change in the season, but you are ON, absolutely and posivently ON.

Haven't commented on this board much during my busy, busy homesteading summer with stone-wall building, peatmoss excavating and garden, garden, garden. But i have been reading almost all of your stuff. Tonight's production features all your muses in full flow and even though it's my month of Virgo this does not happen to be an occasion where your poetic flow quite has the power to unstop my currency and respond somewhat in kind.

Not that your other material over the past weeks hasn't covered the bases and provided some insights, but tonight's presentation is simply surpassive. Another neologism but you're into them too. Wordworx. Would ex ample be the result of successful diet planning? Yes it is fun to play. Time to gather up my dragon-head strutting stick and go off howling in the moonlight. Nice to see you back into tiptop form.

-stickman 9 Virgo, 34 Anno Eros

Visible said...

I've been using that term since I saw the film decades ago. I never knew it was in common parlance until yesterday when I went to check. Some things just come up in other minds.

Aaron. That's strange given that the Bible you are quoting very definitely mentions the existence of these creatures so, I guess I would have to say it perplexes me. As for the rest of it, most of it is a common theme in many religions. However, God places his whole being within us is an extreme unlikelihood, extreme.

Josey Wales returns said...

ReL Gaslighting

I thought that was when you let out a really big fart, bare-assed, and then put the "Bic" to it.

Who knew?

John Rambo said...

"on cross of fiction."

"First there is a Santa Claus, then there is no Santa Claus, then there is"

Turns out that Jesus never existed. Not one single piece of historical evidence to prove his existence, according to a website called

And if Jesus never existed? Then all the hateful "You're all going to burn in hell" crap coming from the hateful fundamentalists is nothing but a bunch of hogwash.

How can we be damned to hell for not believing in a FICTIONAL CHARACTER?

The Qu'ran also mentions a lot about Jesus. So it must also be an Illuminati created and controlled religion.

Maybe WW3 is necessary to get rid of these two hateful factions?

Anyway great post, they just keep getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

Hungry vampires
Wandering ghosts
Cultural diminishment
Demonic hosts
Societal degradation
Complicated affairs
Innebriated psychopaths
The course of unaware
Consciously Unsatisfyed
Significantly bound
Congregating institutional
Intoxicating doubt
Criminal subordinates
Confining greed
The pathway to destruction
The death of evils seed


Skepticfrog said...

Rob in WI @ 4:00AM

You left out Israel. They have produced 200 to 400 atomic warheads. Just think of the enormity of the task and the thousands of people involved. Yet only ONE(!) count: ONE talked! They kidnapped and jailed him and he is currently under house arrest, even though he served his sentence.
I'm well versed in History. EVERYTHING in history is a conspiracy - no exceptions.

Rob in WI said...

I certainly agree. The reason I use the Manhattan Project example is that it is accepted and understood more easily by some of the people I get into discussions with, here in usa. In other words, it makes a good starting point. Thanks for responding. Rob

Anonymous said...

antiwar poetry emerges into its most exalted incarnations in direct proportion to the ferocity and wastefulness of the war it is questioning


- nemo

the gardener said...

Gaslighting comes naturally to the psycho/pathologicals. Just another tool on their belt used to CONtrol you. It can involve coming into your house and rearranging things, taking things and then putting them back, all kinds of crazy shit that most people wouldn't find the energies to partake in...that's why it works so well. Latest mentioning of THAT in the snooze is in the Mary Kennedy suicide reports. She accused RFK, Jr of 'gaslighting her' in concert with mental health professionals which will be the case when great big sums of property or money are involved... 'she's so crazy' 'he's so crazy'...

as far as the 'dream people-who are they? YOU are the ones making them up'... I, as a Neptunian ruled Pisces, have long wished for a bumper sticker saying "I'd rather be sleeping/dreaming"... spent a lot of time doing both... dreams cut off from my awareness for a long spell, now common as they used to be.

My impression is that these 'people I don't know' and I usually don't recognize them is that they are others from another realm or existence in some other time or place... Richard Bach, who went down in his plane this weekend-GOOD WISHES FOR YOU RICHARD! wrote a good book 'Bridges Across Forever' where he gets into the parallel lives lived all at once by we who inhabit the human flesh.

Something I've kept my eye out for ever since reading that 20 or more years ago... 'every decision/choice you COULD make is played out in some other parallel life'... WOW! I've found 'myself' in great big cocktail parties held in like... my familiar corner market ( full of those all dressed in detail, all unique in their characters... all knowing me and I not 'knowing' any of them but I get n with it and have fun there anyway. I just ASSume that I know them from 'somewhere' else-maybe from some other 'choice' or 'decision'. Helps to prevent any regrets from the 'choices' I've made for this timeline.

What happens if the timelines converge? All the parallel lives get scattered and confused? Years ago some wise one offered up as an answer to 'what happens when we die?" with 'you awaken to someone-oh it's your wife! in bed next to you and you say "honey! I had the most outrageous DREAM and you were there...oh wait a minute, you WEREN'T there and it was so confusing and so strange ... ' and then POP! it, like other dreams goes into the astral bin and except for glancing memory bits hitting you up throughout your life... it was just a dream.


the gardener

Anonymous said...

El Vee i have a great idea for a movie channel in the glorious USSA. It will be called the CST (corn studded turd) network and will feature all those straight to dvd, holepunch in the upc shit flicks of third rate, no talent, casting couch rejects who would have trouble reading a porno movie dialogue. You are not missing anything in the glorious collective USSA comrade El Vee. Maybe some bitching by people with nice homes and jobs about how those brown skinned people are breeding like rats and fat poor people (WTF?) panhandling for pocket change at gas pumps of all places. I always tell them to look around the parking lot but that might require some work. With love Cornball Capers.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

I agree tis post is a tad above the rest. that's sanity and clarity for you.

the new Terminator remake had plenty of gaslighting (kill her, this is but a dream.. no kill him..).
plenty of plasmalight too, Tesla invented, Edison ignored and lesser alternatives patented, free energy and stictly metered within a breath of your life, and the air too.

shades of the Carousel in Logan's Run if they kill us at 50, not as soon, but not so much Party Hard either.
Poof! goes the Weasels. Puff the Magic Dragon lives by Fukushima seas. 'nuff negative. Crucufiction - silent Lol.

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors-

You like my Rolex, Black Widow, Kali Watch, Slim Shady?.

neal said...

Actually, the avatar some know as Jesus left artifacts, they have been killing us, but they are trying to hit moving targets.

Now, some stuff seems stable across all of this narrative, mostly not people, not the way you think, needing to jump around, and such.

Most everyone wants any author but James Joyce, or PKD, that is another message, from the other players.

The soldiers are coming. They broke my high school yearbook, only one other remembers that we were there, and who are all these people, do they sense any narrative?



Joseph Brenner

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