Sunday, August 09, 2020

"From Mucoid Slithers to the Light of Love Alone; God Interpenetrates Everything."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is more than one Petri Dish. One of them contains the mucoid slithers of the material world. It is a sticky substance and it will stick to you if you let it. Love is what dissolves the adhesive nature of it when one is securely adhered to Love alone. Another Petri Dish is the one filled with reflected true light.

There has been more than one spiritual messenger, as there has been more than one spiritual message. Buddha taught us the wisdom of nonattachment. Christ taught us the beauty of sacrifice. Mohammad taught us is the quality of Brotherhood. Krishna taught us the value of Dharma. There have been more and all of them were the product of a love that passes all understanding and all of them were an expression of Love and all of them came from The Sun.

All capability of movement comes from The Sun. This is a truth of physics, should you be inclined to comprehend that. The Sun is responsible for all of our weather, both without and within and the nature of the weather within is based solely on our surrender or resistance. We ourselves are the battlefield of life upon which four elements war because they are not harmonized with the principle that unifies them. Until we have addressed our problem with our internal elements we cannot proceed spiritually. Matter in its essence is of the finest substance and comes from God. As it descends it becomes grosser and grosser in composition.

Our proximity to the Kingdom of Heaven is based on our level of purity and purity is accomplished when the four elements are brought into harmonic accord. I would like to include here a prayer from Master Aivanhov where one asks God to send each of the angels that command a particular element;

“Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. I beg you to send me your servants, the four angels. The Angel of Earth, that he may absorb all of the wastes of my physical body so that it may be capable of expressing you and that your will may be made manifest through it. The Angel of Water, that he may wash all stains from my heart and fill it with selfless love so that I may work for your Kingdom and your Righteousness. The Angel of Air, that he may purify my intellect with an influx of wisdom and light so that I may work for your Kingdom and your Righteousness. Send me, Lord, the Angel of Fire, that he may sanctify my soul and my spirit, that your Truth dwells within them and that I may work for your Kingdom and your Righteousness. Amen. Amen. Amen. So be it.”

When we eat, we ingest the material properties of the different elements and when we sincerely bless our food we provide an opportunity for it to be spiritualized within us. There are these items in the intestine called Villi and they are engaged in a process, where under the right conditions, our food can be turned into Spiritual Quintessence and eventually transform us into a body of living light- our Solar Body.

You must ask each of these angels to grant you the qualities that they represent. From the Angel of Earth, you get Stability and Firmness. From the Angel of Water, you get Life and Purity. From the Angel of Air you get Intelligence and from the Angel of Fire you get light and Divine Love. It is for this purpose that angels exist. They are the selfless extension of the Will of God, expressing as the particular quality or qualities that they embody. They are the true servants of God whose mandate is to assist in your Realization and Liberation. The duties of the Fallen Angels are the opposite; to maintain you in Ignorance and Bondage. They BOTH SERVE THE INEFFABLE.

We cannot relate to God in his essence. He is beyond 'mortal' comprehension and he can only be known through his manifest representative, The Avatar, who is also his primary extension. The Avatar, be he Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, or any other which he has sent, are what we have to know The Creator. All of these are Sun Kings and they appear to serve as models for our behavior. You have only to emulate the teachings and actions of the one that most appeals to you. Imitation is the sincerest form of true appreciation and you BECOME LIKE THAT WHICH YOU EMULATE. It may take some time but... Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Unfortunately... there are a great many New Age Charlatans and money-grubbing materialists who claim to be able to put you in touch with angels, who claim to channel angels, who claim- FOR A FEE- to do whatever you want them to do. They make my skin crawl. NO BONAFIDE REPRESENTATIVE of The Ineffable charges money for ANYTHING. These are “the gifts of the spirit, freely given.” I don't care how they rationalize it, they are corrupt profiteers upon the gullibility and suffering of the seeking heart in search of succor.

Of course, it is stated in the Bible and other scripture that one can depend on The Gospel, or whatever name is given to righteous teachings, for their Daily Bread BUT it is not something to be demanded. The cardinal feature of a true representative is SELFLESS SERVICE. It doesn't even occur to a selfless servant that they have to ask and if they do ask, they ask it of their Father in Heaven who commands all and everything at all times and forever.

The problem for so many people is that their understanding of the Truth of the Matter is= intellectual and it must be Visceral. It is a gut awareness that resides in the SOLAR... that's 'solar' PLEXUS. God is Real and this has to be a bedrock solid conviction. If God is Real then anything is possible. Otherwise...

Yes... it takes money and effort to publish books and to distribute them. There is a side to the enterprise which can require a certain amount of commerce but one should ALWAYS BE AWARE of the necessity to GIVE THEMSELVES AWAY AT ALL TIMES. It is a tricky and sometimes difficult body of water to traverse and only you can know in your heart if your intentions resonate in sympathetic accord with The Will of God. I assure you that you will find out whether or not this is the case through The Purpose of Demonstration. It is okay to make it possible for people to contribute. It is not okay TO ACTIVELY SOLICIT IT.

We live, at present, in the majority, in a world of extreme materialism. Unless one is reliant on the good graces of God one runs the risk of becoming an Object Lesson. I STRESS certain issues again and again because I have learned how VERY important they are from what I have seen happen to people who transgress upon and violate particular spiritual strictures. God WILL and DOES take care of you always. He may wish for you to live as a Pasha or in some degree of opulence. He may wish for you to live in penury. There is nothing wrong with being rich or poor and there are good reasons for it or it would not happen, but one must ALWAYS REMEMBER that one is a steward, not a possessor. Nothing belongs to you and if you think anything does, the attachment will BURN you. That is what it does.

God possesses wealth and power beyond both description and imagination but temporary baubles are of no value at all by comparison with gifts of the spirit. We need to get our priorities in order. We need to know what is important and what is not important. Both terrible and wonderful events occur every day and there is always a reason for it, whether you are aware of it or not. People come to their wit's end arguing about it and get nowhere. Pretentious intellectuals scoff at the idea of a living God and receive the fruits of that posture. One needs to be both humble and wary as a traveler crossing an icy stream in winter, as Lao Tzu puts it.

It is so simple. It is child's play. When a person complicates it it is due to the presence of a personal agenda based on the desire for some degree of personal gain. This whole world is a Magic Show. Magic is being performed on the human mind without respite. The vast majority of us are under the spell of a material magic that radiates throughout the Dream Web. There is another magic that is accessed through LOVE. Let Love be your single compelling motive and see what happens. One CANNOT break the spell of the world on their own. It MUST be the result of Grace and I don't think I need to yet again say to whom one must go to have it realized.

There is nothing you cannot acquire if you want it more than anything else. This is both a good thing and a bad thing and one will most surely be informed of which it is at some point in the affair. I close with those telling words, whose truth is beyond question and which has been DEMONSTRATED more than once by those who employed it;

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and ALL THESE THINGS shall be added unto you!”

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Today's Song is;

"If only we did listen to God in the morning we wouldn't have so much trouble later in the day."

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The perfect description of why I want off the planet. Nostrils up.

Hereticdrummer said...

Yes VIS, you convey a great truth, The true God, the One with no beginning and no end, is directly unknowable and transcends human comprehension. As the ancient Druids put it, the one beyond the beyonds. Any deity with a name or handle is subordinate if not demonic, like the avaricious and genocidal maniac of the Old Testament. Why anyone would worship that cosmic misanthrope is beyond my comprehension.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an informative column. Thanks!

Vis: "We cannot relate to God in his essence. He is beyond 'mortal' comprehension..."

I get this quite often, even from medium-high Beings. There is much, "You would not comprehend," going-on. A lot is even-with possible down-shifting of the situation. "Nope, don't bother." This is terrifically humbling. On the other hand, the (real) elves say humanity was once of the same level as them. And other sources say We are Fallen Angels. So, there may be a 'seed' in there for comprehension, as we (re)awaken...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"The Mack Daddy of Evil is Going to Give You One Sweet Ride in the Afterlife... NOT!"



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