Monday, May 01, 2023

"Sex Becomes The New Religion and Thereupon Babylon Rises and Falls. God is Displaced by The Rutting Stag."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

For years now... we have been talking about Materialism= Atheism= Satanism= Insanity= Cultural Implosion. The Sexual Force is the driving force that demonstrates through Materialism. In the early days, we had defined courtship rituals. We had appropriate soundtracks. We had romance in the air. It had its seasons... just like Spring for Nature.

Slowly... and then picking up speed, and then... now... on the verge of free-fall, The Sexual Nature was bent ever more and more out of shape, while being bent over on electronic media until The World began to look like the inside of Picasso's mind after two weeks of huffing compressed air... Thunderbird wine... and McDonald's Unhappy Meals from Door Dash.

When the dance between men and women is... more or less... balanced; families are a thing. Life... more or less... flows in predictable routes. Civilization, of some form, exists. Of course... there is always the threat or the presence of war. We need our coming-of-age rituals. There's government and law enforcement that regulates behavior because... some people follow The Commandments and some don't. Most of the time, most people follow The Commandments.

Then... Materialism whips up desire and people want more and more Stuff, which they acquire with more and more disappointment, once The Ozzie and Harriet Happy Hour is over. Normal sex seems confining, and... that is because one cannot find lasting satisfaction in any form of material body sex. This leads to ever greater and greater detours into depravity until depravity is the order of the day.

Everything gets normalized because everyone has to be free to live their own truth... no matter what kind of gruesome lie that might turn into. This includes the ever-increasing demographic of the mentally ill because... Materialism leads to Insanity. It NEVER leads to a greater and more pervasive sanity; not ever. There is no longer any treatment. There is only support and encouragement, with maniacal laughter as the soundtrack.

Satanism is the religion of Materialism... when Materialism reaches a certain line on The Dial. This is how drag queens have become the poster freaks of our time. The single greatest imperative of Satanism is the despoliation of innocence, and that is why the drag queens are coming after the children.

Satanism does not have a compelling vision of some shining city on the hill. Satanism's vision is either a total and unrestrained license or a Draconian totalitarianism. Ideally, it leads to Alan Ginsberg buggering Mickey Mouse in cell-block four of a worldwide concentration camp... where there are no rules and nothing makes sense, BUT... where simultaneously there are rules for everything without exception, such as it presently is in Kalifornia.

Kalifornia is also known as that great pedophile whorehouse on The Pacific.

Satanism exists to create worldwide disorder and a complete breakdown in culture and unity... where everything except Normality is permitted. Diversity is Perversity, Inclusion is Delusion, Harmony is Cacophony. These are interchangeable with, War is Peace... Freedom is Slavery... Ignorance is Strength.

Satanism is not supposed to make sense. The sense of Satanism is nonsense. This was one of the messages of Alice in Wonderland and a host of other... similar... works.

Cultures thrive, for... a... time... due to Religion and some system of self-governance where the public is represented by public-spirited servants. Whether the structure is monarchical or democratic... Roman or Greek... speaking only to fairly recent periods... that originally inspired later constructs... in search of a greater refinement... and achieving mixed results...

Satanism is the Religion of Materialism and that means MONEY... or whatever passes for money... is what sets the rules. There are no other rules. There is only the appearance of other rules. Lesser minds, in possession of less character and integrity, race pell-mell and full-tilt after The Glitter that blinds the spiritual eye. Honorable souls are marginalized and ridiculed by the chorus line that dances to the music of The Organ Grinder... who sets the tempo for the grinding of organs.

Sex becomes the go-to recreation, and MONEY makes it available at every turn. Sex becomes the new religion and thereupon Babylon rises and falls. God is displaced by the rutting stag; rampant on a field of blood; if you need a coat of arms. Humanity devolves into beast mode. Disorder and diseases of every imaginable kind sweep through the populations until they are no more. Some remain, and... the dances begin again.

The more The Sexual Nature is tortured and defiled, the greater is the torment among those so twisted. They seek escape in any and every direction but there is no exit. It is all the confinements of matter due to the mindset of Materialism. It is a prison built of crystallized carnal desire. Desire not turned into aspiration leads... inevitably... to suffering.

At this time, the undertows and riptides of Material Culture become overwhelming for anyone who falls or is pushed into the water. It takes a focused mind and a determined heart to resist the attractions of The Death Spiral whirlpools that appear in multiples across the face of the raging ocean; ♫ a ship there is, and she sails the seas ♫ or so the song tells us.

The gulf is wide or so it seems, across The Ocean of Birth and Death, where on the further shore, The Great Companions disport like children in unbridled joy. They are ever with us... unseen... until our spiritual eyes are opened, and... our carnal eyes have been closed. There is no way for both to be open at the same time. You must die to The World if you will live in an awareness of Heaven.

In these Times of Material Darkness. In these Times of Satanic Disorder. In these Times of Pandemic Insanity. In these Times of Atheism and Faithless Affections... one must find something to believe in that will carry them across the troubled waters of these times. It is good to know that it is all a test to see who will be found worthy... and who will render themselves otherwise.

It is an old... old story. It has been playing out in countless lives and cultures since we let The Garden in our hearts fall into disorder. Now we cannot tell the flowers from the weeds. All of our attention is on outward things. The interior dwelling has fallen into serious disrepair. It has a look of abandonment and into this squalor have come many unwelcome guests. Now you are no longer welcome there.

The noise within is horrific. Creatures of The Underworld suck the integrity from the walls until the ceiling gives way. Life goes out of balance and when life goes out of balance, suffering, and death are the certain and guaranteed results, BUT... as so many minds tell themselves; “live for today!” “Hey, you only live once!” “Eat, drink, and be merry!” Well... time will tell and we shall see.

You do not live only once. This is why I cannot engage with The Christian Religion, though I can follow Christ. His church is not of this world, and the church that the rapacious... despotic... and demonic clergy built up upon his departure... leaves out MANY very important truths that make life more understandable. It is The Agents of Satan that now fold and spindle The Gospel. They are the original drag queens who masquerade as what they are not.

When The Avatar comes he will set it all aright, as he has done so many times before. A recognition of The Sun as a portal to God, and a natural altar in the cathedral of Nature... will be returning into human understanding, once The Troubles have run their course... once The Darkness has lifted... once The World has been washed clean again of the workers of spiritual discord; the deceivers and killers of Hope and Brotherhood will be sent on their way.

I wish I could say that suddenly... The Mysterious Stranger would appear in our midst... wave his wand... and make it all bright and beautiful again. Perhaps he will... in places. In other places, he will appear as The Punisher, for he is both punisher and redeemer. Much that is present will no longer be present. Much that has been missing will be seen to have been present all along.

It seems that those who do evil must be given free rein to lead the blind. It seems that The Purpose of Demonstration in this go-round must be impactful and lasting. It must not be soon forgotten. Sadly there are those who will not see and cannot hear. They... will... be... informed.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We are programmed to be misprioitised idiots from birth, and it's not the majority that sees it. The majority are unpragamtic fools coerced into valuing the irrelevant and liabilities. Status conscious neep noddles. How's dat credit card workin' out for ya?

Stuff. Expensive stuff can make you a target, not to mention was it really worth all the time it took to get it?

Oh well. Not my problem.

Wonder if all Hell is gonna break loose before the month is up?

M - said...

Where the focus goes, the energy flows. Or something like that.

But I'm sure most who visit your site are quite aware of that.

A Blessed Bealtaine to all.

Strider Aragorn said...

Sexy time in the public square for an all ages show with crass lowest common denominator materialism and this just in regarding AI...It's ALIVE!
This won't end well. (honk!)
It won't reset like they think it will and I agree about the cosmic firewalls to insure earth is never taken by the forces of evil.
We aren't alone and this isn't our world to destroy.
The magnificent Honey Chambers chose me in HS with my Snake Plissken leather jacket and I just don't give a F' attitude regarding muh sexy time.
Amazing I'm not the worlds oldest virgin with my looks and demeanor.
Give it a good honk outside the Walls of Jericho.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"17 Months after The Event, I Walked Out of The Courtroom Free as a Bird that Flies on The Chains of The Airways."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Thank you once again, Les - that explains the Drag Queen Story hour - it is pushed in the UK with equal glibness -

Ty said...

At the risk of worshipping the material universe, personally I'd say the kingdom of heaven is within; everything outside of that is secondary; sun and all; but I appreciate them deeply. On some level, to deny incarnation as the penultimate is to deny we're here to turn this world into heaven, endless possibilities of goodness, the greatest gift, that is life.

Buddha must have been pretty damn depressed to say "All life is suffering. Caused by ignorant desire." But he was here, none the less... as are you. Ironic aint it.



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