Thursday, April 28, 2022

"They are About to be Greeting a Real Feature of The Climate Con. Let Me Introduce You to The Boomslang Boomerang."

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Toxic and ill winds blow around The World. Aligned creatures of darkness, travel in flocks, seeking perches in unattended minds. The Culture itself has become a poison, and Insanity is the symptom. The ghosts of Oliver Cromwell and Maximilian Robespierre, walk through the mist like Rick Blaine and Captain Louis Renault, recreating their own “beautiful friendship,” which does not bode well for the rest of us.

When COVID-phony lurched onto the scene, first as Corona, and since... has become every seasonal malady one can imagine or remember, and is now part of a huge wedding party under the big umbrella tent of FEAR... I did not pay a lot of attention. I think I might have worn a mask, very briefly, twice during the whole Plandemic of Stupidity that came and went, and transformed into an economic bonanza for The Few. It seems like every antagonist they drum up, winds up... on a shelf at Walmart. You take it home and it winds you up, and your imagination does the rest.

For years, I would notice the constant adverts and reminders about flu shots. I never got any. I seldom if ever catch anything of the kind. It's been many years now since I was last under for any of these. God lives on the Farm of My Body. He sits on the porch, in the shade of the afternoon, and he watches me labor with his borrowed force, as he acts through me, and around me, and everywhere all at once, all the time. Thank you; you wonder of all time, you singular beauty from which all beauty proceeds. You are the love of my life.

Sometimes he'll stick a length of straw in his mouth, and then he counsels me in agricultural language, and appropriate metaphors, about the meaning of life... about wolves and sheep... about The Seen, and... The Unseen. It can take a while for God to speak to you in a way where you can hear him. Sure... he is speaking all the time, through time, and beyond, but... one either hears The World or its author. In Times of Advanced Material Darkness, it can be especially hard to hear God speaking. In early times, he speaks through many vehicles that come and go in a life. He is ALWAYS speaking through Nature, but that is an acquired language.

The Crazy among us are... POSSESSED. They REALLY know not what they do. In many cases, no one is home, except for the squatters who took up residence, once the original inhabitant flew into the cuckoo's nest or the candle's flame, or... washed away with scuttering leaves, down the storm drains and off to a bottomless sea (someone already used sunless sea a long time ago, talking about Kublai Khan.)

You'll see some strange matters in the links below, reflective of The Times. That's what they are for, I think. What we are here for... is what we came here to find out. How many of us do? In Times of Material Darkness, the thirst for God turns into other hungers... of various colors, refracted through a poisoned prism. It is harder in these times to seek God than at any other. He is also easier to find if you know where to look. In times of simple agricultural communities, God can be found in the presence of others.

As we said, it can take a while for God to speak to you. First, you must learn to listen... attentively. You must be more patient than a mother with a wayward son. You must REALLY want it... more than ANYTHING else. If you can accomplish these simple tasks, the outcome is assured. You assuredly find out, that those simple tasks... can be VERY HARD to manifest.

Here's another way of putting it. Let us say you are like anyone immersed in Material Culture. You have to step away from the mind's attachment to it, WHILE in the midst of it. You have to shut down The Attractors, much as you must Still the Reactive Mind. You have to reweave the attractors into a single-purpose rope, and pull yourself upward; all the while, noting that you are not the one doing it. When God gets the impression that you really want him, he WILL come to you. He is ALREADY bringing you to him. Everything I am saying comes out of my own experience.

I traveled through serious Hells for extended periods of time, ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration. One thing I KNOW; if you do not give up you cannot fail. Eventually, whatever is tormenting you, goes away when you fail to respond for a period of time. Probably, they poke you with a stick... then... they go off to find a live one. You just have to out-wait them. A large percentage of life is ENDURANCE. Endurance leads to prevailing. Prevailing leads to Celebration.

This searching for God thing is THE classic example of Enduring and Prevailing. Wimps and Simps need not apply. It WILL take everything you have, mostly because everything you have is not worth having, and lie like sandbags... in the basket of your balloon. They HAVE TO BE tossed or you WILL NOT rise. There is an emotion that acts very much like yeast. It is VERY GOOD to have an ample supply of it.

Searching for God does not mean wandering in uncharted territory, except when applied to yourself. Everything is very familiar after a while and you have guides and companions aplenty, once you get outside the city limits. I asked God why he wasn't in the city where he could do more good. He said, emphatically... “I don't like being pushed around.”

The Master on the Beach did not say a great many things to me. Over the years, as I pondered what he said... I was puzzled and did not get the context or the intent. My fault in perception was that I thought he was talking about himself. It took a long, long time for me to understand that he was talking about me. Suddenly... many of the pieces came together. I also discovered that this trek of mine is not the result of a single life's motion. It has been going on for some time. You really do have to be patient, BUT... don't ask God for patience... or he will give you something to be patient about.

A great many constructions from former times are going to fall apart this year. A collective of seemingly VERY POWERFUL psychopaths... have a calendar of events set up for the public. They could not sustain the traction of The Scamdemic. Ukraine has turned into a... very hard to spin adventure of cynical enterprises. Now they intend to hit us with a lack of The Basics; food, and other comestibles.

They are having serious credibility problems. This is Mr. Apocalypse's doing. Soon... a good deal of their oomph is set to be transferred to other vehicles of expression. Their wires are being crossed. Their mediums of distraction are being diminished, witness Netflix and Disney. Now Musk has bought Twitter. Oh... there is a great deal more.

Woke is a failure at the box office. This means there is not enough money to grease the wheels, and so the engine seizes up. REMEMBER... it is ALL about the money... here at The Carnal Carnival. They are about to be greeted by a real feature of The Climate Con. Let me introduce you to The Boomslang Boomerang. This is when the attack dog you trained to intimidate others, comes around and bites you in the ass.

Nature... beaten into submission or disciplined to serve... is not really under your command. Nature can, and will... turn on you if you upset the balance, which is easy to see in the sexual dances of the era. This factors into EVERYTHING ELSE. It is why the Bad Guys are so devoted to messing with it.

This has all been a test of your emergency broadcast system. It has all been designed to paint each of us into a corner of our own creation. It has been designed to show us to ourselves. This has only marginally happened so far. It is about to become unavoidable. It is going to be in-your-face unless you do an about-face. People are being driven mad in the vehicles of their passions and appetites. All was well and good until they went off-road. This is why YOU MUST find that hidden and long trodden road through the portals that close behind you.

The Degree of Difficulty in these times is extreme. That implies that the riches to be gained are very significant; “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, Neither has it entered into the heart of man, The things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

People might have all manner of perspectives on The Great Souled Ones, such as Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and others. It is all based on one's level of faith, counterpointed by the level of one's material distractions. I KNOW they are real. This changes the dynamics of my existence. This sets me on the path of discovery. Otherwise... Perdition awaits at the end of the wide highway. It seems to be many highways, but they are all going to the same place.

Some are longer and slower than others, but they still wind up in the same place; entropy or vitality, transcendence or mediocrity; "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop...” You'll have to tell me what it says. The message is different, depending on the road you are traveling.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I’m lovin every minute of this .Mr A rocks
Thank you for bringing this to the forefront every day

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

As long as those calipornia import wannabes stay in Frisco or L.A., I'm fine with it. The state is so damn crowded, I don't think we want them anywhere else.

Love this post. Especially since what you are writing of is so damn alien to me these days, not that I ever lived a materialistic life-style. Victorian estates with gothic/steampunk furnishings has only been in my imagination, where they belong.

Leesa said...

Brilliant post!!!
This below was a text that I sent to 5 people, 2 days ago:
Prompts for the day:
1/ Remain in Constructive Interference mode (as
opposed to destructive interference) YIELD, do not get
in anyone's way who wishes to destroy themselves
2/ have a heart that has fully swallowed the ego
3/ Awaken to the beauty of Heaven actually being
anchored here on earth... You don't want to be cast
out at sea with snapped moorings... It won't be fun
for those lazy destroyer people.
I am guessing it is sooooo imperative now 'to stand guard at the gateway of your mind'
I put beautiful roses, all colours, perfumes, on a massive arbor at my gate
Huge 528hz LOVE sent to everyone reading this, GOD'S got our back!!!
Luv Leesa (AU)

Anonymous said...

you are so wise and here I thought I was. Keep going - it helps in these times to read you.

M - said...

Mother Nature...I have the deepest respect and love for Her and She will always prevail.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Some Truths Apply to Your Inner Life. Some Apply to Your Outer Life, AND Much Can be Lost in the Translation."



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