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Palaces of Excess and Temples of Wisdom

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‘God is a serpent and dog spells God backwards. I’d be fully informed, except for the fact that I don’t know, Ahroooooooooooo’!

We’re coming to the part of The Apocalypse where the serious malefactors are going to step on their duck and it’s going to squawk and draw the eyes of the world. The thing they are stepping on is far too short to suit the reality of that image but we are dealing with their own ideas about how big they think they are. Ergo, you get something like this. The road les traveled, goes more like this and- as should be taken for granted by this point- the author does not promote any particular methodology. He only says that it’s all made out of the same stuff and people tend to fight about what it’s called and how it looks, so that they can have some security in their false identity and maybe make a little money too, doing opera with the Shakespeare masks. The author does like to present things he considers ‘riveting reading, watching’ ...and so forth, because if you think about it, you know something like it is going on. Keep looking and don’t expect to find it, ‘out there’.

Yes, my friends, the time of indefensible outing is here. World leaders, public figures (and that’s across the board, up and down, notoriety wise) are going to be acting out in some very peculiar ways. Take for instance this IMF cad, already known for not being able to keep it in his pants. Wouldn’t you think a guy with his kind of bread would be able to buy them by the case? Here he is getting hauled off out of a first class seat because he had to go after a housekeeper. This was not in his personal game plan. The cause of this is also why you are seeing more and more public figures not leaving well enough alone; not fixing what needs fixing but, instead, breaking even more shit and telling impossible lies to justify it.

We’ve got some especially juicy moments lined up for Blankfein and The Crew Internationale... oh yeah. Geitner is whining about how the system is in danger if the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised higher than those towers that he and his buddies knocked down. I look at the things he is listing as being threatened and I think, “Huh? Absolutely they have to be either flushed or incinerated. On a day like this you want to hear Max Keiser go on a rant but he’s been pretty chill of late or I’ve been out of the loop.

I want to point out a few things about the good, the bad and the bone deep ugly, which broke every branch on the way down and is presently engaged to be married to Donald Trump’s hair. ‘The Donald’ has been doing a little Toulouse Lautrec, winding out of that anus he calls a mind and ‘shake ‘n bake’ , instant rice, “I don’t believe this isn’t tuna fish”! mindset.

I can do that’ lion’s and lambs laying in peace thing’ . I can do hunger and, in fact, I am getting younger but that’s beside the point, maybe... Donald -; it is a McDonald's (cue Ronald) moment and it is the essence of the kind of shit that has to do with that kind of shit. Donald likes to license his name. You don’t really need to see the whole program about Donald all you need to know is that people who believed in Trump lost large deposits on places that didn’t happen but it’s not Trump’s fault cause they were just using the name. The point of this is that he is running for president and I guess you know what you get. You do know that you don’t get what you thought you were getting and that glimmers of something illegal or gone bad, tunafishwise... personally I love fish. It keeps me from being a full vegetarian and tuna is one of my favorites but what happens when it isn’t tunafish?

You could say that those who believe a guy like Trump deserve what they get; best to lay out the whole awful mess in a forum context. We all deserve what we get. We come back here for that purpose, “karma, neh?” However, this kind of thing is old news and it’s been going on for a long time and is at the root of most of what ails us and is intensively involved in killing us and serving us for dinner. So it goes but... this is The Apocalypse and same old, same old, doesn’t get to be, same old, same old anymore and it is rising. Yes, you are going to see some spectacular duck squawks soon enough. We are heading into Prime Time Apocalypse, so break out your Looney Tunes.

Yes, there is much to both fear and avoid in the gangster international, turf wars of the moment but that’s not the Big Kahuna. Nature is the Big Kahuna. Some say the sun is going to do the damage and some say a mysterious planet is responsible for the sun’s behavior and the magnetic pole shift. Some say it’s a matter of internal murmurings but the fact is that no one knows. Prophecies seems to be pretty consistent about the broad picture of wide spread devastation and destruction but, none of that is relevant either because all of the things that may have come true with accurate prediction in the past, were during ordinary times and these are not ordinary times. This is The Apocalypse and nothing is set in stone. We have something to do with what happens to us, based on the degree to which we wake up and do as we should and see as we see.

My commentary on name entertainers and all of the varieties of artists and all of that side of our, so called inspired side, is pretty damning to me. Are famous people saying things and simply not being reported on or... are they tucked into their safe house state? With public recognition comes responsibility. You are either for what you say you are or you are just saying it. Integrity is an ineffable quality, whether in material substance or more rarified states. It’s hard rock bottom, solid unshakeable, or it’s some form of rendering something authentic, into a pop tart and so it goes.

What hurts the most is that those who are so much in a position to cut the crap don’t turn on their bankers and tell the truth, because I thought it was the love of truth that got them into the business. A hero is only so good as he keeps being a hero, through the trial of the times; you can sleep further up the road but you have to stand and deliver day to day, easy does it, however it may go but go it must.

I’m sitting here thinking of all the incredible artists who have inspired me and I am wondering what it is they are singing or talking about? It must be some kind of an immensity that makes so many seemingly righteous souls compromise upon their passion.

I don’t expect more from people like Donald Trump. I expect him to be what he is and the only thing I don’t get is the hair. With all that money, you ought to be able to buy something that doesn’t look like it crawled up on your head and died but... the rest of you out there, all of you rich entertainers and artists, is the money that important? Is security such a necessity when it’s short term anyway? Is it about being vilified and slandered? You’ve made your peace with the forces and now they own you? You break my heart when you don’t speak out. Many of you were incredibly important in bringing me to where I am and now... where are you?

Where are the voices of celebrities and legends? Where are you? I never even had your breaks but I haven’t stopped and I’m not alone. There are many of us wondering what it is that keeps you from going on TV- IN ANY COUNTRY... radio wherever and saying that 9/11 was an Israeli/UK/USA false flag. I’m not going to start listing all of the lies that YOU KNOW ARE LIES, or you are asleep; but how can you be unaware and as successful as you are... nah, you know. It’s got to be something else.

The world is GOING TO TRANSFORM anyway. It would be a lot easier if a lot of you remembered what you told yourselves when you were on your way to where you are today... and all of what you told us too; does that still ring with you? This could go on for awhile yet but I think I’ll close it down for now.

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