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Milking the Last Bloody Nickels from Enduring Lies

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Much as I detest linking to the S&MSM, I’m going to make one of those occasional exceptions and provide you with a pictorial travelogue of gratuitous, self-congratulating media whores, including the other Queen of England and various, emotional vampire drainage industries. It’s World AIDS Day, Week, Month; I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that along with the Climate scam, Send Jesus Your Money scams and assorted magically replicating, Holocaust Survivor scams; the AIDS scam fits right into the mix, where guilt and stupidity war for preeminence, as the hand slips through the tortured hearts in search of the wallets and pocket books.

I don’t know if things like this and this are true. Is the reality of the matter to be found here or here? If it is real, is it for particular motivations, which mirror various other motivations, which are expressing themselves in the government and corporate laboratory designed, pig flu viruses and sundry horrors being loosed on humanity?

I take no pleasure in human suffering and I take even less pleasure in powerful business people and well known entertainers milking the public for money while making it a point of letting us know what beautiful people they are. The reason they have so many charity balls is because it costs a lot of money to ball Charity. She’s not opening her legs for chump change. I love the idea of rich people having lunch and talking about world hunger. I’m impressed by the fine offices and nice salaries of those heading all the big charitable institutions of the time. I can close my eyes and see endless file cabinets filled with paper and busy secretaries transporting paper, from one office to another, so that one fountain pen or another can dance across the paper and Presto! Everybody is going to get well; just as soon as the good shit gets here from Afghanistan.

There’s great photo in this collection of crap where a group of hysterical Catholics celebrate the sun breaking from the clouds at the Pope’s appearance. Yes... here he comes, wearing O.J. Simpson’s shoes and some seriously expensive, tailored threads. He’s here to tell you that if you use a condom you are going to Hell. My solution to an even bigger world problem is to take an industrial strength condom and pull it down over the Pope’s head. After that we’ll decide where to stick it.

It’s coming clear now that Greenpeace and PETA and pretty much all of the fine institutions of service to the betterment of life on the planet are nothing but money magnets to push agendas in search of more money and influence that can translate itself into money. Cancer research is another one of those big money vacuum cleaners which are, no doubt, owned by the same companies that manufacture all of the products that give you cancer in the first place. We now know that the medical profession- for the most part- is engaged in making you sick because... what possible good are you to them if you are healthy?

Just about the sum total of all life on Earth is a scam. The whole infrastructure has to go and the people milking the system at your expense need to have a condom pulled over their heads too, while we decide where to stick it. In the off chance that it’s not going to fit, we can simply do what they do when confronted with similar technical difficulties; use force and then lie about anything and everything afterwards.

No matter what anyone does, there are going to be lawyers involved and it strikes me that we really should take Shakespeare’s advice if we want to make the world a better place. It seems to me that that would be the place to start. I’m not opposed to taking all infected parties and putting them on an island somewhere. I’m talking about a particular infection that manifests in a predatory expression toward its fellows. I’m talking about self-interest that has no regulating attachment; self interest without a moral compass.

I’m in no position to make a list and I don’t think most of us are. The last thing we want to do is become like them. So, I am hoping there is a cosmic agency that deals with this sort of thing. If there is then they have been on a far too extended holiday and it is time to get back to work... now. It is time for you invisibles who monitor psychopathic outbreaks in the human heard to do a little culling. We don’t really need to reduce the Earth’s population. We need to reduce a particular segment of the Earth’s population.

Some of the major problems afflicting the planet are; too few people have too much money, corporations have too much influence over political and public policy, the worst people are in the most important positions, the world media is under the control of a particular virus with no allegiance to anyone but itself and with zero respect for the truth about anything. There are, of course, other problems but redressing the state of the ones mentioned would do a world of good across the board.

I’m lucky because I don’t want much beyond the basic necessities. Most people are not lucky because they do want more. Many disappointments take a lifetime to set in and that is unfortunate. The few who prey upon the majority would have far less success if the majority were not so abysmally clueless and falling all over each other to be in a position to do the same things that are being done to them.

I don’t know what kind of a person you have to become to profit from the fears and the miseries of others but quite a few people seem to have been able to manage becoming that way. It appears that they have learned how to compartmentalize their minds in such a way that things can always appear the way they want them to and any justification that is needed is immediately sent to the proper location for distribution outward. Nothing matters as long as the objective is achieved. The ends justify the means, period.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to send some tens of thousands of new zombies into Afghanistan to protect Bush Senior’s opium crops and secure necessary transit lines and resources for that percentage of the world that uses far more than it needs to live at a higher standard than those they are stealing from. He’s also going to Copenhagen to shill for a major criminal enterprise, whose intention is yet another unbearable tax upon the backs of humanity, as well as to secure the financing to operate a world-wide, fascist governing body.

It’s to be hoped, while there is still the opportunity to, that the people of the world will rise up and visit a terrible vengeance upon these self chosen elite. I hate to see this kind of thing but I hate even more to see them getting away with it day after day. If they can’t hear then they must feel. I don’t know that some large part of the world will be able to remove their ear-pods or take their hands out of their pants for long enough to see what is happening to them and... respond in the only way that seems possible now. I have no idea where all of this is headed but it doesn’t look good.

We’re being steamrollered by monster waves of unhappy horseshit with no end in sight. Sooner or later natural forces are going to intrude. These forces, contrary to conventional wisdom, are as much within us as they are outside of us. Balance is one of the key arbiters of our collective fate. When things get radically out of balance, as they now are, certain powers come into operation for the purpose of adjustment. You will definitely be seeing some amount of that pretty soon.

I realize that some numbers of us (and certainly the majority of people who read here) wish that we were living in another time but here we are. The cosmic fans are being levered into position in order to engage the aforementioned, unhappy horseshit; full raingear is recommended for all. I suggest that it’s going to be a lot bigger and a lot more intense than one might suspect given the ‘row, row, row your boat’ mentality and the daily fare of the media as it sings you to the rocky shores in the fog.

Every day I look at the news, which I automatically identify as the particular lies and distortions of the moment. Then I know what it is that they want us to believe. I’ve got a pretty good idea of how we got into this mess. I’m a great deal less clear on how we are going to get out of it.

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William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

One thing I like to do is imagine that the bad, greedy, bullshit artist people(and corporations, governments, too) are gone. What will the future be like then?
Being able to visualize alternatives and sense different energies might prove real useful in coming times.

doubtingneil said...

the bible teaches that charity is the true love of christ, it also says as ye do to the least of these my brothers(and sisters) so ye do it unto me. In the doublespeak of our current leadership you can see the hellish intent on following the example of of a certain psycopathic minority to reenact the slaughter of a teacher of goodwill towards men, but on a much larger scale this time. the pressure of change grows day by day as the unveiling continues. I hope your right Les, that it is all under control, I hope karma has an immediate plan for these sobs that strut and prance on the world stage of unadulterated bullshit. It can't come soon enough for me, even if it sucks me into the maelstorm with them because of living in the dark land of Mordor with all the other unfortunates. It will be worth it just to see "them" get whats coming.muhahaha

Anonymous said...

"Just about the sum total of all life on Earth is a scam."

This is a sure thing. Is funny that many of us understand this and look inward for answers, but the masses choose to let the media man make up for the difference? Why? I say people are really scared of themselves and the money machine just feeds this?

tim said...

I just had to share this. I'm watching some silly movie on the Syfy channel and they break for a commercial. A beautiful flower appears. Hopenhagen. "all the world's nations are going to solve our climate crisis". The small print on the bottom shows Coca-cola and Siemens brought you this message. I'm going to be sick...

Anonymous said...

world aids day
the scams
the wicked play
lower nature on display
with its glories
made up stories
poisoned minds
filled with the goriest
make believe
these people deceive
its their job
they work for greed
the lower nature
enslave to lead
to cull us kill us
make us blead
till the land is red
and those left grieve
with no reprieve
serving death
no life left
slaved by the wicked witch
of the west
who detest
the living light
who rise inside
subtract lie
and open eye
to higher nature
pressence of truth
part of our maker
inner waken
higher raising
inner sun burn bright
burn through illusion
questions ignite
calculations of
the sums of life
thankyou for lessons
all of the wise
and all of those
truth seekers
who have opened their eyes


Dammerung said...

I wonder, Les, what do you say to the people who claim that we create our own reality through our intentions and attentions? Aren't you making your enemies more powerful by standing on a soapbox and pointing at them?

I don't really believe this, but I'm interested in the clash between the two "New Ages;" one which begins with universal compassion and attention only to good, and the other which begins with righteous vengeance and an Age of Gold built on the ruins.

In some ways, you remind me of the Christian fundies, who also believe the messianic age will be ushered in by a grand, last battle at Har-Megiddo.

Now, I don't know which New Age is right. Maybe neither, maybe both. But I'd like your input about righteous vengeance and where it belongs in the spirit of an enlightening person.

Anonymous said...

I "Just about the sum total of all life on Earth is a scam.
II The few who prey upon the majority would have far less success if the majority were not so abysmally clueless and falling all over each other to be in a position to do the same things that are being done to them."

I That about sums it up, no need to comment further.

II If you believe that, and it is probably true, maybe those Georgia Guidestones are correct. If the demons were somehow eliminated, the wannabe/clueless would take their place and nothing would change. Such is the dilemma of 3D existence. I look forward to that New World which will be settled in light and life.


Anonymous said...

I hear you Les. It's strange but I was just thinking today that I have been feeling very imbalanced of late (no pun intended!). It feels like it is more of an upward struggle to remain focused on the positive and spiritual....perhaps it is just a testing time and they do say it is darkest just before the dawn.

Let's not hide our light under a bushell but hold it high for all to see. It will guide us and all who hope and pray for better days to safety.

Thanks again for your kind words of advice of late - I am seeing sense and not venturing east.


Unknown said...

RANT DRIVE ENGAGE...The masses are asses(yes, some willingly?)and the evil elite have a big dildo and a wide grin. The masses have self-interest and materialism in the driver's seat. Sisterly/brotherly/universal love was bound and gagged while screaming and stuffed into the trunk of the car. Now quick, turn the music up, I CAN'T HEAR YOU, I CAN'T HEAR YOU! Faster, Faster, after much hard driving and competition when we get to billionares bridge maybe we'll throw her in the river!(It's dog eat dog, not dog work together with dog, that's what life's about, right? If we work hard enough we can all be billionares and I just love their lifestyles and when I grow up I wanna be just like them!) Twas' on the highway yesterday and HEY everyone's gonna do it MY WAY and to hell with common courtesy and speed limits, that stuff's for chumps! I drive an invincible hulk of metal and wrecks only happen to other folks, don'tcha know? Well ya bedder ast sombody! Shake my head and ask, do people enjoy this everyday? Cancer walks and cancer drives and cancer vehicle stickers and cancer candlelight vigils and now I think I'm gonna barf or puke or become constipated. Like others here I have come to believe that it will take an act of God, the masses will have to be FORCED by whatever means the universe chooses(personal or universal means, and I do believe a universal affect is coming to everyone soon)to make a change in belief systems and lifestyle. Present moment Mordor captive here, 30ish, admit to not-so-good feelings about living in this age and wondering if I will live as long as the generations before me.(sniffle, sniffle, please Big Guy, I'm learnin' me lesson good about discerning good from evil, won't ya spare me, sniffle, sniffle). Ah, the irony because I was once an asleep Matrix droid too, well, kind of, or something like that....RANT DRIVE DISENGAGE....This has been a message from bearwalk7(the artist formerly known as pond owl)

Visible said...

Well, Dammerung;

First of all I've never said anything about any messianic age or any final battle. I believe the final battle was fought and won long ago and we are living in the echo of people's refusal to believe it. I'm glad you put me together with the Christian fundies. I never do get any communications from you that don't twist the knife in somewhere. it's a good tghing I don't feel wounded; probably because you missed the vitals.

Of course people create their own realities but they are generally confused about what that is and there's some question of whether that can be called 'reality' also.

I don't know what you mean about these two new ages. I recognize the one because I've heard it talked about but I've never heard anyone talk about the other one as if it were an actual age rather than a general pre-disposition.

I believe we are characters in God's dream of life and various parts are being played by those disposed toward those roles.

The Aquarian Age is going to usher in a period of universal brotherhood for them so inclined.

Unless I specifically say something and it's present in the evidence of itself, I didn't say it... nor can assumptions of what I meant count as something I meant. I'm always available for clarification of what I meant.

Dammerung said...

Let me ask this, then:

The Aquarian Age is going to usher in a period of universal brotherhood for them so inclined.

How is this Aquarian Age able to be renconciled with the very real desire to punish those who bear overwhelming responsibility for the mess that we, collectively, are in? How do the "guilty parties" about whom we know fit into the New Age? Will they be punished? Will they be unmade? Will they be tolerated and forgiven and kept by the non-participation of others from committing the same crimes in the next age as they have in this one?

Anonymous said...

Not all the AIDS pleaders are false self promoters.

And I know Les never said this nor would he ever, especially when there are devotees like this involved..

Jai Sri Annie!


Joe Bloggs said...

Yeah! Write on, Man

Doze peeps ain't heard about vidiot conferences or what? Shure wood save on some hot-rot-air here in Copingham.

So hears an invite for the AirForceLessOnes: Come to the ball, watch the monkey dance - it ain't no charity event; it's only a crude, compounded, self-interest scam.... I mean, Jam ;)

What is freedom
Is it a town in Sweden
Or is it what
What is love
They stuff your head full of fluff
And as if that was not enough
They go on and on
About it all being one
Well that may be
We'll just have to wait and see about that
It's a riddle and it keeps getting deeper
You're not only in jail but you're also you're own keeper
And if you're not on the fiddle you're the piggy in the middle
And they just gave the thumbscrews another little twiddle
If you ask me the answer's got to be
What is reason
Does it have a special season
And if so what
Time of year
Is reason here
And when does it disappear
The hardest thing to be is easy
Easier said than done

Visible said...

How come some people in Canada speak English and some speak French?

How is it that the same power source produces both heat and cold?

How can someone who survived a car accident still die from a heart attack?

How can an island be an island when it is attached to the ground below it and is therefore still a part of whatever land mass that connects to?

Why are people coming out of prison while people are still going in?

Why should someone be crying at a carnival when everyone else is laughing?

Why is it that when a massive earthquake hits that everyone doesn't die? How is it that some people are even injured?

Why do flies prefer shit when bees prefer honey and why do flies leave a plate of sugar when you put a plate of shit next to it?

The answers to the other questions can be found in these.

Dammerung said...

Les - So your cosmological picture of the coming age is somewhat similar to the description of astral worlds given by certain Yogis? Or Jesus and his father's "many mansions?" It's true that on Earth great wickedness and unpleasantness exists alongside great prosperity and joy. Is the coming age "Earth, but Big" or some kind of link between Earth and some great cosmos of populated, multifarious worlds?

Anonymous said...

maybe with
spiritual lesson
practice of presence
higher nature weave
the medicine essence
weave the flow
forces grow
with the power of light
the essence know
with concentration
to that station
for resuscitation
harmonys essence's
make man glow
tru natures lessons
all men should know.

...peace love to all....

Visible said...

"So your cosmological picture of the coming age is somewhat similar to the description of astral worlds given by certain Yogis? Or Jesus and his father's "many mansions?"

Close enough. I believe in an immortal hierarchy because I've met a representative or 3. I* believe in invisible worlds because I have seen and visited them. I believe in things I cannot see based on what I can intuit and project upon what I have experienced or reasoned out accordingly.

I recognize that there are certain old school satanic orders here on the temporal but their power is limited to those who put themselves under it by abandoning their allegiance to the other which they achieve by opting for the possibilities of the one world over the other. Depending on the time it is taking place in, on that depends how great a mass of humanity is engaged in the one over the other.

Even in the best of times there are never very many on the secret road and far more enter it for a period of time only to leave it when the difficulties increase. Only remorseless persistence wins the day and those who have not shown themselves will worthy will not be considered worthy though... the path is open to all.

Everything will sort itself out but it will also go on being what it is under a different appearance. The world is always the world. It goes back to the trick of being 'in it but not of it.'

Anonymous said...

It might seem correct to point out the "over tones" in Les's post today. On the biggest level, we are the creators of this world and what we fear and bitch about become just that! Two, you suggest that asking for some cosmic host to change the world is silly as we should just change our own minds first and more over the host is ourself?
I dont think Les would disagree here. I say Les is saying what youve shared too? The terms used here arent so clear as we wish? Maybe you should read between the lines? Or maybe you should ask yourself why you have an issue with the terms used? This might get you farther than wanting Les to correct some grammer or what not?

Dammerung said...

Les - I suppose I am curious about your thoughts on this cosmological topic because I am haunted by a "Christian" past and a new-age present. Both the Christians and some facets of the new age community seem to share an Aquarian or messianic age in which everybody sits around holding harps and feeding each other ambrosia and inventing new ways to praise themselves for their wisdom.

As for me, I want the Aquarian Age to be like a college dormitory. No authorities peering over your shoulders every five seconds. A lot less homework than the spiritual bootcamp Earth. Living in close proximity to your friends. Classes in the morning (well, late morning.)

But, you know, also close to downtown. Arcades and nightclubs and bars. Brothels and "coffee" shops. Oh yes, and more than that too. Everybody can pick up their copy of Halo: Virtually Real and spend a couple hours online shooting their friends in the face and getting shot in the face, spawning over again, and then going and grabbing a beer afterward. All the sex and (consentual) deviancy you could want with no Daddy God calling to revoke your tuition because he saw you acting like a whore on Facebook. I want to be myself only more like myself; I don't want to be transformed into the person the Christo-New-Agers want me to be.

Is there a place in the coming age for that?

Visible said...

There's a place for everything and those for whom such things apply will find their way there. You get what you spend your time looking for. It might not turn out the way one imagined it but something like it will present itself.

People think they have business in LA or NYC and they go there. Some of what they might have anticipated might occur and a lot they didn't will too.

I'm directed toward a particular place and that occupies my attention. Eventually the power of directed focus will cause it to materialize... or words and concepts to that effect.

Anonymous said...

I am finding your discussion with dammerung very interesting.

Jesus said faith can move mountains. It's true. Look at the pyramids. Didn't those old egyptians move a mountain when they built the great pyramid? A bunch of superstitious pagans with very little developed technology. Faith built that pyramid and faith is the reason it is there.

I don't know what is going to happen or why. But if enough people have enough faith anything is possible. A new age? Perhaps.

Randy from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Dammerung --

I'm with you on your vision of one part of the future -- what you're basically saying is that you want to live in a free but good-will-natured pan sexual community -- not in an anal retentive one which is what any order -- new world, new age, religiously dogmatic -- of course is by its very anal retentive manner.

But in order to live in a non-anal society -- we must first prohibit anal retentives from public policy decisions then the bad and ugly degenerates must be dealt with either as moral object lessons or the trash they are -- just bagged and taken out during the night when everyone is asleep.

You wake up and the trash is gone -- no big revelations involved -- just a silent, efficient disposing of the garbage done on a local level with no muss or fuss.


Anonymous said...

One truism that I like to live by is this: All happiness is derived from wishing happiness for others; all sorrow/suffering is derived from wishing happiness for oneself. Of course, actions, thoughts and speech are the impetus for one's interaction in this 3-d world.
Thus, if I want to be happy, focus on what I can do for others and get on with it.
Dammerung, I do hope that you find your world of happiness in those actions but somehow, it does not seem lasting and worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Happy AIDS Day to you, Les.

HIV/AIDS *was* created artifically, but not in a lab. (They did it with press releases.) "HIV infection" is a fraudulent diagnosis based on a fraudulent testing process. The parallels between AIDS/HIV fake-science and global warming fake-science are many and striking.

Here's a writeup on a new documentary I haven't seen yet and which am looking forward to watching:


And here's a high-quality website with good information for deconstructing AIDS/HIV lies:


-- the poster formerly known as ellis

Visible said...

You will want to read this-

Israel did 9/11- a brilliant piece of work!.

Unknown said...

The earth changes/new age conversation may be a sidetrack from original post but I find it very interesting. It's like that good book you read and you can't wait to see what happens in the end so you sneak a peek at the final chapters. So the earth splits into multiple earth dimensions/levels? A traffic cop directing each individual to each level according to their desires and level of "personal evolution"? And the baddies go to a hell planet for their just rewards by whatever means disposes of them? Eventually they recycle again on the lower levels because in the cosmic game ain't a dang thang changed? I apologize Les if this is to off-topic, I'm just thinkin' out loud because I find this interesting. bearwalk7(formerly known as pond owl)

Anonymous said...

round we walk
round the talk
to the fork
the beast we stalk
to defend
wake up men
with light concentrated
to tip of the pen
round their hate
with higher nature
round it flow
medicine maker
by the power
of all the sky
by the power
of sun rise
raise the river
open eye's
living light
that is divine
plant every acre
with true nature
open hearts
to the mind


Anonymous said...

Randy the Nefilim built that pyramid.


kikz said...

ya might wanna read this..

well i did.

never heard of the 'painted van' before, sounds flaky.

ptech/perle, no connection mentioned.. prince of darkness Richard perle has/had interests in ptech.

don’t know if it was mentioned, zakheim owns interest in ‘fly by wire’ remote control tech. can’t remb the firm’s name..

otherwise the piece seem'd ok..

other than..

b'nai brith is NOT an appendant body of freemasonry, british, us, world.. nada.. none..
no connection. none.


gurnygob said...

Les hold off with the condom for the time being we just might need the pope.

Our Lady, The mother of God/Jesus once said that Russia, meaning communism, not the ordinary Russian peasants, would spread her errors throughout the world fermenting wars and persecution.
What we are witnessing in a nut shell is the fulfilment of that prophecy. We see it in the communist inspired wars going on at the behest of global elitists’ bankers and media giants; and we all know who they are. We see it in this whole climate NWO population control agenda as exposed by climategate. We see it in the up-coming Copenhagen climate conference which is nothing more than a platform for all of the above and the new world Government recently exposed by Lord Monckton, the third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. We see it in the break-up of the God inspired family unit, of one man and one woman + whatever number of offspring they may have. This of course, came to us by way of communist inspired feminism which also gave us mass murder of the unborn, something that was hatched in hell by the devil himself. We see it in flu/vaccines and pharmaceuticals that melt our immune systems and keep us in perpetual illness so we keep going back for more bad medicine. We see it in the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church, infiltrated many years ago by the communist inspired Illuminati and modernist. We see it in the lying media news and the modern occult inspired pop culture that portrays it’s self so openly in today’s society. We see it in so-called human rights that in today’s language can mean almost anything from gay marriage to someone wanting the right to marry/have sex, with their pony or dog. I think that’s called bestiality isn’t it?
We see it in the UN. We see it in the brake down of the financial system and in martial law that is now threatening many countries around the world.

It is like a virus that has spread as unabated as ever and now controls every part of our lives from top to bottom from birth to death; and in some cases even beyond the grave. If you want to find the cause of all today’s woes you need to look at communism. When you look close enough you will see who gave us communism in the first place. Now I wonder who that/they might be????????

Les I wouldn’t go sticking a condom on the pope’s head just yet. We will need him to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary or we are all in shit. I know few if any of you will buy into this, but there it is. It was prophesied and now it’s here.

McCob said...

Hey Dublin Mick: Perhaps I foolishly spoke. It is hard to believe that such a primitive society built the pyramids. I will be more careful in the future.

Anonymous said...

When I was much younger (25) years ago) I knew the government and newspapers were lying, and always wondered why everyone said the same thing but no one ever did anything about it...i.e. rise up en mass.

Then I got older and became more aware of the divine at work behind the scenes, and asked why they never did anything about it.

Then I read something in a few places that said similar things, regarding karma.

More specificly that this age was being used for the balancing of everyone's karama as well as karma attributed to past lives.

That it was a time to work it all out, release it, balance it, make amends for it and with it.

It kind of makes some sense and even though I dont think it is THE main reason I do think it one of the main reasons shit has not hit the fan yet, even though it is very very long overdue.

When either enough karam is worked out, or even not worked out or both....depending on who is who.....then someone yells pull and a clay pigeon launcher full of dog poo, aimed at a fan is released.

That's just my thought on why it has not gone down yet, because every other reason does not make sense anymore cause we are long past due.

m_astera said...

Randy and Dublin Mick:

The Great Pyramid is poured concrete. The aggregate used is Giza plateau limestone. No high tech needed, just a good concrete recipe using local materials for the cement: burnt lime, natron, a little copper ore from the Sinai. Dr Joseph Davidovits proved all that thirty years ago, and has hundreds of international patents on variations of the formula.

Do a little web search and you will find photos of the pyramid blocks showing where they started and stopped the pour, and even wood grain imprints from the form boards.

Strangely enough, the good Doctor doesn't get many invites to speak at Egyptology conferences or New Age ones either.

nina said...

After all these years my friend, you still can blow my mind. This could have been written for any one of the blogs, in a certain way it reminds me of Waves because what exists at the highest, largest elephatine levels exists in nano particles. You write about the DNA of living Universes.
I remain evergrateful, everinterested, Thank you Visible.
Love, nina

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

She's so Heavy, She's your Mother.

tim said...

I love a good laugh first thing in the morning. "a bunch of superstitious pagans with very little developed technology". Thanks Randy. The time when Jesus was 12-30 years old, he most likely attended an Egyptian mystery school where he was taught to heal etc. But I'm an engineer from Ohio, so I must be lying.

All your concerns are about the ego. All of us, me, you, the cats, the trees, the stars themselves, all live, change and die. No exceptions. That process is Life alive. "We do not live, Life lives as us. We do not survive. Life survives us. The individual body and mind are only temporary expressions and stepped-down modifications or lesser intensities of Life. The individual is only Life alive." -Adi Da

Anonymous said...

I understand that Henry Makow is a bit out there but good piece today?

"And it is from this arrogance of rational ego that The Illuminati will continue to be able to manipulate those who refuse to grasp and admit that their knowledge and use of the Laws of the Realm of the Sprit will continue to provide them with an unassailable advantage --- until we, too, fine tune our spiritual perceptions and learn to fight back and reverse the forces they have unleashed upon us to cause them the havoc they wish to inflict upon our world."


Anonymous said...

This is great, from Henry.


gurnygob said...

Hi Les I had a good read at that link you gave about 9/11

It's a great piece for anyone wanting to connect the dots.
The thing I can’t get over is why so many people still believe the official story.
I can only suppose they can’t bring themselves to believe that their friends or Governments would do or be involved in such a thing.
There is a Christian song that asks the question….”why did it have to be a friend that chose to betray our lord and why did he have to use a kiss, that’s not what a kiss is for”?…… And the answer was…..only a friend can betray a friend; a stranger has nothing to gain; and only a friend comes close enough to ever cause so much pain.
I think people find it hard to accept or understand that these so-called friends whom they trusted so much could betray them so cruelly and with a kiss at that.
With friend like that, who needs enemies?
It is usually those closest to us that cause the greatest pain. Let’s face it; America and Israel are bed partners. I feel sorry for the ordinary honest folk who have been hoodwinked for years by their Communist Zionist masters and will soon receive the kiss of death just as Jesus did from Judas. We are all about to receive the kiss.
All we can do now is be prepare for what will surly follow. Some may take up arms and fight fire with fire others will go on sleeping until the big bad wolf blows their house down. Others may look to the heavens and so on and so on.
As the time approaches things will become heaver for all. I can’t say what I will do; I will leave that to a higher authority and when the time comes hopefully I will be doing the right thing.

I had a strange dream two nights ago. In my dream I was with a group of friends and all of a sudden we noticed something/s hurtling towards us from the sky. I screamed out to those with me to take cover and we all flung ourselves to the ground. It was aeroplanes that where falling from the sky and crashing all around us. They seemed to be fixed-winged planes but much more advanced than anything we have. They were just falling from the sky for no apparent reason. One landed close by me and that’s when I woke-up frightened out of my wits but thankful I was still alive. I hate dreams like that.
I don’t know why I told you that, but I did.
Anyway, keep safe my friend.

gurnygob said...

Hi Les I was just over at henrymakow.com. one of your commenters left a link. In the comments section of henry's post there is a link, see below..
it is a video..An Islamic Response to the Political and Economic Challenges of the Modern Age.
it is a long talk, but very interesting.

Visible said...

Is there a particular reason that Henry Makow's name has shown up about half a dozen times around here recently?

Is there a pledge drive? (grin)

McCob said...

This comment refers to remarks maid by dammerung.

There are 6 activities in life that make it worthwhile to be human: hunting, fishing, sports, art, music and telling stories. Everything else is bullshit.

gurnygob said...

Is there a particular reason that Henry Makow's name has shown up about half a dozen times around here recently?

Is there a pledge drive? (grin)

Les did you not know. it's a takeover. the Makow's are coming to get ya. (grin)

Visible said...

I'll be sure and let my consort know that she can't wear pants anymore.

I haven't heard what he thinks about makeup. I don't like it so I am thinking he probably does.

Dammerung said...

McCob said...

Oh my God you've solved it! Alright, everybody go home, only six things humans do have any value whatsoever. Uninstall Auto-CAD all you engineers, and all you construction workers put down your tools. Electricians, turn out the lights one last time. None of what you do has any value.

Henceforth anyone caught committing any but the Six Noble Actions in domain of the Empire will be hunted until dead.

Seriously, people like YOU who imagine that you have the wisdom and authority to dictate value to others, YOU are the people who caused this mess.

McCob said...

Your post was way over the top.
Maybe I am what you say but what I said about hunting, fishing,...,etc. is true and easily verified by observation. Those 6 activities are what puts joy into the human heart.

Your sarcasm indicates bitterness. You might want to find out what it is that is bugging you so bad.

McCob said...

Hey Tim---Maybe I am a fool. But people who have quality in their character don't laugh at fools. It is really a paltry pastime.

Dammerung said...

McCob said...

Everything I post is over the top. Anything worth doing is worth doing with a twenty-one gun salute; a precession of eunuchs, concubines, elephants, Praetorians, and house slaves; a crowd of people calling for your beheading, blasphemy against three religions, a medium-sized car bombing, and three metric tons of confetti. Don't take it personally.

Anyway, as to the things that put joy in the human heart, I should say that among them for me is playing my favorite song on Dance Dance Revolution (You're Not Here) at the Boardwalk arcade near my apartment. I have no use for a value system that doesn't include.

McCob said...

dammerung you crack me up..Here I was convinced you couldn't stand me.

I love meeting people and making friends on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking into "Joint Vision 2010", a vision of transformation that I happened to notice mentioned in the September 2000 PNAC war manual.

Joint Vision 2010 reads like a support script from the Terminator series. Only a global power stance this aggressive of both domination in space and cyber-space needs to be called what it is

There are now public hearings going on over here in Canada on the policy problems our troops are trying to deal with, having to hand Afghani civilians over to US and Afghan forces that our troops know will be brutally tortured. It's war criminals Rumsfeld and Cheney, keep us guessing on whether the Pentagon wants America's enemies to become our enemies just so they can finish up the Northern Command Alliance.

A merger that will stretch across Canada, the U.S. , Mexico and the Carribbean. Portions of the Civil Assistance Plan (CAP) signed by the U.S.-Canadian military have been posted, leaving many Canadians to believe this agreement could lead to American troops being used for gun confiscation and martial law caried out on Canadian soil. Along with the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) , are further advancing the single U.S. - Canadian military command structure (part of the Joint Vision 2010?) we have a feeling the coming months America is going for broke, and 2010 might just represent the final stages towards a North American union. The PNAC makes it clear on it's views of cyberspace being a threat, "Any nation wishing to assert itself globally must take account of this new global commons."

Canada has a long, far back history of kicking out American invaders, many still standing here in Niagara-on-the-Lake. We have various historic reminders, in my home town (Fenwick) we have the oldest Maple standing in all of Canada (the Comfort maple), that I find myself at times being drawn to. I sit under this magnificent wonder of nature every other Spring and Fall and pray.

William G.

tim said...

When you babble about superstitious pagans, you come across as what Les calls "fundies"...you know, john hagee type christians. Yhey are eaten alive at this site. I think Les lets thosse type of comments through so we can show you how destructive you can be. Welcome.

ExPatCanuck said...

The Americans are doubling down on a busted straight.
They know they are a fallen empire but are denying it to themselves.
They say to themselves - look at all this fire-power! We're not in decline and we will show anyone who does not kow-tow to our wishes just how unconfortable our superior fire-power can be!

The Federal Reserve is exposed and floundering.
The American dollar as the world reserve currency's days are numbered.
9/11's WTC7 reveals it was an inside job - making American leaders murderers of the own people for percieved geopolitical gain.
The war in Iraq was not based on WMD or yellow-cake - its result has been to turn all of the conscious world against American hedgemony.
Osama Bin Laden died of complications to kidney disease in December 2001.
Al-Qaida is actually a mixture of CIA, Mossad and MI6 doing false flags.
Bush and Soetoro are just puppets for the financial world elite.
Global warming is a fraud, Al Gore is a lying, spoiled rich kid equally corrupt as Kenny Boy Leigh.
Copenhagen's carbon tax treaty is the cornerstone of the NWO where America will just be another brick in the wall of communism - devoid of any middle-class.

Raising on a busted straight - the USA has lost its way and is forcing Canada and the rest of the world to follow it off a cliff at gunpoint.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

Your Endangered Mass Media needs Your Help.

Visible said...

It is very seldom that I don't let everything through. I'd be like the S&MSM if I didn't. 99% of all comments get posted.

I should mention that if some of you have not seen your comments go up over the last week or so it is because the people messing with this site from 'inside' blogger have now come up with a new trick which I caught a couple of days ago. They force me to repost comments multiple times to make them come through. I've got that in hand now but something new will be along soon enough.

Anonymous said...

been reading your blog for a while now.

while i generally try to remain in a positive state of mind, i do agree that the current situation allows little for it.

that's why i also stick with basic necessities and keep myself out of the greater rat race as much as i can, while trying to understand as much as i can about the world by following my intuition on the vast amount of information i gather and applying logic and rational in harmony with it.

i have never ever voted all my life, gave up academic education quite quickly after realizing the brainwashing mechanisms behind it.

i also gave up trying to open other people's eyes long ago, trusting that those that need to see, will do so. rarely, when i see someone on the brink of understanding i try giving some incentives.

thank you for being a voice of a growing collective of REAL human beings.



Joseph Brenner

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