Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bearding the Zio-Ogre Bankers in their Den

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

When we hear about the doings of some celebrity or public figure, even when they tell us it is an intimate peek into their private lives, it isn't. The whole continuous stream of information that gets shaped and fed to us, is laden with objective and intention. We don't see what we don't see. Huh? Where did that come from? Anyway, we don't see what we don't see and we don't hear what we don't hear and we don't know what we don't know, until we see and hear and know it. This is a very effective technique they have and it influences the aware among us, as much as it does the comatose. The basic principles of brainwashing are employed here. If you repeat something over and over and over, it imprints on the mind and if it gets resident in the subconscious, it can be activated by certain impulses. In other words, you can be groomed to behave in a certain way and that's the point of all of these crude (given how dumb and easily influenced so many people are to begin with) efforts on the part of the evil that is engaged in destroying itself.

Why I'm mentioning this is that the one thing we're not hearing about is what is going on behind closed doors at the upper levels of temporal power and what is going on behind the louvers of closed minds. There is a rising panic manifesting in the consciousness of the maldoers. They keep making mistakes. They keep getting caught out. It wasn't supposed to be like this and... they really ain't seen nothing yet.

What I'd like to say here and... I'm not saying it's a given. It's a 'could be', is that so much of the anticipated doom and gloom and catastrophe might not happen. It just might not happen and it might not happen in many places and happen in the extreme in others. It is possible that the servants of darkness might well be herded into camps themselves, or brought low by forces powerful beyond their understanding. It is not the desire of the cosmos that the entirety of the world should suffer but... it is quite true that far too many people support or allow it or... just don't care.

The treatment of animals at this time, in the horrific conditions of factory farms, is truly gruesome. It is a truly sad reality that people in general are unaware of this and even worse, indifferent to it. The mounting weight of Karma for this rests upon all who participate in the process. It's much the same as the responsibility of all those fundie Christians for the deaths of so many people in the Middle East and their culpability in the treatment of the Palestinians, due to gross ignorance in supporting Israel; "the monster of the Mideast". It's similar to the Karma of everyone who participates in bringing evil men and women into the political arena, where they make laws that lay waste to the environment, poison the oceans and the air and allow devastating industrial practices to take place across the country There is nothing more loathsome and depraved as the cognitive disconnect that permits each individual to close their eyes, not only to the world around them but to their part in having made it the way it is.

Nothing amazes me as much as the awareness of the peoples of this planet when it comes to rationalizing and justifying, anything really. It must be that they are locked into states of consciousness because there is no motivation to ascend to a greater perspective. It's those samskaras, those veils of deep opacity that not only block ones ability to perceive but also close off awareness of the reality of what takes place around them. They are insulated by trivia, fed to them all day long. They are made fearful by the constant reportage of random shootings and they are most afraid of the police. They have heard about the things that happened. Even in the hinterlands, 'the shadow has heard about The Shire'.

In reference to that Charlotte policeman and... let me say that phrenology most definitely comes into play here, the most disturbing thing about this, is that they let him go the first time. This is a troglodyte that fired ten bullets into a guy that posed no threat and most of them came after he was already laying down, courtesy of previous bullets. Individuals of this caliber are at the same level, though differing culturally and financially, as Zionists and bankers. What this means is that they have no hesitation about being a law unto themselves and there are no discernible limits to what they will do to acquire and protect whatever they have stolen from you.

The amusement continues. You get two guesses about why whoever wanted to get their hands on this and the first one doesn't count. Yes boys and girls we are talking about an occult ritual for the dark side. However, these things are only supposed to work when there is virtue for power present and to entice the infernal despoilers. Now, might virtue have been present in this former pope? It is not for me to say but... when you preside over such an enormous and pervasive den of depravity and don't do anything about it... it does make a body wonder.

We mentioned earlier, like yesterday, that the long term (and even short term) prognosis isn't good for Kali-fornia. It's a wonder they've been able to maintain some semblance of order for so long. The triple features of a perfect storm are in place; bad economic circumstance, out of control immigration and runaway political correctness. These 3 operating in the same sphere are a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

So far, we have been treated to the spectacle of a rapidly manifesting police state and an increasingly rogue police force; doesn't seem to matter where it is and an incrementally larger problem with the economy, the job market and the housing sector. Bankers are responsible for all of this. In all the world, there is no lower lifeform present. Let me state emphatically that a 3 piece suit does not necessarily indicate civilization. These days it is evidence of something else entirely, something not civilized at all.

We know how it got this way; rapacious avarice on the one hand, with ignorance and indifference on the other. The truth is, in these times, with the ratio of oppressed souls to oppressing forces being what it is, there is no way that the predatory minority can hold on to the illusion of power that they have maintained for so long if the public does not permit it. There is also no way that any corporation can survive if the public, en masse, refused to patronize their outlets and buy their products. There is no way that a military can continue to be a force for murder and repression of the human spirit, if the public refuses to swell their ranks.

At the moment, the public sees the military performing a role they do not perform. Those joining that system are made all the more willing to do so due to the high cost of higher education, the lack of jobs and all attendant limitations that were intentionally set into place by The Bankers who use the military to carry out its feral dream of world conquest and plunder. In better times, which were probably so long ago that there isn't even a historical record of them, most anyone could see through this subterfuge with little trouble. At the same time, in better times, there wouldn't be such a subterfuge to see through.

The movers and shakers of our time came a long way, relatively speaking, distance wise and chronologically, to be here. You could think of it as a time of giant lotteries of radically different types, with diametrically opposing payoffs. Consonant with this, ones possibilities of winning any of the lotteries is contingent on behavior, whether it be evil, or good, relatively speaking. This is what motivates evil. Those serving the forces of evil have been told a lot of lies by The Father of Lies and because they want to believe them, they do believe them. Good is motivated by the dream of a stable order in the world and the promise of prosperity for their families, materially speaking. There are those representative of both good and evil that, having reached a certain level of awareness, have more esoteric motivations. These, of course, lead to the material expressions already mentioned anyway.

One of the greatest wonders of these times, is how it has all held together for so long until now. To my mind this is incontrovertible proof of the unseen forces of the ineffable at work. Others of a more cynical cast have their own interpretations. If I am correct, then it stands to reason that everything is under control and being directed to a particular outcome for the purpose of a lasting lesson for humanity, a lesson about how not to do something. If it is under control, then those so convinced of this, can proceed with confidence in all their pursuits, knowing that their pursuits were given to them by this same force at some earlier point and... if that is also true, they can have confidence in just about anything they get up to, knowing that guidance is operational at every level and it never takes long for the right adjustments to be made when you are in a cosmic groove.

Anyone who is in pursuit of real success should investigate the way in which they reason. Do they reason with boundless optimism, based on the certain knowledge that they have invisible means of support? Or is that something uncertain, which causes them to reason with some level of insecurity, basing their hopes on their own strength and industry, set against all the various uncertainties and oppositions this world can muster?

Everything that happens to us is relative to our level of awareness. Change your awareness and you change what happens to you.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

'There is also no way that any corporation can survive if the public, en masse, refused to patronize their outlets and buy their products. '

Yes! You, me, Zen Gardener, tons of others have advocated boycotts, but we still have KFC, Tyson, McDouchebaggles, Pizza Slut,and all the other toxic crappy fast food joints. We still have factory farming, battery hens, pharmaceuticals that kill you slowly, worthless psychiatrists, walmart, BP and subsidiaries, Exxon and subsidiaries, the big banks which I was only a part of for a few months 30 years ago (and have been trashing ever since), credit cards, brain fryer cell phones, comcast, verizon, at&t, tv, and the list goes on.

Proves the STOOPIDITY of the collective, and makes me think genocide might not be such a bad idea after all.

Amazing how many people demanded to be born morons who were destined to stay asleep through life. No, I an NOT the sharpest blade in the draw. I have know many of those and am aware I do not measure up, but at least I have some damn concept of cognisance of what's going on in the world and curiosity, though some times I am a little slow. It took me 51 odd years to finally look up why 'pounds' is abbreviated to lbs. It's from the Roman pound which was about 12 ounces, and that was LIBRA. Go figure.

I don't know why all that is, is still here either. Are we sure the gods don't like torturing us? I mean, between bladders, intestines, acne, going on the rag, live births instead of eggs, neurofibromatosis, epidermolysis bullosa, bedbugs, bankers, big macs, blood pudding and kidney pie, HOW CAN ANYONE COME TO A DIFFERENT CONCLUSION?!

Oh, and if you don't know what the diseases I mentioned are, google 'em! There's some great pics out thar! Ya know. Key in 'IMAGES OF XXXX'.


Smyrna said...

Keep up the case studies in the greatly under-appraised art and science of phrenology, Vis. Most enjoyable and enlightening for the readership.

That exhibit looks like one of the creatures lurking in the foliage downriver in Deliverence.

Visible said...

He looks like one of those that one can only hope is floating face down in that same river; cue the banjo player.

insiam said...

@ ltptb's

being ever curious i looked up the pounds thing and came up with .......

(The abbreviation lb comes from the Latin word libra, meaning "scales, balances", which also described a Roman unit similar to the pound.)

...... but i miss your point, so remain curios?



Anonymous said...

what timing - so many connections

the headline from a story posted today on Rense

"Think Tank: “Extraordinary Crisis” Needed to Preserve “New World Order” (i.e. the jew world order)"

the "think tank" (jewish control center) is the "Atlantic Center" in Washington DC; the person making this threat is a Mr. Ullman

how often have such pronouncements been made in the past 100 plus years - to be followed by horrific crimes against humanity?

will the 99% allow these criminals to get away with mass murder, destruction, theft,... probably

Thanks for your works Visible!

Respects to all souls

Ginnie said...

It seems your instincts about WRH were right!


Michael is compromised!

Visible said...

Wow! And his refusal to print my work was because he disagreed with my position on the Russian law put into place to protect children from adult sexual predators. That is very coincidental. Man... the ineffable sure does stay on the case.

Anaughty Mouser said...


Aangifan is 100% Hasbara right out of Tel Aviv. They NEVER criticise Rothschild, the tribe, israel, proselyte Khazarian false-jews. They don't even concede 9/11 was orchestrated 100% by Rothschild and israeli zionists.

Visible said...

I had heard something about that. Nobody, whom I used to think to here, one day got it into his head to write a nasty screed about me bring from the dark side because I didn't talk about Satanists but... of course I did and always have. There's a collection of them that are virulently Catholic, or anti-Catholic; hard to tell sometimes and they do not want to hear about Israel running things, it's all The Vatican (which is bullshit).

There's a little cabal of these sites and they come around here squawking at me for not being of a mind meld with them.

Sure is a lot of weird shit going on.

Ginnie said...

Naughty! I didn't just fall off the turnip truck!

I read everything...believe very little!

Thanks for your concern though!

If we believed what everybody else said we wouldn't be on this blog either...based on other people's opinions!

Trust my "gut" God instincts!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#4--I was just making the point that it takes me FOREVER to look some things up. I've often wondered about how they got the lb., and I never bothered to find out until now. There's all kinds of trivia tidbits in my random access memory like that. Of course I can't think of them now. That's why it's random access. But my flat mate has sequential memory, so it's all good; provided we're in the same room.

Anonymous said...


the Vatican is run by the tribe

Ginnie said...

Naughty and all. I posted this and only one of you said you read it. You don't know what you are talking about when it comes to who is a tribe member until you read/listen to all these reports.

Find out how the Rothschilds purchased the breeding rights to Queen. They had bankrupted England so in exchange they mingled blood. You'd be surprised who their family is!

The whole family line is laid out for you! And all nine of her children are Rothschilds. Albert didn't sire one of them!

Aangirfan reports them everyday!


Visible said...

See what we have here now? This is a classic result of what I call, "outrageous information sites". Jim Stone is such a one and so is Benjamin Fulford, though I am not comparing these people across the board for content, just personality.

I look at my life and it is very ordinary except for my visitations and conversations and, yeah, maybe, what I do here. I walk in the world and I find it to be very ordinary too.

I know certain things are going on. That article by Aanagrlfan, or however it is spelled, is very old news. There is nothing connective except they want to place Michael in the mix for crimes of omission. I'll admit all sometimes does not seem right at that site but I generally attribute much of it to cantankerous curmudgeon speak and think. Sometimes a banana is just a banana, until you try to smoke it which is why people should watch out for confusing cigars and bananas.

I don't know how true all these things are. I know such things go on. And ultimately no one is who they appear to be but I try to keep my head out of all these Byzantine plots and intricate conspiracies. They don't help anything. Right off the bat I know that some of it is bullshit so... that leaves a question with the rest. Then again, the bullshit I spot may be the only bullshit resident and I didn't spot anymore because there wasn't anymore. Maybe... maybe not.

I want to ascend in consciousness and that is made more difficult if I got a lot of heavy shit in my pockets. Meanwhile, things around me, invisible in Nature, serve to mess with my day but... they had to get permission right?

I don't know what's going on. It's hard to be a hundred percent honest when you don't know a hundred percent.

I still can't figure out Nobody turning on me as he did, never a word to me first, after some years of occasional back and forth. I know why the Cassiopeans SOTT turned on me, I'm aligned with a different star cluster and also, I am far, far less materially based and engrossed in the same.

Materialists, whether they be obvious or cloaked have in common a dislike for bearers of spiritual tidings because? By it's very nature it goes contrary to them at some point, guaranteed.

I seem to have gotten off the point but I always just go ahead because it might mean something to someone

Getting us to argue and fight among ourselves is the point.

Anonymous said...

with the ratio of oppressed souls to oppressing forces being what it is, there is no way that the predatory minority can hold on to the illusion of power that they have maintained for so long if the public does not permit it. There is also no way that any corporation can survive if the public, en masse, refused to patronize their outlets and buy their products. There is no way that a military can continue to be a force for murder and repression of the human spirit, if the public refuses to swell their ranks."
Yes, exactly. And there is no way a company can run if the workers stay home.
Which tells us it is a lie that 'the owners create wealth'.
The people don't have to put up with oppression. All it takes to stop it is, as you say, a 'change of attitude'.
The beggar

Visible said...

which is another way to reference awakening and Mr. Apocalypse is out working the crowd as I write this.

Anonymous said...


Sooooo much disinformation and BS about, yet the spirit of truth (which humans have) lets us know what is what if we listen.

I find it really creepy when nuclear scientists say stuff in language that is so poor you wonder how they could possibly have written their dissertations and gotten them passed. Some of them can barely talk and they say contradictory things and are basically illiterate. We're talking Gunderson, Woods Hole and that ilk. Sometimes their scientific premises are just wrong even at a basic level.

Grammar is poor across the board including Icke, Rense, et al. This can sometimes make a great difference. Sigh. Rant, grrr….

In Struggle,


Skepticfrog said...

Remember, a GOOD LIE - with staying power - has to contain a sizeable chunk of truth. Actually, any lie will have to contain some truth in order to have any credibility. Of course the smaller the truth, the more perishable the lie is.

The task is simple, yet difficult.
The simple task: separate the truth from the lie. That's it. The difficult part: How?

I'm personally fortunate, I had a good education, both in the sciences and in discerning truth from lies (i.e. reading between the lines) by the virtue of growing up in a communist country. I don't recommend this route for anyone, but it did have a few positives - as it turned out...


The fake sites (managed opposition) are USEFUL.
In order to be believable, they have to give REAL, TRUE info embedded in the bulldung, just to remain believable. This (divulged) info must be different from your MSM news, and often be incendiary, to keep you hooked and interested. They just cannot help it - thankfully.(grin)

If you are able to ferret out or separate the true stuff from the garbage, you'll still get a lot of good, useful info, which will work together with other various bits from elsewhere, to give a bigger and true picture like a Roman mosaic mural. There will be holes, but over time most the pieces will turn up, and the real and easily discernible true(!) picture will be formed.

At that point, you have to make a choice of to SEE it, or keep your eyes closed, b/c the truth will really mangle your current world-view. You will need some kind of inner strength for this - by the way. As you see in the world, MOST do NOT have it.
Sometimes, with a new, small bit of data, it just snaps into your consciousness like a blinding flash, destroying the earlier image with a wholly different new one and you're in daze for days, asking how could I believe the previous (fake) one?
(9/11 conversion happened to me this way - saw the video of the 48"x48" steel box core columns bend(!) and then turn to dust! It was effing unbelievable, but I was turned in a minute, and I instantly knew that the official story is bullshit)

I can guarantee, that the picture YOU come up with, will be a whole LOT different of what you have been told and made to believe in your earlier years by your friendly (and watching) Ministry of Propaganda.

BTW: Even that bought-and-paid-for fat clown (Alex J.) divulges useful info (sometimes).

Just my opinion...

Rookie Elf said...

Another new Visible song:

Safe in the Nostalgia Zone

Anonymous said...


That Kicked Ass Bro.
Perfect description.

"At that point, you have to make a choice of to SEE it, or keep your eyes closed, b/c the truth will really mangle your current world-view. You will need some kind of inner strength for this - by the way. As you see in the world, MOST do NOT have it."

Say's it all, Thanks
walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Went to a phrenology page and it said mine was cromagnon anti-social. At first it was saddening then I remembered it is all for the purpose of demonstration and cheered up. The purpose of demonstration visiblism always picks me up. Thanks you.

the gardener said...

Boy these Polar storms sure do create a lot of waste of and costs towards energy. Running water day and night so lines don't freeze. Warming up vehicle (if it can start) for 20 minutes prior to take off. Getting vehicle splattered with road chemicals or yourself if forced to walk it because vehicle doesn't start.

Fuel bills 3x the high monthly norm for modest use for modest space.

(whine over) and like a dearly beloved family member of mine would lay out for me "if yer lookin' for sympathy you'll find it in the dictionary between SHIT and SYPHILIS!" (uh no I wasn't looking for... anything)

Thanks for posting that link again Ginnie-Hallett's works have stayed on my mind since I read all of them. And he passes around the keys to many locks that I've personally tried to pick a few times over the years.

Between a lot of his reveal-ations and the horrors updated daily on aangirfan's site I have noticed on the physical and aetheric levels a few shrieks of horror from that Light that shines so Bright. :)

A few oddities of these times:
Pope Benedict *retiring* 2013
Queen Beatrix stepping down (dutch)
Queen Elizabeth preparing to abdicate to Prince "good friends with Sir BBC Devil's Tool" Ridiculous

One of the matters I appreciated the details of that Hallett provided was how the soulless acts towards the captured by the State children is one of the stepping stones to the really insider success (money/power) guaranteed by involvement with the big drug running all over this world.

Mr. A has many human accomplices (some here just for that reason) and with so many billions of souls sacrificed and suffering so much over the time the overlords of anti-life destruction have reigned with very few shifts of their alters throughout history... *shrugs* their gooses are cooked and they know all good times must come to an end eventually.

And since the fantastically wealthy have the need for so much help and there is such competition between them in their own families and circles with so much skullduggery amongst these psychopaths there are many with stories to tell-these are the Times To Tell with (finally) the technology to avail the telling. (lol)

I've always wondered why all those morbidly creepy ancient castles and such have survived the focus of the endless wars. (besides being meant to survive) and like Hallett's technique of 'looking for the empty dates' it would be strong to assume that any antique architecture that has been destroyed in past or recent times belonged to the 'good guys/gals'.

So many times I will see the 'spy v spy' characters of the old Mad Magazine the black and the white ones (identical but for color id) being played out now for our observations. hahahahah

the gardener

PS-anyone writing for anyone else to read you... the block wall of text guarantees no one can read your work. *shrugs* without C&Ping to another source and formatting it for you.

Then there's the likes of Stephen Lendman who writes like he's on 02STOP

and barely gasping out his writing line by singular lineSTOP

like he's doing old timey telegraph messagingSTOP

Readers comment enough on that formatting of his too.

insiam said...

Could be simply coincidence - but here is two for the price of one. Two bankers is a matter of days. (The first one is noted further down the article)

Maybe they know something that a lot of us suspect.


Curtis M. Ellsworth said...

It does look and is to a certain extent the "same old, same old" amongst TPTBGD, but I can feel that they know their days are numbered and sense a great deal of frustrated, uncertain fear amongst these "atlas" types at the top. I often refer to the collective idiots trying to start even more satanic shite and get away with it as "The Grand Council of the Circle Jerk". Oh, how they must be honestly, passionately kidding themselves about how "they'll get away with it all" while rocking back and forth, when nobody like me kids about the sick shit they've done to kids, and it's the prime mover of my existential rage at the feckless fuckers. The backed up and avoided karma factor for these freaks will ensure that, once unleashed, there will be nowhere to run or hide...but they'll try, and it'll be a part of darkly comedic denouement; what the idiots try, thoroughly in vain. It is frustrating and sad to me that many, many americans are still passionately apathetic about the state of the world; that being rather popular to get into amongst the whole hive mind. Once effected by that "winning" dynamic, it'll underscore many a popularized character flaw amongst them and their lack of the application of empathy and, ultimately, it'll be a demonstration of some pretty sad foresight en masse. In the end, cosmological agents showing up lock stock and barrel will make sure equivocation is severely marginalized amongst the misled masses once everybody wants to start to argue about the newly-encountered plight. This terrible paradigm, rife with many a lie and secret, instantiating pathologies that really "pay the bills" and which makes many people feel all nice and snugly who use the veil of lies as a blanky of sorts, is doomed. It will, sadly, probably take a good bit more time, but once it starts, the unleashing of karma, it won't stop until it all gets meted out.

Curtis M. Ellsworth said...

Just saying good work on that link, Ginnie! Eyes on the prize of dealing with those disgusting bastards! Weird and even more sad than it already was about Rivero, if he's truly taking this tack and tact for purposes of obfuscation, and I truly pray he isn't. Going back to 2003 and what went down then, many a pedophile satanist are literal, marked men/infernal creatures, and Colonel Aquino's near the top of my shit list near to Bush Sr., aka Stinky, aka "The Freedom Farter". Been calling that dirty necromancer of sorts Stinky for a while, then I found the Youtube video of his introduction to the podium at some event in Poland in which he got introduced as the freedom farter. It was a strong synchronicity there, and I named him that many, many years ago for all of the rotten shit he's done and the smell of even worse that he's to be held to thorough account for, and it isn't far off, the handling of that "man". Sooooooo, they're just going to worship satan, do nasty shit in that line, getting in "real good" with the man himself, then in comes the hardcore, not-fucking-around irony of what the idiots set their inane selves up for. I look forward to the whole affair myself; the thrashing of such types in a highly, metaphysically miffed manner.

insiam said...

so who is actually working for Satan!

quote by DM reporter:

" ...... it was the two men seen together for the first time in more than 17 years who had performed the work of Satan ......"

quote from Ratko Mladic:

'You have confirmed my thesis that the Hague tribunal is not a court of law but a satanic court,' he said through a courtroom interpreter.


galen said...

For The Animals

Those big, bad rodeo boys
servin’ up agony and feasts of fear
take your place in doom-dark history
with Herod and Ku Klux slavery
I wait in patient calculation
wait while you mar and murder mine

Those mink-factory madmen
dead but breathing
dead and lost in muddy money
breathe while you yet are able
for one day soon the air will shun you
In lonely disobedience I wait
one of the ones who won’t look away

In the heart of nonviolence lives a violent love
a militant mayhem coined by conscience
the doors of movement opening, breathing
mind in catapult, hands on gate-lock
freeing the pain of epic disrespect
freeing the lives of creation's innocents
voiceless, and guilty of exactly nothing

Bulls and cows and pigs and puppies
cats and chickens and innocent lambs
like Jesus they’re slain and sacrificed
their innocent blood a testament
to twenty first century barbarism
a sleeping world commands their sentence
chews on death and carries on

Storm said...

Hi ya

If the information etc is fed to us. Im concerned about marijuana now becoming legal etc why would they want this? any thoughts? I read a good artile just now posted by henry makow. the also commenters had some good points if you get the chance to read it? found it throughthe truth seeker . co .uk other wise heres a link



Anonymous said...

I once sent Rivero links to all of the case files and forensic evidence, along with all witness' statements, including actual non-coerced confessions made by two of the guilty parties, that conclusively proved that the West Memphis Three were guilty as hell of the crimes they committed (ritual murder). You might recall that particular case. Many Hollywood celebrities rallied to their defense, and the West Memphis Three were ultimately freed. They were accused of killing some children in Arkansas during a Satanic ritual murder back in the 1990's. To put it bluntly, if you perused 1% of the information available on the case, you would conclude that the West Memphis Three were the killers. Rivero replied to me by email within five minutes of my sending him the information, and wrote, "That's all been disproven." Huh? There was enough evidence there to store in a hefty RV garage, if the material had been in cardboard boxes, instead of in online form. Either Michael Rivero is the fastest speed-reader in the history of the world and he has a habit of disregarding mountains of factual information that run contradictory to his opinion, or he's a lying shill for the Satanists. (Uh, yeah, it's the latter.) Mike Rivero himself, no less, had posted a piece at WRH, written in his own hand, that decried the horrendous treatment of the West Memphis Three, and Mikey pleaded for them to be released. And this is made much more interesting by the fact that Rivero not only used to work in Hollywood (where all the celebrities were begging for the release of the West Memphis Three), but he also used to work for NASA. And NASA has been named repeatedly, as a facility where mind-control programming, via ritualized torture and abuse, is carried out, a process which has been conclusively linked to Satanic Ritual Abuse. Even an idiot can do the math there, and conclude that Mikey is indeed a part of the Satanic Ritual Network. And with that, I rest my frickin' case, a case which is now most definitively closed...

Ray B. said...

Skepticfrog, January 28, 2014 10:50:00 PM

That was an excellent posting! I, too, believe that little 'nuggets' can be picked up anywhere. Some time ago, I was listening to some Alex Jones youtube radio copies. This was while they were still allegedly hunting Osama bin Laden, and just after Benazir Bhutto was 'assassinated' in a bombing on December 27, 2007. Partway through one youtube, which had aired earlier, there was a snippet of that Lady declaring emphatically that bin Laden had died several years earlier of liver disease. Flat out; no wiggling. Impressive. A puzzle-piece fell into place, and I knew just why a 'contract' had been put out on the Lady. Brave on her part, and sad. So, we can get useful info anywhere...
Vis: "If you repeat something over and over and over, it imprints on the mind and if it gets resident in the subconscious, it can be activated by certain impulses."

So true. Long ago, I took a course somewhat-based on the Silva Mind Control methodology. In it, one employs relaxation methods to get into a deeply-relaxed condition while still functional. From there, one's subconscious (I would use different terminology now) can be 'programmed' for desired results. There are many versions of this, some old, and it can work.

And, I also found out later that it works whether you are consciously programming it, or whether you are being subliminally programmed from without...

Since then, I have been on alert during daily life to see what is being 'programmed' into me. It is amazing, after one starts noticing. As a result, I actively affirm "No" or "Cancel" to my inner parts right after anything negative or limiting pops to my attention. It demands more attention than sleepwalking, but I have more chance of my mind being my own.
Vis: "It must be that they are locked into states of consciousness because there is no motivation to ascend to a greater perspective."

In addition to the above-mentioned subconscious programming, I always think about what I call the "Rupert Sheldrake effect." He's the Ph.D. biologist who got (and gets) fried because he insists - and scientifically proves - that repetitious habits get 'baked' into Nature. Once started, they are more likely to occur as repetitions build, and can even 'solidify' as natural laws. Outrageously logical. (In my mind, he is one of those few scientists who seriously attempt to 'meld' physics and metaphysics.)

In reference to your quote, I see this as a tendency for the public to 'bounce' back to well-greased states of consciousness. When the Uri Geller spoon-bending craze peaked in the 70s, that was an obvious mind-over-matter phenomena. Why didn't it lead to further general-questioning? And, why didn't all those children who actually 'did it' go on to become PSI masters? I see this as the "Rupert Sheldrake effect" in a negative context.

What we need is a big 'crack in the cosmic egg' to overcome and wash away those limiting patterns...

(By the way, what I call the Turning is still moving. Hope it is linked to the above. -grin-)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

He said the evidence against the Memphis Boys from Paradise was disproven!~? I followed that case at the time. I studied it. They WERE GUILTY and as far as I know, still are. Stands to reason that Satanists got them freed. I've seen cases where the evidence was somewhat questionable and I've seen put up jobs but in this case the evidence was overwhelming

When I heard there was a movement to get them out, I found that incredible at first. That Damian character. Yikes.

Visible said...

insiam; you put the link for this very page as a source for what you are talking about.

Visible said...

Here's a little something. on the West Memphis 3

Anonymous said...

I believe the exact word that Rivero used in the email to me was "disproven". If it wasn't, it was a closely related synonym. I went to try and find the actual email just now, but couldn't locate it - this happened about four years ago. (I did find another email that I had sent to Rivero - I asked him what he though of some political cartoons I had created, including "Sheeple Magazine" covers. He said they needed work. Next thing I knew, David Dees was doing "Sheeple Magazine" covers. That's okay, it wasn't that great of an idea anyway.)

But back to the West Memphis Three, basically Rivero blew off all the links and evidence that I sent to him and came back with a one-sentence email saying it was all disproven (perhaps he wrote discredited). And I sent him that identical link that you just posted, Visible, in addition to some others.

Rivero and Dave McGowan had a head-to-head years back about the "plane" crashing into the Pentagon on 9/11. Rivero is a great promoter of the government-approved cover story that a plane did indeed crash into the Pentagon. Rivero calls anybody who believes otherwise, "Pod People". McGowan ripped Rivero's cover story about it to shreds. You can read McGowan's treatise on that entire issue by going to www.davesweb.cnchost.com and scrolling down a bit. Excellent stuff. McGowan has brass balls.

Rivero is a point man/gatekeeper. His general job, best I can tell, is to keep a lid on certain issues, by ridiculing them, and/or maginalizing them. He always avoids revealing the master plan to kill most of the people off, and put the rest in cages. His comeback recently, while revealing the latest cut to Food Stamps in the USA at WRH, was, "What are these people in Congress flipping thinking?!? Are they deliberately trying to start riots, as food prices rise, and people on food assistance cannot buy enough to feed themselves and their families?!?" Instead of saying, "It's part of the plan, they want to starve the poor people to death. And they want to kill most of the rest of us anyway they can. Death by a thousand cunts, if female politicians are involved, anyway; otherwise, 'cuts'.") He always attributes evil, in these cases, to the "Money Junkies", and attributes all of it to people who are simply addicted to wealth and therefore vacuously stupid, while having no ulterior motives.

Most of the big-name online truthers are cut from the same cloth. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it is what it is. Truth doesn't come in a can, or on a truther site, or in pill form. But looking for truth at sites like Rivero's, is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And along the way, you get gloomed-and-doomed to death. All the news is bad, "look out they're gonna get ya", "there's nothing you can do", "we're all screwed, better prepare with shotguns and canned goods", etc. Pfft. No need to discuss Rivero anymore. He's just doing his job. And a guy's gotta eat.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pass one more thought along about Rivero, then I'll leave it alone (I promise this time). My feelings about Michael Rivero mirror what Humphrey Bogart said about a similar individual, in the movie Casablanca - "I don't mind a parasite, I object to a cut-rate one."

Visible said...

Heh heh, "death by a thousand cunts" Heh heh heh That jump started my day a little late though. Of course, if it had been said in the UK...

Yeah, I don't get that thing about the plane hitting the Pentagon thing because the heaviest parts of the plane were the Rolls Royce engines and there are no marks of those hitting the wall, just the softer nose cone making a near perfect circle through. Of course my reasoning could be skewered but... as I remember that is what kept nagging at me.

It is hard to rationalize Rivero's intellect with saying there was no there there in West Memphis. Isn't he all about meticulous evidence?

Well, I don't know what I don't know so I'll just move right along.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"It's part of the plan, they want to starve the poor people to death. And they want to kill most of the rest of us anyway they can. Death by a thousand cunts, if female politicians are involved, anyway; otherwise, 'cuts'."


insiam said...

oops, sorry about that Vis. I must have still had that link copied for the verification - or something strange happened. Hmmm!

It was an article from the Daily Mail. Cant find it now but it was there early this morning my time.

got it:


robert said...

What do true sages mean by detachment and why should anyone interested in self-mastery seek it?

(part one of four – Visible, you DID say that we could write War and Peace in the comments, so I have exceeded my usual single comment limit!)

One of the side benefits of our recent technological experience with computer programming is the insights we may gain from that process into training our own brains. Of course, the unconscious forces, which include all darkened ego identifications, immediately began to trivialize and obfuscate the metaphors, to sap them of the power to feed valuable insight back to our minds under siege.

However, let us attempt a refresher course of action and gain some perspective and useful perceptual tools along the way. Just as a complete system of metaphysics can be generated by pure abstract reasoning with a minimum of assumptions, so we may construct a simple model which nonetheless may prove its power to filter the industrial bullshit which we are faced with even when we take the red pill and pull the plug into the MEdiaMatrix out of our minds.

First assume that the human brain capacity is potentially the most powerful computer hardware/wetware in the known Universes, with practically infinite potential for both analog and digital computing. This is NOT where our limitations lie, despite the deliberate attempt to make machine intelligence seem to be the next stage in “evolution”.

Second, assume that our construction of our minds, growing up in a debased Universe, in a galaxy degraded by millions of solar years of war, in a history of lives lived with degraded DNA, in a cult designed over millennia to hide our power to program ourselves for freedom, has been disastrously crippled by viruses of fear, in endless variety. Here is one source of our limitations.

Third, assume that, on top of the damning, damping effects of the second assumption, there is an ongoing negative feedback loop (or many infinite loops) processing constantly in the background of our minds most of our time, bugs for which we are responsible, in our ignorance, for composing in ourselves. Here we arrive at the main source of our limitations.

To minimize digression, let us paint in just one or two illustrative facts about each of our assumptions.

First, in order to defeat human chess masters (though NOT the best humanity has produced) a specialized computer was required, using purpose built hardware and designed to use “brute force” to extrapolate forward every branch from the current board position up to 37 moves ahead to a win, in a brain-dead, mindless methodology. This massive decision tree is then trimmed to the move calculated to provide the shortest path to the goal. This specialized machine required at least 5000 watts of power.

Contrast that to the combination of general human wetware in good health, running what appears to the disinterested to be a mysterious knack as “software”, just one of a huge list of human capabilities, requiring only about 120 watts of power.

We leave this exercise, not even noting the supreme analog computing power which makes athletic brilliance shine, not to mention spatial relation power to create dance, music, art, architecture and even literature unique and new to the observing Universe!

Second, we are blessed to be poised at a cusp in Universal unfolding where what was hidden is coming to light and in hindsight, we can see that the layers of effects of the second assumption have led us to where we are. The outer layer of the onion, the millennia of deliberate human-mediated control strategies are being revealed by the tactical errors now in our faces.

(part one of four)

robert said...

(part two of four)

The lies, the cons the dumbing down, the Sumerian swindle (debt creation out of thin air), the suppression of every higher wisdom and every high spirited exemplar are now surfacing from suppression, as the awakening proceeds on schedule. Thanks to Visible and a long line of dedicated seers and visionaries, people willing to see clearly at all costs, we can correctly perceive that our experience of life so far has been an experiment in bad design, poor programming, with our light turned down to the minimum required to serve as slaves.

Third, we now have more examples and metaphors than ever which reflect back to us the common mistakes we make in our thinking and the bugs we have built into our imagination, our manifestation “mechanism”. We can intuit from seeing the consequences of design flaws in our machines, complex systems and computers, that we can control our own outcomes and we can see that there is abundant room for improvement in our process!

Digression complete, we can get back to making use of this basic model to generate insights.

What is thinking?

For most people, thinking is nothing more than running foreign, non-locally produced mind-control processing loops to achieve basic survival goals.

For most of our childhood, thinking occurred as error messages, interruptions in our flow when we transgressed in some way, the mysterious expectations of our social environment or if poorly parented, when confronted by a physical crisis requiring us to talk to ourselves, to talk our way out of danger.

The more painful the experience, the more thought employed to avoid a repetition. The more sensitive our nervous systems, the deeper the reflection of self-consciousness searching for solutions. The more frequent the crises, the greater the motivation to maintain a watchful self-awareness, constantly running pattern recognition comparisons, looking to anticipate and prevent ANY error we made in the past.

This mode of thinking correlates to brain waves huddling around the beta rhythm, considered normal in our damaged cult. Self-programming from this mental state is severely limited and stays “in the box” of our current perceptions, producing only superficial solutions, the lesser of two evils type of decision making.

Digression- How we got here: the false lure of escaping the isolation of self by joining the totalitarian group.

From our depths, we know there is more to life. We know our egos are like the top of icebergs with 90% or more of our being below the surface of our waking minds running in beta wave rhythms. We know we are deeply connected to each other and the Universe even as we struggle in our top-down, would-be totalitarian social order.

In these end times, the sly solution to our feeling too isolated and disharmonious from the zombie masses is too blame the messenger, the thinking self, surfacing the error of our ways, especially since social disharmony is primarily SOCIALLY ENGINEERED!

The herald, the town crier, the whistle-blower, the prophet is taboo to the zombie mind, of course, precisely because they might supplant the mind-control implants with critical thinking skills which would evaporate limiting illusions and leave the manipulators exposed and vulnerable.

(part two of four)

robert said...

(part three of four)

The subtle lie, the con of centuries is that we can return to the bliss of innocence if only we would agree to a group-think mindset, conform to the group at the expense of individual power, to sacrifice individuality on the altar of an abstract “greater good”.

Of course, those behind the scenes pushing this puerile spew have no intention of joining in that soul buy-back program, since for one thing, they are already conforming to the group-think among the controlling gang and for another, they have no soul, which they acknowledge, to sell back to the herd!

An easy con game really, if you have the resources, tangible goals and the cooperation of all the other con artists: the children of the light seek harmony instinctually, foment disharmony through usury, war and appetite debasement, then offer as solution, the sacrifice of individual power which was not being used anyway!

All the “ism’s”, bolshevism, communism, socialism, fascism, totalitarianism, have their roots in top-down, fear-based training of one particular cult.

This training evolved, from expediency, to control a crop of demented slave-helper clones, to serve demonic demi-gods like Jehovah. The exclusive gang cult was ruled by absolute authorities pretending that their written rulebooks were delivered directly from their demonic masters, as opposed to being shrewdly rewritten as needed by the inner temple, top-dog demon-collaborators themselves.

When the living power of the word, designed to be a tool for self-discovery and invocation, was degraded to be deadly literal, to carry life or death exile from the gang for non-conformity, lying was built into the genome in order to survive among a class of word interpreters who could kill you for missing a letter of their “law”, for daring to question the cult’s beliefs.

Sound familiar? All religious institutions have absorbed inquisition (a la Sheldrake) from the mother lode of left-hemisphere dominant, bi-cameral minded, dark-serving slaves, elite in their own minds by the success of their god’s brand of piracy, but slaves to conformity and simple-minded literal thinking nonetheless.

(A side note: as Mr Apocalypse steps up the pace, recent mind control agitprop has had to float that the entire, conceptually useful idea of left-hemisphere/right hemisphere mind dynamics is now but “a myth”, just as the fact that a vegan diet avoids most of the medical cartels’ most profitable health issues is under attack!)

Back on topic…

The masters of human potential, those who discovered our true nature, made it their first order of business to slow down the brain’s frenetic error mode to what is labeled the alpha rhythm, through meditation, magical fungi or medicinal herbs, whatever allowed the mind to enter into its true programmable mode.

In our cult, the imagination is despised yet despitefully used against us by those who have learned its power through ancient traditions. The MEdiaMatrix is a sophisticated house of mirrors designed to hijack and confuse the imagination with viruses of fearful imagery drawn from our most primitive layer of brain, the R-complex or reptile brain, designed for action and basic survival choices of actions.

Highly charged words used to trigger imaginative responses have been used to program fear-based decision making appropriate for control by others, the slave masters, not for own benefit.

(part three of four)

robert said...

(part four of four)

If thinking is typically a response to error, then the proper use of thinking is to clear the mechanism, to start the imagination with a clean sheet, upon which to create a new box, a larger container for our energy within which to create, a band new shining seed of creation from which to magnetize the Universal Being into playing our game with us.

The deeper the “thinker” the deeper and more voluminous the space for the imagination to conceive. But if all you desire is to satisfy the basic appetites, then only the most superficial thinking and stunted imagination is required.

Our original question:
What do true sages mean by detachment and why should anyone interested in self-mastery seek it?

First order, detachment from running mundane programs, common “head-trips”, executing whichever intellectual processes are socially approved and consequently monetarily rewarded.

Picture physically repellent people, their bodies ignored and sequestered like calves raised for veal, intently running abstract programs which they did not invent, all day long for perceived profit.

Is this genius in action? Is this the highest use of being in a magnificent physical body, of dancing with a living symbiotic partner? Is this even smart, if the game is to learn self-mastery and creativity from the inside out?

Those pitiable over-achieving intellectuals, trying to compete with machines in the game of predictable processing from point A to point B, smugly favoring abstraction over immersion in the Real, have risen to be useful to the overseers but have lost what they do not even value. Don’t get me started on how bad they are at making love!

In high school, I always bristled when some monad attempted to label me an “intellectual” simply because learning came easily and making the grade trivial. I corrected them by saying I was simply intelligent, nothing more.

Second order, detachment means disengaging from the minefield of emotional triggers in which we are all dunked like donuts, to make us tastier to consume by demon suckers. In order to own our creative manifestation mechanism, our imagination, we must clean all the garbage and baggage off the stage!

Third order, detachment literally means remaining serene, maintaining our brain rhythm in the region of Alpha wave, free of the temptation to return to the fear drum beat of beta wave city, free to change the game AT WILL, by getting out of the box, potentially re-writing our entire life history in a new light.

In Alpha state, we are closer to the dream state, where we all KNOW we can create ANYTHING. It is known that the mind is highly programmable/suggestible in the Alpha state so it is critical that WE be the ones doing the programming and not defaulting to the cult’s agenda of carrying on conversations with our inner demons 24X7!

Just like putting a programmable remote into learning mode, detachment means learning to enter into and STAY in that ultimately flexible attitude/altitude of mind, where we can re-envision ourselves and our worlds in a heartbeat.

Best wishes and happy self-mastering to all!


Ginnie said...

What? Oh sorry...I was detached for a moment!

I was off with The Raggle Taggle Gypsys!


And now I'm gonna find out what to do with A Drunken Sailor!

Reminds me of my galley girl days off Channel Islands..Arrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

All this is easily condensed into a few short sentences which can then be condensed even further, into one sentence.

Then the 'fun' begins..


Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 6.5


One must deliver himself with the help of his mind, and not degrade himself. The mind is the friend of the conditioned soul, and his enemy as well.

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 6.5


Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 6.6


For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy.

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 6.6

Boulderdash said...

The mentions of the Pentagon and pod people compel me to write about my own experience with awakening relative to the 9/11 event. 2 or 3 years after the event, I was sent a link to a video by the "pod people"-the no planers. Although I didn't buy into the 9/11 story we'd been told, I had never looked into it before that moment. But after seeing the "no plane at the Pentagon" video, I began to look into 9/11. Not long into that search I came upon WRH and have stayed with that website as a pretty good source for daily news. So it is ironic that the pod people that Mike Rivero blasts, are the very people that led me to his website for over a decade now.

But even after all that time I had not really come to any conclusion about a plane or "no plane."

Interestingly, last week I saw a presentation by Barbara Honneger, which suggests that maybe both viewpoints are correct to some extent. Her conclusion is that there was indeed a plane but it didn't make the hole. Long story short: a plane, made to look like an AA plane although it was white (not silver) did come in toward the pentagon but was shot down by an attack helicopter reported to be in the area. in the area of the heliport 100-150 feet to the left (if you are looking at the gaping hole). Many reports of explosions inside the pentagon before the reported event. A significant number of people died in the E ring, the innermost ring of the pentagon. It would be impossible for a plane to inflict damage in the E ring when it only got to the C ring.

The downing of the plane at the heliport occurred 5-6 minutes before the gaping hole was created.

I've posted a video of Barbara's talk here:

Behind the Smoke Curtain

Ray B. said...

robert, that was quite a wisdom-summary. I read it thoroughly, and it has many truths. Thanks!

During the courses I took at The Monroe Institute in the middle 80s, there was the conscious recognition that deep work (leading ultimately to 'detachment', as you term it) only occurs when a combination of things happen. First, the left and right hemispheres of the brain have to move into sync, which has been proven scientifically in many studies by EEG-type hookups to deep meditators. Second, a person has to move into a deeply-relaxed brainwave pattern: beta -> alpha -> delta -> theta. Whatever he/she can reach. Third, to actually allow 'working' at these deep levels, the person has to somehow keep enough beta-wave consciousness to keep themselves in a waking state. That is the 'trick'. Otherwise, it's off to dreamland...

(Deeply-relaxed brainwave states are easy. We do it every night; it's called sleep. Beta-wave consciousness is also easy; it's sometimes called the ego. We are semi-forced into it by the Western culture every waking hour. Melding the two types of states is what's difficult.)

The above is a scientific description of what advanced yogis, gurus, seers, etc., have been doing for millennia. It is nothing new. What is new, though, is the dissemination of this information. Anyone who wants to can start down the path, now, knowing the 'markers'. The Gatekeepers have been removed, for better and worse.

On a different note, your observation of hemispheric mind dynamics now being but “a myth” as put out by the establishment ran wrong with me, also. Add the triune brain structure. Vegan/vegetarianism uselessness, too. Add the current 'findings' that vitamin and mineral supplements do nothing for you. Much is suspect due to motivations...

There would be much to yakk about, if we ever came face to face. I sense a kindred spirit. Thanks again for the posting.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I noticed that capitalism was not on your 'isms' list. Was that an oversight, or do you consider it subsumed within the other 'isms'?

flyingcossack said...

temporary detachment is good for clarity of vision ... but life is connecting to things

Ginnie said...

This blog made it onto Before It's News!

"Bearding The Zio-Ogrs Bankers in Their Den.

Somebody loves ya!

Anonymous said...

gardener at 3:14:

The polar vortex--they're probably HAAARPing the jetstream to block the more intense Fukushima plumes. They've written off the Pacific coast.

Smyrna at 5:24:

Legal weed---a concession to impending en masse Fukushima-induced radiation sickness.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Victim Of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse Speaks Out


Sounds like we have a not so psychic version of Teal Scott in dude, here.

Here's interview #17


This explains a lot on the illuminati.

Fascinating occult knowledge in the interview.

Visible said...

Wow! Boulderdash, well done! That would explain a lot.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Watcher Within.

Visible said...

So Boulderdash, I suppose you heard about me and Michael.

Visible said...

You're in my prayers, Gene.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Not detachment from life, but from material life. Replaced/redirected via attachment to spiritual life.

The job, car, pen, computer, clothes, etc. are the same, but the employment of these is spiritualized.

Desire is the most human thing there is and the idea/attempt to rid oneself of desire is contrary to human individualism.

Attachments and desires need to be shifted from material to spiritual. That's all. It's free, nonsectarian, all inclusive.

The rub is the requirement of first removing ourselves from the false ego position of us as "Lord" and placing ourselves into our proper eternal position as servants of the Lord. The rub is 'bending a knee'

Call it what you will - Krishna/Christ/Allah consciousness,
it's spiritual, transcendental to material and everyone is eligible.

"In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear."

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 2.40

David V said...

My kudos to Robert as well, Fascinating insights, very well written. I think we've certainly seen a "demonstration" in the comments this past week.

While at my last place of employment, I read a book called "The Creative Brain", by Ned Hermann. It had some really good stuff about left-brain/right-brain dynamics and the need for right-brain corporate management to recognize the very real contribution that right-brain creative types (space cadets) can make to the bottom line. I may flesh out some details later, when I'm not typing in the dark.

Anyway, the book was in the company training department's library, so I read it while I was on the company's dime. I was quite enthusiastic about applying it, especially because I was part of a skunk-works R&D ahop, but it went over all the no-nonsense right-brainers' heads. At least I got paid to read it.


storm said...

Thank you Mandocello makes sense, so a lesser of the two evils. Makes me think what have they done to the pot strains then to allow iw , surely its been tampered to give you the 'don't ask questions' buzz

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Road to Damascus Factor and the Great Swamp of Fundie.

David V said...

Oops, that didn't make sense, did it? I meant LEFT brain corporate management types. I shouldn't write things in the middle of the night.

Best I can tell, from reading that book, I'm about an equal balance of left & right brain dominant ("A" quadrant and "D" quadrant). Sort of a Jekyll & Hyde existence. Mr. Hyde comes out at night.


Visible said...

I figured that would occur to you,. Being nearly all right brain myself, I didn't feel like I had to say anything.

Anonymous said...

For Visible and Gene-

When the powers-that-wanna-be get desperate, the desperate work that holocaust violin by comparing "attacks on the one percent to nazi attacks similar to kristal naacht":


Perkins, a Bay Area based tech venture capitalist who helped initiate the NSA's techno-cracy sent this letter to the WSJ attempting to invoke sympathy for the synagouge of satan.

Nice try, Perkins. Nice try.....

Anonymous said...


I also caught this on Pacifica radio, a 'progressive' radio station that receives visits from the Israhelli military regarding program content on all things tribal. It's a link to an article by one Stephen Cohen, whose shrill hysterics accuse 'neo-nazis'of spray painting "Jews live here" on homes in Ukraine-


Expect more violin playing and holocaust hustling in the coming days, because the false flags are getting played out. Mr. Apocalypse likes that violin, but he always calls the tune!



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